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The Newest Fashionable Styles
We are proud of our present
display and consider it a pleasure
to show you the newest styles, in
cluding Parisienne moire, poplin
and gabardine weaves.
Our models are selected with particular
care and attention to 'the varied tastes of
discriminating women. There are severely
plain tailored styles and others of dainty
fabrics novel and charming in design.
Then, too, there is a price to suit every
woman's purse.
Ranging from $24.50 to $110.00.
SOROSIS SHOES. Special for Monday
$4.50 AND $5 SHOES, $3.85
In tan calf, gunmetal calf, patent
kid, black, brown and gray suede; patent
kid vamps with white, brown or gray tops;
every pair worth the original price.
White Goods
2,000 yards 50c White
Shirtwaist Linen, Mon
day 29c a yard
3,000 yards 25c White
Underwear Crepe, Mon
day 15c a yard
1,000 yards 25c White
Cotton Poplin, Mon
day 19c a yard
15c Longcloth, Mon
day $1.20 a bolt
17c Longcloth, Mon
day $1.35 a holt
19c Longcloth, Mon
day $1.50 a bolt
20c Longcloth, Mon
day $2.25 a bolt
20c English Nainsook,
Monday $2.00 a bolt
25c English Nainsook,
Monday $2.50 a bolt
30c English Nainsook,
Monday $3.00 a bolt
Attempt Made to Assassinate H. T.
Richards of Elm Creek.
Until Will Recover, lint It Wn it
I'lnt TlmtiRlit thnt 3fr. Hlclmrilw
W'nm Fatally Injured Hoy
I Under .Simpleton.
KEAllNEr, Neb., Feb. 14.-(t?iiecial
Telegram.) Henry T. Richards, living
north of Mm Crook, was seriously In
jured last evening when a double-barrel
shotgun was discharged through tho win
dow of tho home while Mr. and Mrs.
Richards wero sitting at tho tablo read
Ing. Tho affair happened about 10 o'clock
Just before tho couplo were going to re
tire. Tho first shot struct: a cream sep
arator sitting In tho room and tore a
casting from the machine, thus abating
tho forco of tho bullets. The second shot
was fired as Mr. Richards Jumped from
his choir to sco what the firing was.
Tills tlmo the shot lodged In the Injured
man's body, also striking Mrs. Illchards,
who bad also risen to her feet. Mrs.
Richards fell prostrate on the floor and
tho husband, thinking she was killed,
dragged himself eighty rods to tho home
of his father. This effort completely ex
austed him and little hope was held for
his recovery last night. . Mrs. Richards
was found to have only flesh wounds
and was soon revived. Mr. Richards will
also recover. The sheriff Is looking for
younir Wilcox, a lad of 15 years, who
was residing with the family and Is
missing. There la no apparent reason for
the assault.
gold piece, and Roosevelt tried to take
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E. yt. Amnions Mr. Fair-child told what occasion when I had asked him for
rrlmoro and BtiirkVlllo disasters, Mr.
Welborn testified, were tho only serious
explosions which hod occurred In tho
mines of his company since ho became
head of the corporation In 1507.
J.ona Nerles of Questions.
Tho testimony reiativo to fatalities came
after a long series of questions by James
Urowstcr, attorney for the United Mine
Workers of America, touching upon llr.
Welborn's knowledgo of mining statistics
In America and abroad. In the course- of
Ms questions Mr. DrcwBtcr declared he
thought Mr. Wclborn too Ignorant to bo
the employer of '6,000 ro'lno Vorkcrs.
In re direct examination Wclborn was
asked by his attorney, Fred Herrlngton,
whether ho felt any ' obllgatifcns to the
miners who lmVo takeri employment with
tho company with tho understanding that
they were to work under "open shop
Conditions," 'i ' "
"Yes." replied tho witness with, cm
fdiasls. "I feel so much responsibility
for them that I shall never ask them
to leavo our mines It they don't Joint a
"Do you feel under as much obligation
to these men as you do to tho United
Mine Workers of America?"
"I am under no obligations whatever
to tin United Minn Workers and shall
be under nono as long es the organisa
tion retains It present methods."
(Secretary Illckey'a Testimony;
W. T. lllckey, secretary of the Colo
rado State Federation of labor, then
was called by tho committee.;
lie was asked:
"Did Mr. Ilaydeu tell you that he
woutA grant everything; you asked ex
ccpt union recognition, which ho could
not grunt, becauso if ho did tho Colo
rado Fuel and Iron company would put
hint out of business?'1
"Yes," replied lllckey.
Tho witness was uncertain whether
llayden or another Routt county opera
tor had told htm that In tho event they
wished to run (ho Routt county mines
during thq strike, guards and guns would
ho furnished by tho big companies lh
the southern fields.
Tho operators next called Claude W.
Fall-child, private secretary to Governor
he 'knew about the alleged kidnaping of
Mary IJenlgcr and Mary I.udvlk, by strik
ers from the Ludlow Tent colony, lie
said that ho 'first heard, whllo In Trini
dad about October 3, that tho two
women, who were on tholr way to Dela-
gun. to Join their husbands, had been
captured and were being held In the
Ludlow camp.
I telephoned Qovcrnor Ammons," he
tald, "and ho asked mo to secure their
release. I saw John R. Lawson and he
telephoned tho tent colony, ordering tho
women set at liberty."
Tho wlthess then told of his efforts
to frco the women, who finally, ho said,
were permitted to leave tho colony. At
torneys for tho operators told tho com
mlttco that tho two women In question
would bo put on the witness stand at
Tho next witness for tho operators was
C. L. JJuum. president of the Consoli
dated Coal and Coke company, operating
one mlno In Weld county. Mr. Ilaum
denied tho published tatjstloa purported
to have been prepared by' E. V Drake,
dcpHity labor" 'commissioner, which Indl
cated that thq JJaum miners earned on
an, averago of $1.1 dally. Tho witness
gavo figures .Intended to show that the
true averngo was muou higher.
Independents Fenr Banks.
U A. llayden, president of the Juniper
Coal company of Routt county, was
called as a witness by tho commltteo.
IIb told of a conversation with W. T.
lllckey, secretary of tho Colorado Stota
Federation of Labor, in which ho said
ho refused to sign a contract with tho
United Mlno Workers of America. J ,
Representative Byrnes asKoi:
"Did you tell hltri that it you signed
tho contract tho Colorado Fuel and Iron
company would put you out of business?"
"I don't remember of any such state
ment by myself."
"Was anyono elso present?"
"Mr. Herat, my manager, was present
port of tho time."
"Did you toll Mr. lllckey that if you
signed with the union tho bank with
which you did business would refuse to
lend you money?" asked Representative
"I made the statement that if we did
sign the contract my bank tho Denver
National bank would be liable to rofuso
to lend us money. I thought this was
so becaUso an dfflcer of the bank on an
loan of money to keep our mlno running
nftor tho strlko was called advised mel They told mo things to uwoll my
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Chance and Suffragette " Hero tho mu
steal talent of the club found full oppor
tunlty as the various characters entered
Uio show.
Sons; of HO Murphy
To tho air of ''Curso of an Aching
Heart" Chief Murphy poured out his
woes as. follows:
Thoy mado mo ' think I was Ulg Chief,
Ana i believed them, to.i.
not to sign up."
"What did ypu tell him?"
"I told him we would not sign."
"Did you get your loan?"
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was quoted throughout the alleged con-
In this confession, Gore was quoted as
"Thoy laid a trap for me and I fell
Into It. I tried to fondle Mrs. IJond a
little, but she fought llko a hyena."
Earp on tho stand" testified that Ben'
ator Qore made this statement to him.
Newell said when ho, showed him the
paper, Earp remarked!
"Every word of this is a lie. There is
not a word of truth in it."
Wonderful Couifh Remedy.
Mr. D, P. Lawson of Edison, Tenn.,
writes: "Dr. King's New Discovery Is
most wonderful cough, cold and lung
medicine. C0a and 11. All druggists.
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Weak and unhealthy xiflmy cause so
much sickness and suffering, ana when
through neglect or other causes kldusy
trouble Is permitted to continue ssrlous
results nay tie expected.
Tour otbtr organs rosy nad attention
but your kidneys should have attention
first because their work Is most impor
If yon feel that your kidneys are the
cause of your sickness or run down eon
dittos commence taking Vi. Kilmer's
Swamp-Boot, the great kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, because If It proTes to
be the remedy you need and your kid
neys begin to Improve they will help all
the other organs to health.
Frevalcncy of Kidney Disease.
Most people do not realize the alarm
loir Increase and remarkable provalency
of kidney disease. While kidney dls
orders aro among tho most common dls-
euses that prevail, they are almost the
last recognised by patients, who usually
content themselves with doctoring the
effects, while the original disease con
stantly undermines the wyetetn.
A Trial will Convince Anyone.
Thousands ot people havo testified
that the mild and immediate effeqt of
Bwamp-Root, the groat kidney, liver and
bladder remedy, is soon realtsed and that
it stands the highest for its remarkable
results lu the most distressing cases.
Symptoms of Kidney Trouble.
Swamp-Root is not recommended for
everything, but if you suffer from annoy
ing bladder troubles, frequently passing
water Might and day, smarting or irrltrv
tlon In passing, brick-dust or sediment
headache, backache, lame back, dUit
ness. poor digestion, sleeplessness, nerv
And madif me think thorn true:
I played the game of politics.
1 backed inv man find lost.
And now I am a derelict, ,
Alono I pay tho cost."
The 'Colonel also -appealed-to the sym
pathies of the band oy u plaintive ap
peal in song to tho air of "Tako Mo
Tako mo back to your rinks mco again,
Once nealn lot mo run the blc show,
Tako mo back and you never will lose
For I am a winner, von know
I am tired of living outside tho ramparts,
you neea mo jusi aa i vo neea oi you,
1 need you. I want you, I need you,
Tako mo back and I'll niways tio true.
Mrs. Orundy llomlftcd somo, of the
"watchful waiters.-' Thoru was Albert
Jeremlali BevcrldKO "waiting for tho
people to appreciate truu statesmanship."
And John Llnd "tho orlnlnal watchful
waiter'' who never jjels tired ot his Job,
thoiiKh- "somo other oeoplo do." Asked
whether Llnd was a visitor In Mexico,
Iluerta replied;
Visitor? He's a regular boaracr.-
TInelo Joe What is ho doing dof-n
Iluerta Mej I guess
off of that.
3lcIleyno!dN n Tempter.
Enter McReynolds who makes
vances to Industry, saying:
"I will clothe you In Mlks and deck
you in diamonds," to whl;h the girl re
plied: "Never. I know your Idea of clothes
You want everyone to dress like the
blind-folded lady with the scaW-s."
Then McReynolds tempts the father,
urging him to "dissolve th? trusts; keep
part of what you havo ond draw divi
dends without voting prlvllegis from the
Trust What good will that do?
McReynolds All the trust -busters In
congress will bo put out of bunlncps.
They will have nothing left to Luct.
Finally under the fear ot the mob,
Trusts throws himself upon the meicy
of the new Interstate Trade commission,
otherwlso the "Brothers Cheevyblo"' of
tho government, and sub3clbs u their
"constitution of peaco," under which
"tho trusts come to our commission hcn
they feel naUghty, and we tell thini how
to be good."
On board the battleship Friendship
hold an examination of a clus of blue
jackets by one ot Secretary Daniels'
"young welfare 'workers" and hero wero
some of ,tho questions ind answers:
What Is the chief ,atm of tho navy?
To knock out the kindergartens.
What Is naval strategy?
Carrvlnir John Llnd from Vera Cruz
to Pass Christian without letting any
body know ,lt.
Following in the wake or the Bnip corno
an ancient, giving his name as "Apt Al
i. . . ... . . . i
(iteration." wnicn was no ouacr mini
Woodrow Wilson, pr Champ Clark, or
Luke Lea. or Kunte Nelson, or Tom Tag-
gart. or Bill Barnes, or Swager Sher-
ley." He was afraid his baby. "Watchful
Waiting" had been killed as the other
poor "Dollar Diplomacy."
Nctt members Initiated.
In a colorful picture illustrative of his
ancestry, Ernest G. Walker, correspond
ent of the Boston Herald and the Spring
field Republican Was, Initiated Into the
office of president of the Gridiron club,
as a preliminary to much merrymaking.
Broad-brlmmed Puritans, whose cog
nomens savored of "Pilgrim's Progress,
marched with plumed cavaliers of tho
southland to do honor to the new presi
dent, who was significantly warned upon
taking up hlB offlco that "the Gridiron
club stands for only ono term."
It wns in tropical Santo Domingo that
tho Gridiron initiated Its most recent ac
cessions to membership In the persons of
Ben F. Allen of tho Cleveland Plain
Dealer nnd Sumner II. Curtis of tho
Chicago Record-Herald. A change of
Bceno effected whllo the lights were low
ered disclosed a group of Dominican gen
erals arranging for a presidential elec
tion, such as were usually held on Mon
days nnd Thursdays. For this occasion
an extra election was held on Saturday
and tho generals were playing "freeze
out" for tho nomination. To this the
"observers" sent by the Washington
State department strongly objected and
demanded tho substitution of the pres
idential primary system, but before their
will could bo enforced they were discov
ered to be "two moulders ot public
opinion," bo, of course, Washington
newspaper men, and thus eligible to mem
bership In the club, which promptly
adopted them.
Charles W. Savldgo at his study Sat
urday, February 11, 1911.
Iovrn ZS'cttii Notes,
GLUNWOOD The annual Inter-county
declamatory contest will bo held at Tabor
February' 20. The list of schools entered Is
larger than ever before. Glenwood will
bo represented by Hazel Funches and
Bessie Barnett.
GLENWOOD County Clerk Walter
Ttrnvn hfut lMnn notified that a change of
venue has been granted In the Atlantic &
Northern railroad cose from Atlantic,
Cass county, to Glenwood. The case will
probably come up during the second weMe
of the court, commencing February li,
presided over by Judge Rockarellow.
GLENWOOD-One hundred and twenty
five cases aro docketed for the February
1? term of district court, twelve of them
criminal. The first caso assigned by
Judgo Rockafellow Is Victor Peter
eon against Drs. Macrae and Merrltt of
Council Bluffs and Dr. Edgar Christy of
Key to the Situtiabn-Boe Advertising.
The National Grand Opera
Company f Canada
Which Includes several of tho
World's greatest artists such ns Rap
pold, Farmo, Olltzka, Claossens and
Segura Talllen, Gervlllo Reacho
and Great Slezak appear In Grand
Opera, Thursday and Friday evening,
February 19 and 20, at tho Omaha
Auditorium, have oxpressod their
preference for and aro using Tho
Stelnway, the Greatest Piano pro
duced at the present age.
The Stelnway is tho chosen .in
strument of about all the world's
famous musicians of tho present and
past generations.
You are cordially invited to visit our Stelnway parlors and see
a complete lino of these world famed Instruments. New' York
prices guaranteed. Moderate monthly payments arranged to suit
the convenience of tho purchaser, it desired. Art booklet FREE to
all visitors.
Schmolier & Mueller Piano Co.
Exclusive Steinway Representatives for Nebraska
and Western Iowa.
1311-13 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Established 54 Years Ago.
Tickets on Sale Monday at the Auditorium. Prices 7 60 to $aM
a, w. Minora.
ORD, Neti., FVib. H.-(Speclal.)G. W.
Mllford, a pioneer business man of this
city, died yesterday after an illness 'of
uueriu."iip, uuuno. 1 ---- ,
Uncle Joe-Aro you nearing the end several weeks. Mr. Mllford came to Ord
of your resources? ,n 1,10 car'y ws anu wtoa in tno gen-
Iluerta Not a bit ot 't. Trie printing oral mercnanuiso ousrness ana naa oecn
nroxReii ro working avortlmo and the more or less actively engaged in this
output of government bonds Is good. I business slnco that tlmo. lie was taken 1
And then ho burst Into song to tne air 111 several weens ago wun jagrippe,
which affected hlsf heart and was tho!
The Way They Look When
Handled by
Omaha's Qualify Laundry
The smallest trial bundle will convince you why
we have had to triple our capacity in three years
ern Atlantic states and in southern New
England. It will contlnuo tonight In New
England and tho lower lake region, but
of "lie Rambles:'
A year I'vo been president down In Indirect cause of his death. He was over
Bul-iVi7JnSn n Bon- la"er, James Mllford. being
A kind friend on tho north naa stimu- in tne active management or tno mercan-
latca tins uemanu, tile business.
until I'm lorceu 10 mm, uv uui. n.u,
soon bo canned . I Charles E. Johnson.
NOItMAN, Neb., Feb. 14. (Speclal.)-
Oh. then I will ramble, ramoie, Charles E. Johnson, llvinc hnlf-miin
Till safety I'vo found. ' i of Norman, died yesterday morning from'
rvi, thnn t it111 ramii p. rnmuie. irnnff.f nr tun atnman i lie inaven
elsewhcro weather bureau experts say 1'H ramble, out not on my nmo Bium.u. wjJ(w. and four children, and a eUter.
tho weather will bo fair. Truatlnir tne Trusts. ire came to Nebraska from Sweden
Warnlnsr to shlDDlnir that tho storm will In thrilling melodrama was tola mo . bout thirty years ao and settled on
.... . . I ... . . L. I 0 11. n I . ...
bo sevcro was oruerea ail alone tho At- story 01 tno ann-irust yiui m mw a rarm. where he made a success
antic coast from Eastport, Me., to Cape ministration, concluding with an im- at farming. He was ono ot the foremost
llatteros, North Carolina. prcsslve tableaux of tho formal signa-1 citjiens of Kearney county and was sev.
vww vonu- wi. iiTV. fir hit. ture of tho constitution of peace, putting crai times urccd to run for various of.
snnw iinrm of im winter Mi New York to the test or merriment me poumes uim iiecB, but always refused because he
City today. The snow, which was general prospects of the dominant party. "Trust- rejt that his privato interest would not
In tho southeastern, middle and New Ing the trusts." was tho -namo or mis permlt him to accept office
England states began to fall at 6 o'clock melodrama and the purpose was uis- ,. .
. . 1 . 1 . . 1 . . . . ..11 j. I 1 1 i 1 nn 1 1 n 11 1 nrnlnmlAt f '"
last nib'lii nun cunimueu iieauuy loony, cioncu uu . . . MnwrAMII In. FVta li fKrtnclaM
Traffic on railroads and street car lines Here then tonight we'll strive to make TMNrN ;-
was uciaycu ana snipping an along tne v :-,:. r,"" ",, mnv n with klndlv lti ,.. t,i. 1 ..., 1
I J I 1 (IU I UUSlllkb H4.v MVIW IIUI ( S V1.44 VC4VWtnt '
vuu.w IIHIIHICIU. feti ng. . hnmnprlm. IIt,.. - lll.. f
Business on tho Stock exchange was That sentiment and all that gives goou- "7;' "T , ,T -V, Zi 1.
Aro not apart from what once sccmea Mrs. Nelson, throe sons. Dr. U, L. and
m.wuo&Uni7. . I T A An.lA r nr 1 1-.
From busting trusts we turn to trust tno " .
trUSbS vivuivii w a v ivii auav v iuvii
Thus runs tho new Wllsonlan uispen- damln,
trust that's trusted: It no longor r Uennchamp.
busts. .... onD Nob- Feb- K.-SpecIal.)-Roy
Or in Its heart can shelter that eensa- Beaucn D f th .. al . .
if .nl xvlth Father Tru.t and taa Cltyyesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock
of exDosurn wlilla ntnndlnir nn Hi nln-l . . . ... .t.ti.. 1. ironi
. ... - maugnwr Jnausiry ui iuuui. .w
lurm ui mo raurouu oi cw jer- .,0-.ivi nt tho 1 keness of industry to
s;y. Tho body ot an unidentified man k. ,. .i..r infant industry, who was
was found In a hallway In Third avenue, L v.Mfni thnt "her face looked liko
.t. ...... . nl. 4 l it - I wvr
iu no uu buukhii racutr, uvuui was cent Bj valorem.'
somewhat curtailed by reason of the
storm. Tho attondunco was tho smallest
of any Saturday slnco last summer.
Tho telegraph companies reportod little
interruption to service, but some of the
commission houses with privato wire
connections to the middle west experi
enced difficulty.
Robert MoKlnn of Bayonne, N, J., died
"Making Happy Homes"
"Making Good Business
' Men Better"
Every day is a happy and lucky day for our patients. They
glory every mlnuto of the day In tholr freedom from Alcohol
Mr. Employe, ask the manager if drinking had something to
do with your not being promoted to the position and salary you
desired. Your desire will soon be realized after your employer sees
tho changed man our Xeal Three-Day Treatment lias accomplished.
Mr. Mnungcr, Mother, "Wife, Sister, call or write us and be
come familiar with this great, good work.
You must take an interest in tho man. The minds poisoned
by Alcohol cannot mako definite decisions as tho brain cells do
not work- In harmony. You must become interested, and by kind
ness get them to take our Treatment. Tho Happiness you will do
rivo from assisting ono unfortunate to the right road will be everlasting.
The Neal Institute I
tuberculosis. The body
brought to Ord for burial.
will bo
uuu iu nure. Trt.,.wWhiLt hariDened to herT nfed.Nli.Uan.
wmiam uoiuns aicu oi cinausuon. me Trust-The Lomocrauo aao lurowcra Mlg. Blanche Ileed. dauchter of
froson body of Miss Ellxabetli Simpson got her, Charles Heed, and Andrew Nlelson. son
.k. ... Inrtli HrrVMl 11(1 1IICV K13b 3 lU. ku ft I ' - -
was touna Dy a neighbor who was floun- Trust-No; but they're after me with a of J. P. Nlelson, were married by Rev,
ucnng inrougn a unit in urooklyn. Tho noiioned needle. Tne worn imsi
snow CAaso.1 Kbnut S fi'nlnlr aft., t.n I U no longor respected except on a iJ)
Inches had fallen. Official records at I
Elmlra, N. Y., .showed a fall of twenty
four Inches in twelve hours. At Bols-
vllle, N. Y., the (all was forty inches,
llrarlrat In Ten Years.
WIIiUAilSPOIlT, Pa., Feb. It-Cov
ered to the depth 6t twenty lnohes, tho
heaviest blanket of snow in ten years, I
northern Pennsylvania is snowbound to
day. The snow began falling yesterday!
afternoon at 3 o'clock and continued!
steady more than twenty hours. Dusl-
Here Is The Answer
to your carburetor troubles
ruoi unaer an conaiuons. auiinio in uoaigu, complications Deing omitted.
Only three moving parts: The Hotary Throttle, the Regulated Air Damper
n ,1 ,1.. l.M.a li.tlnn TlifvKA OTlA fhn linlnilA niatHhtdAM ... . .1 - .
A carburetor that will handla n k..i..
Simple in design, complications being omitted.
and the Float Action. These and the unique Fuel Distributor are sufficient
to convince you that the Master Carburetor Is not an experiment. It is
the Invention of Harry A. Miller and Frank M. Adamson, who aro exten
sively known aa successful carburetor engineers.
Lt us send you our literature describing this masterpiece, or give
you a demonstration of its real worth.
Agents wonted for unoccupied territory.
2512 Farnam Street. Omaha, Neb.
lHHssfliBllllllH lint itUtimtiHtiMft .It.
kidney trouble, skin eruptions from bad I" . " -
ki.i .,.iu ri..i,mn.m imi,. : a standstill and railroad tratflo Is maln-
Those Last Few Tons of Coal
blood, neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbago,
bloating, irritability, wornout feeling,
lack of ambition, may be loss of flesh or
sallow complexion, kidney trouble In Its
worBt form may be stealing upon you.
Bwamp-Xtoot is Pleasant to Take.
If you aro already convinced that
Swamp-Root la what you need, you can
purchase the regular fifty-cent and one
dollar sice bottles at all drug stores.
Sample Hlio Dottle.
PSCIAi XOTZCS You may obtain a sample site bottle of Swamp-Root by en
Ipslng ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., lllnghamton, K Y. This gives you the op
portunity to prove the remarkable merit of this medlolne. They will also send you
a. book of valuable Information, containing many of the thousands of grateful
letters received from men and women who say they found Swunp-Root to be Just
tbe remedy needed in kidney, liver and bladder troubles, The value and success ot
Kwamp-Root are so well known thst our readers are advised to send for a sample
kite bottle. Address Dr. Kilmer Co.. Ulnghaniton, N. Y. Be sure to suy you read
this offer in the Omaha Sunday Br
talned with difficulty. At Harrlsburs
tome of the steel mills suspended, being
unable to get material.
lluatnres Nrnrly Suspended.
TIIILADKLPHIA, Feb. It-The first
big mow storm to sweep across this sec-i
tlon of he country this winter left a fall
pf seven Inches ln Philadelphia and as
much as eighteen Inches' ln parts of,
Pennsylvania, 8tet and rain followed the!
snow, with the Usual discomfiture to the
pedestrians and slight disarrangement ot '
train schedules. Colder weather and moroi
snow is expected during the day, the
weather bureau announced. I
Only One 'l(UOSJi tUlKINH."
To get the genuine, call for full dud.
for signature ot K. AY. UROVJS. Cures a
Cold in One Day. Sc.
T lbs. Finest Prunes ...,,...-81.35
7H lbs. Finest reaches ,..1.00
lbs. unest Apricots .ei.ou
lbs. Finest Almonds 81.73
lbs. Finest Black Figs 11.00
Send cash with order. Money back
If yod dWt'Uke It
I P. Hps Picking Co,,
Bcramnt6, California.
You will need more coal to finish the winter. Better order
now, while your lawn is hard and the weather fine.
Summer Prices Still Apply
On Certified Coal hard or soft and every pound is guaran
teed to please you in quality and preparation. We still have
ample stock of each kind including yours.
Yellowstone Lump $7.0O Per Ton
The ideal fuel for spring and late winter. Big chunky coal,
fresh from our Wyoming mine. Positively sootless and smoke
less. A bargain for furnace or soft coal heater.
We are glad to have
small orders aa well aa
00 lbs. Illinois Washed
Hut Coal. DK- I Cft
14VERED, for I sUU
SCO lbs. Soon- I C
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Sunderland Bros. Go.
N,E. Cor. 17th &HirMy
Douglas 252