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The above is a strong statement, but it's absolutely true.
Wash Waists
200 Waists, valued LClc
from $1.25 to $1.50 .JJ
ICO Waists valued Clc'
from $1.50 to $2.00. ;
Unusually attractive, made
in Switzerland, of till pure
linen and imported by us;
embroidered with fed hearts
and blue forget-me-nots and
daisies in dainty designs.,
3 different designs in a box.
4 different box assortments.
35c; 3 handkerchiefs for $1
Women's Cotton Hose, dou
ble soles 15o
Wayne Knit Hose for wo
men and children 18c
3 pairs for 50c
Lisle Hose, garter top" and
double soles 25o
Scare About Supply Started by Pre
cautionary Notice.
Carroll Man lilecleil I'realtlnnt of
lovra Aberdeen - Angui CnHle
Hrerdera' AMOclnlon Wnni
Federal VeterlHnrlnn.
From a Start Correspondent)
DBS MOINES, la.. Feb. 13.-(Bp,eclal
Telegram,) A acare about tho Dea Moines
water aupply was started, today when the
water company mado 'informal iAiaml
on tlie city that It atop tho flushing of
rewera wltfiJthJwattrfcfroin hmal.ns
on account; of ojv; "aupply. "Tho w..ate1
drawn from beneath' the Cobrf river,
which l filled with Ico and very llttlo
water la running? TUo extant of tho drain
by reason of taking; an excesslvu supply
for city purposes lias caused fear that
.the water aupply will become low enough
to cauie danger to Itcalth.
for federal Veterinarian.
C. it. nuaneU of Carroll waa elected
president of tho Iowa Aberdeen Annua
Cattle Breeders' association today. Mr.
rtussell succeeds W. F. Desenbtrsr of Nor
walk. W, B1. Austin of Dumont was elected
first vice- -president of the association to
succeed T. A. 'Stevenson of Bhanno City;
IV. .J Miller 6T Newton was elected secretary-treasurer,
The appointment of federal veterinary
surgeons to make government, testa of
cattle beforq they are shipped from one
state to" anoltherfcor from united Btutea
to Canada was approved by1 tho mom
bers of the association.
District Court nt Denlson.
DBNIBON, ' Iiu. Feb.' il(Speclal.)
Judce Fqwera has closed a three-weeks'
term of court at this place. During tho
week there ncr two Jury trials. In
Prices Talk
Our Drugs and Sundries aro
standard and our prices talk.
Juet look t tho list below and
you will know whero to savo
1 lii. 20-Mule Team Borax, J
1 gal. Denatured Alcohol ana
Bottle GO
11.00 D. D. D. for the ekln,
at ..... Q7d
2Ec Woodbury's Facial Soap,
(or - 15d
6O0 Woodbury's Scalp Cleaner,
for 21J
COc Effervescent Phosphate
Soda 25 d
50c Nadln.e Face Powder, 159
$1.00 Hyomel, complete, 59
25c Lyons' Tooth Powder, 14i
25c Carter's Pills 12
26c C&storla, genuine. . . .21
$1.00 Hlnkle's Cascara Pills
tor S5d
50c Canthrox 2Dc
50c Pebeco Tooth Paste, ZOt
tl.BO Ideal Brushes, dnuhir.
brUUe 75s
BOc Pape'e Dlapepaln. . . .'
60c Syrup of Figs 20d
$1.00 Hot Water Bottle, guar
anteed 10
Lambert's Llsterlne, ft, 14,
20 and ,58c
8S0 2-quart Fountain 8yrlnge 48o
COp Eva Ing Chocolatee, freali
dally, 1 b. for 390
1 Jb. Epsom Baits so
fll Af 9&rt nil IK. Ptinmnl, allol.,-
ly soiled, otherwise perftct.. ise '
doc uenxoin ana Almond Lotion,
for chapped hands and rough
skin 36o
55c DeMar's Glycerine, Violet or
Almond Soap , 100
tic peroxide of Hydrogen ... 60
"Follow Uie; BeAtOB Path"
Beaton Drug Co.
Fifteenth and Faruam.
irranoua a touufett entk.
ismf ruiiu uuura
from $3.50 to $5.00.
200 Waists valued $95
from $3.75 to $9.50 S
350 Waists valued $195
SplendidVartues of the Newest and
Most Fashionable HAIR GOODS
Included in This Sale
A few of the specials
the first conn wan the question as to tho
anility to handlo his property of Mr
llenjamtn Cramplcn an old settler of
Vail. Tile Jury found him at present un
able to dlsposo of Ills property without a
guardian, Tho second case came from
Arton, where somo weeka ago a hard
ware store was entered, 6ne younR man
waa found to have somo of the Koods
when he inada a confession chanting
Delhcrt lo with bclnir an uccomplico.
There was no evidence but this riRulnst
Lee and the Jury acquitted him.
I (mth Nw) Note.
8IDNI0Y The Kidney Kniatita of Py
thias will observn tl)Q Rolden Jublleo of
the order by a banquot In the opera
house, to which all knights and their
families are Invited. The dato la Kob
jpinry 19 and the 'program will consist of
speaking; and music.
I..0GAN Forty or more members ant
friends of jMib Projtrosslvo Fanners' club
were entertained) lioro at the Mothodltif
A three-coufso dinner wus served, a musl- 1
cal and literary program given and form 1
1... I i . 1....
1'a.CBunnnv vy unv. nnu Arn. i. Ji. 4. mile.
The .economic value of birds on the farm'
was a quottlon that produced much dis
cussion, and. It was finally decided tot
prevent men and boys hunting and klll-j
lug birds on the lands owned and con-i
trolled by membora of tho club.
",n. uinvuBBni wj. uiueu 111 uiiuiiuitiiwc i
Four Men Killed by
Explosion of Powder
KBNVIh, N. J., Feb. U-Four employee
of tho ITerecules Powder works- we
killed In an explosion late last night'
which destroyed the packing house of
the plant, where tona or powder were
ready for shipment to Mexico. 80 com-
plete was the destruction that none of
tho officials of the plant could even
guess at the cause, The detonation waa
heard for miles.
(Continued from Page One.)
self aloof from civic activities and falls
to boost his homo city Is of no good to
anybody or anything. Tje qptlmlet sees
the doughnut, but the pessimist sees only'
the hole. Optimists take the lemons of
this llfo and make out of thorn doilr.lous
Irmonado for their own' and their triads'
'Remember that the. devil kicked him
celt out. of heaven by knocking his home
town and raising hell over It.
Just Hp n Booster.
"Vour fellow cltlstns' aro not much In
terested In what you havo, but In what
you aro aoing with it. You havo no
right to live In this great city of Omaha,
taking from It alt you can get In the
way of profits and good things, unless
you are willing to do something to pre
serve and perpetuate the community
and better Its advantages for all con
cerned. "Get the habit of boosting, Uooit your
friends, your city and Its business. The
booster Is tho man who Is good for
something today. Boost Omaha and you
will make It what It deserves to be, and
what you want It to bo the greatest and
best city In the middle west "
On a Hpeaklnsr Tour.
Mr. Mulholland la making a speuklng
tour of the country, speaking to the
rotary clubs nnd bbslnrsa men of many
I Urge cities. lie easily measured up to
Ithe high reputation as a lve wire orator
which haa preceded him to Omaha, and
mado a great hit with the large crowd
that turned out to hear him.
Mack Olsen of Dos Molncs. vice presi
dent of the central district of the inter
national Association of Rotary Clubs,
made a brief talk at the lunchootu He
emphasized the value ut character anil
acquaintance to business men. Daniel
liaum, Jr., president of the Omaha
Hotary club, presided at the meeting.
There are over 101 Hotary clubs In the
principal cltlea of tho United States,
Canada and the British It'es. v
Ohio SI an Drop Drad In Huron,
JIl'RON, 8. D' Feb. lJ.-(6peclal.)-Selby
II. Houstou of Mansfield. O.. died
here of apoplexy, being suddenly over
come while entering a local drug store,
lis did not lose consciousness at once,
but after a few minutes began to sink
rapidly, and In twenty minutes was dead.
Physicians called were unable to do
much for him, and state that he had a
1 "j
fatal stroke
500 Silk, Net, Crepe
de Chine and
Chiffon Waists for
merly $6.50 to $15..
Pine, naturallv wavv
20-inch $1.79
24-inch $2.79
28-iach $5.79
Pin curls for the new dip
effect 9f)o
sanitary Kair koiis, that
can be washed 40c
German-American Insurance Agents
Hold Regular Convention.
Officers of (lie Compniiy and De
partment Hearts Make Short
Talk After Smuiit nun
Feed at l'nxton.
State mnnagcrs, ' field nnd resident
agents of the German-American I.lfo In-
surunco company of Omaha to tho num.-
bor pf some Ihlrty-flve aro In tho city
puyinir; the , annual- Visit at tho homu
offices,, In Tho nao' bulldlnc; and yester
day occurred one of tho functions that
aWaystfhalte th'es ivjalti enjoyable. Dur-
'"b ,mwnM' . J company agents
rroin Nebraska, Kansas and South pa-
tr it t r. . I 1 -. . . I . " ' , . I
imn iiriu mcir annum cuiivcnuon, ill
which they talked hop1 nnd methods for
the Increase of business.
Just prior to tho noon hour President
Kllngbell announced that tho visitors
would bo the guests of the company at
tho Paxton for luncheon. At 1 o'clock
they leathered In tho largo grill room,
whero 11 most sumptuous banquet was
spread, Following tho dinner there were
ten-minute addresses by President Kllng
bell. Secretary Hull of Omaha, W. J.
Flyhn of Hastings, W. E. McCandlosi
and John T. Hurley, stnte managers for.
Kansas; j, A. Kleth, Omaha; C. It. Pin
neo, superintendent of agencies; C. . E.
Lowrey, Ornnd Island; Dr. Hasslan, med
ical director, and W. V. Young, general
nttbrney for tho company.
The speeches to somo extent were along
tho line of shop talk, but all had to do
with getting business, the methods to be
pursued and keeping the reputation of
the' home company up to tho present high
As a pleasant surprise to the agents
Preeldent Kllngbell. announced that th
company had decided that each nnd
every agent who wrote $100,000 of bust
ness during the year 1914 would bo given
a free trip, with all expenses paid, to
tho Pan-American exposition at San
Francisco in 1915. The announcement was
greeted with applause
During the season of good fellowship
that followed the dinner ono of the
agents suggested that for his Informa
tion he Would like to know Just how
many carried policies In the German
American, llequcstlng those who did to
arise, every man In the banquet hall
stood upon his feet. Then camo another
surprise, when another agent moved thnt
every agent of the company lncrcaso nls
policy by from W.B00 to 5,000. The prop
osition to get under the wire was con
tagious, and In less than ten minutes
more than 175.000 of business Jiad been
pledged, agents and officers agreeing to
take out policies on themselves or on
members of their fumlhus.
Later In the day tho routlno business
was taken up -and disposed of at the com
pany offices.
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of the locals to and from the Missouri!
Chairman Clake explained that the Ne
braska board had been at work for a
number of years on a aohcdule of rates
for that stqte; that a schodule had fin-
ully been worked out, based on the act-1
uul experience of the Nebraska roads, j
and that It was felt the schedule would
bear comparison with any scale of rates,
for the local distribution of merehan-'
dlse. I
Fourth-Class Itntea.
Mr. Clarke informed Commission, r I
Prouty that It had been found from cs- 1
amlnatlon of nearly 300,100 waybills that
less than ope-half of 1 per cent or fourth
doss freight moved In carload lots In
Nebraska, and that the Nebraskt iate
maklng body had deemed It w!s, there
fore, to establish such a relation as
would make the fifth class rMcs V p.r
cent of the first class. Air. Prouty con
ceded that If tho facta stated were cor
rect the Nebraska scale waa const! ucted
upon a more scientific bails than thij
Interstate scale, and intimate! that the 1
Interstate body mlBht bo dspt vt d to I
I ,nah,.
some cotx cs&tons 1:) - r J. to br.-v? !
A Sale of
You Can't Afford
to Miss
These Corsets have ac
cumulated during our Janu
ary sale. The reductions
are very decided. A fair
range of sizes. We mention
here a few prices:
$15, $18 and $20 Cor
sets for $3.50
$7.50, $8.50, $10 and
$12.00 Corsets for. . .$3.00
$4.50, $5.00 and $6.00
Corsets for. . .$1.50 and $2
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.50
Corsets for 50c and 75c
the two scales together, if tlio Nebraska
and Iowa commissions jhuuld agTco upon
such n coinpromlso basis.
An effort will bo made by the two
state bodies to roach an ugroemcnt as
to the scale and It Is expoJtjd thnt the
wholo question Svlll bo finally nubmilUd
at Washington In tlmo to iirm!t tho In
terstate commission to lay tho agreed
acalo boforo the callroads and ecuro the
publication of tho now tariff effective
not later than April 1.
Walter Whlttcn of tho Lincoln Com
mercial club nnd E. J. McVann of tho
Omaha Traffic bureau, A. M. Connors
of tho Grand Island Commercial c'ub
and George T. Hell of '.he Sioux City
Traffic bureau were In Washington to
attend tho Joint conference of tho stato
and national commissioners.
Martin fC, 4Peterson has been appointed
rural letter earner at Ipswich, S. D.
Postmasters appointed:
Iowa Ilurdette, Franklin county, Wal
ter v. Luklns, vice Charles Nowton;
Whlteburg, Monroo county, Leonard D.
'Duprcz, new office.
South Dakota Haskell, Perkins county,
Mary F. Slemmons, vice S. H. Slemmons;
Pasque, Perkins county, Lydla E. Scar
borough, vice F. J. Harmon, resigned.
Tho following banks havo filed applica
tions to Join tho new banking system:
Iowa-First National. Glbsland; First
Natlonul. Brockton; First National, GU-
mSTl Clt,yi 'alvorn National, Malvern.
Nebraska First Vniinn.i 1'
NVV.t Point National. West Point ""V"
wuiii uaKoia inrst National, Dead
wood; First National.. Flllman.
On,ly 0nn "HIOMO QUININn."
To get tho genuine, call for full name.
for signature of E. W, GHOVE. Cures n
Cold in Ono Day. Kc.
White Slave Chnrne Made.
PIEKRE, 8. D., Feb. 13.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Mlnnlo Nash, or Davis, was to
day bound over by Court Commissioner
McCord on a charge of violation or tho
federal white slavo act, she having been
charged with brlniftng Clara Laplant
from Davenport, la., to Sioux Fan8 for
Immoral purposes. She was bound over
to tho United States grand Jury at tho
Sioux Fnlls terra.
Stoninoh Trouble DUnmienr
by using Electric Bitters. Best remedy
for liver and kidney. Indigestion, dys
pepsia nnd all stomach troubles. COc and
l. All druggistsAdvertisement.
The real economical man who looks first for
high quality will keenly appreciate these clothing values
"Ve absolutely refuse to lower quality for suko of price. Garments offered are our
regular stocks of which wo have an abundance and must sacrifice them to make room for
the now spring linos many of which are now on our counters.
Boys' Suits
All winter stocks at
Half and Less for
quick clearance; best
styles, best fabrics
tho very best wo can
buy, to sell at the reg
ular prices.
Sold at $1!0.00
Sold at &!.S0
Sold nt 25.00
Sold at $30.00
That Sold at. i$as!oo J
, Fully 75 of. them aro Hart,
1913-14 Blylea and patterns. "Why not finish out the winter with a
something good for next seasou, at the same time save 25 to SO
Tlio Rest
Mine Operator Tells of Sale of Liquor !
I by Company.
i 1
John M. OaKooil Snrs All Mm
linrlrd by Ilia Ciirporntlnn Were
To lil (lint Strike Warn
In I'mgrtii,
DENVER, Colo., Feb. 13.-".Saloons
seem to us a necessity In mining camps,"
declared John C Osgood, chairman of
the board of directors of tho Victor
American Fuel company. In cross-ex-
amlnatlon today before tho house com
imlttce Investigating tho Colorado Miners'
I strike. Tho coal operator was ques
itloned by E. P. Costlgan, attorney for
I tho strikers, regarding the charge in a
recent report of tho federal grand Jury
nt Pueblo that the mining companies
j run saloons on their properties .
j ,-I cannot speak for the other com
panies, but we regulate tho saloons In
jour camps," replied Mr. Osgood. "Thoy
1 seem to us u necessity In mining camps,
In tvo of our mines, as an experiment,
; wo transferred the saloons Into clubs,
I with leading rooms and other conven
iences. Wc also prohibited treating.
Wo found that at those camps, on an
average", the miners spent about K less
per month each for liquor than those, at
other mines. At Redstone, ono of thbso
two camps, I never saw a drunken man
In five or six years, although the men
were drinking constantly."
Tho witness told of an anarchist sa
loon which he said was run by enemies
of tho mine owners In Agullar Canon.
Ho said that a red flag with a bowls
( knlfo on It, floated over tho saloon.
1 Mr. Costlgan asked the witness about
j political conditions In southern Colo
1 rado. .Mr Osgood denied any knowledge
of political activity by the mine owners.
Ho emphatically disavowed any action
by himself In Influencing politics.
Imported Men Not Deceived.
Tho witness told of the Importation of
strlko breakers being delayed by the
governor's ordor against bringing In
men. Ho said that tho company had
hired no men except on contracts whtch
stated plainly that a strike was In ef
fect. "We asked Governor Arnmons," he
added, "to have the mllttta examine all
tho Imported men and mako sure that
they understood the conditions and had
not been deceived. This was done by
order of Genoral Chase. -
Tho witness Identified payrolls of some
of tho Victor-American mines showing
wages for one month, In some cases ox
ceedlng J1T3. Mr. Osgood said ho was
willing to submit to the committee all
tho books of tho company except those
showing contracts, which tho corpora
tion did not wish revealed to competi
tors. Osgood then told of the visit of Ethcl
bert Stewart of the federal Department
of Labor, who came to Denver In an
effort to settle tho strike.
"Mr. Stewart spent practically all his
time with tho labor men while In this
state," he declared. "Wo met him once,
in .the governor's office. Wo offered to
furnish him any information available,,
but he said ho didn't want any informa
tion; that ho was not an Investigator,
but a mediator. (
".Secretary Wilson, during Jiln .-visit
here, did not ask us-for any Informa
tion regarding tho strike."
Cross-examination by counsel brought
the accusation from the witness that
Colorado had a bad record so far as mine
accidents were concerned, owing to a
series of dust explosions In 110, but theso
accidents were not confined to nonunion
mines. Ho cited the disaster In the
Cherry mine tn the unionized state of
Illinois as tho worst in the history of
"If tho United Mine workers wcro in
corporated, would you rccognlzo the
union?" naked Representative Byrnes.
"No, I think not. I do not approve
tho Irregular purposes or tho Irregular
Tho witness added:
"My Idea Is that some day wo will have
competition among union, which will
ralso tho irregular standards. In that
event It may become safe to contract
with them. I think that this attempted
monopoly of labor by the United Mino
Workers of Amorlca is dangerous."
"Haven't you practically a monopoly
of the coal Industry of this state?" asked
Mr. Costlgan.
"There )s no combination among the
operntors who have advertised themselves
as representing 03 per cent of the coal
Industry," replied Mr. Osgood.
Mr. Osgood declared that Instead of
being hostllo toward operators who had
signed union contracts, his company Is
buying coal from one whoso name he
declined to mention, because the con
tract with the union prohibits salo to a
nonunion mine.
Schaffner &- Marx hand tailored
1 w!
Before Stock-Taking
It's stock taking tlmo ngnln; Hint ninny means n Great Clonring Bale.
Hero' the situntlon: Wc prefer to sell our stock nt n sncrlflco rnthcr
tlinn Inventory It or carry over until nnother season. AVo prefer tho
money to merchandise.
Note These In'ducements!
For Suits and
actually worth
$15.00 and $18.00
For' Suits and
actually worth
$10.00 and $12.50
A Chapter of
Boys1 Suit Bargains
92.60 and 53.00
and Overcoats,
$3.50 and 94.00
Salt, jug
and Overcoats
$5.00 and 90.00 Suits
and Overcoats
Authorities Believe Mrs. Billings
Committed Suicide.
Coroner's Phralctnn linn Not Com
pleted Annlysla of Contents of
Stomach to Determine Man
ner of Her Death.
That Mrs. P. C. Billings, 430 North
Twenty-fifth street, took her own llfo
by swallowing poison and attempted to
do away with her two children In tho
samo manner Is now the belief of tho
police. Clarence Sehuman, ono of the
dead woman's children, who was found
dangerously 111 and who at first was
thought to havo been connected with his
mother's death, was released from cus
tody yesterday afternoon.
Coroner's Physician McClencghan has
not completed his analysis of tho dead
woman's stomach to determine what
kind of poison sho took.
"There was no reason for anyone to
suspect Clarence at any time," declared
the boy's father yesterday. "He loved
his mother dearly. She had been feeling
morost) for tho last few daj'B and I think
that In a fit of despondency sho took the
Coroner Crosby will hold an Inquest
probably Monday. Tho funeral will bo
held Saturday afternoon at the Crosby
chapel and burial will bo lr. Forest Lawn.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. IS. (Special Tel-egrom.)-Outsldo
of a few minor posi
tions. Secretary Bryan and Senator
Hitchcock are still far apart on any
agreement looking to tho settlement of
the lntornal revenue collectorshlp, tho
United States district attorney or tho
marshalshlp. Notwithstanding reports t
In Nebraska, both Secretary Bryan and
Senator Hitchcock today disclaimed any j
agreement nnd sold that the subject had i
not been taken up during several weeks. ,
Both tho secretary of state and Senator
(Hitchcock admit that something should
bo dono for tho "faithful," but as yet
they have not hit upon any happy solu
tion. YontU Churned nltu Forsery.
TOUK, Nob., Feb. 13.-rSpeclal Tele-gram.)-Otto
Graves of Stromsburg Is
charged with writing a check for 927,
made payable to Clyde Taeger, and sign
ing the namo of C. J. Johnson, a farmer
who lives near Benedict, and cashing It
at tho First Satlonal bank in this city.
Deputy Sheriff Finney arrested Graves
this evening In Tolk and lodged him In
Jail here. Ho has confessed tho charge,
It Is said.
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50510 So. 16-th.
ror the Xdanor ana Drug1 Kablt,
Tor Information, csU write or
Neal Institute
1B03 S. 10th St., Omaha, Van,
Phone Douglas 7558.
Photographs for
catalogue illustrations
We can of fer you com
plete facilities for se
curing thoroughly sat
isfactory cuts from pho
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