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Burlington Hoad Seeks Relief from
$50,000 Verdict.
AVnrd Drpnrtnietit Official Will In
' "prrt Field Itnapltitl nt I.lnroln
Kcbrunrr IK Or. KlKln
Unci nt TJeaW.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN", Feb. 10. (Bpocial.)-Tho JW,
000 Judgment secured by Howard Thomp
on against the Burlington railroad for
Injuries while walking along tho tracks
' of the company In tho city of St. Joseph
In September, 11)09, has been c-ppcaled to
tho supremo court.
Besides tho unusually large amount
given another unusual thine In connection
with tho suit Is that tho plaintiff was
given tho full amount sued for.
Meillrnt Corpa Inaprrtlon.
Captain Leo R. Dunbar of tho medical
corps of the war department has been
assigned to Inspect field hospital No. 1
of Lincoln February IS. In connection
with tho Inspection all members of tho
medical department of tho guard will bo
required to bo present so that an inspec
tion of tho entire medical department of
tho Nebraska guard wilt tako place.
Dr. -KlKln Ilecovcrn.
Dr. Klgln, state veterinarian, who has
been very 111 at his former homo In In
diana, returned to Lincoln this morning
and was bock at his desk today.
Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County
DHATIUCB, Neb., Feb. 10.-(Speclal.)-
A Union Pacific waycar was smashed,
and Conductor Hensley and two brake
rnen, who were occupying berths In tho
car, camo near being killed Sunday, when
the switch engine crashed into tho car
from the rear In tho yards here. A mis
placed switch caused tho accident. The
impact overturned the stovo and tho car
caught fire, but was quickly extinguished
by ' the employes at the roundhouse.
IJepslcy saw the switch englno In tlmo
to Jump, but the brakemen did not. They
were ttjrpwn from their births and
crawled out from tho wrecknge In their
night clothing after the car hod been
Blaslus Braun, who had been a resident
of Beatrice for forty years, died nt his
home in this city Sunday, aged 68 years.
Mr. Braun was formerly engaged in tho
bakery business here. He was a native
of Qermany and was never married.
Martin Fxltzen,, a farmer living, east cf
the city, 'was adjudged an habitual drunk
ard by tho insanity commissioners Mon
day and ordered sent to tho asylum at
A motion to quash the information in
tho caso of tho state against L. N. and
Kate C. Miller of Wymore was argued
and submitted to the district court yes
terday. Tho defendants are owners , of
tho Touzalln hotel at that place and are
charged with failure to comply with the
state law In regard to Proper fire es
capes. Farm Demonstrator Llebcrs will leave
next Saturday for Wisconsin to purchaso
forty head of dairy cattlo for the farmers
of Gage county.
Skeeley's Bid Lowest
On Bridge Contracts
in Seward County
(From n Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb, 10. (SpoclaU-Scnator
W. II. Smith, who fathered tho brMKo
contract bill, which was aimed at the
combinations which hnvo formerly con
trolled brldgo construction In this state,
was In tho city today as a member of
tho ccmmltteo selected to appraise tho
lands condemned for state fair purposes
aird was feeling exceedingly good over
tho letting of tho bridge contracts in
Seward county Inst week, which resulted
In a completo routing of tho former com
bination. At the solicitation of tho people of
Fowanl county, J. M, Sheclcy of Fort
Collins, Colo., was persuaded to enter
tho fight with a bid against tho com
bination composed of five brldgo com
panies. The fact that Shreley had en
tered tho fight was kept from tho com
bination and his bid was not filed until
a few moments beforo tho bids were
opened. As soon as the comblno was
awaro that an Independent company had
cntercl tho list, according to Senntor
Smith, they asked to withdraw their
bids and change them, but wcro not
allowed to do so.
Tho contract called for so much per
foot and tho five companies In the com
bination only varied their bids a few
cents, the Standard being tho lowest. On
tho thlrty-flve-foot bridges tho Standard
bid J3I.0S per lineal foot, whllo Sheeley's
bid was J17. On tho 100-foot bridges tho
Standard's bid was $3S.44 per foot, whllo
the Sheolcy bid was but OS. Under tho
Standard bid the thlrty-flve-foot bridges
would have cost $1,192, whllo tho cost
under tho Sheeloy bid will bo less thnn
half that amount, $595. Tho cost of the
100-foot bridges under tho Standard
would havo been $3,903, whllo under the
Sheeley bid tho cost la ,$2,875, a dlffcrenco
of $1,077. Other things In connection
with tho building of the bridges ran In
about tho some proportion, and Mr.
Smith sayH that tho only thing that will
stand in tho way of tho bridges being
built Is a rumor that tho combination
has such a stranglo hold on the material
that Sheeley may not bo able to carry
out his contract, although ho says that
ho will bo able to do so. '
Convict, Championed by Wooster,
Comes Off High Horse.
After I'lRhtliiK for Six. Months mid
MubiitltlliiRr to lMinlnhment
for Dlaohetllenoc, Mnn
(Krom a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 10.--(8rwetnl.)-AII the
efforts of Charles Wooster of Sliver
t'rrck to compel tho wnnlen of the state
penitentiary to lift, tho rulo of the prison
compelling inmates to attend chapel
services on Sunday hnvo been of no
nvall, unless tho Hoard nf Conttot should
uphold the argument of Mr. Wooslor
niado some tlmo ago In behalf of a con
rvlut by the name of St. Clulr, who had
refused to oley tho order and has been
kept In confinement s'neo for dlsobey
nnco of prison rules.
In his argument before tho Board of
Control Mr. AVoostcr said It was tho
constitutional right of every cltlien to
chnoso whether bo Khould attrnd relig
ious services or not. Tho wnnlen claimed
that when a mnn entered tho peniten
tiary under sentence he lost his con
stitutional right ns n cltlien and there
fore tho right did not apply.
After fighting thd matter for about
six months St. Clair has apologised to
Warden1' Ponton and acknowledged thnt
ho was. entirety In tho wrong and would
obey nil rules of tho prison from now on.
Just whnt'tho board will do now with
Its "opinion" In tho caso Is not given
out In the absence of two of the members.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 10. (Special.)-Slx ap
praisers appointed to appralso the lands
which have 'been condemned for state
fair purposes, met this afternoon and
went out to do the work. Tho committee
consists of Fred Cornell and O. "VV.
Palm, Lincoln; J. W. Long, Sherman
county: B. A. Brown. Saline county; W.
IX, Smith. Seward county, and Jacob
"Wels, Fillmore county.
The price of $8,000 has practically been
agreed on for the sixty acres of ground,
and tho appraisement Is made to legalize
the' transaction. -Tho land Is 'valuable
and the state fair board feels ' gratified
to be able to secure it at ,tho price of
practically $135 per aero.
Church nt llerltn Dedicated.
BERLIN, Neb., Feb. 10.-(SpecIal.)-The
dedicatory services of the St. Paul
Methodist Episcopal church were held
here Saturday evening and Sunday. Ad
dressed were made by Ilev. Elfeldt of
Lincoln, Neb.; Rev, A. J. Ross, Topeka,
Kan., and Rev. Charles Harms, Colum
bus, Neb., all former pastors. In addi
tion to tho above. Dr. J. A. Dlekman of
Cincinnati, O., gavo an address in Qer
man and in English. Four thousand dol
lars was raised to clear the church of
debt, and this In tho face of the distress
and financial stringency caused by tho
tornado of last spring. Rev. V. II. Back
man in the pastor.
Powell Urges Lower
Rates Upon Apples
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 10.-(Special.)-U. O,
Powell, physical 'expert of tho rnilwny
commission, has returned from his trip
to Kansas City, whero ho met wtlh other
representatives of tho railway commis
sions of tho states of Iowa nnd Kansas
to secure beforo the Interstate oCm
merce commission a better rato on up--pies
than Is now given.
According to tho ideas of th cpartlcs
Interested, It will bo necessary to get a
reduction In freight rates on apples If
this state Is to compete with tho north
west. Last year apples to tho number
of 30,000 carolads were shipped Into the
territory adjacent to this territory and
with tho rapid development of the fruit
Industry In the northwest It Is expected
that they will be ablo to furnish tho
country with 90,000 to 100,000 carloads of
apples In a few years.
Edanr Commercial Club Elects.
EDGAR, Neb., Fob. 10. (Special.) Tho
EJgar Commercial club at Its annual
meeting elected tho following officers:
President, Butler Hart; vice president,
A. L. Snyder: secretary, A. D. Scott,
treasurer, J. O. Walley; financial secre
tary, L. E. Cottle; executive committee,
Dr. O. R. Woods, Will Brooklcy, Rev.
Thomas Griffiths, Mr. Anderson and S.
J. King, with the president, vice president
and secretary.
A report of tho poultry show, which the
Commercial club had financed, was read
by Charles G. Cottle and approved.
The committee on resolutions read res
olutions on the death of tho late presi
dent, J. M. Breckcnrldgo, which were
adopted and ordered published In the
Edgar papers.
Tho year's work for the betterment of
the. city was gone over and discussed
from the viewpoints of the different mem
bers. After the business was all dispensed
with a light lunch was served, followed
by a smoker and a general good time.
Notes from York.
YORK, Neb., Feb. 10.-(Special.)-Lo.
rengo Poor, who lived at Anderson, Ind.,
came here last week to attend the fun
oral of his brother, Henry Poor, left
here for his home Friday and died be
fore he reached his destination.
John D. Turiey died Saturday night,
aged 25 years. Pneumonia was tho cause
of death. He had been sick only a few
Amon Hull died Sunday morning, aged
G2 years. Ho had been sick for two years.
He was a- member of the Modern Wood
men of America. The funeral was held
this afternoon.
The Changing Age,
Girls and boys from 14 to 19 years
of age undergo physical changes
which tax their strength to the utmost
and the strain is always apparent from
pale cheeks, colorless lips, and tired
bodies sometimes eruptions of the skin
and the utter lack of the ambition and
animation with which their younger
yeaxs were filled.
Budding into womanhood and man
hood, with the duties of 6chool or business,
demands concentrated nourishment
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corpuscles, energy and strength, and the
very best thing lor this changing age is
the medical nutriment in Scott's Emul
sionit possesses the rare blood-making
properties of cod liver oil in a predt
gested form; hypophospbites for the
nervous system, with the healing, sooth
ing qualities of pure glycerine.
Its nourishing force promotes assimila
tion, yields direct returns in abundant,
red blond, fills hollow cheeks, tones the
nerves, makes all good food do good,
and does it in a natural easy manner.
The sustaining nourishment in Scott's
Emulsion is so helpful to this changing
age that it should never be neglected
every druggist has it.
IJ-I1J Scott & Bowne, Bloombeld. V,J.
Court Notes from MudUoii.
MADISON, Neb., Feb. 10.-(Speclal.)-Mrs.
Effle Sampson has commenced ac
tion against her husband, Frank L.
Sampson, for divorce and tho
tlon of her maiden name, Elffle Crlp-
pen. iney were married, May 3, 1912.
Mrs. Sampson charges in her petition
want of suitable support.
Frank Lanman has brought replevin
action in the district court ngalnst E.
Ireland et al.. tn mpni'..
. ' - . . . oUJt Ul
mares. This action Is taken on appeal
irom justice T. V. Norveirs court, Nor
folk, Neb.
Leopold Kurpgewclt, residing north of
Battle Creek, who was nrreBted on a
charge of stealing cattlo from his
brother, Herman, sworn out by County
Attorney Kocnlgsstcin, waived pre
liminary hearing beforo County Judge
McDuffee and was bound over to the
district court with ball fixed at $2,000
which his father, Samuel Kurpgewclt! of
this city gave.
KEARNET. Neb., Feb. 10.-(Spcc!ol.)-Tho
Kearney Commercial club went on
record today as being anxious for tho
location of tho now state reformatory
being established In this city. It Is be
lieved by tho local men that it would
bo. a good thing for Kearney and that
Kearney would bo a good placo for tho
Institution. II D. Gould, John W. Pat-
tervon. Judge W. D. Oldham and Sen
ator Peter Wink will comprise a com
mittee to confer with the Stato Board
of Control In regard to tho establishing
of the same In this city.
The club also took nctlon at its meet
ing toiny in tho procuring of a public
ball park and will stand behind tho bond
Issue, which comes up Mnrch 10. If theso
bonds carry a $6,000 park will bo pro
vided Tho club will lend all assistance
possible to nttaln tho successful carrying
of the bonds.
county treasurer, who was recently oper
ated upon nt a hospital In Rochester,
Minn., Is that he Is now out ot danger.
It was at first believed that he could not
Vast Loss of Infants
Due to Individual
and Civic Neglect
WASHINGTON. Feb. 10.-An nppeal to
American mothers, to women's clubs and
to all who may bo Interested In tho na
tion's social welfare for aid In the move
ment to safeguard, the lives of babies
was made today by Miss Julia C. Imth
rop, chief of the Federal Children1
bureau, In her first nnnual report to Sec
retary Wilson, of tho libor depurtment.
"Infanta mortality Is a subject now
challenging the attention ot the whole
civilized world," said Miss Lathrop. "it
Is impossible to stato with accuracy tho
Infant death rato measures, because the
United 8tatcs differs from other clvllitod
countries and provides no general sys
tem of birth registration. Estimates ob
tatned by tho government statisticians,
based upon census reports, however,
show that last year the actual loss was
about 300,000 babies under l-)'eftr of
ago. Of theno nt least half would now
be living hod we. as Individuals and
communities, applied those measures of
hygiene and sanitation, which Are known
and available. This vast nnd unmeas
ured loss of Infant life Is due solely to
Individual nnd civic neglect."
' Inadequacy of funds nnd tho limited
number of workers provided by the
statutes creating tho children's bureau,
the report said has greatly hampered tho
prosecution of the work.
"It Is obvious" tho report continued
"that even tho most superficial survey
of the bureau's great field Is impossible
with the present force, and that in ordor
to accomplish anything at nil It wns
necessary that tho stuff should bo com
posed of specially qualified persons."
Baby-rnvlng campaigns in numerous
cities and the efforts now being put forth
through them to prevent Infant mortality
were highly commended by Miss Lathrop.
The bureau proposes to co-operate
wherever possible with such movements.
A scries of phamphlcts dealing with tho
Felt ison Way to
Central America
SUPERIOR, Neb., Feb. 10. (Special
Telegram.) It was reported today that
A. C. Felt, tho missing cashier of tho
defunct bank here, was seen on Canal
street, Now Orleans, two weeks ago by
a man from Beatrice, who also saw him
nt the base ball league meeting In Kear
ney, Felt said he was to sail the next
day In a fruit steamer for Central
America and asked the Beatrice roan
not to give him away. He says he did
no know that there was any charge
against Felt when he promised to suy
nothing about meeting him.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. 10.-(Speclal.)-Stnte
Treasurer George has Issued a notlco
that on February .18 he will cash nt par
$100,000 In general fund warrants when
presented at tho office or sent through
tho mall. However, these warrants must
como from tho original holder, no war
rants which have been discounted or
transferred being taken up.
A call will be Issued tomorrow also for
$170,000 In outstanding registered war
rants In numbers up to 4,547 to Include all
Issues up to December 1. This will leave
outstanding about $500,000.
Hull Politic IleRln to Liven Up.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Fob. 10.-(Spe-clal.)-Desplto
the fact that five months
must elapse beforo the tlmn for filing
for tho primary election for county of
fice nominations lias expired, thoro Is
already a fairly complete lineup for sev
eral of tho nominations. It Is known that
Sheriff Slevers will be a candidate for
renominatlon and re-election for sheriff
on the democratic ticket, and Chief of
Police Arbogast is said to bo his almost
euro competitor. Republican County
Clerk Neumann will bo a candidate for
renominatlon and A. B. Harriott, recently
of the register of deeds office, will try
for the democratic nomination. Attorney
Cunningham probably will bo tho demo.
cratlc nominee nnd Is strong in tho lime
light at the moment on account of tho
tecent order closing down the rcdlight
Aid (ilrl Attempts Suicide.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Fes. 10. (Spe
cial.) Miss Ruby Franz, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Bruno Franz, residing several
miles south of Alda, this county, at
tempted suicide by shooting herself. The
bullet lodged in tho tenth rib. however,
and was prevented from striking a vital
spot The unfortunate young woman was
Immediately placed In the hands of a phy
sician, however, and It Is expected will
recover. The cause for the act Is not
known, but Is believed to be a severe
dli appointment In a love affair
Ntxrm Notes of Table Itock.
TABLE ROCK, Neb., Feb. 10.-(Sdo
clal.) Mrs. Frances Wolfe died at her
residence In this city yesterday morning
after an Illness of several weeks with
cancer of the liver, aged 58 years. She
leaves two children, J. T. Cozad of Stella,
and Mrs. Edna Grlfflng ot Tablo Rock.
Arrangements for tho funeral have not as
yet been announced. '
Matlas Hubka died at his residence in
Table Rock on Saturday after an ex
tended Illness of several weeks, in his
seventy-fifth year. Ho came from Bo
hemia to this country and has lived In
Pawnee county between forty and fifty
years. He leaves three sons and two
daughters besides an agod widow. Fun
oral services wcro held at tho residence
yoaterday and tho Interment was in th
Bohemian cemetery, four miles east of
Tablo Rock.
Ilenver City Notes,
BEAVER CITY, Neb., Feb. 10.-(Spe
clal.)-Cecll Odcll nnd Miss Mlgnon
Kcely were married at the Prenl lvtnrtn n
parsonago yesterday. They are members
or prominent ramilles. On account of
recent bereavement the wedding was
prlvntij one.
Word received from Avon Arnsberger,
home caro of young child! en, beginning
with one on prenatal rare, arc now being
distributed by the bureau. In these It Is
shown that "slightly more than 42 cr
eent of the infants dying under i year
of ago In the registration area In 1911 did
not live to complete the first month ot
life, and that ot this 4: per cent almost
seven-tenths died ms result of prenntHl
conditions or of Injury or accident nt
An Investigation hns been started by
cue of the bureau's field ngonta In an
effort to ascertain whether child labor
laws are being pioperly enforced and
whether tho states grant the certificates
with duo reference to tho children's mental
attainments and physical development.
Through rommunlCHilons received by
the bureau, Miss Itlhrop said she hud
ben Informed "that no state In America
Is nt thn present tlmo making ndequnto
provision for exceptional and needy chil
dren." The bureau has discovered a. popular
conviction that It In a sound principle
thnt no child should be separated from
tho caro of n good mother becauso of
poverty alone. "Tho matter of turning
this popular conviction Into a useful public
function," Miss lathrop any, "la one de
manding searching Inquiry."
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The first reliable improvement of our times for dustless, complete cleaning of rooms, furnishings, etc.
Sets in basement or rear room; cleans through simple iron pipe, running to each floor. Easily put in
OLD buildings. Tested three years in homes, churches, schools, clubs, theatres, stores, etc. Ask for
ARCO WAND catalog (free).
1 No exclusive agents
Bold by all dealers
American radiator company
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113-417 South Teeth
Public Showrooms at Chicago, New York, .Boston. Providence, Philadelphia. Washington. Baltimore, Buffalo. Pittsburgh. Cleveland. Cincinnati. Detroit. Attests.
New Orleans, Iiidiiospolli, Milwaukee, Omaha, Lllnntspolii. St. Paul, 8u Louis. Kansas City. Denver, Seattle. iHwUafldTScokaaT.
6aa Francisco, Toronto, London, Paha, Bnutcb. Berlin, Cologne, Milan, Vicuna '