Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 08, 1914, PART FIVE, Page 9, Image 47

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Wont end Corns
That liquid, that plas
ter based on old ideas
won't terminate a corn.
Don't try it. Your druggist
has a new way the scientific
Blue-jay. It is so efficient, so
easy, so painless that it now
removes a million corns a month.
The way is this: Apply Blue
jay at night- it takes only a moment.
From that time on the com will
cease to pain.
Forget the corn for two days, then
simply litt it out.
Blue-jay loosens the corn. In
48 hours you can remove it without
any pain or soreness. Folks have
proved that, 141 to date, on sixty
million corns.
Stop paring corns. Stop the old
time treatments. Knd your corns
forever in this simple, easy way.
Try it on one corn.
Blue - jay
For Corns
15 and 25 cents at Druggists
Bauer & Black, Chicago and New York
Makers of Physicians' Supplies
Mike Vegetable and Flower Gardening Eaiy
Jast unuinil American SfssJ Tope from skiI timl plant
nadirvt-tt'il. Selected srols, prolxTlyspaivtl inside pa tier
lajKj and fastened with trlue fi'rtiliier. Insures a quirk,
sturdy urowth, because tlio paper attracts moisture to
the already fertilized seed. Proper spacing means no
Beed wastedno thinning; out Kach seed nets an equal
chance to irrow. You save time and back breaking labor.
S.nd ONE DOLLAR for 50 ft. each of liadlsh. Lettuce.
Corn, Onion, I leans. I'eas, Spinach, Meet. Turnip
and Cabbage Seeds. 500 It. in all. Or One Dollar for
S0O f ett of Itn taritliu of flower seeds. Correct pltntiof
Instructions In each package. Send the dollar now.
1G00 Walnut ATenne
Buckbee's Giant Orchid
Flowered Sweet Peas
Firs separate full-slxa packages,
which in dainty harmonious col
oring are simply exquisite
C 1 1r" ti. ticlD oav tcsla?eanj
wCnU lll paiLiOKnJreeiethi
(.rand C ollcctlon of aw Prulcd Swrrt
Teat, together vith ni 012 Seed and I'Unt
Book. Tells all alioul liu. kites 1 ai.-uus
"Full of I.tle" Seeds flints en.
Blj money saver, bend lor your tree opy today.
ILW.BUCIBLE, RKkfordSeedrtnns.Dtlil. 508
mm free nooiC
'.' dMcrlU's uur rumt'lfte stock of or
. tIuk Aiioiim- t-v?U auJLerr
trwi. MjtTlutlt Itujkofitjsn 1
I ul!Utif-l. T U Ili-W to Unutift
jour Uniue pTouiit. or In ti niaku
notify riiwingfj W II Ait- 1
to foil uo sT'ti! rtit1in tt (loulilf
ti,f . tt. id v ujr lor tli
great imuk. It free.
WoodUwn Hariemi
066 Colter Bosvd, RochciUr, n. Y.
uwn a food payine Mad Order liusiiiess We have a
lin "hat iron repeal orders a I Ui time Jim ean
srar in spare time invest a ilimar or two a week and
won own a nice buinei of ir wn write f..r par
ticulars NAUICO, 1005 lieluiont Av., C'lilillL-u
nlly tin- nUuit. had placed him Inside
and had built tip tlu door. Some
oiu' lie Hiit'w not whom had torn
It down ngnln.
Fearfully he crept to tho door nnd
tried it It yielded easily and lie
peered through the crack.
Then he stopped with a gasp. He
was looking Into the room with the
books. At the table, fating tittn. the
giant lay back In a chair, his head
lolling against the wall, his wide
eyes staring, his jaw hanging fool
Ishly. In the middle of his shirt
over his heart, stood the hilt of n !
knife; from It a dark streak ran 1
down. Drop! Drop! It plashed upon
the Moor.
Horror-stricken, with popping eyes
Ford stared for a moment. Then tin1
need for Might came strong upon
him. Hut tho way to the other door
lay past the giant, anil It took all
Ford s courage to dare the passage.
At last he nerved himself to the
effort. Inch by inch he pushed t In
door open; inch by inch he Insinu
ated himself through It; Inch by Inch
lie crept across the lloor. Ho grasped
the knob of the other door, opened
it then Jerked it shut just In time
to avoid the furious leap of the great
dog. The way of escape was barred.
Abruptly Ford understood. The
giant had sought to murder him for
the money. The horrible dwarf had
murdered the giant for the same yel
low reason. Then he had released
Ford and hail lied with the notes,
leaving the dog to keep him prisoner
till the ollicers of justice should come
to charge liltn with the murder. He
crept to tlie giant's side and plucked
out the knife; then, deliberately, lie
walked to the door and threw It wide.
As the dog launched for his throat he
struck straight anil hard.
Perhaps it was chance. Perhaps
It was fate. Perhaps It was merely
the cold rage that possessed hlni.
Whatever it was, the knife went
home and the dog dropped at his
Without even glancing at the body
Ford stepped across it, and strode to
the outer door. It was not locked.
He opened It nnd stepped Into the
Hefore him the road stretched
avay and he followed It. It led back
to the railroad. He knew It, but he
did not care. Stepping high, he
strode forward.
Soon the track appeared, stretch
ing across his way. Then, with a
rush nnd a roar, a passenger train
sped by. As the clangor died away
another rattling soundid from the
same direction, and a freight train
that had been waiting on the blind
switch, began to back down toward
him. As he turned to It hopefully,
a figure rose before htm.
It was the dwarf. Apparently tin
latter also wished to llee by train.
An hour before Ford would have
lied. Hut that was an hour before
lie had been through hell since. In
stantly, without hesitation, he tiling
himself upon the man. "Cilve me in
money!" lie roared, as the two weni
down upon the rails.
The struggle lasted for an Instant
only. Somehow Ford's clutching
lingers found the roll of bills and
fastened upon them. Then the grind
ing of metal upon metal rang In his
ears; a black bulk upheaved itself
nbove him; the hunchback shrieked
and loosed his grip; and with a
mighty effort, Ford reached up and
caught a thin cold rod of steel and
thing to it. As he drugged free he
saw the dwarf's contorted eyeballh
glare up at him as the resistless
wheels took their toll.
Tightly he kept his hold. For tin
moment he dared not let go. And
even when the cars jolted clear of the
switch, and had halted, preparatorj
to changing direction, he did not
utilize tho moment to escape. Rather
ho clamped his legs about the brake
beam and clung tighter. The train
was heading back toward the ct
from which he had fled. He knew
It, but he did not care. His brief
exaltation had passed. Anything to
get away from that awful spot.
a oHHIHFKtis AdaWasnKSaSsJBsnlBnlBnlBnliBK 2sHs
Here's the way on sun ut WauchtiUi. Veijetable.s hetw een the tree rows pay for the
land unit u comfortable living until the urapc fruit anil oriuitic trees lieuiii to Item Three
unci (our crops a year Ahoe is shown part of one crop ol em'tulili's that netteil
V. J Wells $77 -W from S M acres 2 miles west ol iiuchtil.i
Offers You $5,000 a Year
And More Health and Happiness Than Ever Before
If ,in want to slial.c oil' I tit- salan
shackles, Iic in tr i-llniatc wlii ie vm i nn
I'llJuJ iiiitrliNil 1 1 f i tile .M'lll- liillllil. r-lilirll
u i.'ihk1 hii'iiuie imw anil 1 1 1. Ii't m n lei 11 fni'
Mini- old nee-THIS IS THE PLAN FOK
('n:iie to the Wain-huln DMlh'l I'liniihi
Dn a small m-ii'tiKi- that .miii can bin on
et ii'ini'l. ftis.t payments srl mil Miiim:
L't ape f r tilt anil ni iiiiire I rees Then plant
f lri't aides between the tree rows.
Iteans eui'uitlliet.iinlnlis, sweet imi1ii1ims
keep up the payments on the land llllll make
you self supporting-. You II ve easll hiippll.
ciimfni lall. . It won't lie loin; licfiue jour
t ni's I 'i.'lii to liciiil miller the ui'lt-ill of
oiaiii-'es anil t; i ;i i " - ftnlt. Anil now comes
real fortune. You f I lid MHlli'lf III tlii' i';il
owner class. You can vi nil juiir chlhlieii
to Clllll'l,'!'
c.ii Iium' inoiii' to spend And ,"ii
liavr I In- In all li in li it mi uir kiii -nniiiiled
l. fi'lenillv neii;liliiiis as pins
peiiuis as Minrself The icHimi almiit miii
is as ui-allln as tin- older stales In the
Ninth and West. Four banks in Wauchulu
and within five miles have neatly $500,000
bank deposits. Wiiiii'hula has allow n flulll
I .Mm In a.tHni lii the lasi m'iii. It has
ehilivhi s. a luoilein selum! s stein. Indies
well sliH'I.ed slnies. Vaniliihili. a new tow n
is k'nivMni; t apldlt I'lisl class ttaiisHiita
tloii and Ini' local maiUels assiiiu miii of
cash Cor ever ttniiir m mn
1'or j I in i" leisiiie time Iheie's uood hunt
inu, fialiinit boutinit, swimminu, mid till the
ear itiiind a lialin. eimahle elimate that
makes life worth livinu.
Heir's Hie hli; Irasnii fni Mini success
WauchulaDistrict Comab tSS-SSS
a ml l u I ll ( ' mil il 1 1 it t it ill Soil needs no
1.M1111 antee Am mini who has Is'en In this
list i let anil If allied how Its marvelous
fi'i llllly stipiKit is ImiHi M'k'i'l ul ilos and ell i us
fruits Is convinced. hell S on see how II f II
aliles men In lite I'liiiifin inlily fiom the
start and loiiltalu laler Ineomes of mi
to Jiomm u ear.oull say ever thlni; we
claim is too conservative.
Illlt lo H'llluM' lluv imssllile doillit Mill
uiav ha e until linn an enme hele ami look
thhn;siiMi fiir.viiiii-si'lf thlsliiimeeuinpaii
of hankers otTi-rs the fnllnwiin,' is'iiaiantee:
After you beifin payments on your land you
are allowed a whole year in which to inspect
it. Come down any time. Look over your
plot and the neiidiborinic uroves. Tulk to the
settlers. Find out just what they're makinu.
Then if you're not entirely sntisfled, every
cent of your money will be returned with G
per cent interest.
Tlint's fair! It's llheial! You take no
chances' If we dun'! pnne evei llihik' we
Plomlse if your land doesn't measure up tu
our predictions you're out not one penny, mid
Mill iret ti per cent Inteiest mi .v lit innue.v
for I he llini' wi ' e had ll .
Iteiiiemliei' mil onh a t'uiii aiileril soil,
lull uood altitude, well-distributed rainfall,
ample drainnue li Hie swift tlnwiiu; Pelu'e
Klver.invlKoratinu.enliveninu sunshine evei'A
mouth III the J ear.
Settlers' Letters Tell of Big Incomes WriteToday Get all the Facts
(irnpe li nil and
orange ni'oxes like
this earn you an In
come of from UKK
to Slii.noo a y e a r .
Skipper Urns grove
alioul live miles south
of Waiiuhula.
lit'll WiMt'll )m that ul) I'HIl til (ill fCI.IMMK t'i (HMl, tK ("Mr nf fVfll
111) khi a )CHr wt! hrixe our uitrtlmi m tlio nfrnittt Itn niiit'n iiimlo
titru in iat year nml lixUy In mt Itiu rt'nl III Hilton of lliu WitittliuU
iitfer y titi iniint wrtto for uur lltcrMuru crniiiini'tl foil r fHctR hihI
11 it 11 res nf rnrnintcH l.t ohl icroii ttw mr (fit joh tutu fiitll)
itlt'J ll'llll II l llll'lr tlli.- llMIMIM'N, l.Vt ll till h'l lll'IN It'll )IMI
lnm (liflr i,Ktliilil(' hihI lici'Niiri' i-ttnilni; mi. Itit .t nifi) iru
no more lirmii) -no DtroiiittT of itiuwlt? tlmii )m 'Ihi'lr Niitft
prutcN IMIIN,
Now write n letter or imimUI or ttll out the roupon nml mall It. net
our heitutifiil iMtokletn miiim la Mil lllunlntlril In t-nlur from
iitiittuifriii'ti.. Kead hIhmiI tlie VKimUiinUt trip in ear h ot the Uul
fiow It eaiue to l ttmrketeil
SUhI) our ofler Hit miiiiiII iiiimmiiiI of Iniitl ni'itltil iln
Uts irli4'H tin vn li'iniM IIm IIAMvl Its' (! MlAN in..
rltr.tmlti) . Aillreir
Wauchula Development Co., Box 34, Wauchula, Florida
- - - - " "T3L