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Hope to Have Suffrage Lists Corn
pletc by Thursday.
rrcaent Month One of tlnumial Ac
ilrltr in the Club Life of
the Women ot ThU
Nebraska Man's Romance Mingles With Mexico Revolution
At the bi-monthly meeting of the Con
itral Suffrage organization It was pro
posed by Mrs. Z. T. Ltndsey, acting city
jchalrmon. that Thursday, February 12,
lUncolns birthday, ahould b the date sot
for the completion of the Douglas county
(campaign for petition signers, Rnd the
suggestion was unanimously accepted by
,the members present. Reports from peti
tion workers showed 3,750 names out of
the 6.0W aimed at. already secured In the
)county, leaving about 1,300 more to be
gathered In the remaining two weeks,
fcrhat these could be gotten by a hustling
campaign In the short time left was the
opinion of the workers, and to that end
;the last week has been devoted to a can
vass of the office buildings, factories and
business blocks of the city. On Tuesday
the Union Pacific headquarters were 'n
vaded, and Mrs. IJndsey. Mrs. Draper
(Smith, Mrs. James Richardson. Mrs. W;
P, Sharer and Mrs. Henry Wagner reaped
harvest of over 250 signers.
The 3. F. W. club will met Thursday
)rt the home of Mrs. I Lundbeck. Cur
rent topics and music will make up the
program for the afternoon.
' The George A. Custer Woman's Relief
corps entertained Its post Tuesday even
ing at the home of the president, Mrs.
fcmma J. Clark. Music and cards fur
)dihed amusement for the evening and
ym oyster supper was served. The card
Jparty announced by this organization, to
(be held Tuesday evening, at Fraternal
Vail, has been postponed until further
. The Benson Christian Endeavor society
fceld an entertainment at the Presbyter
)an church Monday evening, the occasion
being a "Mother Coosa" progrim. The
Quests camo attired as their favorite
)charaelers. Refreshments were served
after the program.
I The Benson Municipal league met on
Thursday evening and awarded the prize
Joffercd some time ego for school chil
dren's essays. The prize waa won by
hllss Lillian Hurwood'a essay on "Our
Streets. Uses and Conditions." Robert
fcrossley received honorable mention.
I Tha Benson Women's Christian Tem
perance union will entertain at an after
noon kenslngton Friday at the home ot
Sirs. IL J. Orove, Bonsonhurst Mr.
Prove will report the convention held In
jtWaahlngton, D. C.
, The West Bide Women's Christian Tem
perance union will meet Thursday after
noon at the homo of Mrs. John T. Oontz,
4709 Hickory street. Mrs. A. O. Claggett,
oresldent of tho organization, will have
charge of the program and will speak on
"Social Purity."
i Tha twelfth annual conference of the
State Daughters of the American Revoiu
Uon will be held, at Folrbury, March 17,
IS and 19, ISM.
1 Tuesday evening at t o'clock the con
ference will be opened by a reception at
the home of Mrs. George Cross. Wednes
day evening a banquet will be given at
the Mary-Etta hotel.
The sessions of the conference will be
held In the Christian church. Wednesday
morning at 8:90 oclock, tho state board of
management will hold a business ses
Ion In the church; according to the new
state bylaws this must be held "preced
ing and Immediately following the state
conference" (article v, section S). At 0:80
tu m. the frst session ot the conference
will open and the closing session will be
Thursday afternoon.
Speakers of prominence, the pretenta
tlon of reports from the chapters, the
chairman of stato and special committees
will lend Interest to each session.
Chapters are working for the award ot
the flag, which Is presented to tho chapter
having the largest percentage ot gain
In membership during the year.
Cuban women are organizing for suf
frage and some of them havo asked Mrs.
Raymond Brown of New York to become
their honorary president. "Wo havo raised
tho banner of suffrage here, with the
name 'Partldo ' Popular Fcmlnlsta." with
Ideas of equality In the relation ot the
sexes and with peaceful Intentions and
legal procedure," tho letter says. It is
'dated Havana and Is signed "Emilia
Perez Moossey."
V. TV. C. A. Notes.
The YoUne Women's Christian assocla
Mob vesper services will be addressed
ii v f. x, aiunwix.
A fascinating, black-eyed, winsome little
woman nlmost a girl, were it not for tho
early Spanish development an own sister
to Pancho VII In. nt the prevent time the
most-talkcd-about man In Mexico this
Is Ursula Villa Wiggins, widow ot a
man born In Iowa and raised and edu
cated In Kansas, Just aoross the line
from Nebraska, and Ursula Wiggins Ia
spending tho winter In a little cottage
with her father-in-law In Iebanon, Neb.
This most Interesting personage wel
comed hor strange visitors cordially and
graciously consented to talk about her
brother and tho romance and tragedy of
her marriage.
Tho homo Is a neat cottage, typical of
the smalltown residence, but Inside there
was Immediate evidence of daintiness and
distinction In the quantity and delicate
beauty ot the covers and draperies to bo
The pretty little woman who greeted
her visitors In so charming a way Is ot
the pure Spanish type-melting dark
eyes, complexion of old ivory, white teeth,
a flashing smile, soft low voice and
rrotty and expressive gestures, which
made up for the broken English and
added to her charm.
She was born at Bojocangon, which Is
"three days' Journey" from Santa Bar
bara, where her father, brother of Gen
eral Villa, was postmaster for twenty
four years, going blind In tho service.
After this affliction the office was con
ducted by an elder daughter. The family
was a respected one. There were two
sons and three daughters.
Pancho, or Francisco, Villa Is the
owner of valuable mines and a man ot
affairs. He was a warm personal friend
of President Francisco Madero and a
stanch supporter of tho Madero adminis
tration. When Madero gave up his life,
Pancho Villa set out to avenge his death.
At tho samo tlmo ho believes that ho Is
fighting in the Interests ot the whole
peoplo ot Mexico, and for the good ot his
Frank Wiggins, the husband, who lived
nly two years of the southern romance.
was born In Iowa and spent his early
years In Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.
His father owned a cattlo ranch near
Lyle, Kan., and bos been a resident of
tho middle west for forty years, tfrank,
Instead ot becoming a cattleman, took
Sunday afternoon at 4:30 by Mrs. Mc
Casklll of the II an scorn Park Methodist
church. Thero will bo a vocal duet by
i.iieua cmun ana Aiary wingett. ansa
-namoers win Do nostess at t he social
nour following tho incline. IJaht re
freshments nro served, and a cordial
welcome Is given to all girls and women
io uo present.
un .Monday oven nr. the February carty
win oe given on me second noor. it win
be a Valentine party, with all the happy
merry-makings of that holiday. Evory
girl who wishes to become a member, or
wno wisnes to invito any ot iter irionas
to become acquainted here, will be very
cordially welcomed. Guests arc asked to 8 o'clock.
On Monday even ne all classes oDon a
secona term ot lessons, a new gymnasium
cuius, meeting weunosuuy evenings at
:ii, is neing organized.
Domcstla science classes are forming at
this tlmo. If you wish to learn to trim
your own hats, to make your spring
resscs. to learn to cook, our lourtn
floor Is prepared to accommodate such
classes. Inquiries may bo made at the
oftlco by phono, tor hours and rates.
l'-aucntionai classes are beginning new
work this week, Tho English classes in
myths, with .Miss Jessio Towns: in
juiius ucasar, with miss Laurance;
and writing for foreign Klrls. are open
for registrations. Miss Pearl RocKieiiow
In grammar and composition, in reading j being merely an educational one
s beginning new classes In French and
Pimples and
All Mothers Bltould OrcfHlly Watch
for Pimples and Uso Stuart's
Calcium Wafers Uib Instant
They Appear.
The blood ot children changes in a cer
tain period of their life. It Is then that
meir beamy is oltlmes mado or marred,
the health established or shattered.
Every mother knows this Important
period and should keep the blood of her
cnuoren as irssn and as pure as possible,
I 7'
s 1
Frank Wiggins
to engineering and his work led htm down
Into Mexico, and In Mexico Frank Wig
gins, American, met and wedded Ursula
Villa, native of Moxtco. And the Impetu
ous wooing, typical of the southland and
the Spanish people, was one ot romance
and deeds of daring.
Santa Barbara was In gala attire and
the quaint old city was full ot hearts
filled with anticipation, for the annual
occasion ot most Intense interest and
Lope was at hand. Some ono would be
come a hero who had not been one be
fore. Everybody would go and everybody
would applaud tho hero who showed the
greatest bravery and tho flower girls, the
prettiest In tho city and the- countryside,
would decorato the hero and he would
bo the great man.
One of the prettiest of the flower girls
was Ursula Villa, and ono of the con
testants for high honor In tho bull fight
In tho year 190$ was Frank Wiggins,
from tho middle west ot tho United
States of American. In tho contest which
took place that day before the great audi-
Upaula Villa. Wiggins
- Poncho Villa.
encc tho bravest of the brave fighters, Mexican widow, was Frank Wiggins,
according to the version of the little It was sho who picked him as a favor
ite for the bestowal of the floral honor,
and the result of this acquaintance was
a marriage inside the month.
They were happy for two years, when
the train on the Mexican railroad of
which Frank Wiggins was locomotive en
gineer ran away on the mountain gTade,
and on a high trestle toppled a hundred
fot Infn tliA ennvnn foAlnnr Tf rnflltiA
three days to remove tho wreckage df
the plled-up cars and at the bottom was
the mangled body of Frank Wiggins.
Two years ago, a year after the tragic
death ot Frank Wiggins, Van B. Wlg"
gins, his father, wrote to Mexico and
found out where the young widow was
and sent money to her to come north,
which sho Immediately did.
Sho could speak no English and could
understand little that was said to her In
that language, so, thinking to hurry the
education along she went to school In
the public schools near Lylo, Kan., and
In the second grade began her study of
English. For two years she attended
school In this district and received a
number ot perfect attendance cards as
well as a high grade for deportment and
In September of the last year, Ursula
Wiggins mode a trip to the border at El
Paso, Tex., In hopes that she might see
her brother, Pancho Villa, but It was a
disappointment. She was not permitted
to cross Into Mexico and Pancho Villa
was not allowed to como over Into tho
United States to meet his sister.
A sister-in-law, widow of Uie other of
the Villa brothers, came across the bordor
into El Paso and through her news of
tho progress being made and tho remark
able victories being won by General Villa
was received.
The father-in-law plans, when peace Is
restored, to go down Into Mexico with
tho Uttlo daughter-in-law and buy a nice
homo there for her, where she can bo
with her own people again, but for the
present they aro spending tho tlmo In a
little Nebraska town and enjoying it all.
Ursula, raised a Catholic, at present
attends tho Protestant church of their
community and Is beloved by all who
come in contact wtlh her. She may be
the Bister of a "desporato diplomat," but
she must bo sister to a man who Is a
patriot diplomat, too one who loves and
hates In tho true Spanish way, and ex
presses It in action.
CLEVELAND, O., Feb. 7.-Coroner P.
J. Byrne said today that his inquest into
the death of Robert E. Mercer of Pitts
burgh found slain and buried under the
new city hall hero Wednesday, was prac
tically complete, and that, based on the
evidence submitted by the police, he
would not find that Mercer had been
murdered by Normal Stanley of Wheel
ing, W. Vs., now under arrest hero
charged with the crime. If the police
obtain new evidence Byrne said he would
reopen the case.
Be "A Live Wire"
Be ambitious full 6f
energy healthy.
Don't put in another day
with that "half-sick, down
and out" feollng. It Isn't
necessary. Your Stomach,
Liver and bowels are only
calling for assistance and
will help you back to health,
vigor and Btrength. It is for
Liver Troubles
Colds, Grippe
and Malaria
We urge a trial today
Four Weeks from Today Will Be As
sociation Sunday.
Ministers to Assist In Sinking; the
IJvcnt n Success and to Permit
Speakers to Mnko Atl
dresea In Churche.
Four weeks from today will be "Young
Men's Christian Association Sunday" In
tho Omaha churches. On that day rep
resentatives of the churches will occupy
most of the pulpits of the city and ex
plain to tho congregations the work tho
organization la doing throughout tho
country, as well as In Omaha. No col
lections will bo taken and membership
will not be solicited, the entire plan
German; Miss Mary Wallace Is continu
ing the dramatic club, and Miss Blanche
Borenson, mo cnorus, wim opportunities
for new pupils to enter this wetk.
Tiie board or directors win hold its
business meeting; Wednesday morning.
February 11. to elect tho new chairman of
committees for the yca.
Pagalco Dancing
Club Entertains
The members of the Pagalco club en
tertained at a dancing party Wednesday
evening at Armbrust hall. Those present
Misses Misses
Elinor McCarthy, Clara Broderdorp,
Katlierino Kocker, Irene Btoltenbcrg,
Kathcrlno McCurthyMargnret titollenbcri
Barbara Ilauman, Margaret
Margaret Casey, lirookmlller,
Kuth Hudson, Mm jorie, Tripp,
Florence Wlttlg, Mainlo CaJlanun, '
Ann Ulljrcn, (Jrace Barber,
Iloso Dixon, Ida Kllen,
Esther Swanion, Fcllon,
Francis Mulholland, Marguret Murray,
Mario rsorgaru,
Olga Hoffman,
Ethel L.arsen. '
Emma Boelberger,
Anna Boelberger,
Clara Kohlff,
Lillian DlcUman,
Tllllo llavllck,
Marie Vasko,
Ethel Mullioltand,
uonnie Jones,
Jano Pennor,
Alma Broderdorp,
N. U Cavanaugh,
William Nlltier.
D, V. O'Loary,
Louis Kocker,
Charles Bauman,
A. M. l,uyoeil,
K. J. coioerg,
H. B. Hutfncr,
J, II. Jaeko,
12, v, Keiiy.
D. D. Calluhan.
A. P. Lutr,
Ernest Schler,
J. J. Martin.
31. Q. Larson,
Jchn Nylaud,
Gcorso uost.
Guy Clark,
W. J. Palmar,
Jack Buller,
Bay sorensen,
Joseph Huno,
Marvin JaJkson,
Emll Scha:.t,
C Hannlgun.
Bessie Antony.
Korrino Baunders,
Lola Marsh,
Kdlth Went,
Hazel Roberts,
Ireno Hougu,
Mary l'etor.ion,
Mata Kchults,
Clara Mclntyre,
Florence Alton,
Graco Allen,
Cora Strange.
O. K, l'enner,
O. C. slaughter,
John White,
Harry Qrobeck,
Jchn Broderdorp,
Arthur Swanson,
Adolph Nelson,
C. U. Bullor,
W. H. NuctcsUs.
Charles Hoffman,
Chester Hanson,
Lawrence Qrobeck,
Harry Stickler.
James Norgard,
Ktigcno May,
I'eury Hansen,
Kliner Patton,
O. Kern,
T. M. Carlisle,
Archlo W, Jan-is,
F. tichobe,
D. D. Scott,
Walter Jardlne,
11. Itosle,
Wo will not pull for either money or
mombers," General Secretary B. F. Denl
son said, in outlining the plan. "The
ministers ot the city have offered us
their pulpits for the purpose ot inform
ing the publlo of our work.
"We will explain the relation ot the as
sociation to publlo affairs and the religi
ous movements of tha day, and tell how
the association la related to tho church
In a common endeavor. What the asso
ciation stands tor and Is dolnr. In Omaha
and throughout the United States and
tho world, will bo told by many speakers,
some ot whom will come from other cities
expressly for tho purpose."
Among the prominent association work
ers who will oome to Omaha for tho day
are: J. II, Felllng.ham, general secre
tary, at Ses Moines; William Parsons,
state secretary for Iowa; SI C, Walcutt,
general secretary at Sioux City. The
prominent business and professional men
on the local board ot directors will nlao
speak, along with other representative!
business men and the heads of the de
partments of the association.
Burgess-Nash Buyers
Go East for Spring
Buying-Special Oar
A. B. Curtis, merchandise manager for
the Burgess-Nash Co., with a corps of
buyers, left Saturday night for New
York and tho custom markets to do the
buying for spring.
A special car over the Mllwaulceo was
Provided for the party, which Included
A. B. CurtiB in chnrgo, with H. T. Jones,
silks, dress goods and wash goods; A.
It. Whlthouse and Miss Mary Derr,
women's suits, coats and dresses; Miss
C. Dwyn, waists; Miss Nan Watson, art
embroidery and fancy goods; Miss Lls
ser, muslin underwear, negligee and chil
dren's wear; Mrs. Wright, corsets; Mr.
DIoklnson, hosiery and underwoau'; Mr.
iv"'er, mce emDroiueries. ribbons, neck
weir and noUons; Tom S. Kelly, men's
furnishings and hats; W. R. Blrney,
men's, women's and children's shoes;
Mr. Chamberlain, Jewelry, leather goods
and umbrellas; II. 8. Skinner, china and
house furnishings; Harry BUnn, economy
Mr. Robins of tho millinery depart
ment left Friday evening and will Join
tho party In Chicago Sunday morning.
A. K. Hunt of tho draperies, domestic
and oriental rugs department Is now In
the east making his purchases for the
enlargement of his department.
In his Instructions to the buyers beforo
they left Mr. Nash, general manager,
impressed upon each ono the importanco
of their trip that It Is the object of the
Burgess-Nash Co. organization to be of
the greatest service to tho greatest num
berto bring into the store the products
of the world's industries that fill us
completely as possible every known want
of the home that tho storo may in
reality bo known as "Everybody's Store."
The Burgess-Nash Co. buyers wIU re
turn in about three weeks.
The New Home
fills every demand of the most exacting,
operator the lightest running is ball
bearing has antomatic lift.
Finished in all Woods to Match Your
Furnishings. See them.
No. 4018 New Home
Is a model of exceptional merit, 5 drawers, drop $A f SI
head, full ball-bearing, golden or fumed oak
case; special , ,M U
A call or postal will bring a salesman to your home" if
you wish. Payments can be arranged to suit your conven
Creighton Law Men
Banquet Next Week
Members of the law department of
Creighton university will hold a banquet
at the Commercial club Monday evening.
February IS. Students, alumnae and
members of the faculty will attend, es
pecial guests being the women students
of the department who are Mrs. Stella.
Wilson, Miss Bertha Bhlck and Miss
Geneva Marsh, who represented the col
lege in the Crelghton-South Dakota de
bate last year.
Hon. William F. Qurley will speak on
"Brothers-ln-Law." Walter T. Moore,
president ot the senior class, will act
as toastmaster and the following toasts
will be given: M. F. Griffin, president
ot tha freshman class, "First Impres
sions;" E. D. Mitchell, president junior
class, "Adrift;" T. J. McQulre. senior.
The Dawn;" C. B. Matthae. night
school, "Night;" John W. Dclehant, "The
Lean and Hungry Look."
A Genuine Rupture Cure
Sent On Trial To Prove It
Don't Wear a Truss Any Longer
After Thirty Years' Experience I Have Produced An Appliance for Men, Women and
Children That Actually Cures Rupture.
Ten Reasons Why
If you have tried most everything else,
como to me Whore others fall Is wher
I have my greatest success. Send at
tached coupon today and I will send you
free my Illustrated book on Rupture and
its euro, showing my Appliance and giv
ing you prices und names of many peo
plo who havo tried it and wero cured. It
is instant relief when all others falL Re
member, I use no salves, no harness, no
I send on trial to provo what I say Is
true. You nro tho Judge and once having
seen my Illustrated book and read It y6u
will bo as enthusiastic as my hundredH
of patients whose lotters you can also
read. Filll out free coupon below and
mall today. It's well worth your time
whether you try my Appliance or not.
Man Thankful
Frostbites, Chilblains, Corns,
Usulouses and bore reet.
Quick Cure.
Date of Lecture by
Prof, Fling Changed
The lecture on "Bismarck and the Unity
of Germany." the sixth and last df Prof.
Kline's present series of lectures at tho :X? "i'i, ; m "ci uuCTiiu .. , ln which you ileal with ruptured peo
rimes present eerjes 01 lectures ai 'o Tn following treatment gives Immediate i pie. It Is a pleasure to recommend
Many persons dread the approach ot
winter on account of chilblains and
Mr. C. E. Brooks,
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:
rerhaps it will Interest you to know
that I have been ruptured six years and
have always had trouble with It till I
got your Appliance. It Is very easy to
wear, fits neat and snuc. and Is not In
j tho way at any time, day or night. In
: fact, at timed I did not knowI had it on;
it lust adapted itself to the snape of tne
body and seemed to be a part of the
body, as it clung to the spot, no mat
ter what position I was ln.
It would be a veritable God-send to
the unfortunate who suffer from rup
ture if all could procure the ' Brooks
Rupture Appliance and wear It. They
wouia certainly never regret it.
' nothing ever did It but your Appliance.
My rupture In now all healed up and
ilill k..." JKT-iT"l....t " i Whenover the opportunity preienta It-
Itching at time. almo,"t unbearable: Z i Sy.M MJSE. yuS
fiiiAtitlv lirlnvlntr i norvnnu rxindtdn!! . . .... i -..... . .
I high school auditorium, will be postponed 1 relief. "Dissolve two tablespoonfuls of
..... . I from next Monday until the following Coloclde compound in a basin of warm
" " " Monday. February 1C, on account ot tho , water- Soak tho feet ln this for 16 mln
afternoon at t o'clock, when Miss Hopper 1 fr&pvf. rijf
presents Madame OtUlle Maimer In ro
cltal with Clara Thurston, tne harpist.
"Its ehllarsn rare
Stuart's Calcium Wafers cleanse and Hopper concert at tho llrandela Monday!
clear tho blood, driving out all poisons
end impurities. And you'll never havo a
cood complexion until the blood Is clean.
These little wafers may be used 'with
perfect freedom. Bcienco knows no more
iKiwerful blood cleanser. They are en
tirely freo from Ti&rmfut drugs or ornate.
Your doctor prescribes these hundreds of
times a year
Htuart's Calcium Wafers go right into
your blood. Their purifying, beneficial
eiieci upon uie diooci is felt throughout
the body, not ln a year or a month, but
In a few days. You roel better all over
bcaue your blood, the life-giving fluid,
1m doing its work properly.
sio roaucr now oaa your complexion is.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers will work won
rs with it You can get these little
woutevworksrs at your drursiif s for to
9SjA4 A MMNfcSjSv
Uenf Wit.
Thomas A. Kdlson said to a reporter
apropos ot deafness:
"Deafness his iu advantages. My own
deafness enables me to concentrate, my
thoughts, as I'd never be able to do tt
distracted by noise and conversation.
It helps me to sleep, too.
"Some men, through deafness, actually
get a reputation xor wn
utea Repeat this
for several days
until tho trouble
disappears." The
action ot Coloclde
compound for utl
foot aliments ia
really romarkuble.
It works through
the pores and ro
moves the cause.
Corns and callouses
Sweaty, smelly
tender, aching feet need but a
can be peeled right otf
reet and tender, aching
few applications. Bunions get relief In
aiocx cr wil
Any druggist has Coloclde ln
1 get It from his wholesale
... . . . 1 I QlVWl
A JIIIU OT Mk DLUVU WW ftVUWOT. UU tkM t. . . . . b .. 1 .. - .... . .
a post, to whom a lady said, nodding JS-. "tf ESS5'. '5
"jtfeLXrtli !McSVoT EUUUckVentoi
!f ii.udS.iVndir tK valuable instructions on care of the feet.
The deaf man. mlsunderatandljyj u pUbUiln4 by Medical k'onnuls, laboratory
utstlon, aaawer calmlyt u of Chicago 1
good thing among
strangers, i urn.
your friends
xours very sincerely.
SO (Spring 8t, Bethlehem, Ta.
Veteran Cured
Commerce, Co., R, F. D. No, 11
Mr. Q. E. Brooks.
Dear tilr: 1 am glad to tell you that
I am now sound and well and can
plough or do any heavy work. I can
say your Appliance has effected a per
manent cure. Before getting your Ap-
better. It It hadn't been for your Ap
She above Is C. S. Brooks, Inventor of the Appliance, who cured himself
and who la now giving; others the bsnefit of his exparltncs.
Xf raptured, write htm today at Marshall, acioh.
Cured at the Age of 76
You Should Send For Brooks
Rupture Appliance
.'.J1 s0,tely the only Appllaneo
of the kind on tho market today, ami
in It are embodied the principles that
inventors have sought after for yeara.
2. The Appliance for retaining the
rupture cannot be thrown out of posi
tion. 3. Being an air cushion of soft rub
ber It clings closely to the body, yet
never blisters or causes irritation.
i. TJnllkp the ordinary no-called pads,
used in other trusses, it la not cumber
some or ungainly. ,
6. It is small eoft and pliable, and
positively cannot be detected through
the clothing.
6. The soft, pliable bonds holding the
Appliance do not give one the unplea-v
ant sensation of wearing a harness.
7. There is nothing about It to get
foul, and when It becomes soiled it can
be washed without injuring it in tha
8. There are no metal springs in tho
Appliance to torture one by cutting and
, bruising the flesh.
9. All of tho material of which the
Appliances are made is of the very best
that money can buy, making it a dur
able and safe Appliance to wear.
10 My reputation for honesty and fair
dealing Is so thoroughly established bv
an experience of over thirty years of
dealing1 with the public, and my price j
are so reasonable, my terms so fair, that
the certainly ahould be no hesitancy
in Binding free coupon today.
three years ln Eckle's Artillery, Ogle
thorpe Co. I hope God will reward you
for the good you are doing suffering Hu
manity Yours sincerely,
Others Failed But
the Appliance Cured
Mr. C. 13. Brooks.
Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir:-
Your Appliance did all you claim for
the little boy and more, for it cured him
sound and well We let htm wear it for
Mr. C. II Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir;
I began using your Appliance for the
oure of rupture (I had a pretty bad
code) I think In May, 1905. On Novem
ber 20, 1905, I quit using it. Hlnco that
time 1 have not needed or used It. I am
well of rupture and rank myself among
those cured by the Brooks Discovery,
which, considering my age, 76 years, 1
regard as remarkable.
Very sincerely yours.
High Point. N. C. tiAM A. HOOVER.
Child Cured in Four Months
21 Jansen St, Dubuque, Iowa.
Mr. C. .E Brooks, Marshall, Mich.
Dear Sir: The baby's rUDture is al-
aoout a year in an, uunougn it curea logemer ourea, uianns to your appii
him S months after he had begun to ance, and we are so thankful to you,
wear it We had tried several other If we could only have known of it soon-
remedies and srot no relief, and I shall er our little bov would not have had to
pllance I was in a terrible condition and certainly recommend it to friends, for suffer near as much as he did. He wore
had given up all hope of ever being any we surely owe It to you. Yours respect- your brace a little over four months and
eticr. ii ii naani been for your ap- fully. has not worn it now for six weeks.
nuance i wouia never cava oeen, oursa. i wm. PATTUISON, I Yours very truly,
I send my Appliance on trial to nrov
what I say Is true. You are to be the
Judge. Fill out free coupon below and
mail toaay.
am sixty-eight ytara old and srvoi I No. 717 8, Main fit, Akron, O,
Mr. O. r. Brooks.
3383 state St., Marshall, Mich,
Please send me by mall in plain
wrapper your illustrated book and
full information about your Appli
ance for Uie cure of rupture.
City j, , f
R D, ,,, .Stale. .,,,., .