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Was Wedded Wednesday Evening
Special Events
Every Day in
Our January
White Sale
Clearing Sale
Men's Clothing
Begins Next Sat.
in Old Store
f 5
By MELLIFIOIA. Wednesday, January 21,4914.
HE Cox-I'cnncy wedding this evening will usher In a beautjful In
novation. Immediately preceding the wedding ceremony. It is
tho old English custom of candle-lighting and having as many
children as possible participate in tho ceremony, preferably rela
tives of tho bride.
After tho guests havo assembled little Fred Penney, Jr., will enter,
clad In tho vestments of the Episcopal church, and carrying a llghtod can
delabrum, which ho will touch to tho white-shaded candles placed through
out the rooms, while tho Bweet strains of Cadman's "At Dawning" Is
played from tho staircase landing by Mins Helen Cook. Then there will
bo llttlo Mary Mackay of Lincoln, who will carry tho ring In tho heart of
a glorious American Beauty rose, and little Paulino Darber of Fullerton,
tho flower glrl,who will carry a quaint basket of pink rose petals, to bo
strown In the path of the bridal procession.
Tho crodlt for this quaint and beautiful feature of tho ceremony be
longs to tho brlde'B mother, Mrs. F. M.. Penney, whose mother was a typ
ical Englishwoman and had of ton1 spoken of tho beautiful wedding cere
monies in England. !
! ' '
Afternoon Tea.
Mrs.-C. U. Keller entertained at tea
this afternoon from 4:30 to 6-o'clockin
),. ct Mm. William Fitzgerald of
r, m v . w'o In visiting her parents,
Mr. owl Mrs. T. C llyine. Miss Iletfi Vail
of Houghton. Mich., .the, fluent of her
rrnnrftnnllicr. Mrs. Ilcth. and Mt, Po'Ph
Peters, who returned Sunday from her
wcddfng trip. i ,
Ulllamev rosea' were Used In decorat on
jwiii Mtv tmesis were, present. As-I
fisting worn Miss Elizabeth Congdon.
Miss. Carolyn. ' ConBdon..' Mrs: Joseph
Uyrno nnd Mrs. George Doanc.,
Birthday. Party.
Mlrs Frances Wahl entertained her
lltUo frionnii -Saturday evening. In. honor
of her thirteenth birthday. Those present
wra: ' . r
. Mlracs '
Given ' .McCoy
Luncheon for Salt lake Guest.
Mrs. Pen Gallagher was hos?ss at a
beautifully appointed luncheon today at
her homo In honor of her sister, Mrs.
McCasklll of Bait Lake- City. Mrs. Ward
roses were used In decoration and covers
were placed 'for Mcedames McCasklll. F.
P. Klrkendall. J. S. Brady, F. II. Davis.
II II. BaldrlKe. D. A. Baum, J. N, Bald
win. J." A. McShanc. H. W. Yates, C. M.
Wllhelm, Ben Gallagher, Miss Jesslo
Seniors Entertained. . .
The four-year seniors of the High
Bchool of Commerce wero delightfully
entertained Friday At tho Home of Slrsi
Lolo Collier, one of the members of tho
class. The cvenlng wiw svent wltlv nuislo
and games and rofresh'mcnts were served.
Prizes wero won by Miss Kelson, OllVe
Brown, Charles Kdmondson und Albert
Dowllng. Those present wero:
Ml ares
Ituth Clark,
Ollvo Brown,
Lole Collier.
Mabel Gustafson;
Ituby Davidson,
Helen Horton,
Gladys Oglebay.
Carl Evans.
Kugene Oglebay,
Charles Kdmondson,
Mr. and Mrs, wood.
Mr and Mrs. Collier.
Master Kenneth Collier.
Nelson. '
GeotRe Collier,
Klmej" Edman.
Albert Dowllng,
Suffrage Kensington.
Mrs. William Haller and Mrs. A. P.
Howes of Blair wero hostesses at a suf
frage kenslngton. Saturday afternoon, at
the homo of Mrs. Howes. Thero were
115 guests, twenty-five women from Her
man being present Mrs. D. G. Craighead
and Mr. James lUchardson of Omaha
also attended, Mrs. Craighead having; de
llvered a speech on "suffrage" Mrs.
Miller, chairman of Washington county,
reports that 300 signers for suffrage pe
titions have been secured In her county
of the tOO required. She Is arrapglng
meetings which are to bo held In Cal
houn and Arlington.
Weddistr Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart C, Wetta enter
tained Tuesday evening In honor of their,
wedding anniversary. Those present
were Misses Florence Cole, Halite Jono.i
and Madco Wells; Messrs. George B,
Morris, Jr., end Charles Mlchelson; Mrs.
3, T. Well of Monta Vista, Colo.
Informal Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kountxe en
tertained informally nt dinner Tuesday
evening preceding the dancing party
given by Mr. and Mrs. J. DeForcst nich
ard at the Country club. Those present
wero Dr. and Mrs. J. E, Summers. Mr.
and Mrs Hoxle Clark, Mr. and Mrs. F.
S. Cowglll and Mr. and Mrs. Charles T.
Misses ,
Frances Footo
Clara McAdama
Helen minaeriana
Ruby McCluro
George Sanders
Lionel -Aitcnison
It. .Buckingham
Floyd Smith
ireno uyuau
Noo Mies Eva Elizabeth Penney. SCrg3Pyag
.Dorothy Gray
Mary McAdams
Helen Wahl,
. Masters
Robert ingwcrscn
Clarence Adams
Roy McFarlano
Waldcn Balcomb.
Entertains at Whist.
Miss Yetta fitlefler entertained at a
wh'st party at her homo Tuesday ive-
nlhg. Mies Hannah Waxman won
prize. Those present were
TIUie Blenstock,
Fannie uoeenmum
Mildred Levy.
Joatfllelte Frlcd-
Barah Waxman. , Htadt,
Hannah Waxman, Klva Hollg.
May I'rcglor. Esther Kaplan,
Ethel Relnschrelber, Leona Gordon,
Evelyn Levy,
M. Levy,.
H. Mandelbnum,
M, Rosenblum,
B. Stelfler.
Yetta Btlefler,
J. Waxman,
M. Kaplan,
H. Htein.
You're Bilious and
Sick Headache, Bad Breathy Sour
Stomach, mean Liver ad Bowels
Clogged Clean up tonight.
' Get a 10-cent box now.
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indigestion,
Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches
come from a torpid liver and clogged
bowels, which cause your stomach to be
come filled with undigested food, which
sours and ferments like garbage In a
swill barrel. That's tha first step to un
told misery Indigestion, foul gases, bad
hreath. yellow skin, mental fears, every
Uiln Utat U horrible and nauseating. A
Caocaret tonight will give your constl
pated bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out for morning. Thoy
work while you sleep a 10-cent box from
your druggist will keep you feeling good
for months. Millions of men and women
take a Cascaret now and then to keep
their stomach, Uver and bowels regulated
and never know a miserable moment.
Don't forget the chlldren-thelr little In
aides need a good, gentle cleansing, too.
Weighs I
a Clean
The Broom of Brooms
MJV kmik tntt'l Mick to yovr ha "
Bamk k Stews Mitf . Ca.. Dm Mmw, U.
A a ,Jr Hair
rVJKl 3 Vior
.Jw a Mttc ON aad hhK mm,
ttwf a. iM't a baa ritk.
anwr hair
Ask Yr Padbir.
Literature Department Meets.
The literature department of
Omaha Woman's club met
morning. Mrs. Franklin Shotwell was
leader of the program,, which was on
BJornson'n VA Gauntlet." Mrs. Shotwell
gave, an Introduction to, the play, bring
ing out the feminist movement espe
cially, In which BJornson was very much
Interested, Mr. Edwin Puis gavo a read,
lug of the play.
Bridgo Party.
MrsT. F. Kennedy entertained, Infor
mally at bridge this afternoon in honor
of Mrs. Clarence .Richmond Day. Flva
tables were placed for the game.
Crcighton Medical Hop,
The Crcighton Medical students, gave an
enjoyable dunclng party at Chambers'
Tuesday evening, "the third of a series of
five during the school year. A large
number of students and friends were
The Castto walk was danced almost ex
clusively, even tlie tango being dis
carded. The .committee In charge con
sisted of Messrs. Ray ICIoyla, Neal Mc-
xee ana Glen Whltcomb. -
Those present were:
Ioretta Malloy.
Corrlne Sinter,
upai iTumbiiss,
Loin Rockwell.
Qcrtrudo Maytham,
Margaret liocne.
Florence Urltt,
Mildred Hauth,
Helen I.auchman.
linen itosseu,
Kthel King.
Jane Gatford,
AUco English.
Catim n English,
Clare McGovern,
iieuian iivra.
Margaret Habensek, Mar Fitzgerald,
Annie oiurpn)-,
Bertha Elklna,
Ituth Foran,
Gladys Sullivan,
Happy Martin.
Dora McAnd.rew,
Anna BOrenson,
Kathleen uusseii,
Dorothy Bls-ciow,
Marie Walsh.
Gladys Duffy,
Genevieve Young,
Hazel Arntill.
Hnrrlet mltti.
Ada Rayner,
Ellen Nash.
Margaret Cott,
Dr. T. T. Harris,
U F. Kgan.
I. M. Caldwell.
W. 11. RoKers,
A. E. nunsky,
O, J, Kaday,
h. J. Bastian.
niley F. Roche,
Mike llanley.
Tnrne uoherty,
C. 3. Mortln.
Tt H. Woodf.
(i a. Carleman.
r J DlerUes.
nr. ll. K Karrer,
Varold Johnson,
James Kellv
A W WrvWhridge.
J T. Mi-hv.
M A. SMlllraton.
Clint Hiirllton.
F, H Kli vem."
V J. Kerj'rlch.
T.wrF Braun,
W W Hrye.
J O'H'ara
R. X rnnn
F J PUli.VMt.
r r p fran.
lnfl Vitt.
V A PollaeV.
J r-irVbank.
I-rv ,nfy.
v T!ftt
C F Eobollk.
!- ""tnan,
Justin Tounr.
Cox-Penney Wedding.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mar
lowe Pcrtney was die scene of one of
the most beautiful weddings of tho sea
son Wednesday evening when their
daughter, Miss Eva Elizabeth, became
tho bride of Mr. Fred Morton Cox. Rov.
T. J. Mackay of All Saints' church wns
the officiating clergyman. Preceding tho
entranco of the wedding party llttlo Fred
Penney, jr., clad In the vestments of tho
Episcopal church, entered and lit tho
candles throughout the rooms, while Mls
Helen Cook played Cadman's "At Dawn
ing." Immediately preceding tho cere
mony Miss Florence Harford of Fuller
ton, Neb., played tho Lohengrin bridal
chorus, and during the ceremony, "Elsa'a
Dreahi." Llttlo Pauline Barber, cousin
of the bride, scattered pink rose potals
In the path of the bridal procession, and
llttlo Mary Mackay of Lincoln carried the
ring In the heart of an American beauty
The ceremony took place at an 1m-
wiuinMitav proylsed altar of calla lilies, smllax and
orange Diossoms wnicn were sent irom
Long Beach, Cal., by Mr. and Mrs. R.
F. Tomllnson, friends of the bride.
Miss Helen Cook of York, Neb., was
the bride's only attendant, nnd Mr, liar
ley Conant was tho best man.
The bride wore a whlto, velvet-finished
charmot gown, - squaro-tralned, and
draped with Princess lace. Tho bodice
wns embroidered lwth seed pearls, and she
carried an arm bouquet of bride's roses,
lilies of the valloy and orange blossoms.
Her only ornament was a pearl neck
lace, gift of the groom. The bride wore
the wedding slippers and carried tha
handkerchief which her mother had worn
on her wedding day.
Tho blrdtsmald'a gown was of pink
brocaded charmeusc, with a minaret
flounce of chiffon and trimmed with
shadow lace. With this was worn a
Gaby cap of chiffon, with threo out
otandlng frills, and she carried an arm
buoquet of Klllarney roses.
Mrs. F. M, Penney wore lavender chif
fon over the samo shade of charmeuse.
The trimmings were of fine chiffon
ruchlngs and velvet with a glrdlo of
i(iv.nrtiir velvet. With" this waa worn a
corsaire bounuet of lavender orchids.
Tho house waa beautiful decorated In
pink', with pink shaded lights and Kli
larney rosea profusely aranged through
out the rooms.
The young people will Journey to Cal
ifornia on their weddtng tour, and will
return to Omaha In about a month to
make their home.
Cadet Officers to
Hold Dance Just as
Was Done Before
For many years the Cadet Officers'
club has been one of the recognized
social organizations of tho Omaha High
school and the cadet officers' hop which
has been given annually for many vcars
has always been tho banner social ovent
of the year. So It was with Jubilant ac
claim that the students of the high
school, their parents, tho former students
who have graduated and their parents
greeted th-i proclamation of tho Board of
Education which stated that the club
could hold Its annual dance provided
that the funds earned should be con
tributed to the regiment's general fun!
Tho C. O. C, as It Is called by the
students at the school, has existed for
so many years because Its primary nb
Ject was to hold tho big dance. In fact.
It was tho only ex:usn for Its existence.
Tho club has never been assistance to
the commandent and the commandents
of the school have never asked the club
to perform any duties, but neither did
they object to It. When the school board
passed the ruling that the high school
namo could not be used lnconnectlon
with any social ovents. Including the
annual dances, Principal. McHugh decided
that the officers' club was a useless ad
junct under the new law and In order to
prevent nnd trouble she 0 oil red to
abolish the club.
The officers, while respecting Miss Mc-
Hugh's Judgment and agreeing that
under the new ruling the order was of
no practical benefit, declared thulr In
tention of placing the matter before the
school' board for tha purposo of request
ing permission to hold the dance as be
fore. Tht young soldiers were sueeesiful
n their pleading nnd the board which
controls tho destiny of Omaha's educa
tional system relented sufficiently to per
mit the Cadot Officers' club to hold the
annual nop just as It always has been
held before.
Marguerite Savage,
Margaret O'Connor.
Clarissa Clay.
Harriet Parmalee,
E. Odem,
Sadie Noonan,
Mildred Darber,
Marie Chabot,
Esther Frlcke,
Helen Allonle,
Hilda Trudo.
Mario Freeland,
Catherine Shields,
Hazel Morrison,
GaQys Taylor,
Audrey Engelke.
Claire Geauvreau,
Hannah Tate.
Helen Sorenson.
Ethel Bitgall.
K. Welsh,
Marie Walsh.
Emma Wiedemann,
Henrietta West.
Irene Stickler,
Viola M. Cox,
Ttachsel Metcalfe,
Rose Frenzel,
Korrlno Kline.
Panslo Williams,
Trene Tracy,
Ruth Boyle.
Teona Sweeny,
Irene McCoy.
PHnev F( ley,
O. r.Mv
V. 11. Clifford,
J P Onfcv.
Clurles Brltt.
Allroi I'-nter.
Chart Franden.
Charles F. Shook.
J. f. IiMtlnrtt,
J. F.. Torrell,
H. O 3111
William A. Nelson.
K F Nr.i pan,
V.Jt. Hombach.
P. F. RMlm.
R. H. Fowler.
Dr W. U Crlss.
R. C: Russum,
C. Peterson.
Phil Moresnthaler,
Charlos F. Cobry,
, O.R. Meyers. .
Simon Levey,
O. D. Whltcomb,
W. L. Kelley,
A. Callahan,
Tonv Hunt.
A. H. HenClickaon,
E. McCaffrey.
Leo iv.vr,
Jorpb Breen.
A., A. Arnold.
.Trn F Kllv.
Charlr VrKnlry.
George Retort
Jaroe McAllUter.
Dr. Edwardt,
Guy Van Levyoc,
Bridre Party,
Mrs. Carl Wallln entertained at bridge
Monday afternoon at her apartments in
the Stoecker. Thosa present wore
Mesdames .
E. W. Anspach
C. U Owen
D. G. Robb
A. D. Majors
William Royoe
Edward Murphy
C. B. Rogers
William Sidney
B. 11. Hagonsfck
W. N. Hellen
L. C. Peters
C. L. Peterson
Carl Wallln
Miss Maymo Wallln
Wisteria Card Olub.
The Wisteria Card club waa organized
Tuesday afternoon at tho home ot Mrs
C. B. Ratekln. The club will meet every
two weeks, a 1 o'clock luncheon will be
served and tho afternoon spent In play
ing high five. The members ot tho ciud
ara Meadames C. S-Jllatekln. J. Boon.
J. Novak, D. Browrjir7. Johnston. I J.
PiattL R. I Rowe and Miss Nell Bar
Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Morris, sr., en
tertaln at dinner Wednesday evening In
honor of Mrs. J. T. Wella ot Monta
Vista. Colo. Covers will be laid for Mr.
and Mrs. Hobart C Wells, Mtss Florence
Cola. Miss Madge Wells. Mrs. J. T.
Wells. Mr. George E. Wells, Jr.
Eummv Club Meets,
The Rummy "lub met Tuesday after
noon at the home ot Mrs. H. L. Wood
ford. Prizes were won by Mesdamca D,
E. LoveJoy. J .W. Hood and Frank O,
Browne. The club will meet In two weeks
with Mrs. Thomas Healen.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. L. E. Drcfson left last evening for
Montana, where she will reside.
Mrs. Frank Phelps left Tuesday even
ling for Chicago to visit her son, Frank
N. Phelps, formerly of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wattles and daugh
ters. Margaret and Mary, left this noon
for their winter home at Hollywood, Cal.
They will be gone two or three months.
hancellor Avery
to Attend College
Presidents' Dinner
Ex-Governor II. E. Hoch of Kansas.
now of "Manhattan, Kan., has Just ac
cepted tho Invitation of tho Commercial
club to attend the dinner of the club the
evening of January 28, when the various
college presidents are to be entertained.
Most of the other college presidents of
the committee that Is to look over the
campus situation at Lincoln next week
ave accepted the invitation before.
Chancellor Samuel Avery of the Unl
verslty of Nebraska has now sent his
formal acceptance of the Invitation.
450 Women's Sweater Coats $1 00
Have Been Selling Up To $3.00, at . . .
Fine- Wool Sweater, In twelve different styles
all good colors, nil sizes for misses and women.
900 Muslin Undergarments
Gowns, combination garments, skirts, princess
slips, etc., prettily trimmed with laces and em
broidery, values up to S2.00, at
900 Women's Winter Coats
Bought from a New York manufacturer at 38
on tho dollar. These aro samples
nnd regular stock nnd include coats '
of high grndo plushes, ArabiaW
lamb, chinchillas, novelties, bonclcs, ,
etc. ainny are satin lined through
out. Actually worth up to $20, nt. . '.
Women's Silk and Wool Dresses
Pretty messallne and charmeuse, also
practical wool serges, many show now,
1914 stylo features, worth up to f 15. .
400 Women's Winter Coats
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culs, bouclcs, chinchillas, etc.,
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ful, long, straight lino conts, etc.
Values up to $30, at.
nas, Arab-
ihes, cara-$g 75
lllas, etc., r W "
cts, grace- H
conts, etc. I A 1
Dancing and Party Frocks
Dainty now ideas for party or
Women's 79c Quality Doubleiilk Gloves, Pair
The regular price of these gloves is 79c. fcejy practical gloves for all'
around wear. Thev are made with one silkflarlovo inside the other. Thov
aro comfortable, well fitting and will wear &ce.eilently. Only a limited quantity, 25
dozen, in black only, special for Thursday, atper pair, 49c.
Light and medium weight, black only, small sizes, formerly priced to $1.25, pair, 25e
Odd Sizes and Broken lines
Positively worth up to S3.00
number of corsets of excellent
grade; styles are long over tho
hips with medium low bust;
to close out, each, at
Laces and Embroideries
Real Linen Cluny Laces and Bands, to match, up 4 4
to 5 inches wide, worth up to 25c, per yard.
Pure Linen Torchon Lace Edges and Insertions,
to 3 in. wide, neat patterns, worth to 10c, yd.,
18-lnch embroideries in Corset Coverings nnd Flouncings
Swiss, nainsook and cambric of excellent
quality', worth to 25c, per yard, at
Dunn Suggests that
Sawed-Off Shotguns
Be Added Equipment
Half a dozen or more automatic shot
guns that will carry heavy lead pellets
will soon be part of tho equipment at
police headquarters, according to a state
ment recently made by cnier uunn, wno
Is considering tho purchase of the wea
pons. Tho shotguns, according to Dunn's
Idea, are to be carried In the emergency
auto on burglar calls and the like.
'A shotgun," said the chief, "Is mucn
better than a pistol. The otricer lias a
better chance to get his man without
killing him and thero is less danger ot
Innocent bystanders or passing cltixcns
being seriously wounded or killed."
The plan of the chief's Is considered
a wise one, as many Instances, especially
Two .extraordinary waist specials.. Xfi
values for 33cs J,S0 values for ILS9. Julius
lOrkln, 1610 Douglas
Long School Pupils
Give Concert Friday
A vocal and Instrumental concert will
be given by pupils In the eighth grade of
Long school at Calvary Baptist church.
Twenty-fifth and Hamilton streets, Fri
day afternoon. The program Is to be ai
Cavellerla Rustlcana (Intermezzo)
Eighth Grade.
Spinning Chorus Flying Dutchman...
Girls' Quartet.
Vocal Solo Welcome to tho Primrose
Flower Finsutl
Ruth Qulnby.
Piano Solo The 13 rook Qautler
Jessie Dragoo.
Vocal Bolo-(a) With a Violet Grieg
(t) Lunacy ,
Mtss Frants.
Violin Solo Melody In F Rubensteln
Helen uusoy.
Chorus Unaccompanied
Eighth Grade,
(a) Rain Song Gavotte from M tenon
(b) Creation , Haydn
1 The Heavens Are Telling,...;
3. spring ,
Fairyland Walts v...Veazle
Eighth Grade.
Lovely Appear Gounod
Mixed vjuarteu
Vocal Sole (al Allah
(b) The Danza Chadwlck
MIsa Urym.
Barcarolle Tales of Hoffman. ..Offenbach
Ilulh Smith. Fred Klrkland.
riano Solo Traumerel Schumann
Anna Hansen.
Vocal Solo Spring Hong... .Mendolaeohn
Gladys Uarlow.
Chorus Unaccompanied
Eighth Grade.
fa) Farewell to the Forest.. Mendelssohn
(b) Annie Laurie.. ...... Lady Jane Scott
cj oiieni wgai Barney,
The New Hats
Are Naturally Seen First at Brandeis Stores
Advance Models for Season 1914
Small hats in high flaring effects and turbans load
in favor for the coming season. Tho Jet shapes with
trimmings of jet are in vogue again. Hats of ribbon
or ribbon trimmed effects will be popular. Flowers
in profusion for trimming is apparent, particularly the
small varieties; also ostrich novelties clipped pom
poms being favored. The Minaret Turban (illustrated
to the left) is the fad right now. "We show scores
ot clever ideas as new as they can be.
We Are Official Agents for Famous "Community" Silver
This superior tnblo wnre is advertised everywhere and appreciated wherever it is used.
It will last a life time in ordinary family use. The patterns are wonderfully attractive.
lately, have cropped 'up where a weapon
of the sort would have proved valuable.
When Dunn was captain at head,
quarters, he always kept his own shot
gun In the station for emergency use,
but now there Is nothing of the sort
After being arrested and convicted of
shoplifting in the Brandeis and Hayden
Brothers stores, Mrs. Louis Brown and
her daughter, Blsto, asserting Missouri
Valley at their home, had their fines of
U) and costs each suspended in police
court It Is said that they took over J300
worth of dress goods and other articles
from the department stores. As the
property was recovered and the women
showed repentance, only a petit larceny
charge was filed against them in police
court. When convicted their fines wero
suspended upon their promise to go
home and be good.
Better Quarters
Sought for the
Benson Postoff ice
Postmaster John C. Wharton and his
aslstant, J. I. Woodard, accompanied by
George Kleffnor, assistant superintendent
of malls, and H. E. Randall, postoffico
Inspector, went to Benson yesterday
for the purpose of procuring, if possible,
better quarters for the postal station
there. According to the Omaha authori
ties, the present quarters occupied by the
postal station In Benson Is not adequate
for the volume of business. In general
appearances, too, the station falls below
the requirements, they say. While sev
eral prospective locations were examined
by the. official party, they declined to
state which place would be recommended
In their report to the postmaster general
T - " V
Steaming hot bouillon froTn Armour s Bouillon
Cubes drives away the cfiill of cold, damp days.
Quickly made drop a ctibe into a cup of hot
water. Circulation is stimulated, and the body
invigorated without fear of reaction.
Ask for Armour's Cubes. At Grocers and Druggists everywhere.
If your dealer cannot supply you, write us for free samples.
Mention your dealer's name. Address Armour and Company, Chicago