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Comment Shows Disposition to Let
Committee Go Ahead.
nurkrtt Asserts There la fin Vnf In
Itcpnlillrntin Si'rnpplnn Orer
Soiuchln Srttlrrf n
Yenr Abo.
(From a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. l.-(Spcctal.)-Com-merits
on the meeting of the republican
fctate central committee, which siippottcd
Thocdore Hooso.velt as against the regu
lar nominee of ths republican party In
this stato at the last election and which
met In this city yesterday, aro generally
favorable" to letting the committee go
ahead ai he regular constituted commit
tee of the republican party In this state,
ome oppose the plan, but they Beem to
be In a small minority.
When asked what he thought of tne
plans set forth by Chairman Kppr.rsort as
published In the morning papers, former
Renator lilmor J. Huikctt replied thut
generally speaking he was In favor of the
Kpperson commtttco going ahead and
calling the convention. "I feel a great
deal as Mr. Kpperson docs In the matter
of the factional differences of a year
ago," said the senator. "The election set
tled that proposition and there Is nothing
for cither side to scrap over worth the
trouble. Should It-happen, however, that
the two committees cannot be harmonious
1 think the republicans of the state better
get together and select an entirely now
committee and let It rim the next cam
paign. The comtnltteo doesn't amount to
much anyhow now days, except after the
' nominations are made, and I don't believe
there Is any use In republicans scrapping
over something that vas settled a year
Favors Unperson's Stand.
Clcry Harry Undsay of tho supremo
lourt said that he believes the stand
taken by Chairman Kpperson Is all right.
"Judge Kpperson Ib a mighty square fel
low and as far as I am concerned I shall
. bo satisfied to have him go ahead and
call tho convention. There Is nothlngto
fight over now and the republicans should
get together."
Frank A. Harrison, who was a sup
porter of Senator I .a Folletto for the
republican nomination for the presidency
and shed no tears over the" downfall of
Mr. Roosevelt at tho national conven
tion, said: "I think Judge Epperson
should be allowed to go ahead, I have
traveled .over tho state considerably and
I find a general sentiment toward un
elimination of tho things that made
trpub)o last year and a pull all together
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of the
the reserve at tho end of 20
years equals the sum of the 20
Three General Agent's con
tracts are offered In Nebraska,
to compete ifor position of
field superintendent, to bo
given to high man after one
year's work on commission un
der most desirable contract.
State experience and give at
least two references.
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for republican success. There are prob
ably a dozen or so Taft men In the
state who will not want to concede any
thing to the Kpperson committee and
there are also quite a little bunch 1 1
Roosevelt men who wilt oppose allow
ing the Taft men to havo anything to
say, but among the rnnk and file, ye
and among a large number of the men
who have been prominent In tho fight
on both sides, there Is a strong feeling
all over the state for a pull for repub
lican success."
Time Forget.
W. R, Mellor, secretary of the State
Hoard of Agriculture, believes that the
time has come to forget all about thn
I campaign of 1912 and get ready to fight
tne campaign of 1914. "If tho Kppersrm
committee want to go ahead and call I he
convention. I believe the thing to do
Is td let them do It. According to the
papers thts morning Judge Epperson
proopses to recognlre every member of
tho state committee regularly elect'Hl,
no matter how ho stood a year ago, and
that shows that ho will be willing to
do the tight thing. Now the thing for
the rest of us to do Is to let dim ro
ahead and get behind him when the time
Secretary of State Walt said: "Chair
man Epperson renis to tie In a con
ciliatory mood and I believe the rest of
us ought to bo likewise. There is much
to tc gained If the republicans Ulmlnato
the Taft-Hoosevelt controversy which
split the part a year ngo and much to
be lost If we keep It up. I feel that thcro
Is a rcneral fellng among repumlicans all
! over to forget the 1912 trouble and 1 think
I that If the Kpperson committee will go
ahead that the regular rcubllcans should
be satisfied to It him do so. Tho Judge is
nbsolut-jly cn the squatc and will do what
Is right."
Judge E. P. Holmes, who was one of
the members of the executive commit
teo of the regular reubllcan faction of the
party during the presidential campaign,
said that did t.ot care to fay anything
today, bui would preparo n statement
Doesn't ninme Committee.
Chairman Epperson, in his statement
last night In addition to that already pub
lished, said -that he did not blame the
national republican committee for rec
ognizing tho Taft commute o In this state
In tho presidential campaign of 1912.
They did right In not recognlnz us," suld
the chairman, "for wo were not support
ing tho republican nominee and therefore
had no rights which the national repub
lican committee were bound to respect."
As In all post mortem cases this opinion
comes after the crime has been committed
and Is something In the nature of a deatit
bed confession by the perpetrator of the
(From a Staff Corespondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. l.-(Speclal.)-Judge
Arthur Wray of York has filed with Sec
retary Earl B. Gaddls of tho Stato Tax
commission a sort of brief In what ho
considers the essential things the com
mttteo should recommend in their report
to the next legislature. He opposes the
personal tax, but recommends other
things to take their place.
He believes a franchise tax, corporation
tax, Income tax and a tax on community
made, or specially created real estate tux
would help to solvo the question. He
wants an Income tax sjmllar to the Wis
consin law and wants the tax on Improve
ments on teal estate abolished. Ho cites
a caso at York of where a man had been
taxed a certain amount on personul prop
erty, but when his estate was settled up
after his death it was found that he had
ten times as much as he had given In to
tho assessor.
The commission will probably recom
mend that In Place of tho pesonal ta
that a man be taxed according to the
mount of rent ho pays, claiming that a
man'a ability to pay depends, a great deat
on the rent ho pays, which generally gives
Us circumstances very closely. They wilt
also recommend a flat mill levy on
tangible property.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
ITNCOL,N, Jan. 1. (Bpcclal.)-Recrctary
W, R. Mellor of tho state Board of Agri
culture has discovered a way to savo tho
state about J3.000 In postage each session.
Ho found that all agricultural reports
prepared by tho state were entitled to
pass through the malls as second class
matter and made application to tho
IjoHtal department for that privilege,
which has been given the stato. This
will allow nil reports printed by tho
Board of agriculture, Board of Horticul
ture. T.ahnr hilrenll. and nnv other de-
! partment which In any way deals with
agricultural reports to hvo them sent as
second class' mall matter. Heretofore
these reports have been sent out as
fourth class matter, costing one cent for
each ounce. Under tho second class
rat It can bo sent for one cent for each
four ounces.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 1. (Speclal.)-On top
of the ultimatum Issued by Judgo Arthur
Wray to the bull rrjoose party In Ne
braska that If ho accepts tho nom
ination for governor ' of Nebraska
on the third party ticket the iWty
platform shall carry tslth it all the
things ever heard of in tho past and
many more not yet heard of In the future,
Colonel Frask 1, Corrlck, superintendent
of navigation for the same party. Issues
a signed statcmnt in which he gives out
that there can be no amalgamation of
!the third party with the republican party
In WW unless the latter agrees to nom
inate Theodore Roosevelt or some other
man who walks In his footsteps.
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Vocal Message From Germany Heard
in New Jersey.
Wlrrlma Telephony Here, TlmtiKh
It" Promoters Still Talk
Through Their
Talking across the Atlantic ocean, from
INeustodtam-Uuebenbergo. Germany, to
New Jersey, a distance of 4.000 miles, was
accomplished by wireless telephony on
October 2T. according to Hear Admiral
George August Kmsmauu. The message
was sent and received In the middle of
the afternoon. In spite of tho daytime
being most unfavorable for wireless com
munications. The two stations are ovr
SCO feet high. Knrller attempts had proved
that clearly emitted tones were nudlbte,
and finally a spoken message was trans
mitted and distinctly received. It also
Is reported, but not confirmed, that Mar
coni has transmitted "vocal sounds"
across (he Atlantic. This feHt was due.
and cannot be said to be unexpected.
Thero has been steady progress In this
branch of electrlr wave control during
tho last few years by many scientists
who have been at work upon It. Al
ready there had been perfectly success
ful transmissions of speech for more
than COO miles. ,
I'reilloteil of Mnreonl I.nnt Summer.
Last August, Godfrey Isaacs, managing
director of the Marconi compaily, speak
ing nt tho annual meeting of the company
raid, "I am going to venture a prophecy
that tho date Is not far distant wien,
with our cup of tea In tho morning aboard'
ship, wo may hear the ring of (he bell,
and, taking our telephone off the hook,
wo may talk to those whom we have left
behind, when we may tell them of the
sort of night wo havo passed and learn
tho sort of night they havo had, and bo
able to express tho disposition wo feel
towards our breakfast." He went on
further to say that during tho last six
or eight months Mr. Marconi had taken
out a largo number of patents at least
as Important, If not moro so, than tho
patents which ho has taken out In the
past. This forecast focussed tho atten
tion of commercial men on the vast bus!
ness possibilities of a system of speaking
across space without wires. Such ah
Invention, It Is obvious, will be of great
International Importance.
But tho Marconi company was not alone
In the field. Majorana, Vannl, Morettl.
Pulson, Fessenden, Dn Forest, nuhmcr,
Collins, Hrauly. Jaclovello and nthnra hml
demonstrated the practlblllty of wireless
telephony before any publlo announce
ment was made that Marconi was work
ing along that line. It may well be that
Marconi In his experiments is using In
connection with his own devices those
of Goldschmldt and Majorana, which, It
Is understood, havo been bought by his
company. ,T. Krsklne-Murray says, how
ever, that Mr. Maiconl'a Invention In 1907
of the high-speed, smooth-dish (HHrlim-irer
gave a key to the solution of the problem
on thoroughly practical and commercial
lines, suitable for long distance commu
nications. ' Clenrer Tlmn hjr Wire.
It Is a singular fact that by the uso
of a radiated current In which thrrn nr
no Interruptions the articulation is ac
tually moro perfect than that obtained
In wire telephony. As Mr. Krklnc-Mur-ray
points out, in the transmission of
electric waves along closed circuit.
such as Is used In wire telephony, there
is invariably not only attenuation or
weakness of the total sound, as the dis
tance becomes greater, but also a do-
creaso in tne relative Intensity of the
upper harmonic waves which give tho
sound Its particular vowel or fundamen
tal tonh of tho voice. Thus on a long
distance, wire It Is often possible to hear
the voice compaiuthely loudly, while 'it
the Bame time It Is Impossible to miikn
out the words. This difficulty, which Is
n very serious ono In transmission
through cub.narino cabl es. has tn Hnmn
extent been remedied by attention to the
suggestions or Pupln and Heavysldo, but
Is Rtill one of the most serious drawbacks
to wire telephony. Tho clear ni-timlntimi
of tho speech transmitted by wire tele-
pnony, on the other hand, does not suf
fer In anything like ho great a degree
by Increase of distance. In fact, no
appreciable loss of distinctness of articu
lation has been noticed In wireless trans
mission oyer four or flvo hundred miles
of sea-a distance quite Impossible lit
present for telephony through a stibma
linn cable and It seems certain that tho
same conditions will hold even at very
much greater distances. Tho rcuson Is
that though long electrical waves do
travel with somewhat less attenuation
over great distance of land and sea than
shorter ones, tho variations constituting
kkimiuiiiu Hiicecu aro nil "long" waves
from the wireless point of view. In wile
less telephony, therefore, tho difficulties
llo not In the Intermediate region be
tween the transmitter and tho receiver,
but simply In the transmitting station.
Tho problem now In tourso of solution
for long distance rndlotelephony Is slm
ply that of causing the radiation of elec
trical power to vary In exact synchron
ism with tho air pressure constituting
the sound spoken into the transmitter.
For short distances, say up to 300 miles
over land and sea, this problom had aj
ready been solved, and there wero two
distinct wireless methods, at least, by
which telephonic communication may be
established with certainty between any
given points. One of theso Is that due
to Dr. Poulsen, In which his arc Is used
as a generator of high-frequency current.
In this system a group of microphones In
series, and all contained In one mouth
Piece, controls the antenna current either
directly or by shunting a few turns of the
Tlic (oldnelniililt Kyatem.
The possibilities of wireless telephony
were greatly Increased by the comparative
ease In which the oscillations set up In the
Goldschmldt high-frequency generator can
bo controlled by a microphone. The
preparations now being made for a dem
onstration of automatic telegraphy over a
distance of somo 4,000 miles, between
Hanover and Tuckcrton, Indicate that the
Goldschmldt generator has reached a
practical working stage, and as the en.
crgy derived from It Is put direct Into tho
aerial and earth, It Is anticipated, and
preparatory tests have shown, that It will
work with considerable economy. At 3.000
at p. m. tho generator produces a fre
quency giving a wave length of about
7.500 meters; the generator can be driven
at a higher speed, with a corresponding
decreasci In wave length, but this Is the
probable wave length that will be used
lnithe transatlantic work.
tho point of Importance in relation to
telephony Is that a small microphonic cur
rent will suffice to affect the exaltation
rut rent of the generator, and the i-'HIit-t
var atlon In tho latter will r odu o
the dc red incidlf'i atlon of the ether
i t In i-thcr tyicT of tcnis o.
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wireless telephony the microphone, or
speaking instrument, reitulrea to be
placed bo as to control a considerable
amount of current, us It may, for ex
ample, bo placed between the licrlal and
tho earth, when for any great distance It
must wlthktand the pussugo of a current
of several amperes. If the mlcroplrono bo
placed in series with a buttery and coll.
tho latter affecting iiidlctlvcly tho oscil
latory wireless circuit, a considerable
current Is necebsary. The Goldschmldt
system permits tho employment of two
high - frequency generators running
slightly out of step, or asynchronously,
the microphone currents affecting the
field excitation of one of them. Any
slight "boosting up" of ono of this field
Is Just sufficient to bring tho two into
step, with the result Ifiat un Instantane
ous and laigo rite of current Is gener
ated for chaiging tho aoilal. The con
struction of tint geneiuttir Ih such that
hysteresis plays a very small part, and
apparently docs not produce un appre
ciable effect, due to lag. on tho purity of
speech sounds.
Vniinl'n Itlqitlil Mluiropiioiie.
l'rof, J. Vannl, who has devoted much
attention, with a largo mcasuro of suc
cess, to tho (Ueitlon of tho microphone,
In order to Influenco the oscillating cur
lent to a sufficient extent bus mado uso
of a microphone In which tho movements
st't up In the diaphragm by the speech
nro amplified by a lever, the longer arm
of which Is uttuched to a Jet. Acidulated
water or toino other electrolyte flows,
through tho Jet, and the vibration Im
parted to It caufces tho liquid stream to
break moro or less higher up according
to the movement, und so to affect the
amount falling on two collectors, one con
nected with the aerial circuit, the other
with the earth: thc vnrlatlon In tho
"layer" of water changes the resistance
between the aerial and tho earth, and so
affects tho radiations.
Mora recently Prof. Vannl has made
the collectors themselves the variable
parts. For example, a Jet of acidulated
water falls upon two very small, flat
metal plates; one of these Is fixed at an
angle of ubout CO degrees with the hori
zontal; while tho other, making an angle
of alniut ft degrees with the fixed one
und at a slight dlstanco from It, is at
tache,! by a light rod to the diaphragm
of the microphone. When the dia
phragm vibrates with the speech waves
this plate vibrates also, and Us position
relatively to the fixed lato vurles In ac
cordance with tho sounds, no that the
acid layer between tho two, hence Its re
sistance, changfs. To change the resist
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ance of tho aold gap Vunnl alio employs
a vibrating plato, tho movements of which
ure cuused b' tho action of a second
membrane, elcctro.iua,;nc tlcally excited
by currents from u microphoito, which
huvc been transformed by men mm of u
small Induction coil. Clear speech has
been transmitted, using tho Morettl are
system of producing continuous osiillu
tlons, over a dlstanco of TOO miles. An
Interesting point, according to J'rof.
Vannl, Is that tho timbre of tho voice
as heard at tho receiving station Is true
und normal, owing to thu fact that tho
tudlo telephony, unllko ordinary tele
phony, does not appreciably affect tho
velocity and tho phases of the elemcntury
wuves corresponding to tho harmonics
which accompany thu fundamental sound
of thn sonorous vibrations to bo trans
mitted. Oilier Typen of Wutor .MU'ropliuiirN.
Another liquid microphone has been de
vised by l'rof. Mujoriina In Italy; it flno
stream flovvB from a Jet which Is at
tached to a dluphragm on which tho
volco Impinges, lower down, the stream
forma a connection between the twoclcc
trodes In Un putli, ami us tho Jet vibrates
tho varying thickness of tho liquid film
connecting them causes vurlutlous In tho
rcalBtunco of tho circuit of which It forms
a purt, thus controlling tho power radi
ated In tho sumo manner as an otdlnury
microphone would do.
Still another form of liquid mlcrophono
Is thut invented by Dr. V. J. Chumbers.
In this the dtuplirugiu forms tho upper
covering of a box, Inaldo which liquid
flows from a central vertlcul pipe, tho
upper orlflco of which Ih cloao to tho
diaphragm. An annular film of liquid
Is thus formed between the upper edgo
of tho pipe and the dluphragm above It,
the thickness, and consequently the elec
trical reslstunce, of which depends upon
tho nearness of tho diaphragm to the
pipe. Tho vibrations of tho diaphragm,
when spoken to, thus vary tho resistance
of tho liquid film, and as this foiius part
of tho .oloctrla circuit of tiu transmitter
tho current Ih also varied In exact con
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oponed .boforo and tho awards of con
tracts made by tho Joint Committee on
Printing to tho loweBt and best blddoiu
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requirements of the proposals. Tho com
mit t,.. mnervpH th right to reject any
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part and reject mo omer pun, ii, wi iv
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terest of the Government.
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tions, schedule, und specifications, ac
companied by standard samples, may li
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plying the quantities required, whethti'
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Tlio approximate estimated quantities;
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(Safety writing paper, .muchlne-flnlsh;
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bund paper; KM pounds onlon-sktn paper;
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2,0i pounds' tlsauo paper; 2.CV pounds
cream und iv'hlto stereo tlssun Paper;
200,000 pounds cover paper; 735.000 pounds
manlla pupor: 1CO.O0O pounds Kraft wrap
plug paper;. 20,500 pounds manlla tympun
puper; 160,000 pounds manlla board; 25,000
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U. 8. postal cards; 15,000 pounds Indax
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paper; 1,500 pounds blotting paper; 14.0C0
pounds storeotypo moulding paper; 60,000
pounds Monotype keyboard and casting
machlno paper: 8,000 pounds offset paper;
JO.OCO pounds plate wiping paiier for em
bossing presses; 9.000 pounds lining and
stripping paper; 200 reams marble, comb,
and lining paper; 300 reams carbon paper,
coated one and two Bides; 5.000 pounds
presxbourd: 1,000 sheets parchment, 15x21
Inches; 1,000 pounds newsbourd; 10S.0CO
poundB strawboard; 100,000 pounds chin
board; 100.000 pounds box board, lined;
S&VXB pounds binder's board, lined;
pounds trunk board.
In cases where more than 1.000 reaips
are called for proposals will be received
for 1,000 reamH or more.
By direction of the Joint Committee on
Publlo Printer.
Washington, D. C, December 17; 1913.
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meeting of the stockholders of The
Hankers Reserve Life company of Omaha.
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