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    XHE BKh: OMAHA, lUvSLJAi, hM13i,K -M, liil.J.
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T.vnr.h. TlAnt. OTnnnor. McDonald nnd llartfi.
couKty ' commissioners line up to watch -vvokic op decoration.
Do Villers Bhot When He Attempts
td See Former Wife.
Wornrni Kays Htae Wm Divorced In
October and I.nter Marled
Glover -Head Mun llnd
Denied Statement.
Its revised form, It Is unit! by tho mak
er", to prove tho salvation of tho in
dustry, as they find they aro able to
compote successfully with trans-Atlantlo
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 22,-Danlel
De VlUlers of San Antonio, Tex., was shot
and killed (tUe last night by lloy I
Glover, a wealthy land agent, who cumo
here two months ago with the mother ot
De Vllllora' two children. The shooting
occurred In Hie dooryard ot the Glover
home, where De Vllllcrs called In an ef
fort to see his former wlfo. Qlovcr, who
Is in Jail charged with murder, says ho
ehot In self-defense..
Tho tragedy revolved' about the woman
In the care, who was known as Mrs,
Glover, but whom, Da Vllllcrs Is said to
have declared, was still Ins wlfo. Mrs.
De Vllllera-Qlover would make only a
brief statement, In which she said she
-was the daughter ot a New York broker,
that her maiden name was Campbell,
and that she held the women's golf cham
pionship In New Jersey In 1901 She also
nold she had been tho wife ot De Vllllcrs,
but waa divorced and had married Olover
In October.
Charles Splelman, a messenger boy, by
whom De VlUlers sought to Bend a not
to Mrs. De Vllliers-Glover, was the only
witness to the tragedy. The note he car
ried was addressed to Mrs. De VlUlers,"
.Olover met the messenger at the door
and refused' to receive It. 8pllman re
ported to De VlUlers, who then went to
the Olover residence, accompanied by the
When the door was opened, according
to Splelman, De VlUlers leaped upon
uwver snouting: '-you broke up my
home." Glover drew an automatic pistol.
Splelman said, and three shots were fired
white the men grappled. Do VlUlers died
In a lew minutes. Afterward another
Jdstpl, undischarged, was found beside
the dead man's body. r
De VlUlers Is said to have been
prominent commander on the Boer aide
during the South African war,
LONDON. Dec. .-Welsh tin plate
makers have booked orders for some 4U.0J)
tans for delivery to American cannlng
and oil concerns between now and June,
it we-s announced here today The I'nlted
Btates tariff, which had almost destroyed
the jjt'elsh tin plate trade, promise in
LANSING, Mich., Deo. 21 In nn effort
to oust their former employes from the
company mines, the Qulncy Mining com
pany of the Calumet mining district ap
pealed to tho supreme court today for an
order requiring Circuit Judge O'ltrlen ot
Houghton to show cause why a writ ot
mandamus should not bo Issued to com
pel him to set asldo his order allowing
appeals to be taken from the eviction
Judgments ot the circuit court commis
sion of Houghton county.
Judgments were obtained by the mining
.compunles against a' number ot their for
mer employes who Joined tho copper
mlna strikers, but the tnon appealed to
Judtfe O'Brien, and- the-delay In ousting
tho tenants has caused tho operators to
carry tho raso to the supreme court.
CHELTENHAM. England, Dec. 22.-
"Mlss Ited" and Miss "Black," two mem
bers of a militant suffragette "arson
squad," who had eluded the pollco on
many occasions, were brought up In po
llco court hero today on a charge ot set
ting fire yesterday to Alstone Lawn, a
large mansion on the outskirts ot this
city. ' ,
The two who have been rechrlstened for
pollco court purposes because they re
fustd to reveal their names, were seen
In tho neighborhood of tho burned build
ing. When arrested their stockings were
found to be soaked with kerosene,' which
had overflowed from the cans they hal
emptied on the woodwork ot the man
sion. They appeared In the prisoners'
enclosure barefooted.
The accused were remanded for further
Representative from Second Iowa
. District Passes Away.
end Follows long illness
jio was prrTlnir Ills Second Term
t nnd Uxpeted to Be oCandldatc
o daccced. Senator'
tuiNTON, la., Dec. Si-Congrcssnian
4. o. lepper of tho second Iowa district
Ued here today. He had been HI for
several months.
Congressman Pepper wan operated on
lor peritonitis yesterday.
air. repper wos borm June 10. 187, In
uavis county, Iowa. InlS97 he' waa grad
uated from tho Uloomflcld Normal school
ana began Ills career as a school teacher.
in 1901 Mr. I'epper went to Washington
as secretary to Congressman Martin J,
Wnde.. While at the national canltal-ln
baskets of red carnations will be nt the
Washington university and after mad
untlng returned to Muscatine, la., enter
ing a law firm. In 1910 .he waa erected
congressman and two years later waa re
The funeral will be, hold at Ottumwa.
la., Friday at 1 p. in.
WASHINGTON, DC 22.-ltepresenta
tive i'epper was serietary of the demo
crime nauonai commute. He waa serv
ing nis second terra In congress, but
previously had been or many years sec
retary to former Congressman Martin J.
Wade ot Iowa. He had planned to enter
the contest In Iowa for the senate
against Senator Cummin and had gone
to his hbma to canvass the situation at
ins time he was stricken.
Des Moines Men Oppose Compromis
ing Book Island Taxes.
Church of lown. Cnnltnl Mny lie
Torn'Apnrt When Ministers De
mand Wlthdrawnl from Sa
loon Petition's.
(Continued, from Pago'One.)
Clayton C, Ilhoadea.
Charles De Wall, manager of the
Omaha News company, lias Just received
word ot the death of Clayton C. llhoadts.
manager of the Puget Sound News com
pany of Seattle. Mr. Rhoades was well
known In Omaha and the adjacent terri
tory In Iowa and Nebraska, as he acted
us manager ot the stationery and holiday
departments of the Carpenter Paper com
pany here and was later wholesale gen
eral manager of the Omaha News com
pany. Prior to that time he was man
ager of the Des Molncs Wall Paper com
pany, (
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, In., Dec. 22.-(Spcclal
Telegram.) Tho Des Moines Taxpayers'
leaguo, which a short tlmo ago protested
against the suit to compel the Itock Itock
Island railroad to. pay millions In back
taxes, today appeared In tho role of
threatening to cnj. l the offlcluls of tho
county If they accept a compromise and
take tho 1100,000 to settlo tho suit.
Notice was served on Uio county board
by Kalph Bolton that suit would be
brought to prevent paying any part of
tho sum recovered to Klstlo & Wright
as commission on tho deal under tho, con
tract they made, and the claim will bo
made any fee to the attorneys Is Illegal.
Tho firm has a contract for one-fourth
of tho ontlro nmount collected.
Saloon PetltlniiM Issne.
A now phaso of the tight to defeat na-
loons in Dea Motnea appeared today when
the pastor of ono of the Methodist
churches of the city accepted the reslg
nation from tho church of ono of Ills
promlneht parishioners because tho lat
ter would not remove his name from
tho saloon consent petition
It Is stated that ministers all over the
city will insist upon their mcmbora re
moving their names from the saloon pe
titions. Temperance people were today refused
by the Hoard of Supervisors the right
to have checkers at the work ot can
vassing the petitions, and they filed a
general protest against the saloon peti
tion on the groundthot thero Is no valid
poll list for comparison.
(Continued from Paifo One.)
42,000 Tirador Cigars
25 Discount From Jobber's Prices
15c Tirador President, 10 in box 70i
16c Porfecto Tina, 25 in box SI. 50
15c Tirador 'Epicure, 25 in box SI, 50
15c Imperial Extras, 25 in box $2.00
20c Del Monlco, 25 in box S2.50
10c Tom Mooro, 25 in box . SI. 75
10c Robert Burna, each 5 Box of 50 S2 50
5c Little Tom, box of 50 S1.75 Box of 25..., 7. m)
10c Club Chancellor, box of 25 S1.75
"Follow tho Beaton Path."
Beaton Drug Co.
Frightful p-.
In the stumach. torpld"Uver," lame back
ana weak Kidneys are soon relieved by
Klectrlo Hitters. Guaranteed. Ma Ior
sale by your druggist. Advertisement.
NEW YORK. Dec. It-It was news In
golf circles today that Tom Anderson, a
veteran professional gutfer, had died yes
terday at Montclalr. N. J. He was about
Co years old. lie was a native of Scot
land and was known to thousands of
golfers. He was the professional at the
Montclalr Golt club.
To Cure n Cold In One Day
Take Laaatlva Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money It It falls to
cure. E. W. Drove's signature on 'each
box. Kc Advertlsemsnt
vent attacks by Insurgents In that vicin
Friends of tho constitutionalist com
mander confirmed the report that his
S&ltlllo residence had been sacked by the
federals, who carried away furniture and
carpets and either destroyed or ap
propriated a library of 6,000 volumes.
TOKIO, Dec. 22. Francisco de la Uarra,
former provisional president of Mexico
and now special envoy to Japan to thank
It for participation In the Mexican cen
tennial, arrived here today He was wel
corned at the railroad station and cheered
as ho rode to his hotel. Another crowd
awaited him at the hotel.
An elaborato program has Deen ar
ranged for Do la Barra'a entertainment,
Tho emperor is to give a banquet In his
honor on Christmas day.
A group of agitators and members of
Parliament met this evening and passed
branches and place tho largo silver star
at the top. I. K. Zlmman, contracting
agent of the electric light company, has
charge of tho decorating and will place
over 1,000 lncandcscents on the spreading
boughs of tho forest giant. Tho trco was
put In place Sunday by a gang' of men,
win worked most of the day to completo!
the task.
Tho lighted trco with Its brilliant star
containing almost 100 lights at tho top,'
and the crowds of merrymakers singing
Christmas carols around It on Christmas
uvo Is expected to bo on of the city's
most beautiful sights. Hundreds of peo
ple, will take part In tho musical program
and thousands will attend the reception
In tho court house and then witness the
celebration outside.
Projjriiiii for Celebration.
Following Is tho musical program for
the municipal Christmas trees celebra
tion: Flvo nilnutca of 8, church bells all over
tho city ring out.
Public school children sing Christmas
carols, 8 o'clock.
Hand, grand march.
City missions children sing Christmas
Band, "Dolorosa," pocmo d' amour.
United Presbyterian choir, two Christ
mas anthems, leader, Walter T. Graham.
Band, overture, "From Dawn to Twi
light" People, led by Mr. Carnal and band,
"O. Llttlo Town of Bethlehem."
Band, Intermezzo, "The Wedding ot tho
Roman Catholic choirs, "Adcste Fl
dells, " "God of Might."
Band, valse, "Eternello Ivcresses."
Kountze Memorial choir. "Uphold, ihn
Lord Is Come." Christmas anthem bv
Semper, German Christmas song; leader,
Mr. Hetgron.
People, led bv Mr. Carnal and band. "It
Came Upon the Midnight Clear."
North Side Christian church choir, flvn
Christmas carols; leader, Mrs. Klrsch-steln.
Band, "Overture Celestial."
Mrs. WelDtOll. solo. "O. IJttln Tnwn nf
Bethlehem." music bv Snrousn rnhnut
Band, "Serenade Fantasia." for hnrl.
tone, Mr. Chaloupko.
People, led bv Mr Cnmnl Atirt hnn.l
"Hark, the Herald Angels Sing."
uercnun ana unnien singing societies,
It Is the Day of the I.ord." - "Vnn a
Mlno All." "Evening Song."
xiana. a Daranhrano. ".iftnuflinm n.
uuiunn. iiKHUs uci. rrom tun TivAirth
Crclghton Glee club nuiiri.t vm.ii.
song. "Glory to God;" leader. Father Tal-
nana, "The Lost Chord." cornet solo
reoplo, led by Mr. Carnnl and the band
Bond. "Ave Marl, rnmpt enin h.. x,J
Lots, ',,Brand selection national melodies.
"My Country. 'TIs of Thee." bv virv.
mo chimes of Trinity cathedral.
WASHINGTON, Dec. H.-Rcpreaent.i.
tlve Richard Bartholdt of St. Louis, who
has represented the Tenth Missouri dls
trlct In the house for twenty-two years.
nan issued a statement saying he will
not be a candidate for re-election when
his term expires In 1915. Only two othe,-
nicmbers of the house. Representative
rayne of New York and Jones of Vir
glnla, have longer records of service. He
expects to work for universal peace.
Ionra News Nntea.
i IVIAV-Vnr Ihn nllrarl rfasn ..r
a resolution expressing regret that no carrying concealed weapons, oseph Le
members of the Japanese cabinet hadlmalre of Lu Verne. Minn., was arrested
gone to the railroad station to receive I jn complaint pf tho county attorney, and
. , (brought to Logan where he pleaded
Senor do la Barra. the guest ot the na- ull . d Mv thrt d t
lion, uio wtino iiivui la iimniuc, bihuisu- wun nnenii hock.
ments fop a. mass meeting and lantern . MISSOURI VALLKY At the regular
mAllnir nl VAUAV cnnnipr. rtn. lirtlcr
officers as follows were
The )
nmrMitnn In hnnnr nf thn visitor
n.nniiwrM riavot much knaca (o Do lalof Eastern Star, officers as follows wer
newspapers aeyot mucn Pce to do la ,Iected Mr Ena narrett. W M . M,
Birras arrival and reception. iRramon, W P,j Miss Zella Richardson,
Wo encourage them because many; .large accounts
begin in a small way. ' t
The small depositor of today becomes the largo
one of the future. More people would bo bank deposit
ors if they realized how it would help in building
their credit and their success. ,
Thirst National
Capital - - - $500,000.00
Surplus Earned $1,000,000.00
Farnnm St,, nt 13th. Organized in 1857 as Kountze Brothers.
Con.; Miss
Mrs. F. W.
. M.: Mrs. lSd. iiraaiey.
l.tiMla SuddUtn. secreiaiy,
Myers, treasurer.
LOGAN-Hale-ttnd hearty. A. Ingman.
with his children and Bndchlldrer .. cele
brated his ninety-second birthday J ester
'r:Knwa8bor In England
DecemDer u, ui
In 1B1. and to Harrison county In ISoo.
settling on the farm inree miien '
of Sn After retiring frotntho farm
and stoclc Dusiness nir. -to
Logan and has Blnce made his home
here, and desplto his ago he "
well preservedd man, vice president of
the State Savings bank of Logan in ad
alUon to looking after other businegi
mattcrs. Three of the five children. G.
H. Longman, A. Longman. Jr.. and Mrs.
n A. Dlvelbess. are still living, and were
at the birthday party here y'e
There are also thirty-one grandchildren
and thirty great sranutiiuuicH iu,io
four sets of four generations.
The Persistent nnd Judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising is tno iwaa 10
Business Success.
Ilrynn in South for Holiday..
MIAMI. Fla., Dec. 22. Secretary and
Mrs. Bryan and their small granason
rived hero loaay lor n amy m bcicim
days at tho llryan winter nomc, viua
Get Your Canadian Home
From the Canadian Pacific
I AKY firmsra kTpsld tor their frm
with on crop. rlaMt Uoa oa earn
for gnut. mixed firming sod stock,
only III to tM per sere. Lands nttr
railroads and ana town, k Canadian
tana will mak VOU lnde(Ddcntl
29 Yean ta Pay $2,900 Loans
Twcntr raara to nar far th land and renar
ttn loan. Long before roar Uat parmcnt
tweomn doe rour farm will hare paid tor
Itaalf orar and or. Loao will t ued to
ercet bulldlnn and maka parmaoent Impror-
mcBtaViToarlarni. Aak lor Uw tacts TODAY,
Boom SOS W. O. W. Bldg.,
Omaha, Web.
The Persistent ana Judicious Usi ot
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Business Success.
A Ml31331 KNTS.
Oklly Mt 15-35-500
Xvngs ia-35-50-7oo
COLUMBIA tSuriesquers
Bajmonr, Sempsey & Seymour: Abe
X,f avltt's pretentious playlet, "The Ortat
WWtt Way." Xmas say Matinee at 3i0q
DOUQ. 494.
Mat. very day. SilS; every night, 8il3
ThU Wk IlUDLba Wujih ft .-o., j'nuk m J.
ton anil Da Lone tiUtera. The Lansdont. Dui.
Uy't Animals. Bmllr Darrtll and Cbarlar Con
way. Warren & Conltr. Juggllns Mlllcra an!
Special Feature 1'kture. "Uroncho lltlly'a Cbmi.
aaa Deed.
at and Bun.) tSo-NlakUr 10c XJc. Ua and jS.
Don't forget tho Grand Cako
Walk and Hall at the Auditorium
Christmas night.
There will be a public wedding
In connection.
Three Days, Beginning, Mat.. Xmas,
Coming Sunday "ADELB."