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    And So, Mutt
Coach ShlMles Suggest Preliminary
Conference This Month.
Committee o Be Appointed to Work
Oqt Detail anil Make Schednle
that Will Eliminate Cham
pionship Disputes.
HASTINGS, Neb., Dec. S.-SpccIal.)
The movement for the organization of a
Nebraska high school foot ball conference
wu definitely put (Under way today by
Coach Bcbissler of the Hastings High
school. In letters to tho athletlo author
ities of the several schools ho suggests
the following plan!
1. That the teams bf omsTm; Lincoln,
Beatrice, York, Aurora, Grand Island.
Kearney, North Platte and Hastings form
an Interscholastlo conference, to be called
the "j Nine." or any other suitable
name that may be decided upon.
2. That the athletlo heads of these
schools meet In Lincoln during the Christ
mas holidays and elect a committee to
have supervision over conference foot
3. That schedules be Arranged In such
a way as to moke It possible to decide
the championship with but one post
season game, or none at all.
1 That the conference recognize no
championship claims of nontnembers.
6. That the committee have the power
to admit to membership any team which
has made a showing for more than one
year which Justlfes lis being- so admitted.
a. Conference members to be permitted
to play outside teams, but such games
Vo nave no bearing on tho conference
In his note to the schools Coach Schtss
ter says: "Following the warm dispute
ever the Nebraska state championship
honors. t seems that some waytof decld
tor the supremacy Is necessary. Several
teams In the state. lneludlaHasttngs.
made claims for the (iMW this year,, arid I
perhaps none of these might be constd-
red a Just claim. In order to eliminate
this tangle hereafter I have suggested the
conference plan.
"In Justice to the smaller towns of the
Kate, many . of which have turned out
plendld teams, It may be said that they
May have the opportunity to enter the
conference should their showing against
cnfereftce teams justify their admls-
The plan does not contemplate having
fee conference championship stand as
Hie state championship, though usually
H would amount to that. Obviously It Is
Impossible for all the strong high school
,fms to compete with each other In one,'
Mason's schedule, The conference how
ever, Is designed to Include the strongest
tarn. The list proposed by Schlssler Is
ntatlve, of course, and may be changed
rom time to time. Through the process
t stimulation H ta believed by supporters
ft the movement here that a conference
C eight or nine teems may be main
tolaes. which wilt Include all of the teams
that are actual contenders for the state
ettempleaeMp. Sueh. a conference would
hear the same relation to the state that
the. varsity "Big Nine" bears to the Mis
sJsstpa and Missouri territory.
It has been suggested here that it might
fee advisable to arrange east and west
Hviaio schedules, the winner of one
eivWon to meet the winner of the other
swvisloa. 1b a postseason: game.
Iowa Books Four
Foot Ball Games
IOWA CITV, la.. Dec J. (Special.)
Four games are already fixed on the
Iowa foot ball schedule for next year,
while two others are regarded as al
most assured. The Btate Teachers will
open the season hero, as usual, while
contracts are already signed for games
with Northwestern, Ames and Nebraska.
Whether the Cornell college gome, tho
second on the schedule, will be continued
to uncertain, as the management may
desire to take on a game with some
pther of the minor colleges or the state.
It Is hoped that a continuance of the
Chicago game can be arranged, as the
contest Is a popular one here. The two
years' contract with Indiana has ex
pired, and the distance between the two
cheQis may prevent Its renewal. There
Is much local sentiment for a Kama with
Illinois, as the contests with the orongo
and blue team formerly proved big at
tractions here. The dates of the four
games which are settled will be:
October State Teachers at Iowa City,
ircipoer aH-.norinweiern at Iowa City
November It Ames at Ames.
November II Nebraska at Iowa City.
Supporter of the Wattsmouth foot
ball team axe very much peeved over a
tatemeat which appeared In last Sun
day's Bee. stating that Plattsmouth had
lest hut one gome and that they hod prac
ticed fir week preparatory to a contest
with the Joe Smith's of Council Bluffs.
The Kattsaaottth people desire It to b
fcaewa thai Flottsmouth has not been
cored ppe this year and did not lose a
nwi. Also the team only practiced twice
tolete the season opened. And again the
Warn only averages MO pounds, and not
an pound as represented. The Joe Smith
. which was scheduled to play
TWttsmouth a week ago, cancelled the
sum and the Giants were trimmed M to
as coaaolatloa
Proceeded to Pull the
I ( I I .ui ? i "" I
I I WW A.'nr NPHEL.X I I !Vlff T T 3 I ' I II I
fvE .
TJni of Omaha Now
Organizing Basket
Ball Team for Year
At a meeting held at the University of
Omaha by the Athletlo association, Clin
ton Ilolsey was elected as student man
ager of the basket ball team, while Stan
loy High was elected as assistant busi
ness manager. Flnley Jenkins, who was
'.elected basket ball rnanagor by tho
Athletlo association some time ago, was
forced to resign becauso of the large
amount of school work he Is carrying.
The new rnanagor are working on a
schedule and expect to have It completed
In the course of a couple of weeks.
Basket ball prospects at the University
of Omaha are rather favorablo for tho
coming season. With only two ft last
year's team out of the squad, and with a
great many candidates on hand It Is ex
pected to turn out one of the fastest
(teams the school haa had for soma tinie.
Tho two players on last year's team who
will not play this season are Neal Far
sons and Clinton Halsey. Doth of there
men were stars and their absence from
the team will 'be greatly felt However,
the large amount of new material on
hand will undoubtedly produce other
capable players.
The selection of a coach for the varsity
squad giving the athletlo committee a
great deal of trouble. Howover, one la
expected to be secured before the week Is
The preparatory students at the school
have organised tholr team and have
made a .treat deal of progress the last
week Inahelr practice.
Under the guidance of Coach Tablsca
they expect to have a star team ths
Bellevue is Warming
Up for Basket Ball
Now that the men bavo recovered from
foot ball Injuries somewhat, Bellovue
will open the bosket ball season Monday
with a series of class games. For the
last week the boys have been shooting
goals and playing a few scrub gomes and,
If appearances can be credited, more doss
Is being shown than for some time. All
of the old team Is back with the excep
tion of Maxwell at guard. Ills loss will
be keenly felt In the team work until a
new man can be fitted to the position.
The class having the most promising
outlook In the coming series la the sen
iors, who have the heaviest and most
experienced team and' it is generally ex
pected of them to win the .tournament.
Most of the Interest Is centered on the
freshman-sophomore battle, as the class
rivalry between those two classes Is at
fever heat. In the two scraps held tho
freshmen have had rather the best of the
argument and the sophs are burning to
avenge themselves on their too precocious
Coach Throw Just returned from a
meeting of the state association, where
the representatives of the various sohools
aranged tentative schedules, but these
are not yet official, as they have not yet
been ratified by the business managers.
Thorpeians Want
Basket Ball Games
Thoroelan Athletlo club, an of th
Junior athletic organisations of the city,
nas put a oasxei dou team in tne field
and would like to arrange gomes with
some of the junior teams of the city. The
Tnorpeians nave entered all sorts of
athletics during the last year, making
themselves rather consnlcuous because
Of their success.
All of the members of the organisation
are between IS and IT years of age and
average about US pounds. The organisa
tion has its own club rooms and for a
Junior organisation has one of tho larg
est memberships In the city.
The basket ball squad consists of the
following players: Davidson, rtubln and
Boot, guards; Abrahamson, center; Paty.
Bchalts and Mills, forwards. The squad
has been practicing steadily the last
couple of weeks. For games call Web
ster WSO and ask for Ben Abrahamson.
Australia to Go
After Davis Cup
MELBOURNE, Victoria. Dec l.-Aua.
tralla will make another attempt to re
cover the Davis lawn tennis cup, now
held by America.
Norman E. Brookes and A. E, Dunlop
have booked passage for Europe and will
compete In the Brand continental tourna
ments. They will thus be able to round
Into form for the international contexts,
and Anthony F, Wilding of New Zealand,
who this year defeated Manrtoe E. Mc
LoughUn of Ban Francisco for the cham
pionship of Great Britain, announces that
he will be available for the Davis cup
Kddr Wins la Billiard I'lay.
O. E. Eddy defeated H. A. Hulke.'5S
o . lt night in the twelfth match of
the thnse-cushlon billiard tournament
being held at the dm nam carom and
pocket bUUard parlor. Eddy played
thlrty-nve to Hulke's thirty.
Tuesday night C. E. Hariln plays II.
Gideon. Play starts a I o'clock.
Trigger -:-
I 15 CUT. ' JMHKI iTtuhD i t wtl .wtviu:u. v b .4 r
Quarterback's Eligibility to Play
Longer Questioned.
riayrd Jlase Unit One Tear Before
lie Plnred Toot Bnll, BrlitR
Ins; II I m Under the
LINCOLN, Dec. 2. (Special Telegram.)
Max Towle, elected captain of the 1M4
Cornhuakors, may be declared Ineligible
to play next season by the Nebraska ath
letlo board. Towle's record Is being ex
amined to determine whether he had par
ticipated three full years In college ath
letics. If it Is found that he has played
the full number of years another eelctlon
will be held.
From an Investigation of the records
It appears that Towle has played two
years of college foot ball, Including the
season Just closed. In addition It Is al-
I leged that he played base ball 'during the
spring of 1912, Just after that branch of
sport was revived at Nebraska, follow
ing Its knockout by the summer base boll
Thero la some dispute whether the base
ball team that season could bo counted
college sport inasmuch as letters were
not granted and the athletlo board took
no official notice of the team. Only two
games were played at home, Including
Tarklo university and Kearney Normal
nhllo Doane college was played at Crete1.
The matter has been called to tho at
tention of the athletlo board by Dr. It. O.
Clapp, the secretary and will bo decided
by the eligibility committee at Its next
meeting. This will be before the letters
are. granted and the Vote taken to con
firm Towlo's election Which was only in
formal. Providing Towle Is disqualified another
election will be held. Warren Howard,
Victor Ifalllgan and Beck are tho most
llkoly candidates.
Tho Omaha Tlrates defeated the Belvt
dero City bosket ball team Saturday
evening with a score of 88 to 0. The
lineup was as follows:
McLaughlin ...R.CI.
Woodhead L.G.
Rundberg C.
Ktlllan R.T.
Hughes L.T.
L.O Wright
1UQ Borland
C..., Martin
L.T Hartley
U.T. Roes
Churchill Takes to Flying.
LONDON, Dec 2.-Wtnston Spencer
Churchill, first lord of the admiralty,
haa become a competent aviator. He has
taken lessons recently at the naval fly
ing depots and Saturday ascended, flying
to ana fro in a strong wind for nearly
forty-five minutes and covering alto
gether between thirty and forty mites.
Kleckhefer Wlna at Bllllnrds.
W1LWAUKEES. Wis., Dec 2,-rAugust
Kleckhefer of Milwaukee defeated Charles
McCourt of Pittsburgh, M to 38, In the
Interstate three-cushion billiard league
series here tonight, Kleckhefer went out
In eighty-seven innings. Kleckhefer had
a hlgn run of five and McCourt of four.
Max Rosenthal, merchant, operating un
der the name of George Brooks, was fined
fSO and costs In police court after evi
dence had been heard as to hit having
Issued false advertising..
The point In question was the fact that
advertisements to the effect that the
Brooks Clothing company's lease expired
the first of tho coming year was a mis
representation, as the lease extends
longer than that date.
Rosenthal asserted he had secured a
continuance of the lease after the adver
tising had been Issued, and therefore hod
placed before the publlo a mere state
ment of fact. Judge Foster could not
see It Rosenthal's way. The defendant
appealed the case.
The prosecution was Instituted by the
Ad dub v protection to the publlo
through elf exposure of Rosenthsl's meth
ods. It was suggested by the defense
that the prosecution by the Ad club was
Instigated by retail competitors, but this
was not the case. Not only was the
prosecution Instituted by the club alone.
but the retailers, when asked to co-op
erate refused, for the reason that the
association thought that the prosecution
by competitors might prejudice the case.
Members of the Swedish Mission church
celebrated the twenty-fifth wedding anni
versary of Mr. and Mrs. August Walltn
Monday evening. A musical program
was given, refreshments were served and
a social followed In the church parlors.
Among the gifts presented was a beau
tiful silver set
John Latenser, the architect, haa re
turned from his four months' trip to
Europe, and ho says that, although
Europe Is a nice continent, he is glad to
get back to America and, best of all, to
Omaha. He visited Germany. France,
Belgium and Swttierland during his trip.
His daughter, Ruth, accompanied him.
Butterine is Used
to Cut Down the
High Living Cost
The Chicago probation department which
superintends the spending of money se
cured through tho Mothers' pensions, Is
making a systematic effort to Insure Judi
cious expenditure of the money received
by pensioned mothers. Miss F. N. Nes
bltt nnd a host of assistants make regu
lar trips to the homes of the pensioned
widows and Instruct in the vnrt of mak
ing the little amount of money go a long
Everyone, Including the children. Is
taught to cook simple but nourishing
meals and to -cook nothing else. One of
the' ways Miss Nesbltt teaches economy
Is by abstlnance from butter. Hie urges
the substitution of butterine, which sho
pronounces much cleaner and much more
palatable than the poorer grades of but
ter. Butterine sells at a much lower price
than butter, the highest priced butterine
selling for 26 cents, while the poorest
grades of butter cost more. Local dealers
are selling much more butterine than us
ual this winter. Armour & Co. Is making
an extensive butterine campaign and
I heir efforts have shown great success
this fall.
An ordlnanco abolishing tho office of
fire reporter was Introduced at the meet
ing of tho city commission by Commis
sioner C H. Wlthnell of the department
of fire protection and wnter supply, who
said tho fire reporter was a "nuisance."
Alio uru juiifiici in puiu uy uuBincm
men, dui h seems to do an onice unaer
tho control of the council,." said Wlthnell.
"I find the reporter Is paid by collec
tions taken from business men. When
there Is a fire he hires a taxi cab and
claims the right-of-way, and one serious
accident has resulted recently becauso
of his recklessness."
The accident referred to happened a
short tlmo ago when a taxi driver
crashed into tho sidewalk and Injured
numerous persons. He was carrying the
fire reporter from an imaginary fire.
pommlMlonor Wlthnell's ordinance was
referred to the committee of the whole,
where It will be discussed Monday.
Plans for greatly Increased financial
support for Grand Island college were
laid at a meeting of prominent Baptists
In Omaha Monday evening. President I.
W. Carpenter of the board of trustees of
the college presided at the meeting,
which was held at his home, S665 Lafay
ette avenue.
Rev. George II. Tatt of Hastings, presi
dent of the college, attended the meeting
and made the principal address. He
stated that the Internal affairs of the
college were In excellent condition, but
that more financial support was essential
to the greatest efficiency of the Institu
tion In its work of Christian education.
A campaign to secure the necessary
money will soon be started among Bap
tists of the state, and those who attended
Monday's meeting say they expect a gen
erous response from Nebraskans of their
The Nebraska Revenue and Taxation
commission haa set the dates of Decem-K.,-
in 11 and 12 for their sitting in
Omaha, at which time they are asking
that all those who want to make sug
gestions regarding Improved taxation
and revenue systems In the state come
before them. December 10 and 11 they
are to hold their meetings at the Com
mercial club rooms. On these dates they
will receive anyone who wants to talk
taxation, between the hours of 10 to IS
In the morning and 2 to 4 In the after
noon. On December 12 they are to meet
with the Farmers' congress, which will
j be in sesston at the Hotel Rome at that
time, mree or me members are scnea-
uled on the Farm congress progTam for
papers. The full membership of the com
mission Is John & urosvenor of Aurora.
Charles Chappel of Pawnee, Earl B.
daddls of Lincoln. George O. Virtue of
Lincoln, and Charles W. Bears of Omaha,
A pile oi annual passes several feet
high Is stacked In the office of President
A. L. Mohler of the Union Pacific
awaiting his signature. It Is said that he
will sign the cards on the Installment
plan, as It is feared he would cripple his
arm If he attempted to do the Job all at
Motion for a new trial of Belangee
In the suit of contempt of court against
him has been filed. This is taken
as an Indication that the case is to be
finally disposed of In the higher courts.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Sammy Strang, Famous Pinch Hit
ter, Becoming Great Vocalist.
Will Mnkc Ills Delmt Soon nnd Is
Then Expected naclt on Amer
ican Sod and Its
, ' 'Theaters.
For many years, up to and Including
1909, the name of Sammy Btrang, the fa
mous base ball player who won two pen
nants by his marvelous pinch hitting,
was a household word among base ball
fans the wide world o'er. Then Strang
disappeared from view completely and
no one discovered his hiding place until a
few days ngo. Ho ta In Paris, France,
and Is a social lion, a friend of artists, at
home In studios and theatrical green
rooms, sought after by Paris society, and
a hero at fashionable teas, excepting
when lje can dodge them.
Strang has developed into a singer, a
baritone, and he promises to become one
of the stars of tho world. He has been
taking vocal culture for a year and a
half and Is now considered as a recruit
for the Paris grand opera.
Years ago when ho was a base ball
player Strang sang In a quartet with
Mathcwson, Fred Knowles (who is now
dead), and John darnel. Ho had a good
volco, but ho couldn't read music. Oscar
Beanie, one of the best baritones In the
world, knew Strang had a good voice be
cause they were both kids together In
Chattanooga and sang togother. Seagle
took Strang In charge after his base ball
career ended and took him to Paris,
where he secured an audience before Do
Do Reszke took a fancy to Strang, and
for threo years he has acted as teacher
to the former pinch hitter. Now Strang
has a voice, a grand and golden baritone,
rich, full, vibatlng, sympathetic, touching
tho heart strings. He is only worried by
one thing. He does not know whether
to Blng In Paris or to return to America
and strike out here. He would like to
Bet a reputation in Paris, but the longing
for America Is potent within his soul, and
it is expected that it will be but a short
time before Americans will sit spell
bound, entranced before the musical tones
of Sammy Strang.
Railroader Has a
Hankering to See
the Sun Shine Again
IL L. Snyder, chief clerk In the office
of the general manager of the North
western railroad, thinks he has grounds
for a "kick," In spite of the fact that
he had a good Thanksgiving.
"I haven't seen the sun for even a
minute slnoe November H," be says. "If
I don't get a chance to see It soon, I'll
begin to wonder If It has permanently
deserted this part of tho world."
Before the fog and cloudy weather
struck Omaha Mr. Snydor was away on
a western trip, and says that at Cheyenne
ana other cities where he went the fog
and cloudy sky were oven more pro
nounced then they are here at the pres
ent time. As he returned east to
Omaha the fog and clouds preceded him,
so that his period of sunless experience
haa been much longer than if he had
stayed at home.
Resolutions on the death of Frank A.
Furay, former city and county treas
urer, drafted by City Commissioners John
J. Ryder and J. B. Hummel, were
adopted by the city commission yeater
ayd and an engrossed copy of the same
will be sent to the relatives of the de
ceased. Canterbury
A very shapely collar,
in proportion.
I great farorite with young- men, and those
she with to t ap to the mart In ttyle.
tlway fit well and never gap at the top
rhey stand for prccUlon, accuracy, infinite
lrty flfrte o't-twid Hhtne-j.
for Bale fcy These Omaha Btalers
50510 ICih.
Thos. Kilpatrick &
IMf BoBglas St,
Drawn for The Bee by
New Corporation is
Formed to Build the
Working Girls' Home
John D. Crclghton. and John A. Mc-
Shane, trustees of the fund which the will
of the lato Count Creighton established
for the construction and maintenance of
a working girl's home, have resigned and
the fund has been turned over by Dis
trict Judge Troup to a new corporation,
the John A. Crelghton Hvmo for Poor
Working Girls. This also Is the name
which the Institution will bear.
John A. Crelghton died February 7, 19(77.
The estate was In litigation for years, an
attack on tho will having been carried to
the supreme court. The trust fund for
the home though decreased by expenses
of litigation, haa been Increased by In
terest and now amounts to about 1170 000!
John A. McShane, John D. Crelghton
and John M. Daugherty aro the heads
of the new corporation. The officers will
consist of president, viae prenldent and
secretary and treasurer, the Tattor posi
tions to be held by the some man.
The location of the home has not been
decided upon.
Eailroads Now Want
Some Cold Weather
Now that tho extensive rains and mild
weather throughout the middle west have
given next season's wheat and com pros
pects a decided boost, which will result
In splendid freight business for the rail
roads next year, local railroad men are
now wishing for an Immediate change to
winter, so as to boost tholr winter tourist
business In the passenger department.
"Tho rains have put winter wheat In
excellent shapo to go Into the winter,"
says D. Clem -Deaver of the Burlington,
colonization bureau.
"NOW that erOD benefits have been ne.
corded the farmers, we are hoping for
cold weather to make our winter tourist
travel pick up," say passenger agents of
lines running to Florida and California.
The latter railroad men admit' that pas
senger travel to warmer climates has bo
far been very light.
CHARLOTTE, N. C, Dec Preachers
ordained hereafter by the Western North
Carolina conferenco of the Methodist
Episcopal church. South, must abstain
from the use of tobacco. The conference
ordered this today after a hard fight at
Its closing sessions here.
Members now addicted to tobacco will
be allowed to continue its use without encouragement.
Editor Tells How
D. D. D. Prescription
Cured His Eczema
Clergyman and Banker
Secured Relief,
H. O. Hotchklsa, Editor Echo. Proph
ettstown. III.: Remember, mine was
ocx ma of fifteen years standing. Now
I am completely healed, after 4 bot
tles of D. D. D. I have seen a case of
$5 years standing cured. I have seen
my own doctor cured of barber's Itch,
which he could not cure himself.
F. R. Tesar, Banker, Hopklnton, la.:
I treated with three doctors for six
months. They did me no (rood; my
face and scalp were full of the dis
ease. I applied D. D. D. Result my
face Is as smooth as a baby a.
Rev. L. I. Downing, Pastor Bth Are.
Presbyterian Church. Roanoke. Vs.: For
three years I suffered. Intensely so, I
have at last found relief in D. D. D. I
D. D. D. Prescription for 15
Two Choice Offices
Facing Farnam Street
Two beautiful rooms, rhnlrw
location; vault, running water,
.ua namii
Boutn and west
Fireproof Vacuum Steam Heat
Free Electric Light, Water and Janitor Service.
Look at Them Now.
"The Building that is always new."
"Bud" Fisher
The following were the scores of tho
Prairie Park Whist club, played at the
Prairie Park club rooms Monday evening:
Winners Lucke and Buck, plus 15:
Stebblns and Burkley, plus 7; Kokjer and
Bruce, plus 1.
Losers Roland and Smith, minus :
Nelson and McCann, minus S; Slckler
and Metz, minus 4; Morgan and Back,
minus 6; Palmer and Wentworth, minus 8.
Brooks Winds Up Business
With Sale On Furnishing'
Goods and. Hats' As
Well As Clothes.
"A Glorious Finish" "A Gigantlo
Final" "A Last Effort That Will Go
Down In Local Clothing4 Historj1 In Red
THAT'S what George Brooks, Jthe re
tiring Clothier at 16th and Harney ts..
Is planning for you from' now' on;
On Saturday next. Brooks wju place
on sale, at Immensely reduced prices, his
ttetlre. Btock of FURNISHING GOODS
and HATS; excitement will reign su
preme In this little shop on that date,
for "Brooks" is going to sail right Into
tho "price cutting game." Brooks
doesn't want to and positively will not
close his, doors with any furnishing
goods or hats left on his hands, .
So Put off buying, .shirtj-Put-pff buy
ing underwar-iPut $f fbilyingtBats un
til .Saturday, December &
Now then abomitheClothlngiOf couras,
Brooks has some stock" left; quite an as
sortment of certain lines; badly broken
up showings on others but-whatever
there may be 'remaining mayfbe pur
chased at prices that will force a smile
of satisfaction from you.
$11.75 buys any $20 Suit or Overcoat
$13.75 buys any $28 or $27.54 Suit' or Over
coat. $17.50 buys any $30 or $35 Suit or
For, George Brooks IS Going Out Of
Business. He Is Going Out of Business
Very Soon. He Is selling Clothing at
COST in the MEANWHILE. He will soon
cut the prices on furnishing goods and
hats such as they were never before cut
In Omaha.
December SIXTH Maglo day for you.
Saturday George Brooks, comer 16th and
Harney Sts., In the City National Bank
Building. Advertisement.
Also Write How
Thanks to D. D. D.
am no longer tortured completely
cured. I havo no hesitancy In Aao
knowledging the great virtues of this
The cures of D. D. D. are past be
lief. All druggists know and are glad
to recommend this soothing, ooollac
Come to ns and we will tell you
more about this remarkable remedy,
and the efficient D. D. D. Skin Soap.
We offer the first full else bottla on
the guarantee that unless It does as
Is said, your money will be refunded.
You alone to Judge.
Years the Standard Skin Remedy.
f our aiares.
Large, airy room, with glass
partition for 2 private offices
and reception room, 8QA00
water In two rooms, e3U
Hoom 103.