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    THK BEE: OMAHA, MKiJKSDAl, DEt'lMliMl 3, Ulld.
J Impeached Governor Fierce in De
"tronoiation of Murphy.
Telia of Aliened Offera at Lnrire
Soma of Montr It He Wonld
Knt Oat of Hnnd of
Former Governor "William Sulzer of
New Tork, at Council Bluffs, last night
flayed Boas "Murphy and characterised
Tammany ba a cancer on the body
politic. , .
He would not say that Tnrrtmany was
destroyed, but declared that If it was
ever revived and restored to any degree
of public confidence It would only be
when It was freed from the taint of Mur
phyletn, and then It would be an entirely
different Tammany.
He sketched his five years In the New
Tork legislature. Here he arose to the
highest positions. Including the speaker
ship, and' told of his eighteen years In
congress. This brought him to the de
tails of the state convention fct Sjyacuse,
where h wds nominated for governor on
the democratic ticket, and' where "he!
nerved notfee, he said, that he would not J
be dominated by the bosses. While he
was making this speech from the plat
form of'the convention hall. Murphy was
in the back room at the hotel picking
out the candidates to be nominated. It,
was there that the tight on Murphylsm
began, the governor said. He told of the
efforts of Murphy to corrupt him, he at
leged, by the repeated offers of large
sums of money for campaign purposes,
and how he steadfastly refused.
Never OrrnrU Hint.
' "Somebne asked Murphy If he thought I
ireally "believed what X was saying- or
(would try to do what I promised," said
jthe speaker, "and Murphy replied, 'I don't
know; we have never owned him.' "
After the election and' the governor's
I re turn from cleaning up his congressional
I work in Washington, Mr. Sulzer said,
'Murphy mafro repeated offera of what
Governor Sulzer said were very large
sums of money Just prior to the Inaugu
ration, "telling me ho knew I was (n debt
.and that I couldn't live on my salary' as
governor. Ho told me'1! was the most'
popular candidate his patty had ever
had and could be elected with Jess cost
than any other man Tammany could ever
hope to find and that he could afford to
give me all of the, money I wanted rei
f erring to my J15.G00 a year m governor
as chicken- feed. He told me that bo one
but ourselves' would know It, and that )
could be" governor as long , as I wanted
to. I refused.
Sent Airenta. to Salter.
"Murphy was not at the .Inauguration,
but sent his agents to me, prominent .men
they were, too, members of the supreme
court. w)o told me Murphy wanted, me to
do certain things. One of these. was to
appoint the ' man he wanted aa public
service commissioner at' NeV York, when
the commission had' (300,000,060 worth of
kiontracts to let. When I went to New
York to see about finding, the very best
man avaiiaoie ror the -vacancy I was to1
fill Murphy demanded that his man Gal
vln be appointed. I Had heard all about
Galvln. Ho was Jiist a part of Murphy.
I refused and Murphy told me if I didn't
allow him to' dictate all of the appoint
ments andprdmptly sign all of the blllr
his legislature passed that he would "1m
neach mio . ,
"He declared thenSthskheTield Wi'
aegisiatureVtn the hollow of, his hand?,
(and that whenever he brdered them to
throw me' out, out l would go, .He. then
Itnld me "Imust appoint his man Davhey
tate highway commissioner, a commls
lon that "had $06,000,000 a year to spend.
told Murphy all I wanted to do -was
o servefthe people faithfully and hon-
stly and that I was confident tha,t they
IMn'f wmt.atav Dovnva .... L J.
1 " -V u a . . , u n, cum
plurphy's reply ( was lhat it. was Davney,
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Sncceaafnl Bnianr at Mmlany;
LINDSAY, Neb., -Dec. I.-(Speclal.)-At
k bazar Just closed at . the Holy -FamirV
church, besides the many social features
connected with It, the net- proceeds
(amounted to a little more than tt.000.
fThe money will go Into the general
(church fund.
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District Court in
Colfax County
SCHUYLER, Neb.. Dec. I.-lSpeclal.)-
Tho equity session of district court
opened Monday with Judge Hollenbeck
of Fremont presiding. The first case
set for trial Is the case of Hennlng Johnx
ct nl., against the .Union Pacific "Railroad
company, T. O. Bailey "el at. This case
was commenced about one year agQ,
when the Bailey brothers, together with
the railroad company, sought to put in
a head gate at the head of tho Bailey
ditch and prevent the water ot Shell
creek coming down through the Bailey
dltph' at times ot normal . fldw. An- In
junction whs served upon' the .defendants
by a. number of farmers owning land be
low the Bailey ditch on the ground that
If the water was forced to flow through
the original bed of Shell creek it would
inundate the lands adjoining It.
Another Jeff erson
Teacher Disappears
; FAIRBURY, Neb., Dec. "".-(Special.)
Dale Bugbee, s6n of Mr. anil Mrs. D. A.
Biigbeo of- Steeld City, while -employed
as a school teachor lrt District No. 6S.
disappeared. ' He closed school- aa usual
last 'Friday night, arid was last seen 'In
Falrbury, Sunday November 30. ' He had
a -short talk with Cdunty' Superintend
ent R. H.- Harrisaand he gave no Inti
mation ot giving up his school. He failed
to return home and did not open up his
school Monday. Ho was 20 years ot age.
County Superintendent R. C. Harrlss
has experienced considerable trouble In
tho Jast few weeks with Jefferson county
teachers. Five .teachers have left their
schools on short notice.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 2,-Speclal.)-The State
Board of Agriculture lias compiled, Under
the provisions of. the Scott act, the. IMS
crop statistics for Nebraska. The edlton
caneiprttlthe printer yesterday andwaa"
paid for by the State Board jt. Agricul
ture out. of the earnings of -the stale fair.
The books will be, used In advertising the(
resources of .the state.
A special .bulletin probably pill be Is
sued later In the year a,nd Ka be .devoted
to the apple crop and, s.ejreral pther Items
where, detailed statistics were not .avail
able In time for the earlier report. . .
. The agricultural. statistics bulletin bears
on the ttle page the names of W. 'R.
"Meltor, secretary: Georgd W. Kline, as
sistant' secretary: M. E. Parrlsh, clerk,
apd H. Myers, clerk.
Thayer Fair Han .Cash Balance.
DE8HLER, Neb., Deei I,-(Speclal.)-At
the annual meeting of the . Thayer
County Agricultural society, held here
Monday afternoon; the following officers
were "elected; Albert Caughey, president;
John Rodenburg. vice president; E. J,
Mitchell, secretary; IT. M. Harms, treas
urer; Paul Grupe, Fred Uelnke and C. P.
Brewer, directors. The treasurer's re
port showed no outstanding Indebtedness
and a cash balance on hand of 11,000.23.
District Court in
Madison County
MADISON. Neb.. Dec l-(SpeelaL)-Dlstrict
court convened yesterday after
noon with Judgo Welch on tho bench.
The afternoon was devoted to naturaliza
tion matters nnd making the docket as
signments. Rev. Father Mukley of Nor
folk and Jacob Henderson ot Madison
completed tho final requirements of the
government for thrtr naturalization and
they are now full fledged citizens of the
frilled States. Jacob Henderson was of
tho Impression until recently that his
services as a soldier in the Phllllplnes
perfected his citizenship.
Judgo Welch granted divorces to Clara
B. "Warden, wife ot "William Hi Warden;
Frank Lamb, husband 6t Delia Lamb,
and Jennie Marsh, wife ot Gcorgo Marsh.
Tho court will devote the remainder of
the week to equity cases.
Marriage license was Issued to Herbert
W. .Lchmann nnd Miss Ruth Wagner,
both ot Norfolk.
ALMA, Neb., Dec. 2.-(Spedal.) Mon
day morning Peter W. Shea, a well
known merchant and politician of Or
leans, announced that he Is In tho raco
for the congressional nomination on tho
democratic ticket. Mr. Shea Is a staunch
Bryan democrat and was a delegate to
tho democratic notional convention. A
few years ago he 'was chairman of the
county board nnd has always been active
In politics. Harlan county will probably
have two congressional candidates before
the primaries 'as JVL. Keestcr. an Alma
attorney and president of the local tele
phono company, is spoken of as a candi
date on the progressive ticket, tlpon
being questioned regarding his candidacy
he said he was not ready at this tlmo to
make a statement.
District court convenes at Alma De
cember's. There are two criminal cases
On the docket and fifty civil cases.
Carl Haeckcr, Jr., had both bones ot
his right wrist fractured as he was en
deavoring to crank his father's automo
PAPILLION, Neb.. Dec. J.-(Spoclal
Telegram.) Probate Judgo Wheat handed
down his decision today sustaining tho
Bertha K. Mason will, holding with pro
ponents on every point at Issue. This
caso has occupied the attention of the
court for six Weeks or more.
It seems that Mrs. Mason, who formerly
reslded at Marseilles, 111., was pbsaessed
of some 160,000, )&,00d of which was willed
her by her late husband after his death.
She made her will devising about $20,000
to her husband's relatives arid charitabto
institutions; ot uio, one-nan to
her sister, Florenco L. Moore; one-fourth
to Louisa Tryon, and one-fourth to W.
D. Walt's, being her brother and slstern.
Mrs. Mason committed suicide by drown
ing In tho Missouri ' river this summer
near Bellevue.
Mrs, Moore submitted the will for pro
bate, to which W. D. Walte, her brother,
protested on the ground of Insanity and
undue influence, also claiming Mrs. Moore
an unfit person to handle the estate.
It was nearly three years ago when the
physicians attondlng J. J. Pennepacker.
Principal ot the schools of Hoqulam,
Wash, agreed that they could do noth
ing more for him. He was broken down
with Diabetes and was believed to be In
curable. Tests showed 4 per cent ot sugar.
A recent letter Is as follows:
"Hoqulam, Wash.. April S, WIS.
John J. Fulton Co., Gentlemen:
It Is a long time since I wrote you, but
1 have not forgotten you nor the won
derful good Fulton's Dlabctlo Compound
has done for me. I have almost daily
Inquiries about the Compound that cured
me and I nm writing to ask for seme
more of your literature, i call myself
well, although 1 am still taking the.
Compound. . Yours truly,
If you have diabetes And are tit middle
age or over do you not owe It to yourself
ami family to try Fulton's Renal Com
pound before giving up? For salo at all
For pamphlet write John J. Fulton Co.,
San Francisco.
Dainty Dancing Frocks, Party Dresses and
Evening Gowns
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Damnge Caste Settled. Oat of Conrt.
YORK. Neb., Dec. 2. (Special.) A caso
was settled yesterday In, county court
"without litigation. Last, summer, a cream
tetter for; Swift and' company 'at McCool
Junction threw some acid' cntd Forest
Lincoln, a lad II years old, which struck
him lrt tho .face, burning him severely.
The -amount .ot, damage asked' was I&0,
Swift and company sent a check for hat
amount to County Judge A. G. Wray,
who turned it over to the guardian.
lrastlnsca Church Calla PnAtnr. .
HASTINGS, Neb., Dec. 2.-(Special.)-
itespondlng to a unanimous call' voted at
the congregational' meeting yesterday
morning, Itev. J. B. Holley of Everest,
(Kan., has accepted the pastorate ot the
First Christian church ot Hastings, which
has been vacant since the removal of R.
A. Bchell t Boulder, Colo., early this
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Dec l-(Spcclal Telegram.)
Representative James A. Davis ot
Omaha has won his point before tho rail
way commlrslon In the complaint made
before that body that the Omaha A Coun
cil Bluffs Street Railway company should
put Into effect a slx-for-a-quarter rate on
tho lines tn that city, the commission de
ciding this afternoon that Mr. Davis
would not be obliged to make his com
plaint more specific as to charges, n. con
tention made by Attorney John L. Web-
stor and President "Wattles before the
commission a week ago.
In overruling tho motion ot the com
pany to mnke the charges moro specific
as to why the rato should bo made, the
commission says that it is not a Judicial
body, but It Is required to look into the
complaint mado by Davis nnd not the
complainant's duty to set out nil tho tacts
In his complaint.
Iinnqnct nt Cunnmn.
CHADRON. Neb.. Dec. 2.-(Speclal.)-
Chadron council No. 112S, Knights of
Columbus, had Initiation ceremonies for
twenty-flvo new members Sunday,
Guests were present from Alliance,
O'Neill; Load City, Rapid City and Mc-
Cook. Afterward a banquet with a full
Thanksgiving menu was served. J. W.
Flnnegan was toastmastef, Tho address
of welcome was mndo by "W. P. Itoney.
Addresses were made by Rev. Father
Hocuster, Rei Fnther Landry, Francis
N. Colfer and Hugh Boyle, The music
was by St. Patrick's choir and several
Members of the Crelghton varsity base
ball team Of 1913 have Just received their
varBlty sweaters for work done on the
diamond last spring. Tho sweaters aro
of tho coat variety, of heavy dark blue
worsted, with a largo Crelghton "C" on
tho left breast and stripes on tho sleeves.
Tho letter men on last year's squad are:
Pass, McGulre, Russum, Coady, McKee,
Kane, Kelly (captain), Dalley, Howard
and Holbrook.
Party Dresses to $24.50-
$14. 75
Chiffons, cropo do chine,
shadow laces in draped
tiorcd and accordoon pleat
ed stylos; colors, corn, pink,
whito, nilo, light bluo.
Evening Dresses tm $29,50,
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oharinouso .dresses in
many now stj'los; colors
corn, pink, nile, blue nnd
Evening Dresses to S35.00Evening Gowns to $38.50
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Irish green ovor pink, cornflower ovoryollow.
During this salo of. ovoning
dressos all party coats and
ovoning Wraps aro offered tit
attractive reductions.
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NBW YORK, Dec, t A cablegram re
ceived tonight by District Attorney Whit
man announced tho arrest In Paris, ot
Antoinette Bonner and Joseph Brccher
Klssllnger, who were Indicted by a, grand
Jury hero November H, on charges that
they had obtained diamonds vaiuou at
nearly KSO.000 to sell on commission and
then pawned them. A member ot the
district attorney's detective staff was sent
to Paris with extradition papers for the
Until two months, ago Miss Bonner,
who enjoyed tho entree ot many fash
ionable homes, was granted almost un
limited credit by Maiden Lane diamond
brokers. Klssllnger war associated with
her in the. sale ot diamonds.
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