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People of Capital City to Decide Its
Fate Today.
Isht tin rifcn Bitter On(, at
Tlmn rirachlna. reraonnl
Stnsre When-t.le I
Pa Med.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. l.-(Speclftl.)-Tomor-row
the voter of the city of' Lincoln
tvIH decide at on. election whether they
want to adopt the new city charter pre
pared by a charter commission selected
at the spring election when the present
city 'commissioners were elected.
There Is considerable doubt as to tha
outcome, -both aides claiming that they
expect to win out The fight, has been
a bitter one, at times reaching the per
sonality, stage, when the lie was passed
by exponents of both sides of the ques
tion. Doth dally papers have been lined
tip on the side of the charter, which has
given the charter ndherents the Inside
of the fight as far as publicity la con
cerned. However, the opponents to the
charter have not been Idle, and for over
a month meetings have been hid all over
th city where the demerits of the prop
ortions have been shown up.
Such men as ex-Mayor Don U Love,
Oeorge V. Berg. Charles W. Bryan.
Assistant Attorney General Edgerton. W.
M. Morning, ex-Mayor T. W. Brown, ,13.
O. Mnggl and Tom Allen aro opposing
the adoption of the charter, while Rep
resentative J. H. Mockett, Senator StI
leek. I. II. Hatfield. O. W. Meier and
Prof. Alcsworth of the state university
favor Its adoption.
Whlcl Its adovcates are claiming thai
the .new charter will give the people a
chance to rule and Vole upon every
measure of Importance that may come,
those opposed to it assert that after the
people have voted upon' any .proposition
the commission ban by a unanimous voto
decide therwlse. This they claim Is a
part of the charter which Is favorable
to the corporations and public utilities
and really does not have much effect.
In other words the Initiative and referen
dum as adopted la effective only so far as
It suits the commissioners.
Others, clalni that the new charter
raises taxes to a height that the aver
age man cannot see over the top and
favors the wealthy merchant aa aglnst
the poor man who owns a house arid
lot In the aoutsklrts of the town. They
also claim that the charter has been no
peculiarly drawir that the' poor fellow
outside of the business district lias got
to donate r toward the fixing up of the
down town university campus for the
benefit tof the down town merchant, who
gets rich from the trade of the students,
which cornea tao his establishment by
reason of the fact that It Is close to the
State Balance Less
Than Last Month
: A
"., (From-a Staff- Correspondent1.')
WNCOIiN, Ded. i;-(Speclal.)-The bat-.
ance.ini.the .state- treasury for-the month'
ending NoVember 3d, 1914, la shown Id be
KH0.H01.M, as against T6t9,3Z1.0l last month,
a falling off it -g.92:. according-: to. Jhe
repoft of State- Treasurer George given
out today. t
The receipts for the month were "2,
.393,53,, and-the disbursements. I238.J15.C2;
The cash on hand Is shown as 1S.W8.&0,
"aMd on 'deposit, M7,K2.4I. The trpst funds
are Invested aa follows; , "
Permanent school fund 147610,5:8 46
Permanent university fund 218:935.09
Agricultural College endowment ,548,1(8.10
Normal'cndowment ,.. - 77,660.00
r,on.d ," J,1G1.W0.K
1 iilversity warrants on hand... 218.J.1-.00
V-rmal hool warrants on hand HS.IW.Oo
;Total, ..i ..t3.te3.421.75
il,fiik Vlll r.ifi'v Postmaster.
LYONS, Neb., 6ec. 1. (Special.)-.!
( primary election has been called! for Sat
' unlay. December 13. to vbte on postmaster
fpr,th place. There are four candidates
a follows. M. M. Warner, who has pub
lished the Lyons Mirror for a quarter of
" V.century: Carl atcDoweri, A. T.'Hlll and
iJ. .IJultbcrg. (
f . Wanted.
Live experienced salesmen to handle
our lln'e In the state of Nebraska; South
Dakota, M!st6ur and Kansas, (live full
.Information In. first letter; Qunther Con
fection & Chocolate Co.. 7:6 W. Jackson
.' 31 id., Chicago, 111.
Spread to Body, Limbs, Back and
Ears. If Scratched Would Bleed
' and Smart. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Completely Cured.
n. F. D. No. 8, 8uaflold. Mich. "I was
f troubled th eczema, It bejan with a oro
on the top of ths sralp. brp'.i- out as a plmplo
ana grew larger until It was a
large red apotj with a rruit
or scab over lt This becamo
larger tlnally covering the
cntlro scalp and spread to
different parts of the, body,
tho limbs and back and In the
farm. These sores grow' larger
1 gradually until soma were ai
large as a quarter of a dollar.
They would Itch and If scratched they wdtild
bleed and smart. The. clothing would Irri
tate them at night when it was being re
moved causing them to itch and smart so I
could not sleep. A watery fluid would run
from them. My scalp became covered with
a acalo and -when tho lialr was raised up It
would raise this scale; the hair wasomlng
ex.; terribly. My scalp and body itched all
tha time.
"After using Cuticura Soap and Ointment
with two applications wa could notice a great
ciffereoee. My way of using the Cuticura
fioip and Ointment was to apply the Oint
ment to the sores and all over tha scalp, then
after I would wash the sort, and scalp with
the Soap. In a month's time I was ram
plctely cured " (Signed) Mrs. Bertha
Underwood. Jan. 3. 1013.
Cuticura Soap 2.'jc andputlcuraOlntment
tOr. are sold everywhere Liberal tacipto of
each mailed froc. with 31-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston."
WMen who shave and shampoo with Cu
ticura Soap will And It best for skin and scalp
-"T- J
fieward May Be
Offered for the Men
Who Stole Books
TECfMBEIt. Neb., Dec. l.-(8pcclal.)-lt
Is not altogether Improbable that there
will be some Interesting developments In
connection with the theft of tho books of
tho defunct Chamberlain banking house
of this city In the near future. The
book, stolen from tho office of the
sheriff here In the night ot October S,
1S08, have Just been found In the old
channel of the Nemaha river at the edge
of town.
A new river channel has Just been cut
near the old bed and It Is four feet lower
than the old river bed. When the water
was let out of tho old river the box con
taining the books were found by Goorse
Merrill, a 16-ycar-old lad. tied to a stump
by wire and weighted down with stones.
Aa long as the water remained normal
In the old rlber the box was well covered,
and, by freshets and otherwise, mud had
drifted well over the box. The books
were taken out by Sheriff E. L. Roberts
and two others, taken uptown ahd put
to drying out under lock and key.
At tho office of the county attorney It
Is hinted that the officer Is going to as'.t
the consent of Judge J. B. Bayer of the
district court to have a liberal reward
offered for Information leading to tho
Identity ot the thieves, and to promise
the man who will give up tho Information,
"peach" as It were. Immunity from
prcsecUtlon. As Jhe books and. box weighed
275 pounds It Is known that at least two
and perhaps three men had a hand In
their theft. The Idea Is to get one of the
men to give up the secret.
Two .Arrested for
Beaver Slaughter
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. l.-(Speclat.) Fred
Black, living twenty miles south of Thed
form, with Grant Adams and Charles
HIU have been arrested by Game Warden
8. A. Bowen Tor killing beaver In Thomas
county. Eleven skins were found In their
possession, one of them from a beaver
weighing seventy pounds. The skins aro
worth from W.60 to J13 each, according to
Black came to Lincoln today and claims
that he had a permit to kill beaver. His
permit Is of a date which shows that ho,
uad no rignt to Kill the .animals, aa it had
expired, but he claims that he did not
receive the permit for some time after It
waa Issued and was within the time for
which It was given. A man may receive
a permit -to. kill beaver on his own land
upon making affidavit that they are
damaging his property.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. ..-(Speclal.)-Judgo
Pembertnn Saturday refused to an
nul the marriage ot Minnie Ktrkham to
Christopher Klrkham aa prayed, holding
that by living together as Hong as they
did thel
ielr status of husband- and wife be
fixed so "they are nit entitled ,to
have their marriage declared -null jand
void. ..Mr. rJUUinpm brougnt tne action,
stating thnt ther were .married In Iowa
within six months after she had been
granted a divorce In this county, which
was -contrary to the 'laws ot, the state.
She alleged that she was an Innocent
party, to the 'act, and that after llvlnS
with her husband some time she learned
ot . the violation of the statute and at
ence ceased marital relations with htm.
Henry Mast ot Ilolmcsvlllo Saturday
filed a petition In the district court ask
lng that either A. W. Mast or James W.
Glsh of Holmcsvtlle be appointed guard
Ian for his brother, Aaron Mast, a farmer
living near Holmcavtlle. Mr. Mast states
In his petition that because of domestic
troubles and financial losses Aaron Mast
has becomo i .cntnlly weak and of un
sound mind, and Is not competent to man
age and. protect his property and rights.
The Adams and American Express com
panies Saturday consolidated their offices
at thfs point, and from now on the busi
ness of tho two companies will be hand
led through the office of the Adams.
Frank Collett will be In charge of the
office. M. O. Snyder, who has been agent
for the American company here, will be
transferred to Blair, Neb.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 1. (Special.)- At tides
of Incorporation ot the Turin Elevator
company of Omaha were filed with tho
secretary of state today. Tha company
Is Incorporated for 13.S00, tics officers
being: John It. Brown, president; W. D.
Moore, vice' president; I. L. ltlnohart.
secretary, nnd F. W. Blsbne. tmaiurer.
The Myers . Serum company also filed
articles of Incorporation with headuuar
ters at Omaha. They will manufacture
hog cholera scrum and arc Incoiiiornted
for 110,000. E. H. Mayer Is president: A.
T. Everett, vice president, and C M.
Day, sccietary.
The Lincoln Overland .ompanv, with a
capltnl stock of $40,000, lias Incurporiited
and 'filed It articles. The prtlilcnt of
the board s It. E. Blck iell; vler j resi
dent, I'aul Herpolshelmer; fcecretary and
treasurer, E. D. King.. Headquarters will
be In Lincoln and they will doi a genrral
business in automobile buying and helling.
A Heard Handle la Arretted.
BLOOM FIELD, Neb., Dec. l.-tPpeolal.)
August Felter, the 17-year old son f
Ernest Felter, was held up on Thanks
giving night, at about !:30 o'clock. In
front of his father's residence, by a lono
highwayman and was forced to give up
his gold' watch and SO cents. City Mar
shall Hessman at 11:30 o'clock arrested
a man who gave his name aa Ed 'Ham
mond, aged 31 years, from South Da
kota. The suspect said he wanted to
secure money to get aoufethlng to eat. At
the preliminary hearing held Friday after
noon he waived examination and was
bound over to the spring session of the
district court under a 1$00 bond, which
he was unable to furnish.
.(innrrilnv Astnlnat Croup,
The" best safegunrd , against croup Is a
bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound In the house. V. H, Glnn, Middle
ton, Ga., wrltea: "My children are very
susceptible to croup, easily catch cold. I
glva them .Foley' Honey and Tar Com
pound and In ever) Instance they get
prompt relief and are soon cured. We
' keen It at home and nrevent croun." Ua
I it also for roughs, colds, hoarseness, tick- i
ling throat, bronchial and la grippe
coughs. It contains no opiates. Refuse
substitutes. For sale by alt dealers
everywhere. Advertisement.
State Not to Pay
for Pajama Bags
of Its Examiners
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN. Dec. l.-(Speclal.)-Uank ex
aminers, Insurance examiners, county
treasurer examiners or any other kind
of an examiner for the state who In the
tutum may want a typewriter to take on
their trips must not expect tho state to
pay the bills. Neither can they purchase
high-priced traveling bags to carry
their pajamas In and charge It to ex
penses. Governor Morchcad and Auditor How
anl both claim that they enrry their
extra duds wrapped up In a newspaper
when they go away over night and be
lieve that If tho examiners want any
thing better than that It only costs .V)
cents for a telcscopo grip or n little net
sack can be secured at most any 10-cent
store for a dime which la good enough
to lug around a lot ot letterheads and
dlrtv collars.
Wnntn New Typewriter,
The controversy came up a few daya
ago when one ot the new bank ex
aminers made application for a brand
new typewriter. The new members of
the board, tho governor 'and auditor,
were thunderstruck. They did not be
lieve tho state should pay for typewriters
which the examiners used for their own
private letter writing and promptly sat
down on the proposition. Auditor How
ard said that twice ho had had to order
typewriters back to the offlceused by
examiners In his department who had
been let out and ho did not bellevo that
the state had any right to purchaso
machines for these rqen.
It Is said that there aro seven type
writers In tho hands of bank examlnera
belonging to the state and several ex
aminers have nlco leather bags In which
they carry their papers and private be
longings when traveling about. It la also
claimed that Insurance examlnera have
recently been seen carrying around
brand new leather bags which the state
paid for.
Schoolmaster's Club
to Banquet Saturday
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN, Dec, 1. -(Special.)-The
Schoolmasters' Club of Nebraska will
bold Its next annual banquet Saturday
evening at 6 o'clock at the Ltndell ohtel.
Tho date had formerly been set for the
evening previous, but on account of the
Cornhusker foot ball spread on Friday
evening It was thought best to not have
a confllctlon of dates. It was thought
best not to celebrate two foot ball vic
tories the same night and to leave the.
celebration of the Kearney Normal
ashool game Saturday night. Dr. A. O.
Thomas dots not appear upon the toast
Dean Hahn of Wayno will talk of
"Psychological Problems In Connection
with Promotion. Systems In Elementary
Schpols." Superintendents W. It, Pate .of
Alliance and J. H. Welch of Stanton will
discuss the proposition.'
Fairbury to Have
Wireless Station Soon
FAIBBt'ItV, Neb., Dec. l.-(Speclal.)-Falrbury
has a new wireless telegraph
station, soon to be In operation. A. D,
Ackerman, it local Jewelryman, has or
dered a wireless telegraph station In
hla store on the west side of the square.
He expects to fit up tho wires on several
of the brick blocks on the wesi side of
the square, the receiving pole being
placed on tho White muslo store build
ing and wires connected to the Conrad
block. The station will bo In his store.
The receiving wires for the Instrument
must be 100 feet In the air. Ackerman
expects to receive United States radio
time signals twice dally from the gov
ernments wireless station at Arlington,
Va., near Washington. It la claimed
these radio sound waves aro powerful
enough to transmit a message 1,500
miles. Arlington Is 1.M0 from Fairbury
via air line, lladlo signals aro trans
mitted twice dally.
(From a Stafr Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, D,ev l.-(Speclal.)-Fourtcen
applicants for clemency and parole are
doomed to disappointment, their appli
cations having been unfavorably reported
by the board thin morning.
All of these were second termers. It
being the policy ot the Board ot Pardons
to deny all second termers paroles until
they have very nearly completed the
maximum of their sentence, unless there
nr extenuating circumstances such as
s'eknevs or other conges.
A report from the State Normal school
at Peru . filed with tho governor this
morning shows that there haa been paid
out from the maintenance fund, which
Includes salaries, etc., for the six months
ndlng November 30, $5,S31.73; from the
cash fund, 2,3f.7.52 and the library fund,
12.191. 61. Tho cash fund has a balance on
band of $l,:i. V,, and the library fund of
Under the cold otorago law which re--quires
cold storage houses to put up a
bond for the carrying out of the require
ments of the law, the Union Outfitting
company of Omaha doing business as
the Fidelity Storage and Van compang,
this morning filed a bond tor S10.C00 with
the governor.
LINCOLN. Dec. L The admission of
Nebraska to the "Big Nine" athletic con
ference la hazy and Indefinite, avoiulng
to Ewald O. Stiehm, athletic director of
Nebraska university, vho returned toJay
from a meeting of .mlverslty athletic
boards at Chicago.
"The gathering In Chicago,"' said
SUehm, "waa ono of basket ball coaches,
which could have nothing to do with the
question of considering Nebraska us a
member of the conference. I have no
absolute Information as to whet faculty
professors constituting ther'confereiice In
tend to do, but I 'b know that several
of the school favor our admlsil in. The
subject probably ivill be diseased at a
coming meeting. '
Whether Nebraska enteis tl.i confer
ence or not, It -a believed wmn wltn
Iowa and Minnesota will be on the ( oriu
huskera' foot ball schedule fur iH'-t year
National League
NEW YORK. Nov. 30.-Jake Datibert,
Brooklyn's star first baseman, Is
the .Nation it league's champion bats
man, for the season of 19)3. Tho
official batting averages of the league,
lunde public today, show him third on the
tist with nn nvernre nf -Ai in t .
Of the two men nominally outranking
him however, ono, Ylngllng of Brooklyn,
la a pltclivr and took part In only forty
games, while In nlhnr rt..ri. it..n
aid of Boston, who played In only about
nair or the season's games. Is no tongcr
a major leaguer, having been released to
an' International league team some time
before the close of the season. Ylngllm.
tho top man. battted .JS3, and McDon
ald, ?.'S.
Cravath of Philadelphia Is second
among tho leaders who played In loo or
more games, batting .3(1, and he also led
tho league In homo runs with nineteen
to his credit. Hla teammate, I.uderUs,
was a close second In homo runs, milk-
i AB. It. It. Pet
tingling. Brooklyn tt) 11 13 .3S3
wcuonsiu, uinc.-lfotlon 163 2i 53
Lauoeri, tirooKiyn SOS
K. Miller, Philadelphia.. 87
Cravath, Philadelphia... 625
Hyatt, Pittsburgh si
Walsh, Philadelphia an
Collins. Boston 3
D. Brown. Boston St
Vlox. I'lttKiiiii-uli ... iav
7 178
9 $0
78 179 .341
S 27
3 10
3 1
3 11
S3 1M .317
Tinker. Cincinnati 3SS 47 111
Becker, Clnc.-Phlla 4M tt 1S1
utiriiay, jvew York, 19
Zimmerman, Cnlcago
4(7 K 1(0
Hess, Boston ,. S3 9 M .313
;ucyci. New York 37S 37 118 .Jn
Bcnmiat. Boston 7K 21
S. pttagee, Philadelphia.. 4t0 92 1(4
Urindall. N. Y.-St. L... 't3 7 '15
Wheat. Mmnklvn ms m ir.i
Ldbert. Philadelphia..... 573 9S 173
wagner, l'lttsourgn.
Cooper, New York..
Fletcher, New York
Mat sans. Cincinnati.
Tlttis, Boston..
. 413 51 121 .301
... '3l 11 9 ,31X1
... 5TS 70 1S .t7
.,.435 (9 129 .297
... f( T3 SO .Jt7
... 1SS 15 41 .297
zmn, Boston
J. C. Smith. Brooklyn
MO 70 1C0 ,39S
Qakes. St. Louis UO at 15$
Sntidgrass, New York.... -t87 133
aier, Chicago ,...ul9
111 1MI
Anlnms, Pittsburgh....... 114 13 33
Hnuser. SL Louis.
Hhafer, -New York
lltach, Chicago
Burns. New York.
74 IIS .207
m 99 I3i
tfC SI 173
Hersog. New York..
.. 290 4f. 83
McLean. St. L..-N. Y. .. 227 10 6',
Hoblltxel. Cincinnati.... 60 69 141 .285
NVers, Chicago 44S SI 127
Hligglns. St. Loul m 71 109
Egan, Cincinnati 195 15 U
Connolly, Boston 427 79 120
tlroh, New York-Clnc... a 61 112
uoyie. New York... 483 67 iao
uutier, Pittsuurgh 214
Olbson. Pittsburgh 118
41) 0 .2K0
6 33
flchulte, Chicago,..., 497 F5 13$
nates, Cincinnati
Carey, Pittsburgh
Konetchy, St. Louts....
McCormlck, New York
'Myers, Boston...
Hendrlx, Pittsburgh...
Kllng. Cincinnati
407 63 113 .278
620 93 172 .277
604 75 139 ,27ti
80 9 22
624 7 113
13 27 .273
209 20 67
J. Miller. Pittsburgh.. . .SO
Stengel, Brooklyn 43S GO 119
O. Miller, Brooklyn 320 28 87
Kelly, Pittsburgh 82 11 22
Murray, New York 520 70 139
Ciitshaw, Brooklyn 532 72 158
U Magee, St. Loul 631 64 142
Fischer, Brooklyn 165 16 44
Wilson. Pittsburgh &so
71 154
Mitchell, Chlcago-Pltts.. 478 C2 127
Moran. Brooklyn
1)15 71 Ml
368 38 itS
rut 1-, in
Archer, Chicago
Byrne. Pltts.-Phlla.
Clarke, Cincinnati ID 23 Iff
Dovore. N. Y.-Cln.-Phlla. 277 43 73
Knabe, Philadelphia..... 571 70 160
Luderus, Philadelphia... 5SS 67 164
Fisher, Brooklyn 474 42 124
Paskert, Philadelphia.... 454 S3 119
Almeida, Cincinnati 13 14 34 .262
Merkle, New York 663 78 147 .161
Harmon. St. Louis 92 7 24 .261
Mowrey. Bt. Louis. 460 61 117 . 260
Oriner, St. -Louis 81 7 21 .259
Blackburn, Cincinnati... 27 1 7 .259
lieschef, Cincinnati,:.... Ml SU 132 .258
Km In, Brooklyn 31" 6 8 .2.W
owteney, Boston w... 602 65 K9 .237
Docin, Philadelphia. 19 6 .13 ,'J&1
James, Boston. ...... ....... 47 & 12 .2o5
Wlngo, St. Louis 3J7 25 78 .261
Clymer, Chicago-Boston. 142 21 36 .254
Suggs, Cincinnati 67 7 17 .254
Mann, Boston 407 . 61 lai .253
Oood, Chicago 91 11 23 -.253
Griffith. Boston 127 16 32 . 232
Lord, Boston 235 21 59 .Hit
NOTE Moat runs, Leach and Carey,
flea hits, Knabe, 41; home runs, . Cravath,
hit. J. C. Smith. Brooklyn, 40.
St Louis
The number of players participating In tho 1913 campaign, according to clubs
ml nlnvlnir tiniitflnnM. m'hh am follnwii
Pitchers, cutcliem.
Boston ,
New Yoik.,
Pittsburgh ,
.... -16
.... 20
.... 11
.... It
.... 14
St. LOUiS,
i?ackrs May Have
to Pay. for Use of
Holding Yards
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Deo. 1. (Special.) The pack
ing companies of South Omaha will prob
ably have to pay the South Omaha Stock
Yards company for tho use of holding
yards on viaducts nnd streets used by the
packers In getting stock from the ship
ping cars to the packing planU uccord
lng to a hint given (Jeneral Manager
Everett Buckingham and Attorney nan
sum of the stock yards company, who
called on the railway commission today.
The Cudahy Packing company
two months Hgo filed a complaint with
the commission against the charge made
and It was regarding their complaint
u letter written by Chairman Clarht of
tho commission that Buckingham nnd
nansoin called today.
The Nebraska Telephone company .lus
bocn granted permission to extend '.
period of discount on telephono bills (torn
the 6th of each month to the '0'h. This
applies to the exchanges tit Al'en. Da
kota City. Homer, Laurel, rtandolph,
Waterbury and Wlnslde.
Knlrlmrv w 'o(e.
FAIBBUBY, Neb.. Dec. l.-(eclul.)
Jnmcs A. Jackson, engineer on trains 305
and 306, Fairbury to Nelson, U laying off
this week and visiting !r. CouncM Blurts,
la. J. T. McLean, an ok 'i engineer. Is
filling his place.
The Fairbury schools reopened this
morning after being closed sine Novem
ber 26. The majority it the Fairbury
1 teaching force spent their vacations out
of Fairbury.
A number ot Nebraska dlvltlon (lremn
at this point are laying off fila weak
They are: Charles B. aatoly, J. A Lloyd,
Joe Hall. C. So rum, K, II. A hi, James
neddan and C. A. Urubb.
Trainmaster W. W. Car-won ot tne
Nebraska division la In Top-k't, Kan .
this week conferring ulth Tr.iffk Man
ager J. B. Smalley of th v.ind dlslrl-t
relative to railroad mat?,a on th's di
vision. John Bone and Arthur Berry two nl-
Batting Averages
lng eighteen hits for the circuit .
in stolen bases Max Carey of Pitts
burgh Is the leader with sixty-one.
Heine Zimmerman of Chicago, who led
the league In battlnglast year with an
average Of .371, Is fourteenth on thli
year'a list with a mark of .311 Tim
champion Olnnts got but one regular,
Meyers, with .j'lt. In the select .3A al
though Fletcher was rtoso to the mark
with '.297. The veteran. Honus Wagner,
hut to his credit the record of having
gone through seventeen consecutive sea
sons with a mark of .am or better, Just
made tho even .300 this year.
Of the player-managers. Tinker of
Cincinnati leads with .317, standing
eleventh on the lenguo list, the others
being Evers. Chicago, fortieth, with
ttugglns, St. Louis, forty-first, with tho
same mark; nnd Dooln of Philadelphia,
eighty. fourth, with .3M.
Tho New Yotks lead In club batting
With 173, St. Louis last with .!47.
.. its
.. Ml
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5 10 .218
3 9 .537
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2.1 48 .23
37 W .222
14 36 .232
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11 19 .229
3i 65 .22N
20 37 . 228
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itvaus, St. touls
Plielnu, Chicago
Murnnvlllp. Moslem....
Simon. Pittsburgh
Klrkpatrlck. Brooklyn
Klllfer. Philadelphia MM
Dodge, l'lilla. -Cincinnati 331
Whaling, Bostdo 211
Hummel, Brooklyn 1W
Itucker, Brooklyn Si
llildwell, Chicago... 05
Itudolph, Boston S
Needham. Chicago 42
Klrke. Boston t
Hnrlden, Boston.... 244
W. Miller. Chicago 203
lplan, Phlla.-Plttsburgh
Kbmmers. Pittsburgh.... 15i
W. Wagner. Brooklyn. .. 5S
Unvllti, Boston. 210
Hofman, Pittsburgh aSJ
F.' Smith. BostoiK tRo
jlresnahan, Chicago 12
Williams. Chicago 15
Phelps, Biooklyn 18
Tesreau, New York 93
Whltted. St. Lotlls 404
Maniuatd, New York.... 105
Doolan. Philadelphia MS
Herghammer, Cincinnati US
O'Leary, St. Loitls 406
Wlckland, Cincinnati.... ,79
Cather, St. Louis M
Chalmers, Philadelphia . 33
Grant, Clnclnnutl-N. Y.. 114
Bailee, St. Louis, fc
Benton, Cincinnati...
Willie, New iork
Tyler, Boston
M. Brown, Cincinnati...
Perrltt, St. Louts'
McCarthy. Pittsburgh...
Kooe. Pittsburgh
Ed Burns, Philadelphia. SO
Meyer, Brooklyn 7
Sheckard, St. U-Clnc... 252
Humphries, Chicago 62
Cheney, Chicago 104
Itlxey, Philadelphia 47
A. Wilson, New York.,,. 79
W. Collins, Brooklyn,... 95
Mathewson, New York.. lo3
lloblnson, Pittsburgh.... 61
Packard, Cincinnati 61
Coleman, Pittsburgh 60
Mensor, Pittsburgh 56
Seymour, Boston 73
Dickson, Boston 45
Corrldon, Chicago 97
Callahan, Brooklyn 41
ltagan, Brooklyn 91
Brennan, Philadelphia. . 67
Hlldebrand. St. Loul.... 63
Fromme, Olnc.-N. Y... 64
lloberta. SL Ijouls ,. 41
lleulbach, Chic-Brook... 41
Thorpe, New York 31
llarter, Cincinnati 11
Allen, Brooklyn M. 61
Camnltx, ritts.-Phlla.... 75
O'Toole. Pittsburgh 63
Alexander! Philadelphia. 103
llowlcy, Philadelphia.... S3
Stack. Brooklyn-Chicago 41
Curtis, Brooklyn 49
Mayer, Phdadelphla 60
Lavender, Chicago (8
Blchle, Chicago 17
Johnson. ..Cincinnati..,.,, ss
Ames, N.'Y.-Clnclnnutt.. "J
Ueaton, "Philadelphia 110
'Demaree. New York 66
Perdue. Boston
McQuillan, Pittsburgh.,. 39
Oeycr, St. Louis., , 22
Ilurk, St, Loul 22
C. Smith, Chicago 45
A. Cooper. Pittsburgh... 26
Pierce, Chicago 65
Moore, Phlla.-Chlcago. .. 24
Donk, St. Louis 21
AI ma rrlm
99 each; stolen bases. Carey
1; tnree-uase huh, tiuier, .
; two-buso
O. AB. It. II. Til. 211. 311. II B. Hit. SB. Pot
lo C218 C84 1(27 USJ 226 70 31 Hi 29j .273
152 6163 695 U( It'll. 193 6 3U 1(7 18$ .270
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166 6252 U73 1383 1870 210 S6 S3 152 ltl .261
166 6132 Oft mo 1782 170 Vi 27 161 26 .'Jul
165 IMS 721 1189 1853 195 Vi 59 lo8 181 .267
154 6145 641 131i 172& 191 t) 32 169 177 .256
153 4967 b.i 1229 1670 ll2 ',2 15 U6 171 .2C
tntleiuers. uutrielilera. bubs.
Icged sandbttgscra who robbed Farl
O'Dey of S19.W at Endlcott, southern of
here. Thanksgiving night. w.rj taken Into
county couit befoin Judge C, C. Jloylu
and each given thlrtj Jays In the county
Jail. O'Dey claimed he was sandbai;utsd
as ho wun boarding the cuboon uf a
southbound St Joseph ti Grand (ulanJ
freight train.
If Backachy or
Kidneys Bother
Eat less meat also take glass of
Salts before eating
Uric acid In meat excites the kidneys,
they become overworked; get sluggish,
che, and feel like lumps of lead. Tha
urine becomes cloudy; the bladder Is Irri
tated, and you may be obliged to seek
relief two or three times during the
night. When the kidneys clog you must
lielp them flush off the body's urinous
aaste or you'tl be a real sick person
Ihortly. At first you feej a dull misery
In the kidney region, you suffer from
backache, slek headache, dlxziness, atom
tch gets sour, tongue coated and you
fee) rheumatic twinges when the weather
Is bad.
Rat less meat, drink lots of water; also
get from any pharmacist four ounce of
Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful In a
glass of water before breakfast for a
few daya and your kidneys will then act
fine. This famous salts Is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with llthla. and has been used for
generations to' clean clogged kidneys and
stimulate them to normal activity, also
to neutralize the acids In urine, so It no
longer la a source of Irritation, thus end
ing bladder weakness.
Jad Salts Is inexpensive, cannot Injure;
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
water drink which everyone should tako
r.c-w and then to keep the kidneys clean
and active Druggists here say thev veil
lots of Jad Salts to folks who bellewe In
overcoming kidney trouble while it is
only trouble Advertisement.
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To l'cn for Cnttlr Htrnliiicr.
LINCOLN, Dec, l.-(fcpcclal. -Sheriff
A. J. Salisbury of Lincoln county brought
to tho penitentiary today William Dick-
crson, a 21-ycar-old man, who will serve .
an Indeterminate sentence of from one
to ten years for cattle stealing'. Ha stolo
twenty-tin eo head from ono man, eight
from another and five more from an-'
other. 1
' A I.tfr? Hentencr
of suffering with throat and lung trouble
Is quickly commuted by Dr. King's Now
Discovery. Wo and 11. For sale by your
druggist. Advertisement.
l'lU Homr Ntneker.
Official batting averages of tho In
ternational league show that Walter Tlpp
was the leading batsman, I'lpp had an
average ot (II. ,
The Face
Value" of
Is the Smile
of Satisfaction
Ttll! DsatUl It
1307 LeaTcnwortli, Omits, Neb.
Cbfiyrfttil 191S. PabitBrtriweCa.
H?Hr:' VssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH
SFwjjBBBF N9RHssBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH
Jsl' i :, ;i8sB
MiP l'BBriisLaalB
SBaaaaaaBHWisam BSBaaaanB
sssBBBwhi 1 irMfBsWalsi
awn ffw am -
Mas, WihsloWs Booth i!o Svacr bss bee 1
4 for over SIXTY Y8ARB by MILLIONS it
TKKTiiiNO, with rrtrtrrtcT buccsbs. u
U the best remedy for DIAKRHffiA. it U t
slotttr harmless. Be rare and ask tor "Mrs.
Winstar's Soothing Syrup," and tskt so ether
i wtnuT'Ow ccnis m 001119.
Ayer's vgSr
Jwt a Irttle ore and wfi eapeiwe,
that's all. Isn't a head ef rich,
heavy half worth vrhHe?
Ak Yettr Doctor. , fcSjnf&S:
Looki n
Price of Drawing like this 12.50.
Cost of Zlno Etching SO Cents.
the Medi
terranean, Sues Canal.
Red'Seaand Indian Oceam
to Bombay and Colombo,
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India, Tho Holy Land and,
EtVPt' itoppine at Interest
lng points in Europe, ,Ala
and Africs, by the
From N.w York. Juuary IS. 114
93 Days $700 and up
tftdudlnf ihect ticiutlenlsa sllacc(tiy tiptatca,
AUo ctuIsm to Wast !!!. Pcnama
Cuil, Around lb World, throuth lh
Panama Cuikt, sail MoiMarranaan trips.
Stnifu hotUl, ttatlng cm'M
uaii j
Or local agents.
ISO Wast Randolph 8t Chlcayo. HL
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aiCUtcow ,ta Lba 4alafaMa Rl-ar Clyaa.
Ntw. Larst. MtxUnt, Turtn Scrtu) Sitamen
Camcronii, Cailfnili. CaltalMla, (Mawhia
TUSCAN IA, 14,000 tons, (Building)
nttad vita Wlralaaa Tal-trapkr aa4 BiUa KU.
Prawlaa Ha. lmtmam. AmoaW Hocaaa. Oreamtraa.
LoxurUuat App-iataJ Salaoa ad Saoaa4 Caiaa.
Ds.BrpaiuJ Thirt Ctaii Fn9 Furaltasa Ls Baits
Koa-a fat mmrrimi aaapUa aad faatitt-a af X. 4 aa4 S aataaaa.
Mediterranean Service frea NewYerk
First Cilia Pacufe to KaalM 5M aaJ wa.
Third Clats it Very Lttv Ratta.
Anakar Lina Drafla Psysbl Frac at chars
for Baak a Taora, BaUa, ats., aiaf ta
HN0R80M ROTHina, Oaa-I Aaata
W. niadalph SI., S. C Car. Daarbariu Cklaaga
Or Leaal Axaata Svarywfiara
via Kadalra,
Qlbraltar, Alglars
Largest itsamara
In tha Tratfa
I,S1 r from
lt la, srat lltK-Ha nlfi w
west mm
Newest 8 1 samara
to tha -Tref Im
run, ii
MAR. 14
Aft 4
xad Star ana VrkH stac Hu pt
lloai V. O. Srows, feV.X ; la4lwi
aad I.aaU aHaeajr. airta.