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Sensational End of the Month Sale
Wti Bed Witk Spring and Mattress
Tou never saw a greater bed offering In nil your life, The
bed Is Just like the above Illustration, nicely trlmmod, any
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fine stoves
Colonial design, two top
drawers with m rr
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oak, now only..
WJGCIAI, KO. fl Largo
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This table Is finished in the popu
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suming device
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list Burners
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cent on fuel.
Lord Haldane Announces Britain's
Approval of Policy.
Lord Chancellor Praises President
Wilson In Address at Thanks-a-trlng;
Dinner of the
American Society.
LONDON, Nov. M. -The Thanksgiving
dinner of the American society here to
night was noteworthy because of the pro
nouncement of the British government's
endorsement of the Monroe 'doctrine by
Viscount Haldane, lord high chancellor.
Threo hundred and fifty American men
and women, with a large number of Brit
ish guests, were present and they cheered
Lord Ilaldane's words again and again.
Robert M. Fairbanks, president of the
society, proposed ''the king," and Lord
Haldane proposed ''the president of the
United States."
"I recently made a visit to the United
States," said Lord Haldane, "and came
back not only with a vivid recollection
of the cordial welcome I received, but
with a deep sense of the high ideals the
British and American nations hold in
common the high Ideals of citizenship
of 'the. two countries,"
Referring to the president, he said:
"Before ho became president Mr. Wood
row Wilson was a thinking man and a
moralist. In studying his career I con
not fall to be Impressed by his de
tached character and find that he has
not ceased to be a thinker and a moral
ist because he has become the holder of
a great office. "We see expressed to the
world in him the aspirations and Ideals
of his nation. It la not his expressed
declaration that the policy of the
United States is not one of conquest or
annexation; but the world looks to the
United States, with its enormous pos.
tlon and possessions, to carry on its tra
ditions without adding to its possessions.
British Coarse Also.
"That Is our course also. Nor Is it
the case that when the United States
Intervenes In any matter It is done for
lta own advantage. It was not the case
with Cuba, to which the United States
has restored Independence. England It
self has dons the samo thine in South
Africa, where wo gave back liberty to
thoso- with whom wo fought."
Speaking of the Monroe doctrine, hfr
said that the United States considered
Itself responsible for tho liberties of the
small nations of that hemisphere.
He Interpreted President Wilson's pol
icy to mean that the United States waa
ready to accept the responsibility of
insuring good terms itself in those
countries and to thoso who went
there and that tho United States should
set up a high Ideals of policy, Justice
and of righteousness.
Proposes Wilson's Health.
"I am not euro that any one should
speculate upon the Interpretation of that
policy," continued the high chancellor,
"but I thought myself at liberty to say
what I have. It is true Indeed that a
high spirit and a high aim have been
brought into the policy of the United
States in Its dealings, with adjacent
countries and It is because tht president
has taken the attituda ho has a step
which none can but admire; Whatever Us
consequence may be that I propose 1 good
health to Mr, Wood row Wilson, tha
president, and Mr. Woodrow Wilson, the'
Sir John A. Simon, the attorney gen
eral, proposed the health of the Amerl
can ambassador, Walter H. Page, and
declared him to be tho worthy successor
of his predecessors. He said:
"America and England have given
their best and their worst to each other.
America has sent us ragtime; w have
sent you mtllttant suffragettes."
,1U ftyh it lMmiBf XmtMry for
iTary Writw.
mm to TnmcAUT or thmg
jLMiltr t Se the atoMBttal Throvxh
Xsh t XesettaU i Val
Mfele In All the Walks
of Life.
MADISON, Wla, Nov. at-'-The news
IMjxr style which Is becoming more and
more essential In the equipment of every
writer ! the clearest, most concise and
moat Interesting1 style In which things
can be written," declared Prof. P. W.
eckmtn of the department of Journal
ism of Iowa State college today In ad
dressing the professors of Journalism of
eighteen colleges and universities gath
ered here for the scond meeting of the
American Conference of Teachers of
"The news sense, the ability to see
what Is news and Its news meaning to the
great mass of humanity Is necessary to
men in every field of endeavor, but es
pecially to the men who write.
"It Is the news sense which enables
the writer to are through a mass of non
essentials to the essential, through dead
Falling Hair Means
Dandruff is Active
Save your Hair J Get a 25 cent bottle
of DftBdertae right now- Also
stops Itching scalp.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy hair
Is route evidence of a neglected scalp; of
dandruff that awful scurf.
There Is nothing o deacructlve to the
hair an dandruff, It robs the hair of its
luster, its strength and Its very life:
eventually producing a' feverishnees and
Itching scalp, which it not remedied
causes the hair root to shrink, loosen
and die then the hair falls out fast. A
little Paaaerlne tonight now anytime-
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Get a 36 cent bottle of Knowlton'a D&n
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your half will take on that life, luster
and luxuriance which is so beautiful. It
will become wavy and Outfy and have
the appearance of abundance; an Incom
parable gloss and softness, but what wilt
please you most wH4 be after Just a few
weeks use, when you will actually see a
K aa. nws, erny natr sew nair grow
log ail over tfee seal, Advertisement
rubbish to living facts, through husks
and shells to the kernels of truth," con
tinued the speaker. "It la the news
sense that gives the writer understand
ing of and sympathy with common ac
tivities of men so that he can find what
will interest them even In unexpected
and unfavorable places.
Meat Kfflelent Style,
"With all lta faults I still believe in
the news style aa the most efficient style
of this modern day for presenting In
formation through the written word. It
has been hammered out in the heat and
stress of newspaper work to meet the
demands of the millions for something
to compel their attention. Interest them
and give them Information in the quick-
eat, clearest way possible.
"The nowa writer comes fresh from
things he writes and puts the energy
and life, or it may be tho Joy and sor
row of what he has Just seen or heard,
Into the living, breathing words of his
"There is a vital, living quality In
news writing that demands attention and
grips Interest. This style is more, widely
used than any other. It is of the people
and for them, and it has come through
years t have a value that cannot be
Neirspaper Trnlnlna Kffrrtlve.
T"ho ranks of present day literary sue
cesses are lined with men and women
who had their training in the newspaper
office. The demands of editors and pub
lishers everywhere is for matter written
in the same clear, concise. Interesting
way that haa made the American news
paper the most readable publication
printed, either today or In any time.'
The kind of men needed in agricultural
Journalism waa described by Charles
Dillon, former head of the department of
industrial Journalism at Kansas Agri
cultural college, now of Topcka, Kan.
Prof. James Melvln Lee of New York
university discussed Instruction in ad
vertlslnff. circulation matters and other
phases of the newspaper In connection
with college courses In Journalism.
la tho Eoue.
Apropos of President Wilson's llnkinc
of the Atlantio with the Paclflo by the
tquch of an election button, a. diplomat
aald In Washington;
VKrealdent Wilson told a Panama canal
atbry the other day. He sold tliat two
men wt-ru "watching one of the great
uuttmra urea goo ui&i tinea rrotn the
bottom of the water, every five seconds
or so, an enormous iron bucket filled with
-l understand, said ine nrmr man.
that they pay good on this government
worn Jiowa you liKe to Do workin,'
cully, on that there dredger
fIlc, said tho other man. 'Fine.
But. he added. 'I'd hate to be one of
mem. letters under me water that i
fluln' them big iron buckets.' "Washing
Desecrator of Chinese Joss llonse
Has Lively Ran for
Ills Life,
In the parish, prison In New Orleans
Is a ms.n who has traveled much and
had many adventures, one of which fol
lows. "Four years ago, when In San
Francisco," ho said. "I had a chum
named 'Prunes' Wlshard. One day when
we were walking in Barbary Coast, San
Franclsooa tenderloin, we decided to In
vade a 'Joss house.' It waa on the sec
ond floor over a Chinese store. We en
tered the place and found it deserted.
"There were three idols In the room.
All were dressed in long, red silk gowns.
The two end ones had small, white
beards. The center idol had a white
heard about two feet long,. In front of
each were lighted punk sticks. .
"After viewing the Idols from a dls
tance we moved closer. I noticed
Prunes' glancing over his shoulder, and
I knew, by the expression on his face,
he was up to some mischief.
"Leaning over to roe he whispered,
'Tou are not game to pull bis whiskers.'
I admitted I was not. I would have
Just as soon entered a lion's den and
pulled the beast's whiskers. The place
was beginning to get on my nerves.
" -Well, if you won't, I will.' he aald,
"I begged htm not to do so. I told him
of all the tales I bad heard of the re
venge the Chinese priests take on any
one who insults one of their goda
No use. He had made up his mind to
pull those whiskers, and nothing could
make htm change. He walked slowly up
to tha cent'.T Idol I began to look for an
Very deliberately 'Prunes' caught the
beard In his right hand and, glancing to
ward me, gave it a yank.
Tho idol was top heavy and the beard
waa in tight When 'Prunes' gave the
yank tho idol fell and broke In a hun
dred pieces.
We both started for the door. Just aa
we reached It and saw safety ahead a
priest appeared. In one hand he carried a
large knife. At the time it looKea to ee
about two feet long. I will almost swear
he waa seven feet tall and four feet
across the cheat.
"Seeing the door blocked, we turned to
ward the windows. We each went out a
different one, and found ourselves on a
gallery. Not looking to see what 'Prunes'
Was doing. I started running until I saw
a telephone pole about four feet from
the railing. Deciding to take a chance,
I made a Jump for it and caught on.
"When X waa on solid ground I began
to look for 'Prunes,' I found him in a
saloon calmly drinking beer. II told mo
he had swung under the gallery and
gone down a stanchion, lie proudly held
up one hand and showed me where he
had been slightly cut by the priest as
he swMng over the railing of th gallery.
"Needless to say, we never entered an
other 'Joss' house.'" New Orleans Picayune.
Big price reduc
tions on high type
apparel for every
member of the
Children's Underwear Bp'cl.
White or gray vesta and
panto for girls or boys, fine,
soft merino; regular values
from 60c to $1.20, accord
ing to size; all In one lot.
regardless of size. .. . 3c
Ladles' Union. Stilt Special
Mentor Unions, In fine white
cotton, light or .modium
weight: regulate (1.25 and
1.50 values, Saturday 88d
Jjadic' Union Snlt Special
Mentor Unions, In fine, soft
wool silk finished, gray or
white, $2 and $2.25 values,
now at 81.38
Ladles' Notascmo Ilose Spl.
flno silk lisle, made with
a non-ravel top, colors aro
black, white or tan, 25c val
ues, Saturday, pair... 14
Ladles' Cltamoisctto Gloves
Ladles' Washable Charaols
otto Gloves; black, white,
gray, tan or chamois color;
regular prlco 75c, spl., 45
Chllds' Leather Mittens Sp'l.
Plush, back, colors tan and
black; regular 75c values,
now at 45t
Fur Polo Caps Special
with oar tabs,' black or
brown. Bold at $1.50 to $2,
Saturday, only ....$1.00
Genuine Angora Toques
Qcnulno Angora Toques
For children, In soft, silky
finish, trimmed with ribbon
rosettos; gray or brown -regular
value $1.50, now
t 05d
We have a theory. It Is that the last Saturday of the month Is as good a business day as any
other If you make It worth whllo for tho buying public. Wo want to prove It. We want you
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Saturday specials Suit
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Mark Cross English
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Another shipment. Christ
mas gifts at factory prices;
SI. SO and $1.75 values, Sat
urday, only 81.19
Child's handkerchiefs
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Fancy bozos with 7 assorted
patterns of fancy designs
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Rousing specials from the
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Extra fine Chinchilla Coats, ages
2 to 14 years, in navy, maltese,
gray and brown, former selling
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Saturday Clcan-Up All girls' fancy
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cluded, sold formerly at 17.60, $8.50
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Saturday sale of sweaters
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$4.00 and $5.00 Sweaters, in
red, gray, navy and white.
Good heavy and warm Sat
urday 2.90
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ing tho beautiful Angora
Mackinaw styles in red,
gray, tan and whito with
belts many of these have
trimmed collars and cuffs
Saturday ...$4.90
1516-18-20 PARNAM STREET.
Woman to Adopt Fifteen Babies of
as Many Eaoial Types.
Famitr to Consist of Ncarro, Indian,
Arabian, Jap, Chink, 3JIar, Irish,
Americas, German, Scandina
vian, and Other Children.
CHICAGO. NOV. 28.-MM. 1Y Tlr.rV.f
Blshbp, ot a wealthy business man,
mad known today that she Dlsnned to
becorao tho mother, by adoption, oi fif
teen cnuaren, eacn to represent ono of
the fifteen most characteristic racial
Her Plans became known when her ren.
reaentatlvos visited local orphan asylums
In starch of the nucleus of her future
family. Airs. Bishop said Utsr that
friends now touring- Europe had been
asked to find babies representing such
races as she could not recruit In Chicago.
Tho unique family, according to Mrs.
Bishop, -will Includo a negro baby, an
Indian, an Arabian, a Japanese, a Malay,
a Gorman, a Chinese, a Scandanavlan, an
American, an Irish child and babies rep
resenting several of the South American
Mrs. Bishop, In explaining her plan,
said she hoped to obtain babies in which
the racial characteristics promised to de
velop most thoroughly, The plan, she
said, had been under consideration sinco
tho death of her two daughters twenty
flvo years ago. Mr. Bishop opposed it.
however, until recently, when, she said,
ho had been won over.
She hopes to obtain babies 1 year old.
"We will move from the hotel where
we are now living to a comfortable, good
sized house In the outskirts as soon as
tho family is started," -said Mrs. Bishop.
"And wo intend to bring the children
up as nearly as possible like the averago
American family of moderate means.
"They will go to the public schools and
I hope to show that in spite of their
different nationalities and racial traits,
they will grow up brothers and sisters,
as I mean 4o bo a mother to them all."
Mrs. Bishop said some Of her friends
had attempted to dissuade her from the
Idea, suggesting the family would become
known as "The Human Zoo."
NEW ORLEANS, ta., Nov. 2S.-Johnny
Dundee 'of New York had the better it
nine rounds of a ten-round, no-declslon
bout here tonight with Charlie White cf
Chicago. The other round was even. At
the end ot the second round White
seemed to be in trouble and between the
second and third rounds the lights in
the theater where the fight was (tagsJ
went out and the house was In darkness
for thirty-six minutes. Tho fighters
weighed in at 130 pounds.
Clrcnlar .Suvr of I'nprr.
Tho latest use for paper Is perhaps the
most peculiar. A factory in England
manufactures circular saws from paper.
These paper saws are used for the manu
facturing of tho fine furniture veneer
and other thin plates of wood, which
must do treatea wjtn special care. Home
time ago circular' saws made from draw
ing paper were shown In an English ex
position. The saws were driven by an
electrio motor and produced fine boards,
which could not have been made better
by the finest steel saw. Tho veneers made
In this way are' said to be so smooth
that the cabinet makers can use them
without further planing. New York Out
look. A Good Provider.
The topic at a social session the other
night turned to husbands who are good
providers, when an incident was recalled
by former Governor Joseph P. Folk of
Missouri. t
Some timo ago a colored girl left tho
place In which she was employed as a
domestio to get married. . Two months
later her former mistress met her on
the street, and, feollng Interested in tho
girl's welfare, she stopped to talk to
"Well. Wnda." she said, "how are you
getting along In your new homo?"
"Berry fine, ma'am." was tho smlllngg
reply of the happy tilnda.
"And your husband, I.lnda," continued
tho former mistress, "I suppose he Is
a good provider,"
"Oh, yes, ma'am" was the hasty as
surance of Linda. "Only las' week he
got me six new weekly washes to 'do."
Philadelphia Telegraph.
Clothing Stocks Here Are Thinning
Down, but SOME Clothes Are LEFT!
I say "sbn;o," because 1 have NOT a gigantic stock remaining. Some lines are
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This is the sale THEY COULDN'T STOP-I am an Eye Sore to the Other
Clothiers My prices disgiist 'emBut I quote clothing this way because
Cor. 16th and
Harney Sts.
City National
Bank Building
tun tron.