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Jeff Has No Regard for Mutt's Feelings
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
fio.acFF, you set weRe penpecrcv fn. fp wg'r.& h thg midou? I T but we CbY , N r T
5HooYoVCRYHF.oar1pSS I TTL ; Could K.DDUfe with W WO
I in ii i -; " 'msmm
i f nt
Defeats JTorth Platte by a Score of
Forty-Seven to Seven.
With ihi Exception of the First
Fl Mlnntea of the Gnt Thry
Are Katlrclr Oat of the
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Ighn and Kelly. Boxing1 the ends In
rid, their own defense that Incomparable
trie' trampled around for yard after yard.
Sapping past the watchful secondary de
fense, Klein, Kelly and ilughM caught
the accurate forward passes from rials
and every time a gain was registered.
fThe, forward pass combination netted
at yards during tho entire gome and It
seemed Impossible for North Platte to
break the play up.
But' the boys from the west fought
hard every minute. With defeat staring;
them In tho (ace, knowing full well that
they were quickly losing that which
North Platte and all western Nebraska
had been fighting for a charfce to se
cure for many years, the dlrt-be grimed
14 1 from the conjunction point of the
Platte fought with a desperation that
almost swept Omaha off Its feet. But it
was to little advantage, for Omaha was
alee fighting desperately to eltmtnate
ether contenders for the state champ! on
hf' and no team, no matter how strong;
end, powerful, ceutd hope to cope against
the spirit ot light that waa Instilled In
the souls oi the lee I warriors.
Omnhn Saw Supreme.
By defeating the North Platte boys
Omaha" Is MpreMte In Nebraska. Several
amatl schools tat western Nebraska have
tmt In elma lor ehmi4hlp becaueo
of ' a We with North Platte or a tight
vtotory. Omaha's overwhelming vletery
retwovoa any peesibie dobt of Omaha' c
Inferiority to any Nebraska Mora. Coach
Neville of North Matte, a. western Nc
b reek a man. with the Interests eC weot
rn Nebraska at heart, admitted that
nothing could possibly stand In the way
of Omaha's claim to supremacy. Prof.
C, K. Reed, athletic director of the high
school, puts little faith In the reckless
(hallences of the other schools and
doubts that any ot them wish to test
their strength salat Omaha, after yes-
teroay'a moetrtio. Lineup:
Hughe ,IE.
Newby UT,
Ooxdlpee ,U.
Mooer C.
Boose ...,..,.,...K.O.
Sardtner K.T.
Klein .,. R.K.
X)lty et oaQiH
flats .. UH.
Harte K.H.
Berry ......f.b.
L.K Gregg
UT., nakcr
UO..... Vernon
C Ottensteln
R,Q.....,...ii, XcUy
VLT Sojrue
KB., Smith
q.n. cool
UK...., ....... Ryan
K.H..... Louden
F.H..... McWtHlams
tatlstlea e( the 8m,
Yards hw4-Ofah. 18: North Platte,
'Ords Oatatd by Forward Passes
Omaha, 4M made In ton passes: North
Pletfte, -forty-two made In three passes.
.Forwrd Passea Palled Omaha IS;
North Fiatte, 14.
Total Tarda Made en Ftmta-Omaha, m
In "five mints; North Ptette, 1st in eight
PsaJ4tUs uffered-Omah, flftyrflvo
yards; North Platte, none.
Mrot Down Made-Omaha, X; North
Platte, K
SabHut VW Omaha; Bradley for
Xwiif Ory for Newby, PhUUpa for
Oardtpe. jaiik for HMghea Wlthey for
Klett!. Hueettc for Piatt, aerry for Oanl
toor. Neville for Kelly. North Platte:
lloxty for Ryan, Hood for Vernon. nf
jroe: Chewier of Nebraska. Umpire;
Caldwell of Notre Dame, Johnson of Ne
brasha. .Time of quarters; Klfteen tnln
2U TfWh0Wn! Jror Omaha. Plats
S2 W' or North atte. Ryan.
Oeahi kicked from touchdown: Kor
M?Wimams (8) r Nrth PUtte'
La'wrence High School
Claims Valley Title
BEATRICE, ;Neb., Nov. r.MBpeclal
telegram.) Before a crowd of S.6C0 peo
ple, Lawrence. Kan., High school won
the Missouri valley championship by de
feat! Beatrice. 10 to . It wa a hard
fyugwt bittl, ne visitors scoring a
touchtfewn and' -winning the game In the
last Vtjtkr. Woodward or Lawrence made
a forty-yard placA kick in the first
quarter C.iptalti Cook of Beatrice made
two drop kicks, scoria- Beatrice's six
Joints, The lineup;
f- v7i-i.. iiii.uii. ,B,
iiiiunicmwn ,k.ut.
C. Kilpa4rick...La.
"Reeder .....C.
J. Kllpatrick....R.O.
Runnals ILT.
Rlddell ...R.K.
Cook ICA Q.
Adams -.., ...UH,
CtlUUZ . ...,.R.H.
W. Day... k.h.
rtlmt-m ttf ft- '
w.v.u. n nuiu, ini-oin. rereree:
Myers. Omaha, umpire; Hornburger, Lin-
Lulet I
R.T Wilbur
UO Hartley
C... areas
JI.U Stubbs
IT. Wilson
ub. ......... Randall
Q Tod!!
R.H Gibson
i Dunkley
F.B Woodward
Btint, MoU Nov. W.-Jack Dillon
aaaUy df4d "aster" Potrookey In their
twclvc-iyuod fic4t bos today, Tho In-
easnapnMs tad w im fasi ad clever
sbr tW shartM astd m te ooxhtsi reu
floored hlsn wt a .Hgest UMreMt tht
wouM hro stussjtid a 1m game fferMor
tbmn PMsvosBor. Tho aatlor took pwaloh
sarni Md tenkM hoid sJt the MaOO, but
jitf out. UaA a effective Mow,
Pittsburgh Wins Pretty Game by Six
to Seven Score.
Huns MIxty-SrTcn Ynrds for Touch
dovrn and Then Kicks Ooal
Contest Is Played In
DrlssllniK Rain.
PITTSBUROK. Pa., Nov. ST.-The Uni
versity of Pittsburgh today defeated
Pennsylvania Stato college, 7 to 8, In
their annual Thanksgiving day foot ball
contest. It was a pretty nam through
out, neither team having an advantage
and both playing tho beat brand ot foot
ball seen here this season.
Clark for Pennsylvania State mndo a
touchdown after nls team mates had
slowly pushed the local eleven for gains.
Miller failed to kick goal. A few mo
ments later Williamson of tho University
of Pittsburgh thrilled the great crowd
by running sixty-seven yards for a
touchdown. He then kicked the goal
and the score stood T to ( In favor of
the locals. The third nnd fourth period
falltd to chnngo the result, nlthdugh
both teams struggled hard.
The game was played during a drli-
illng rain. At time It was so dark
that the players were hardly visible from
the grandstand.' .
The lineup;
Unl. of Pittsburgh. (7). Pcnn. ().
Herron I. u
Cowell L.T.
Kcese , ,..,.b.U.
Hhaplra c.
Hmith hi.
Jones ........, ,.RT.
vyaBncr R.K.
Jieil ,......Q.U.
ixilett r. ii
WliHamsen ...,R.h
Visitors Victors Over Local Team
with Score of 17 to 0.
Blue nnd White Are Unable to Hold
Tight to Plskln and Detri
mentally Leave It Blip to
floath Dakota.
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ft 12 mrron
R.T Lamb I
k.u.. riayre
C........ ,. Wood
UO Dcbout
UT, McDowell
UH., Morris
Q.B. ,. Miller Herryman
Ull. ........... iCIark
CTUbSittUtaa trunluaraJtu f T.,1
vanle Thornhllt for Cowell, Boppltt for
Miller for Bebout, Wetllwg for McDow
) i.Vor.1 'ti. Mrrls, Oberle for Welling,
.w Tobln, Bebout for J. R. Mill
it- Tobln for Welty. Touchdowns! Wll
llamson, a ark. Goal from touchdown;
w'11tl"',on; frcet Kvnns of Williams.
Umpifej McCarty of Qermantown acad-
i,,.cB nesman! uarrerty of Prince
ton. Time pf quarters! Klfteen minutes.
Fairbury Winds Up
season by Winning
Game from Belleville
. - ' " iujn;wl
TeIegram.)-Before one of the largcstVind
mow eninuatestlo crowds of the year.
Kalrbury and Belleville. Kan., 'High
school foot ball .elevens played a one
sided SUM. Kalrhtirv nlnnlni, u u n
, ( ' w .V ftW v..
this afternoon. This uma fnllnwd
preliminary game between the second
ieam 01 ine ratrnury High school and
Oilier, rOOUltln d another virtnrv fnr
Fairbury, 6 to ft.
The Fairbury eleven had everything Its
own way In the first half, carrylmt the
leather over the goal an dapparently
klcklnr goals at will. Neither im
bcored In the second half.
The score stood M to 0 at (he close.
Denney, Coleman and Glebe did splendid
work for Fairbury and made their gains
on smashes and end runs. This con
cludes the foot ball season In Fairbury.
The lineup
iiradiey .,-t c
Powell ,....n.o.
Frans ..UO.
llelvey .........R.T.
Wooster UT.
Ireland n.E.
Bonawltc .......UK.
Nlder . ..Q.U. UH.
Coleman R.I1.
Denny f.b.
C Ornham
UO F. Walger
Il.Q Miles
UT Bllverthnrn
R.T. ...... C. Walker
UE. Weaver
1UE.... Organbrlght
Q.B Arburnot
lUf.. ........ ParyUtv
UH... Taylor
F.B.... Reed
Jimmy Olabby Bests
Soldier Frank Logan
Clabby, the Hammond, Ind., rolddle
welght, defeated tioldler Frank Logan In
the fourteenth round ot a scheduled
twenty-round fight hero today.
Reiereo Qiffen stopped the unequal bat
tie when Logan was "out on his feet."
CHICAGO. Nov. n.-Hlghest batting
honors In the Western ' league for the
season' of 1311 were won by Mlddleton
of the Wichita club with a percentage of
according to averages announced to
day from the office ot President O'Neill
here. Mlddleton took part In ISO games,
practically the whole campaign of the
league, therefore Is considered the leader,
though VVatson of St. Joseph topped him
In percentsge with .SM for thirty-two
.Qhannell ot Denver was the leading
slugger, with total basea numbering SSL
including twenty-six homes runs. The
base stealing championship went to Kel
ley of SL Joseph, with a total ot sixty
eight. Ckattroav .Wins frith Ease.
CHADRON, Neb.. Nov. SI. (Special Ttl
egratn.) A foot ball game playeVl 'here
today between Chadron and Hpearfish
reauK In a score af 17 to 0, In favor of
Chadron. ' A game play4Nf two weeks ago
at Hoearflsh between the Farmers and
BpearfU resulted in a tie.
ton braced at the close, rushing tha
Coyotes off their feet
In the third quarter Captain Miller
sent a fuslllado ot forward passes Into
the Coyote camp and threatened to turn
the tide. On several occasions Crelgb
ton was near tho Coyote goal, but eact
time sumo bobbin turned the tide and
the (visitors kicked out ot danger.
In the last quarter ftouth Dakota car
ried tho ball on straight plunging to the
Crclghton twenty-flvo yard line, whoro
Vldntl drop kicked for their fnal points.
Fine Line Plunsrlnsr.
For South Dakota tho magnificent line
plunging and open field running of Fer
guson, left half, was a sensation. Time
and again he wiggled through the Crclgh
ton lino for substantial gains. The for
ward passing of the visitors was far In
ferior to that displayed last year, and
Crclghton clearly outplayed them In this
department. C, Brown, captain ot tho
Dakotans, was s power In the line, while
Howe, a sub, ripped through the. Crclgh
ton. lino In tho last half.
For Crelghton the forward passing ot
Miller, the line plunging Of McCarthy
and the brilliant all-round playing ot
Rtcpnari rid Black featured. Both, pt
theso men covered themselves with glory.
Big Beth Hall and llahtey, 'playing their
last game with Creighton, repeatedly
busted up the Coyote advances. Wal
worth, as usual, contributed his gains
and was & bear on defense.
In the first quarter South Dakota
rushed the ball Into Crclghton territory,
whero they continually tried scores by
the atrllno route. In this quarter Vldal
missed as many as four trial goals, rang
ing from twenty-five to forty yards. Near
the end of the quarter Hngel Intercepted
a pass and carried the ball to the
Crclghton sixteen-yard line, where tho
quarter ended,
First Touchdown.
Tho first touchdown of the game came
pn the second play of tho second quarter,
wjien Vidal pushed the pigskin over the
line from the one-yard line. A forward
pass from Coffey to Vldal had carried It
to the line. Vldal kicked goal from a
bad angle, making It 7 to 0
fcA brilliant forward pass from Miller to
Brennan carried the ball within striking
dlstanco of the Coyote goal, but they held
for downs. The feoond touchdown came
when Ferguson kicked to Miller, who
Tlowe recovered. Only a tackle from tho
rear prevented him from scoring then.
On two attempts Ferguson carried 'it
over, Vldal kicked goa(. A brilliant piece
pt headwork was here evidenced by Mil
Jer. After a punt by Ferguson had rolled
to the Crelghton one-yard line and no
one' was watching. Miller picked up the
stray pigskin, racing forty yards before
being downed.
Crelghton braced toward the close ot
the period and on a seriea ot forward
passes from Miller to McCarthy and
Brennan. threw a scare Into the visitors.
Fumbling, however, prevented a score.
Stndents Dance.
A snake dance by the students occu
pied the time between halves.
The third quarter was all Crelghton's
and South Dakota was on several occa
sions guilty ot stalling for time. Captain
Stiller, acting under Instructions from
Coach Miller, played a strictly open
game and South Dakota, waa unable to
stop the passes.
Passes Intercepted.
With Miller doing the hurling, pass
after pass was shot Into the enemy and
each time found McCarthy and Brennan
waiting to receive the ball. The gains
varied from ten to forty yards, all being
clean and brilliant The ball was car
ried to the Dakota fifteen-yard line, again
to the ten-yard line, and on each occa
sion South Dakota Intercepted Miller's
final passes. One pass was caught on
the line by Ilengel, who raced thirty-five
yards before being downed, McCarthy's
Clean line plunging In this quarter created
a furore. South Dakota was continually
forced to kick and the quarter ended
with the ball In mtdfleld.
Both coaches rushed fresh men Into
the field, and Rowe ot the visitors car
ried the ball for repeated gains. Vldal
also broke away for some good gains.
Brooks was taken out with a dislocated
Goal front Field.
The ball waa rushed to Crelghton ter
ritory and Vldal made his first success
ful attempt at goal, kicking a clean goal
from tho twenty-ttve-yard line, making
the score 17 to 0, It was fast becoming
dark and the spectators had difficulty In
dstlngulshtng the men.
Crelghton suppoi-ters are pleased (hat
Crelghton held the visitors to a low score,
but nre bemoaning the fact that Crelgh
ton's fumbles kept the team from scor
ing and gavo tho visitors both of their
opportunities. The lineup
Brennan UK
Young UT.
ii ail u.u
Hanley C.
Btapieton u.u.
Shannon R.T.
Black R.K.
Miller (CI Q.U.
McCarthy li.II. R.H
waiworth R.H. L.H
R.K U Brown
R.T Horner
R.O King
C Willy
UO Brooks
UT....C. Brown (C.)
UE Henle
Q.B Vldal
t. uorioy
Casey F.B.I F.B Hengel
Substitutes! Crelghton Parker for Bren
nan. at left end. Coady for McCarthy at
left end, Schowaltcr for Casey at full
back. South Dakota Conway for U
Brown at right end, Paulson for Henle
at left end, Mannry for Brooks at left
guard, , Rowo for Coffey at right half
back, Henlo for Paulson at left end Rowe
for U Brown at right end. Coffey for
n?we nt right halfback. Touchdowns:
Vldal and Ferguson. Goals from touch-
!?MWn.r ''i5"1 1 aoai fron dropklck:
yidal. Referte! ty. it. EUcnmai. Stan
ford and Kcnyon. Umpire: "Jumbo"
Htiehm of Wisconsin. Head linesman:
Logan High School
Wins from Eed Oak
LOOAN. Ia.. Nov. ) Sn.v.ui t .v..
flnnl foot ball game ot the season here
ine Logan High school defoatcd tho Red
Oak High school by n score of to to 0,
and held tho chamnlnnshln nt
ern Iowa. Logan won the toss, but no
scoring was accomplished during the first
quarter, the Tall bcln
and forth near the middle of the field. In
ine secona quarter. Miller of Logan,
scored a touchdown on a, forward pass
from Adams. r. DavI Wi.h
Ing the score 7 to 0 In favor of Logan.
crossed Red Oak's goal for an
other six points In the llhlrA ntlnrion
goal was not kicked, final quarter.
..wv u, uayiB Doin made touch
downs and Miller kicked a goal otf one of
them, maklng'the flnal jcore. as ot'0. Be
tween 800 and 600 people witnessed tho
Miller L.H
Hllborn UT.
Wonderllck ...uo
Bonner , a
Hughes r,o.
Wood R.T.
Norman (O...R.K,
R.K...,, Loganstreet
JJ-0 Balrd
C.i....,,,. Anderson
H Saint
UT. Vetter
ue. Focht
Qt Woods
. -r- . ....... w. I,..,,...
iiiiTi- AM u" Rep oe o
Ttin.fv?5 of Arim. Umpire:
ntsff Trinn1t.He,a1 nman: Prof.
Logan Wan' Timekeeper: Arthur and
Crack High School Team W
David City, 25 to
Osceola Yields to No One
Defeated Airont and Mi
viable Record Other
Dnrlns Season
OSCEOLA, Neb., Nov. S7.-sj
egrom.) The grounds of the Oe
letla nark wer ta.rt1 tn thnlil
tpaay to accommodate the cr
witnessed tho final game ot ti
between the Osceola UUh chr
David City High oobool foot bj
A special train brought mar
from David City, Rising City an
while trains from Central
Stomsburg also handled large del
Never had so much interest bo
lesiea in root ban in tills nir
braska as waa Indicated hero to
gale receipts were Verv near
this with a small admission fet
Both David City and Osceola
games from each other this seal
this one was to be the rubbel
The BCOr Of S 'to 0 In favnrl
Osceola .High school team Indie
condition of the two om. ti
of "tho sason. Nover In the rel
foot ball playing In this 6lty ha
been turned ouf a better team. Nl
irom any part or Nebraska will
permitted to claim th rhmJ
wlthdut reckoning with n...-l
- - " .,- U U V. V U Ml..
r. - . . .. I
vraccuitt- DOVB DellAVA fhv "AM m1
- " -.
any tind all. other high school orsl
tlons and the record sho hoi madl
tlfles the daJm they think. The fa
A .
is me lineup;
Bhaw .....C,
Sturdevant ....R.O.
Pike UO.
W. Koeher ...R.T.
Humlston ......UT.
Byers R.B.
A. Tlmm ...... .UK.
Miller Q.B.
E. Koehler ....F.B.
Stevens .A...R.H.B.
Shelmadlne .UH.U.
e Eleven
UT.... R. Sc
Oo Ten Roanda.
Klnnon of Boston and Ous Christie or
Milwaukee went ten rounds today for the
chance of leading the mUldlewefghta. it
was a very exciting bout with the opln
Ion of the spectator divided, News
paper, .experts called It a draw. Both
men were In prime condition, willing to
mix and finished In good shape.
Cltv. Heart
UE Wilding
Q.B........ .Sevens
F.B.... E. Schwaser
B.H.B Dwark
acts ot ine university, oi.
uiiiiurc. uaiwicK ot uavia
linesman: Danlelson of
rfefrat Coraell Freabmen.
versity of Pennsylvania freshmen cross
country tem defeated the Cornell first
year men in .heir annual race today by
the score ot 19 to .
OatBolnta Ledinaaa.
MILWAUKEE Wis., Nov. 3. "Kid"
Williams of Baltimore easily outpointed
Dlok Lodlman W New Castle,- Pa., In a
ten-round no-dectslon boxing contest at
116 pounds here today.
Easterner, Sbovra Maveloai
peratlve Porrer and Battles Bril
liantly, bat Cannot Overcome
Coast Man's Lead".
LOS, Cal., Cal. Nov. r7.-Joe
Rlveri, the Los Angeles Mexican, de
feated Leach Cross, the New York light
weight. In twenty rounds of fighting at
tt Vernon arena today. After two
knockdowns in the fourth and. ninth
rounds Cross showed marvelous recupera
tive powers and fought brilliantly, but
could not overcome the lead Rivers won
by consistent and vldouns milling.
Sailers Play Basse,
NICE, France. Nov, 17, A base ball
game between teams representing the
American battleships Utah and Dela
ware, which are vlritlng Vlllcfrancne.
was ployed hero today, the Delaware nine
winning, i too. The match was witnessed
by a large and Interested crowd.
TNcb.. Nov. 27. (Special Tele-
am.) The university second, tenmrwon
from Peru by a scor ot is td 2. The
first quarter netted tho university one
touchdown, but" there was a failure In
kicking goal. In the second quarter
the university again made two - touch
downs, but seemed to losa steam -.from
that on.
In the third quarter the ball was Ir
the university territory mosj of tho time
and resulted In Peru's making three
points from n place kick made .by Janda.
Again In the fourth quarter Peru kept
the ball in the university territory, bul
failed to make a touchdown.
By the second Jialf the professors hht
solved the university's vp'reads and shift!
and the last half wan the normal's.
Cliamberlaln and Porter starred for
university nnd Janda, Long and C. Jonei
starred for Peru.
Referee, Beck.
Umpire, Mastln.
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