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Lackawanna Road is Finding Great,
Efficiency in Its Use.
While It llita Alrndr Shorrn Ita
Adnptnbllllr Tlierc Still He
nnlns Mnnr Xrw Applica
tions It Can Be Fnt To.
Article IV,
II r n Member of The lire Stnfl.
In Pennsylvania the Lackawanna rail
road has applied tlie trtrclesa to Hit
safety campaign ami Is tvorklnc the
system betwen Jilnchamton nnd Scran
ton. Officials of the road contend that
the xvlrclefc Is ilortns all that could be
hoped for, and that It promise to rev
olutionize train operatlon. reducing pos
a b! accidents to the lowest minimum.
Iteccntlj" a LnckRwanna train wns run
ning between Scranton and Ulnsham
ton at a speed of fifty miles per hour.
Suddenly the conductor was taken 111 and
was unable to perform his duties. Krom
the train a wireless was sent to Scran
ton, and when that station was reached
a conductor was there, ready for work.
He took the train on and the changa
tn conductors was made without a mln
Jte's delay,
Still In Crmle Period.
For the purpose, of making tests and
experiments of the efficiency of the wire
less passenger trains on the Lackawanna
are carrying wireless equipment and rela
tive to the work performed, the experi
menters explain that this apparatus Is
still only In Its crude period. They
grounded their wires by way ot the rails.
This disposed of the first fundamental
difficulty, for power they used the dy
namos already Installed In the train for
lighting without appreciably diminish
ing tho brightness of the electric bulbs,
although, a separate dynamo would not
over-burden even a train de luxe. The
major perplexity Is, apparently, to tune
the train Instrument with Instruments In
the stations. A lofty aerial on a moving
train which must flash under bridges
and overhead crossings Is, of course, out
of the (Question, although the principle
of the disappearing mast has been con
sidered In connection with land defense
In naval warfare and might, for long
stretches of unobstructed road, be found
applicable to railroad conditions, Tn yes
terdsy'B experiment, however, the com
bination used waa a high aerial at the
station, and, responding to It on the
train, "an aerial consisting of n wire
rectangle over each of .the four cars,
mipperted at each corner by a stanchion
two feet high."
Will Stan Accidents. ,
it will have been guessed, of course,
that the success of this experiment prom
ises to eliminate one kind of railway ac
cident and a kind lamentably prevalent.
It w, developed, furnish a means of
arrpstlng a "wild' train! of recalling an
error In despatching even after tho train
Is on Us way, and of checking up the
positions of train on the line as minutely
as from minute to minute. It might alto
prova means of conveying warning of
auden mlfrh&fw to the roadbed, such as
burnd bridge, washouts and land-slips
Jn jnoMtaJnoua regfem. There are, of
course, whole clasves of mWiaps which
It would net affeet and which must be
averted by the ertlon of other kinds ot
precautionary effort, but If we consider
the MerimflU! merely fr their pes
alMlltlM as a checking up system of
train positions, the projects are most
Uses Boiling Water
on Husband Out L$te j
Given Five Months
CHICAGO, kov. 5.-Mrs. Grace OwtM
was sentenced today to ISO dayj In the
house of correction for pouring boiling
Tter over her husband to discipline hlin
for staylag out late.
Owe encountered his wife's1 wrath
Saturday night when he reached homu
Mhrtly before midnight Ho went tg th
basement ot their home and went to sleep
on the floor. He was awkcne4 when tils
wife threw a bucket ot feotMac water on
Physlclaas testified that Owens arms,
hrt and back were badly scalded. They
ha' been married twenty-two years.
She Sues Estate for
Breach of Promise
LOWELL. Mass., Nov. K.-A breach or
premise suit against the estate ot Frank
Sherburne, who killed hlnweK two
years ago, while he was assistant master
of the Lowell High school, was catered
toftay by Miss Jennie I Carter or Wake
fleH, formerly a teacher) In the Boston
public schools. Miss Carter asks dam
ages of
Bha alleges that she was engaged to
Anarry Sherburne when he committed sui
cide and that by resigning her position
tor .order to prepare for the wedding she
deprived herself of means of earning a
Wring, as well as subjecting herself to
considerable expense.
Omaha's Public Schools
Tendency toward uniform building plans as manifested here.
The advantages and disadvantages of uniformity.
What la the nature and real advantage
of tho uniform school building plan, to
which reference has been made In pre
vious articles on Omaha's- public schools?
How many of tho people who support
the schools have ever taken the pains
to ascertain? Though this plan has been
In vogue a few years, long enough to
give us three schools as products ot It,
how much Is known ot It real character,
and purpose?
The plait was adopted as the result of
years ot experimenting. It represents
certain proved experiences and embodies
(he best ot all the plans thus far tried
by modern school builders In thin and
some other cities and Is to be followed In
the future In Omaha. Its fundamental
feature Is the unit system. That Is, It
makes possible the building ot a school
In four parts, or units, of four rooms
each. If the neighborhood Is new and
sparsely settled It may require school,
say of only four rooms, while one ot
eight rooms would far surpass Its needs
nnd one of twelve or sixteen rooms to be
out ot all reason. Then the board puts
up a four-room structure according to
this uniform plan. That Is one unit. In
time the community grows to need an ad
dition and the board erects another unit
of four more rooms and so otfuntll It
has Its standard slxteen-room bultdlng.
Now, this plan Is made so as to conjoin
these units with Just as symmetrical and
complete a school In the end as If the
whole slxteenroom edifice were Put up
at once.
New Bancroft, One Unit.
Illght now New Bancroft Is being
gradually built by ono unit at a time,
Caatellar. na stated In a previous article,
Is the model embodying the four units of
tho uniform plsn, by which the schools
of the future are to be patterned, though
Castellar was built complete origlnallj'. '
But how about the cost ot the unit
system? One ot the prime factors In Its
favor. The board knows precisely, or
virtually so, what It costs to put up one
or all of these units; therefore, a stand
ard building. The cost Is stable, except,
of course, as It may vary with the vary
Ing prices of material and labor from
year to year. Not -only that, but the
Board of Education holds In Its posses
alon the original blue print tracings ot
the model school and can. therefore, save
the expense of architects at 5 per cent
ot the cost ot the structure. This, as can
bo seen, amounts to qulto an Item, es
pecially In the erection of a number of
Tho uniform plan has often been mis
apprehended as merely a-method of sim
ilitude. It Is that, too, and even that has
Its value In educational mattcta, which
must recognise tho 'advantage of sym
metry and art, but that Is not the funda
mental value, Such an object might be
as well accomplished by various othor
As to the Hosmii
Under this uniform -plan not only tho
building aa a whele, but each room, is
of uniform size and construction. Each
Another School
room is 28x32 feet In dlmcnslons.aiid, In
the model buldlngs, lighted alike, heated
alike and ventilated alike. This principle
ot uniformity extends even to the point
of having the light thrown over tho loft
shoulder ot each child In each room.
That la scientific and savca eyes. And
these' rooms are very sun-parlors of
light. As explained In a foregoing arti
cle, the building of the school with all
tho rooms In a alnglo tier along tingle
hallways up and downstairs, does away
with walls to obstruct the light and pro
vides practically solid glass partitions,
so to speak. For health and comfort
there Is no dearth ot light If there Is any
out of doors. ,
Again, this uniformity attends to the
air as well as the light. The system of
ventilation affords precisely tho same air
for tho wardrobes as the class rooms,
giving the children's clothing equal ad
vantages with their lungs, which-- is
counted a mighty good thing to do.
Direct and indirect heating processes
are employed, the most modern Hnd san
itary plumbing, drinking bubbles, no cups
and every facility Is afforded for health
and convenience.
As to protection In caso of fire It Is
quite well known that the schools have
fire drills, hut It Is doubttsl If the knowl
edge of these fire drills Is anything like
complete. How long will It take, for In
stance, to empty a school of pupils by
means of one of these fire drills?
One Mlnntcnnd n Half.
Kellom school with 1.000 pupils, the
largest graded school In tho city, has ac
tually been emptied In ono minute and
a half. Was that an exhibition for which
tho children had been specially drilled?
No. The children had no previous knowl
edge of the alarm. It happened that a
big corporation housing a good many peo
ple wished to look Into the public schools'
fire drill system, and a representative
Was taken to Kellom school by a school
authority without advising tho principal,
teachers or pupils. They entered the
building, the school man gave tho signal
In uso at that building. Instantly ovcry
door flew open and, like so many fire
horse, the boys acting as monitors on
sush occasions, wero at their places at
the doors and tops of stairs. Then the
processions began. Long, orderly lines
of boys and girls calmly poured out. Tho
last child left the building exactly ono
and one-half minutes after the alarm had
been sounded, and for all the children
and teachers knew the, building was on
That Is not a theory of what can be
done, It Is what actually look place. The
fire drill, aa far as It goes, evidently Is
Fire escapes are on all buildings over
two stories, which are few. Kvery build
ing and every outside door Is equipped
with the antl.panlo locker, a contrivance
that works automatically In case of fire
or other emergency. They have been In
stalled at a coat of a few thousand dol
lars, but are said to be worth It. '
The school board Itself Insures all tho
new buildings and divides the Insurance
of the older' ones among Insurance men
over the city.
Article Seen.
Spanish War Vets
" Talk Over War Days
i Thanksgiving services ot Camp Lee
Forby. Spanish war veterans of Omnlin,
' wero held In tho Grand Army room of
1 the court Iiohho last night. Camp Com
1 mander Cornentt presided nnd led tho
comrades In- reminiscences of Thanksgiv
ing day during tho Spanish-American war
Comrades related tales ot tho war and
many were the tears that trickled down
tho checks of those who took part. Many
of tho tHlcs were humorous, but the ma
jority wero fundamentally pathetic and
tcuchlng to tho hearts of those who
fought under tho" red, white nnd blue.
W. II. Underwood, pastor of the Mc
Cabe Methodist church, and the camp
cl-ftplaln, who was 'chaplain to Colonel
V. J. Bryan of the Third Nebraska
United, States volunteers' during tho war,
told of Thanksgiving day tn Savnnnah,
Oa., whero tho Nebraska volunteers wero
stationed In 1893. Ho also conducted the
Thanksgiving services.
Harry O. Palmer rendered a series of
readings from Kipling, Including the
"Gunga Din."
Next Wednesday the annual election
of officers of Camp Leo Forby will bo
held nnd tho proposed Crngo pension bill,
providing for pensions fo.r all widows nnd
orphans of Spanish war vtteians who
hnvo died slnco the war, will bo ills-cussed.
Mismated Ones Get
Into Divorce Court
Mrs. Georgia Alberts in a petition
charges her husband, John J. Alberts,
with cruelty.
A aubstltuted petition in the case of
rs. r,ancy J. Moore against Hoy W,
Moore, la which a decree already has
beea granted, alleaea (hat th- A-t . .
has been guilty pf misconduct with other
wiwicn, ana names the co-respondent
Mrs. Minnie Hanson nw .............
from Lewis P. Hanson on the ground of
ww.y ..a request that she ba allowed
jom. h,r maiden name. Minnie
X P. Melatyre Jtetmrm from Hyaa-
nil Bemewluit Bitee&raged.
Practically Kvery Bearable Acre in
the Keecnt Land Drawing
Now Picked V hy
I.ncky Persons.
According to the. version of H. P. Mo
Intyre of Brunswick, Mo who was at
the Burlington depot yesterday on
his way home from Xanns, Neb., about
all that he has to be thankful for Is that
he ia alive,
Mclntyre was one of the 75.060 who reg-
Istered for a chance In Uncle Sam's land
drawing on the forest reserve and when
the numbers were pulled from the pile at
North Platte, he cam out with 1.817 as
his chance to secure one of the sections.
Led to believe that but a small number
of these whe names were among the
lucky ones would file on the M3 sectlonri
within the reserve he went to HyannU
and hung around several days. He learned
his fate Tuesday when the last ot the
tracts of land was selected. He came
wthln forty-three' of being one of the
winners and could have secured 160 acres
of land had he dralred to file.
Tailing or what he might hava gotten.
Mclntyre said that the tracts not filed
upon are eight) and 160-acre tracts that
have tacoih Mggrcgated from tlia full
sections and as a rule are nothing but
Mndhltls. He says he went over prac
tically all of the reserve In the hope of
finding IW acres that woulij be good
enough to Justify Urn In using hts right
and going there to live, but waa unable to
do so. However, he Is ot the opinion that
those parttea who have been lucky enough
to secure SW-acro tracts .will eventually
make some money. He saya they will
prove up at the end of tho fourteenth
month period -equlred by the government
and then thty will be able to sell to the
ranch r and cattle men. He thinks that
the poorest sections will fetch not less
than IS per acre, but that any ot th 140
acre tracts left are practically worthless.
Not only waa Mclntyre unlucky In hts
prospective land deal, but he was fol
lowed by hard luck In other directions.
While In the Ilyannls country and while
looking at land, he lost a pockbook con
taining nearly 1100 and In order to get
home had to send for money with which
to buy his railroad ticket. Then to add to
his run of bad luclt while at Hyannls,
nis overcoat was stolen 'and now he goes
back to Brunswick convinced that h. t.
not cut oiit for a farmer or a ranch
man, jio will continue hia trade as a
carpenter and saya that he1 will In the
future let welt enough alone.
Through the arrest of several women of
the street, the police department recently
learned of a number of young men who
have been gleaning money through th
fallen ones on the pretext thnt protection
on tho part of the authorities would bo
forthcoming as a result.
Frank Conrad. ITS) Dodge atreet. 1..
Hldlng, 1M North Sixteenth atreet; Nick
Morris. 305 South Eleventh street; Abi
PsJouskl. issi North Thirtieth street,
George H, Paut 2303 Locust street, were
all arrested Wednesday night and fined
and costs In police court on a charge
of vagrancy.
Romowhero In Omaha today there's a
Thanksgiving feast ot such generous di
mensions as seldom seen since the days ot
the Pilgrim Fathers. Zeto Pascal, Vfi
Cuming street. Is the Involuntary donor.
His hen roost was broken Into last night
and ono goose, six ducks and fifteen
chickens wero taken.
They Mnk Yon Vrr Rood.
The pleasant purgative effect produced
by Chamberlain's Tablets and the
healthy condition of body and mind which
they create make ono feel Joyful. For
sale by nil druggists. Advertisement.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
We have bought the entire millinery
mock of Mr. U Lleff, the faahlonablo
ladles' tailor and milliner, at 1810 Far
nam street. . These high grado hats were
formerly owned by Mrs. Illcharda In the
City National Bank building, who retired
from business several weeks ago and sold
her stock to Mr. Llcff. Mr. Lleff bought
the finest hats that could bo gotten In the
Eastern Market to strengthen this mil
linery stock. But through tho lack ot
space and experience In the millinery
business, Mr. Lleff decided to dispose of
the stock nt any price. Tho Novelty Com
pany made the offer and Mr. Lleff ac
cepted It Wednesday afternoon.
Wo are going to dispose of this entire
high grade stock of millinery In a short
time, and will place It on sate Saturday
morning at S o'clock In four different
loin. Hats thnt sold up to $10.00 wilt go
nt tl.SO. Hats that sold up to 115.00 wilt
go at $2.50. Hats that sold up to $30.00
wllljro at 13.S0. Hats that sold up to J30.C0,
Including tho highest grade hats carried
by tho above firm, wilt go at J1.60.
This Is another one ot those fortunate
purchases of the Novelty Co., and wo
will share it with the women ot this
vicinity who are In need of another hat,
or who .waited to buy their hat for less
money. Be sure to bo here Saturday
morning. These hats are now displayed
In our windows. Watch for our "ad In
Friday night's paper.
21M6-1S N. leth St.
.As well be out of the
world as out of style.
The advertising columns
of The Bee constitute a.
continuous style show.
I "I'
NEW TORK. Nov. S-Rchard Barry,
the writer, won his suit today to recover
from Martin Mulhall, the lobbyist, half
the W.0. which h declared Mulhall re
ceived from the New York World for
the lobbyist's "confidential letters." that
erved as the basis for the recent con
gressional Investigation, Barry showed
m written contract and said he acted as
XmiiaJi'a et and editor.
fUbM . Jf. X Merritt. who has been
tiavetisg f the Holy Land for the last
Irear, 4 brother of Jesse Merritt. clerk
sit th Rome, will gtrs a lecture on the
i4r L4 December 30 nt Temple Is
iaai. )UMri Merrill's Interesting expert
rne In the orient havi been read by
tittviaaaAa of B readers.
A warrant In favor of Alma ZniUr
against the city, under date ot May 23,
HM, and which had never been cancelled,
waa presented to Cty Treasurer Ure
Wednesday. After cnlllnr the rllv
cll'a attention to It the matter of Its mv.
rrent was referred to tho city legal de
The warrant Is good and Is for a imall
amount of damages sustained hv Ainu
Zoller to property belonging to her when
a new atreet grade along It waa estab
Emma Jones, 157 South Eighteenth
street, reports to the police that her
home was entered Wednesday night by
a burglar who took a .SS caliber revolver
and about 110 worth of Jewelry. .She
waa asleep and did not hear the Intruder
until he waa leaving through the front
Hablra Threatened
by croup, coughs or colds are soon re
lieved by the use of Dr. King's New DIs,
covery. tPo and $1.00. For sale by your
druggist. Advertisement.
Bla: Millinery Sale.
The Novelty company has bought the
entire millinery stock ot I Leltt and
same will be put on sale on Saturday.
B the announcement ot this sale In
Friday evening's Bee.
Nose and Head Stopped Up From
Cold or Catarrh, Open At Once
Fares South
Via LmtkrilU Nashville R. It
Round trip Tickets on sale daily to all WINTER
Florida, Cuba.
The Gulf Coast
New Orleans. Mobile. Pensacola,
Central America and Panama
Fht full iafemtia aUras
R. C WALLI3, 9. f. A., 312 H. 8 St., St. Lsslt, Ms.
P. W. MORROW, N. W. P. A.,
332 KarsitMs BUg., OitMf, YL
Bulletin No. 4
A Campaign
of Education
My CfeUMUhff, H0iRf lIm
XMtaatly Otetrg Kmc, Httd
&Ml Throt Kop Huty Oa
terrjMl DiickargM. Dll
XmUsmIh GtXM.
Try "Ely's Cream Balm."
i Get a small bottla anyway, Just to try
ii -APfHj a ,mua in Us nostnia and In
staatly your clog no, and stopped.
MP air paaogea of the head will
you will breathe freely; dullness and
a4ach disappear. By morutng! the
catarrh, roId-lnhead or catarrhal sore
.throat will be gene
End ouch misery mow! Gt tbs small
feettls ot "Ely's Crsara BsJm" a any
drug store. Thla awaet, fragrant balm
AlaaoJrM by the heat ot th nostrils;
Mtrate aad heals the laflatiMd. awoU
la membrane which It&M ih. nose, head
and throat; etears the air passaga; stops
nasty discharge and a feoltng ot cleans
Ing, soothing relief comes Immediately.
Don't lay awake tonight struggling for
brMth, with head stuffed; nostrils cloted,
hawking and blowing. Catarrh or a cold,
with Its running nose, foul mucous drop
ping Into the throat, and raw dryness
Is distressing but truly neediest.
Put your faith Just one-ln "Ely's
I Cream BalmH and your cold or catarrh
i. til kuiel dltatipir AOe:Uwul-
Honest advertising
a national movement
The few frauds and fakers in advertising
lower tho vnhtp of legitimate publicity to the adver
tisers and the public.
The Omaha Ad Club is aetive in the na
tional movement agninst that smnll number of adver
tisers "who prey upon the credulity of tho public in the
printed word.
Under the Nebraska state law and the
city ordinance, tho Omaha Ad Olub is laboring to drive
out misrepresenters in advertising. May wo have your
earnest co-operation!
of the
CkGk. I CkT LESS." The Keoley treatment ,Kj stood the
j Jt T test ot tlme hav,nK bcen Usecl wlth unparalleled
J success for the past 33 years in curing Alcohol
ism, Morphine and other drug-using, Cigarette
and Tobacco habits and Neurasthenia. Orct. a
m quarter million cured men and women In tho
United States are our testimonials. Remedies
Lsff'mAM. y &nd treatment, absolutely free from any injur-
lous or harmful effects. Mental and physical
vigor restored. Life bocomes a happiness and a blessing, Will-power,
intellectual activity, health, business capacity and confidence of family,
friends and business associates recovered. For full information, consult
or write (in confidence) to
TUB KKKLUV INSTITUTE, 23th anil Caaa Streets, Omaha, Neb.
Four Days Left
And Friday Will Be One of the Biggest Bargain Days
We Ever Held.
All odds and ends accumulated must be sold re
gardless of what they have formerly sold for.
ito-inch wldo dress goods, new
patterns, checks, etc., r) O .
per yard
Hi wool dress eowis. 30 to 4"
Inches wide, also 24 and 27i
Inch silk poplins, all in
ono lot, per yard . .
54-inch all wool chiffon Pana
ma, in navy, black, gray, old
roso anil brown, worth 91.25
per yard, at, per PQ.
yard Oa7i
Illnck knd white check dress
goods, also plaids, nt, 11
per yard 1 IC
French Ginghams, including
ToUe Du Nord, sells every
where at loc, per
per yard. .
15c Taffeta Ribbons, 3J8-rf
Inch wide, per yard OC
Fancy Silk Ribbons, worth to
80c, at, per -I -
Ruchings, in ecru, ' cream and
white, per OC
Laces, Embroideries and Trim
mings, odds and ends, at, per
yard, 1, 3, 5 IOC
Checked Ginghams for OS
Aprons, per yard J4
Best grado of Calicoes, 8
per yard '4
Short lengths of Cotton Flan
nel, worth to 12 He, at, n 1
per yard . . v2v
Shirtings, 12c grade, o 1
nt, per yard OgC
Bleached and Unbleached
Sheetings, 9x4, per
Aurora Sheetings, bleached,
0x4, prlco today would O Q
bo 30c, at -it5C
Largo size Sheets, on
bleached, 72x00, each. OOC
Pillow SUps to match,
Double fold Percale, light and
dark shades, per f"
yard OC
Outing Flannel, dark and light
colors, per yard, 7, 5r
and J C
Children's Flannel Night
Gowns, sleeping garments,
rompers and black sateen
bloomers, each 10J Oft
25d and OVC
Serge Dresses, pretty bow
styles, leading colors, worth
95.00 to $7.00, at
$2.98 and . .
Fur Sets, largo size, worth, at $4.9S pyg
Children's fall weight wash
dresses at 48, 39p 29.
Largo Kimono Aprons on
each, 25J and...... OtC
House Dresses, In two f O
lots, at Q9 and.... fgOC
Children's Underwear, 1 o
10S12M5d and IOC
Ladies' and Misses'
Suits, fleece lined,
43i and.,
Ladles' Waists, worth OQ
91, slightly soiled, ea.... OaC
Ladles' Shoes, worth to $2.50,
mostly small sizes and sa
narrow wldtlis i a G
Ladies' Shoes, worth to fQ '
.. 70b
$2.00, all sizes, each.
Ladles' Storm
bets, pair
1.50 Men's Arctics
Cotton Flannel Gloves,
Men's 12 Sox, black, brown
and fancy colors,
pair OC
Men's and Women's O
Handkerchiefs, each.... C
Men's Dress Shirts,
Men's and Boys' Suspcn- f
dcrs, at and OC
Men's Wool Sox,
Men's 30c Hose,
Men's Work Pants,
worth 91.50.
Cotton Toweling, at, per
Children's Wool Sweater Coats,
Ladles' and Men's Sweater
Coats, "worth to $1,
: 49c
Corsets, 75c value,
91.00 Corsets, at,
Heatherbloom Petticoats, black
only, worth $1, oq
each OtC
Ladies' Home Journal Pat
terns, alt on one big table ty
to choose from, each .... t C
Fur Sets, large size, worth to
97.50, at S4.98 tfQ QQ
and 7..... iPO.JO
Men's $3.00 Pants, well known
Reading make, rf a q
pair 3)1. tO
Men's ajad Young Men's all
wool worsted suits, rfjnr og
$10 to 915, at. . H QO
Men's and Young Mcn'B ele
gant make and stylish Over
coats, worth to An np
915.00, at 3 I .Op
200-yard spool Basting
Thread, per Bpool
5c card Pearl Buttons, O
per card mC
Paper Pins, also paper safety
pins, bunches of hair pins,
each; per paper or -i
bunch X C
Ladles' Hose, brown
only, pair
Ladles' and Children's 20c Ho
siery, fine ribbed and i 1
fast color, pair LLC
Ladies' Outing Flan
nel Mght Gowns
. 39c
What is left from the bankrupt stock in Ladies' and Misses'
Coats, Suits and Dresses, worth to 915.00, and some as
high as 917.50, all go Saturday at
The best grades qf the remainder of the bankrupt stock ef
Men's and Women's Shoes will be closed out Saturday1 at lew than
oHe-half of actual valnes.
The Novelty Co.
214-16-18 Nrth 16th St.
gl reads y