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The Packing,
Marketing and
of Fish Food
will be investigated
shortly by the U. S.
Bureau of Chemistry,
according to Harper's
Weekly, October 25th
This branch of the work of
transporting sea food from
the water to your table is the
salient feature of this organ
ization. We maintain and operate a
fleet of iron-clad fishing ves
sels, inspected daily by sani
tary experts, and manned by
skilled men, who have passed
the school of efficiency with
a high mark.
The minute the fish is
caught, it is inspected, and if
sound, placed in sanitary re
frigeration (good, clean, nat
ural ice) and 'immediately
transported to the various
distributing stations, thence
to your table, guaranteed, to
be fresh, not only on certain
days of the week but every
This is the story briefly told.
The result you will appreciate
if you order today.
Booth Fisheries
Branches in all principal cities
Omaha 1308 Leavenworth Street
Sana Morrill Expires of Attack of
Heart Disease.
South Omnhn Sheep llreelnta AI-
remlr nt rtecord Mark for Year,
trlth Another Month for
'A Traveling Palace1
of Crystal and Steel
THE new sun -parlor observation cm of tka Seminole
limited the car which ii giving eren luxury -hardened
travelers a thrill of surprise. People traTel to see the world.
They want to see the tnoit, In the ihortest time, with the
Uasl possible effort. This they can do when they joorney
South In the sun-parlor car of the
Seminole Limited
Tht MlUionairt't Way to Florida
Beflln roorian and air baths with your flrUoornlnawy from hem.
out itranint-toom wkara intruuUt la fard. f4 "A
nau saa nkliiiml aa comfortably aa la her boudoir at a
ara a
We hare auurtd safety at well u comfort. Electric block stfrl' and
doable tracks are roar protection. .Moreover, this U a V"' t""
aa tttnin ao nna,iii laurmadleta tarminala wtta tlMlaajad
3Uji iVI B.olnoT. linf Ii aa .ll-.tW rU with a raoora fer bata,
oa Uaia. Aad It coal as sua tbaa eralaary tralaa.
Ltiut Cklma p.m., Bt. Ltvit UM ..
Jjritil JatiKmrill 7M a.n. fcend awmtna- va
Illinois Central
S. jrORTX, Sistrlot raaiasfer Asrant,
407 South 16th St., Omaha, Vsbr.
31. SouxUts 34.
Dana Morrill, proprietor of the Blue
Rock Turret factory at Twenty-sixth and
O streets, died Ms residence. 1109
North Twenty-fourtit street, yesterday
morning- at 11 o'clock. Death was caused
by an attack, of angina pectoris, a heart
affection, which .struck the deceased
some weeks ag"o. He rallied and re
sumed his position at the head of the
factory. Later he was stricken a sec
ond time and was recording from the
second seizure when taken yesterday
morning with the fatal attack. Death
occurred at 11 o'clock. .
With the death of Dana Morrill South
Omaha loses one of the best known and
most highly respected dtlte,ns. Morrill
had a wide circle of friends and acquaint
ances, although he was a reserved man
toward others. He served two terms on
the school board and was president of
the South Omaha Clun club for a lonK
time. As a sportsman Dnna Morrill
ranked high. At one time he held the
state championship among the tariret
men. He was n lover of outdoor sports
and each year spent a 'long time anions
the hills where he hunted and fished
wi(h a company of congenial spirits.
He Is survived by his wife and one
daughter, Grace Vaught.At the time
of his death his brother, It Morrill, of
Benton Harbor, Mich., had Just arrived
on a visit Another brother, F. Morrill,
of 'Washington, D. C, survives, him, as
docs Frank R. Jones, a half brother.
The funeral will be held Thursday morn
ing at 10 o'clock at the First Presbyte
rian church, Rev. Dr. Wheeler conduct
ing the services. Interment will be mado
In Graceland Park cemetery. The pall
bearers wilt bo John Hrlggs, P. J. Mar
tin, 'rank Dworak, A. C. Pancoast, J.
J. Boyle and Del Pearce.
Tnrkey for City ICmplojreii.
In order that alt city employes may
have turkey pn Thanksgiving" day, the
council yesterday evening passed a mo
tion allowing the salaries for November.
Bids on a new or second-hand police
patrol were ordered advertised and the
motion forbidding the chief of police to
charge his official auto bills to the city
was rescinded and a new ono passed
allowing the chief S2G for the repairs of
his machine. Bids on fire hose, 2,000 feet
double Jacket, 2H-lnch cotton, rubber
lined, were ordered In by December 16.
Invitations to be present at a meeting
of the Deer Park Improvement club were
accepted for Friday at 8 p. m. The city
attorney was directed to prepare an ordi
nance for a new railing on the south sldo
of the Q street viaduct to bo built by the
Union Stock Yards company and the rail
roads. The new railing. It is said, con
templates an opening which will give
egress from a hotel that, It Is said, will
be erected In the near future on one side
of tho viaduct.
School Ilnrtrd Meet.
A session of the school board was held
lost night, at the high school building.
The session was private, It is sad.
Pendleton Obstinate.
Victor Pendleton. Iron worker. Is held
at the Bouth Omaha police station be
cause he will not comply" with the man
date- of Judge James English, who gave
the custody of Pendleton's 2-year-old
daughter to Mrs. Nancy Dunn, 2SS Dodge
street. Pendleton took the child Saturday
night from Mrs. Dunn and since that time
the police authorities of both cities have
been seeking for the place of Its bestowal.
. .1 1 . 1 .1 1 ( . . .....
i ruuicioii iiini urougiu ine cmid . to a
place near Twenty-fourth and Q streets,
nen tne police visited the place tht-
child was gone. Pendleton refuses to tel
tne wnereabouts of the child.. A woman
attache of the Juvenile court visited the
polica Btatlon yesterday and queried tho
man. Her questions seemed to heckle
Pendleton, who stated that he would tell
all about, It to the Judge. The prisoner
semed unwilling to look upon tho woman
attache of the court In tho light of
judicial officer.
Hoclor Finds a Bdliy.
Major i nomas lloctor found a tinhv
nunuay nigni ai 'rwenty-fourth and a
streets. The mayor was on his way
downtown about 7 o'clock at night when
ne was attracted by what sounded like
wio mewiing cnea or an Infant. The
mayor nesitated, followed the sound and
own near a doorway he discovered
ounaie whence the cries came. Tho bun
die was soft and warm and the mayor
Picaea tne inrant up in his arms. Then
he tried to figure out what he was to do
wjth the baby. He hailed a belated
passerby. "Got a light?" asked the I
mayorr The man passed over a match. 1
"Say," confided the, mayor, "I Just found
a baby." The passerby gave one startled
yowl and beat It hastily up the street.
Standing under the electric light. Hoc
tor Jounced the Infant up and down to
restrain Its cries. An Irreverent party
of Joy riders Jeered at him as they
wnizzed oy. Then the mayor started
homo with his find. Then he started
back. Finally he secured the attention
of an old-time political associate and the
two proceeded to look for marks of
Identification on the Infant.
One eye wa black. Jho rest of It was
spotted. It weighed about five pounds
and, as nearly as the mayor could figure
out, It was a mongrel pup of uncertain.
not to say dubious, lineage. The mayor
drew a sigh of relief and he hastily
sought the front porch of a neighbor who
never supported him for office and to
whom he felt as If he owed a duty. There
he deposited, the dog with a pious wish
for Its long lite and prosperity.
The man upon whoso porch the mayor
dropped the pup no longer speaks to his
Sheep Record Broken.
Sheep receipts at the South Omaha
market, from January 1, 1913, to Novem
ber 24, have passed the 3,000,000 mark, and
established a new record for one year's
receipts and still there is the month of
December to boost it higher- For the
period of less than eleven months the re
ceipts total 3.000,603 head of sheep. The
largest full year previous to 1913, totaled
2.984,870 head In 1910. Present indications
are, when the figures are finally footed
up for 1913,' a total of approximately 3,-
3CO.00O head will result.
Without - question the South Omaha
market Is fast becoming the popular river
market for the western sheepman. Re
ceipts for the first ten months of 19U
at South Orpnha totaling 2.7SO.O0O head as
comrared with the combined sheep re-
celpts of Kansas City, St. Joseph and
Kloux City for the same period of t,W),V
No Change lu Inspection.
There was considerable excitement
unions those Interested when two af
Omaha's newspapers rarrled In their
Sunday morning edition scarehend articles
concerning n. rumored change In the In
spection of hogs at, this market, it Kon
developed that the report was unfounded.
Dr. Nell, the Inspector In charge of tho
bureau of animal Industry at this point.
stated he had received no orders of any
kind with re (V re nee to any change In
tho inspection rules.
Washington dispatches this morning
carry a ery opportune statement . from
Dr. A. D. Melvtn. chief of the uureau of
animal Industry, as follows:
Inspection of hogs and other animals Is
now made on tho hoof wlien tho atock Is
sold to packers.
Subsequently the meat is Inspected and I
marked when It Is slaughtered.
Washington Club's Star Twirlcr
Leads American League Pitchers.
Clcntte, llunirll mid Scott Kollorr
the 5rr,l KlnK, While llouck
nnd UrrgR loane Ihe Moat
Walter Johnson, the speed king, was
the most successful pitcher In the Amorl-
Thero lean league Inst season. The speedy hurler
will be no change In this practice nor In of tnn Washington club allotted but )
the number of examinations. The revision , . ,,, , . .. ,i.
or the regulations Is designed to cover "," -" - -a
many details of practice that have , heavy hitter of the younger major aggre.
sprung up since the regulations wcro j nation. His average, of earned runs per
l-lVifl f!Ve y' ?s?,' We ,,ali? " ,ob:,Kame at the conclilson, of the Benson
Jectlon to most of these practices, lut'' , , , '
wish simply to Incorporate them Into de- at i.w. . .....
partmentnl rulea. None ot them Is of t'lcolte. P.usell nnd Pcott. all of the
major Importance. They will cover a p0x, were next In line In the order named
hundred and one different details. but thcr verw wrrp vcrM degree
This statement states very plainly there Man Johnson. "
Is no Intention of changing the present 0nc. of tne notMRble figures of Amerl
methods.. Any. changes made In govcrn;,. . ihM.ahmpe of
ment orders relative to Inspection of live i,mll.. hnik,. -..r. Ini,de ,
the American league last year. Ungel of
Washington, commltteed thre of. the
eleven offenses. -.
Pases on balls wcro plentiful llomK
of the Athletics .-ravc Its passes, whilo
Gregg of Cleveland Issued 121.
Johnson coped the strike out record
Vila total was 243., seventy-six more than
Gregg, his closest rival.
Full five games or more.
stock, either "before or after same Is
slaughtered, become effective nt all mar
kets alike, so that, no discrimination may
creep In either' for or against any par
ticular market. The South Omaha. IJvo i
stock exchange will continue to. watch
methods of Inspection very carefully,
safeguarding' shippers' Interests In' the
future as in the' past.
Voletteo. ttetiuns.
After a week's absence during which
time he was thought to have met with
foul play, n, Volencc, a Bohemian gro
cer at Thirty-eighth and Jackson streets.
returned homo yesterday. He notified
his wife by spoclal delivery letter from
Lincoln of his wheroabouts. Last night
when he arrived in Omaha from Lincoln
he telephoned his family of his coming
and asked whether they wished him homo
or not. The reason of his sudden going
week ago Is not known. Bclnr of
steady habits prior to his disappearance
It was feared that he had met with foul
play or been kidnapped.
Stovra nnd Itnnores.
Only few more days before we move.
You better take advantage of our low
rlces on stoves. Thoy go nt factory
cost. Koutsky-Pavllk Co.
South Omnhn llotrlem.
1st 2d 3d Total.
Vyrkoff. Philadelphia 17 19 30
Cullot). rie-nnd-. 2: 109 4
House. Detroit 1! 10 SI
Anderson, llostnn 10 SI SS
Although thn congregation of the First
Presbyterian church, Seventeenth and
Dodge streets, plans to erect a new
edifice In tho uptown district, the old
church building his Just been reroofed
nnd thoroughly and renovated Inside, at
considerable expense. It Is understood
that the new church may not be built for
several years.
4 34 KnnKKMIjHMI
1 SitBKkSKKMtUttKtlKi
Hildas for 1 cents each sold to early
Christmas shoppers at Sixteenth and
Dodge streets Monday Illustrated the
ndago that "ho who runs may read."
Testaments wero also offered At .6
cents and gospels, for only 2 cents a
copy. The stand, was conducted by a
i-epresentatlv'oi ot the- American Bible so
ciety, and many of tho books wero sold.
Key to the ?Muaxlon nee Advertising.
FiUgernld 177 113
Chadd 182 171
Kclley no 159
itocn jh J si
Petersen 220 187
Totals , Kt 871 977
1st 2d
Ham 176 li
Clark IBS 171
Winters 191 Ifcl
Bwlrt 191 153
Lefler , U7 1.6
3d Total.
Totals So0
Handicap ' 22
Totals 872 (01 819 - 2,608
1st 2d 3d Total.
Fritscher 115 179 195
Cooley 159 16 J 1x4
Ohenorg hii 15 171
Kennedy 1(3 183 214
LcptnskI 170 189 166
Totals SOI 809 933
1st Id
Vance 141 134
Lonir 101 114
Peaka IV) lzs
illmerson ,. 147 1V2
Dyck 19) 161
Totals 719 736
Handicap 71 71
3d Total.
117 3.(2
118 333
157 3i
1&7 4I
2J0 tel
743 2,ll
71 21'J
Pitchers, Club.
Johnson, -Wash...
Cleotte, Chicago..
Hussoll. Chicago.
Scott. Chicago ...
Steen. Cleveland ......
Bender, Philadelphia.
Falkenbnrg, Clevelam
Gregg. Cloveland
Wood, Boston
Leonard, Boston.......
Hamilton, St. I-ouls .,
Caldwell, New York..,
Zamlock. Detroit
Walsh, Chicago
Blandlng, Cleveland..,
Plank, Philadelphia...
It. Collins. Boston...
Bedlcnt. Boston .....
Ilcnz, Chicago
Brown, Philadelphia..
Dubuc, Detroit
Kahlcr, Cleveland
Mcllale, New York..,
Kngle, Washington...,
It. Mitchell. Ht, Louts.,
Wlllett, Detroit......
Baumg'rdner, Ht Lo
G. Foster, Boston...
Fisher, New York..
Groom, Washington,,
Keating, Now York..,
Welleman. ft. Louts..
C. Hall, Boston
1 nke, Detroit
Iivereng, St. Ixiuls..,
O'Brien. Chlcaivo
Gallia, Washington,.,
Schultr. New York..,
Warhop. New York .,
Houck, Philadelphia..
Co. lilts Av
of by B.n
11. Opp. Hit O
47 2M) 42 1.00
43 832 4 1.61
51 247 6S 1 Sf
4S 249 64 l.ttt
3.-. 1(0 45 1 H
3 200 M 2.01
22 1M r5 211
10 SOS (S 2.19
K 231 KS 221
41 'M 71 2 21
22 116 37 2C
4! 2T.J 65 2 29
11 (2 13 130
18 93 29 2 3.
31 197 57 137
27 131 41 2.41
17 66 19 2.41
16 St 2S 2.04
41 21 61 2.51
41 208 70 2.59
33 243 70 2.66
SO 3;S 72 2.72
43 183 SO 2.73
33 142 46 2.74
33 162 61 275
41 V.O 77 2 90
.16 228 78 2.90
24 115 41 2.90
7 4") 16 2 94
: 124 (6 X01
33 2fiR 83 3.01
24 106 40 3.02
33 229 83 3.10
1 38 27 8S 3.11
19 64 24 3.1$
43 241 87 3.20
19 106 40 3.20
37 258 95 3.23
25 146 54 3.23
30 144 CO 3.29
39 2i2 95 3.41
85 97 40 3.4S
28 147 50 3.61
. 18 VI 36 3.56
39 193 80 3.51
30 ino 58 n 00
22 124 44 3.6)
SO S5 -!S 3.7J
3S 197 ?0 3.71
15 69 26 3.7P
IS 122 4S 3.93
S6 130 68 4.0T
40 141 81 4,14
fl 111 B The lowest priced, most economical closed car J III
Hill on the market. Six-passenger 4 cylinder 20 INI
Mllll horsepower. Price Includes two six-Inch I II
I 111 I n liunps, generator, throe oil lamps, horn Jill
Hill nnd tools. Including Jack f o. b. DotrolL I
Hill Get particulars from Ford Motor Company. Illl
lltll tr U fInt"oy Bl-' 0mn,ln- or dlfect from De
I Ford Model TTown Car $750 ,
Totals 791 807 S14 2,411
Mnirlo Clt Goaalp.
Office space for rent In Bee office. 231S
N street. Terms reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. South 27.
Tha German Ceclllan club will give a
card party Wednesday afternoon at 3
o'clock at the McCrann hall.
Mrs. C. II. Lea has returned from Au
rora. Neb., where she was called by tho
serious Illness of her brother, A. Nelson,
The members of South Omaha lodge
IT. ...... Itfitwb aw I ... 1 .1
will hold their annual Thanksgiving so
cial Tuesday evening at tho Odd Fellows'
The funeral of Robert M. McCarty will
bo held this afternoon at 2:30 nt the Union
church In Sarpy county. Burial win bo in
the Dally cemetery, me uouy was snip
ped ftom Grand Parks, N. D.
The literature department of the South
Omaha Woman's club will hold a meet
tnir todav at the library hall. Miss Mary
Sullivan of the Omaha High school will
speak on Hnaxespearan meaier in courts
maskquca ot James I.
from coughi, colds
and throat atreln dtul
as others hava done
menthol rnftrfh iirnnc
"Uatt a Hundred Vttt"
Singer, speakers, talespeople, out
door worker all find Luden'i
beneficial. Clear, soothe, refresh
the throat and nose. Absolutely
SotdEtryvhtn-5e.thtbox. 4
nca ron tr yoa t1
vaniyon tntrrll
nrdcr la ths II11
yon srannt
iritrnua. Imfe fAtiirn nnttiftdno
yoar moniy. Tfceis prlcti lic
nK. neiiaai inr 1
ore tuaafnll qum bottlai try It younatf, j& jSM
rlfnail ieit 11 erery wyt ynn r inndi nd It fiSS. .1
mora than ittlt tlni It's lb blcieit w hltkty btln, cSfc K4
rtlon aud w will tafnnd &11 ICZOSm SSan
Foil Qaarl Battles
MtUswSfrbfs WbiOtty
Fa!) Qitrt Bottles
Hwaw Sfriafs WUiltey
Fall Qstrt Baltics
MeHsw Sftkt WUaker
Our Great FREE Offer
Withaaflh foaranartiAfArUou.Sftr4iajirAtf.
naroaN(HHMfrrminKDaioDfl acrou
laiaaeeaniar.witBaeroiifiaia atoppar.
1 n .nnranoir. ai iihiicidub
or Anf ollra Wlna or llanbatlaaCoe
laomaaerou Sfj
laia atoppar. m
Sherry, 1'oti A
a doc an tar la m
ilerlac atata eontanta dot ird.
full alia, f raa from adrartlalnff 1
omamant to toy ajdaboanl. Von can't baat ha
Tbla daeantar la
maitar, auaalal
unulna old
Spring!, tba aama atrattbt,
rnii nt. h
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laM ifTftTlTI lr"
llna old Slmlknu Xnrinmt.t
racommmdcdtortnadlelnal and bomauaa. Kot a.
batlarwhlikay toba had at any coit. Yoopay donbia 1
tba prlra for Infartor wblakayi bat by aalllng dlract to yon and eatttnioei
alaatnan'a oipanaaa, atr., na hara sqnaaiad tba prlea down to tha lait
notch. Tl wondtrtuloOrr will lait hut Itmltii itmt ami w IStrttt aril
Sfjsjaaw- foumakotlvnlmtan4ordrlmmmUtt, fiolr- l hn run Quart Bonltl.
MAYCUFFE D1ST. CO., Warehoma 19 ST. LOUIS, MO.
No Money Till Cured
nVit!" Sn& " Blaaaaaa eura. wft!-
S.?!!1"1 !' Iermsnant cures a-Marata) !.
Writ, far rr.o IHu.trataal taafM
Dlsacsas anal tasMmsntals ml Km watrea at
cur ad ttatlanta In Nsbraska anil UwiV
DR. E.R. TARRY - 240 B Bide.. On.ah9, Nb.
fn -f-r-T-n a t-irn RnrPQH TIl Automobile Editor of Tho Omaha Bee will gludly furnish you detail infor
lIllUIIIlclLlUll lJUICiaU. mation regarding any of the automobiles, trucks, delivery wagons, tires or acoeis
- ! , .u i iit i i i
eories represented in this directory. Write today.
Nebraska Buick Auto Company,
Lee Huff Mgr. 1912-14-16 Farnam Street.
G. F. Reim. Yres.
Cadillac Company of Omaha,
2054-6-8 Farnam Street,
Doty & Hathaway,
2027 Farnam Street,
Doty & Hathaway,
2027-29 Farnam Street.
Marion Auto Company,
0. W. McDonald. 2101 Farnam Street,
Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation,
205-207 State Bank Building.
gas.oi.inje: cars
R. N. Howes.
Fred C. Hill
2102-4 Farnam Stmt,
E. R. Wilson Auto Company,
2429 Farnam StrMt.
Drummond Motor Company.
26th and Farnam Stmu,
I I Van Brunt Automobile Company,
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St Council Bluffs.
Van Brunt Automobile Company,
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St., Council Bluffs.
Van Brunt Automobile Company,
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St., Council Bluffs.
The T. G. Northwall Company,
912-14 Jones Street
Doty & Hathaway,
2027-29 Farnam Street
0. W. McDonald.
Marion Auto Co.,
2101 Farnam Stmt
Drummond Motor Company,
26th and Farnam Stmt,
Arthur Stora Auto Supply Co.,
2020 Farnaat Stmt.
f- Automobile Suppliss,
2020 F&rnam Siri,