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Government Irrigation Expert So
Declares About the West.
Trouble la thnt Too Mnnr Undertake
to Ilnndle n Trnet Without Suf
ficient Capital to Carrr
Tli em ThrouRh.
'The (rovernment In the matter of de
veloping Irrigation projects has reached
the stage where It Is able to supply water
for more tracts of land than thero are
ettlers for them," said R. P. Teele. as
sistant chief. Irrigation Investigations of
fice of experiment stations, Washington,
D. C, who was in ttje city, on his way
nome after a summer spent In the west.
"Irrigation," says Chief Teele, "Is prov
ing a success throughout the country,
and where farmers are applying the cor
rect methods In handling the lands they
are making money."
Handling Irrigated land, according to
Chief Teele, Is really not a poor man's
proposition, and the failures he thinks
ate generally among those who go onto
.these lands without sufficient money. To
handle an Irrigated tract successfully,
Chief Teele Is of the opinion that the
owner should have at least $2,000. With
this sum he could make his Improvements
and live until he raised a crop, but, In
addition to the money, the man upon tho
land should, at the time ot settling, bo
the owner ot a team and a fair supply ot
agricultural Implements.
Chief Teele has Investigated tho claim
that the constant Irrigation of land re
sults In bringing alkali salts to the sur
face, thereby decreasing the crop yield,
lie finds that the claim Is true, but adds
that It Is l08sib(o to overcome this by
drainage, thus carrying off the alkali.
Omaha Women Will
Attend the National
Suffrage Meeting
Mrs. Draper Smith will leave Thurs
day evening for Washington, D, C, to
attend the national suffrage convention,
which will open In that city next Mon
day. Mis. Smith will head tho delega
tion from, Nebraska, which Includes six
delegates. Mrs. James Richardson from
Omaha Is the only other local woman
' who Is a member of the delegation.
Mr. J. XV. Johnson of Lincoln, Mrs. W.
J.- Ward of Tccumseh, Mrs. Annetta
Jesfolt of Pawnco City and Mrs. John
MV Chalflan of Falls City Include the
rest ot the delegates.
They will meet In Chicago Friday even
ing and wilt go on tho suffrage special,
which will leave that city at G: o'clock
that evening. Only delegates to tho con
vention will be on this train, which will
carry womin from all parts of the west.
Mrs Smith says; "We are expecting
this to be one of tho most Important
convention ever held In the Interest of
nutfrage imri great things arc anticipated
from the result of It,"
Mrit, Frank Harrison will not he able
to attend, Mrs. H. C Sumney and Sirs.
W. C. Eundnrland will not go as It was
first rcoorted.
, Dal B., I.o'Ct was granted n. decreo In
a', suit In which Peeler Loch, saloon pro
prietor, was defendant. Crliclty was the
Phlla H. Conrad filed a petition ask
ing 'separation from Edmund J. Conrad.
Pearl Urown secured a dlvorco from
llsi;rv I?. Drown.
Margaret Klllfcon asked permission to
get service by publication on Francis B.
Johanna Jensen sued Christ Jensen for
divorce on the ground of cruelty.
Any Bill of Fare
If You. Vso n Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet After Kncli Meal You Can
Eat "Ulint You Like.
It does not make any difference what
you eat If you will provide your sys
tem with the wherewithal to- digest. It.
No bill ot fare should nppall or dis
gust a man v,ho wants to cat There.
Is a simple, sure way and that Is by
carrying a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet In
your pocket or purso to bo eaten after
each tntal.
"X Love to Set My Hand On a Bill
of Pare."
This tablet will go Into your stomach
like food. It will mix with your digestive
juices, strengthen them to their correct
proportions. Then It will follow the food
Into the intestines where It will .again
a'd In tho work of digestion.
Even though you cat too much at any
meal a llttlo tablet taken at the cloe
of your dinner will cause that dinner
to be thoroughly digested without harm
ful .effects.
Acute Indigestion ha no fears for the
man who will occasionally use a Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablet.
Wo are a nutlon of "high livers." We
travel exceedingly fast In all we do and
eating rich food at all hours has made
Indigestion nnd stomach trouble our
national disease.
A Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet will make
you freo from this danger and the best
ot It all Is that you may test yourself
at any time nnd prove this statement
Go to your druggist today and buy a
box, price 50 cents.
Bondholders Will
. Get About Fifteen
Per Cent Returned
In round numbers, $29,000 will be dis
tributed by Arthiir. Kugtish, "receiver of
the Nebraska Traction nnd Power com
pany, to tho bond holders nnd holders
of Hens within a short time. This he has
Just been authorised to do by thc-fedoral
court In Omaha. Thero were In all bonds
In tho sum of $151,000.
Tho order of' tho federal court author
izes him to pay all approved liens. Also
ho Is authorized to pay 12 per cent on
tho face of tho bonds, besides all Interest
coupons on them up to April 15, 1013.
Those dated later itre loft out bt the
A balance of $1,000 Is held back by the
court to cover any legltlmato claims that
may arise and aro not now being liqui
dated. This Is usually done to cover
cases In which holders of liens, that have
been rejected, mako an appeal, and In
any way aro able to mako tholr claim
good. The bond holders, It Is said, will
get little more than 15 per cent on the
face of tho bonds they hold,
Tho two-year graduating class of the
Omaha High School or 'Commcrco has
organized, electing the following as class
officers; Margaret Lynch, president;
Mary Angela Fox, vlco president; Agnes
JacObson, secretary; Mablo . Franson;
tieasurer; Dlna Cross, reporter; Mr. It.
It. Urott and Miss Helen Drummond,
class supervisors. No very deflnlto plans
for the future wero adopted, but the mem
bers of tho class hope to become
thoroughly organized before long.
Who Pays Income Tax?
Questions Answered by Ross L. Hammond,
N Collector Internal Revenue, District of Nebraska
XTOTS These answtra are only opinions Assigned to hlp tax payers to under
stand the law, pending ratings by the Treasury Department, which rulings
will have the force and effect of law. These rulings cannot be accurately
forecast, so these opinions are only tentative.
Question To whom must application b
made for blanks upon which to make re
turn? Answer To the collector of Internal
revenue, Omaha, Neb. ' a widower entitled to the $1,000
exemption for the year In which his wife
A. No. The law exempts only a hus
band living with his wlfo.
Q. May donations and beuuests to char'
ty, education, etc., bo deducted from In
come? A.-No.
Q Are expenses for travel In the per
formance of one's business properly de
ductible from gross Ineomo?
A. Yes; but they must be "reasonable
expenses," according to the law.
Q. If a husband nnd wife both have.
Ineomo above $1,000, may both claim ex
emption of $4,000?
A. No. They are permitted to make
but one deduction of $1,000 for the two,
by cither or pro rata between them.
Q. Aro roturns ot Income filed with
tho collector open to public Inspection?
A. Yes, under certain restrictions. Cor
poration returns shall bo subject to In
spection only upon order of tho president,
under rules prescribed by tho secretary
of the treasury, and by request ot the
governor of any. state Imposing an In
como tax. Collectors and all deputies,
agents and Inferior officers, are forbid
den under severe penalties from giving
out or disclosing any returns or Informa
tion concerning personal or corporation
Q. What knowtedge Is to be had of
evasion of the Income tax?
A. All collectors shall from time to
time cause his deputies to proceed
through even part ot his district and
Investigate all uersons who are liable for
payment of any Internal revenue tax.
Q Must banks withhold tho normal tax
of 1 per cent upon Interest accruing to
depositors or open accounts and certi
ficates? A. No. Interest ot this kind must be
accounted for by tho depositor In his or
Its tax return.
Q. An employe receives salary, part of
which Is guaranteed and paid regularly,
but Is less than $3,roo annually, and a
part Is based on commissions and paid as
these coinmlrelons warrant; must tax be
withheld When tho total reaches a sum
greater than the exemption?
A. No. When tho Income Is not fixed
or certain, tho payer Is not obliged to
withhold tax. The employe must report
all this on his return.
Woman and Child Saved from Blaze
by Neighbors.
After Ulcklns: In lloor Mrs. Byers
una llnttKhter Are Carried Ont
UnroiisclonM TlinuRht to
' He Inccnillnry'n Work.
One woman Is In the Swedish hospital
seriously 111 from the effects- of being
overcome by smoke, and her 7-year-old
daughter Is HI after a nnrrow escape, as
the result of what firemen and police of
ficers declare to bo the second attempt of
Incendiaries to destroy the homo of Mrs.
Anna Dyers, 1412 North Twenty-fourth
Neighbors saw smoke pouring from tht
windows of Mrs. Dyers' home at 3 o'clock
Tuesday morning, and attempted to
awaken the woman and her daughter, who
sleep alone in tho house. Falling to get .
response, they kicked In a door and car
ried Mrs. Dyers outside, unconscious from
the effects of the stifling smoke. Mary
Dyers, -7 years old, and her daughter,
was nearly unconscious when she was
When firemen came, thoy found that
the blaze was confined to tho first floor.
It was apparent that the fire started In
a trunk, which was filled with oll-soakcd
rags nnd scraps ot paper. Mrs. Dyers
and the little girl slept on the second
floor, and tne flames did not have time
to Teach them.
Last Friday night the fire department
wns called to tho Dyers' home and a pile
ot oil-soaked rags was found burning In
a basket In the kitchen. Firemen thought
It looked suspicious at the time, but the
Investigation that followed brought noth
Ing to light that would furnish foundation
for their suspicions.
Mrs. Dyers Is a widow, nnd neighbors
say they know of no one who would wish
to do her harm. The tittle girl Is a pupil
In the grado schools.
A Viper In the Stoninch
Is dyspepsia, complicated with liver and
kidney troubles. Electric Hitters help all
such cases or no pay. Try them. 50c.
For sale by all druggists. Advertisement.
Meals Hit Back? for Dyspepsia, Gas
or a Sour Stomach -rPape's Diapepsin
Try itl In five minutes Indiges
tion and Stomach distress
gone Eat without fear
Tlmo It! in five 'mlnt(es all stomach
distress gone. No indigestion, heartburn,
sourness or belching of gas, add, .or
eructations ot undigested food, no dizzi
ness,' bloating, foul breath or headache.
Tape's Dlnpcprin Is noted for Its speed
In regulating-upset stomaphs. It Is the
surest, quickest stomach doctor In the
wholo world, and besides. It Is harmless.
Millions of men and women now eat
their favorite foods without fear they
know It Is needless to have a bad
Oet a large fifty-cent case of Rape's
Din pepsin from nny drug store and put
your stomach right. Stop being miser
able llfo Is too short you're not here
long, so make your stay agreeable. Kat
what you llko and digest It: enjoy It,
without fear of rebellion In the stomach.
rape's Diapepsin belongs In your home.
Should one of the family cat something
which doesn't agree with them, or In
caseof an attack-ot Indigestion, dyspep
sia, gastritis or stomach dcrangeyicnt.
It Is handy to give Instant relief. Advertisement.
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Still Quicker
To St. Paul and Minneapolis
On'riow schedules effective on. tho Chicago Great "Western November
30th our "GET THERE FIRST" train for hustlpra has boon quickened 20
minutes more (now leaving time 8:30 p. nx.) from Omaha to St Paul and
Minneapolis, and day train has been ad justeU to make tho leaving time from
Omaha more comfortable in the winter mornings. Here are the new uched
ules. .Leave Omaha 8:30 pjn. 9:90 sum. 3:45 pan.
Arrive Ft. Dodge 12:46 a-m, 2:10 pjn. 8:37 jum.
Arrive Mason City 3:12 ojn. 5:05 pan
Arrive St. Paul 7:30 ajn., 9:55 pan.
Arrive Minneapolis.... 8:05 a.m. 10:25 pjn.
In the- evening you am take dTmuair wit hinmij. gjo IhiHuraiy- tu tJin? dnpertt.
spend the evening in the Buet-Chrii tuun and. wltem randy- gp' to bed,, gat at
full night's sleup uml arrive in the THvm: CiitiOTaforalaf thKmn
a Great "Western -traveler.. Through. HfeBpursj. afiniar tuna; anil aoachfia,.
Day train has the most comfortable dhy uufiinlkrik' Ihifewjan: Qnmfim ami
the Twin Cities. The- IHH) departure itself w iiorafcing" (mnugh them dhys,
when sunrise comeif between 7 and 8 (D'hUiuIfc,. und tliu. enjuipmxmt. mumbd
adds to its attractiveness. Gife-Purloir aiir rmd,tliruugjl aaaalk aiyn11111111--
Our- iiftornorm train far Gh"iinrgrj now IbasrafK Omaha; ait fliitfi) p:rm. inv
stead of 0:00 p.m.,. and arriyaH: DubuKLre3ifin)mm;r(
iiig-mire canneotibir wiUi trains-far all points hnyand.. Through. KhmpErs
mid Cnui mulmingalwijrgm.. Buffnfc tdnhjairuutilmfilhight..
Wo; nra here to inakavtovll easy ihir you. We will dalrlwav tihlkdsr and
(jail at ymirkumo orplhuarurimBinoss and help voudib yiuirtrOT,
llsa telephone it's handy,; anil Douglas. 2150.
YS22: lTarnanr StcaelV. 0tm& Kith.
l!hojie DmtKlfc 280.
Post Office.
City or Town .