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Om BEt: Oil AH n, UUAU&l, JNOVJiMDhK 24, I'M.
Jeff Says, "Doggone the Dog Business"
shut up
Keep QuiferJ
Huskers, Maroons Notre Dame and
Miohigan Aggies Candidates,
WolrrrlBca Also One to He Can
slderrd Rrcnaac of Three Vic
tories UTer MINT Eastern
CHICAGO. Now 23. As a result of the
foot bill came of last week the best
team of the wtt must be sefrctod from
the undefeated teams of the University
of Chicago, University of Nebraska, the
Michigan AgTlcultual college and Notre
Uame. with the University of Mlchlgiin
thrown In for good measure.
Chicago Is undisputed hamplon of the
"big nine" and the record, of the Ma
roonc for the season Is probably the most
Impressive recorded In the nine years
of the present conference organization.
Nebraska had the honor of defeating
two hlg nine teams, three Missouri Val
ley conference aggregations and the Has
kell Indians.
The Michigan Agglcs stand high be
cause of the defeats administered to
Wisconsin and Michigan. Notre Dame
has standing because of the humiliation
of two strong teams ot the east, and
Michigan, ence defeated, Is entitled to a
ptaea among the leaders because of Its
final games In which three of the strong
team ot the east were defeated.
Whether some one of these five teams
has the right to catlm the title of Amer
ican champion Is capable of much dis
cussion. Ksch of the team ot the "big nine"
conference met defeat by Chicago except
Ohio State, with which no game was
scheduled. Each name was a decisive
and clear-cut demonstration of Chicago's
superiority with the possible exception ot
the Purdue match. Tha Purdue-Chicago
game left some- doubt In the mlads of
the critics whether tho Maroons were
inherently the stronger, but other Pur
due games dispelled this doubt.
Last place in thv"blg nine" unques
tionably Is Northwestern's, with Ohio
State and Indiana a short discussion
above the cellar champions. Minnesota
and Purdue both fled the claim to sec
ond place, while Wisconsin protests
vehemently against being relegated to
Jn the Missouri Valley, Nebraska's
honors are shared by Missouri, unde
feated In the games of the conference.
The, teams have an almost equal stand
ing against the two teams met la common,
Kansas and Ames.
Missouri did not play well up to the
defeat by Illinois. After that the student
feedy rushed to the support of the eleven
and Umi coach were able to turn out
one of the beat of Missouri elevens. The
defeat of Kansas In the final game
makes the Mlceri season a success,
Ten without equalling Missouri in valley
swot. Missouri's valley victories were
over Ami. Drake. Washington and Kan
as. In the last three games tha team
was not scored against. Nebraska, de
feated Kansas Agricultural college, Kan
sas university and Ames.
The seasen of 1M3 seems to have
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marked the pnxslnr ot the "Minnesota
shift," opposing trams have solved the
famous evolutions of Coach Williams and
"Tom" Hlievlln and not a team using tho
play or Its aduplatloiiH attained tho high
eft ranking. Minnesota lost In the Dig
Nine, itnnsue In the Missouri valley and
the play was not a wluner In the Rocky
mountain conference. Ynl with, the
thu She v! In version of the shift, did not
prove a successful scoring machine
agnlnst tho major teams ot .the east.
Middle western foot ball In general was
of higher class this year than ever bo
fore. Teams of this section t made the
best possible showing against representa
tives of other sections, the -only defeats
suffered bclpg Western Itcsorve by Syra
cuse and Oklahoma over Kansas.
The Texas-Notre Dame game Thursday
will be the only meeting between teams
of the middle west and the southwest.
Most ot tho teams of the middle west
Imvo scored about tha same number of
points, with a large variation In the num
ber of points scored ngulnst them. Iowa
has th high record for the year, whllo
Incomplete returns Indicate the Haskell
Indians have the least number rf point
scored against them. Nebraska held Its
opponents to the smallest number of
points In'the Missouri valley, while Pur-duo-
has that honor In the Big Nine.
SAN J03B. Cal., Nov. 23. Bart Coopor,
automobile driver, winner of tha Santa
Monica road race and other motor car
classics, was perhaps fatally injured hero
Cooper was giving a free exhibition be
fore, school children when his" car became
unmanageable .and crashed through tha
fence bordering, the race track. At the
hospital to which ther Injured maniwn
removed little hopo for his recovery was
held. He was believed to have suffered
Internal Injuries, in addition to several
bone fractures.
CHrCAaO, Nor. 22,-Eart Cooper of
I.os Angeles Is the champion motor road
racing driver of tho United States, ac
cording to data compiled and published
here today by an nutomoblle magaxtno.
Tha recorda Include the ''desert race" ot
Wayne Nnrmnl Heats Atkinson II 1Kb.
ATKINSON, Neb.. Nov. 3. (Bpeclal.)
Ilefore a crowd of SO Oenthustastlo foot
ball fans Wayne normal defeated Atkin
son high school today, 7 to Being
defeated hy a score no indecisive by a
state normal school, which has defeatod
many colleges In the eastern part of tha
state, places Atkinson high in the run
ning for state championship honors, no
school having scored on It thin year.
Officials of the game were Merrln of
O'Neill, referee; Walker of Omaha, um
pire and fllake ot Atkinson head lines
man. FRlrrannts Win,
The Fairmont foot ball sound handed
their old enemies, the Athletic Reserves,
a neat trimming at Baglea park, Sunday
afternoon, before a crowd of several
hundred enthulsJnsts, whoa evenly di
vided sentiment aroused a Tolley of In
tense rooting. Both teams are composed
of allvletoa not excedlmr 18 year ot
age and desire to hear from other teams
In the city for future contests,
Chicago's Vletoriea Decisive,
OAKLAND. Neb., Nov. M.-fipeclal
Telegram.) Oakland defeated Waithlll
today. tn 0. This la the first game
Oakland has played this year, the features
were the all around playing; ot Wagner
and Patmqulst or Oakland. Oakland
plays Sherman Avenue Merchants ot
Omaha Thanksgiving.
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Undoubted Valley Champs, Though
Have Not Met Missouri.
Many Snppiirtrr of Nebraska Be
lleve Cornliriskern llarf Revealed
Better Form Than Any
Western Eleven.
II Fit ISO 8. ItllMUII.
By decisively defeating Iowa yester
day afternoon Nebraska brought to a
fitting culmination a season that Is per
haps the most successful In the history
of the school. At least It Is the most
gratifying for the rooters and supporters
because It Is a' team that Is almost a
new team and a team that went into at
least two battles with doubt of victory
stamped on Its record. There can be
little doubt that Nebraska cleanly estab
lished Its right to the Missouri valley
championship honor, even though Mis
souri did defeat all the Missouri valley
teams that it met this season.
Missouri lost ono game, the game with
Illinois. The Illtnl defeated the Missouri
vnlley eleven conclusively. Nebraska did
not lose a game, either to conference)
members or to teams outside the confer
ence. Nebraska defeated two teams In
the western conference, the conference
In whtch Illinois plays, and both teams
are superior to Illinois. Minnesota was
defeated by the Cornhuskers and the
Gophers failed to cross the goal line.
.Iowa was defeated yesterday and the
Hawkeyrs likewise failed to cross the
Nebraska goal. As Illinois received the
worst beating she received during the
season at the hands bf tho Gophers, it
.does not appear reasonable that Mis
sour! could defeat the Cornhuskers.
Missouri barely defeated the Jayhawk'
era yesterday by a lone drop kick. A
week ago Nebraska Invaded McCook field
and walked away with a 9-to-0 victory
tucked under her arm, One touchdown
and a place kick netted tho nine points.
A touchdown Is always regarded as con
clusive evidence of superiority, even whan
a goal from the field Is not, because a
goal from tho field only demonstrates
tho skill and prowess ot one Individual
player and does not represent the com
bined efforts of a foot ball scoring ma
chine. Thus, If Missouri could not In
reality score against Kansas and Ne
braska could and did, It points clearly
to the superiority of the Cpmhuskcf
Million rt'a Standing?,
The games with Ames point to little
Both Missouri and Nebraska defeated
the Iowa farmers and both scored three
touchdowns. Ames, In turn, scored ona
touchdown against both Nebraska, and
Missouri. The Ames games can be ellm
Inated from the records a Illustrating
any superiority ot Nebraska, but the
Kansas game must not be omitted and
the western conference games by both
teams furnish additional proof of the
Cornhuskers' claim to the championship)
I.nnk tn Western Honors.
But many a Cornhusker rooter, In fact
most ot them, Is not content to let mat
ters rest at that point- It would be a
difficult proposition to discover a Corn-
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huskor supporter who does not believe
the Missouri Valley conference honor Is
conceded to Nebraska by everybody. And
It wdtild be Just as difficult a proposition
to find a Cornhusker who does not flrm'y
believe, and Is willing to back that be
lief up by strong argument, that the
western honors 'belong to Nebraska.
Of courso Chicago will bo given the
Western conference honor, but there are
other teams In tho west which, In the
opinion of many eminent foot ball ex
ports, are faster than Btagg's proteges.
Notre Dame and the Michigan Aggies
can Insert their claim to supremacy of
the entlro west and they have records
on which to base their assertions. But
above all rests the honors that Nebraska
haa won this year. Decisive defeats ot
all opponents. Including Minnesota and
Iowa and Kansas. The Michigan Aggies
barely beat Wisconsin, while Wisconsin
was soundly trounced by Minnesota, who
In turn was badly beaten by Nebraska.
Notre Dame has playod no one by which
a comparative score ot any kind may be
compiled. Its strength Is merely a guesi,
but those who have seen the Catholics
play do not believe that they could beat
either Chicago or Minnesota or Ne
braska. From every standpoint Nebraska has
the atronrgst claim to western supremacy
and, although It has never been the cus
tom to proclaim a western champion be
yond the western conference champion,
there can be little doubt that Nebraska
Is supreme In the west.
Carlisle Reds Win
Over Syracuse in a
Spectacular Game
SrilACUSE, N. Y., Nov. 23. The Car
Halo Indians defeated Syracuse In the
Archbold sttidium yesterday, S5to27. The
game was one ot the most spectacular
seen here. All through the game the
two elevens took turns in scoring.
During the first three minutes of play
Castle, the Orange halfback, broke away
from tho Indians on an end-run and
gained sixty yards for the first touch
down. By straight rushing two touch
downs were scored for Carlisle In the
first quarter, and Carlo w kicked both
goals. Halfback Brasklln also accounted
for two ot the Indians' touchdowns later
In the game. Toward the end of the
second quarter, Syracuse carried the ball
from their own forty-yard Una over for a
touchdown, Kinsley, right halfback, mak
ing the last run for twenty yards.
For tho Indians, Guy on scored a touch
down In the final period and Halfback
Qarlow kicked the goal. Quarterback
Johnson made a thirty-yard run through
a broken field for Syracuse's last touch
down. Halfback Castlo kicked the goat
O'er 100 university catfts ushered at
the game, but they forgot all about
ushering when the game started and
many a delayed spectator was compelled
to find his own seat-
The solid bank of black and old gold In
the south stands was almost as heavy
as the scarlet and red In the north.
There were several hundred Iowans
present and they cneereo. long ana iura
at th hrlnnlnir of. the contest up until
the last quarter, but In the last quarter
the ardor or me itawarye bwwiwi
visibly and audibly dampened when
Purdy annexea me secona pmnw.
Ammerman and Oalletley, the Ne
braska cheer leaders, fairly exuberated
enthusiasm and the latest tango steps
when they called upon all loyal rooters
to give the Nebraska songs and yells.
When Rutherford rushed over for the
first touchdown the Nebraska supporters
threw their hats In the air, yelled them
selves hoarse, hugged other Nebraska
men and sometimes hugged Nebraska
The Crelghton foot ball team was on
hand to seo how Nebraska handed the
Hawkeyes a package. Coach Miller fig
urea that Crelghton will profit by th
experience and do likewise with South
Considerable money changed hands on
the contest. One pool of 11.300, put up by
Iowa stockmen, was covered by a bunch
ot Omaha men and when the game was
over the Iowa stockmen were nowhere
to be seetu
Captain Purdy gambled 1300 of his own
money, for which he labored long and
faithfully last summer, on the result
Purdy said Nebraska would "eat em up"
and Nebraska did as he said for ho was
the captain.
Superintendent draff and Prof. C. E.
Reed, ot the high school, attended the
game to see Halllgan. the North Platte
wonder. If all the North Platte boys are
like Halllgan, It looks bad for Omaha
Thanksgiving day,
Nebraska's big band furnished the
brass harmony for the occasion and
marched around the field to display Its
strength between the halves. The Lin
coln High school band was also present
nnd Dlayed almost as good as did the
large university band.
Captain Purdy will be married as soon
as the school term Is over next spring, or
perhaps sooner, lie will wea miss itacnei
Kllpatrick of Beatrice. Two years ago,
the day ot the Michigan contest. Purdy
secured Miss KUpatrlck's consent to the
union, but it was not to d unui aner
his senior year.
"Jumbo" Stiehm was the most excited
Individual on the field. The tall Ne
braska mentor paced up and down the
side lines, tearing hla hat and his hair
during the third quarter, when Iowa took
a spurt, but during the last quarter he
was a solid mass of smllea. Even his
feet seemed to smile and lie did dance
up and down when a Cornhusker ra&de a
Mtiirtloaal fata.
I I I , I I I
Question of Which School Deserves
Honors Being Settled.
Final Games Are DrnTrlnsr Ncnr nnd
Tlio.c Still In the Field Wtll Be
Obliged to Defend Them
. selves.
The state high school championship
horizon Is clearing and the tangle In
which a number of the schools of the
state have been Involved, each claiming
the title, Is disappearing as a result ot
this week's gridiron contests. Omaha
will be In a position to clinch the "rag"
it the local lads succeed. In defeating
North Platte on Thanksgiving.
Since the defeat ot Aurora by Hastings
Friday the former city Is out of the run
ning and strengthens Omaha's claim. A
post-season game with Aurora, If both
the teams completed the remainder of
the schedule with no defeats, has been
considered for some time by tho local
team as a means of straightening out the
tangle, and the defeat ot Aurora makes
such a game unnecessary.
Another of the strong up-state teams
whose previously bright hopes for the
championship were killed Friday Is
Oothenberg, for North Platte succeeded
In obtaining a hard victory over this
team by a 3 to 0 score. Before this de
feat Oothenberg had played a clean
schedule and was claiming tho western
Omaha's only formidable opposing:
claimant is Kearney, as a result. North
Platte, however, succeeded In holding
Kearney to a tied score early in. the sea
son and If Omaha defeats the former next
Thursday, Kearney will be eliminated
and the championship will go to the
local team.
Tho high school team will be In first
class condition Thanksgiving day and an
excellent contest Is anticipated. Tho lo
cal warriors are fully assured ot the Im
portance of the event of the struggle as
bearing on the championship and are
preparing to bring every ounce of strength
Into play In an endeavor to cop the title.
Notre Dame Defeats
Christian Brothers
ST. LOt'lS, Nov. a -Crumbling In the
final quarters, the Christian Brothers' col
lege eleven went down to defeat yesterday
before the rushing Notre Dame team. 20
to 7. It was the Purple and Gold's first
defeat In two years.
The game started with a series of line
plunges and after ten minutes of play
Ratlcan, the local halfback, recovered a
fumble and scored the "brothers' " touch
down after a tun of twenty-five yards.
He kicked goal.
tenner team had the adavntage In th
aecond period, hut in the third quarter
Klchenlaub went over for a touchdown
on a series of end runs and fake plays.
Borlas kicked the goat. In the final
period tho weight of the visitors showed
to advantage, Notre Dame bowling over
its lighter opponents with ease. In this
quarter Borlas went over for touchdowns
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run bite
Drawn for The Bee by
on runs of forty yards,
mtascd a goal.
He kicked and
Gopher Establishes
New Record in Cross
country Mile Meet
COLUMBUS, O.. Nov. .-Covering a
mile course In 20:iUl, Watson of Min
nesota established n new record In the
ninth annual western conference cross
country meet held yesterday at the Ohio
State unlvrslty. However, his team
mates, were unable to follow the pace sot
hy their leader and Minnesota finished
sixth, Wisconsin. Illinois nnd Ohio State
winning first, second and third, places,
respectively. The previous record for tho.
Ive-mllo course was 27:29. Eleven col
leges were represented. Ferguson of the
Ohio StatP team was forced to withdraw
when his left leg gave way.
The teams' score with the Individual
names of the first three follows:
Wisconsin White, Goldy, Bresnahan,
Harvey. HfJt and Merrill. 7i
Illinois Mason, Hal lander, Wray,
Frank. Burgoon and Wright, S3.
Ohio State Criswell, Carrol, Dawson,
Carpenter and Dupre, 106.
Am. 109.
Purdue. 117.
Minnesota. 147.
Indiana. 174.
Northwestern. 17i.
Dcnlson, 177.
Chicago, 199.
Jowa. zu.
Defeats New
York by Big Score
ANNAPOLIS, Md.. Nov, 2i The Navy
defeated New York university hy 48 to 0
yesterday tn the final contest on the home
grounds, prior to the big Inter-service
struggle with the Army at New York
next Tuesday.
Tho team the Annapolis coaches put In
at the start was composed largely of
substitutes, and several of the varsity
men did not don foot ball clothes, but
sat on the coaching bench watching the
strugsls. Those of the regulars who were
allowed to participate In the gamo
showed -well, though at times the New
Yorkers made consistent gains for first
downs by plays directed at tackle. .
New York made several desperate at
tempts to score. On one occasion they
essayed a placement goal from the forty-five-yard
The feature of the struggle was Quar
terback Nlcholls' run of ninety-five yards
for a touchdown when he received the
Initial klckoff.
Mother of F-lschteen Children.
."I am the mother of eighteen children
and have the praise of doing more work
than any young woman In my town,'
writes Mrs. C. J. Martin, Boone Mill,
Va. "I suffered for five years with stom
ach trouble and could not eat aa much aa
a bltcutt without suffering. I have taken
three bottles of Chamberlain's Tablets
and am now a well woman and weigh
16S pounds. I can eat anything I want to,
and aa much as I want and feel better
than I havo at any time In ten years. I
refer to any one tn Boone Mill or vicinity
and they will vouch for what I say."
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Fourteen Deaths This Fall Against
Fifteen Last Year.
Only Two University rlayers Are
Killed .Marcns Dnnlnn of Ver
milion JIlKh School One
CHICAGO. Nov. 22.-Fourtecn players
wero killed and 175 were Injured In foot
ball games In the season, which virtually
closed today. This record of casualties
Is only slightly below that of 1912, when
fifteen players met death and 163 wero
These figures were complied from pres
reports and published hero today. The
Injured include only those who suffered
broken bones, torn ligaments, severe
strains and sprains and internal Injuries.
Of the fourtoert deaths, thirteen were
due to injuries occurring this year.
Charles Sweltzer. formerly a Hamlin
.university player, died November 17 at
St. Paul, following a complication ot
diseases resulting from Injuries several
years ago. Other fataliUes resulted with
few exceptions, from fractured skulls,
bioken necks or spinal Injuries.
Only two university players were killed.
Vernon Belyea of the Norwloh, (Conn.)
'varsity, was thrown heavily In a gamo
with Holy Cross and died three days
later. Udword Morrisscy, captain of St.
Ambrose 'varsity, broko his leg Septem
ber 2, and died of blood poisoning.
Tha high school players, who lost their
lives were John Lewis Of Cambridge,, p.;
Allen Weidman ot Minneapolis, MarcUH
Dunlap of Vermillion, a D., and WUUam
McCarthncy ot Lawrence, Mass. j f
Albert J. Kramer of Kankakee w'as the
only player killed In Illinois. George H.
Gay, former player and coach at Ur
slnus, who lived at Blackton, Mass., died
November 4, from a broken neck re
ceived In an independent game. Hall
Warner, who attended public school at
Kalmazoo, Mich., met a similar death
on October 26.
"Jumbo"- Stiehm. coach of the Ne
braska State university foot ball team,
will act as umpire ot the Crelghton
South Dakota game In Omaha Thanks
giving, according to an announcement of
the Crelghton athletic board Saturday.
Stiehm was suggested by Crelghton and
accepted by South Dakota.
Elsenman of Sioux City was suggested
for referee by South Dakota and accepted
by Crelghton.
The head linesman has not yet been
picked. The Coyotes have suggested a
man unknown to Crelghton, and the lo
cal school will not accept him. No trou
ble Is anticipated In picking a third man,
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