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    PI1K BKK; DM AHA, KDXKSDAY, M LMM3R 1!, 1913.
Do You Pay for
It Afterward?
If Voli Do, Just Carry n Little
iBtunrt's Dyspepsia Tatilct In Your
Vest Pocket nnd n Hlg Meal
Will Be Easily tald Away.
tSet away from" th foreboding that
every time you enjoy yourelf heartily
and at a full meal, that you will pay
for Jt afterward. There Is no tense In
our not enjoylnft every meal to the ut
mogt. And you can do so without danger
from a protesting stomach If you take
the precaution always to hav Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets with you. Then If you
over-eat, or eat something that disagrees
with you as the most careful person will
sometimes, one or two of these tablets
will restore normal conditions In your
stomach In a very few minutes.
I Am CJoinff to Enjoy This Mtal Tor X
Have a Stuart's Syspspsla Tablst in
My Vtst Pocket."
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are nothing
more thnn a concentrated form of the
natural secretions which the stomach
employs In digesting food. And Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets merely step In when
the stomach Is too tired or too sluglgsh. to
perform Its functions properly and supply
a sufficient quantity of these digestive
ferments to digest completely all food,
under either acid or alkaline conditions,
In the stomach.
It has long been known that the various
digestive ferments could be produced as
perfectly In the, laboratory as In the
stomach, but Stuarf s Dyspepsia Tablets
are the first attempt outside of certain
hospitals, to utilize these discoveries for
the benefit of sufferers from Indigestion
and kindred complaints.
The perfect freedom to cat what you
please nnd as much as you please which
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets gives, has won
It thousands of friends who make It a
constant, vest pocket companion. Join
today tho vast army of people who have
declared their Independence of stomach
worries. Yoa can set a EOe box of Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets from any druggist.
Breathe llyomel It Medicates tlo
Air You Ilrcatlio nnd In
stantly Relieves.
Why continue to suffer from catarrh,
stopped up head, husky voice, and other
troubles of tho breathing organs, when
ttjero Is an absolutely certain, scientific
remedy at hand.
llyomel Is the remedy. It Is a pleasant,
harmless and antiseptic medication which
you breathe through a small Inhaler
Breathing a few times dally through tho
Inhaler charges the air with the germ
killing antiseptic. Catarrhal discharges,
sniffles, foul breath, watery eyes and the
formation of crusts In the nose are
promptly relieved by this medicated air.
It Is guaranteed to do it, or money back.
A complete llyomel outfit, consisting of
a strong, hard rubber pocket Inhaler and
a bottle of llyomel posts only ll-CO. and
extra bottles, If afterwards needed, nre
only' Bo cents each, druggists' everywhere
sell Hyornel. - ' -
Use, llyomel for bronchitis cough's .and.
cold In the head, husky, Voice,- croup of
Infants, and any Inflammatory dlscaso of
the breathing organa, Advertisement.
1 Full Quart
Whiskey Free
Try It At Our Expense
Note our proposition, remit
us $S.4S ana we will at once
ship yeu by Rxpreis Charges
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an additional Full Quart Free
for Trial Purpoics. Or remit
us J2.95 and we nlll Kzpresa
Charges Prepaid, 4 Full
Quarts of our 3 fitar whiskey
and a Test Bottle Free foi
Trial Purpose. Also Free with
each order, com Tippea Class
a patent corkscrew.
After using the Free Bottle
you are noisausnca mat
you bava received the
nest wmsxey value od-
tamable at the price,
keep the Free Bottle
for your trouble, pack
remainder of ship
ment, return at our ex.
pense and we will nt
every cent paid us.
In case you can use
a larrcrquantlty than
offered above, our
Firlce for a 5 Oallon Keg
a only SUM Freight
Charges Prepaid.
Address orders and
make remittances
payable to A. Fels,
Mgr.,. or
Fels OlstlllfRg C9.
155 Feb Bid.,
City. Ms.
'Y i niBasalaMalsssssssssssssrsjTnyi
Hill II W
n V'';"'
For Real Wear
Good old-fashioned horse
blankets, made of bestrnateri- v1
aid ntif nerihr rlorhf nnrl onlnrl
I' " . ."ft-"' - O " -
anteed for a year.
Old Honesty blankets have an outer
coverlne of heavy brown duck
atronr. durable tent duck that will
stand the wear and tear. The blank
ets are warm lined, lock-stitch
quilted, strongly reinforced.
Stable blankets, with two attached
girths. S3.S0. Big street oianaeis, wnn
double front fasteners, f3 JO and $4.00.
Examine a genuine Old Honesty
at the harness store.
Omaha. Neb. A. w
Stops falling Hair
Hall's Hair Renewer certainly fltopa
falling hair. No doubt about it what
ever. Yon will uarely be satisfied.
F Ml
m. ::- M
ridalitj' Storage k Vn Co. Dou 1016.
Hare Boot rrint It Now Ilcacon rress.
life Ins? Tts. Penn Mutual. Qould.
lighting fixtures. Burffssa-Qrandsu Co.
Will airs Annual xusar The Ladles'
Aid and Young People's societies of Our
Savior s Lutheran church will give their
annual haxar and entertainment at Wash
ington hall, corner of Eighteenth, and
Harney streets, Thursday afternoon and
Holiday with rarants Miss Marie
Mlkova. daughter of Burlington Station
Superintendent Joe Mlkova, has returned
from 1'arls to spend tho holidays with
her parents. Mis Mlkova is studying
music Hbroml and has received much fa
vorable comment from Kuropean news
papers as to her ability and natural
Sherman Thinks he was Bobbed
William Shcrnimj, laborer, was brought
to the station Monday night by Officer
Vanous, Jr., who found the man In nn
Intoxicated condition at Eleventh nnd
Farnam streets. Sherman was laboring
under the Impression that he had been
strong armed nnd robbed of 15 and was
brought to tho staton and discharged
when arraigned In police court He
could not remember the particulars as
to how he lost hs money, out declared,
nevertheless, his bankroll was shy a S3
Elks to Entertain Omaha Elks will
entertain eminent members of tho fra
ternity enroute from tho east to Den
ver a week from Sunday. Grand Exalted
Huler Edward Leach of New York, to
gether with Mrs. Leach and a party of
other officers and their wives, will arrive
hero on the morning of November SO and
will be tho guests of the local "Dills"
for tho -day. Tho party will then leave
for Denver, where they nre going to com
plete arrangements for the grand lodge
meeting there next year. Grand Secre
tary Iloblnson of Dubuque will also be
Former Omahans
Not in Danger from
Indian Uprising
Reports of an uprising and threatened
massacre by Navajo Indians near Ship
Rock, San Juan county, In northwestern
New Mexico, have alarmed many
Omahans, because Mrs, Frank Barnard
and her son, Bruce M, Barnard, formerly
of this city, were known to be on the
teservatlon. Telegrams and letters Just
received by Mrs. Charles W. Axtell, 418
South Fortieth street, Mrs. Barnard's
sister, malte assurance that the Barnards
are not In danger, however.
Young Barnard Is half owner of tho
Indian supply store on the reservation.
His mother has been visiting htm there,
her home being at Paducah, Ky. When
the Indian trouble arose, It was feared
that they would lose not only their finan
cial Interests there, but possibly their
lives also. But Mrs. Axtell said last
night that she now felt that her relatives
were safe.
Polygamous relations on the part of
u tew or the Indians appear to nave
started the trouble on the reservation.
according to ho latest dispatches. Fifteen
hundred Indians have rallied about
several of the Indians sought by the
government officials. They have mode
their stand on Beautiful mountain and
are prepared to tight. The United States
marshal, has asked for troops.
Miss .Margaret McCheane Is a sister
of Mrs. Barnard and Mrs. Axtell and
makes 'her home with the latter In
Omaha. Miss Sarah McCheane, who was
principal of the Long scheel here until
her death In 1909, was another sister.
Mi E, L. McShane is
Suing for Divorce
Mrs. Nathalie Loretta McShane, whose
marriage to Edward Leo MsShane In
Dubuque, la., June 3, 1909, was the event
of the year In Omaha society circles,
being attended by a large number of
Omaha's most prominent men and
women, who went from here In a spe
cial train, has filed a suit for divorce
against her hushKnd in district court
Extreme cruelty it the charge.
Mr. McShane Is a son of John A. Mc
Shane, Omaha ploneor and capitalist. He
Is vice president of the McShane Lumber
company and formerly was secretary of
the Omaha Automobile club. On account
of 111 health he has not been active In
business affairs recently. He is living
at the home of his father. .
The plaintiff Is considered one of tho
most beautiful women In Omaha. She Is
related to the Nash family of this city.
She asks tho court for restoration of her
maiden name, Nathalie Loretta Myers,
and for such other relief as It may de
cide upon, alleging that her husband Is
worth at least J30.000. She charges that
ait a result of Mr. McShane's acts she
has been caused much mental distress.
of deadly microbes occurs when throat
and Inner ri(ftAB ar. miA it. -
w H.w . ,11,1, -J i
King-s New Discovery, toe and $1.00. For
Bale uy your aruggist.-Advert!sment.
Vetrrnn Killed by F"1I,
MASON C1TV, la., Nov, 18.-(Speclal
Telegram.) W. H. Wlnshlp of Shell Rock
was kilted early today by a fall down
stairs shortly after he had risen at the
home of friends where he was visiting.
He was a prominent Grand Army mem
ber and Odd Fellow, ' .
Is unhealthy blood blood that Is
not only ladsn with poisonous and
effete matters, but also deficient
in red and white corpuscles. The
medicine to take for it Is HOOO'8
Impure blood showa Itself In pim
ples, bolls, and other eruptions,
eczema, and salt rheum, psoriasis,
catarrh, rheumatism, nervousness,
dyspepsia, loss of appetite, that tired
feeling, and general debility; It ex
poses you to the danger of contract
ing infectious and contagious dis
eases, the grip, typhoid fever, diph
theria, consumption.
Thousands testify that Hood's
Sarsaparllla purines, enriches and
revitalizes the blood. If you need a
good blood medicine get Hood's
Sarsaparllla, and get it today.
Ordinance Introduced to Pay City
Physician Higher Salary.
City Detective Shrnlmn Cnrttnrrn
rro Wanted for Itnltlitnir Tnllnr
Shop In Omnhn Sny Llqnnr
I.ntr Tlolntrd.
An effort was made last night to mako
provisions for paying the South Omaha
city physician a decent salary In nn
amount considerably above that which he
now receives. Dr. E, J. Shanahan, who
has been city physician for two years,
asked that his salary bo raised to $100 a
month. An ordinance to that effect was
Introduced and it will rrobably be passed
at the next meetlnx.
Dr. Shanahan according to many of the
cotincllmen and city authorities deserves
the raise. For more than a month he
has been engaged In fight night and
day to stamp out scarlet foVer and dlph.
therla. He Is called to attend free of
charge all the school children suspected
of illness and must also do the police
work. The routine takes up a great part
of his time and It was thought that $30
a month waa not sufficient remuneration
for tho physician of n city tho site of
South. Omaha.
Councilman Henry Hartnetl asked that
the electric light company be called upon
to keep their lights burning from tultisht
until after dawn Hartnett said It was
netessarx to keep the arcs lighted In order
to assist the early packing house labor
ers. Councilman Cavanaugh stated that
the police did not report every light that
was not lighted. Mayor Hoctor said some
of tho police were blind, ho thought.
Resolutions looking to the establishment
of two viaducts over the Burlington
tracks at Thirty-ninth street and nt
Forty-fourth street were adopted. The
council will meet next Monday nt B
I.liiuor Sold Snnrinyn.
Because tho newspapers did not state
the condition of the liquor violations ac
curately enough, a prominent citizen last
night ca'led at The Bee office to say
that the liquor violations now are as bad
as at any previous time. He stated that
the saloons did business on Sunday, nnd
his statements, seem to be borno out by
the chief of pollro. who says that although
he did not catch tho saloon keepers
selling he had sufficient reason to believe
that liquor was being sold.
A well known nnd highly respected
clergyman said last night that ho ex
pected to do a little scout work on hli
own hook In gathering evidence that
would convict liquor law violators In
South Omaha. He stated that when ho
complained about conditions on Sundays
some time ago he was Informed that he
wass "too fresh."
Slienhnn Cnptnrca Nrrro.
Without gun or Weapon Detective
James Sheahan yesterday arrested Joe
Sims, a negro wanted for robbing a tailor
shop at 113 South Sixteenth street,
Omaha, .Sunday night. John Williams, an
ullegcd confederate of Sims, was also ar
rested, but broko away from the officer
while on the way to the station.
Sheahan came upon the men trying to
pawn some clottim at Twenty-sixth and
N streets. Ho followed them to a saloon
nearby and without realizing tho loss of
his gun he placed tho negroes under
arreit. A ecu trie followed and Sheahan
was making for the door with his two
prisoners when Williams broko and ran.
The men are said to have been armed
at tho time.
Snath Oinalin HoTrlera.
1st. 2d.
Sneed , 161 176
Whipple 142 lit
Llpp 92 152
Hogan 1M 183
Ulake 168 146
Total (.... 75ft 781
Handicap 05 66
Total 824 847
1st. 2d.
Green U8
B. .Tanner 16.1 193
Hancock ieo 190
Spoven 1S6 127
Clayburne 162 136
Totals 831 .. K33
1st. 2d.
Vance 164 146
Long 14S 116
Peska 122 iso
Emerson 157 123
Dyck 1S2 133
Totals 770 679
Handicap 63 53
878' 2,570
S93 2.S37
3d. Tot
Totals I.. 823 732 842 2,297
1st 2d. 3d.
Ham 153 19S 176
Clark 1R3 162 lflO
Mahoney 167 169 Ul
Swift 131 144 140
Lefler 153 173 170
Totals , 786 863 811 2,460
Stockman Getm Reveiiice.
E. J. "Ed" Drake of Woodward. Ia
one of the beat known stockmen of the
Missouri Valley and Leo Fitxslmmoni are
awearlng vengeance against tho whole
municipality, of South Omaha because
"Chuck" Cox of the Interstate com-
slon company was able o put one over j
wim mc asaiiiunuo 01 mo police Judge,
James Callanan.
Drako'came to town last week on busi
ness. His business always takes him to
the Union Stock Yards. There he hooked
up with Fltzslmmons and the two began
a campaign of pestering Cox, who is a
boon companion. Saturday the two en.
gaged Cox In conversation and when the
talk waa over Cox missed his watch, j
Drake and Fltzslmmons stood in con
Mnient corners laughing over the trick;
Played on Cox. A dear friend told Cox
where his watch was. He said nothln
until yesterday and then he waited until
time for the stockmen to go home before
he started the row. But Just when the
crowd was thickest the little one-legged
commission man marched up with De
tectlve Jack Oaughan and solemnly
Identified Drake and Fltzslmmons as the
men who "copped" his watch.
-men me laugn went the other way.
Drake and Fltzslmmons laughed, but 1
Oaughan hauled both of them to Police '
Magistrate Calanan's court. Probably
200 stockmen came along. Callanan
gave the two until this morning to find
the watoh for Cox. He did not have
to Impose a fine for the drinks. At the
hour of closing last night Drake and
Fltzslmmons wore still buying liquid re
freshment for Cox and his friends.
Drake says he Is going to sue the city,
the judge and everybody else In sight,
including Cox, who planned the dast
ardly revenge. Drake lays his previous
reputation will Insure a big verdict. Fltz
almmons says ho will take his out on
Cox somewhere In the feed lots when
no one la around. Cox grins and says
Bring back the watch ' All three of
the men are popular at the yards.
Stove and Ilanaea,
love I
lo 1
You better take advantage of our
prices on stoves. They go at factory
cost. Koutsky-Pavllk Co.
Mnulo City (iotp.
The Dinner Bridge club will be enter
tHliH.I Tucdny at the home of Mr. and
Mis li. D. Pike.
The Kagle entertainment committee
wilt gtte a dance Wednesday night at
tho Kngle hall.
Offlre space for rent in Bee office. U
N street. TTnvs reasonable. Well knowji
location. Tel. South 17.
There waa no meeting of the school
board last night. The next meeting will
be the first Monday ,of the month.
The Brown Park ladles' Aid society
will meet at the mission, 2til South Twen
tieth street. Wednesday afternoon at 2
Drs. MoCrann & McCrann have moved
their office to rooms 1 and 2. Vacek
bi tiding.
The Willing Workera of the First
Christian churoh will give a tea Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. J.
I Shalnholz, 63) North Nineteenth
We take this method of thanking our
n any friends for their svmpathv in our
bereavement, and for tho bwutlful floral
Joe Duffy, Jr.. who was killed last week
by a street car on the q street viaduct
enme to his death through an unavoid
able accident, according to the verdict
of the coroner's Jury yesterday after
noon. When Justice of tho Peace Hugh Mc-
Culloch was appointed yesterday the
first thing he did was to make a round
nl the cxi-hange office to notify the
niarrlngcibio girls that he would be
pleased to marry them all to some one
Word was received yesterday of the
death of Mrs. W P. Dunning of Spauld
Ing, Neb. Mrs. Dunning Is the daughter
of Dr. James Council, 1630 North Twenty-third
street South Omaha. Slio Is a
Pioneer resident of Spauldlng. Mrsi
Punning Is survived by her father and
mother nnd three brothers. J. K. and Ed
Connell of South Omaha and Phil Con
Hell of Omaha, and five sons nnd three
rlnughters. She is tho mother of Claude
Dunning, with the Bryon Clow Commli
slon company.
Doane Powell Head
of Omaha Art Gild
Officers of the Omaha Art guild were
elected at a meeting of the society held
last night at the city library building.
These officers were chosen:
Doano Powell, president; George Bar
ker, Jr., secretary-treasurer. Executive
committee Robert F. Ollder, Ruth Felt.
H. A. Rnnpkp, Elisabeth Ferguson and
Augusta Knight.
Iris Allen. 6-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Allen, 1914 Mason street,
was painfully Injured late yesterday after
noon In front of the Mason school, when
she was run over by an automobile in
which Attorney Robert W. Patrick waa
making a trip.
Miss Iris was taken home In the car
which ran over her and was attended
there by Dr. T. T. Harris, who pro
nounced her Injuries as not being serious.
Declnre Wnr on Cold.
A crusade of education which alms
"that common colds may become un
common within the next generation" has
been begun by prominent New York
physicians. Hero Is a list of the "don't"
which the doctors say will prevent the
annual visitation of the cold:
"Don't sit In a draughty car."
"Don't sleep In hot rooms."
"Don't avoid the fresh air."
"Don't stuff yourself at meal time.
Overeating reduces your resistance."
To which we would add-when you tak
n cold get rid of It as quick as possible.
To accomplish that you will find Cham
terlaln'a Cough Remedy most excellent.
For sale by ull drugglsta.-Advertlsament
The rorslstent and arucnclous Use of
Newspaper Advertising Is tho Road to
Business Succeas.
1 Protect Nose
and Throat
against ills from
Luden's just as
oggles protect your
MENTHOL rnilrfh IWnn
from couphi, colds and throat
strain. Make outdoor life mors
healthful; breathing easier
speaking clearer.
"Have a Hundnd "
Sold Everywhere
6c the yellow pkge.
Only few more da before we inov
Important Edison Announcement
Amberola X $30.
Amberola VI $60.
1 -'.
Bought a New York Jobber s Sample Lines and Surplus Stocks
Women's Cloaks, Suits, Wool Drosses, Skirts,
Waists, Silk Petticoats and Children's Coats
At a Fraction of Their Real Value
They Will Go On Sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Watch Wednesday Evenings Papers or Full Particulars
There is a
The Manufacture of Horn Type Phono
graphs Has Been Discontinued
All Machines Equipped with the Diamond Point Reproducer
The Diamond Point Reproducer Is made possible by the non
wearing surfaco of the Blue Amlicrol Record. This quality also
made it feasible to Incroase tho weight on the reproducing point,
thereby bringing out greater volume and sweeter reproduction.
The Record has beon perfected the Rluo Amberol. Also the Re
producer the Diamond Point and now we offer a variety of
cabinets at popular prices.
We show a complete line of Cylinder and
Disc Models, and Invite Your Inspection
Hayden's Piano Dept.
Haydcn IJros., Omaha, Xeb,
Please send catalog giving .full information about the new
Name .
You Haven't Long
to Decide
The membership rolls of the
"Omaha Thrift Club"
will close next Saturday. After
that no more memberships will be
Does your next pay-day come
after next Saturday? If so, come
to tKis bank and register your name
and address, and we will reserve a
membership yntil your next pay
day. Do you live out of town? Then
mail us your deposit and a Certifi
cate of Membership showing your
first deposit will be mailed you.
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1M ' t
lifter V
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