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The Omaha daily bee
Entered tit Omaha postotflce as second'
cIsm matter.
Sunday iit. one yror Sl.W
Saturday Bee, one ynr l.M
Dally Bee. without 8unday. one year.. 4.00
Bally Bn, and Sunday, one year .w
Evening and Sunday Bee. pr month. .40c
Evening, without Sunday, per month.. e
Dally Bee. without Sunday, per month.c
Address all complaints 01 iiinuimiu
In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remtt by draft, express or poUal order.
S arable to The Bee Publishing company,
nly S-cent stamps received In payment
of amall account. Personal checks, ex
cept on Omaha, and eastern exchange, not
Omaha-The Bee bulldlnic.
South Omaha N street.
Council Bluff 14 North Main atreeL
Llneoln-Jfi Little building.
Chlcasrc Ml Hearst building.
New Tork-Room 1106, JM Fifth avenue.
St. Lculs-KB New Bank of Commerce.
Washlngton-'a Fourteenth St. N. w.
Communications relating to news and
editorial matter should be addrcsed
Omaha Bee. Editorial department.
Bute of Nebraska, County of Douglas, as.
Dwight Williams., circulation manager
of The Bee Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
circulation for the month of October,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my Presence and sworn
to before m. this Ijtay
Notary Public.
Sabscrlbera ravins; the city
temporarily should hsre The Be
mailed to them. Address 'will' be
changed often aa requested.
Those Impatient Tcxann con hardly
keep their fingers oft tho trigger.
A Hindu poet has won tho Nobol
prize for literature, which probably
la another slap at Indiana.
Editor Plndell may make an oxcol-le-nt
ambassador, even though ho wna
recommcBdod by Jlmbamlowla.
1 Surely Mayor "Jim" Is not going to
let r chance for a Thanksgiving
prbclawatlon slip by unaccepted.
Even at that, tho School board
teems to be about tho most unani
mous body In this neck o' woods.
Just suppose that Chinese police
man Los Angeles recently appointed
were to arrest honorably Japanese
-The Galveston Nowa opines that
i our Senator llltchcock Is the guy who
put the hitch la tho currency com
mittee. "Suffragists See the President,'
says a headline. But that does not
mean that the president has "seen"
the irror of his way. ' ;' 1
At any rate, Secretary of the Navy
Daniels can hardly complain o tha
nautkal flavor of the atmosphere'
during his visit to Omaha.
Thomas Mott Osborne thinks most
convicts are Insane. If most prisons
4 are like the one he describees after
4 visiting It, Is It any -wonder?
i , ,, , .
I The weather bureau forecasters
are on the defensive. They ought to
know that when aaypnn, imagines he
l has a grievance he take it out on tho
wmther man.
a , , 1 r .
Nawj It K4t)s'ttBat Brother Castro
" Bold out to the enemy and preclp-
ItaM the slaughter of Juarez. Which
iw ia una ui buiru is mciviy n
I funny little jske.
r.WW FrtMa) this distance It look aa If
MtM executive official made an
wkVwfHl taesa of things or that Texas
JtotttlMrB Pacific strike would never
j av eene about.
Tk wgafttsatto of a S,0.eW,0 cor.
yurattow r Parts to build a fleet of dlrlst-
Mm f carry passnora between Kurope.
tfca UBlted Mates is a sign of prog
raaa, FHtsteurgh Post.
Prspress In building alrcastles, yes.
Lvl D. Branaels, who has given
hhw4f up to penning a few lines of
feavlea to the administration on
SKMay and trust questions, should bo
tlnaly with bis counsel and tell us
what to do with Mexico.
It is no use trying to hold the
weather man responsible for those
lk storms. Anyhow, he has proved
an allhl by showing that Instead of
giving no warnings, he signalled thu
danger in at least, 113 place.
0 is aha club women are called upon
to rocist the "idiotic" mode of dress
which fashion now decrees. But we
always took pride in holding up our
Omaha club women aa presenting as
attractive an appearance as the mem-
lers of any similar club In the coun
pur Water boarders have conjured
, up a whole lot of fine excuses for not
f living up to their promise of lower
rates. If they could get away with
1 it, wouldn't, all oar franchtsed cor-
i po ratlops get busy framing up a pro
j gram on paper tiiat "would .prevent
, rate reauctipp. until doomsday?
The Lincoln Journal is trying to
wish Nebraska's baiky democratic
senator on to the republican .nartr
Well, his father held the same office
.as a republican, and always pro
fMced to be "rpck-rlbhed" In his
party faith. And the first time his
sen ran for offlco he also ran as
republican. -
The Copper Mine Situation.
I If conditions of labor and living In
tho copper mines of Michigan are a
fractional part as deplorable as rep
resented in tho resolutions acted
upon by tha American Federation of
Labor, congress should loso no .time
in acceding to the request of that
body for a thorough investigation.
According to the reports of tho fed
eration's meeting, this resolution sots
forth that, not only have "tho miners
Ignored tho demands of the men,
spurned their attempts at conciliation
and in many ways treated them with
contempt," but also "havo imported
gunmen, thugs and so-called detec
tives Into the strike zone, and theso
men have deliberately killed strikers
in cold blood, assaulted women and
beaten and terrorized children."
This is but a part of tho charges
preferred, but sufficient on which to
baso a demand for action. If the
charges are false, or even partially
true, tho mlno owners may ba ex
pected to Join in the request for an
exposition of the facts; at least they
owe as much to themselves. It Is al
most inconceivable and wholly repug
nant to tho American senBo of de
concy and Justice that such a reign
of Intolerance and terror could be
maintained In this country. But tho
American Federation of Labor Is an
honorable and rosponslblo body, and
such an arraignment as tho result ot
dollberato action on Its part cannot
reasonably bo passed over. It has
put a gravo proposition up to con
gress. A Playful People.
While we are belaboring ourselves
as a rigidly commorclal and work-a-day
puople, one of Uncle Sam's fer-
tlle-bralncd statisticians comes forth
with tho evidence to show that on wo
work arduously and long, so we play.
At least so It appears from our an
nual outlay for toys, not all of which
by any means aro purely for Juvenile
imusemonU According to tho be
partment of Commerce, nearly
12,000,000,000 worth of toys woro
Imported Into tho United States in
the month of September alono, and
by tho lost, of th curront year the
total valuo of such Importations for
1013 wilt amount to 10,000,000,000.
Our own domestic manufacture of
toys Is placed at 911,000,000,000 for
tho year, bringing tho toy bill up to
tho tidy little total ot $20,000,000,
000. Then we scold ourselves for over
working and not playing enough. Of
courso, Bomoone. doubtloss will wlsn
to know nt once If wo do not export
a largo portion of our ? 11,000,000,
000 worth of homo-mado toys. Wo
do not. Wo oxport, In fact, less than
1,000,000 worth annually, and tho
amount is eaid to be declining In
stead of increasing. No, there are
tho facta and they cannot bo6vaded.
Thoy show us to be a very playful
people. When it Is stated that tho
valuation of the Imports given is not
thsj soiling prlco obtained In thla
country, but tho wholosale figqros of
the forolgn countries of mnnufneturo,
it will bo soen how' very consnrvatlvn
theso flguroo really are. This should
also bet romemborod, that Included as
toyB aro games for youths and oldorb-,
folkvof all ages. In fact, and nn't
moroly the chlldron.
And o much tho hotter for us. Ah
n nation wo profit on a broad Bcalo
from the vast amount of diversion wo
give ourselves. If we nlay much, wn
work all tho better for it.
True Charity.
Tho local charities endorsement
committee has recently Issued a pub
Ho statemont cautioning against mis
directed charity. Tho milk In tho
cocoanut Is thlst In every commu
nity tho amount of funds avallablo
for tho support of charitable work 1
limited, and the worthy Institutions
and deserving boneflclarieo are to
that extent deprlvod of whatever as
sistance la dlvortod to Impostors and
undeserving persons. It Is unfortu-
unato, but too true, that charity la
often assumed as a mantle to cover
fraud or pick up easy money. No
one wants to dry up the fountains of
sympathy and fellow-help, but con
servation of the charity fund against
useless dissipation Is an Important
element of truo charity.
Contingent Pee and Public Policy.
And now sonio honorable lawyers
havo set up in open court that con
tingent fee contracts are "against
public policy," particularly when an
attempt Is made to hold the lawyer
to it Tho Bee has been calling at
tention to the, obvious and flagrant
abuse of the contingent foo graft, but
we never went bo far aa to say con
tingent fee services wero against pub
lic policy, and under no conditions
Justifiable. But in a case whero the
litigant la upable to seek Justice in
any other way, we did say that we
could bco no good reason why the In
terest of the lawyer In a third or half
ot whatever prize may ba pulled
down by the verdict should not be of
public record. Nor Is there any good
reason why the terms ot every con
tingent fee agreement should not be
subject 'to approval and revision of
the court, which would also prevent
further litigation later over the di
vision between the lawyers and thttlr
At that, It finally took a newspaper
man to "get" Tammany. Mr. Hen
nessy, who did the getting, put in
many years as reporter and editor on
New York papers.
f I f T 1
commits raox ui nits
Thirty Years Ago
The Hoard of Trade held a belated
meeting with C. F. Goodman presiding1,
and Thomas Olbson aa secretary. One
of the subjects discussed was enforce
ment of an ordinance to prevent cattle
from running at Urge within the city
limits. A debate on the proposed market
house was also participated In by Messrs.
Specht, Dufrene, Gibson. Uvans, Kascall,
Meyer, General Eatabrook. Mayor Chase
and others, closing; with a resolution fa
voring the project A resolution presented
by Mr. Ilroatch was also adopted urg
ing the government to Inaugurate a postal
telegraph system.
Iioyd's opera houee put up the storm
doors today. ,
Notice was filed In the county clerk's
offlco of the dissolution of the co-partnership
between Oeorgo Helmrod and
August Dorman.
V. C. Illmebaugh has been confined to
his home for several days with a severe
throat difficulty.
II. C. Lett, a former well knowri citi
zen, now superintendent of the stone
buildings for the Union Pacific at Den
ver Is making a brief visit to Omaha,
Judge McCrcary of the United States
court left for his home In Keokuk.
'Lost A long rubber boot Finder
pleano leave at the cracker factory for
II. w. Jacobson."
Tlrrell & Cook have opened a new
shoe store at Thirteenth and Douglas
Congressman Laird Is In the city.
The school board meeting was devoted
to revision of rules and regulations.
The first wedding ceremony solemnized
In tho new cathedral waa performed by
Dean MillspaUgh, joining Mr. William
Spauldlng, a bookkeeper for J. K. Doyd.
and Miss Kate Cochrane, In the employ
of Millard ft Peck. The boys at the
packing house gave them a parlor heat
ing stove and a set of kitchen furniture,
while the gift from the bride's parents
was a china tea set.
Twenty Years Aw
a press dispatch brouaht this state
ment from Prendergast, the Chicago man
who klltod Mayor Carter Harrison; "I
am not Insane. I was Justified In the
shooting." Asked how, he explained be
cause of the broken promise to make him
corporation counsel.
"Walker Whiteside, tho young tragedian,
began his Shakespearean repertory at the
Boyd in "Othello" Instead of "Hamlet,"
aa previously announced, and The Bee
said ot him: "He demands serious con
alteration, not only from the theater
going public, but the critics aa well. His
Othello Is a sentient potentiality, a liv
ing, breathing reflection of the Moor who
wrought so dlrefully In Cyprus."
Illshop Newman preached on "Self-
Conquest" at the First Methodist church
and Bishop AV&klen of Cincinnati at
Trinity Methodist In KounUe Place, dis
cussing the human and divine aides of
The country was beginning to realize
some first effects from the scheme pro
jected months before by Chief Seavey of
Ornalm. and taken up by police chiefs all
over the country for forming a nation
wide repression of crime, Involving means
of keeping tab on criminals. The thought
probably came to the- Omaha chiefs mind
from the fact that a notorious criminal
had conjured up previously the novel Idea
of a nation-wide robbery carnival, and
the Seavey plan worked In effective re
buttal to this.
Ten Year Ago
A cut In grain rates by the Rock Island
so as to benefit St. Paul and Minneapolis
at the expense of Omaha riled the local
grain men, who took It aa a direct slap
at this city for Ita support of tha Great
NVestern, which, led by President Bt(ck
ney, had entered the city and laid the
foundation of the Omaha Grain exchange.
It waa gift day at the Old People's
Home and the good folks of Omaha gavo
unitlntlngly to these worthy old friends.
Commandpr Lee 8. Estellt of tho No
buska a rand Army Issued orders to til
the comrades ot the "state for a suitable
observance ot Thanksgiving day.
Nela Anderson, a 15-year-old lad, had
a vory exciting but not pleasant experi
ence on landing in Omaha from his na
tive Sweden. Ho reached the union sta
tion about midnight, expecting to find
an uncle to meet him. 'But by some
misunderstanding the uncle tailed and It
waa up to Nela to meet the uncle at his
home on Mason street. To do so he en
gaged a guide at the depot and In alight
ing from the car at Twenty-sixth and
Leavenworth Nels fell, cutting his Up
and otherwise bruising himself, He waa
taken to the police station and given
medical aid, then to his uncle's.
"Whsre Is CobbT"not Tyrus was a
play at the Krtuc
Local coal dealers, as well as some
other kind of dealers, were complaining
bitterly ot the oppression of tho per diem
method of accounting for freight cars.
The first thing the coal men's mluda
naturally turned to for defenso waa that
"It might raise the prlco of coal."
People Talked About
Chicago's bargain counter sale nt ritv
bonds waa a fizzle, only 120.000 of h
ft.SOO.OOO being taken.
In the opinion of Senator J. Jfum
Lewis of Illinois political whispering
beats letter writing forty ways.
The first Prize offered bv thn ciam
Farming association of North raVni r.
boy farmers was won by Henry F, Gran
lund, who raised from ona acn 10S.7
bushels of corn- The prize consisted of
ttCO in cold.
A whisk broom artist from th Jnv
rooms of Chicago explained to the police
or Detroit, where he was pinched on sus
picion, that his roll waa an accumulation
of tips brushed off restaurant patrons.
to make a tip come across," ha said.
"It was never necessary to do moro than
withhold the hat"
The "Spues" are showlnr ilni nt m.
turning life as Christmas approaches.
Tha nickname comes from tha initial
letters of the organization's name "So
ciety for Prevention of Useless Giving."
and Its object Is to buck the commer
cialized spirit of the holidays. The Job
is large -enough to Insure considerable
overtime work for the hopeful Spugz.
Order No. 7.C3L Issued bv Post
General Burleson, recites that "hereafter
all vehicles in the postal service.
those In the screen wagon service, shall
be painted as follows: Body a medium
coach green, running gear a cardinal red,
black striping." Descendants of Brian
Horu will observe how deftly the adminis
tration puts the green above tho red.
Twice Told Tales
On th Safe Side.
In a Washington club the other night
the conversation turned to golf, when
Congrrssmsn William 8. Green of Massa
chusetts was reminded of the wise New
'England caddy.
One afternoon a certain official who
played rather indifferent golf, heard that
his caddy was betting on the game, and
not wishing the youngster to lose money
on his account, he hastened to resssure
him at the first opportunity.
. "Look here, boy." he remarked, "I
understand that you are betting on the
game." '
"Yes, sir," admitted the boy, "but I
didn't put up a whole lot."
"It's all right." smiled the official,
"but I am not In good form today 'and I
will repay you fbr alt your losses."
"Oh. you needn't worry about that
bow," was the frank response of the
caddy. "I'm bettln the other way."
Washington Star.
Have Her Array.
"You have had that parrot a long time
now, Mlsa Laura, haven't you?" observed
Percy Nlcefellow to the young lady on
whom he was making a call.
"Oh. yes, several yesrs," waa the re
sponse. ' Very Intelligent Is he not?" went on
"Quite.:, he can Imitate almost every
thing." "Oh," continued. Percy, "they have a
remarkably clever bird at th Browns. It
can Imitate the sound of a kiss to per
fection. Is that among the accomplish
ments of our feathered friend In the
corner?" '
"No, It Is not, sir!" exclaimed the
young lady, Indignantly. "Whatever a
parrot does Is by Imitation simply, nnd
It Is not likely that our bird would re
peat a sound he Is certainly not accus
tomed to hear."
Then the parrot chimed In:
"No, Georgo dear! Walt till I have
taken this wretched bird out of the
room."-London Tlt-Blts.
flood tiness.
The story Is told of Judge McCauless of
Wichita, who has the distinction of be
Ing the leanest man In the state, that he
waa ono day walking along a street In
Kansas City, when he noticed that a
hound dog was following him. After he
had gone a block and the dog was still
trailing him, he turned to a street gamin
and asked: "Boy, what do you supposo
that dog Is following me .for?"
"Well, mister," said the boy, as he
looked the Judge over from head to foot,
"I dunno exactly, but my Idee Is that
he takes you for a bone." National
Editorial Snapshots
Washington Post: With ttO,X,000 to
the good in parcel post profits already,
Uncle Sam should be able to retire about
December 28.
Indianapolis News: Every now and then
some republican la discovered atlll hold
ing Office, and Immediately It In tin.
nounced that the place Is a sinecure that
must be abolished In the Interests of
Boston Transcript: One of the great
difficulties In h wiv nt trattlns- t.
American point of view Impressed upon
me -Mexican people ilea In the fact that
about 93 per cent of the Donulacn think
that Montezuma is still king.
Chicago Record-Herald : John Barrett,
director general of the Pan-American
union, estimates that war with Mexico
would cost this country 11,000,(00 a day.
It seems a big price to tav fnr h kin
of satisfaction we would get out of whip
ping xviexico.
Philadelphia Ledger: It Is stated from
Washington that a federal officeholder
has been compelled to resign for "active
and offensive partisanship." A search of
all the returns of the republican party
In the recent election will fall to show
that he or any other republican waa
Springfield Bepubllcan: "Please cut out
tho highbrow stuff,"- wrote a group of
Iowa teachers to the manager of the the
ater at Dea Moines where they were
going to attend a convention last week,
and added, "We have to struggle with
Shakespeare and other serious stuff for
nine months In the year." The manager
did his beat to oblige, and Instead of
celebrating the occasion with Shakes
peare or Ibeen as In former years he
booked "Baby Mine" and "Broadway
New Tork World: President Wilson's
hand Is not to be forced by Ilucrta'a In
solence, by the Intrigues of British con
ceealonaire or by Americans who lack
his responsibility and patience. Tho pres
ident's purpose Is not war. It is peace.
It la In behalf of pease and not of strife
that he has demanded the retirement of
the dictator. Thla may be brought about
in various ways, but time i nv.w .
one of the moat powerful factors.
Nebraska Editors
The Florence Tribune has moved Into
Ita new office In the Pascals building.
W. C. Alvla. who has been local man
ager of the Morrill Mail for some tlruo.
has purchased the paper from C E.
Editor Charles K. Bassett of the Grant
County Tribune will print a dally edition
during the period of land selection at
The York Dally News and Dally Times
have consolidated and hereafter there
will be only one dally newsTwinF in Turk
published by the York Dally News. Mr.
new. wno recently purchaaed the Dally
Times, will retire from the newspaper
field In York and will Boon km fn smtttVip
Michigan to reside.
"W. L. Kirk, who has been editor and
proprietor of the Crelthton fnr
twelve years, has sold the paper to Ed-
ward T. Xsoian and Ntcholaa Streng of
Lemars, la. The transfer waa made last
week. Mr. Kirk goes to Payette. Idaho,
where he will again engage In the news,
paper business.
Editor A. B. Wood, ex-nrealdrnt nt h
Nebraska Press association, ha a county
seat right on his hands and Is to so mo
extent between ths devil and the deep
blue sea. Gering has the county seat
and Ita larger neighbor across the rtver,
8cott'a Bluff, wants It. Mr. Wood owns
a paper In each town and must perforce
confine himself to a dignified discussion
ot the Issue and refrain from person
alities such-aa are being Indulged In by
rival editors lit Franklin county, where
the same Issue is being fought out.
sr in
The Srnmen'a Union.
EMEIISON. Neb.. Nov. ll.-To the Kd-J
nor ot ine uee: The great advantages
of a union among seamen are apparent
to every man that hs ever sailed the
ocean, trimmed a ship on the great lakes
or Juggled a cargo of frelaht on a river
tmhnnt 1
Something like ten years ago I shipped
aboard the "Stacker Lee,"' Inendlng to
make the round trip from 8t Louis to
Memphis, which would take six days,
and pay me about JU. I found the work
ing conditions on this boat something
fierce. The steamer, of course, ran day
and night, loaded and unloaded freight
at every port and landing, and carried
but one crew ot deck hands, who did all
the work anI had no hours of sleep or
rest except between landings. The whole
crew were on duty twenty-four hours a
day; sleep two or three hours, then work
like horses another three or four hours,
and keep going at this rate a whole
Tho grub was fairly good, except .the
coffee and butter, which were rotten.
The sailors had no tables to cat from,
and. the cook dealt them rations in big
stew pans, each holding enough for four
or five men. who all ate with spoons
from the same dish, like Indians eating
succotash. There were no beds, bunks
or hammocks for the dccK hands, and
they slept the best they could lying on
the deck or on piles of freight, with their
clothes on ready to Jump when the big
whistle sounded for a landing.
There waa no unton among the men on
the Mississippi at that time, and conse
quently no protection from abuses and
no redress for thoso who suffered the In
sults of that petty tyrant called the first
mate. I deserted this boat at Memphis
and made my way to Detroit. Here I
Joined the Seamen's union, paid my little
fee and received a card that classed me
as an "ordinary seaman." I shipped out
on a vessel that made dally trips between
Detroit and Cleveland, and I say the truth
when I tell you that I never saw work-
ingmen better treated than the sailors
were on this boat. We had a messroom
nnd flunkeys to wait table; we had good
grub and plenty ot It; we had good, clean
beds, mattress, springs, sheets, towels,
etc. We had regular hours of work and
rest, and the forecastle waa so well
lighted and furnished that a sailor could
either play checkers or reed Caesar's
Commentaries either polish his mind or
his brass buttons, as he took the notion.
Where no union exists among seamen
sailors are herded like cattle, driven like
dogs, fed like tramps and if you com
plain too loud the mate will stick a gun
In your ear nnd ask you, "Who's a run
nln this boat, you or me?"
The Church and Why.
OAKLAND, la.. Nov. lS.-To the Editor
of Tlje Bee: There Is a great deal of
agitation In regard to why there Is a de
creaso In attendance at church services
In the present day. So much so that to
some minds It might be an aggravation
as to where to find the aggregation to
make up the congregation. To attempt
to give the real reason would perhaps
be as futile as to expect an Immediate
solution of the Mexican problem.
Letj us pot go runner dsck man to tne
memory of those whose heads are now
whitening with the frosts of many win
ter We who remember tho "old cir
cuit rider" of half a century ago, when
the pioneers came west long before the
Illustrious Horace Greeley thought of
giving advice or the town and county In
western Kansas bore his name. Those
people were looking for a home In the
temporal sense. Perhaps their thoughts,
their prayers and tears wero for tho gen
eration that la now on the "stage" play
ing the great drama. Isolated aa they
Were from each other these meetings
meant a great deal In that day. There
was the plain old-fashioned religious or
ders and ihey spied sin afar off and shied
hnavenlv bricks" that way from cer
tain passages of. scripture (that made
them a 'plain and peculiar people,' and
may we say "zealous ot good works."
Many of these theories have been ex
ploded. In the material world we are
advancing. Our methods of travel alone
show we aro moving forward at a rapid
pace. In the secular and educational
field we are going some; the church must
advance or go backward. Where Is the
minister on life's great highway that
will step forward with an Idea that we
jnay "be of one mind." That we may
learn "In honor to prefer one another
who Is It that can start something In the
nroper meaning of the spirit ot "do ye
unto others" Instead of "doing him first?"
Such thoughts are presented In an humble
opinion of a great question that is ot
vital Import that few of us would like
to live In a community without the
church. TEE JAY AITCH.
A Skeptic on the Tariff.
OMAHA. Nov. 18,-To the Editor of The
Bee: Now that we have that new tariff,
has anybody discovered that they are liv
ing any cheaper? Have they bought that
it wool" overcoat for any less than
usual? Not on your life. Wc have slm.
nlv riven the fellows on the other side
a chance to boost their prices.
When all our sheep In Wyoming and
Montana are killed off and converted Into
mutton, do you expect to buy Australian
wool at 3 or 4 cents? well, hardly; not
that anybody knows of.
Free wood, or free anything else, win
not benefit the consumer one lota.
Stories in Figures
Mexico In 111 exported 6,SfiS.U barrels
of crude oil.
Japan's 191S rice crop Is now estimated
at Ifi3.9i3.96T bushels.
Berlin's omnibus service -In 1313 car
ried 157,600,000 passengers.
Philippine trade for the fiscal year of
1913 aggregated IU0,010.S.
China In 1910 Imported 1,770.715 barrels
of flour from the United States.
In the present year the United States
has, exported 8.000,000 dozens of eggs. '
Canada last year brought from the
United States wall papers valued at (3S4,-
In 1913 Palermo. Italy, sent 41.U6 emi
grants to the United States on 173 steam
ers. World's production of raw silk for 1913
Is estimated at ft,S3,73S pounds. For 1913
It was 58.U1.0BS pounds.
Tha United States In eight months end
ing August 31, exported to Canada prod
ucts valued at 23,CO0.O) and Imported
articles valued at 173,000,000.
"I suppose." said the employer, "you
think you could teach me te ran my
own business."
Probably." replied young Mr. Fresh
wr1. "But It would take time."
Washington Star.
Mm. Glvem Whv do yeu beg?
Weary Willle-The Income-tax makes
sucn a aeiay in collecting my coupons.
New York Sun.
First PolltlcIan-JIms told me the other
day that he would have nothing more
to do with peanut politics.
na Diuo aw, ties nutty! Balti
more American.
"How are those two young men who
went Into partnership aa dentists get
ting oi?"
"Bather badly. Somehow they don't
sfem to puil ttiM the: ."-Boston Trans
cript "When the phu-nnloglst felt Wlgley's
bumos whit did K ssy about him?"
"He mid Wlgley was i-elf-centered.
superlatively patriotic and a prodigious
egotlst-stulf llku that."
. "Simply wonderful."
"Wonderful nothing. Wlgley told him
he waa a New Yorker as soon as he
took his scat In tho chair." St Louis
fMt. ftAmA .1 ni-r nn.n1nnt
briskly, a white heron feather raklshly
biuuk ln iier nome-maue toque.
"What a comforable feeling It Is," she
said, "to coma nshore without a half
rinzrn fiiKtnma nrri..,.,.- . -v,
Off yourw aigrette." Cleveland Plain
There n on conmlatlon about the
present drama."
"And what's that?" x
"When I get old and am a grand-
Strengthening Food tor Bard Workers
It isn't necessary to eat a lot of meat to nourish and
sustain your body. It is a positive facir ask your
doctor that there is more real nutrition in a 5c pack
age ofFaustMacaronithanin2lbs.of beef at 12 times
that price. You get more nutrition better
easing cheaper living when you eat
Made from Durum wheat, a cereal
extremely rich in gluten a bone,
muscle and flesh builder. Put up
in air-tignt, moisture-proof
package write tor free
recipe book showing
how many delicious
ways there are
for serving Faust
At ail grocer'
Se and tOe
St Leak,
The lowest priced, most economical closed car
on the market. Six-passenger 4 cylinder 10
horse-power. Price Includes two six-Inch
as lamps, generator, three oil lamps, horn
and tools, including Jack f o. b. Detroit
(Jet particulars from Ford Motor Company,
1S10 Harney St, Omaha, or direct from tie
trolt factory.
Ford Model T
If You're Particular About
What You Give
You should select from the great Peacock stocks of jewelry, silver
and kindred waxes. Peacock importations of gems are made
unset, thereby saving the high duty on set (tones.
If you expect to do some of your Christmas shopping In Chicago,
don't think of purchasing even the smallest piece of Jewelry until
you have seen Peacock's superb holiday displays.
If you may not get to Chicago soon, write now for the Peacock
224 page Illustrated Shopper's Guide. It makes correspondence
shopping as satisfactory as buying over the counter.
(CaUbluKxl In 1837)
n oihei I don t biiee my g-andrhlldren
Mill be able to take me to a play that
will shock m "-Detrolt Free Press.
Tourist You have an unusuallly large
act edge of cbm under cultivation; don t
the crows arinoy you a great deal?
Farmer Oh, not to any extent
Tourist That's peculiar, considering
you lavo no scarecrows.
Farmer Oh. well, you see, I'm out here
a good part of tho time myself. New
York Mall.
' J. A. AValdron, In Judge.
Though in his days great Homer won a
For drama In which demigods competed,
Tho managers today on him would frown.
And lim, far too chaste, would- be
J. Cwtst r in his time was quite a gink .
At scrapping, writing, orating add
But woma he last ten minutes, do you
Whltchoplng or bcstselUng or ward
Joasing? Diogenes, who lanterned forth of old
An honest man to find for an example.
If here today with searchlight would be
He could not find so queer a human
If Ovid and his fair flames were allW
Complaints of their amours ho'd not be
Each might, Indeed, have- lovers four, or
five; .
He'd worry most about their turkey
- trottlnf. !
And yet, If Noah, with a weather hunch.
Should come again, another ark erecting,
He'd raise another laugh and leave, a
Who'd swim about a better boat ex
pecting. ' I
Town Car $750