Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 18, 1913, Page 7, Image 7

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That's what
you want, and
that's what Cal
umet Is guaran
teed to give
It is sure in
perfect leaven
ing nnd raising
qualities, in
in purity.
P c rfcctljr
raised, mcltlng
ly tender bis
cuit, cake, muf
fins, griddlo
cakes, arc bound
to result from
its use.
goes farther
than other bak
ing powders
and it's moder
ate in cost.
Insist on it
at your grocers.
World' Pure Food
Exposition, Chicago,
Paris Exposition,
France, March, 1912
Two Clean Papers
Tn? Youth's Companion
The Evening Bee
Both for 55c a Month
payable Monthly
, at
sIH ! Attractive
are furnished
for office.
We supply towels to hun
dreds of small offices as well
aa to laree ones.
Our service. Includes the
fixtures and all toilet acces
sories brush, cornb and
The cost Is small and the
service as perfect as we can
make It.
Phone DouglM 028.
Omaha Towel Supply
207 South ,11th Street.
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupied by the Havens
White Coal Co.
Nice Farnam street -front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space with
large vault. Extra en
trance from court of the
Fine office fixtures are of.
fered for sale. Apply to
N. P. Feil, Bee office.
Office For Rent
Opening of Bancroft Street Viaduct
Photo by Scott.
ridellty Storage ft Tan Co. Doug. 1516.
Rare Soot Print It Now Beacon Press.
lfe .Ins? Tit. Penn Mutual. Qould.
Xilfhtlnr futures. Burgess-Oraiiden. Oo.
Koller Skating- at Chambers' Farnam
street entrance. Phone Douglas 1ST1.
Chambers School of Dancing- Mow
Open Social, aesthetic and stage dan
cing taught. Douglas 1871.
Powell Hal Typhoid Paver H. O.
Powell, division freight agent of . the IHU
noln Central, Is sick at' his home In this
city with typhoid fever.
Cummins a rather J. P. Cummins of
the Union Pacific advertising department
Is announcing ''the fact that he Is the
father of a girl baby, born -Sunday.
Cairns Visits Omaha General Pas
senger Agent Cairns and Assistant Gen
eral Passenger-Agent Munn of the North
western came over .from Chicago and
spent Sunday .In, thp.qlty vlslUns friends.
Barn Boras Sown -A, fire .originating
frohi unknown causes burned flown the
barn at the rear of S07 South Twenty
seventh' street this afternoon. The
tlructure was the property of John
Will Give Beeltai Prof,' Ernest Ray
mond Wlsner will give a recital at tho
First Methodist church this evening.
He Is sn Omaha, bpy, and. has won much,
favorable comment where he has given
hlo readings.
Worth) at Xxcelslor Spring's E. W.
North, chief deputy collector of Internal
revenue, has .gone to Excelsior Springs,
Mo. Mr, North has not been In good
health recently. He will return, after a
week's vacation.
Hew Building at Wayne Omaha con.
tractors are Interested In a new adminis
tration hall built at the Stato Nor
mal school at Wayne. J, H. Craddock
la the architect. The plans are on file
now, and the bids are to be In by De
cember 9'.
Asks Dantagss for Viaduct Jeanle B.
Issuer who alleges that her property will
be damages to tho extent of J5,7E0 by the
Nicholas street viaduct, ordered con
structed by the council, has brought suit
against the city for that amount In dis
trict court.
Burglar Sets Sllrerware W, H. Roa
enbaumt 1513 Martha street, has notified
the police department that while- he and
his family were away from home Bun
day afternoon, a burgfar entered his home
by prying open the kitchen window and
carried away twenty-seven pieces of solid
Opposed to Auditorium Purchase-
William If. Green, a member of the Real
Estate exchange and also a member of
the Southwest Improvement club, will
Eaters Get
Kidney Trouble
Take Salts at first sign of Blad
der irritation or
The American men and -women must
guard constantly against Kidney trouble,
tecause we eat too much and all our food
Is rich. Our blood Is filled with uric acid
which the kidneys strive to filter out.
they weaken from overwork, become
sluggish; the criminative tissues clog and
the result Is kidney trouble, bladder
weakness and a general decline in health.
When your kidneys feet like lumps of
lead, your back hurts or the urine is
cloudy, full of sediment, or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three times
during the night; If you suffer with sick
headache or dlsxy, nervous spells, acid
stomach, or you have rbenmtsism when
the weather is bad, get from your phar
macist about four ounces of Jad Salts',
take a tablespoonful in a glass of water
tefore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This famous
salts Is made, from the add of grapes
and lemon joloe, combined with tit bis.
and has been used for generations to
flush and stimulate clogged kidneys; to
neutralise the adds in the urine so It no
longer is a source of Irritation, thus end
ing bladder disorders.
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive; cannot injure,
makes a delightful effervescent llthl
water beverage, and belongs In every
home, becausea nobody can make, a mis
take by having a good kidney flushing
any time. Advertisement.
i J? :
'I mane an aucmpi 10 nave me r eacrauon
of Improvement clubs of Omaha pass
lesolutlons opposing the purchase of the
Auditorium by the city,
i Operation; for Newspaper Kan Oliver
Crown, city editor of tho Kearney Hub,
underwent an operation for an Infection
of the noee and throat here Monday. Dr.
W. P. Call fas performed the operation.
Mrs. Brown accompanied her husband to
the city and they are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. T. Hermanson.
Tog Not General According to the
railroad reports, tho fog and drizzle is
confined entirely to the Missouri valley
section of the country. Back from the
river fifty to 100 miles It was clear and
the sun was shining brightly. Out In
Nebraska nnd Wyoming early morning
.'temperatures ranged from 35 to 45 above
Disorderly House Inmates Pined
Bertha Love, 608 South Thirteenth street,
proprietress of a disorderly house, was
fined J50 and costs In police court. Three
Inmates of the place each forfeited $10
cash bonds, Stella Marquette, 420 South
Thirteenth street, was also fined 150 1
and costs, while four Inmates each paid
K5 fines.
Messenger Skips With Cash Nels Nel
son, 212 S.outb Twelfth street, employed
as a messenger boy for the Reliable Mes
senger exchange, was given a ISO bill by
h)s employers fiunday afternoon for which
to secure change. Nelson failed to return
and the police were notified. No trace of
the lad has been found either at his home
or about town.
Bey, F, S. Tyner Is 111 Aa a result of
an exposure when he was awakened one
night last week as the parish house
caught fire, Rev. P. D. Truer is suffer
ing with an attack of pleurisy. He was
unable to conduct services Sunday at St
Andrew's Episcopal church and Is still
confined to his bed at his home, 3S4J
Charles street.
Union Paclflo Calendars Appear The
Union Pacific calendars for 19H have
made their appearance and are along the
same lines as former years, carrying the
familiar old shield In red, white and
blue. This year the company placed an
order for 175,000. Sent In a single ship
ment they would fill ono of the largest
freight cars On the company's road.
Oets Heavy Pins tor Theft Emma
Walker, colored, residing in the Third
ward, was arrested Sunday night on com
plaint of Felix Manlns, who stated in
court that Emma engaged htm in con
versation at Tenth and Dodge streets,
and while talking with him sho stole $30
from his vest pocket- The Walker woman
was fined $50 and costs by Judge Foster.
Church Pair All Week A most pre
tentious bazar wilt start this ovenlng at
Holy Angels school, Twenty-eighth streot
and Fowler avenue, arid will' continue all
week. Arrangements have been made for
a musical program for each night with
chicken dinners Tuesday and Thursday
evenings. The promoters say the chick
ens are to be the real yellow leg variety
and. milk fed.
Scales to be Burled Xere William
Scales, the old soldier who died here last
Tuesday while' on his way from Cali
fornia to Washington, was ordered by the
department at Washington to be buried
here. Stack &. Falconer, undertakers,
were ordered to take charge of the body
and it will be laid to reet in the Grand
Army of the Republic circle in Forest
Lawn cemetery, He was about 80 years
old and has no known relatives.
Kay Wot Extend Cemetery City com
missloncrs. In committee of the whole,
told the directors of the Bohemian Ceme
tery association that under the law their
burial grounds could not be extended.
The directors had purchased additional
ground adjoining their cemetery and the
residents protested against the burial of
other dead In the neighborhood, the pro
test being based on an ordinance pro
hibiting extension of graveyards or es.
tabllshment of new ones within the city
Would Make Them Bettet- If Ther
The makers of Foley Kidney Pills know
that they have absolutely the best com
bination of curative and healing medicines
for kidney and bladder ailments and uri
nary Irregularities that It Is possible to
produce. Mrs. O. Palmer, 635 Willow
street. Green Bay, Wis., was seriously HI
with kidney and bladder trouble. Mr
Palmer writes: "My wife Is rapidly re
covering her health and strength, due
solely to the use of Foley Kidney PR's."
You cannot take them Into your system
without good results. For sale by all
dealers. Advertisement.
is Celebrated
Assistant Genreal Manager Koller
of the Burlington Returns.
nurllwrtoii Is I'nshlno the Work on
Ite Line Enat from Cnanvr nnil
Will Continue ns i.oiia; na
Wcnther Permits.
Assistant General Manager Koller of
the Burlington Is back from a tour of In
spection of the Wyoming lines, which he
found in a most satisfactory condition for
the winter season.
All through the Wyoming range countty
Mr. Koller found ranchmen well pre
pared for winter. Tho hay crop during
the last year has been abundant and large
quantities have been put up. Then, too,
owing to late fall rains, the range Is the
best In years, and now cattle, sheep and
horses are dopg well without being fed
on hay.
At Casper Mr. Koller found the town
rapidly growing, owing to the develop
ment. of the oil Industry, and while there
is no boom on, additions are being platted
and lots selling about as rapidly as of.
fered. New buildings are being erected
in both the business and residence dis
tricts. The Burlington, says Mr. Koller. Is
pushing the construction of its line east
from Casper and will continue grading
toward Orrln Junction during the winter
if weather permits. If present plans do
not miscarry, the line will be graded
from Casper to Orln Junction, sixty,
seven miles, by May 1, and a large por
tion of the bridge work completed. Track
laying will follow Immediately.
Already the Burlington la doing a rood
business In and out of Caspar, as well as
to and from all the towns on tho new
lino between there and Thermopolls, The
principal business out of Casper right
now is hauling crude and refined oil, two
and sometimes three train loads going
out dally. The oil is taken Into the north.
west country for distribution along the
Northern Paclflo and Great Northern,
with a considerable portion of the refined
product sent to Asia.
Meredith Nicholson
to Speak Several
Times While Here
Meredith Nicholson. dlitlna-ulahMl nov
elist, essayist and poet, arrived in Omaha
Sunday and waa the guest of General
John Lee Webster at a luncheon at the
Omaha club Monday. Mrs. Nicholson nr.
ceded the novelist to Omaha, her former
Mr, and Mrs. Nicholson now are staying
at the home or Mr. and Mrs. C T.
Wednesday evening Mr, Nicholson will
address the Palimpsest club at a dinner
at the Omaha club. His subject will be
"On the Sunnyside of Forty," and he la
expected to delve Into the political ques
tlons of the day. for in his home city of
Indianapolis he has Interested himself In
local as well as national politics.
At noon Thursday Mr. Nicholson will
address the university club at a lunch
eon In his honor. He has not been as
signed a subject, but will be asked to
speak on any topic he chooses.
yoaiCan Stop
10 ST head- '
aohsa are
congestive. Slaor-
aired stomach.
f faulty digestion, slar-
' srtsh circulation all
rirroauce congestion, coo-1
l sMdtiaUon andhsadaehss'.
fktnoT the polsonoa
natter which causes 1ft
Issna your fets&acfcs disey 1
Ski rsmsdr which motssj
' mom bowels auloklr and x
' snores a normal condition la 1
i tbs natural laxauvs. u ensss
taken In the momlnr or at anr 1
time on an empty stomach acts
' within aa hour or so surely and '
arantlr. Why sot a ton auoh
headaches. Get a bottle at anr
1 xirug more oay.
Former Commercial Club Commis
sioner Finally Enters Office.
!rt n Taalr of How It Seems to
Walt Outside While the llnnda
of the Clock Move Mrr
rllr On.
"The Man Without a Country," No,
not quite. Only the msn without a Job.
This was the temporary position of J.
M. Guild yesterday when he arrived
at the Commercial club headquarters,
where he has been the commissioner for
seven years. He walked Into the lobby
as boldly as usual. When he came face
to face with his private door and found
It shut, ho remembered his resignation
had taken effect Saturday night and he
no longer had an official connection with
the club.
He hesitated before opening the door,
for how did he know but that a new
comrulmtoner might be seated in his
swivel chalrf
Ills hesitation attracted the attention
Start Fresh
at the beginning of the day and
the day is half won.
Feel well and you'll work well
and succeed well. A brimming
cup of delightful
Old Golden
starts you off bright as a dollar (it as
a new top. It is always fresh, with
the true coffee flavor retained. It is
sold in the whole bean. Nature's meth
od of protecting it from loss of aroma.
You'll notice its superiority at once,
particularly over cut and ground coffees.
At your grocer s in
pound packages
TONE BR0S.t Des Moines, Iowt
MMart eftha fameui Tom re, Spict
of the large force of .clerks that have
so long been obedient to his word. Assist
ant Commissioner Ellis, condescended to
come forward a few paces and ask:
"Have you your card, sir?"'
Guild could not locate hi card for a
moment and during that brief spell
realized how the reporters have felt every
day or their lives when they approached
the big glass door In the hope of getting
a haatly Interview with the commissioner.
Time and again these excellent fellows
have been compelled to stand In the lebby
and wait until someone advised then
Commissioner Guild waa ready to sro
them. In the meantime the hands of the
clock galloped merrily on and the paper
was steaming on tho presn. Then Just
as it was too late for the boys to catch
the afternoon edition the smiling features
of Guild would appear under his private
"Come In," he would say. The boys
would tile In and get tipped oft to the
fact that the club has been "big sticking"
the charter, manhandling the gas fran
chise or maybe dreaming out a match
So the reporters enjoyed seeing Mr.
Guild stand out In the lobby for n brief
moment, waiting to b admitted to the
big, sacred door. Then the door waa
flung open and Guild walked In to clean
It is your opportunity.
Not merely to get few dollars
free, added to what you save your
self, but it is your opportunity to
prove to yourself that you are a
success; that you can get ahead in
the world; that you have enough
"iron in your blood" to do one good
thing for yourself every week for
48 weeks. '
It is not so much the cash capital
you will own in 48 weeks if you
join the
"Omaha Thrift Club"
that will make your future safe, as
it is the thrifty habit this club will
give you.
Next Saturday is the last day you
can join.
After that no more memberships
will be issued.
You are invited to join this "thrift
army," but you must do it this week.
Don't wait until Saturdayjoin
now. Membership free.
Omaha National Bank
Seventeenth and Farnam Sts.
Savings DpL on Street Floor.
up some of his work before catching the
train for Dayton. O, where he Is to
take his new Job In a few days.
Health Commissioner TU W. Connell re
ports half a dozen cases of scarlet e-er
In the southeastern part of the city He
Inspected tho children In Bancroft school
Monday and sent one child home, finding
later that there waa a case of scarlet
fever In the child's home. So far there
Is no danger, the health commissioner
says, of a contsglon In the Bancroft
A debate between W. F. Baxter and
F. P. Ramsey for and ajralnst the slngl
tax will be the feature of the meeting of
the Uconomlc league Tuesday evening.
The meeting will start promptly at 8
A Fierce' Attack
of malaria, liver derangement and kid
ney trouble la easily cured by Electrln
Rltters, the guaranteed remedy. Ma. For
sale by your druggist. Advertisement,
i :