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-HE new "Lampshade" gown designed by Paul Polret for the musical
I comedy, "Lo Minaret." In Paris, has become the rago on two contl-l
nents, and now milady's wardrobe is not complete without n
Minaret gown. Tho popularity of this now design has made stylo
forecasters think seriously of the hoop Bklrts, but whllo the tunics aro wired,
they do not In tho least resemble the hoop skirts of our grandmothers' time.
Tho tunics aro short and resemble a dainty lamp Bhade; tho tunic Is
usually lace or chiffon, on which aro roses or crystal fringe, or an edging of
fur. Tho lower part of tho skirt 1b usually qulto plain and made of char
tncusc, and the bodice mostly of tulle nnd shadow lace.
One of tho first Minaret gowns seen In Omaha was a shell pink cos
tume worn by Mlsa Frances Nash. It was an original Polret model. Tho
Minaret tunic was composed of several rows of dainty tulle.
At tho dinner dance at tho Omaha
Stewart 2d woro a beautiful costume. Tho skirt was of palo charmeuso
with lamp shado tunic of tullo and laco, wired and edged with a band of
white ermlno fur. Miss Lynn Curtis woro a becoming blue costumo with
tho wired tunic of whtto shadow lace.
. At ono of tho social-affairs-last week Mbb Carolyn Congdon woro a
dancing frock with wired tunic of laco edged with fur. Miss LucIIo Schraub
ttadtcr of St Louis, who Is'ono of tho popular guests In Omaha, has a cos
tume of 'red charmensc, with lamp shado tunic of chiffon wired, and edged
w ith black fox fur.
House Warming.-
Mr. and 3Ir. Louis Sommer. who have
moved Into their new home at 1003 Cup.
, Itol avenue. Dundee, gfive n. house warm
ing when thorc present were:
Sir. and Mr. David dross. . '
Mr. and Mrs. David Harding.
Mr. and Mm. Homuel Bommer.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Maurice Newman.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bonimrr.
Mr. and Mrs. t. Newman.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hplrgel.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ofuck. .
Mr. nd Mra. T. Hoscnthal
Mr. rtnd Mra. J. J. Blnger.
Mr. and Mrs. David Newman. '
Mr. and Mra. Max Newman. '
Mr. and Mra. IjOuIh Newman. ' V.
-Mr. and Mra.-David Wells.
Mr. and Mra. Hamuel Friedman. ' '
Mr. and Mra. Jtillua Zimmerman.
Mrs. Fannie .Newrrian.
Mra. Charles lngcr. I -
Mri.Hcnry Newman.
Mra. n, Simon. '
Misses Misses
Annie Aaronrldi. Sadie Newman,
Ttuth Newman. Hannah Sommer.
Kather Newman,
Messrs. Messrs.
Maurice noaenblath, Harry Sommer,
Julliia Newman, Herman Rosenbluin.
The ushers of the "Wood-Stevens wed
ding; party will entertain at an Orphoum
party this evening; for Mlsa Stevens and
Mr. Wood. After the theater they will
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your destiit it competent
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We believe you will agree Iff aboVe"
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our wagons.
mm ;
Monday, November 3, 1913.
club Friday evening Mrs. Ji T.l
have.aupper at tho Omaha club. Those
present will be:
"if Is sos
Dorothy Rtevens
Louise DlnnlnK.
Mildred nutter,
Heri Wood,
Mobert Wood,
lien Gallagher.
Katherlne 'Heeon,
Mary Htrarns
of Denver.
Wlllftrd Hutler,
Raymond, I.ow. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Dnnlse BarkHlow
At the Orpheum.
Mrs. Qiiy Cox was liorU-wi at an Or
pheum party this afternoon In honor of
MUs Mar)- III ng wait, who wilt bo a
November bride. Klght guests wero
Pleasures Fast.
Members of the A-genee Card club were
entertained by Mlsu Nora nnd Miss Ileba
Kennedy Thuisdoy evening. Prizes wero
awarded to Miss, Itattle Weinberg, Miss
Winifred Farmer. Mr. Ilert Perry and Dr.
Peterson. Tho. nttxt meeting will be No
vember 13, when the Misses Steinberg will
be hostesses for the club.
At the Country Club.
The members of the Omaha Junior
club Rave an enjoyable dancing party
Saturday evening; at the Country club,
to do.
This tins the 'losing event at the club
this stfteon. Those present were.
Misses. Misses:
Hose Hmytli fStigenle Patterson
Marlon McUray Prance Hochstetler
Mary Sheets Greta Lane
Msry Uurkley Dorothy Morgan
Melom Davis Hlltabeth nckens
flllzabeth Davis Louise Dinning
Knthrlne Heeson Marian Kuhn
niadys Peters Dorothy Stevens
Ann, Clifford Marguerite llusch
Marjory Howland Helen Epcneter
Mildred Butler
Messrs. Messrs.
llobert Hum Paul Gallagher
Culhbert Potter Italph Teters
Gerald Wharton Heed Pctera
Drexel filbernson llobert BtoUt
Clarence; 8Hernson Fred lougherty
Jack Webster lOdward Murphy
Oerrlt Fort Koger Keellne
John Caldwell Wlllard Putter
llarrv Koch Hen Wool
Frank Frederick Al Husch
lieu Gallagher I.eon Callahan
At the Dietz Club.
The Dlctx club gave a Hallowe'en party
Friday evening at their club house on
Carter lake. Those present were:
Misses Misses
Helen Orndy, Irene Hlgbee,
Ncttlo Sohooley, Bdna Hume.
Grrtrudo Gruenlng, Adeline Wykoff,
Elizabeth McMullen, Dora Hearmann,
Judith Palm, Florence Woodholl,
Mabel Whitney, Georgia Klsley,
Muriel Jefferles. Ikrtha Merz.
Dr. Hayes Gsanter, Odette Jackson,
Nellie Kemp, lvcnrns.
Messrs Messrs
Freeman Uradford , Marie Kunr,
Percy Gwynne, Clarence Hall,
Dr. N. II. Attwood, L. W. Knight,
Dr. F. C. Lage, C. F. Bwancutt.
H. J. Kuhn. G. 12. Batty.
N. C. Mann, llobert Shields,
Frank Hpellman, Al Keelstrom,
Edward Stroud, Kd Iafferty,
K. K. Rlsenhart, FA Hawley,
I, . K. Johnson, A. G. Uluufuss.
Mr. and Mrs. B, J. Kuhn,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Veldman,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson,
Mr. nnd Mrs. F.dward Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nestlebush.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Myers.
Keys-Westgate Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Blanche Westgate,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. n. 13. West
gate, CliHrlea street, to Mr. Bernard
J. Keys of Worland, Wyo., was quietly
solemnized Saturday afternoon at 2
Tho Jiome was beautifully decorated
with palms and ferns, carnations nnd
To the strains of Mendelssohn's wed.
ding mnrch, plard by Miss Cecil Lyon
of Umaha, the bride and groom, preceded
by llttlo Miss Evolyn Westgate as flower
girl, took their plncca beneath an arbor
of ferns. Hev, Nathaniel McOlffln of the
!.owo Avenue Piesbytcrlau church of
ficiated. Immediately following the ceremony,
Mr. and Mis. Keys left for their new
home lu Worland.
Tho guests were. Mr. and Mrs. 8. If.
Westgnte nnd Mr. and Mrs. M, P. Hears
of Clarks, Neb.; Mrs. J, T. McLean of
Central City. Neb.; Mrs. I. N. Allen nnd
Mrs. a. G. McrokKln of Oak, Neb.; Mra.
W. U Keys of Newcastle, Wyo.; Mr, and
Mrs, George Brown of Council Bluffs;
Mr and Mrs. 8. K. Wlall, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Nathaniel McOlffln, Miss Cecil Lyon and
Miss Ora Johnson.
Harris-Heath Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Mona Heath,
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. James Heath,
to Henry Harris, took place Saturday
afternoon at 4 o'clock nt the residence of
the officiating clergyman, Ilovi It. L.
Wheeler, They were attended by Mr,
and Mrs. O. T, Bherrllt. Mr. and Mrs.
Harris will reside at 2303 Vinton street.
For Flattsmouth Quests.
Mrs. T, L. Kimball nnd Mlsa Kimball
entertained delightfully at nn Informal 1
tea Saturday afternoon at -their home In!
honor of several guests from Plattsmouth,
Including Mrs. George E. Dovey and
and threo of hor daughters. Miss Kath
rlne Dovey, Mrs. Oeorgn Fault'er and
Mrs. R. E. Patterson and for Mrs. White
and her daughter, Mrs. Halter. About
eighteen guesta yere presont Following
tho ten, they lad dinner at the new
Hamilton with Mrs. George Ifoldrege,
Miss Lecta Holdrego and Dr. and Mrs.
II. II. Holllster and Mr. Jack Faulter of
Flattsmouth. The guests motored home
Saturday evening.
Informal Bridge,
Mrs. J. A. C. Kennedy was hostess at
an Informal nftemoon of bridge today
at her home for Mrs. Witter, guest of her
sister, Mrs. William J. Coad. Two tables
of players were present.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Miss Luclte Gross of Chicago Is visit
ing Mlsa Annette Bernstein.
Mrs. J, Lleberman of New York Is
lsltlng her aunt, Mrs. A. Hene.
Webster Says He
Guesses He Will
Pay Up His Taxes
John I Webster, employed by the
Olnaha Water board at a salary of 15,000
a year, Is about to pay more than t3,K)0
delinquent taxea on hla fine home at 51S
South Twenty-fifth avenue. Within hear
ing of a reporter he told Treasurer Ure
at the court ho.tise that he guessed he'd
have to pay, but Indicated that he might
not dig up all at once.
Mr. Webster's delinquent taxes on his
residence data to 1904, the date of the
last scavenger sale. The property has
been Included In previous tax sales, but
no purchaser baa come forward. Treas
urer Ure this year Is announcing his In
tention to Invoke the previous unenforced
mortgage foreclosure law and it is this
prospect which Mr. Webster Indicated
would compel him to pay up.
Lauds outside the city limits In Doug
las county and also property within the
original plat of Omaha were offered for
sale for taxes yesterday and numerous
pieces were sold. Treasurer L're la taking
pains to comply with the stautes In
order that there may be no hitch In en
forcement of the mortgage foreclosure
law niter this sale Is completed.
An ordinance prohibiting the use of
finger bowls In hotels and restaurants
was passed by the city commission with
a vote of sis to one, Dan B. Butler
voting against it The ordinance was not
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Appears Before City Commissioners
Without Much Avail.
Asserts thnt He Win Ilrnponxlhle to
the Kntlrp Commission nml thnt
MrfJoTfrn nxrrrilrd Author
ity In Flrlnjr Him.
M. J. Lacy, discharged chief field en
gineer of the city engineering department,
appeared before the city com mis." Ion to
protest against his discharge and demand
a hearing. He said he had been employed
by the commission and could not be fired
by Thomas McOovern. the Head of the
department, wjthout a hearing before the
The council placed Lncy's formal letter
on fllo nnd let the matter rest. ,
Commissioner McOovern. answering
Lacy's declaration that he had not
worked for outside contractors during
McGovcrn's term of office, said he had
not so charged, but had said to report
ers that he had found Lacy In Hugh
Murphy's office.
McOovern said Lacy had refused to
work and had not signed his "tlmo
checks" as required.
Lacy charged McOovern with attempt
ing to force him to complain against
other employes of the city engineering de
partment. Ho said:
"McOovern said I was In charge of the
men and If I didn't make them work he'd
put somebody over them who would."
In a statement to the commission Mc
Govem said he had found Lacy and three
other men loafing In the shade when they
should have been working. He recalled
several dates during tho last two years
when Ivicy, he declared; had refused to
work. Lacy said:
"It these are to be the charges against
me I want to answer them. When I am
given that opportunity I will make a full
explanation. I defy Mr. McOovern to
permit mo to tell why I was loafing In
tho shade August 19."
It Is probablo the city commission will
take no further action In the matter.
Lncy may force a fuller-Hearing. He said
tho morning Investigation had shown
that he was discharged without good
First Cousins Are
Unable to Get Along
and Ask for Divorce
I'erry and Dottle Itales. first cousins,
who eloped and were married In Ne
brnka City, August IS, 1905, when tho
girl wna 18 years old nnd hor husband 26,
found It Impossible to live together hap
pily and told of their troubles In a con
tested divorce suit. Judge Troup took
the ease under advisement to consider the
best Interests of Mr. and Mrs. Bales' 6-year-old
According to the evidence the young
couple had known each other from child-
For supper
a child.
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digs in where the hand can't
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Here is a Chance for Some
Girl to Help a Fellow Out
Come on, you girls. Here's a loose male
walling to be somebody's husband, and
he'll be worth just 150.000 on the day thnt
you take- him for better or worse.
Fred W. Anheuser, city prosecutor, t?y
the terms of the will of the lato Adolphus
Bunch, whose burial last week In Ft
Louis meant the division of an estate
valued at something like J125,O0O,OOO, was
remembered along with several scoro
other relatives nnd organizations, wilt re
ctlve $30,00) on the day he Is married, nro
vlded the nuptials occur within two years,
And If he Is not married at the end cf
that time he gets J100.
Just give Mr. Anheuser the "once over"
girls. Not such a bad looking fellow, tfi,
considering tho fifty thou?
Anheuser Is a blood relative of tb late
millionaire brewer and was one of his
favorites. Just before he died, he told
his attorneys: "I'm going to remember
Fred because he has made hta way un
nlded. But he's joung yet and I want
to see him settle down. So If he gets
married Inside of two years I'll fix a
comfortable Income for him. If he has
not sense enough to settle down within
the next two yeara, he don't get any of
my money." He made hla words good In
the will, which was filed for probate last
"Oee whir," exclaimed Anheuser, who
Is only 28, "I just have to hunt me up a
female now. Just my luck. Here I'm
happy and everything's serene and nice
when this happens to me. I don't know
any girls."
Anheuser Is partial to blondes, providing
hood and when Mrs. Bales- parents re
fused to let her marry him, they eloped.
Bbe Is pretty and, according to a letter
written by her Introduced In evidence,
she thought she wan too young to stay at
homo all the time. She accuse him of
falling to support her and of drinking.
, The husband asserted that his salary
of from 114 to 116 a week was not enough
to buy her aa many dress ea as his wife
wanted and that she s'apped him an
refused to cook his meals. lie testified
that he worked regularly and denied that
he drank to excess.
Judge Troup hinted that he would grant
the wife a divorce on her croea-petltlon,
merely because she was dissatisfied with
her matrimonial experiment.
James Munroe, colored, allan EHck
Dickinson, was arrested by Detectives
Dunn and Klnnelly on Information fur
nished the department to the effect that
ho Is wanted at .Danville, HI., Yor mur
der. Munroe Is said to have shot and
killed the foreman of the coal mines In
that cltv during the winter of 1910. 'The
negro who "snitched" on the wanted jnan
will receive 1300 as a rewnrd for his In
formation. Chief Moloney refuses to di
vulge his name.
as the rising sun
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MISmn of tho famoai Ton Broi. Spicti
B NsWl!MaEsH
iaiaiaiaWr 'flaflHPisiHH
they are not too familiar with peroxide.
However, brunettes need not feel back
ward cither. The handsome yoUng city
prosecutor Is In desperate straits, and ho
may not prove particular.
"Docs she have to be a good cook," An
heuser was asked.
"She docs not, and spell It with a capi
tal!" emphatically answered Anheuser. "If
I make the riffle ,that torn; string of Iron
men wilt buy a lot of meal tickets at the
Boston I.unch."
. (
Druesedow Believes
City Should Be Made
to Buy Auditorium
"I wns greatly pleased to see In The
Beo the statement of n business man on
the proposed purchase of the Auditorium
by the city," said State licprescntatlve
Itobert C. Druesedowt "Personalty, 'I be
lieve the city commissioners should be
mandnmused to compel them to call an
election to submit the proposition' of Its
purchaso to the people. The city should
have It, and It they don't get It they
will never bo able to build an auditorium
like It for the money. The ground space
simply isn't to bo had In a desirable lo
cation In the city except for enormous
Mr. Druesedow saya he fought hard on
the floor of the house for the bill giving
Omaha power to vote bonds for Its pur
chase, and saya he did so only after
making an' Investigation of the situation.
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from stomach, liver and kidney trouble
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Our sanitary
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last word In towel
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In the box belo v
Cannot be lost or
thrown about o"
used for other pur
The cost la very small
Let us give you the price
Omaha Towel Supply
307 So. 11th St.
Fhoas doo. aaa.
Always take alone
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ping a cube in a cup of hot water.
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toilet counters or mail. Price 50 cents,
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Oilice For Rent
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupiedsby the Havens
White Coal Co.
Nice Farnam street front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space with
large vault. Extra en.
trance from court of the
Fine office fixtures are of.
fered for sale. Apply to
N. P. Feil, Bee office.