Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 01, 1913, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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Knil Goods and Ladies'
Gowns Specially Priced
LadlcV Wool Sweater Coats
Just the thine for wear now;
lour big special lots, at S3. OS.
S2.08. Sl.OS and S1.45
Children's Wool Sweater Coats
BJg assortment ot style. Mpeelal,
al $1.45, 9Sc nnd 690
Boys' Madras Waists AH colors
and rites, special 490
?-f,ei.' OoUnfT riannel Oowm
and Pajamas Values to S 00,
hlg assortment ....98c and $1.45
Z.adUi wool Knit Skirts, special
Saturday. In threo big lots.
1.98, $1.49 and 98o
Children's JCnlt Skirts, at 6O0
Children's $1.50 Pajamas, at, 75o
Children's Batesn Bloomers, at.SSo
Children's Bompers, special. . .49o
A Big Special Purchase of Silk Velvet Shapes
We've offered you some delightful bar- Fine quality velvet in the moat fashion
gams tins season but these surpass all mM 3C J? able blocks of the season, broad assort
choice . . .
regular $3.00 values; your
mcnt of regular $3.00 values for your se
lection. Don't miss them.
Meat Dept. Spec'ls
Thi best No 1 Spring
(,'hlckcns, 191.1 stock,
nothing finer at any
price, for 15c
No. 1 quality Spring
l.ainb Hindquarters,
per lb lOHc
No. 1 quality Spring
1j a m b Forequarters,
per lb 9H
No. 1 quality Whole
Pork Shoulder. .181(0
No. 1 quBlltv Whole
Tork Butts, lb..l5jo J
rM Great Western Novel
"The Winning of Barbara Worth," by
Harold Bell Wright, formerly sold in
$1.30 edition, now in the popular edi
tion, on special snle Satur- XQr
doy at OwfC
Only one to a customer. No mail or
telephone orders filled.
f 9k
Saturday in Domestic Room
81x30 seamless sheets, fine
soft finish, 80c values.. GOd
81x30 Wamsutta, very fine
seamless sheets, $1.10 val
ues 85i
72x90 made sheets, good mus
lin, 50c values 30 d
42x36 pillow case, 12 val
ues ., 10i
Bleached tablo damask, good
weight, assorted patterns, 50c
values 39
Amoskeng outing flannols,
12 He values -06
Bllkolines, 30-inch wide, 15c
values lOti
Dress ginghams, neat pat
terns, 12 o values.... IOcJ
Winter Underwear Satisfaction
and a Saving of Almost Half is
Assured to Purchasers Saturday
A fortunate cash purchase. Values in absolutely perfect de
pendable quality undergarments for ladies, men and children,
seldom, if ever before, equaled in any provious sale event. Buy
now. Included are such standard makes as Sterling, Harvard
Mills, Bradford, Roost, Velactic, Kayser, Globe, etc., in all
styles and sizes, at about half retail worth.
Ladies' Union Suits, silk and
wool, regular $3.00 quality,
choice $1.98
Ladies' Fleeced Union Suits,
hoavy quality, whito or gray,
$1.00 and $1.50 values, in all
sizes, at 75c and 59(
Ladies' $1.00 and $1.25 Under
wear, wool or fleece lined, vests
or pants, in two lots, Saturday,
at 75c and 49c
Ladies' Heavy Jersey Ribbed or
Fleeced Vests or Pants, made to
sell at 35c, go in the snle at, per
garment , . . . .19 c
Ladies' 75o Quality Union Suits,
regular or ext,ra sizes; groat simp
at, sale prico 39c
Ladies' All-wool Underwear, gray
or red flannel, vests or pants, to
$2.50 values, at. .$1.50, $1.25
Ladies' Sterling, All-wool Union
Suits, values you can't duplicate,
nt $2.98
Children's 50c Quality Under
wear, vests or pants, medium or
heavy weight garments 25c
Children's $1.00 Quality Union
Suits, all sizes, all styles, gray or
cream, choice .49c
Men's Undershirts or Drawers,
nil wool, $1.50 and $'2.00 values,
red, gray or tan, nt, gar
ment $1.25 and 98c
Men's $3.00 and $3.50 Union Suits
in grnv or white, all wool, on snle
Saturday.... $2.50 and $1.98
Mon's $1.00 Quality Underwear,
shirts or drawers, all sizes, on
sale at 49c
Men's Heavy Fleeced Shirts or
Drawers, all sizes, nt 35c
Men's All-wool Union Suits, $5.00
nnd $(5.00 Quality, on sale Satur
day at. $3.98 nnd $2.98
Men's Australian Wool Underwear, shirts or draw- I Men's $2.00 and $2.50 Union Suits, henvy quality;
ors; snaps nt, garment $iS.9o and $l.lJb romnrkablo bargains at, sale price. . .$1.45, 98c
Meat Dept. Spec'ls
Ni t quality Wholn
1'ork Loins, lb 17o
1.000 pounds Wide Lean
Breakfast Uncoil, per
pound 15o
No. 1 quality Picnic! lb lao
Eenlshlpt Oysters, solid
packed, no water, 33
ounces to tlio qt, 45o
Demand solid oysters
and 32 ounces to the
quart. The law re
. . i i .
The Very Best In Ladies'
Monarch and Derby Gloves In
comploto assortment of color
ings; plquo and ovcrseam
utitchlngs, the best gloves for
fit, stylo and servico, SI. 50
nnd 82.00
12 and lC-Uutton Leugtn
Gloves; very Hpocial at, per
pair 81.08 nnd 2.50
Two-Button Gloves, made to
sell nt ? 1.00; light and medium
weight; some doo skins; on
salo Saturday at 50b
Children's Kid Mitts anil gloves.
Including- lined gauntlet tops, to
75c values, Saturday 49o
You'll find tnost complete assort
ments and best values at our
glove counter.
Shoes at Special Prices
Men's Press Shoes and Work Shoos in all leathers
aud all styles, good goods, Goodyear welted soles,
values up to $5.00 a pair; 3 bigs lot
nt $3.50, $2.50 and $1.98
One lot of Women's Shoes, about 400 pairs, values
up to $3.00, at $1.98
Misses' aud Childs, Boys', Youths' and Little Gouts'
Shoes, values up to $,J.,J5, in two big lots
at $1.50 and $1.00
Infants' and Thilils' Shoes, values up to $1.50; three
prices, three lots $1.00, 75c and 50c
Warm lined Felt and Plush Slippers, with or with
out leather soles; 3 lots, two prices, ,50c nnd 39c
OROVER and QUEEN QUALITY shoes for wo
men who know; and STETSON and OROSSETT
shoos for men who care.
It's certainly a great pleasure to show you such
values as we have to offer Saturday.
Our buyer, now in New York, sent us
several big purchases which We will
place on sale Saturday at prices which
represent scarcely actual retail worth
Tailored Suits Made to sell at $20.00 mid $22.50. .$10.00
New fall styles, in serges, diagonals, tweeds and fancy
suitings, all most wanted colorings; values you'll find it im
posBibo to duplicato at Bale price.
Tailored Suits, made to sell at $25.00 up to $35.00; on sale
at $14.90
You'll admit them the classiest lot of tailored suit bur-
gains shown in Omaha this season. Cheviots, diagonals,
tweeds, fanoy poplins, various corded fabrics, etc., in all
most desirable colorings; made to sell at and well worth
$25.00, $30.00 nnd $35.00.
Nobby New Coats, in Per
sians, chinchillas, fine cari
cules, plushes, bouclo and
various novelty coatings
mado to sell. 'to $25.00;
choice Saturday . .$15.00
Coats Worth to $20 Ijong
plush and novelty coats,
nobby cutaway coats, etc.,
all colors and sizes; $15.00
to $20.00 values, choice,
at $10.00
Furs Furs Furs
An almost unlimited variety
of new style garments in all
the most wanted furs. Every
garment selected with great
care as to its high quality; all
attractively priced.
Nearly 1,000 Pretty Dresses, made to s,ell up to $25.00; chif
fons, laces, silk charmeuse, eolines, crepes, etc., in pretty
designs suitable for any occasion; wonderful values at our
salo prico Saturday, your choice $9.90
Specially Interesting Values in Children's Wear.
Children's Dresses Fine as
sortment of designs for winl
ter 1913-14, attractive val
ues $1.50, $1.95, $2.95, $3.95
Pretty Coats in plain colors
and fancy mixtures, sizes 2
to 14 years, made to sell up
to'$7.50, choice $2.95
Oldfashioned Butter Scotch
Wafers; regular 40c kind,
at, a lb 15c
Angela' Food Taffy in all flavors;
special at, lb 15d
Aborted Cream Wafers, lb. .JJOd
.Mexican lVnoclils, made whllo you
watt; ppoclal at, lb 25b
E. 8. Dyball is now manager ot
the Candy department.
( Drags and Sundries Saturday
BOc Madame lae'bell's Face Powder
for 0
60c Java lllce and Tetlow's Faco Pow
der far 3Bo
DOo Hinds' Honey & AlmonJ Cream
for , 3X
25c Dr. Graves' Tooth Powder for, 10c
Ideal Hair Urushes for 70o
Palm Olive and Jap Hose Soap. 2
bars for .'lBo
60c Syrup of Figs with Henna ror.BOo
C'antorla (Fletcher's) for 19o
10c "Wash Hug Cnstlle Boap," a cake
of pure Castile soap with a wash
rap, for only Oo
Jl 00 Fountain Hyrings, Z-quart, 39o
tl.M Fountain Hyrings, 2-quart. 89o
JI.2B Combination Hyrlnge and Water
Ilottle for 91.48
11.60 !-quart Hot Water Bottle
for ....70o
V , . '
Suit Bargain Opportunity Extraordinary
Your Choice Saturday of 350
Hart, Schaffner & Marx
Regular $20.00 Value C
Regular $22.50 Value
Regular $25.00 Value
All now goods and choice fabrics, colorlnnd stylos
the greatest bargain opportunity ever offercufm1 the opening
of the season. i
OVERCOATS that have the style and quality combined that,
satisfies. You'll find the largest variety and best values here
ni prices from , $10.00 tip to $40.00
See the Superb Bargains at $15.00 t
462 BOYS' ZERO SUITS "Regular $(5.50 to ,$$3.00
viiIucb; all choicest matorials, colorings and snappi
est now styles; special Saturday at, choice
They're built right from the inside. out and will give ser
vice beybnd your grentest expectation.
1 - 'w i
Xbs orifinal and genuine 91.60 Cedar Oil Snstlesa pollsbinr mop and a
91.00 sis can of Cedar OU polish this 99.60 outfit, special Sat- ( Q
uxday only, at 1 1 1 9
Howard KeaUrs, Garland and Renown Base Burners, Black Nickel finish
Renown Ranres, now on tale.
-a Healers,
riom iu.95
Howard Heaters,
up from yiiLoo
Ilase liurners up
fiom VJ6.O0
bleel itaneB, wall
lS-ln. oven and
high closet . .i5.00
Cast Itanges up
from tal.&o
Cook Stoves up
from 810.50
Seasonable Items Re
duced for Saturday's
Special Bale.
Lrge roll of Tar
Paper 81,19
11.75 1-ply high
erode Rubber
Hoofing-, per roll
of 100 sq. ft.. 91.39
12.00 2-ply high
vrade K u b b e r
Itoorinf, per roll
of 100 sq. ft.. 91.49
-i.26 3-ply nltfh
lit ude Hublier
itooiintr, per roll
of 100 sq. ft.. 1)1.09
tar-u size Chop
ping bowl i8o
Chopping Knives. ,2o
buaer rlour
Hleves ,...19o
Qeuutne Wilson
Toaaters, worth
2Gc 16o
40c Kitchen Saws.aso
10c Scrub Bruehes.eo
3So Feather Dust
ers l?o
Pas to Trade at
Hayden's Grocery
21 lbs. Best Qranulatod Sungar, 91.00
48-lb. tack best high grade Diamond
H' Flour, made from the best select
ed wheatf 1 sack will inuke from
76 to 80 Sc loaves; per tuck... 91,10
10 bars Beat 'Em All or Diamond C
soap ..." aso
7 bars Huakln Bros Klfotrlc bpark
aoap 26o
8 lbs. best Holled Breakfast oat
meal 35o
The best hand picked navy beans, per
pound Bo
4 lbs. Fancy Japan lllce. 10c uuallty,
for aso
Gallon Cans Golden Table uyrup,40o
2-lb package best Diamond 11 Self
Illslng 1'ancako Flour Bio
J-lb. cans assorted soups 7o
2- lb, cans Fancy Sweet .Sugar Corn
at 7Ho
3- lti, cans Solid l'acked Tomatoes, loo
3. lb. cans Shredded Pineapple, for
Pies loo
Greatest Doll Bargains Offered in Omaha in Years
Do your buying now for
$2.00 Kid Body Dolls,
full jointed, moving
eyes; has sowed wig; a
very handsome doll, 20
ins. tall; 011 sale Satur
day 98c
$1.00 Cliaractcr Dolls, un
breakable, splendid line of
selections, on sale Saturday
at 30c
26c white onnmeled doll
chairs, on salo at 10c
Christmas it will certainly pay you.
$1.75 Kid Body Dolls.
A very handsome, well
made doll, 20 ins. high,
jointed, regular $1.70
aluo, on snle at..75c
Our S'ew Toy Department oo
4 th floor will bo the largest,
llKhtcst and best toy section
this side of Chicago, Tako
new' elevators to 4th floor.
You'll bo pleased and sur
prised at tho Improvement
l-lb. rana assorted soups 7lio I
Full cans Alaska Salmon 10c i
Advo Jell, Jellycon or Julio, per
McLaren's 1'eanut Butter. lb...iaHc
The best Oyster Crackers, lb.. OVio
Peters' Breakfast Cocoa, lb 300
The best Tea Slftlngn. lb 100
Golden Santos Coffee, lb ... ...300
box Arrx.13 bfecxaxb.
Buy Vow for Tour Winter's Supply.
Colorado Jonathan Apples, box, 91,05
Colorado Black Twig Apples, box.
only 9.00
Fancy Idaho Grenlng Apples, box.
only 92.1B
The BeMt creamery Butter, l-lb. car
ton, at 36o
'The Best Crcumery Butter, bulk,
per lb 33o
The Best No. l Country Crwimery
Butter, lb .39o
Thn Best Nr.. 1 Dulry Butter, lb. .SSo
Full Cream Young America Cheese,
Pr lb 300
Full Cream Wisconsin Cream Cheese,
per lb lsc
Imported Swiss. Kmenthal brand, at,
per lb 30o
2 lbs. Good Butterlne 36o
Liquor Department Specials
Maryland Uy Whisky, years old,
full quarts 78o
Per gallon 93.60
GuohenlD-lmer. Hclienley, Cedar
Brook, Weldou Spring 'and Jack
daw Whisky, t yearn old, full
quarts - .91,00
Per gallon 93,60
Bunkltt California Wines, all varie
ties, per quart. . 60o
Pure Kcuppernong Wine, qt 600
I linn nin ,1,. Hrnn. Win eiitlnn SI
Saturday Snaps
Men's Hats
Manufacturer's sample stock
of Mon's Fall Hats; velours,
snatch-ups, finished felts,
etc., nil colors, to $3.00
values $1.45
Men's Oloth and Felt Hats,
mado to sell to $1.50; big as
sortment at ,50c
Men's mill Hoys' Caps, broad as
sortment of snappy winter styles,
all colors and materials, splendid
values. ... . . .2flo, 40c up to $1.00
Imported velour, hats, In all col
ors and styles shown at from
92.00 to $0.00
fainting Bertha Lifts Stickpin Right J
Before Officers.
Police Are InYestlnatlnr neported
Robberies from Hotels Fnrtuer
Hearlnir Will Be Had
Saturday Morning.
Bertha Uebke. "Fainting Bertha." Just
could not behave in police court, and
whllo ahe was being examined yester
day before quite a little crowd she fainted
and made one skillful effort to relieve
Attorney Paul Bowaii of a valuable
scarf Pin. That pin was simply irresist
ible to Bertha and even though she waa
seeking her freedom again through the
eloquence of Judge J. 8. Cooley, every
thing passed before her excepting that
tiny bit of Jewelry. She wanted and went
after it and the scene was as entertain
ns ai though It had been staged by hired
Jhesplans. Visitors In the court room
were amuaed and laughed they eould
not help It.
Then order was restored and the trial,
of Bertha went forward. Judge Cooley
finished his plea for the unfortunate,
woman and the court was so moved that
It turned the defendant over ti th"
jiclKe matron to await f jrther orders,
1 i th- day It v is '.-- If 1 . s vr
the woman a continuance of her hearing
Saturday morning, the delay coming par
tially aa the result of developments which
lead the police to suspect that the woman
has been plying her old trado with more
or less success In the Home and other
local hotels. The sultcaso taken from her
upon her arrest Thursday morning con
tained articles which Chief ot Detectives
Maioney declares belonged to gueats ot
the Home. A charge of larceny will In all
probability bo filed against her. But
whether "grond" or a "petit" depends on
the Investigation ot the detective depart
ment. The authorities believe the woman
to be demenUHl and declare It is very
likely the may be taken to the hospital
for the Insane
The last brick In the pavement of Dodge
street from Fiftieth street to Elmwood
park has been laid, and the new road a
now In excellent condition for automo
biles, bugglvs and any other kind ot
Vehicle. The extension work from Him
wood paik to Falracres will be started
at once by the Oferman Construction
company, w4io also did the paving within
the village limits.
Time Limit to Take
Out Licenses and to
File Bond Extended
The Yelloiv Peril
Jaundice malaria bll'ousness, un-t-h
when Dr Kings Xew I4fe Pills are
takT r.asv. afe guarantee ' r - I r
t- Jo - - r Jr V -r s-ri,'
Boss L. Hammond, collector of Internal
revenue, has received a telegram from W.
If. Osborn, commissioner o Internal rev
enue at Washington, notifying him that
the time for taking out licenses and fil
ing bonds for the collection of foreign
Items under the new Income tax law,
which becomes elective Saturday, lias
been extended by the department to De
sember 1.
This Is for the purpose of giving agents
eollectltur on coupons, checks, bills ot ex.
change or other forms In behalf of for
eign creditors more time to make appli
cation for their licenses to transact such
business and to file bonds In conformity
therewith. The tlmo between the pas
sage of the act and Its Interpretation
necessitate tills extension of the date of
the application of this feature of the law
All persons or corporations doing this
kind of business mUHt make apWlratlon
through the collector to the commissioner
of Internal revenue, and the bond Js to
I be filed with the collector Pallure to
jprooure such license and take other pre
I llmlnary steps Is jrtJnlihable under the
law a fine not exreedlng K.W. or lm
pris"nnient i.rt exTcd!; g one ? (ar, or
f""th. TU'se iicri srs the ar!ra't
nothing and are continued In force until
revoked. The rules governing this fea
ture of the new law are the first that
have been received at the collector's of
fice. Those relating to the remainder of
the law have not yet been sent out from
David Anderson, residing at the Midland
hotel, reports to the police that two
whito men late Thursday evening strong
armed, him at Thirteenth aud Douglalr
streets and after going through his pock
ets securing W tn bills, took his over
coat and ran. Anderson furnished a ood
description of the men, whom he recalled
having seen In a saloon earlier In the
BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-F. I.. Willis of
the film of Ilartllne & Willis, pharma
cists, suffered greatly from asthma and
bronchitis, so bad he could not attend to
buslners. Aa he writes: "I got no rollef
until 1 took Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound. It entirely removed those ehoklng
sensations, and never failed to produce
an easy arid oomfnrtable condition of the
throat and lungs." Komember the name,
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, and
accept no substitute, In the yellow- park
jxr For rale by all dealers Advertisement
Chiropractors as
Chief Witnesses in
Contesting of Will
Ch'iropructors for the first time In the
legal annals uf the state are appearing
as Insanity experts In the trial at Papll
llon of a suit In which other heirs are
attempting to break the will of Bertha
K. Mason, leaving her 155.000 estate to
her sister, Florence Moore.
The head of tho chief chlroprautlu
school at Ukluhoma City. OkV. tostl
fled under oath that he could cure
typhoid fever and other sovere germ
diseases: that they as well as minor
affections like headache were caused by
"occlusions," or compression In the
spinal column ot nerves leading to
various organs of the body.
Ho testifed that he had taken sixteen
insane patients from an asylum and
sent them home cured, but asserted that
Mrs. Masen, who was at Oklahoma City
two years ago a few days after the
execution ot the will, was Incurably In
sane. Wendell Walte. who I attempting to
break the will. Is a chiropractor In Chl
rage. Mrs. Mason disappeared from her
home last June and her body was sup
posd to have been drowned In the Mis
souri river
(ieneral Passenger Agent akeley of
the Burlington Is back from the family
meeting of the company's passenger rep
resentatives held In Chicago. There were
more than SCO In attendance and most of
the time was devoted tn shop talk, as thn
layman would view the discussion.
Men from all over the system attended
the Burlington meeting and from all lo
calities they brought reports of a satis
factory business, with the outlook good
for a fairly heavy travel. Trains and train
service came up for discussion and It
was the unanimous decision that the
present high standard of equipment and
operation should be maintained and ex
tended as rapidly as the requirements
might demand.
Key to the Situation Bet- Advertising
Persistrnt A't' crt -If g Is lhn Hnad tfj
T H'tu. p-?
"Cascarets" If Headachy, Bilious, Sick,
When Shaky, Constipated-Dime a Box
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indigestion,
Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches
come from a torpid liver and clogged,
constipated bowel, which causa your
stomach to become filled with undigested
food, which sours and ferments like gar
bage In a svrlll barrel, That's the first
step to untold misery foul gases, bad
breath, yellow skin, mental fears, every
thing that la horrible and nauseating. X
Cascarat tonight will straighten you out
by morning a 10-cnt box from your
druggist will keep your Liver actlTe,
Bowels clean, Stomach sweet. Head clear,
and make you feel bully for month.
Don't forget the children.
4$m& PRICE 10 CENTS!