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leat Pit is Flooded with Buying
Orders from Shorts.
VhlI Yellot Crral In Xot at the
Head of the List rrlth Traders)
It U Looming Vp rrlth
Renewed ActtTlty.
OMAHA. Opt. M. 1911
It Is always a noticeable fact that on
it values there Is a flood of buying orders
ana at the same time offerings diminish.
mis was the case yesterday When the
news was received rrom aDroad teinng
of advances at Liverpool of 1 penny be
cause of continued unfavorable reports
from India and a reported change In the
crop conditions in Argentina, together
with the reduction In both the Russian
and Manitoba offerings, the entire trade
was stirred up. This was the case, espe
cially with those who put out short lines
Friday1 and Saturday of last week. To
make matters worse for the shorts It
was reported that on the Liverpool curb
futures advanced another . penny.
In the north of Argentina It, was re
ported the weather Is dry and that the
plant, being about a foot above ground,
needs moisture badly. Considerable seed
ing Is yet to be done In Russia and It is
said that In many soctlona this work has
been Unsatisfactory.
Another bullish factor and one that
In board of trade parlance may be
called a "telling" help to the bulls, was
a decrease of 2,241,000 bushels In the vis
ible, where an increase was looked for.
In addition to this world's shlpmentas
were only 13,600.000 bushels, where a total
of oyer 15,000,000 was estimated. This re
duction was caused by the mistake that
was made by Bradstrcet's In figuring up
tno clearances from America, last -week,
which were placed at 8,333.000, bushels,
when they were only 6,072,000 bushels.
The pulse of the wheat market was
clearly defined by the receipts at tho
,t lst0In, They wero only
1.668,000 bushels, which was considerably
JJt1" helf the recelpU for the corre
sponding day in 1912.
wneRt unchanged to 2c lower.
While corn coula not be called the
leader yesterday it showed great strength.
The average trader in corn is afraid of
wet weather uhd this was reflected yes
terday. The new crop needs could and
uf, y .cndltlona to become seasoned,
whllo tho weather is unsettled and It la
said will continue so for several days.
Cash corn was unchanged to Ho higher.
The hard spots in oats yesterday were
to the liking of tome of the large ele
vator concerns, and prices failed to hold
as strongly as those in wheat and corn.
Another cargo of Canadian oats was
bought to come here, and one of the big
elevator companies put 60,000 bushels of
contract la store.
Cash oats were unchanged to Uc lower.
The strength shown In the hog market,
coupled with the upturns in grin, were
the leading bullish factors in the pro
vision market. There waa a disposition
on the part of those having profits to se
cure them, as It has been a difficult nut.
ter for some time to take money, out of
the provision pit.
.S'le5Lr?nccs: Wheat and flour, equal to
ST)52 bushels; corn, 7,000 bushels; oats,
27.000 bUshels.
Liverpool close: Wheat, M&MA lower;
com, USfHil lower.
Primary wheat recetDts were l.283.oM
'bushels and shipments 2,403,000 bushels.
against receipts or bushels and
Iftilpments of 1,037,000 bushels last year.
Ibushcls and shipments 3.10,000 bushels,
against receipts of 843,000 bushels and
shipments of 243,000 bushels last year.
rrtmary oats receipts were 740,000
bushels and shipments 1,618.000 bushels,
ugslnst receipts, of 637,000 bushels and
shipments of 873,000 bushols last year.
' Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Chicago 4 175 179
Minnesota 311
UulW'Ji , 224
Orovha 24 64 lit
Kansas City 99 7H 29
at; Louis 74 61 53
Winnipeg 1,100
The following cash sales were reported:
"V heat; No. 2 hard 'winter, 3 -cars. 80c. No.
3 hard winter. 1 car, Pic; 3 cars, 7Hcj 2
cars, 79c.'. No. 3 spring, 1 car, 80c'. No. 2
durum,-1 car, 77Hc No. 4 durum, I car,
7c. No. 3 mixed, I car, 9Hc; 1 car, 79V4c;
2 cars, 78Hc Oats: No. 2 white, 1 car,
63Uo. No. 3 white. 6 cars, C9c, No. 4 white,
1 car (poor), 674c No. 2 yellow, 2 cars,
69c No. 3 yellow, 7 cars, C9V4c; 6 cars,
69!4c; 2 cars, 69c: 2 cars (new), 6840; 1
car (new), CS'M- No. yellow, 1 car, 6Siie.
No. 2 mixed, 1 car, tac. No. 3 "mixed. 8
cars, f8V4cr 3 cars. 6SVic: 1 car (new), C7?ic
No. 4 mixed, 1 car, CSc; 2 cars, 67c. Oats:
No. 3 white, 14 cars. 38V4c; 13 cars, SSc.
Wo. 4 white, 3 cars, 3Sc; 2 cars, 37?ic. No
grade, 1 car, 37c.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 hard,
73HeU4o: No. 3 hard, 7SH4ttlc; No. 4
h.rT 7ur79; No. 3 snrlnir. IbWdSOc: No.
4 spring, 7778Mc; No. 2 durum, 7777V4c;
.No, 3 durum, 7&4T76c. Corn: No. 2 white,
CSVic: No. 3 white, 69c; No. 4 white, 67
T68Ho: No. 2 yellow, 68c; No. 3 yellow,
GSgWc; No. 4 yellow. 6S3SHc; No. 2,
69c; No. 3. (SSUtftSStto: No. 4. 67V4G68c; no
grade, 66fiTc. Oats: No. 2 white. 33V40
89c; standard, 38yt3SHc: No, 3 white, 38
38Uc; No. 4 white, 3763R. Barley:
jSaltlng. (W74c; No. 1 feed. 57lc. Rye:
No. 2, G8Htl69c. No. 3, 6S6SC
Fentnres of the TradtnK nd Closlng
Trices on Ilonrd of Trade.
CHICAGO, Oct. 2S.-Rellef from drouth
in Argentina led to a setback today for
the price of wheat. As a result the
close was at a decline of JAc Corn
showed, a gain of HSKe, over last night
and oats a decline of tfo to HtfMc In
provisions, the outcome varied from 2Ho
loss-to a rise of 10c.
Argentina dispatches that told of suf
ficient moisture for wheat everywhere
except near Hahla Blanca had a bearish
Influence which was not entirely over
come during the day. There was also a
general snow fall throughout Kansas and
Nebraska, making the best conditions for
'the growing crop. Accordingly short
sellers who had withdrawn from the
market yesterday, came back In force
and put quotations under on amount of
pressure that the bulls of even the most
stubborn sort could not entirely with
stand. Wheat prices would doubtless have had
a greater fall had It not been for the
fact that primary receipts were much
smaller than a year ago. Further sus
taining Power came from knowledge that
the world's available supply Increase ap
peared absurdly slender compared with
what experience would suggest.
Prospect that the winter basis of feed
111" would be established without delay
hi r" rated the corn trade from wheat.
Realizing of profits by longs eased oft
the market a little about midday, but
the close was almost at the top figures
of .the session.
heaviness, in oats resulted from hedg
ing., sales here by Winnipeg buyers of
cs lots. The stock of oats in Chicago
is decreasing but the supply still shows
an unwieldy excoss. Judged by last year's
Moderate Investment demand with cov
ering by shorts made provisions generally
firm. Predictions that the cold weather
would bring increased hog receipts were
r.ot needed.
Article! Close.! High. Low . Close, I Yes'y.
Corn I
Jan..!10 72-77
May.i 10 S2H1
Jan..! 10 7HI
May. 10
SO 15
10 72-7W
10 90
71HI 71
:iw 70S
42S 43 4J
Ctf' 42! 43U
1 I
20 25 20 03 20 22H a 12H
20 32H1 20 I7H1 3) 32Vi 30 25
10 77H 10 67-701 10 77H 10 75
10 95 10 85 10 95 10 90-92
10 62 10 7Z-75r 10 mi
10 76-Tll 10 90 I 10 S2H
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 red.
SMHfcttHc: No, 3 red, 92&WKc; No. 2
hard. SJQSRic: No. 3 hard. MtfSCc; No.
r northern. s7flSSHc; No. 3 northern, MVIO
-'c. So. 2 spring. 84HS7Hc; Xo. 3 spring,
SkCc. velvet thaff. 83S4S86Hc; durum.
WMfce Corn. No. 2, 71'4371Hc. No. 2
white. 71671c No. 2 yellow, 1l&nV.c:
No 3. 70671fcc. No. 3 wh'te. 71671HC.
No. 3 yellow. 7lVt714c Oats. No. 2
white, 424c, No 3 white. 39Ue41Hc,
standard, 4lVU42Uc Ry No. 2. OSSSTc
Barley MflS2c. Timothy: W.7Stf6..
Clover: I9.00ffl2.50. Pork; ta.26. Lard;
, $10.72. Ribs: Jia2S11.25.
I CHliKSK Lower; daisies. lM?15t;c;
twins, 14W4J14Hc; Americans, lfrylSHc;
Mong horns. 15j15Vlc.
Bl'TTKR Firm: creameries. 24631c.
BGQS Higher; receipts, 8,301 cases; at
mark, cases Included, 24Hf?2SHc; ordinary
firsts, 2&SC7c: firsts. 29HO00HC.
POTATOES Higher; receipts. cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin, 70f75e; Mlnns
ota and Ohio. (&&73c
POULTRY Alive, lower; springs, 13c;
iowis, liytc, lurxeys, inc.
Qnotattons ot the Day on Various
NEW TORIC, Oct 28. FLOUR Steady;
spring patents, 14.3O5M.D0; winter straights,
J4.l0fiH.fb; winter patents. $t.404.6O;
spring clears, S4.09iM.2O; extra No. 1,
winter. 13.6513.75; extra No. 2. winter,
f3.S5fl3.50; Kansas straights, 4.10ff4.20.
WHEAT 6 pot market strong; No. 2
red, 96c. nominal, c, 1. f.. New Tork ex
Port baU, and f. o. b., afloat; No.
1 northern Uuluth. 96V(c. f. o. b., afloat.
Futures strong and higher owing to tho
advance abroad, firm northwestern mar
kets, a decrease in the visible nnd a gen
eral tightening up ot offerings, closing
He net higher, December, 94Hc; May,
HOPS Steady: state, common to choice,
1913. SSfi'45c; lSl2, SXgCCc; Pacific coast,
1913. 27632c: 1911. 25027c
HIDES-Steady: Bpgota, SlHHc; Cen
tral America, S2Hc
PETROLEUM Steady; refined. New
York bulk, t5.Zi; barrels, 875; cases, 1.125.
WOOI-Steady; domestic fteceo XX
Qhlo. 25c
OORN-Strong; export, 79c, f. o. b.,
OATS Steady; standard white. 44045c;
No. 3. 434fi44Hc; fancy clipped white,
HAY Quiet; standard.; No.
L tl.0Gl.O74; No. 2, 95cn.OO: No. J,
LEATHER Firm; hemlock, firsts, 29
30c: seconds. 2SQ23C.
PROVIBIONS-Pork. quiet; mess, $23.50
624.00; family, 24.6O627.00; short clear.
19.7521.50; beef, steady; mess, J17.50ft
18.50; family. $19.tAaoo.OO. Cut meats,
quiet: pickled bellies 10 to 14-pound
average, S13.50&915.00; pickled hams,
$14.009 14.25. Lard, firm; middle west, $10.90
(511.00; refined, firm; continent. $11.50;
South American. $12.10; compound, 53.37V4
TALLOW Oulet; city. iVi country,
G$6c; special, 6Tlc.
BUTTER Market was firm! receipts,
10,391 tubs; creamery extras, 32
33c; firsts, 2S3io; seconds, 25$
27c; creamery, held extras, 303lc; firsts,
27H29c: seconds. 25327c; state dairy, fin
est, 30fl31o ; good to prime, 27?9o, proc
ess extras, 26G'27c: imitation creamery,
firsts, 2u&c; factory, June make, firsts,
2414c; factory, current make, firsts, 24c;
pacWIne stock. June make. No. 1. 23Hc
CHEESE Steady; receipts, 2,956 boxes;
state, whole mtiK, white or colored, spe
cials, l.muUEc; state, whole milk, white
or colored, average fancy, 15Mc; skims,
EGGSFlrm, receipts, 15,900 cases, fresh
gathered extras. 35fe36e ; oxtra firsts, 31V4
3tc; firsts, 29631c; refrigerator, special
marks, fancy, season's charges paid, 27li
28c; firsts. 2CHH27c; nearby hennery,
whites, fine to fancy, 50Q65c; nearby hen
nery, gathered whites. C0fiC3c; weatem
gathered whites. 32.
POULTRY Dressed, steady; fresh
killed western chickens, 1422c; fowls,
l(l!Hc; turkeys, 228J6c.
Kansas City Grain nnd Provisions.
Cash: No. 2 hard, 82W88c: No. 8, 81H
87Hc; No. 2 red, 88H91c; No. 3. 86t8c.
CORN No. 2 white, 73o! No. 3, 72c.
OATS No. 2 white, 40&c; No. 2 mixed,
BUTTER Creamery, 30c; firsts, 28c;
seconds. 27c: packing, 22c
EGOS Firsts, 29c; seconds, 20c.
POULTRY Hens. HHo; roosters, 9c;
ducks, ,10c; springs. 1H6C
Liverpool Grain Market.
Irregular; No. 1 now Manitoba, 6s 9Hd;
No. 2 new Manitoba, 6s 9d; No. 3 new
Manitoba, 6s 7Hd; futures, easy; Decem
ber. 6s 10d; March. 7s U: May, 6s
CORN Spot, easy: American mixed. Cs
6d; futures, easy; November La Plata,
4s 8Tid; December La Plata, 4s lid.
Minneapolis Ornln Market.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 2S.-FLOUR-Un-changed.
BRAN Unchanged. -
CORN No. 3 yellow, GSflCSWc.
OATS No. 3 white, 36HB07C
RYE No, 2. 52004c.
BARLEY 4 G8 65c,
.St. Lnnls General Market.
ST. LOUia Oct. 2S. WHEAT-Close:
No. 2 red. 93ff9Gc; No. 2 hard, 85Q92Hc;
December. 8&8SHc; May. 91c.
CORN-No. 2, 73Vil73Ho. No. 2 white,
73',74cl December, 71c; Maj', 7JHc
OATS No. 2, 41Hc; No. 2 white, 42
43c; December. 4041c; May, 43T444c.
Minneapolis Grain Market.
1 hard, S5c; No. 1 northern. 83)65Vio;
No. 2 northern, 8H4iWc; No. 2 hard,
Montana, SlQK2c; No. 3, 7341Kc; De
cember, 82Hc; Mav, 87c.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 28.-MBTALS-Lead,
quiet, at $4.304.40; London, 20 8s Pd.
Hpelter, steady, at $5.355.60; London,
20 12s 6d. Copper, quiet; standard spot
and October, $16,874 bid; October and No
vember, $16.S.vai6.30; electrolytic. $16.87V4;
lake. $17.00!7.25; casting, $16.50016.75.
Tin, weak; spot and October, $39.74040.00;
November, $39.90S).10; December. $39.90, Antimony, dull; Cookson's, $7,60.
Iron, quiet and unchanged.
London markets closed: Copper, easy:
spot, 74 15s: futures, 73 Cs. Tin, easy;
spot, 182 10s; futres, 183 10s. Iron,
Cleveland, warrants, 61s 10V4d.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 28. M ETAL8 Lead,
easier, at $4.20. Spelter, firmer, at $5,35
i 1
Coffee Market.
Higher European cables and reports of
a firmer cost and freight situation In
spired a renewal of bull support in the
coffee market today, The opening was
firm at an advance of 9 to 15 points and
the clone very steady at a net advance
of 22 to 27 points. October. 10.83c; De
cember, 10.49c: January, 10.63c; March,
10.89c; May, 11.12c; July, lL34c; Septem
ber, 11.4SC Spot, quiet; Rio No. 7, 10c;
Santos No, 4. U4c; mild, quiet. Cordova,
13l4G'16Vic, nominal
Omaha Hay Market.
upland. $lL6O12.00j No. 2 upland. 10.00
1L50; No. 3 upland, $8.00810.00; No. 1 mid.
land, $n,0011.50; No. 2 midland, $9,000
11.00; No. 3 midland, $8.00Q9.00; No. 1 low
land, $8.O0F.O0; No. 2 lowland, $6.0008.0),
No. 3 lowland, $4.006.00.
STRAW Choice oat or rye. $5.6006.00,
choice wheat, $5.00&6.S0.
ALFALFA No. 1. $14.0015.00; No. 2,
$12.C014.00; No. 3. $10.O012.00.
Boston Stock Market.
BOSTON, Oct. 28. Closing quotations
en Mocks:
. .. XI TV...,. ....
Amil, Coppr 7fV4Nlpltliic Minn . H
A. A U. a -- -w.n iiutiv 2 i
AriioDk Cora StNorth Lik . ... ,
B. A C. C. S. M. f M Dominion . tifc
Arliona 61 OwtoU . ... TIU
r.l Ilscli 429 fiulncr r.t
j CtntennUI Wti'hinnon ... . !
fVppr IUnje c. C MLKuwrlor jj
Eul nutte I'. M . HSHnperlor &. U. M tti.
, rranklln Ttmrrk 27
I Orean Cnan 30 t" S. 17. H AH m
I lle Vnyl C"PPr. 1 4o pM n
irrr ibkv i.i.utn ion. .., '
Idk Coppr ITuh fippr Co; ini
Is Stll Copptr ... IhWInona n.
Miami Copptr it .Wolrerlnt 111,
Mohawk ,, 41
St. Joseph Live Stork Market.
celiKs, 1,500 head: market slow: steers
5.00ge00: rows and heifers, $100118.50
calve. Sf.0ft610.oa M
JlOOS-BecelpU. 9,000 head; market
steady to 6c higher; top, $7.95; bulk, $7.60
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 3.001
head: market steady to strong; lambs,
Evaporated Apples and Dried Prnlts
APPLES-Qulet and easy.
DRIED FRUITS-Prunes. Bteady. Apri
cots, quiet. Peusnes, dull. Ratslns,
Cotton Slarket.
NEW YORK, Oct 2S.-C'OTTON-8pot.
quiet, middling uplands, 14.50c, gulf,
14.75c Kales. Mtt bales. Market closed
steady. 5 to 10 points net lower
All Desirable Kinds of Cattle Fairly
Active and Steady.
Bheep and Xambs Move Very Freely
nt Good, Steady rrlces Qual
ity Only Fair anil Receipts
Unite Liberal.
SOUTH OMAHA, Oct. 28, 1913.
Hf0.'1.11? were. Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Ofriclal Monday 7,205 2,526 89,965
Lstlmato Tuesday 6,000 5,300 24,000
Twn .In... .1.1. . . i . n a
Same days last week. .19,276
Same days 2 wks ago.17,949
Same days 3 w"ks ago.19.61S
Same days 4 w'ks ago24,061
Same days lost vmr. aiw
l he following table snows the receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at tho 8outh
Omaha live stock market, for tho year to
date as compared with last year:
... 1913. 1912. Inc Dec.
799.383 834,435 33,149
"OCT 2,123,319 2,463,664 . 340,245
PhP 2,715,117 3,423.123 293,094
The following table shows the range of
prices for hogs at the South Omaha live
stock market for tho last rew days, wllh
Date. 1M3. !l912.lll.tl91O.l!XB.1908.ll907.
Oct, 18
Oct. 19.
OcL M.
Oct. 21.
UCt. 22.
Oct. 23.
Oct. 24.
Oct. 25.
Oct. 26.
Oct. 27.
Oct. 28,
7 86S
7 75:
7 62
7 58
7 67
7 62
7 67;
7 52H
86S6818687 37! 609
8 71 6 37 8 61 7 391 5 21 6 OS
6308377 41 622
863 635 8 31 7 51 629 598
S 48 8 4 4 7 62 5 43 5 87
839635 7 62 6 42 5 70
843028850 6 41 5 47
S46 6 24 8 47 7 5C 539
8 34 6 19 8 26 7 59 6 54 6 45
619 836 7 54 5 60
S 08 0 13 8 : 7 62 6 57 6 51!
CATTLE Receipts were very moderato
for a Tuesday, only about 6.0M head be
ing reported in, making tho total for the
ys, X2,25' a llng off ot about
7,000 head as compared with the corre
sponding two days a year ago. It is
ery evident that country shippers are
resenting tho break In the market early
last week and they are holding back
supplies with the Idea of giving tho mar
ket an opportunity to recover.
With very moderate supplies of beef
steers In sight this morning and with a
fair buying demand packers were out In
the yards In good season and desirable
beef steers sold freely at steady prices.
Tho big bulk of the cattle Changed hands
at an early hour. As high as $9.60 was
paid for a bunch of choice yearling steers
utid heifers.
Cows and heifers were also In fair de
mand and they, too, Bold In about the
same notches as yesterday. Wlhllo the
trado was not particularly active there
was a fair movement and practically
everything had changed hands in good
season In the morning.
Strictly good feeders were also In good
demand and prices on cattle of that de
scription did not show much change. On
the other hand the less desirable kinds
were slow to a little lower. A snow
storm, accompanied by high wind, did
not help the feeder trado, an a matter
of course, and made speculative buyers
less anxious to load up on tho common
to medium grades.
Quotations on cattle: Oood to choice
cornfed steers, J8.5OS9.10; fair to good
cornfed steers, $8.0O3.5O: common to fair
cornfed steers, $7.5008.00; fair to choice
cornfed yearlings, $8.254.25: good to
choice range steers, $7,3006.00; fair to
good range steers, $6.8T7.80: common to
fair range steers, $6.00Qi.85: good to
choice cornfed heifers, $6.50$f7.50; good to
choice grass heifers, $6.OO7.0O; good to
choice cows, $3.0036.50; fair, to good
grades, $6.25,00; common to fair grades,
J3.2CkiJ0.25; good ' to Choice stockers and
feeders, J7.0037.75: fair to good stockers
and feeders, J6.5O37.00; common to fair
ntockers and feeders, $5.750.50; stock cows
and heifers, $4.7536.75; veal calves, $6.60
9.75; bulls, stags, etc... $5.2o'3C.50.
Representative sales:
HOQS The market opened out In good
shape Uits morning, first sales being
made- at an advance of about 10c. A heavy
fall of snow delayed traffic considerably,
and when buyers first started out a small
portion of the estimated supply had
shown up. For a while buyers took
everything just as It came In, but to
ward 9:30 they began to get pretty well
filled up, and as there were indications
that the receipts would be even larger
than tho early estimate values began to
weaken. Prices never regained their
early strength and tho balance of the
offerings sold at figures that looked to
be about a nickel below the opening.
On the whole the market can be quoted
as 6&IO0 higher. Bulk of the sales was
made at $7.65(37.70, with quite a sprink
ling up to $7.76, the latter price being
the top. Trade was fairly active during
the early rounds, but the receipts came
In so slowly that it made things more or
less draggy along toward the close, and
It was well along toward noon before a
clearance was made.
Supplies totaled In the neighborhood of
70 cars, or 6,300 head. For tho week the
receipts amount to 6,826, about 1,100 smaller
than a week ago and over 2,509 short of
the corresponding days of last year,
SHEEP Most all kinds of killing sheep
were steady to strong, trade being
brisk right rrom the outset and
nnd packer buyers having a somewhat
limited supply of decent killers to pick
from. There wero no strictly choice of
ferings, consequently the range of prices
wus much the same and no really toppy
sales were made. The best lambs sold
up to $7.00, with the bulk ot the good
ones selling from that on down to $6.85.
It ts still the consensus ot opinion If any
right choice lambs wero on sale they
would bring as much us $7.25. Fat ewes,
wethers and yearlings were again scarce.
Tho situation in feeders ahowed np
material change. Strong weight feeding
lambs of the best quality continued In
very moderate supply and the bulk of
such grades as were on the market was
of the light class, this being usual at
this time of the year. Early In the fore
noon a string of feeding lambs was
picked np at $8.30 and somo traders
thought If some strictly good grades of
the rlrht weight were available they
would sell nt $0.SS. According to weight
and quality feeding lambs might be qouted
at J5.2C3J6,35. According to weight and
quality feeding Iambs might be quoted
at $3.mr8.35. Aged sheep suitable for
feeding were in light supply and as in
the case of lambs sold on K steady basis.
Tho estimate placed today's receipts nt
24,000 head, being light as compared with
the same day of recent weeks and tho
corresponding day a year ago.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
good to choice, $7.000730; lambs, fair to
good, $6.504i7.00; lambs, culls, $5.0006.76;
lambs, feeders, 45.204T6.3j, yearlings, Tight.
$5.25tS5.6S; yearlings, heavy, $4.85ffl6.2J:
Vearllngs. feeders, $4.5OJf5.60; wethsra,
good to choice, $4.5tr4.70; wethers, fair
to good, $4.25M.35r wethers, feeders, $t.W
IT4.40; ewes, good to choice, 2t.0O34.40;
ewes, fair to good. $3.75 4.00; ewes,, feed,
ers, $J.25S.40; cull sheep. 12.OCW3.0d.
Ho. Av. Pr.
46 native lambs 63 6 65
157 native lambs ., 71 c R5
166 South Dakota lamb 73 7 00
54 South Dakota lambs 07 6 75
216 South Dakota lambs..,,.,,, 68 6 75
S. D. feeder yearlings 88 4 75
21 S R fcKjer yearlings..... 79 6 10
237 S. D. feeder yearlings 65 6 10
229 a D. feeder lambs C2 6 10
223 8. D. feeder lamb 63 6 10
205 Wyoming lambs 6S 6 30
JH JXyom,ng lambs 53 6 30
103 Wyoming lambs 67 6 28
.1 Wyoming feeder lambs...... 54 20
247 W yoming feeder lambs...... 5.-, e 20
224 Jyomlng feeder lambs...... 65 fi 20
210 Wyoming feodor lambs 66 B 20
255 yomtng feeder lambs...... 55 0 20
46 Nebraska ewes Hi 4 00
134 Wyoming owes...,,,..,....,.. 8 ltd
31 Wyoming ewes 9;i 3 po
174 Wyoming feeder lambs 66 6 80
7S0 Wyoming feeder lambs...... 57 6 SO
230 Utah feeder lambs 61 6 (w
376 Wyoming ewes , 91 2 85
119 Wyoming feeder Iambs 39 S 20
041 Wyoming feeder lambs 64 6 10
347 Wyoming feeder lambs,,,.,, 64 10
101 Wyoming feeder lambs...... 49 6 25
71 Nebraska feeder lambs 48 6 35
31 Nebraska feeder lambs 45 5 00
185 Nebraska feeder lambs 57 C 15
843 Wyoming feeder lambs.,..,. 41 8 CO
C3 Wyoming feeder lambs 46 6 10
601 Wyoming feeder lambs 45 6 10
65 Wyoming feeder yearlings.. 70 B 25
1.004 Wyoming feeder yearlings. 70 5 25
391 Wyoming feeder yearlings,, A3 6 25
340 Wyoming foeder yearlings.. C9 6 25
1,053 Wyoming feeder lambs..,, 65 6 10
S56 Wyoming feeder lambs 44 6 60
92 culls ' 36 4 60
1,414 Wyoming, lambs , 61 6 00
100 Wyoming feeder yearlings., 64 5 00
209 Wyoming feeder lambs...... 63 6 25
204 Wyoming feeder lambs 52 6 25
177 Wyoming feeder lambs...... 52 6 25
222 Wyoming feeder lambs 62 6 25
200 Wyoming feedor lambs 62 6 25
300 Wyoming feeder lambs, ... 52 6 23
187 Wyoming feeder ewes........ 79 3 90
204 Wyoming feeder owes 80 2 90
302 Wyoming fetder owes 80 2 90
214 Wyoming ewes 98 4 CO
177 Wyoming ewes 94 4 00
69 Wyoming owes , , 95 4 00
193 Wyoming ewes 89 3 60
223 Wyoming ewes 91 3 00
152 Wyoming ewes 98 4 5
140 Wyoming ewes 106 4 25
189 culls 105 3 25
147 cull .. JOO 3 20
139 culls .........i .....103 3 2a
Cattle Mow nnd Wrnk, Honrs Higher
and Sheep Steady.
CHICAGO. Oct. 28.-CATTLB-Iteceipts,
7,000 head; market Blow and weak; beeves,
$(i.70(&9.75: Texan steers, $0.70F7.90; western
steers. $6,004)8.13; stockers and feeders,
J5 0037.50; cows and heifers, J3.40JfS.25,
calves, JO.6CrtnO.00.
HOGS Receipts. 22,000 head; market for
best grades, shade lower; others, strong
to 5o higher; bulk of sales, 7.W8.15; light,
$7.0038.20; mixed. $7.0088.30; heavy. $7,603
8.30; rough, $7.60(37.65: pigs, $4.7607.70.
SHEEP AND LAM1JH Receipts, 32,000
head! market slow and generally steady;
nntlve, $3.90ac.00; westorn, $4.0034.95; year
lings, J4.SKX3 6.00: lambs, native, J3.SXtf7.40;
western, $5.8607.35.
Knnsns City Lire Stock Market.
Receipts. 16,000 head; .market steady to
strong; primo fed steers, $8.9039.60; dressed
beet steers, $7,168.85; western steers, $6.16
08.50; southern steers, $5.0036,50; cows,
$.257.25; heifers, $5.O39.20; stockers and
feeders. $5.5007.50; bulls, $4.5036.60; calves,
HOGS Retjrlpts, 11,000 head; market
steady to strong: bulK of sales, $7 fM?7..
heavy, $7.T0S?7.9O; packois nnd butchers,
$7.7WJS.OO; light. $7.60ff7.90; pigs. $6.0037.35.
SHEEP AND WM IIS Receipts. 16,000
1 end; market 10ltl6c higher. Jambs, $6.75
W7.40; yearlings, $.V(W6.00; wethers, J.S5fl
SCO; ewes, $3.76414.60.
St. I.onls I.lre Stock Market.
ST. LOl'l;. Oct. S8.CATTLK Re
ceipts, 8,500 head; market steady; good to
choice steers, $7.1Wr7.(u; stockers and feed,
eis. KV.StflT.M; cows and heifers, $t.W
8.75; bulls. $5.856.75; onlvea. $6.O310.&0;
routhern steers, $6.0037.75; cows and belt
ers, $1.1036.26.
IlOtlS Receipts, ".O0O hfl: market 5c
higher: pigs nnd lights, $45t3S.0i; mixed
nnd butchers, $7.&&8.1S; good heavy, JS.00
S1IEKP AND LAMns-necclpts, 3,5
head market steady; muttons. $S.7.MI4.Mi
yearlings, $5.00i,T.CO; lnmbs $3.K".:K.
Slnnx City I.lre Stork Market.
SlOt'X CITY, la.. Oct. 28,-CATTLK-Recelpts,
600 head; market steady; boef
steers. $VV0rS,75; feeding cows and heif
ers, $S.0ftC4v!:.; ennners. $3.75tf4.75: stock
ers and feeders. $5.003j.K; calves, $5.00(8'
6.60; bulls, stags, etc.. $4.7536.50.
HOGS Receipts, 2.500 bend; market. 60
higher; heavy. $7.S54f7.62V. mixed, $7.fi2H.f
7.65; light, $7.6.Vtf7.T0; bulk of sales, $7.6W
7'8HBKP AND IAMllS-Recelpt. 1,000
head; market for fed muttons. $.V25Jf..i5;
Wethers, $4.25114,75. ewes, $3.6034.10; lambs,
' I,lvr- Stork In Slicht.
Receipts of live stock nt the four prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 6.00J 6,300 40.000
Sioux City IW 2,500 l.WJ
St ; Louis WOO 9.000 3.200
Kansas City .WW UfiOO 16,00.1
Total , NUW 30.W0 ,200
1 . -Y
Established 1890. none 01.
Staler la
Hides, Polts, Furs, Wool,
Tallow and Groaso.
331 Central Ays., Tort Hodge, Za.
Branoh House, Mars. la.
Write for our prices nnd make us
trial shipment.
iMWanfasf fa errmmtfftfn.
I Oombmuit'm
I Caustic Balsam
Mas Imltiltrs lit Hi CiipitltHi.
A Safe, Speedy and Potltlrs Ours (or
CuV. BfUnt wtsyL0tt Xcik,
trains Ttaioaa, Jroui la, Wla
Tub, and all lunw fnst aria,
JUatbon ai4 atacr feay tvatira,
Cans all skin lliiacts or raraaltaa.
Tamih, Slakthiria, Rcwtrai all
Sutfcis froaaSamswCaUla,
I a! l,Sr !rrV la 1 ! FaVarafiuaTal
Vrary bonis of Oaaitla Balaam iota U
TirmM to win UifutUa. Prte 1,M
per txlil. Seld by dracfMU, r ttnt bj .
rraaa, ckarra pals, wllh rail dlrvcllaat far
la naa. UtBtnA far. tfawrlpUtt circular,
taiumoftUta, ate. Adiinai
' Xh Urncf Williams Ci.,Clm!nd, 0.
J Reduces Strained. Puffy AnkltJ,
Lymphtngltb, Poll Evil, FUtuli,
Doll, Swelllngr, Slops Ltmencss
and .allays pain. Heals Sores, Cuts,
Bruises, Boot Chafes. It ts an
Does Hot bliiter or remove die
hairand horse can be worked. Pleasant io uie.
1 2.00 a bottle, delivered. Detcribeyour case
for special instructions and Book 5 K free.
ABSORBING. JR.. antlirnle tlalmcot let miaklaS re
txn (inlM. Falatat. Knew. Sirolka Vclni. Milk Ur.
GML.Conccatrated unit ttm drori requlr4 MtaaaplV
ados. rfklfalWcrdellid.
W. F. TOUHQ. P. 0, F 104 Ttmplt 81, Bprlniflsl 4, Mstt.
lit bur puts or ealla on 10,004 kuthili ot kaat
or corn. No (urthor rlak. A mottinont ot So front
prloa (Iroa joa a chanea to taka JSOSt to, KtOi Si
tSOO, tie, Wrlta for partleulara. rinanco Brokar
ax Co., Dnk 1. rinane Bids.. Kaniaa Cltr. Ua.
rras oatalosru.
Tns Powers Gat Co,
Indlaaola, Iowa.
A Million-Dollar Land Oiler
On Easy Terms. The Republic Trust Company Will Sell a Million
Dollars' Worth of South Texas Land, in a Single Body, or n Blocks
The land consists o! about 3C.O00 acres, situated In Cham
bora County, twenty-seven miles, in a southwesterly direction,
from Beaumont, and nearly fifty, miles from Galveston. It is in
a solid body and is a flrie black prairie soil with abundant natu
ral drainage. There aro six flowing artesian wells on tho prop
erty, and the rainfall Is always abundant.
Tho Gulf and Interstate llallroad, which is a part of tho
great Santa Fe system, traverses the eastern line of this property,
and there is water transportation on threo sides of the land.
Oyster Bayou on the weBt, Onion Bayou on the south and East
Bay on tho east. From many of these bayous, each of which
forms a boundary line on this land, there is direct water trans
portation to Galveston,, Port Arthur and neighboring towns,
which is now utilized for the transportation of farm products
and othor freight and passengers. The great lntercoastal canal
will pass through a portion of these bayous and will thus bo ac
cessible from three sides of the land. Tho south boundary line
of this property extends to within a few miles of the Gulf coast.
It has splendid natural drainage to the bayous surrounding it,
and practically every acre of this entire body of land Is ready for
tho plow without a penny's worth at expense in preparation. The
entire tract is prairie land and the one lone live oak that has stood
sentinel for a century, about center of the north half of tho tract,
Is known as "Oak Grove." Three or four thousand acres nearest
the coast line will require Bomo inexpensive drainage, to render
It reliable for crops during yoars of excess rainfall.
That It la adapted to tho profitable growing of fruits and
vegetables has been abundantly proved, and that staple crops
here grow to full perfection Is attested by the actual experience
of practical farmers during a dozen years past. The corn shown
in this advertisement was grown near the ranch house on this
land, selected, nlantcd and riilf lvntp.i in Mm rrnrtn mnm,.
aSII5WsBaBirslsH acterlstle of tho ranch farmer, who grows each year twenty-flve
m!ifmmBlm'iSmi t0 "'ty acres of feed stuff for winter use. These cars were
yuueu irom me staiK at ranaom, ny a man who didn't know
corn, during the third week in AugUBt. Sixty-five bushels to
the acre was the estimated yield when this corn was iaken from
the field. Cotton, under favorable conditions, yields a balo or
more to tho acre, and the cane crop throughout (this belt is al
ways abundant because of the fertility of the bo1, and the ab
sence of frost until the year has practically closed.
This piece of property is. in all Drobabllitv. the ht rninni.
zation proposition In Texas, and wjll be sold In its entirety at
a price and on terms exceedingly attractive fpr development purposes. Or, it will be sold, for im
mediate development, at satisfactory prices and terms in small blocks.
FZ. 3ltKailIIIlaK JnailWvXBlalSsailS
A Page from Our October Circular
Burns. Brinkner & Company
Omaha National Bank Bid?., Omaha
P&BTXiiuuiD STOCK offer an attractive form of investment ss well as
a high interest return. 8tock In Nehrnska Corporations are tax
exempt to holders In Nebraska. The following Companies ara going
concerns with dividend records, anil ptHabllshivl equities:
UHXOrT STOCK TAmOS OOXrAmr 6 BTOOX. To Net About .15J.
Dividend record of 28 years. Company pays 1H quarterly March,
Tax exempt In Nbranka, owns 200 acres of land, exten
sive buildings and a railroad equipped for handling- the live slock
business, Orosa earnlnirs 1911 largest In the Company's history
rsjRULBD. To Net About 6. Cumulative dividend since U01.
quarterly, January Tax exempt. Earnings about three times Pre
ferred requirement. Physics! condition of rond maintained at Its
highest efficiency. Annusi charge to depreciation. Five per cent
Common Stock follows this ismie. Price to net about 7 7054.
TEED. To Net About t Cumulative dividend, 6. quarterly
Tax exempt to holders In Nebraska. One million net aseets beyond
this Uunranteed Stock. Karnlngs fifteen times Interest require
ments. Stock carries Company's agreement to repurchase at par
ahd interest at the end of five years.
DUMB Is OOKTAHT 7 nBTBBBED. To Net About 7.15. Interest
quarterly. March. One of the largest insnufacturers of steel plows,
farm Implements nnd vehicles In the world. Preferred as to assets
and dividends. Gross sales 1912, $30,000,000. Hurplun account !.
000.000. Business In operation since 1M7 Hook value of stock 1116.
Net quick assets I3t.000.000. 90 of outstanding Preferred stock.
COMPANY, Limited.
Notice to Holders of Bearer Shares.
1. NOTICK IS HEUBUY QIVEN that tho Directors of Marconl'B Wiro.
less Telegraph Company, Limited, havo conditionally allotted, or made prc
vlson for allotment, to tho Ordinary and Preference Shareholders, Including
Uiobo who hold Sharo Warrants to bearer, in proportion to their holdings,
250,000 Ordinary Shares of 1 oach at tho prico of 3. 6s por Sharo, at tho
rato, so far as practicable without issuing fractions, of ono new sharo for
overy lour shares hold on the 20th ot Odobor, 1013.
2. Tho Shares now offered will rank for dividends declared In respect
of tho period commencing tho 1st day of January, 1914, but in all other
respects pari passu with tho Ordinary Shares of tho Company, previously
3. Holders of Sharo Warrants to bearer will note that tha Shares bow
offered aro payablo as follows:
lCs. per Sharo (which Includes 10s. on account of premium) on acceptance.
15b. per Share (which Includes 10s. on account of premium) on 5th JtUw
uary, 1014.
16s. por Share (which Includes 10s. on account of premium) on 16th Feb
ruary, 1014,
20s. per Share (which includes 15s. on account of premium) on 31st March,
4. Payment in full may bo made upon acceptance (but sot otherwise),
in which event interest at four per cent per annum will accrue from that
dato on tho amount propaid.
6. Holders of Sharo Warrants to bearer in tho Company who desire to
npply for tholr proportions of tho now Shares or to ronounce and nominate
must present either the Sharo Warrants, for marking, or, if they prefer,
may detach nnd deposit tho next Dividend Coupon (Ordinary No. 6, and
Preference No. 0), together with a written statement of their names and
addresses, at ono of tho following places:
on or uaforo October Stth.
The Office of Uio IIANQUB D'OUTUEMEK, 48,
Jiuo lo Namur, urusseis, '
The Offices of the IJANCA COMMF.UCIALB "
ITAMANA In "Horn; Milan, Genoa, Turin. Venice, I .
Leghorn, Naples, Bolorna, Florence or Palermo, y
The' Offices of the DANCA pi llOMA, Florence,
Turin. Oenos, Naples or Lucca, J
Uulldlng, Broadway, New York, U. S. A., 1
Bhaughnessy Building, 137 McOIll Btreeet, Mont--real.
DANK OF MONTREAL. Chicago, U. B. A., )
CIHCO. Han Francisco. TJ. 8. A...
The Office of Messrs. MBNDL Ic CO.. SSS
Ilartolome Mitre, liuenos Ayres, Argentina,
after which dates respectively Shares comprised in any allotment aot ac
cepted will bo taken by the Guarantors of tho Issue. Coupons deposited
will be returnable on or after 12th November next.
6, Upon presentation of tho Share Warrants or Dividend Coupons as
indicated in paragraph 5, Allotment Letter, with form ot acceptance and
renunciation and nomination attached will be Issued, which must he de
livered duly completed to ono of the following addresses:
November 4 th.
November 7th.
.November 11th,
HANK, LIMITED, 21, Lombard Street, London, I
B. C. r on or before
Brussels, J
Milan, uenoa, Turin, Venice, jeanorn, in spies, L
Holomia, Florence, or Palermo, f u
THK HANCA DI ROMA, Rome, Florence, Turin,
Uenoa, Naples or Lucca, I
PANY OF AMERICA. Woolworth Uulldlns, i -Broadway.
New York. U. S. A., I
RANK OF MONTREAL; Chicafo. V. H. A., -1
PANY OF CANADA, LIMITED, Bliaushnessy f.
Rulldlnir, 137, McUlll Street. Montreal, Canada, J
CIHCO, Ban Frsnclsco, U. 8. A., I
MBNDL & CO., 383 Bartolome Mitre, Ruenos f
Ayres, J
Octobsr 2ttb,
November 4th
November 7th,
November 11th,
together with a remittance for the first installment of 16s. per Share, other
wise tho allotment will be treated as refusod,
7. As it Is probable that for various reasons some Shareholders will not
be in a position to take up their Shares, tho Directors hare decided that
Shareholders accepting their pro rata allotments who may desire to take up
additional Shares may fill in the enclosed Application, Form "D," and for
ward same with a remittance of 15s. per Share, in the same manner as their
acceptance of the pro rata allotment. In the event of he whole of the Issue
not being taken up, such applications will receive consideration.
By Order of tha Burs', HENRY W. ALLEN, Sicritiry.
21st Oct, 1913, MARCONI HOUSE, Strand, London, W.G.
Orowa from unselected. seed, and in
differently cultivated. Osthsred
from the field An-. 20, 1913,
HP Ten sections. 1,400 acres, 10 per cent '
HiftSV 1 eriTlSlieat J TsJnr land. Located in thi
Aic0jr lllaaouthim Alberta foothill. Best gri
Ten sections. ,400 acres, 10 per cent tillable, balance
e famous sunny
Ins- gTasaes found anywhere. Open winters; high, rolling prairie, beautifully
watered by natural spring and lakes. All fenced ready for stock. No building
Native grasses of finest
yield from IVi to 2 tons per acre, also
adapted to tame gntatM such as al
falfa, timothy and clover, Wonder
ful crops of oats, barley and fall
wheat, best In that vicinity or any
part of Canada, by Dominion Gov
ernment Reports,
Owner obliged to sell. Offers this
land at a sacrifice In order to realize
part cash quickly.
Most adjoining lends sold around
126.00 per acre. $16.00 an acre will
take this land, 15.00 cash and the bal
ance time as desired at six per cent.
Will sell you half If you do not
wish entire ranch. Choice stock
farina will soon be In greater demand
than any other kind of land.
x. k. owsir, bio JursKUB Buxmxxa, xxirsraajroua, Kmr.
ROOMS The Best Variety. The Bee classified pages
cany advertisements of the best rooms and apartments for
rent in the city. Phone your ad to Tyler 1000.