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Friday, October 10, 1913.
n. HOMER CONANT of Now York, formerly of this city, 1b spond-
Mlng a few days hero visiting bis mother, Mrs. M. H. Conant. Mr.
Conant has Just returned from a stay of several months In Paris,
where he has been continuing his work as fashion artist His
description of an apartment In Paris designed by Paul Polret, who Is at
present the rage In Paris and New York, is both unique and lntir' ting.
"This apartment," Bays Mr. Conant, "is ;nost weird; is like many of
the costumes designed this season by Monsclur Polrat, for ho gets his ln
splratlon from the Porslans. Tho carpet of the living room Is black, and oa
this are green tubs. In one corner of the room Is a Turkish couch covered
with gold cloth, and tho couch pillows are of the samo. The walls aro
hung with wonderful tapestries, and tho furnituro whlto enamel, with
olabornto Persian designs done in oriental shades of red, blue and yellow.
Tho stairway is also unusual Vermillion red, with a Persian design. Tho
bath room Is Mack and whlto tiling, wth the Roman bath synk Into tho
floor, and the light coming from tho celling."
Paul Polret designed tho costumes for some of the rccon4 operas In
Paris. . They are said to bo most original and attractive. Whilo some of
tho models are quite startling, others aro of a stylo dorauro and modest.
Among the Polret models worn in pmaba recently were: A simple whlto
evening gown worn by Miss Frances Nash; this has a tunic of while and
the bodice is mostly dainty whlto tulle. Miss Helen Cudahy wore a dainty
pale green model of charmouse, with tho aneel sleeves and bodice of
tulle. Mrs. Olive "Watson of Lincoln has a more elaborat model of bro
caded crepo and velvet in shades of apricot and cream, with trimmings of
black and white tullo.
November Wedding.
One of tha prominent wedding
tho autumn !lt be that of Miss Dorothy
Etaven. daughter of Mr. and Mn. T. B.
SUvens. to Mr. Ben B. Wood. Tho wed
din will bo celebrated at Trinity cathe
dral Saturday evenln'r. November 8. Fol
lowing the ceremony there, wllj be a re
cepllon at the "home of Mr and Mr.
At the Omaha Club.
Miss Helen Clarke entertained delight
fully at luncheon today at the Omaha
club In honor of Miss ilarle Uollln;er,
an October bride. Those present were:
Daphne Peters,
Lucy Hawk or Oat-
tlo Creek. Mich.,
Mary nurkley,
Mary Mcwacue,
Marie llolllnser.
Carolyn Herdlnp.
Orrtchen Me-
Katherlne Beeaon,
Slelea Murphy,
Mildred Butler,
Alice Carter,
Elisabeth Davis.
Menle Davie,
Mrv Bheatz.
LAiclle Bacon.
Katherlne Thum- . ,
Helen Clarke.
Pleasures Fait.
Mrs. Horace J- Holme entertained
Thursday afternoon fir Mr. Ida Eaton
of Grand Island. There waa muslcand
a yelnc contest. Prliea 'we're won by
Mrs, Oscar Allen arid Mrs. Ida Eaton.
Those, present were; 1
Kssdame- Mesdamt-
J, i, iNiCKengn,
Jltnt-y Itoblnton.
K. AV, Hanborn of
Council Bluffs,
gL 11. Lulkhurt,
Jamea Bone.
C. H. Marshall,
Oecar Ullen,
M. T. BenUen,
Iafermal Xuackaa. 1 9
JCr. John T. Tatea waa hostess at
an InformaMunchwmSMiy. tr;.ist.
ment at the .West ?arnan Jn honor of
tan. Jiarry wen " uuicinnu. ugui
were present.
Miss Greta Lane save a luncheon
Thursday at her home, followed by a
matinee party at the Boyd theater for
MUs Gertrude McCarthy of Chicago.
Those present were.
' Misses Misses
Gertrude McCarthy, Marlon Xuhn.
Frances Iloch- Kugenla Patterson,
sutler, Oreta Lane.
Ann Clifford.
Mrs. W. 8. Poppleton cave a small
luncheon today for Mrs. Perry Allen of
New Tork.
Informal Dancing Party.
Mlsa Alice Swiuler -wilt entertain at a
ancln; party this nvenln at her horn In
honor e Mis Luctle Schraubstadttr of
6t- Louis, attest of Mrs. W. T. Robinson.
The rooms will be decorated With autumn
leaves. Amenf the out-of-town gueata
-will be Mr. John Market and Mr. Martin
Stelcthardt of Nebraska City. About
twenty truest will be preseut
1'or the Future.
Mrs. O. W. Wlckersham will entertain
at a luncheon at the Loyal Saturday In
honor of Miss Marie Holltnger, ; .
Miss Amy Qllmoro will Rive a matinee
party Saturday at the American for Miss
Luclla Schraubstadter of St. Iyouls.
Mrs. Claude Matthal will entertain at
a bridge luncheon Tuesday for Mrs. Harry
Well of Cincinnati
Dr. and Mrs. IL B. 1emere returned
this morning after spending; several
weeks In Europe. They spent most of
tho time In Vienna and sailed from Ham-
Mrs. a. W. Megeath, Miss Mary Me-
geath ai)d Mrs. .Freeman returned yes
terday from an eastern trip.
Mlsa Eva Malioney,has returned from
Colorado, where she spent the summer
on a ranch.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Miss Clara Thomas, secretary of the
Visiting Nurse assdctatlon. has returned
front an extended visit with friends near
Moorcroft, Wyo., having visited on the
return Journey at Newcastle, North
Piatt and Oaring.
Burdin, Board of Education Mem
ber, Demands Practice Stop.
1 1 . i
Confer vrHh Graff and Holortchl
ner, Who'AVIII lmr (mention lie
for Judiciary Commute
for Immediate Action.
i. J. Burdin, member of the school
board from the Fifth ward, ha called
halt on vacclnattoi.
achools, following the wholesale Inocula-
lion of Monmouth Park school children
with antl-smallpoz serum, nurrfin hM
conference pn the subject for two hours
Ith Superintendent E. t7. Oraff anrl rr
E. Holovtchlner. Dreldn nf tv.
The whole matter wlllli. nut n tv.
Judiciary committee of the board," e&id
sir. Burdin. "It Is time to .ton thi
sort of thing. We hav gone on the pre
sumption that children must submit to
accinatlon when In fact there- la no twr.t
reason why they should and there la.
from the standpoint of hraiene. no ren-
son whatever for such a practice.
have always ODDosed vaccination nrt
It Is opposed by reDUtabla nhv.trinn. iu
admit it is almply a method of over-
coming one poison with a more powerful
poison. I have seen children crinnUd.
losing the use of arms: I have seen thm
suffer from the effects of vaccination and
I am at a loss to understand why the
people permit it to go on."
Superintendent Oraff and I Dr. miovi.
chlner would not discuss the ultimatum
Issued by Mr. Burdin. Thav nfuni m
admit that the question of vaccination
was discussed.
We are holding a little conference to
see how far wo could so In the matter
of open sohooU." said Dr. Holovtchlner-
Mr. Bnrdln oald coniDulsorv taccinn.
tlon was an abridgement of the freedom
of tho people guaranteed by th consti
tution of the United States. He saldt
'A free people should be allowed to
select their own physicians, their own
medicine and their own manner of treat
ment with as little restriction as they
should be allowed to select their food.
We are vaccinating hundreds and thou
sands of children In this country every
year without Just cause. It ought to be
Mr. Burdin is not a member of tho In.
dietary committee, but he probably will
go before the committee and fight out
his case there, and, losing with the com
mittee, says he will carry It before the
luih your Kidneys occasion
ally if you eat meat
No man or woman who eata meat reg
ularly can make a mistake, by flushing
the kidney occasionally, ays a well-
known authority. Meat forma uric acid
which clogs tha kidney pore so they
slujtglshly filter or strain only part of
the waste and poisons from the blood,
then you get sick. Nearly all rheuma
tism, headaches, liver trouble, norvoua
constipation, dUslness, sleepless
nee, bladder disorders come from slug
gish kidney. v
The moment you feel a dull aohe In
tho kidneys or your back hurts, or If the
urine Is cloudy, offensive, full of sedt
went. Irregular of passage or attended
by a sensation of scalding, get about
four ounces of Jad Salta from any reli
able pharmacy and taVe a tablespoon ful
In a glaas or water before breakfast for
a few day and your kidney will then
act fine. This, famous salts Is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice,
combined with JIUila and has been used
for generations to flush clogged kidneys
atxd stimulate them to activity, also to
nstitralixe t!i acids In urine so It no
longer causisa irritation, thus ending
Udder disorder.
Jad Baits 1 Inexpensive, and cannot
Mure; makes "a delightful effervescent
Uthla-water drink -which all regular
tneat eaters should take now and then to
ktp the kidneys clean and the blood
pure, thereby avolfllnt serious htdney
complication Advertisement
New Store Plans
Big Opening for
Tuesday Morning
A new store for Omaha will be opened
Tuesday at 319 South Sixteenth street, by
the National Sample ploak and Suit com
pahy,' managed by Louie Cotian of New.
York ' City. This Is one of a string of"
such stores, which have opened .through
out the country and will make a specialty
of handling samplo good, suits and coat
which have been made up as samples and
Lwhlch will represent the very latest of
style. This firm buys samples from the
leading manufacturers of the country and
thus 1 always supplcdwlth all that Is
the very latest of the season's fashions.
The opening will ba Tuesday at 9 a. m.,
when a souvenir will bo presented to each
woman who attends the opening. Tha new
store Is on Sixteenth, between Farnam
and Harney, streets, and has the motto
of tho l,one price store."
AdOlub Mai Hire
Lawyer, to yVatoh
Fake Advertising
The Omaha Ad club Is to have an ati
tomey, It the executive committee teei
tit, whose business It will be. to prose
cute violations of the city ordinance and
the state law against fake advertising
either newspaper advertising or bill
board advertising. The vigilance com
mittee of the Ad club ha recommended
to the executive, committee the appoint
ment of such an attorney. The club has
set aside a fund for the prosecution of
such canes. The attorney 1 likely to be
appointed at the next meeting of th
executive committee.
The club already has th co-operation
of sonte of the larger business houses in
th city In this movement and Is expect
ing to co-operate with the As&ocHted
ItetBllern of Omaha, which organisation
also has a committee to look Into such
MavViwatow Rootuimo aracr ka bcea
fcOOTHXa til CH(Lt). mStswb theCUUa!
Omaha Boy Glass
Prophet at Amherst
SPBlNayiELD, Mass.. Ovt. la-Tha
senior class of Amherst oollege has elected
officers for the year as follows: Presi
dent, F. D. Chamberlain of 8pringfleld;
treasurer. J. H. Kimball of Orange;
prophet, P. TV. Payne of Omaha; secre
tary, 3. K. Hough or Brie, Pa.; hockey
director, it. C. Seymour of Hartford,
Conn. Mr. Payne la th eon of Q. H.
Payne of tha Payne Investment company.
For the flcst time In years all the
United States deputy marshals were In
Omaha at one time Thursday night, and
to celebrate the occasion all seven of
them went out to Marshal Warner's home
In Dundee. They took a chair aa a prts
ent for the marshal, and then flew In t
having a good time. Th grand Jury.
now convened, I given a on reason
why all the deputy marshal happened
to be lit Omaha at one time.
Edward Mlnlkun. flarnta .Tnhn
A. Dore, Fred Corftpton and Edward Car-
vni, the nve lads who on the evening of
September 20 assaulted John Oaard, ah
expressman, at Twenty-fourth and Leav
enworth street and Seriously Injured the;
tnan by striking him on the head with a
brick, were discharged In nation
The discharge came aa tho result of
Oiard's failure to proseoute. Mr. Oaard
haa about recovered from his Injury and
owing to the fact that thi mimvi.. v
l a relative of his he decided hot to push
mo case against the boy.
A Mrrnlr tn- T I .!-
frOm atOmiLcll. IIvhf and V,Mn. I.
mad when a ISo box of Dr. Kins' New
Ufa Pills I bouehL Vhv nf.r? w
w " - e 1 i
aaie vy your druggist-Advertisement
Fashion Hint
Dog Brings Letter
from Himself to
the Acting Mayor
A proud-stepplng Bott6n hull terrier
walked Into Acting Mayor Dan B. But
ler's office with a scaled packet In his
mouth, wagged his head and delivered
the message. The packet was a photo
graph of the dog, the property of C. N.
Dletz, and tho message was the follow
ing letter from "Punch," the dog him
self; "After seral thousand years" devo
tion to mankind we arc glad to recog
nize a true friend. May you live to rule
over many men and never forget the
rights of your best friend, the dog."
Butler recently declared he was op
posed to muzzling dogs and Punch, rep
resenting several thousand canines, called
to thank him for the kind expression,
Thomas Burns, South. Omaha, accused
of stealing a pair of gloves .from the
Branded stores Thursday sftrrnoon, and
Jessie Short, Auburn, Neb., charged with
the theft of a hat -from the same estab
lishment, wero arraigned before Judge
Foster, who sentenced Burns to thirty
days and Miss Short a fine of $30 and
costs. Both penalties were suspended
during good behavior. Special Officer
Finn of the Brandels stores made the
The German club of Bellevue college
held It first meeting Wednesday In
Lowrle parlors. The affair was to or
ganize the students, more than a formal
meeting, and Miss Carter, head of the
German department, assisted by Prof
Peters, entertained. An animated Ger
man conversation was preliminary to a
musical program which was, of course,
from the German masters. Miss Hamblln
sung a German version of the otd lullaby,
"Rock Me to Bleep," which was well re
ceived. Following this solo all the guests Joined
In a general saengerfest, after which
refreshments were eerved. Everyone had
a splendid time and It all the meetings
are like the first, the society will be an
Immense success.
Walter Holmqulst E. Beardsley, E. P.
Peck, George Powell and F. B. Cowgtll
have gone to New Orleans, where they
will attend the national convention of
the grain dealer of the United States.
Some of the Omaha men are accompanied
by their wive, hnd they expect to visit
the Panama canal aone before their return.
Afternoon dress In apricot charmeuse.
The kimono bodlco Is in apricot silk
brocaded In white. It. is cut in. front In
two points. one over the other
and fastened with a round button covered
with apricot charmeuse, tho neck and
the top edge of the point are trimmed
with a turn-over apricot charmeuse silk
collar finishing to nothing at each end
of each point The large three-quarter
sleeve are trimmed with a -turn-up cuff
In charmeUse material cut open at the
under part and fixed to the sleeves with
two charmeuse round buttons at the
corner. The curved, pointed shape of
the bodice shows off tho neck. Below
the waist a pleated white chiffon blouse
trimmed round the ifbck with a bias and
an empire bow of dark green liberty and
on the point with three buttons. The
material of the bodice make a tiny
gathered basque oyer the skirt, round
the back to each side front. Tho waist
Is tightened In a high draped belt In dark
green liberty. .Two straight squar
sashes fall from the top of the belt in
ttia front one, longer than th.other. the
straight 'skirt gathered In the Waist make
a pointed train at the back and Is closed
hnd curved across the front to show
tho foot
I B0TTU0..60N0 i
l 'uwiiwmoin
'Show me your friends
saying; old
and true. No beverage ever had such a large circle of Loyal friends as Sunny Brook
The Fure rood Whiskey. Its popularity is not limited to any particular section
Sunny Brook is a universal favorite everywhere. It is a safe, sane, satisfying stimu
lant, and this, combined with its exquisite flavor, rich mellowness, and high tonic
properties, have earned for Sunny Brook its world-wide supremacy.
Sunny Brook is bottled under the Green Government Stamp unmistakable
proof that it is straight, natural whiskey 100 U. S. Standard besides Sunny Brook
carries the guarantee of the Largest Distill ers of Fine Old Whiskey in the World, that
it js scientifically distilled,, and aged, in the good old, honest, Sunny Brook way.
SUNNY BROOK is now bottled with our own patented "Tieisler" stoppers.
Ons twist un-corks or ri-cotks the bottle tight. No Need for Cork Screws.
iwi :i ;g;nwi;iai rw.v w ! i j .. j ?j
GROTTE BROS. CO., Wholesale Distributors
For Omaha, Neb.
First Millinery-a Little Early to do Radical
wuiimg inus cany but mere's a Reason
There is something In the air at this
time of th year that has a vry drying,
Irritating effect on th nostrils and air
passages of the trad j,d throat A
cough and cold fejuntly follow theae
jymptoms, and Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound Is a utronr demulcent remedy
that gives prompt relief. Us It for
coughs, colds. Uckllng throat, hoarseness
and branchial coughs; beat for children
and grown persons. Keep Jt at horn
and quick relief wtll follow U use. Con
tains no opiate. For sale by all dealer
We have on hand a number of models exclusive with us-they have served their mimr,
in glying us hints, ideas, and suggestions ahd now we want to sell ttnSdS
haps to state Hats are In good oondition-a few extreme in style-Simc medium
,Z?urd SU,V dresey-others small in size and quite clever-ostrich trim
med hats priced as high as $25 each, Saturday $16.50 each c,ever ostncn tnm-
uress and tailored hats, former selling price $15.00, only $10.00 each on Saturdav
c""AV VVA" Ur vpcu wiui a spiencua assortment or trimmed hats nrippr!
yesterday at $7.50, $8,00, $8.50 and $9.00, on Saturday one price P
We told you previously about a very ex
tensive kid glove purchase the Residue
of one lot we hope to close out tomor
row. Nearly all colors and every size usual
ly sold at $1.00, Saturday 68 cents pair.
Like the rest of our merchandise, these are
guaranteed. Everything you buy at Kil
patrick's must give you satisfaction or it is replaced
with merchandise or money. The very name in
deed stands for all that is best in merchandising
worth something that, in these days of fake and falsehood.
Now we would write a few sweot and honeyed words ''Cobb's Pn
coanut Caramels, Chocolates, Cnndies, etc." How it lends itLf tri
a hteration whose artful aid is hardly necessary now, for ''otfJd
bis good wife" aro already famous. Pure Candy, cleanly kent oS?
Old Faihlonad Molasaes Taffy tho vrv nam i . 15 K
older. y ine Vflry nRm6 18 tempting, especially to ire
U.Dx? ,,f ,U,Cy p,noaPPle wh a soft delicious coatlnc
afteyottuXVnnen611" comb,nat,on and m.rahmallow.. DegMful
Bt&Zp P of our oVn dipping.
Your ITnpln Romilol I. i,.i.i.. n .
to him, will reach the recipient In god condition""61 Pat Cobb, Candjr' th,ink
fc"y CA j 1 r
We offer a lot of Dress Goods on Saturday at 98c-worth $1.25 Jan"ary 1st, 1914.
. .