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Hearing on Order Continues
Capital City.
Believes that Proposed Chnnjte la
Ilntcs "Would Ilpqnlr Change In
''.Interstate Ilnten and Adjust
ment of limine.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Oct (Speclal.)-The sec
ond day of tfie rate heortnc before the
Stat Railway commission to a. sre.t ex
tent; covered the same ground already
brought out. It wa expected that the
representatives of the railroads would
have a chance to present their claims
yesterday, but the Jobbers were on the
stand all the afternoon and were still
arguing this morning when the hearing
waa again taken up.
H. J. McVann of the traffic department
of the Omaha Commercial club talked
on the attitude of Omaha on the proposed
rate as prepared by the commission, ire
said Omaha did not have any advantage
over other distributing towns, but was
on a parity with them. Ho was of the
opinion that the proposed maximum class
rates would In effect also be minimum
rates because the roads would not accept
23 per cent reduction and then adjust
their rates lower. He thought that the
best way was for the commission to drop
Its plan and readjust rates in individual
cases wherever It Is needed. He did not
Uilnk this -would be such a big under
taking as many supposed.
Ponttlon of Jobbers.
Mr. Vann thought that the commis
sion's distance rates would require
changes In Interstate rates and it would
causa a hardship to Jobbers all over
the state to adjust their business to the
new schedule If It was enforced. He
thought that the distance rates would
work a hardship on consumers and mer
chants. Merchants on cross-country
roads. In his opinion, would have dif
ferent rates because of the different
length of roads and the trade would go
to the towns which had th oadvantage.
, Under the present rates, he said that
the towns have the choice of several
markets. With the proposed rates the
state would be divided Into zones and
Jobbers would be restricted to their own
In his contention Mr. Vann was sec
onded by Secretary TVhltten of the Lin
coln Commercial club," who believed that
the proposed rate would eliminate Lin
coln Jobbers from the territory on the
Northwestern north of Fremont and the
Union raclflc territory of Central City.
Contea Oppose PInn.
F. J. Coates of Grand Island, represent
ing a wholesale fruit firm, made a strong
plea against the proposed rates, contend
ing among other things there was .a lack
of spread between the different classes.
The commission In preparing the sched
ule of rates which Is the bone of con
tention is endeavoring to follow the plans
.of commissions of Iowa and other states,
but according to Chairman Clarke the
proposed rate is not as strong as that In
vogue In Iowa. "We areendeavorlng to
.i,rielp the consumer," said Mr. Clarke this
' morning, "and we are tryiiyj to estab
. llsh a rate which will enable) htm to get
his stuff at a little less than he Is pay
ing now."
C. H. Kelsey of Norfolk was in the
limelight most of the time this forenoon
In opposition to a flat distance tariff and
defended the right of Jobbing centers to
make lower rates than those in effect In
other places.
Norfolk' Attttnde.
Mr. Kelsey thought that Norfolk was
entitled to an advantage in rates over
the smaller towns In that locality, but
the town would be satisfied to be put on
an equality with Lincoln and Omaha
and some other Jobbing centers. He said
that at the present Jobbing rates Omaha
and Lincoln can ship to Norfolk terri
tory at slightly lower rates than the Nor
folk merchants could do.
Mr. Kelsey thought that Norfolk should
be allowed to go eust as far as Wayne
and south to WUner on an equal, basis
as Omaha or Lincoln or even Sioux City.
commissioner Hall asked Mr. Kelsey
lr he thrught the rates proposed In or
der No. 19, the distance tariff schedule,
would work an injury to other Jobbing
centers In favor of Lincoln and Omaha,
and the latter replied that he had sup
posed it would.
The Norfolk man thought that rates In
.Nebraska should be made to favor the
Jobbing points within the state
Meat Cause of
Kidney Trouble
Take Salts to flush Kidneys if
Back hurts or Bladder
against those without. Ho thought that
It was an economic waste to ship hides
from Nebraska to Massachusetts, manu
facture them there Into shoes and then
reshlp them back to Nebraska, to be put
on the market. "It Is due to railroad
rates which favor the eastern cities," he
For Dtulneu Center.
He was asked by I. D. Kvans of Kene-
saw If he favored rates In Nthruku
which would result In the building up of
certain business centers and he replied
that he did.
"I think that there should be a, specific
schedule of Jobbing rates,' said he. "I
understand that the commission wants
to reduce rates 15 or SO per cent, if that
is the case I believe the present relative
adjustment should be preserved as far
as possible. We are not able to do awav
with all discriminations.
Mr. Kelsey was freauentlv naked hum
Hons by Commissioners Clarke. Hull and
Taylor and by lute Clerk Powell, while
me spectators would occasionally Inter
rupt with a request for an explanation
of a point made.
Nebraska Lutherans
in Convention in
Church Near Waco
WACO, Neb.. Oct O.-fSpeclaU-The an
nual convention of the Nebraska district
of Lutheran Missouri synod was opened
here yesterday by a divine service in the
church of Rev. F. Wunderllch, five miles
southeast from hero. Ilev. F. Pfoten
hauer of Chicago, president of, the Gen
eral Missouri synod, held the opening
sermon. Tho theme was: "It Is a precious
thing, that the heart be steadfast, which
comes by tho pure doctrine of God's word
and by His grace."
Ilev. C. H. Becker of Seward, president
of the Nebraska district, presided. The
morning session was devoted to the read
ing and discussions of a. doctrinal paper,
submitted by Ilev. E. Eckhardt of Battle
Creek. In the afternoon sessions the busi
ness matters of the synod are taken up
and tho various reports submitted.
The members of the Lutheran congrega
tions in and near Waco, Utlca and Cor
dova are entertaining tho delegates with
(wontcd hospitality. The delegates repre
sent 2o,600 communicant members In Ne
braska and Wyoming. One hundred and
seventy pastors, 330 lay delegates and
sixty school teachers and the visitors
bring the attendance to 400.
A male chorus of 100 teachers and
pastors renders selections at all of the
special services. Next Sunday a mission
festival will bo celebrated In which all
tho neighboring sister churches will participate.
Jasper L, McBrien
Leaves for New Post
HARVARD, Neb., Oct 9.-(Speclal.)
Prof. J. I McBrien, superintendent of
schools In Harvard, who has been ap
pointed to a position as specialist In rural
education, commencing with a salary of
$2,500, left today for Washington, D. C,
to confer with Dr. P. P. Claxton, the
United States commissioner of education.
regarding the work, and expects to at
once enter upon the duties ;of his office,
with perhaps later along the removal of
his family to Richmond, Va., which Is
not yet fully decided.
Yesterday the boys of the school pre
sented Mr. McBrien with a fine gold
ring with heavy setting, and the faculty
presented Prof, and Mrs. McBrien a fine
cut glass set.
The board haa received several applica
tions for the position of superintendent
but the school being well organized and
In safe hands under temporary manage
ment of Principal Carl H. Worley the
board will take what time It desires to
make selection.
Harvard people, while regretting the
departure of Prof. McBrien from the
management of their schools, Join with
his many friends in congratulations for
the promotion that has come to him.
If you must have your meat every day,
eat It, but flush your kidneys with salts
occasionally, says a noted authority vlio
tells us that meat forms uric acid which
almost paralyzes the kidneys In their ef
forts to expel It from the blood. They
become sluggish and weaken, then you
suffer with a dull misery In the kidney
legion, sharp pains In the back or sick
headache, dizziness, your stomach sours,
tongue Is coated and when the weather
Is bad you have rheumatic twinges. Tho
urine gets cloudy, full of sediment the
channels often get sore and irritated,!
obliging you to seek relief two or threel
times during the night
To neutralize these Irritating acids, to
cleanse the kidneys and flush off the
body's urinous waste get four ounces of
Jad Salts from any pharmacy iiert;
take a tablespoonful In a glass of
water before breakfast tor a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine. This
famous, salts Is mode from the acid of
grapes and lemon Juice, combined with
llthlo, and has been used for generations
to flush and stimulate sluggish kidneys,
also to neutralize the acids In urine, so
It no longer lrritatos, thus ending blad
der weakness.
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive: cannot Injure.
and makes a delightful effervescent 11th-
la.-water drink.
Notes from Beatrice
and Gage County'
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. 9.-8peclal.)-Farmers
living near Hotmeavllle have
complained to County Attorney Cobbey
that when their cows drink river water
the milk and butter from those cows has
an unpleasant taste and a gassy odor.
They also claim that the fish In the Bluj i
river are Injured by the gas In the water.
County Attorney Cobb' went to Lincoln
Wednesday to confer' with the attorney
general regarding the matter and intends
to bring action against the gas company
unless the nuisance la abated at once.
The fish commissioner was also notified
of the state of affairs that exist and
probably will visit Beatrice to Investigate
Ex-Representative J. W. McKlsslck of
this city has arranged to make a Iteture
tour of tho state In the Interest of the
Modern Woodmen of America. A party
Of three will cover the state, giving Illus
trated lectures on subjects of interest to
members and prospective members.
Tllford Carl Jones and Miss Ethet Glenn
McCann were married here Wednesday
at tho bride's home In this city, Rer. Mr.
Hancock, an uncle of the bride, offici
ating. The Topeka branch of the Woman's
Foreign Missionary society of the Meth
odist church opened Wednesday evening
In the Methodist church with a meeting
of the executive bonrd and conferenoe
secretaries. Beatrice homes were thrown
open to the visiting delegates. The regu
lar sessions will begin Thursday and con
tinue until Sunday.
Rov. Q. T. Savery of the United Breth
ren church in this city and Miss Dorothy
Miller of Hungerford, England,' were mar
ried at Lincoln Wednesday. After a briof
wedding trip they will make their home
In this city.
Cody Meets Miles'
Party at Rushville
RUSHVILLE, Neb., Oct 9.-(Spectal
Telegram.) General Nelson A. Miles,
General Jesse M. Lee, United States
army, retired; General Marlon P. Maus,
and party from Washington, D. C, ar
rived this morning. They were met by
Colonel Cody and Captain Lowe of Fort
Robinson and left In autos at 9 a. m. for
Pine Ridge, 8. D., where they will take
part In the reproduction of a number of
Indian battles, Including the Custer
massacre and the battles of Wounded
Knee and tho Mission.
The Rodman Wannamaker expedition of
citizenship to the -North American In
dians arrived here yesterday under Dr.
Dixon and Major McLaughlin. They left
for Pine Ridge and are still there.
Hard coughs, old coughs, tearing coughs.
Give Iyer's Cherry Pectoral a chance.
bold lor vu years.
Ask Your Doctor.
T ' r- . - - .
lxwell. Ma
NORTH PliATTE, Neb., Oct. 9.-(Bpe
clal.) North Platte Is making extensive
preparations for the crowd which will
come to the city during the two weeks
from October 13 to 25 to register at the
land office opening. Indications are that
more people will come to North Platto
'during those two weeks than have ever
been In the city before. The Chamber of
Commerce has made special arrangements
Jo get every available lodging place
ready for the home-seekers and special
arrangements will also be mado to feed
Registration for any of the lands may
be made at North Plate, no matter
whether the lands are situated In tfie
North Platte land district. Broken Bow
land district or the Valentine district. A
registration at any' of these land offices
will entitle the lucky applicant to make
lUs selection of land In any of the dts
tricts where land Is to be thrown open
to entry. Registration will be accepted
for two tracts of land In Nebraska,
Tho first and the largest tract Is the
North Platte forest reserve, situated tn
the western part of MoPherson county
and covering also a good part of Grant
county. This forest reserve contains 330,
S acres or 500W sections, which will be
subject to entry under the Kinkald laws,
which allow one section to each entry
man. This land Is much closer to North
Platte than to any other point of regis
tration. At Valentine there are 15,00 acres,
which are subject to entries of 160 acres
each, for which, however, the home
seeker will have to pay the appraised
price per acre. At Valentine there are
also 29,440 acres of ltnd which will be
subject to entries of one section each,
which land will not be appraised and
entryman will not be required to pay
therefor. This will make'nlnety-four 160
acre homesteads and forty-six one-section
The only expense of making entry for
lands under the Kinkald laws, that Is, the
one-section entries, will be the filing fee
of Ut, which will havo to be paid by
those who are lucky enough to draw
iumber entitling therm to file upon
lands. All others will merely pay a small
fee to register.
Receiver for Drug; Firm, '
TKCfMBKH, Neb., Oct. 9.-(Hpeclal.j-Willlam
F. Hitchcock has been appo'ntei
receiver for the Gtorge F. Dorsch drug
stock at Sterling and is now In posses
sion of the same, awaiting the order of
lb- csurt '
Arguments in Enyart
Case Last Many Days
NEBRASKA CITY, Oct. 9.-(Bpeclal)
The attorneys employed by both sides
of the case In the matter of the estate
of Logon Enyart deceased, who died
without Issue and left no will, but a
widow and JHO.OOO In real estate and per
sonal, property, have been arguing the
matter of whether the widow shall take,
under, a prenupllal, marrlago contract or
under the law, her share, of the estate.
They have talked nearly a week, sub
mitting the decisions In similar cases
and their vlows of tho law governing
this matter. Two of the attorneyn took
a day and a half each and one of them
has a chanco to reply, after the six or
eight other attorneys have have con
cluded their arguments. It Is tho long
est and most Interesting legal vocal con
test that has ever been held In this
county. The nttornoys entered Into a
stipulation there should be no limit on
the matter of their arguments and tho
court, Judge A. A. Blschof, has been
compelled to hold court eight hours each
day to hear these legal gentlemen talk.
Hon. G. W. Berge of Lincoln and Judge
Good of Lincoln appear on opposite sides
of the case and the remainder of the
attorneys belong to the local, bar, with,
Judge Paul Jesson on one side and L.
F. Jackson opposing, with several at
torneys assisting.
I Soon Bid Good Bye
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going out of business!
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coats bought for the
season of Fall and Win
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$19. 75
Buys Any $35.00 to $40.00
Suit or Overcoat.
That word is NOT
strong enough to express
the "Close Out" nrices
9 in force at thi s(or now.
George Brooks
The Clothier
I 16th and Harney Sts. City National Bank Bldg.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 9. (Speclal.)-The
wild hay crop of Nebraska was cut down
considerably on account of dry condition,
but still Its value, as reported to the
state board of agriculture, will aggre
gate $29,007,38.? for the year of 1D13. This,
however, will be considerably below the
showing of last year when the wild hay
crop was estimated to be worth $:.721,074.
The east and northeast portions of tho
state seem to huvo had the largest yield
this year. Burt county reports 1.7 tons
por acre, Butler, 1.3; . Cass, 1.4; Colfax
and Cuming, 1.5, and Dakota, 1.8 tons per
Counties where he values of wild hay
ran over the $1,000,000 mark are;
County. Valuei County. Value.
Cherry $2,323.7411 Holt $1,694,691
Frontier ... 1.118.5651 Thomas 1.204,590
Among the other large producing
counties for wild hay are the following:
County Value.l County. Value.
Cedar $651,024 StcPherson .. .$415,005
Cuming 646.6HI Merrick 4S7.90S
Custer 787,2751 pierce 43S.E33
Garfield 427.392f Rock 652,905
Hall , 475,9741 Sherman 596,764
A Ton of Gold
could buy nothing better for female weak
nesses, lame back and kidney trouble than
Electric ltrs. Only DOc, For sale by
your druggist AdvertUement
Notes from Nebraska
City and Otoe County
NEBRASKA CITY, Oct. 9.-(Speclul.)-
Thcre Is a lively race on In this judicial
district for the appointment of Judgo to
fill the vacancy caused by the death of
Judge H. D. Travis. The candidates in
this county aro D. W. Livingston and W.
W. Wilson, and lit Cass county D. V.
iDwyer. All of the candidates are lining
up their friends, and the governor Is to
be bombarded with all kinds of endorse-
ments.and from all of the citizens with
out regard to their party affiliations.
Miss Amy Scarborough, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs, S. M. Sonrborough, waH mar
ried today at the home or the bride's
parents at Dunbar to Clarence F, Clark,
a prominent young business man. of
Miss Ruby Pohlman, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. II. L. Pohlman, and William
Dean Marshall, assistant ruuhltr of the
Bank of Syracuse, were married today
at Syracuse In the presence of a large
number of relatives and friends at the
home of tho bride'H parents. Both are
society leaders of that section of the
county and highly esteemed.
Mark Morton of Chicago, whose largo
barn on his farm northwest of the city
was destroyed by fire last week, burning
ten head of horses and destroying a large
amount of hay and grain, hus given a
contract for the erection of a monster
two-story concrete barn 0x125, with a big
one-story addition for cattle. It will be
one of the largest barns ever erected lit
this county.
Miss Anna Cowles, one of the teachers
on a school south of the city, closed her
school last Friday and Monday morning
failed to appear at the opening of the
same, and yesterday a letter wns received
from her In the western part of the
state, stating sho had gone home for a
visit and concluded not to teach school
any longer. Considerable alarm was felt
over her disappearance until the letter
was received, as It was feared she might
have met with harm, as she did not tell
anyone of her intention to leave.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
slppl to Now Orleans, They expect to
spend the winter In Florida.
Fonr York Democrats Want Office,
YOlllv. Nob.. Oct D. fflnnrJn 1 "Hhnll
the PostmilBtcrshlD bo decided nt an nine.
Uon?" Is a question which confronts tho
democrats. A call has been signed by
tho four candidates for a nrlmarv to tin
held booh to determine which one of tho
candidates shall be entitled to hold down
tho Job. The candidates are W. W. Feas-
ter, C. M. Moyer, T. II. Clifford and J.
B. McQinloy. The candidate receiving a
plurality of all votes shall bo deemed the
choice of tho psrty for the office
Is often caused by Indigestion and con
stipation, and quickly disappears when
Chamberlain's Tablets tire taken. For
sale by all druggists. Advertisement.
TVriiiiiach Men Tnlic In Hirer.
TKCUMSBHf Neb., Oct 9.-(8peclal.)-Charles
Portrey of Falls City is building
a houseboat, and, accompanied by Henry
Zlmber, Louis Herbster and Charles Put
man, all of that city, will make a trip to
the Oulf of Mexico, When completed the
houioboat will be taken overland to
Rulo, whore It will bo launched In tho
Missouri river. The party will leave some,
tlmo next month and will allow the boat
to drift down the MU.tourl and Missis-
Laxative for a Cross, Constipated,
Sick Child, "California Syrup of Figs"
If Meals Hit Back
And Stomach Sours
"I'npe's Dinpepsin" enda Indigestion
Gas, Dyspepsia and Somch Mis
cry in fire minutes.
If what you Just ate Is souring on your
stomach or lies like a lump of lead, re
fusing to digest, or you belch gas and
eructate sour, undigested food, or have
a feeling of dizziness, heartburn, fullness,
nausea, bad taste In mouth and stomach
headache, you can get blessed relief In
five minutes.
Ask your pharm.-vclit to show you the
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though each dose will digest and prepare
for assimilation Into the blood all the
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the table with a healthy appetite; but
what will please you most, Is that you
will feel that your stomach and Intestines
are clean and fresh, and you will not
need to resort to laxatives or liver pills
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pepeln" cranks, as some people will call
them, but you will be enthusiastic about
this splendid stomach preparation, too,
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heartburn, sourness, dyspepsia, or any
stomach misery.
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yourself of stomach troubles and Indiges
tion In five minutes.
Look Mother! See if the tongue
is coated which denotes
sluggish liver and bowels.
Yeur child Isn't naturally cross and
peevish. See If tongue Is coated; this
Is a sure sign Its little stomach, liver
and bowels need a cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
oat, sleep or ;ict naturally, bas sour
stomach, diarrhoea, remember a gentt
liver and bowel cleansing should alwa
be the first treatment given.
Nothing equals "California fiyrup r.f
Flgo" for cV'dren's Mix G! t tea-
spoonful and In Just a few hours all
the foul waste, sour bile and fermenting
food, clogged In the bowels, pasvss out
of the system and you havo a well and
playful child again. All children love
this harmless fruit laxative and It never
falls to effect a good "Inside" cleaning.
Directions for babies, children of ill
ages and grown-ups are plainly on each
Mother, keep It handy In your home.
A little given today saves a sick child
tomorrow, but get the genuine Ask
your druggist for a cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs." Then look
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no cheaper slxe Don't b fooled.
Office For Rem!
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupied by the Havens
White Coal Co.
Nice Farnam street front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space with
large vault. Extra en
trance from court of the
Fine office fixtures are of.
fercd for sale. Apply to
N. P. Feil, Bee office.
Ich place would
io raise yjnsBE
S 1
It Won't Take You Long
to Decide, After You
Have Seen Our Beautiful
New Home Building Place
Park .
Becnuso when you aoo how carofullytli3a trout
hnn boon laid out and developed you will roallzo
thai wa have proparod an Ideal placa for an
Ideal homo, whoro you can have all of tho con
veniences of tho city and tho attractions, ifroo
dom and hoalth fulness of tho country combined,
whoro your children will havo room to play
and (trow up without the foar of ovil associations
and accidents bo common In a congested city.
Opening Sale
October 11th
At 12 Noon
We'll finance mid build a home for yon in
Wearne Park.
70 lota within one block of car.
No lot moro than two blocks from car line.
Only minutes' car riilo from Omaha busl
ncss district.
No city taxofl to pay.
Located directly in path of clly'a growth.
Wo have, spent thousands of dollars improv
ing this tract. The streots aro graded, tho lots
aro all high and sightly and boautifully ter
raced. Storm sowers are being installed and thera
will bo permanent sidewalks, water and gas
Prices Within Reach of Every
Single lots in this tract mar be
purchased for $500, $530, $550, $580,
$600, $610, $650, $690, $700, $710,
$720, $730, $740, $750, $Y60, $770,
$780, $700, $803, $830, $850, $900,
$910, $925, $930, $940, $950, $970,
Come Out Saturday
Take a Benson car and vat nff at.
48th Street and Military Avenue.
Salesmen will Be on the Ground
Every Afternoon and AH
Day Sunday.
Lots May Be Reserved Any Time.
B ankers Realty
n vestment
Per Lot
$5 to
$15 Per
Ground Floor Bee Building1 " T
Corner 17th and Farnam Sts.
Omaha, Neb. Phone Douglas 8318.
Julius Orkinf
Women's Exclusive Wearing Apparel
jz moderate r rices j
New Goods Arriving Daily. f
No Money Till Cured
WriL for rra IDuatratad tMK"n nVcUl
- - hi niviaina mnm tmWBm
DR. E. R. TARRY - 240 Bee Bfdfr.. Qmxha, fob.