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jSLnounoement of Ecralt of Cam
paign at State University.
More limitations Aro Bxteaded Than
In Anr rrorlons Yen Ht
Yonnjr Men front Omaho
en the List.
LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 2.-(Bpaclal Tete
y Rxam.)JJIne Omaha, boya tret !
Inounced pledged to Greek letter eocteuee
here today. Pledging waa delayed be-i-auae
of tho (allure ot the fraternlUea
he was unaware that ahe had been di
vorced In May, by Charles Cole ot
At the regular meeting of the directors
of the Commercial club Thureday even
ing, Patrick Meehan reelaited aa eecre
tary to take apposition with the Mllburn
& Scott company. Ilia successor will be
named on October 18.
Dan Cupid has been very busy In Gago
county during the last nine months, tho
records ot Judga Walden showing that 215
marriage licenses had been issued during
that time. This la an Increase ot 43 per
Fnotorr Burned nt York.
TOItK. Neb. Oct. 3. Special Tele
gram.) Fire at an early hour ths morn
ins destroyed thft TJnnV II.v Tool mm.
to send lists to the chairman of the Inter-pany'8 building and contents. Lose on
rraternlty council. Following is uie usi i building tt.HW, on stock $2,vn, Insurance
nt nmelia n11f-a? ' MrVU IFU. - 1.1-. V-..I I .al
ot Omaha pledges:
Beta Theta Phi Morris Loomls.
Kappa Blgma-Lewls Waldman, Council
Phi Delta Theta-Lysle Bushton. Rob- j stopped almost
irt Carlson and Carr RtngwalU building.
Blgma Chl-Kenneth CraJg.
Phil Kappa Pelt Edgar Klddoo, South
Sigma Phi Epsllon-Leo Lowery and
Willis Miller, South Omaha.
Phi Gamma DeltaWohn DrexeL
More men were extendea invitations
that In recent years. Phi Kappa Pel led
the list In number of InvltaUom extended
and accepted with ten pledges. Follow
ing Is the completed list ot pledges:
Phi Uamma Delta-Albert Bryson, Full
erton; John Drexel, Omaha: Wle l&uon,
Marshalltown, la.; Ronald Hay, Lincoln;
Henry Knutsen, Kearney; George Neu
swonger, Colorado; Bryan O'Brien, Kear-
""Acacla- Joseph Al Elwell. Springfield;
Cleo Bates, Verdlgree; John Jetfords,
Broken Bow; Prof. Taylor, superin
tendent of the Temple h gn hool.
Alpha Tau Omega William Maxwell,
Beatrice; Clyde Dempster, Beatrice; Rus
sell Allen. Lincoln: John Miller, "olross.
vllle Claude Daly, Dellwood; Bernard
TownsenoT Harvard; Arthur Swaru. But-
t0Beta Theta Pi-Arthur Miller. Nellgh;
Guy Chamberlain, Blue Springs; Morris
Loomis. Omaha: John Stoddard. Uncoln,
JDheltaK DUnlio... David
CUyTNorman , Stevens.&eatr ce; Donald
occupied by Porters stone works and
broom factory and through quick work
of the fire department the fire was
In the center of the
-... Tin aVif Rt T'Ulll.
"De ta"up.Uon-L. "b." Howey. Ernest
Hoppe. Stewart Clair. Lincoln; Gug C.
Chimbers, Sidney; Albert G leenle e.
SfSy'j. Wy.Tanen8!
KpaaRay Staats. Fremont;
Lwts Waldman. Council Bluffs; Roy
Saunders, Red Cloud; Fuller Barclay,
1 Wol'lta Theta-LyeU Rushton. Robert
Carlson. Carl Rlngwalt, Omaha; Warren
"Woodward, Ray Doyle, Lincoln; Frank
R& Alphallon-Harold F. Corey.
Green Bay, Wis.; John Rasmusaen, Osh
kosh, Wis! Martin Nolan. AUIanee; Har
old Millar.' York; Alfred Lewis. Wayne;
Leo D. Keane, Wlsner; Lei and Evans, Oo-
lUmgma Chl-Donald Chapln. Lincoln;
Sidney Pierce, Lincoln: Harry Grainger,
Lincoln; Paul M. Dennis, Lincoln; Artrwr
Chase, Btanton; Marlon Vlxon Platts
mouth; Guy Parrish, Norfolk; Kenneth
CraJg, Omaha. , , ,. .
Slga Mu Paul Eger, Lexington: Hugh
Harley. Lincoln; John W. Novllle, Lln
ooln; Roswell Weeks, Pawnees Hugh
Yokum, Talmage; Harold Neville, Lin
coln. Phi Kappa Pel Ralph Lahc, Vance
Traphagen, Phil Watklns, Ernest puen
rel, Lincoln: Spray Gamer. Valentine;
Milton Seltser, Nebraska City; ...ftrovo
Porter, Nebraska City; Bdgur &&&oo.
South Omaha,-
Sigma Phi Bpilon Francis Purney,
Rushvllle: Irwin Multln, PoncaJ Martin
Beard, Phllllpa;' Lo Lowetyi South
Omaha: Willie filler.' ' South Omaha;
Doana Pickering, Lincoln.
Chancellor Pulmei?
Gives Opening Talk
(Special.) Yeaterday morning at Ne
braska Wesleyan at the chapel hour,
Chancellor Fulmer delivered his annual
address, hla subject being, "The Problem
of Waste." Th,e chancellor called atten
tion to tho needless loss ot life and
property duo to careless ana inernciem
mufhnds In the Industrial world, also to
the loss due to Impaired health caused
by Intemperanco In food, drink and
Ires. He emphasised the necessity ot
itudents having always in reserve aur-
Hclent strength to enable them to meet
the emergencies of llfo and to thla end
IDA DROVE, la., Oct. 3.-(Spectal.)
Ed Vols, the Arthur painter who disap
peared on September 5, has been lo
cated In an Illinois Insane asylum.
When hla wife went to Chicago In search
of her husband the authorltlea told her
they found him wandering about the
atreeta there on September t in a halt
naked condition with no money and- no
ticket. He told them hla name, but could
not tell where he waa from. Mrs. Vola
was taken to the asylum and he recog
nised her. The experta aay he haa soft
ening of the brain and upon their advice
he was left there. They aay he can live
but a short time. Mr. Vola was bitten
by a mad dog a year ago and worried
himself sick with the fear he would de
velop rabies.
MASON CITY, la., Oct. 8. (Special
Telegram.) After a long conference with
police lasting most of the forenoon, Mrs.
A. B. Burgess, who said she waa the
victim of a poison Plot by a masked
man last night, broke down at noon to
day and confessed ahe administered the
poison to her baby herself to get
rid ot It.
Missouri Scribe Son Oat Land
Abont the Vanishing; ef
Now that June rose embowered Is sing
ing Ita nuptial song, an old and distress
ing question, possibly never to be an
swered, recurs, what becomes of all the
world' sweethearts!
Where do the flame clad ot today and
those who strode through the enchant
msnta ot sweet, unnumbered yesterdays
goT Whither vantshea the great Illusion!
Is It over the hills and far away to tho
ravishing mualo the piper plays? Nestled
somewhere. In the land of Never-Can-Be
is there aomo quaint Hamelln town where
the spirit of dead Junes and those yet, to
die stands silent sentinel watting for their
return T No man can say.
Looking about on a world full of common-place
married folk In an atmosphere
of greasy domesticity, the question be
comes doubly mystifying. There were
glrla ot rose and) amber1, girls like vio
lets, sweet and flattery; glrla like hooded
popples, slender and proud; small, pale
girls, tirla In dlmltlea, glrla with elbow
sleeves, girls In poke bonnets girls, girls,
glrla, glrla weeping girls, petulant girls,
cold girls. And' there were boys, athletic
boys, ambitious boys, poor boys, rich
boya, domineering boya, Willie boys, all
in tho heart ot Junetlme. And they vowed
and they wore, and they sighed and
they cried. The days were ot gold and
the nights pendulent and silvery. Al
ways hand In hand, they were walking
amid secret gardens blown with rose dust
and lingering by fountains whose mur
murlngs none but they coutd hear. For
them and none other, were hung the star
studded twilights and for them alone the
mystic dawn, the lacy beds ot daffodil In
advised the economy 01 time ana monoy. y-
-m 1 ..1.. .H.nflaJ Kv BUHBei BKy.
una auur0 """". 1 They trod the earth with feet shod In
Iri the eyenlng Chancellor and Mrs.
Fulmer attended a re ceptlon to the
faculty and students In the eduoatlonal
rooms of the C. C. White building.
Omaha's Greatest Clothing House
Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats
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Vkit Out Nmw
LmditB Suit mni
flame and ahamed heaven with their
ecstasies. Gone, all gone. Yesterday one
there waa who. saw Kate bargaining for
10 cents' worth of lettuce at tho corner
rrocery and the light ot a great Illus
ion had irons from hsr faoe. It was
San who spanked a baby up tho front
step aa hour later, and Mary who hung
a number ot suspicious looking garments
on the little clothesllna stretohod across
tho book porch. Bill snores so loudly his
wlfo wants a divorce, John aplta on the
front porch and Frank eata with his
knlfo In the presence of company. Where
there waa poetry it haa vanished; where
there was rapture are now tho dull con
tentments of tho commonplace or the
dally rebellions i against routine- Facea
once glorified .hold, only auggestlon of the
Imminent yawn: eyes that once fathomed
the great and hidden roeanlnga ot life
sees only Its dull duties and unending
monotonies mystery la no moro and the
hours have leaden wlnga.
But for tho laugh ot a child beholding
the rose-flmo of a new dawn or Its mur
mur, or looking into the depths of the
star hung and tremulous night; recreat
ing lost Illusion, It1 were unbearable.
Yet here comes again our sweet Mistress,
June with ancient wtteherleD, and over
the hills and far away to the old, sWeet
muslo th6 piper plays moves tho eager
and enchanted pageant. Life la "a jar ot
rose wine set high In the air" and the
petals crushed under the feet of swift
flying yesterdays give forth no perfume.
Alas! Whither go they and why do they
never returnT What cruel trick Is this,
what stupid physiological fact that oheats
life and robs heaven?
This morning, out In the leafy depths of
h. tnwn. arose tho glad love note of s
robin to his mate. It waa the same sig
nificant, wild, mysterious call that wni
lifted years ago as triumphant. The yel
low aunllsht filtered 'down Just as softly
but It was another robin who sang ana
she who anawered, though quite as beau-.
tlful, waa not the aame. Tonight tno start
will hang aa tremulous In the sky and
tho roses waste as profligately on tht
erass. With tho dusk perhaps Will comt
ih. mt of line carrying perfume from!
M vnti und I oonsttlre
Wtlh Him to grasp this sorry scheme ol
tnings enure. , ...
Txr,A ... nn, ahaHAr It tn bits
And remold it nearer to the heart's de
Scurry trick, isn't lt-downrlght meanTl
k.., hit.hi I'h.m p.nmm the brldo. 1
hut hushl "Here comes
Paris (Mo.) Mercury.
IIcme-Keeplnir Women Need Health
tad atresartBU
The work of a home-keeping woman
makes a constant call on her strength
and vitality, and sickness comes through
her kidneys and bladder oftener than
she knows. But If she takes Foley Kid
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ness In back, nervousness, aching Jolnta
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appear under the comforting Influence
of this good and honest medicine. Try
them. For sale by all dealers every-wbere.-Advertlement.
The Persistent and Judicious Use ot
Newspaper Advertising Is tho Rood -to1
Business Success,
Kerfs Notes from Pavtrbarr,
FAIRBURY. Neb., Oct. i. SpclalO
During the last week County Judge C.
,C. Boyle married two couples In oounty
court, Including Earl Turner of Bteelo
City and Miss Suslo Kelly of Endlcott,
and Dewltt Bcrlven and Miss Grace
An' Important change In Nebraska di
vision passenger trains will be made
Sunday. October 12. At that time tho
Chicago-Nebraska flyer operatlngvbe
ween Lincoln and Council Bluffs Vlll
bo taken out of service. These are faat
tralna and havo been operating there
for a long time. Engineer A. J. Kelly
und Fireman J. U Ogden will return
to Falrbury and ga into service at this
point. The local passengers runs SS and
SM running between Falrbury and Hor
ton will be discontinued and run only
to Beatrice. The new carde are being
prep'ared In Topeka for distribution.
James L. Ogden, a locomotive fireman
operating between Lincoln and Council
Bluffs, Is,, la In tho city visiting with
his father.
County Clerk C, II, Bhaffer haa re
turned from Omaha where he haa been
confined In a hospital for aeveral weeks.
He is much Improved and Is able to
resume hla work.
Arthur, thp four-year-old son of Mr.
end Mrs. Arthur Mann, living near
Thompson, fractured his arm while play,
lng with aeveral companions at a nelgh
' bor"s house.
Fred C. Chase, a locomotive fireman
of this city, haa a cherry tree tn bloom
In hla back yard. Thla la attracting a
great deal of attention.
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. C. Kayser of
"Fort Wayne, Ind., are in tho city
visiting with tho former's sister, Mra.
William Oberhelmtn. Mr. Kayser Is well
known here.
Squirrel hunting Is unusually good In
this vicinity this year. Several hunters
succeeded In bagging forty aquirrels on
Itose creek, Thursday of this week.
Notes from Beatrice,
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. S. Because tho
uu.ury of the Hoag postofflce waa only
nbotit EA last year, Abraham Relmer, Jr..
the postofflce Inspector, was at that
place Thursday and found tnat the office
was only serving twelve regular patrons.
Harley J. Shaw, a farmer, living near
Holnusvllle, Thureda:k? filed a petition In
district court asking that his marriage
to Hulda Cole be annulled. The couple
were married by Judge walden. August
IS, 1913, and he alleges that at that tiino
rrW nk i Ml rreWFiW
KEY Jfgjj"3fj
,.eoKO ---wmwM w2m ITS Im 1MM ssH
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Saturday ; . . , . .ip 1
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necks, long and short fleeree,
la dainty lawns, molls and
reilee, trimmed with lace and
Insertion, Saturday ...984
Omaha's Gratc$t Clothing Howe
No Wonder
Your Millinery Section is becoming so pop ulnr, is an exclamation often heard these
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well that explains it doesn't itt
For tho Women
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famous artists of the fashion
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