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Waiter Fares No Better Since
Passage of Eight O'clock Law
The wla old waiter was In a confiden
tial mood. He vu discussing tha art of
retting drink after o'clock, or rather
what used to b an art In the good old
dayi when tha finding- of one place
which was "cheating" would give nu
merous persona opportunity to make
loud noises.
"Of court, anybody can bo Into the
moat carefully conducted place which
rung after hours," raid he, "and get a
drink If he ! Introduced, but hero li a
large 'don't' for the man who happena
to be a stranger and has no one to
vouch for him and, take It from me,
1 know what I am talking about.
"Dori't go Into a place and ask In a
loud whlaper: "Will you cell beerr The
waiter will think you are a detective
or a deputy aherlff trying to set evidence J
without getting any, or a greenhorn who
la likely o brag about hla achievement
Just walk In and look thirsty and fol
low the waiter, When you are aeatod
eay, 'A cold bottle,' or 'Beer,' and he
will aay, 'I'll get It for you,' meaning
that he would appreciate a tip.
"Pretty soon he will bring a teapot
and pour out something In a cup that
looks like tea, but Isn't.
"These daya It Is poor picking for the
waiters, though. In fact the tips are no
better after t o'clook than before be
cause everybody knows he Is getting no
pedal favor when he Is served with a
drink. It used to be different when
there was tome real risk Involved In
selling after t o'clock."
Here the waiter departed and was
heard to say "I'll get It for you."
General Colby Will
Take Care of Lost Bird
BEATRICE, Nsb., Oct. S.-(SpeclaU-Wfcen
General Colby was shown the
message from Ban Diego, Cal., Thursday
regarding" Lost Bird," the Indian girl,
who Ik said to be In financial straits, he
Soto that he had wired the chief of
police of that place to draw on him If
Zlntka Lanunl (Lost Bird) was found
in a mow drift four days after the bat
U of "Wounded Knee, strapped to the
back of her mother, who had been killed
during the battle. Bhe waa taken to the
officers' quarters and General L. W.
Colby, who had command of the brigade,
brought her to Beatrice and adopted her
Bhe waa educated at the Indian school at
Lawrtnoe, Kan., and at Portland, Ore.,
and also attended the Beatrice lUgh
Thn years ago aha waa married at
Portland to A. H. Charlerat, a mogaxln
writer, and for the last few ytars he has
been employed by a moving picture com
pany at Los Angeles. In a letter recently
received from hnr by General Colby, she
did not mention anything relative to her
financial condition.
8ha Is tha daughter of Black Fox. a
Bloux Indian, and when found by tha
soldiers on the battle field she was ol
most buried In a huge snow bank.
Arthur County
Farmers Organize
CVLLMAN, ..ab., Oct J.(Spectal.)-At
a. meeting at tha Arthur county fair
recently the farmers of this county or
tantsed under tha name of the Arthur
County Farmer's Co-Operotlv associa
tion. Tha soil of the sand hills Is ox
cMnt for tha raising of potatlea and
vegetables, but tha people can find -no
target tor them. last spring thousands
t tojwhtla of rood big spuds were left
In tha Its to rot, beoauaa no buyers
em, Ve found. The object of the as
Ptta 1 to find a market for tha
iflandtd potatoes and other produce that
sa fc raid ham They will own their
awn stare, &4 several auto trucks for
' XajM from Alkie. '
ALBION, Neb., Oct -SpeclaU-Ev
Marat Heery F. Lhr lc successfully re
oavertag from a severe injury to his foot,
wMca ttreteet Mood poisoning.
T, XX Williams, a local attorney hers
h been experimenting with winter
wheat on one of hla farms. It has been
aueceatfuliy brad up until he realised a
?sry- gratifying yield tha last season in
fKe of the hot weather.
Mrs, C, R. Townsend dlud hero at noon
yeeteraay after a lingering illness. The
deceoaod moved her two yaars ago from
Colfox county.
Key to tha Situation-Bee Advertising.
District Court in
Frontier County
6TOCKVILLB, Neb., Oct 2. (Bpeolal.)
Judge K B. Perry adjourned district
court here Thursday morning. There were
sixty esses on the docket all of which
were dcspoied of as far as the attorneys
were ready .'
Thep rlncipal case and the one which
attracted the most public attention waa
tho prosecution of Clarw.ce 2X111 and
wife and William Churchill and wire
charged with Infanticide. The first two
have been In tho Jail at Hastings for
some weeks waiting trial. Tha last two
secured bonds. The state waa repre
sented by Charles H. Tanner and James
L. White, the defendants by J. A. Wil
liams of the local bar and W. It
Latham of Curtis & W. 8. Morlan of
McCook. A motion to quash the in
formation waa tiustalned. The defendants
were re-arrested under a new oomplalnt
filed with the county judge and the
preliminary examination set for Tues
day October 7.
The Jury was excused Wednesday
morning after trying one olvlt case.
Citizenship was granted to seven ap
plicants, A contested divorce case took
tho time of the court Wednesday aft-,
ernoon, in which Rebacea A. nose ap
plied for an absolute divorce from her
husband, Alonzo A. Bose. Tho parties
were married In 1876 had raised a family
jOf c(ght children and had lived to
gether tilt the past summer when trouble
arose. Tha divorce waa refused, but
separation waa allowed with per
month alimony. The parties Uve at May-wood.
Paroled Conviot is
Shot While Hunting
TECttMSEH, Neb., Oct S.-(Bpeclal.)-Jesae
.Oxley, tha paroled convict from
the Nebraska penitentiary who suffered
ah accident here Sunday, has been re
turned to tha prison that the surgeon
there may tak ,care of him. Oxley waa
out huh(lng and accidentally discharged
the gun. The charge passed through his
left hand.. A local surgeort cava the re
.qulradi -attesUcn, hoping to beuable to
save tha hand, though this is not known
to. b possible. Oxley was working for
Joseph Qlatson on a farm near here and
Mr. Olaston, upon order from Lancaster,
took tho man back to tha penitentiary.
Sewer (System In Wrmore.
WTMORH, Neb,, Oct .-(Bpeclal.)-The
City Board of Health' has recommended
that a eewer system be built in Wymore
at once. While the council has taken
no definite action on tho report of the
Board of Health other than to accept it,
it is known that tho present members
favor the bultdlncr of a awr it i.
thought immediate steps toward con
structton will be taken.
.WM. L. HOLZMAN, Treas.
The New Fall Clothes Are Fine Beyond Compare
ADoveau, .
Tr l t Trnn 'SBafv
A wonderful showing that live' wire men and young men
who aim to keep abreast of the times will be delighted with
IN these new garments that the world's greatest
clothes makers have conceived in these new
models that have been created, we offer you Fall and Winter
apparel that gives this greater new store absolute
Style supremacy and value-giving
leadership in men's and young men's clothes
New Fall Suits
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Ejnglish and the English trend in models
soft fronts, shapely shoulders, spic and
span styles for young men, conservative
models too; stouts, longs, shorts and
short stout; the greatest showing of
Smart Overcoats -$10
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Individuality and "swing" in our new gar
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Store News
''7'riIe male ptrfeethn. hut
perfection i$ no r(flj."
LAMTTE the great
French Banker, cred
ited his rise in life to
picking up a pin in the
streets of Paris. Trifles
tip tho scales for or against
success in anything from
making a suit of clothes
to building tho Panama
This greater new storo
watches "tho big little things"
in clothee Belling that are us
ually slurred. From tho mak
ing until you wear them we
watch every detail that's why
we so freely guarantee our
clothes they don't ned the
warranty, but we protect your
purchase both before and after
you buy and wear our clothes.
Am MMV .- C. HV J
Blue Serge
Wo recommend "Colorfatt"
blue serge suits becauso wo
know that no oihor sergo
suits in America aro better
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We guarantee Oolorfasta in
every respect. All sizes, 34
2.?!. $10 to $30
Why Pay More Than Our Prices ?
Comparo our $35.00 suits and $40.00 overcoats with any clothes
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Heb these superb garments they're truly wonderful values.
The Raincoat
Classy style of these dashing
sllpons and garbardines make
them practical for general
wear, rain or shine. Wide
choice of clever new weaves,
convertible collars and belted
or plain back; special values,
special styles
$5 to $20
From Our Near Neighbors
Hkimi Saitarfletd bought 1.W9 nhuo
kfct Ua will fatten for market.
JnM WftAe, Who makes regular trips
ts Lsumumi, arrived home Monday.
Mr. and Mr. Louis Jarman of Ntllcb
' t,r vMUmt in the neighborhood.
A. jr. Wrne n family have com to
Mr hw charge at Lwlton, Neb.
XtM crown peaches are so pltritlful
Uwt it lias bcn hard to dispose of thtm.
A new barber shop boa been opened
in tha Bprintflii hotel by & A, Fisher,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Daniels of Clarkson
wer the guests of Mr. and Mrs. V, M.
. m. 3, Smith and John Eiy started Frl
toy ky auto to San Luis valley and other
waste points.
William FUch, a former resident of tbtc
Yitfnlty, but now llvlnr in Mississippi, Is
the gus4 of Hoy Whitney.
The town was almort depopulated
Wednesday on. account of so many at
teadlns tha Afc-eor-Ben festivities.
. Roy Zoerian of Colorado, who has been
II vine on a homestead, arrived here Mon
day to visit his father, who is very (It.
. The old mill, which was one of the
first bulldlnxo erected In Springfield, has
been taken down by August Beck, who
will make use cf the lumbtr.
On last Wednesday In Omaha, Itev. C.
W. BavldgA officiating, MJss Mertle
Brickneli and Gerald MaoOowan were
united In marriage. They will make their
home here.
Fred Conley of Weeping Water, who
was accidentally shot by Oscar Dill while
' 'huptlns, waa taken to an Omaha hos-
You're Bilious and
Costive! Cascarets
tele HemAscho, Bad Breath, Hour
sHaraach, mean XJver and Bowels
Cloggcft Clean up tonight.
St it-cent box now.
Furred Tongue, Bod Taste, Indlges
tifl, Sallow tStta and Mlaerabte Hcsd
oofcM een from a torpid lirer and dog
led feowcte, which causa your stomach
U Vecoat filled with undigested food,
wklah soars ad ferments like garbage
tn a owtu barrel. That's the first step
to uatsU utaorr-tadlgeoUen. foul &ri,
M -th. yelWrw skin, mental feon.
Tsrythlsc tsat Is horrible and nauscat
lac. A Coacaret tonight will give your
f edited bowels a thorough cleansing
aa jttrafgfcteo you out by morning. They
Vfrtc wfcilu yoa ilep a. 14-cnt bos from
yer drawiat will keep you feeling good
for month. Minions of men and women
take Caaoaret nor And then U keep
theer stomach, liver oad bowels regulated.
aa 9err ksw a aWreili mement.
JUsf t feva4 tM ehUdra Oitlr llUe 1n-
a soot, paUt cteo&stng, too.
SSAmyW.? -?nA- Thurrday
away una he never regained "clous'
. ii,moa mo j. ij. icon.
Wii! "'.I.1. at C'rroII . iat week.
Col r Mia Angelas,
tftUPVL D.y.J?,(1 .hrt aesslon of dU-
dy MV"&.5?
son, Oscar, at Plalnvlew, Neb.
Seven hundred tickets were sold at the
Blair station on Wednesday evening for
JSVj5jJfBC ftt the 0mah "cwc3
Mr. and Mrs. p. D. Corell of Plsln.
SSh'2'fe.h7:r tt th home of Mrs
Sundiy. ' 0hn A ltoore over
B. W. Brown of Council llluffs la tha
rvmtt,sero,r e Bell Telephone com
ESSfn oS!ahafhea be,nf trftM(""1
niiMrjrn? nnli5',10U8 Mi MlM Il"
ueard or Omaha were married In thi
f,l,Mnt.,T!,ur8day vV Sturdevant it
the Baptist parsonage.
. A Erlckson. banker of Noper, Neb,.
visited at the home of Judgi iTS Kller
on Baturday on his way hSme from the
bankers' convention at Lincoln.
Ed Taylor of Omana spent Sunday with
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. j Taylor
and left for Si. Joseph. Mo., where he
Sle'fl?m.'"Vel'nit ,a,Ciraan for a whole!
f11!?.".5!0' who has been clerk
&st?fafi?5eJf order 5eP""nem at the
JSiHli'5. or.ft number of years, has
' ofn
applied for an extra man and Arthur t?
The opening game of foot ball for h
season will be held at the Caste iter ci?k
d arirwtth Cotonu'wT. Wat
Cody. They took several riSi ?Zyv5X
lowstona park and met the prince of
Monaco at th Cody home.
Wrlav AVaTter.
Oforco Domlncn ! ..
ever. '
Mr. And Mrs .Tnhn l.n.. -
wre In town TuiidayT " ' u Jrrcu
Jl i1lliylfais. Wa. KaM, f. . .
Wtoyd Colo Stptemhtr M
A (fftllfrlttnr wu hnpn tn fs .
J. M. Ranney October 1.
.Jr"e.Woodn,en ta World lodgo of
thU place, with tho assistant pi vuitlng
Mens Autumn Furnishing Goods Exceptional Values
The Hat Store
For Par
ticular Men and
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Men's Underwear
Men's Egyptian cotton ribbed shirts or
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lodgo teams, initiated fifty new mem
bers last week.
F. A. Davis has, tone to Toledo, la.,
to remain a few weeks.
flAnrra miibo of Cherry county visited
relatives here the first of the week.
Rodny Dftvl of Vonanao, Neb.. Is visiting-
relatives hero and in this vicinity.
Mr, and MVa. Blppla of Orand Island
visited her parent here a few days.
Oeortre Tlmblln and John McKay spent
a few days this week In Brown county.
O. W. Woodruff of Btanton, Neb., was
a visitor in town this week with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. James Itamsey and son
of Fort Collins are vlsltltur relatives here.
S. J. Ambler and J. O. Jones left Tues
day for Colorado, where they hava busi
ness Interests.
Mrs. Thomas Wllea left tills week for
an extended visit with her daughter, Mri,
O. T. Leyda of Imperial, Neb.
C. R. Gllmore has traded In his town
property on 1W acres of land southeast
of town, and will get back to tha soil.
J. A. Iltatt, who rents the place owned
by Mrs. 8. A. Qlberson, lost quite heavily
when the barn on the place, burned
Wednesday night.
Harry TL Potter and wife who weru
married recently at Fort Gibson. Okl..
arrived hero and are to moke their homo
In tho Mrs. H. A. Qlberson house.
Miss Anna Lyman entertained twenty,
five Bursts last Wednesday afternoon to
a kenslngton at her home. A five-course
luncheon followed a pleasant afternoon.
Mrs. IS. E. Shenerdson and Mr. J. T.
Thurman left for wncoln Tuesday, whrr
they were married and departed for Col
orado. They will return hero and make
their home.
Fred Conley. 19 years old. who was ac
cidentally shot while hunting near
Meadow, Neb., Tuesday morning, died
nt 81. Joseph's hospital- Thursday, and
the body was brought here for burial,
John Mehl of Auburn was visiting In
Valley Thursday and Friday.
Mrs, llempsted and Mrs. MoKlbbon
sDent Tuesday with Mri. McDougal In
An unusually large, number of Valley
people visited tho Ak-Bar-Ben Wednes.
day and Thursday.
Mrs. Martin Mortensen of Valparaiso
sptnt two daya with her father. AV. It,
Nightingale, the first of the week.
Mrs- llempsted, Mrs. D. T. McKlnnon
and Helen, Mrs. MclClbbon of Tltden.
Neb., arrived Saturday for a visit with
Valley relatives.
Tho official board or llu Methodist
Episcopal church gave a publla reception
at the home of Mr. and Mrs, V M. Hulls
Monday evening for Rev. and Mrs. Turn a
and Rev. and Mrs Taylor. A pleaslng
muslcal program and short speeches wure
Riven by Superintendent Adams. Kev.
Tuma, Rev. Taylor and Rev. Fye, fol
lowed by a dainty buffet lunch
Mrs. R. C. Montgomery held a sale of
her household goods at the home of her
parents, Mr and Mrs, darner, Saturday.
After a short visit Mrs. Montgomery and
MarBery will return to their new homo
at Lor. Wvo.
Tho Valley Methodist Episcopal Sunday
school observed rally day Sunday morn
ing, after Which they eleoted officers for
tne coming year, air. iiumu -iuwc.i,
superintendent! Superintendent Frank f .
Adams, assistant superintendent; Ver
dllla Rloe, secretary; Wade Caldwell,
treasurer: Eislo Rice, librarians Mrs.
Olive Egbert, olementary superintendent.
The monthly meeting of the Ladles'
Aid wu hiJrt at tha home of Mrs. J. T.
Kennedy Wednesday afternoon. The.
meeting mada a farewell gathering In
honor of Mrs. H. A. Taylor, who has
been an active member. She was pre
sented with a handsome cassorole by the
society. Mrs. Al Harrier and Mrs, Thomas
iiartrora assisieo Mrs. ivenneay serv
ing delicious lunch.
The regular1 monthly meeting of the
Valley Woman's club was held at the
homo of Mrs, J. 8. Kennedy Friday aft
ernoon. Mrs. If. A. Taylor led the les
son study, assisted by Mrs. W. II. Reed
and Mrs. C. H. Webb hod charge of the
musical part of the program. Mrs. K. C.
Kennedy was chosen delegate with Mrs.
W. E. Weekly 'as alternate to tho state
meting at Tork. In honor of Mrs. Tay
lor a dainty lunch followed the program.
Dr. Bailor of Qenova, Neb., was the
guest of Miss May Linger bunday.
Malilon Holbrook of Colome. 8. D.,
called on former Popllllon friends Thurs
day, Curtis r arsons and family of Bur
well. Nob., visited Wednesday with Mrs.
John Beadle
Miss Florence Dye of Crete and Miss
Luolla Dye of Winnebago were guests
of Mrs, E. 8. Nlckerson Sunday,
. Mlos Allco Snide and Mr. Martin Al
len wer married Wednesday In Omaha.
Miss Verna Uloedei and Mr. Theodora
Andreosen of Millard were marril
Tuesday in Council Bluffs.
Pointed lnras;raiika.
Every fluent talker dns too much of It.
A real hero hoa no desire to roost In tho
Many a woman looks good who isn't a
good lookei.
A man who falls thinks success is
merely a matter of luck.
A young; man is usually afraid of a girl
who Is really worth while.
Let us think what we are going to say
before saying what w think.
It's astonishing how possession will de
create the value of most things.
A woman Is as sensitive about a freckle
as a, man Is about his bald spot.
Soma tathere wuld enjoy killing the
fatted son In honor of the prodigal salt.
A man seldom realizes how many
friends he hasn't sot until he runs for
If some people we know ever get to
heaven they will want to go somewhere
else during? the summer months. Chicago
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