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iTUlu prspirsd. Vetera Trust Co.
Ur 1st? Y. Fann Mutual. Qould
&iahtlntf rixtnras. Barrtssarnds& Oo.
FldtUty StorMT Ik Tan Co. Doug. 1516.
Ht Boot Stint It Now Beacon "Press.
Trust fundi and tiUtoi ad.nlnlstered.
Permanency and stability Is backed by
a capital and surplui or $(00,000. Peters
Trust Co.
Biff Trees Being; Out Sows The big
cottonwood trees on the lot at the south
east corner of Twentieth and Douglas
are being cut down, proving to be a big
job for the workmen. It Is understood
that the property will be Improved not
later than this spring.
Dewey Hotel Barely Paid That the
Dewey hotel for a considerable period
bnfnra It wna tlpKtrovrtl hv fire last SDrlnK
was scarcely paying expenses, was ln-J
formation given to tho district court In
papers Tiled In connection with the wind
ing up of the receivership or Mrs. Agnas
Wllklns. Judge English signed an order
discharging her.
Hake Money on Stand Tho specta
tors' stand, erected for the parades In
front of the city hall and court houfe,
are being already pulled down. The
elevator conductors and janitors who
erected tho city hall stand on their own
resources In the absence of an appro
priation by the council, say the sale of
tickets has given them their money back,
and about $25 surplus.
MoXenzle Visits Old rrlends Charles
McKonile, for many years a resident or
Nebraska and In business at Pender, but
now a member of the city council of Losj
Angeies, v.ui., is in mc tn. .-muu.o i
. 11 . . 1 1. ...111 r. n n ! ttij. mpMlntf
uswu, nima no . .. -- j
of bankers. During his stay In the cltyi
Mr. McKenzte called on his numerous,
friends and boosted for California, whero,
he says most of the Nebraskans are pros
pering. Philosophical Society Will Open The
Omaha Philosophical society opens Its fall
term on Sunday, October 5, at 3 o'clock,
In the Labor temple, Nineteenth and Far
nam streets, third floor. The speaker of
the day Is J. W. Woodrough, well known
Omaha lawyer and one of the ln"struc.tors
In the Crelghton Law school. His subject
Is, "Protection or Free Trade," a subject
of greater economic Importance than any
other now before the American people.
Mrs. "Walter I. Smith to Hectare "ne
tponslblllty" will be the subject of a lec
ture by Mrs. Walter 1. Smith of Council
Bluffs, before the Theosophlcal society,
room 20, Baldrlge-Wead building, Twentl
5th and Farnam streets, on Sunday eve
ning. That man Is responsible to a
greater extent than he perhaps realizes
for existing conditions, oven though he
denies that responsibility, and can remedy
by his thoughts. and actions many of the
so-called misfortunes usually laid to other
causes will be discussed from the Theo
sophlcal standpoint. The lecture Is open
to the pabllc and Is free.
Deutsohes Haus
Welcomes Merry
. Making Visitors
The German Home. 4406 South Thir
teenth street, was the scene of an ava
lanche et joval Germans Thursday even
ing, who congregated at the ."Deutsches
Haus to make merry after what was con
sfdered by many the biggest and beat
parade of the Ak-Sar-Ben pageants.
"A program of entertainment had been
prepared for tho guests, but owing to the
tremendous and unexpected crowd, this
was abandoned and the "evening w?
spent In dancing and an ellVaround good
time. The festivities kept up unabated
until well after midnight and songs both,
German and American made the walls
of the structure shiver with the strength
of their singing. It was the larseut
crowd by far that has ever gathered at
the Home, and all who enjoyed the hos
pitality of the house, which was ten
dered In the wholesale German manner,
left the building loud In praises of the
Soon Under Way.
Hojr Specnlntora See Sinn of Hlnh
est Pricea on Itecord for Pork
era Before ithe Winter
la Over.
Culls from the Wire
Maxim Gorky, the Russian novelist,
who lives in a villa on the Island of
Capri, Is ill wth tuberculosis.
The Canadian cabinet Is expected to
take up the question of admitting grain
from the United States free of duty at
the session of Parliament which opens
early In January.
King Gustav of Sweden Is suffering
from the effects of an operation for ap
pendicitis performed In 1910 and has been
obliged to take to his bed at Skabersjoe
castle to undergo special treatment.
Mrs. Joseph H. Cooper, 65 years old,
was found dead and her husband, TO
years old, was found dying In their home
at Mount Vernon, Ark., yesterday by
sons of a neighbor who went to Investi
gate when the couple had not been seen
for several days. Physicians say the
aged couple starved to death.
It took most of the officials and pages
an hour yesterday to "shoo" out of the
solemn chamber of the house of repre
sentatives a young whippoorwlll which
got in past the doorkeepers and could
not find 'Its way out.- After many expe
dients had been tried a page opened a
skylight and the bird flew out.
Honieapnn Homilies.
Gabe Toots seer
For meanln' nothln', my guess Is,
'VYours respectfully."
Every once In a while up hops some
feller with ther statement that eggs 'It
keep six months Jes" like we didn't al
ready know It.
An' jes' to think. Oncet was a time
when 'Twinkle. Twinkle. Little Star."
"Little Brown Jug" and "Jockey Cap and
Feather" was among the "Oh. Oh, Oh!"
Pretty soon there ain't goln" to be
nothln' left to Investigate but ther In
vestigators. Lots er fellers ought to be named Algy
that ain't.
The easiest thing In ther world Is to
write boost talk about a rich debutante.
Spokane Republic.
Within a week It. Is expected that the
new manual training department of the
South Omaha High school will be In full
operation at tho new quarters, Twenty
fourth and J streets. Tho new depart
ment is a late departure In the local
high school and Is being Introduced un
der the combined approval of the school
hoard and Superintendent N, M. Gra
ham. During several recent trips to the
east Superintendent Graham male In
vestigations of manual training where
It has been adopted. At the closing ex
ercises a year ago he publicly Insisted
upon the ned of such a department In
the South Omaha school district.
President 12. R. Leigh and the mem
bers of the board after carefully study
ing the situation decided to spend sev
eral thousand dollars on Ihe new de
partment. It 1b especially designed to
assist those high school students who
have not the aptitude to continue their
academic studies at the university or
who Intend to pursue some trade as a
means of livelihood.
For the present the students will be
given the rudlmsnlary work in wood
craft and machine work. Later, how
ever, It Is hoped that the Idea will blos
som Into a trade school Where the young
high school graduate may fit himself
for a means of livelihood while at the
samo time developing his mind In the
academic branches. Heretofore many of
the South Omaha High school boys have
gone Into laboring work or Into a poorly
paid clerkship because tV.ey were unable
to attend the university or because they
could not afford the extra time needed
to learn a trade. It Is hoped that the
trade school will allow the student to
complete the regular school work and
enough of the trade apprenticeship to
enable htm to need but & short time un
der a Journeyman after he quits or
graduates ' from school.
Exjpeet lflark Host Pricea.
'Hog speculators - and commission men
at the Union Stock. Yards noted with
Interest yesterday the beginning of an
advance In the price of hogs which It
Is privately said may eventuate In record
pork prices this year. The1 market yes
terday openc.d with a promise that failed
when it appeared that the big ' buyers
were going to buy at their own prices
or not at all.
'Shipments of hogs are coming In with
a liberality that Is In line with the sea
son. Men handling the receipts, how
ever, say that the market In hogs this
year Is going to soar. Various reasons
for the expected fancy prices are as
signed, but it was said contldently by
heavy buyers that the prices of hogs
this year would . touch a record nevf r
before attained.
LaTelle In Hpirnrd'a Place.
As has been expected' for some time,
Pat Lavelle, democratic councilman from
the Fifth ward, has befrn appointed to
the place of Jerry Howard. The letter
of appointment 'was received by Lavelle
some days ago. Under pressure Howard
resigned some time .ngo( the resignation
to take effect October 1.
Lavelle, until recently, worked for the
Union Stock Yards.
gee the Bis; Show.
You have .seen the big Bhow. but have
you seen the interesting show? Have you
been to Flynns? Wo have asked you to
oome. We aro begging, you now to take
a look through this fine big, clear, up-to-date
bunch of wearing apparel we have
gathered for you. We have done our
duty for you; worked harder than you
would believe to produce In mind a com
bination of quality, style and price that
would meet favor' from the most exact
inir mirchaser. We. have It and we are
begging you, yes, begging you for a'
look. Of course, we have a reason, but
ypu will find It just; as profitable to you
as to us. Respectfully.
Music City Qoaalp.
Sam McDowell of Armdur and company
Is In Memphis. Neb.; on business.
A. G. Spangler of Hermosa, S. D Is the
guest of South Omaha friends for a few
Miss Frances Nlcholsen of Fort- Crook
was the guest of the Misses Auer this
For a case of Jitter's Old Acs or Gold
Top beer, call So. SO., Prompt delivery to
an pans oi tne ciiy. wm. jeiier.
3Uss Minott Christiansen of Des Moines,
la.. Is tho guest of South Omaha friends
this weeK.
There will be a meeting of the Orchard
Hill Improvement .club this evening at
Thrrty-nlrith and vl streets.
Mrs. Lulu Donahue died Wednesday
afternoon at her late residence, 2006 M
street. Funeral arrangements will be
announced Jater.
The funeral of Mrs. Thomas Donahuo
will De neia tnis ariernoon at ner late
residence, 1315 Munroe street. Interment
will be made in Laurel mil cemetery.
The inquest upon the. death of Frank
Vosca. found hanging In the southwestern
part of the city near the Mhuqurl river
banks, will be held this morning at 9:30
o clock at LarKin's parlors.
Lloyd Drummond, formerly motorcycle
cop, nas neen empioyea as a watenman
at Armour's, ills place as motorcycle
cop Is being temporarily filled by Chief
or I'oiico jonn unggs.
V ..
. . M v
. .. L 4 .til. j . V
London Labor Orator Givei Address
at Washington Hall.
JVothln I.nndnir Will 11c Aceom
pllnheil by Workem Asrnlnst Cnp
Itnl Unleaa Under One
Bnnner for All.
Tom Maun of London delivered on nd
drois to a large' audtctico last night In
Washington hall on "Industrial folldar
ity." He pleaded for tho combined or
ganisation or all unions and told or the
results In tho past In failure to organlzi
aul totd of tho results gained by organ
isation. Ono Instance that he cited wot
what he termed tho "war of the -folded
arms" on the part of tho sailors and all
men who work on board ship which oc
curred two years ago.
"Time was whon there was opportunity
for the working classes. Time was when
tho worklngmen were told they might
graze their cattle on the public lands In
England. But It would be folly to tell
them that now, for the worklngmen have
no cattle and there Is no moro public
land In England. That was 600 years
ago, when workmen organized In guilds.
Then there was a perfect harmony be
tween, employer and employe. The men
went about wllh their work with no bitter
hatred In their hearts for the moneyed
class. WhyT Ilecnuse the worklngmen
decided under what conditions and scale
of wages they would work. It was then
that the (treat cathedrals and public
buildings were erected, such as pose to
day as the acme of architecture. They
attempt at times In the present day to
duplicate those remarkable works ot
architecture, but the result Is a poor
copy. The men feel oppressed, and when
men feel oppressed they cannot do good
"Wo will come to those conditions
again that we observe In the mldJIc
ages. But we will have to organize. We
cannot reach that condition through an
appeal to the capitalistic class. We will
not appeal to the governments, to the
Judiciary or to the churches, There Is
no assistance there. The onjy solution
Is within ourselves. It we cannot save
ourselves we are lost."
Fred O'Connell of Weeping Water, aged
IS years, died at S.So o'clock Thursday
morning at the Nebraska Methbdlst hos
pital, as the result of a 'gunshot wound
Inflicted when the weapon In the hand
or a companion was accidentally dis
charged white O'Connell and his Wend
wero hunting Tuesday near his sister's
farm, n few miles from Springfield. The
body was taken to Weeping Water Thurs
day afternoon for burial.
Glrla Keen Pnrkrta, hot Where
Ilnrth Arc Thry bolus; to
Pot Themf
Our reverence for Mrs. Harriet StAnton
Hlntch, who writes to the newspapers. Is
so profound that wo ha'a never doubted
the ultimate success or that surprising
woman In her search for tho causes of
feminine subjugation. We have somo
times felt It necessary to conceal our
veneration, but It has been there all the
same, and now at last comes Its Justifi
cation. Mrs. Blatch has Just returned from a
sutrrago tour, and she says that hence
forth every woman must have a pocket.
She tells us that she feels strongly on
tho pocket question. " And I have one
even In my evening gowns. I don't
wear my skirts as tight as aome people,
but I don't believe there ever was a
skirt made that didn't have a place for
n pocket somewhere."
Now-here Mrs. Blatch spoko without
that mature deliberation that we usually
associate, with her utterances, She should
always count ten as a remedy for a
tendency to empetuoslty In speech. When
the detective In the novels Is trying to
I find the secret chamber he alwaya takes
me ouisian measurements of the house
and then proceeds to account for tho
space by measuring the rooms, haltii and
stairways. We are not able practically
to apply the same rule In the search for
tho woman's pocket, or rather for thfc
space where It might be placed. Heaven
forbid that we should try. We are ot
the male sex and therefore bashful,
modest and retiring, but we have
our eyesight and we think our little
thoughts. We cannot for the life of us
Imagine where such a pocket could be
'put and we would tike Mrs. Blatch to
tells us, Nor nro we wholly the victim
ot Ignorance or ho feminine anatomy
Only last week we saw a woman In n,
diaphanous skirt. We were behind her,
and the glorious orb of day was Just
ahead or her. She was a most trans
parent and confiding disposition, and al
though we hurried rapidly down a side
sldo street to hide our mantling blushes
we saw enough to convince us that thero
was no room for a pocket In that skirt.
There was no room for a one-cent stamp.
There was barely room for tho lady her
self. In a moment ot vertigo we caught
ourselves wondering how she ever got Into
It or how she would ever get out ot It
But these are things that we are never;
likely to know. San Francisco Argonant
The Persistent and Judicious Uso ot
Newspaper Advertising la the Road to
Business Success.
A Serlona Breakdown
results from ohronlc constipation. Rr.
King's New Life Pills relieve headache
stomach, liver and bowel trouble. 2$c.
For sale by your druggist. Advertise
Ire pale aad frail backward is stalies wkk vwcJtetl
faces and poor fclood tkeir mail and bodies are aciuDy
starved because tteir regular feed dees Mt Merid.
Such children need 5c f t EmuUion above
everything die; it contains nature's rarest life-giving
fats; it is essentially food value blood-food and
bone-food, free from wine, alcohol or harmful drug.
Scott EmuUion often builds many times its
weight in solid flesh its medicinal, tonic' and
nutritive properties make all good food do good.
H SVary Pntst'H R. Avtej Sufctttut.
Plan Elevation of
Belt Line Tracks
According to a statement by General
Superintendent A. Dellernardl of tho MIc
sourl Pacific railroad elevation of the
Belt Line tracks, north f refill Farnam
street to. Walnut Hill, Is to be accom
plished In tho near future. He promised
that work would be begun within the
next year. Enlargement or the Leuven
worth street yards and those between
Nicholas and Locust streets is another
achievement which Mr. DeBernnrdl ex
pects will be accomplished at about tho
same time.
Gentlemanly Salesman. Muffled nt
the Start, fieta Ills llf-venire
The tall, slender man In tho faded suit
of black had gained admission' to tho
private office of the financial magnate.
"I shall occuply your time only a few
moments, Mr. Muntoburn," he said. "My
objict In coi.ilng to you Is to enlist your
Interest In my recent Invention, which
Is destined, I am confident, to revolution
ise "
"Say, Mr. "
"Olasspy, sir; my name Is Qlasspy, 1
am the Inventor of Qlosspp'B Automatic
Footpad Discourager, Qlasspy's Infallible
Burglar Alarm, ?nd "
"I don't car what you're tho Inventor
or; I haven't any time tb "
"As '1 said a moment ago, Mr. Munto
burn, I shall be very brier. To come to
the point at once, you own a flno au
tomobile; doubtless half a dozen or more.
You need not tell me how, when your
motor car Is standing, at the end or tho
sidewalk, every passlnx boy squeezes the
bulb or your squawfter. My Invention
will stop that sort or thing absolutely. It
Is a combination of the phonograph and
the ordinary horn. ,By a turn ot the
wrist you can make It sound a fierce,
raucous alarm, followed by words such as
these: 'Out of my way, you turtleheadl'
'Get a move on you, you human snail
or I'll bump you off the earthl' Tho
variations are endless. An Idle urchin
paslng by your machine sequeezes the
bulb. Instantly comes this shout through
the flaring aperture at the other end:
Watch met I'm the dinky little fool
that done that!' Suppose you are threat
ened with arrest by an officious police
man '
"That'll do. I don't want to hear any
"You refuse to"
"I do. You can put that Infernal thing
back Into Its bag and get out of here,
or I'll have you thrown out."
"Very good, sir."
But as he put the Infernal thing back
Into the bag he touched a spring and as
he stalked slowly and solemnly out of
the financial magnate's private office
these startling words Deemed to come in
a muffled sort ot squawk from the bag:
"You goggle eyed, squash headed old
snooozer, some day you'll glye a penny
by mistake to a blind beggar, and the
shock ot It will kill you." Chicago
Salesmen Will Be on the Ground Sunday
and Every Afternoon Next Week
We Will Furnish the Money and
Build You a Home in WEARNE PARK
Spoketnp'a vr Hotel So Equipped na
to Dispense with the Ice
Jinn. V
Twenty-rive thousand dollars for Ice
water Is an Item In the cost of a JJ.000,
000 hotel being erected by a group ot
Spokane capitalists, heuded by - L. M.
Davenport, whose name the hostelry
will tnke. This amount is being ex
pended in drilling a well, already 221
feet down, and 'Installing the system ot
pipes to carry tho water! of the
twelve rioors and to .more than 400 dlf
ferent rooms. Thus will the craft of man
supplement tho underground river flow.
Ing far beneath the city In eliminating
need for many lce-water trips by bell
boys, together with the tips which cus
tom demands.
To force ihe water to the top of the
big hotel a twcnty-flve-horsepower pump
of 150 gallons a minute capacity will be
Installed In the sub-basement The.
water will be first pumped Into a tank
cooled by ammonia colls to a tempera
ture of 10 degrees. The distributing pipes
will be Insulated to keep the water at
an even temperature throughout Its
Journey. Every four minutes tho entlrt
supply In the tank will be emptied, thut
putting Ice water close to every faucet
In the structure at every moment ot
the day.
At a depth of 220 feet Lelow the sub
basement the big ;,coo-pound drill en
countered a good supply of water, but
drilling Is being continued to tap beyond
doubt the underground stream which
filters through the rock and gravet
underneath the city, and which Is tannen
it few miles Up the valley to supply pure
watrr ror the residents of Spokane.
Between 25.0CO and 30,000 feet of plpt
will distribute the water from basement
to roof. Cork casing is being urod to
Insulate the pipe. Mr. Davenport says
that the system has been planned with
such precision that it wlILnot be neces
sary to let tho water run berore gettlnu
It at a temperature or 40 degrees. Spo'
kane Review.
Owing to the great number of people who
have asked to be notified in advance of the
opening of our lots in our new trkct at 48th
street and Military avenue, we have set aside
The Persistent and Judicious Use or
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road to
Sunday. October 5th, as the Day
on Which Reservations May be Made
Come out and make reservations Sunday or any afternoon next week
Opening Sale Saturday,
At 12 Noon
Take a" Benson3 "
car to 48th and
Military Avenue
Sunday and any
day next week.
The average man wants two things-a pleasant, comfortable
home, conveniently located and a safe and profitable place to
invest his savings.
WEARNE PARK will afford both-a pleasjanit, com
fortable and conveniently located. home &iid arsafe
and prof itable investment -
Is bounded on tho South by the 'Military Avenue and. Benson Garline, and
on tho East by 48th Street. ' , ,;. t
The entire tract Imb been improved during the past. t summer, under the
supervision of high class engineers. , ,
Tho development work already aoioraplished indludos the. grading of tho
streets, and tho terracing of the lots aad tho work of installing, storm sewers
is now undor way.
Permanent sidewalks, water and gts will, be installed as quickly, as pos
sible. '
7tf of. the 130 lots aro within ono block of the car line and no lot in the en
tiro tract is moro than 2 blocks from, the carline.
Thero is an established 10 minuto service throughout the day and extra
cars run evenings and mornings.
By street car only 23 minutes to Omaha's Business Distrit '
The careful investor is ho who buys after weighing and considering facts
and reasons.
Tho facts about this. tract will make it appeal to every careful investor and
homo seeker possessing foresight and good judgment.
This' tract has l)een carefully developed to suit the requirements of home
seekers and thereforo, will bo in wido demand. It is located directly in the
path of Omaha's growth und will, therefore, increase rapidly in, value because
of its excellent location and accessibility to established lines of traffic. ,
Owners of lots hero will have ull of tho convenience afforded by a city
with no city taxes to pay.
x Building restrictions on all lots will ensure a community of beautiful
liomes. . j t
Every lot a good one Make reservations now the
prices, $500 to $980 per lot These prices include permanent side
walksEasy terms of payment
Don't let this chance get by to start to buy a home.
For further information call at our office or telephone D-8318
Rankers Realty Investment Company
Ground Floor Omaha Bee Building, Cor. 17th and Farnam St.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Telephone Douglas 8318
Business Success.