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    iMen and Women Who Made Up Retinue of Ak-Sar-Ben XIX and Consort
Til TIT I tlVlfflT tltVlAnnn ....... ..
Beautiful Maids Who Attended the Queen
Hoyal Title Predominates in Karnes
of Consortst
Queen Has Been Leader in Omaha
Society Since Her Debut
linn Been an Indefatigable Worker
In Ak-Sar-llen Hanks and Also
a Lender In Jinny Clrlc
ElUnbctb. Dnvla First to . Ascend
Throne Followed by Elisabeth
Pickens and Then br Ellin
betk Concdou.
Ethics demands that the poet the
author and the playwright select u dif
ferent namo tor every heroine and for
every character, but for the board of
governors of tho Ak-Sar-Ben, ethics
either has nothing to do with the selec
tion of a queen or the ethics is con
trary to tho ethics that command tho
PoVet, the author and tho playwright. For
tho board of governors has selected three
auccesslvo queens, that rejoice in tha
Christian nam of Elisabeth.
No one unless it be the governors
themselves Is aware why the propensity
to choose an Elizabeth, but no one offers
any complaint, for the choice of all threo
Elisabeths has been. Judicious to the last
degree both for beauty of face and fig.
ure and for popularity among' her sub.
Jects. Of course Elizabeth Is a beautl
ful .name, but it is hard to overlook the
concldence. of the .last three qiieens
being entitled Elizabeth.
The -many subjects of the queen de
mand that she bo a kind and generous
but nevertheless firm rnlef, and every
Elizabeth lias lived up to expectations,
and. the new Elizabeth gave every Indl.
cation at tho coronation last night of
following tho footsteps of her piWes.
sot successfully. ' ,
Tha first niiAAn i, . L . . .
"" numeu isiiza-
bet.i, and who earned distinction, was
Elizabeth of Eneland. r-ii-rov-.v. v.
land was a dlsUnqulshcd queen and her A civil service examination will be held
name Is written firmly In the annals of n November S at Matilck for postman
Vl"16 h,story of Qulvra ter a Halsey and at O'Nell for pjost
Ellzabeth of England occupies an In- master at Emmet, Neb.
significant, position as compared to tho " ' ''
...ore recent Elizabeths. And she should.
for tho Elizabeths of Ak-Sar-Ben have
been better, rulers and, we doubt wrir
seriously if Elizabeth- of England c6uld
occupy tho dignified throne of the queen
or Quiver with tho success"1 of' our own
Elizabeth Davis -' fella' flmi
beth to ascend the throne. Elizabeth
Pickens followed and the queen, who was
crowned last night, was Elizabeth Cone
don. Lonj? live Ellzabeth'and may more'
(Elizabeths succeed her at' subTS
c6ronations. , subsequent)
. i
rrlnceviiea ot the Court All numbers
of Yonncer Society He.
tn. i- . .
ino princesses of thn h..
nttendlng her majesty, the queen, were;
MaryBurkey Y"?,?18' '
Helen Clarke, , KriSiel s i Hochatetl.r
S&nCnFdon' 'geniS Paffion. '
tIC-Z ' i ' , ',
They-were gowned al ko .In. pimple
Cirnclnn etutumM nf v n I r rronn m-
, , " ,7 : , . 1
broWeredJn gold wUh thef.qreejs
sign as a. border-for-sklrt andunlc, they
were maae in true urecian styje- witnoui
Hi AVAR Rtirl with "mlind IflncfH 'rW iri. Th
sleeves and wlthTound lengtH skirt. Tbei
whlto isandal were .laced; Ith ttftfcf 'elb-
bonir 'and tho silver' Greek bands' wefe
Appolntmcntn for Sebruks,
WlOUIVtlVllT M tl . o r i -
i.jujiiiiiuiu.,1 viiw voikiuj-aeic-
gram.)-W. R. Chapllrie of Lincoln, Neb.,,
, - .
Personages, "6t
Governor of Alc-Sdr-Ilen.
Joseph Barker Geo. E. Haverstlck
Charles D. Beaton W. D. Hosford '
-C. E. Black Frank W. Judsgn
13, Buckingham C..T. Kountz .
Ilandall 1C Brown Louis C, Nash
Gould Iiletz i. J. O'Brien
Past Governors of Alt-Sar-Ben,
Edgar Allen A. J. Love
E. M. Bartlett .T. G. Martin
V. R. Bennett W. H. McCord
Emll Brandels Fred Metz
A. D. Brandels F. J. Moriarty
E. E. Bryson A. H. Noyes
V. B- Cald.wll E. P. Pck
Element C. Chat II. J. Ptnfold
C. R. Courtney M. C. Peters
Georse P. Cronk Chas. H. Pickens
J. M. Cudahy Al Powell
W. Lysle Dickey L 1L Jlhaem
Thomas A. Fry C. N. Robinson
William Glass A. C. Bmtth
'Matthew A. Hall Dudley Bmtth
James M. Hendrlo Mel Uhl
Robert C.How J.S.Utt
Walter S. Jardlno Q "V. Wattles
"V. J. C. Kenyon George F, West'
O. D Kipllmter C. M. Wllhslm
L L Kountro R. S. Wcox
J. C. Root W. U Yetter.
'H. Vanco Lane . t '
Special Maids.
Personally attending upon her majesty
the queen; . '
Luclle Bacon Mellcnra. Davis
Mary BUrkley Ann QUtori'-
Helen Clarke Frances Hochstetler
Carolyn Congdon Eugenie. Patterson
Dorothy Dale Marlon Kuhn
nunner. '
Sidney Powell
HlEb Priests. -
iWllllam B. Wapplch Daniel B. Butler
Litter Carriers.. ,
James Corr -Charles A. Granden
Harry Evernden Harry E. Mahaffey
J. U Glblln Henry F. Meyers
Floor Committee.
Joseph Barker, K, Bucklnghaih. Gould
Dletz, masters of ceremonies:,
James Allen Harry L Mallo -
Wilson A. Austin F., T. B. Martin
E. A. Balrd T. H. Matters, Jr.
Denlse Barkalow Herman E. Metz .
Joseph Barker, 2d Charles E. Metz
Paul Beaton Barton Millard
C. R. Beldcn R. P. Morsman
H. O. Benford Bert Murphy
Louis R. Bostwlck Windsor F. Megeath
Lawrence Brlnker J. Edward O'Brien
H. M. Browning J- L. Orkln
R. T. Burns H. F. Orr
Bam Burns, Jr. Fred Paffenrath
W. T. Burns Kenneth Patterson
J. F. Byrne Ralph M. "Peters
Harry S.Byrne H. W. "
J.. P. Byrne E. L. Potter
Clifford Boyles H. W, Prltchett
Cbarlea H. Brown R. R. Ralney
Jobn A. Caldwell E. 8. Redlck
B. a Caldwell J. W. Redlck
Colt G. Campbell Samuel Rees, Jr.
M. O. Colpetzer Vf. B. Roberts
Elmer A. Cope .Harry E. Ryan
A. I, Crelgh Jack Sharp
B. A. Crelghton Guy M. Snow
Victor Diets H. H. Hawk
Henry Doorly etockton Heth .
T. L. Davis Lem IL Hill
Frank Drexel Charles F. Junod
Lake Deuel A. R. Keellna
Ben Gallagher HarryvKelly
Paul Gallagher . Tom a Kelly
Fred Hamilton J. A. C. Kennedy
J. M. Harding T. F. Kennedy
F. J. Haskell F. a Keogh
Harry A. Koch E. E.K)pllnger
Oscar Lieben Richard Kitchen
Raymond F. Low Mrles Standlth
Carroll J. Iord J. F. Stewart. 2d.
,W. B. McCormlck Arthur A. Stdrs
J M- McCague, Jr. Itoss B. Towle
W. D. Mcllugh, Jr, H. A. Tuhey
re. J. McShane C. H. Vesy
John W. Madden Paul Wemher
II. A Mahaffey Gerald Wharton
Carolyn j7on62o22 - Jr iW-&y
htt been appointed grazing assistant
ih fnm.i .-..i
GrOVernOP fhll7Pl
M"01UU1 OUlt6Cl
Says He Will Tell
Tale of Coercion
n' TV', 'Ct- 3-Judeo
a"! Herrlck, chief counsel for Governor
I ? W,h eVer haa been elIent Tcr'f-
l"B 'he Pln3 ?f the defense' went n steP
torther. today .'by . going Into retirement.
Bcnator Harvey 1. Hineman, who will
mane the opening address for tho gov
ernor jvionaay, locked himself In
hotel room.
The governor continued work on
"hiio no in consulting coun
i nn it .... .. . . .
own story. 'While he la consulting coun
mltted to make the fullest statement.
""train, of. the long trial is telling
"n the B0 and spmd times he ex-
P" tho that the whole fight
was ver..Not that ho Is afraid of th.
result,, b.ut rather because the tensltfri Is
. . ... . ....
-u sri ana ine urorK IB so Data.
'But .np.w" j:.a. .inrttb,Q.-tfghl he s'ald
o 'friend,. V'arid ,?Vm going on tb tho
nd,. let -come-What wUI. 1 nm going to
-t i ...
telLmy atcry .In my, own way,
& J n tTnkZhuJ
havo comoleted it nn,1. thn- hn t,i.
ot me, manner In which pojltllcal bosses
have tried to coerce, me and failed, is
known, every .decent man and woman In
this state will be with me despit
the lm'p'eacVment' court may dp."
tnis state win be with me despite what
JJ . 4 ..
the 'CQurt. ot Ak-SarBen'XIX
Glen C. Wharton
Victor White
H. W. Yates, Jr.
Matda of' Honor.
Dora Alexander Marjorio How!and
Ullzubeth Bruce . . Carol Howard . .
Catherine Beeson . Hazel Howard
Margaret Bruce Hilda Hammer
Margaretta Burko Mae Hamilton ,
Marguerite Busch Mario Holllnger '
Margaret. Blackwcll . Laiira Jordon
Helene Blxb'y Violet Joslyn
Mildred Butler Alice ICennard'
Ella Mae Brown Alice Landls '
Caroline Barkalow Greta Lane
Margaret Baum Edith Locke
Esther Byrne 'C McClanahan
Nannie Barret Gretchen' McConnell
Pauline Bourko -Irene AIcKnlght
Anna Bourke " 4Jordella McCulloch
Nell Carpenter Margarot McPherson
Irene Coad Margaret McShano
Beatrice Coad Marie McShane
Rose Cdffman Mildred Merrlam
Reglna Connell Jessie II. Millard
Elizabeth Congdon Helen-Murphy.
Hortense Clarke Nan Murphy it
Merlo Cooper Dorothy Morgan
Mary Cook Moorhead
Hazel Cook Mary Marstdn
Martha Dale Sybil Nelson -
Louise Dinning Margaret Prentiss
Belle Dewey Gladys Peters
Daisy Donne Daphne Peters
Nina Doyle Mary Ringwalt
Isabella, Doyle Dorothy Ringwalt
Bertha Dickey Nannie Richardson
Nina Dletz, Mildred Rogers
Louis Dletz Beujoli Sharp '
Alice Duval Jau Sharp " ,
Mae Engler MarthavSliarp .)
illclen Epeneter Blanche Sorenon
Marjorle Fpoie- . , Helen Sort'iUon
Bessie Fry Olga Slorz
Alice Fry. . "'' Roee'Smyth'
Anna Fry. i, .v -Helen, flcOWIa
(Daisy Fry- - -Edith Thomas
Mary Furay .r . hteila Il'hummell
Amy Gllmore . CdtbeinneThummell-
Catherine Grabel " 'France Wesselr,
Dorothy Hall HenriettaWesr
Harper Eugen.lo Whltmore
Ophelia Hayden .PansyWllliams
Erna Hadra Claire Woodard
Helen Hlbbard Ixiulie Watklns
Faith Hoel Marie Woodard ,
3Ialds of Honor from Nelebliorlne
. . Klugrdoms.
Desdemona Baldwin, Elkhorn, Neb,
Margaret Conner, Evanston, 111.
Lucy Hawke, Battle Creek, Mich.
'Helen Hunter, Council Bluffs, Ia.
Allce Judge, St. Louis, Mo. '
Ruth Roth, SUver.Croek. Neb, ,
Lucille Schraubstadter, Kt. Louis, Mo.
Iiean Thompson, Chicago. 111. -Beula
Walte,4 Lincoln, Neb. ;
j-Fay .Walke.r, NeWf.York City.
Marlon Wear, Topeka, Kan.
' aintrons of ATU-Sar-'llen'n Court.
J 1J. Adams -C.
L. Alleman
C. .C. AHIsbn
Robert F. Bacon
F. W. Bacon- -J.
L. Baker -31.
H. Baldtige
J. M. Baldrlse
J. N. Baldwin
8 D. Barkalow
M. T. Barlow
W. F. Baxter
A. O. Befeson
11. L. Betird
O.-C: Belden
W. J. Bradbury
H. 8, Black
-J. B. Blanohard
W. 8. Blackwell
Sol Bergman
Ilr-B.- Boyles
J. 8. Brady
F..A. lirotfati ,
W. H. Bucholf
W. C. Bullard
Hnrry Burfcley
Jay Burns
R. B. Busch
K. Buckingham
A. D. Brandels
J. J,--Brown
T. C, -Byrne
Fred A. Castle
i R I- Carter
M. W. Cuvanaugh
E. W. Cahbw . ;
c. J. Chisam
0. W. Clabaugh
Frank E. Clark
II. Cohn
David Cole
Frank .Colpetzer
F. W. Clarke
W. B. Cheek
H. A. Colvln ,
1. JX Congdon. -M.
Ji. Coptland
Robert Cowell
T. L- aCombs
J. P. Cooke
John C. Cowln '
JV L. Cummlnga
V, B. Caldwell
C. R. Courtney
H. Culver
C. C. Chate
R. YiT. Connell
John M, Daugherty
Jas. C. Dahlroan
Jno. F. Dale
Bert Danforth
m sMlll .sllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllK . v i . r ll -
A. C. Davenport li -A. Medlar
F. H. Davis. G.. W. Megeath
George A. Day ' N. Merrlam
E. F. Denlaon J. M. Metcalf
J. J. Dickoy Arthur Mete
R. J. Dinning Chas. Metz
Robt. Z. Drake . Reba Morgnn
J. C. Drexel . K. B. Muffott
C. N Diets Jno. A. Munroe
L. O. Doud. Roma Miller
C. ft DUKdalo M..R. Ml
O. W. Dunn 'Jas. a. Murtln
E. Duval , l.r.ed Meta
L. A. Dletz E. B. Manchester
H. O. Edwards , E. W. Nash
A. J, Eggerss H. D.' Neely
Ulenry Ehrenpfort L. D. Kelson
D. C. Eldrege T. J, O'Brien
Jas. P. English Max Qrkin
John Eyler- Dr. F. 8. Owen
Edward Freeman H- !- Porterlleld
Jno. C. French M Powell....,
Gcrrlt Fort Chas. II. Pickens
Thomas A. Fry Walter T. Pag"e
F. H. Gaines E. I. Peck
Ben Gallagher M. C. Peters
II. GIfford R. C Peters
Dr. Robt. Gllmore A. O. . Peterson
Chas. H. Gratton F- T Ransom
C. A. Grlmrael Theo. !. Ringwalt
J. M. Guild ' Jno. Ringwalt
Paul Getzsehinann T. P. .Redmond
Jno. R Golden W. A. Redlck
G. L. Haiumer J. B. Ralim
Chas. Harding A. L. Reed
C. 8. Haywurd . RobtRosenzwelg"
F. B. Hochstetler Edward Roeewater
H. H. Holcdmb M. M. Robertson
H. A. Holdrega C. N. Roblson
J. W. Holmqufst 'Jnp. AV.- ltobblns .
P. C, Hekfey B. H. Rpblson
F. J. Hoel F. E. Sanborn
Edgar' F. Howe I. V. Sholej
Mathew A.-Hall- A. B. Smith
O. M. .Hitchcock V. A. Smith
J. J. Hanlghen C. E. Smith
E. i B. Huntley A. C. Smith
Kdgar A. Illgglns W, A. -Smith
G. J. Ingwcrsen A. B. Somera
Walter Jardtne ' Ella Squires
Geo. A.Joslyn J- E. .Summers
R. C. Jordon O. Stori
es J, Karbach J. A. Sunderland
W.Tp. Mcllugh , AV. C. Sunderlund
NBrowri . ' n, S. Busmann
Joeelly, n. C. Htrehlow
George li; ICelly f.- J- Taggfirt
A. C. Kennedy Jf A. Thompson
F. 6. King G H- TtVI""1
O. D. Klpllnger Jf; V,pdlk8
F. P. Klrkendall r1TtV.r,,
Rf'ok6" S; N.Uv!n.enhaler
W li Koenlc Florence Voss
l 'h Knrtv J- s- Walters
A L Kucl? Krank Walters
1 II I edwlch Wm- Wapplch
tK.ii Tnt. J- Watklns
N- fP"8 J. D. Weaver
J- r ,lj d ' v- Wead
w "n, -, John U. Webster
m M-,Mcaann1iHn 8. Woodbrldgo
T' lA- J!0116,. ('has- Wlthnell
A. B. McConnell H. f. Wyman
F. Ri McConnell W. B. Wilklns
W. H. McCord H. i. Whltmore
P. T. McGrath Victor White
r .F. MoGrqw R. h. Wilcox
W. C. MdKnlght C. M. Wllhelm
T.-W, McCollaugh Geo. F. Wett
Jlruco McCulloch O. W. Wattles
J. A.' McShano B. B. Wood
B. J. MoVann II. W, Yatei
Franklin Mann C. B.. Yost
W.;iL .Mathews WV U Yetter
Matrons of Ak-Sar-llrn's Court from
'Nelarhhorlnir Realms.
Mrs. Thomas E. Conner, Evanston, III.
Mrs. T..B. Calvert, Lincoln, Neb..
Mrs. W. Oi Thomas, Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs. Chauncey Chapman, Lincoln, Neb.
'Mrs. Laura La Roco. tit. Paul, Minn.
' Mr. Ej A.' Wurster, mj Highland
boulevard. Milwaukee, Wis.
Mrs. .Guy M. Jackson, Lincoln, Neb.
'.Mr?.. Ida, M. Kelly, Davenport, la.
Mrs. M. E. Morse, 05 North Twenty,
fifth street Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs. George Myra, Dubuque, la.
Ladles lu Waiting.
Mesdames Mesdames-'
T. W. Austin Joseph Barkal. 3d
Wlhson A. Austin Dan Baum, Jr.
Denlso Barkalow J, IC Beaton
2&2zicres Bocks
A. J. Beaton
1 Bclndorff
W. B. T Belt
Frank Bo;-d
D. C. Bradford
Georgo Bmudcls
II. M. Browning
J. T. Buohanon
E. P. Buffet
Sam Burns. Jr.
Vf, T- Burns
Roy T. Byrna
Jos. F. By.rno
Jos. Barker
C. D. Heaton
Clifford Hoyle
Frank Bacon
C. E. Black
BinJ. B. Haker
.Marv A. Beaton
G. W. Johnston
Harry C. Judson
F. W. Judson
A. Jeffrey
II. G. Jordan
C. F. Junod
A, R. Keellna
. Tom. 8. Kelly
J. A. C. Kennedy
T F. Kennedy
F. a Keogh -A
V, Klnsler
J. C. Klnsler
E. B. Klmberly
Rlt-hard Kitchen
Albert Krug
John A. Kuhn
. Harry Kelly
C. T. Kountze
h n rnliiwel jonn u. Kenneay
colt' G Campbell Luther L. Kountze
John L- Kennedy
a. E. carpenter i'""tr
Frank Coad gcar G. Lieben
Clarke S. Colt Frederick Lake
Archie W. CarpenterQeoriie W. Laler
C. U Classen Ouy Liggett
Ixiule a Clarke W. C. Lambert
W. H, Clarke C. W. Martin
T.' B. Coleman Brower E. McCague
W. J. Coad W. B. McCormlck
M. C. Colpetzer B, A. McDermott
C. C. Copo J C. McClura
Ouy H. Cramer H. L. Prltchett
K, A. Crelghton Ronald Paterson
C, C. Crowell E. W. Paterson
C, F. Crowley t. F. Quinian
F. a Cowglll Samuel Rees. Jr.
Ben Cotton j. v, Redlck
It- w-cI?f?ot - C. Redlck j
Kre?,.C JPnl J- DeForest Rlorfards
-,V'P,x2n Forrest Richardson
A- V' D5",her W. II. RoberU
ynrw N' Hoblnson
lylai Wi' ?Je c- C- Rosewater
?,ouia y?tx W. E. Rhoades
Henry Dunn c. 0, Rich
S T'mm?11'1 Vlctqr Rosowater
V J'rli0. H- T- Hector
? n w S Y- Headlnger
w rr l-eJ- w' B- Shepard
W. J. Foye , w. L, Shearer
i- n fZad.?burs "e Btandlsh
JB- Frledel Walte Squler
A. H. Frye E. H. Bnrarue
J,llm?i'r?.n'1Ie' Byron H.Smith
C. B..Gardner c. Y. Smith
P.V0.'.0019 o)''1 Hmlth
W-'i1?rk0 Quy I fimlth
A 9.ui0? Sidney W. Smith
Fred Hamilton Arthur C. Btora
L, L. Hamlin A. G. Storz
J. M. Harding. , F. G. Btrltzinger
O E. .Haverstlck w. 8. Btryker
II. H. Hawke C D. Sturtovant
Lem J- Hill Geo. W. Sumner
F. J. Hughes R. B. Sunderland
R. E. Haywurd E T. Bwoba
Edward T. Heyden Adolph Stora
Byron Hastings C o Talmage
Ham Houser W. B. Tsgg
C. A. Hull F. W. Thomas
R- Huntley Ross B. Towle
C.JV Hartinan C. G. Trimb
R. S. Trimble
H. A, Tukey
C W. Turner. Jr,
E. C. Twamley
Mel Uhl, Jr.
R. B. Updike
L D. Upham
H. A. Waggener
Eva Wallace
E. H. Ward
Paul Wemher
D. B. Wclpton
II. 8. Weller
J. M. Wright. Jr.
Chas. H. Wright
A. P. Whltmore
W. II. Wheeler
G. T. Wilson
W. II. Walker
E 8. Westbrook
W. R. Wood
W. N Wood
John T. Yates
W. A. Yonson
Ladle In Waltl
nr from Nelghbor-
Inir Renlnis.
Mrs. J. M. Cudahy, Chicago, III,
Mfa, Morgan, Sioux City, IaV
Mrs. J. E. Patrick, Sheridan. Wyo,
Mrs. Daniel Louer, Lincoln, .Neb.
Mrs. Charles-F. Gruentg, Mullen, Neb.
Mrs. W. E. Bock, Counoll Bluffs, la.
Mrs. Frank Quick, Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs. Fred L. Whlttemoro, Lincoln, Neb.
Mrs. M. Olive Watson, Lincoln, Neb,
Mrs. D. D. Warner, Sheridan, Wyo.
Mrs. Chas. II.- Whttaker. Clinton, Mo.
Mrs. A. W, Jen-ems, Chicago, 111,
Mrs, Frank E. Lqnas, London, England.
Mrs. George Myers, Dubuque, la.
Mrs. Pryor Market, Kansas City, Mo.
Mrs. W. D. Walker, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. T. A. Thompson. Chicago, III.
Reception Committee,
Thll Aarons Norrls Brown
J. B; Adams E. E Bruce
C. L. Alleman J. T. Buchanan
Dr. C. C. Allison W. II. Buckhols
E. M. Andreesen E. P. Buffett
T. W. Austin W. C- Bullard
William Adair F, J. Burkley
W. T. Auld. Harry Burkley
Benj. B. Baker J. Burns
F. W. Bacon R. B. Busch
Robert F. Bacon Dan P. Butler
J. L. Baksr Roy T. Byrne
11. II. Baldriga Warren Blackwell
J. M. Holdrega T. C. Byrne
8. D. Barkalow Albert Cahn
M. T. Barlow E. W. Cahow
Dan Baum, Jr, Archie W. Carpenter
W. F. Baxter W. T. Canada
II. L. Beard Frank Coad
J. H. Beacon G. E. Carpenter'
A. J. Beston R. L. Carter
A. G. Beeson Fred A. Castle
L. Belndorff J. A. Cavers
Charles Belden M. W. Cavanaufch
W. B. T. Belt W, B. Cheek
O.B. Berg C.J. Chisam
So! Bergman O. W. Clabaugh
H. 8, Black Frank B. Clark
J. p. Blanchard C. J. Classen
W. E. Bock J. Clarke Colt
Dr. W. W. Bewsher L. 8. Clarke
Frank Boyd W, H. Clarke
H. B. Boyles F, W- Clarke
Dr. W. J. Bradbury W. J. Coad
D. C. Bradford David Cola
J. 8, Brady T B. Coleman
George Brandels Frank Colpetzer
Dr. W O. Bridges It A Colvln
F. A. Brojan T L. Combs
R, B. Comstook
I E, Congdon
J. 1'. Cooko
C. C. Copa
M. S. Corn-land
Robert Cowell
John C. Cowln
Guv H. Cramer
C. C. Crowell
H. Culver
U. L. Cummlncs
G. C, Cunningham
J T. CunnlnKham
Dr. R. W. Connell
Dr. C. F, Crpwley
L. F CVofoot
James C. Dahlman
Fred B. Dale
John F. Date,
Bert Danforth
Milton Darling
Jno. M, Daugherty
A. C. Davcnaort
F. II. Davis
George A. Day
E. F. Denlson
C. N. Dletz
J. F. Dletz
R, J. Dlnlnng
B, W. Dixon
L. O. Doud
Luther Drake
Robert Z. Drake
A. V. Drtsher
Clyde W. Drew
John O. Drexel
C B. Dupgdala
O. W. Dunn
J. C- IS. Duval
Dr. C. J. Dwyer
Henry W. Dunn
M. F. Engelman
John Byler
O. T, Kaitnian
11. O. Edwards
A. J, Eggerss
Henry Ehrenpfort
D. C Elilredge
F I, EUIck
James P. English
Paul Luther Ernst
15. M. Fairfield
N, P. Fall
F. W. Fitch
Gcrrlt Fort
Jay D, Foster
W J. Foya
J B. Fradenburg
John C. French
Joseph Frledol
E. II. Frye
F. II. dairies
C B Gardnor
J. E. George
O C Georga
II." R. Osrlnir
Dr. Robt. Gllmore
Uhns II. Gratton
C H Orlmme'
J M-Guild
A, P. Oulou
V i Gerko
Joh i R. Golden
General P. U Hall
Frank T. Hamilton
F. Hoarmann
I L. Hamlin
G. L. Hammer
J. J, Hanlclien
Charles Harding
Joseph Hayden
Joe Haward"
Ralph E. Hayward
P. C, lUafty
J, F. Hecox
F. B. Hochstetler
F. J. Hoel
If. II. Holcomb.
H. II. Holdrfgo
j. w. Holmqulst
Edgar F. Howe
F. J. Hughes
W. B. Hughes
Charles W. Hull
Dr C. A. Hull
E. E. Huntley
G. M Hitchcock
Sam Houser
II. I). Huntley
Dr. A. F. Jonas
Geo. A. Joslyn
Harry C. Judson
U. X Karbach
John L. Kennedy
John A. Kuhn
A. C. Kugol
Fred Krug
Joe Kelly
George H. Kelley
Alf C. Kennedy
F.'B. King'
A. V. Klnslsr
J. C. Klnsler
E. E. Klmberly
K, P. Klrkendall
Ralph Kitchen
R. F. Kloke
W. H. Koenlg
L. II. Korty
Albert Kruir
George W. Later
Dr. Frederick Lake
U J. Lane
J. Laverty
N- C. Ieary
D. H. Ledwlch
Guy Liggett
C B Livtr
(j; O Lobeck
A. M, Longwell
N. H. Ixonils '
Dr. J. P. Lord
W. C. Lambert
A. A. McClure
Brqwer Mcagus
Thos. H. McCague
J. C. McCluro
A. B. McConnell
F. 'R. McConnell
Dr. B. A. MoDormott
John R. McDonald
P. T. McGrath
C. F. McOrew .
W. 0. MoKnlght
E. Lea McShane
F. J. McShano .
John A. McShano
B. J. MoVann
T. W. McCullough
Bruce McCulloch
Bd J. Malone
Robt. If. Manley
Franklin Mann
Frank Marsh
C. W. Martin
W. R. Matthews
I. A. Medlar
G. W. Megeath
John Mellm
N. Merrlam
Arthur Metx
Charles Matt
J. H. Millard
George II. Miller
Rome Miller
J. II. Mlthen
A. H. Mohler
H. W. Moort
Roy W. Moore
Marley G.Moorehead
Gov. J. H. Morehead
Dr. John Mach
B. M. Morsman
E. B. Muffltt
john A. Munroe
M, R- Murohy
H. D. Neetey .
Elmer J. NavWa
O. W. Noble
T. J. O'Brien
Joseph P. CKeefe
Max Orktn
Dr. F. B. Owen
Til, V. Parrish
Guy lit Pratt
H. L Porterfleld
W. h Poppleton
Dr. C, W. Pollard
W. A. Plxlsy
Dr A, fl, Pinto
R. C Phelps
K. C. Page
A. II. Palmur
Allan Parmer
F, O. Parson
F. C. Patton.
Malor C F. HartmanJames I Paxton
O. J- Ingwersen F. E, Pearre
II. G Jordan E. E. PerrUo
R. f Jordan Herman B. Peters
A M Jeffrey A D.Peters
Geo. W, Johnston R. C, Peters
Miss Elisabeth Congdon, daughter a
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Congdon, was chosen
queen of Qulvora to rule with King Ak-Sar-Ben
XIX. This choice woa a mon
p'.caslng one, for Miss Congdon was one
ot the stateliest and quocnllcst of th
royal line. Miss Congdon Is an exceed
ingly popular young woman In Omaha
society and haa served as maid ot honoi
at more woddlngs than any other young
woman ot this city. She has a, gracious
manner that endears her to young and
old. Besidcn this, she, probably mor
than any other, dnserves the honor, be
causa of her great assistance at each ol
tho coronation festivities since her debut.
During tho last two or .thro coronations
Miss Consdon, together with Mrs. Joseph
Barker, havo ably assisted, the queens
and the princesses and done much t&
foster tho succcas ot the boll arrange
ments. Wear Grecian Coatante.
Tha quoen wore a wonderful Grecia).
costume richly embroidered with whole
pearls from the low-cut sleeveless bodies
to the hem ot the long train. Tho foun
dation was gracefully draped white crepe
made rather short with a broad night.
Inch band of solid pearl embroider?
around the hem. The long court trnlrt
was especially artistic, being richly
worked over with embroidery In two sixes
ot matched pearls Into a lattice design
covering tha entire train, which had a
beautiful border also ornamented with
pearls. The crepe robe was made in
Ionian pattern, tha entire bodice being
formed of ropes of pearls, reaching U"
the broad fitted girdle which emphasized
with full grace and charm to- true Greek
taste and sense of proportion.
This girdle and stole were ot solid pearl
embroidery edged with a fringe of thtsu
Jewels. The entire stoeVlesi bodlco, wad
covered with graceful ropes ot pearls,
while still more pearls fell In long ropes
front the shoulders where they wero held
In place with Jewelled ornaments.
The royal crown was a seml-clrcle of
diamonds In Grecian design with an or
nainent on either side from which fell a.
pendant with three drops set In diamonds.
Dainty white sandals with pearls earn
fully employed In their trimming com
plated the queen's costume.
Hatty Black.
Charles Edward Black, the new king,
ha been in business In Omaha for -If-'
teen years. Popularly he Is known al
"Black the Hatter." as he Is the pro
prietor ot tit hat store at 108 Bouth Els-
teenth street. Born In the stormy days
when the civil war wo Just tearing the
country asunder with its ftrnt boom tit
cannon in lSUl, he lived with his parents"
in Froeport, I1L, ' during tho fo,ur awful
yars, seeing' as a toddling child mchy.
hundred of the heme boys marching tu
the front to return no more. But the,
stormy period passed, aa all such period
do In time, a,nd the young man entered
the grade schools. 1U finished the high
school at Freeport.
In 1S9 he married Miss Lily nox of
Creston, la. He Omaha, where
he was for three years a member ot th
Bohool board. lie was manager of tha
Glllman Milling company for a time I'll
Omaha, after which ho engaged in .the
hat business. He Is a member ot the
Episcopalian churoh and a member of
the prders of Moose, Elks and Eag'ea.
He Is also a member of the Field club
and the Happy Hollow club.
King In Royal Holies.
ICIng Ak-Sar-Ben XIX wore hie royal
robes of state, the Grecian costume ot
white crape, richly embroidered with the
Insignia of his royal highness. Thara
waa a wide border, with the alllgrettl or
, Greek key design In gold.thread, Over th
Grecian costume was the royal purple
silk brocaded robe, signifying his high
office. On his arms were broad bands
nr bracelets of gold set in rare Jewels
He wore high laced white sandals, em
broidered in pearls. After taking the
oath of otfloo he was crowned the new
reigning king; the crown was a rare
work of art with gold points, and in
each of the points wero rubles, emeralds
and diamonds.
Board of Governors.
Members of the Board of Governor
were splendidly arrayed In rose collored
togas with the usual diagonal folds that
have always relieved the perpendicular
lines of the Grecian costumes of the
classical periods. Each wore gold, latirel
leaf wreaths, gold bands around their
wrists and high sandals of Roman pat
tern. They were distinctly rich and with
a devotional simplicity to the garments
wor It) Athens when that famous city
of the old world was In its ascendency.
Emery Peterson
W. G. Preston
George B. Prinz
William Pease
Joseph Polcar
F, D. Parmsr
T, F. CJulnlan
J. B. Rahm
F. T. Ransom '
W. A. Redlck
O. C. Redlck
T. P. Redmond
A. L. Reed
W. E. Rhoados
J.DeForest Richards
Dr. C. O. Rich
A. II. Richardson
F. Richardson
E. T. Rector
II Y. Raadlnger
John A. Rlna
Theo. L Ringwalt
John Ringwalt
J. W. Robblna
M. M. Robertson
B. II. Roblson
Robt. RosenzWelg
C. C Rosewater
Victor Rosewater
F, E. Sanborn
C. L. Saunders
C. B, Shackelford
J. C. Sham
Dr. W. L. Bhearer
W. B. Shepard
D. V. Shoales
Frank P. Blmpsoh
Byron H Smith
Dr, C.'JB. Smith
Floyd M. Smith
Otneral F. A. Smith
Guy L. Smith .
Sidney W. Smith
W. A. Smith
W. Farnam Smith
C. J. Bmvtha
A. B. Corner
E. H. Srragua
WnUe H. Squler
A. ti Stora
a Stars
Capt F O.StrltzInger
W. 8. Stryker
C D. Sturtevant
Dr J E. Bummers
Geo. W. Sumner
J. A. Sunderland
Ralph E. Sunderland
W. C. Sunderland
H. 8. Suasman '
T. F. Swift
E. T. Swobe
W. B. Tagg
F. J. Taggart
C. O. Talmage
Henry A- Thompson
EX IL Thomas
Harold 8. Thompson
Geo. H. Thummel
C. W. Turner, Jr.
C. a Trimble
R. 8. Trimble
B. C Twamlev
Mel Uhl. Jr.
N. B. Undlka
R. B. Updike
L. D., Upham
D. M. Vlnsonhaler
Dr, Lee Van Camn
W. G. Ure
William Wallace
Dr. II. A. Waggenet
Frank Walters
j. s. Walters
W. F. Wapplch
E. II. Ward
J B, Watklns
F. D. Wad
John L. Webster .
II. 8. Waller
D. B. Welpton
W. H. "Wheeler
J. B. White
H. B. Whltmore
W. E. WUklns
George T. Wilton
Walter E, Wood
F. II. Woodland,
Charles H Wright
J M. Wright. 1.
W. a Wright
W. Fi Wyman
E. B. Wirt
Bands vroodbrldge
Charles Wlthnell
A. P, Whltmore
H. W Yates
C JS. Yost
W A- Yonson
John X. Yates.