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THE OMAHA DAILY BEE The Chattanooga Reunion.
Bounded by edward hosbwatbh Tho annual encampmont of tho
VlCTOIl ROSEWATEn. EDITOR. Grnnrl Armv nf tho nnn.,1.11.. ni...
bee building, farnam and itth. tnnnnC iB nn event of extraordinary
Interest north and south. Chatta
nooga, In tho first place, as the hub
that groat western camnaltrn.l
I c 1 .
H . -Z I IftVl. I
COMP1IXD Tdom ttSJL rn'T
p.m. i-m ii i
skptTio ? oao
Rntr1 b Omah nnalifriAA nn .-Ann
vja ma tier.
TERMS op HiinflPniiTinN!
Sunday Bee, one year $100 0f
wuiuftj cc, uno year. i.wv i . . ' i
Bally Bee, without Sunday, one year. 4.00 stands out AS ono of thef turning Thirty Yearn Am
Polnt8 of c,v r "'story. There Theannual harvest homo festival of
Evening and Sunday; W month..V....4oa on Its outskirts wore fought tho bat- L"? 'P"'coPal church was celebrated at
Evening, without Sunday, per month. 25o tln of nhl rnmniirrn f i;ainnnMf I Annity wiiere an unusually lanta con
r. uwui omiua, yn wumu-ww t cs OI M a nnnrv v. " .iwu vuu
r. es Wo8"- pe.r n,.i t ' ?"fat,on to discourse by
Addr!! cop " T, nferrt t0 tho
in deliveries to City Circulation Dept. 1110 Da"'0 above tho clouds." And completed addition to tho cathedral the
remittance. mere, miles distant from tho 7,000- IBnop Baia u,ttl at the most It was to
acre Chlcamauga park In tho Na- .'"v U,'T cut In a" " " cost
w.vw part or which had been iM.
ciu oy uraii, express or postal oruor, nrrn Hh ramnnim n..l, I. at...
payable to The Bee Publishing company. , , " "u ;G5,000 part of which had been rmM
Only J-cent stamps received In payment tlonal cemetery, "each in his narrow nd that iL hlnr. -n.Vi i ,
'? : cell fnrnvnr In M th n J?."u.B.D??..7" . ?
Kvjn on umwa anu eastern ucnunici hvi. i i ";t mo uuiuu . .aau, ihuiotihi couia oo consecrated
accepted. dend, 8,000 known, 5,000 unknown. Among the book reviews is notice
No man, whether from 'tho blue or f J,0'"6 J"me8 M' Woolworth enUUe1
tho gray, will walk those unending tt ,. .T, ? ?h'
amies or slmplo white markers and and extemiivo study.
say ho does not breathe in a thrill Mr"- George- ii. Morgan, former
rrom Its historic lore. wo" rowngon, accompanied by her
Though -Chattanooga finely con- i", TSti -n De"v Morfln of
,rvn tho cii.i ..ii.t .u J lnnttP0ll. will aoon make Omaha a
Oraaha Th Bee building.
Uncoln-2 Little buildlnff.
MH ... . m 11 a I . .
New York Room 1106, tit Fifth Ave,
OU (MM flew iJAUK OI wjnimtivo.
WttslilngtOn-TZS Fourteentli St.. N. W.
rrnmmllnlpnt1nn r-ltlnr tn news and I SOrVCS tUO BO-Called tradltionn nf
Bliuuiu no ouuiw. n j nnlltll. With alncrilloi. tnwr, It M. n.. ... .
Omaha Bee. Editorial department. I ' wui- era ana mibb Maria Reed
I n 4 A .1... it . . . . . I hntn J ...
- : i nvicnzuu Liin nnw nniirn nrni fha t m,l u icvmucu irom xmpw Ynrir nni th
AUuUoT CIRCUITIUW. I " .T". . Uat. havln nn.. . IT!
i no null, tor uuro uuon mis old real... : .n ". mo
Mll.'Mh .nil n(1lv Blc,lfi , mmer at Clirton SprlngB,
- " D""""m" Minnie Richardson, Miss Nellla
Stat of Nebraska. County of Dougla. ss. war northern capital has met south- Wakcley and Miss Cora Doane are amonff
tJmSSS 0rn re80rc nd Is dovelopiug a city tho who have returned from summer
SESUlUS" for ftWn??,1-!? SW.11813' promise. Sons of thn rounllml B.. ."n; ' Wheeler of Plattsmouth and
"circulVn Manner. tlon l,nv " " Mftr"ia ' Wncoln are visit
BubscHbed tn my preoenca and sworn . " v"v" "K ai wrs. curls Hartman's.
to i bafore ma thli ih day of Bptembcr, Piowsnares and their Bpears into Mr- John I Webster and daughter:
-. - -------i nriininp nnnira nnnn n .mn.-.n ..n I m reiumea rrnm nntifnn.i.
and are delving Into tho ground in M"?le Qrave8 of cMbo, at ono
peaceful pursuit of ita mineral .h h
... ... ",..ft.. 0man.
Notary rubllo.
Snbscrlbera lenvlns; tha city
temporarily ahoulil have The He
mnllril to them. Audreaa will be
ekanged aa often aa reuueatcd.
agricultural wealth.
All this. tOROthcr with thn HUtln. I Tncntv VfnN Ait
gUlshcd hospitality of Uio citv. mttlcBLTh0B0 '"Vincible Chrlstlans-tha Youne-
Chattanooga a most befitting place X,
.... I lor tflo nrnnrt Armv nf thr. T7or,,.i.ti 1. .. . " "wumaim
no woman over had a photograph . ' . " ' "" . tp The All-Omahas presented
taken that did her Justice. mcot after "fty yoar8' nnd signal- this lineup: Walsh, short stop; Kennedy.
A chaperon In ay be defined as b
woman who is in tho way.
Some of tho bankers soem to think
that Glaus bill too llablo to crack.
, .., ..o.nU, Buun aiop; Kennedy,
uca tho gathering beyond most of Bhort. t0Pi Qatewood, second base; Joo
i, ...... , . . 1'Dolfl.n. thtwi Ii...- n i v. . . . . . .
iuudu uiui nave proccaeu, i ,. v-icmuioii, ngnc iieia;
- ' if , MUITJUIVU,
nrst base: Davis, cantnr? miil- i,i.i.
wiping rrcvent uar Shortage. z, . n-: atonoy, short stop;
Thaw doubtless hired that four
teenth lawyer to avoid tho hoodoo.
Commorcial and industrial orran. J? -"nl b8JW' Trtt11. "nter;
Uations could well afford to co- 1.
operato with tho railroads to prevent vey third base; A. w. Jeffries, first base
periodical freight car shortaito by w,ik,M' ,efl "eld, Lqwry, right field.
Prevallinir imnn nil Rhlnnra -I lr Ma Mrs. R. F. Wllllama nnd
As If to add to 1U troubles. Mexico hn each car to active Bervico Just rr w"lf.,,5..W'll,am8, mothcr- ,0"
now linn ltn rnmrrnen nn Ita hnnrlu I US SOOn &S DOSSiblo. It rninma niilfnl Mr
w - i . i vviiuam i'reaton inl
agreed that tho neod is for koopng "mlly were back from a Ions and happy
Thnsn nanniilnn Inwvnra mannn. 1 thn nnnlnmnnt nnint.i..j . I vacation at thnlr mt.... . t. .
o w I -.--.-. uiuru mail I . ,, w . . , c at uuhq uju-
to Thaw loose a littlo of his money, increasing the number of cara. If ,
anyway. congeBtlohs and ahortairB with L,"V' auie"DcrB ana Klefner
thn DMnfint vnl,n f . "anK" ana U81 Hhepard
... . r. . i fc uituiyiuDiu uuwmuui. uui licenses to wti.
ii wouia certainly ha the Joka of wmilrf tnnrn. n.imu.. n... . a huv..... ........
. . I o. iioioui mum "sui.ui iniiy-no party was Riven
tha .Mann 1 1 T In.nli, i t,w, 1 I t ., I . . . . BIVWII
ubwu it umvmu KUk uumu lutu unless inov wnrn nnrnmnnnln t... wuunuiui Deaeh In tha.
before Omnha did. forts not now Mortnd? honor of Fltshugh De Long of New York
"T), n . . anu Agnea Stanley Huirhca nf
" i uu uiuiuau 111 13 ii in ii ii ii irm irnr i . -
At the call of duty, too many a UM ... "., 7. 7. . . no we" vlsiUne friend. In tho
man roila over on Ufe other "side and . "' k-.7T- luuuiri "mp?8,ns the party, aside from the
nretnnds not In hnnr """"u" ,uw VJliairman ry, I urv guests wore: Misses Kate LyOe.
pretona not to hoar. E. Clnrk nf th Tntn,.. n Jewel McCune. tiiii. bvi-h r..,.. tZ. '
commission, himself a former rail- "S tso'!: .SUfSJfc
danger of a cracked .kull from th. Mr ark Joins tho railroads Estabrook, j Vtoto w.
fall InpriceB Uieso days. 0 0 vuu mo ouip- o. wcv-Tine, Morris Sullivan and II. HI.
Ij.w.kj u,4 tuu oiuuua lutii mo nignosti
possible efficiency from tho exisUneL
roods-thl Ttur. n nanni "hiwo.- number of cars would afford mors 2!. i.ew?. Ago
r. " ' ' rnllnf thnn n f u """'"uiuro Wen? as low as SO
uouur hhu granuer man over." " " """.uoro. aunng tno night and frost fell, thouch
- . ui. iiarnman arought or a Rininir character, according to
it m limn inr nnmnnnnv t rnino t ha luid iiuiiil liirniniv t r nun a nttan i. i ntau it tiirrnnnrBr
cry that tho domand for all-Bteol cahi noting that it roqulrod throo dave .,.T!l-ma." F: Mc"nick. ss years of age,
is only a achomo to boost the Steel to unload ono car of coal in a aualnt r.r.T n.e V.1'.,131
trustr littlo Now England town, holdine thn traded in th. PhiiM Ju""-0:
I . . . 1 . : . a-.-..., niioro ne um
car oui or service that long, when it ervco awing the Spanlsh-Amerlcan war,
Admitting all did not co a'a well should h rf'tfft flAATI hnlAna.1 .1
I after also serving In Cuba. Th ni.n
as it might that time, old King Corn shunted back on tho main imrk .n :?.r..ur.y '".m at ar.ctna whor the family
leaps back into the ring for another thirty minutes or less, and thn miJ ,7Jom,ns t0 maha- Ho wa
round. Itllllvlntr this innldnnt hv thn 3. W. Akin r.htrtn -
. . . vv iiuiuuoi i - - u uunuinjf permit
ni inivna avam ,tin i a I tu cicli it ri xi.mmi rram. .1 . in . ....
Bdgar Howard refers to 'cm na I .,, ...... .."Harney street.
"passionate petticoats." All righdntlon o f t anZ b.
Bdgar, it that's tho way thov maka . . .V " " "'"I u.T ""V"" ""finotTiim that it was
30U fool. " " B,"ay anniversary pro
r. Cook Conira Dnck. " ' "" "ul ul-cn lno iaiso emphasis on
OMAHA, Sept. 1J.-T0 tho Editor of ""essentials of church life here and
clorgmen leave. That was an aatoundlng
pioce or information to me I pondered It
long and carefully afterwards. It Indi
cates something radically wrong In our
cnurcn lite. Too many clerical hearts
needlessly broken, too many churches
neeaiesaiy disappointed. I wonder It the
fault has not been the falso emphasis on
uuAiiA, eepu . io tno Kaitor or i -..-. m cnurcn mc nere ana
The Bee: Under the title of "Cooking weak emphasis on tho central task of
. V. . f i .a..a aa a. . . j a- I the chllrrhtlvlnar -n .. t j . . .
a,iia3 iwuiiiiuci i.ifa.1 iiiuui in yesicruu. b ib -i - onvaiiK, ueepcmng
sue you print a series of unkind re-1 """"""" "mrumonf i ao not mean big
marks from one who refuses to give his 8how of instruction, factltlvcly loose and
mbmk - - nm- ... . . I shallntv. Vi 1 1 a n . a i. n m .1 1 . , .
Thm far our socretary of Btato has
abstained from loaning himself to
tho movies, for Which we should be
economic problems, thin matter do-
BorveB moro intelligent attention.
The Farmer and the Eailroad.
sented to him a din
proof star, ire had been nn ti.. nu-
or lwe,vo year"- " v as chief.
The Real Eatntn
lutlons commending the city council for
Citing the government fenort of X 'Z "f OK,C8 01 - a88'8t-t
i - - - I va
lilt. A.lluiJ I H .
; r U""UIIH1U ',e,u 01 wnoat, corn, examinations were held at 8U Phllo-
. vWm.,,6 lo ,o,uV,ouD uucuumo, a oats ana oarloy an comparod with the ' a catnedrai, Ninth and Howard
swarm of bats invndnd thn streets, for the a,.t.M
chamber during a vote o the tariff shrinkage offset only by 'the increase S ?tAwe?cKf 8oruTo"b,S reCt.or
Dili, can you blame them? in
s au Ausaun ua i 1111 iiiini 11 bmh i 111 iiir iiwn si rrr A
outlook Baj'B: "on. Neb. The requirement was for eaeh
1 outiOOK Bays: son, wet. The requirement was fnr
The weather man predlctB early ... . candidate to hnv Ll; .wairr "ch
. . ... 1 " ui iiisse tour principal . v.. nam a priest
irosus. wnat an opportunity to earn srrain
" I " .a.w.fc xoiiiwuau iJtlUCB IS I " AIIO WL
our grauiuae ne missed Dy not telling nW)ut 3W.w.0. as against 0.0(.000 a were ner Jeannntte. Glauber
us aoout mom two or three weeks ' ln VI0W ' the high prices for " uc uppointment was to
,,en corn- tton and other agricultural v "mu uy "P BcannclL
products, our farmers as a cliua win ra.
It wnM h itr.i x, . ,v" sn money this year aa last
Mra. Pankhursfa purpose in coming It Is well to romind ourselves that
to this country.. Is it to tell our tha balanrn ah
women how to go about getting tho not struck with tho harvesting of his
uauun icrotl. but In nrrlvnrt, nt .. . i.
I ut, uui; ainr uu
hns comploted the marketing of it
a. ... .a.ajaaunju llltj lUUrKUling 01 It.
Why, Bure, we'd like to rido seven, if . . . .
tor at . ten-for-a-Quartor. Wo still L- . .. .. ,"U1UD,'
rid in th . II ",uw" ,u no1 froceous, me net rc-
:..:.." -y-vu-r i.uw Mum, como cloBe to avornfllnir un
w I rpitn nlnxA At. i .
i " iiu.u wuoru uio uuruen or ie
SUll. the ardent ffrtin h.. 8en0(I crops fRl,s hardest and with-
prompta a man tb cut his lady love Ul conPn8o on tho railroads.
into alx pieces with tt butcher knifnU180 Uloro 18 le8s corn t aaul,
not tho kind of love that makea the , u?.??no: Charge moro for
world bo round. hauling it. At loast, they cannot un-
er our mooern rate making dlB-
Sir Ollvor Lodge, the great British penBal,on8, Fortunately, the rall-
Bciontl8t, has fumed and sweated out road8' even ,U what nro called
d !.. .-t. . . . minciir acricnitiirni ailata-into -
" va.uvva i a. a J uit tug gvU lit llUUlOriRl, I ' " '.iiii.u, HID UU
when the simple camp meeting l0DE0'' 80 dependent aa they used to
naal. 1. w . . aa I llA Itnnil PNMl t f am n. A s
" i i irnr rip in thn nA i n v. M n
w. " U ti VUI mil
w o -mwx HuiiuiM-i MMU i-w vuiUD IUO
ftlff IVliat V,tA .... . 1. . . .. I.fianlin Ik. . . . ...
Tuai, uui-vc um vuuiu un uiaaei c iuo tar 111 era ana ucip Uuo
ui uui uuniirHii rnnrAiAnrnnvAa than i lutim nvHr. wirn tna lahin. t
as they now are, if a helping hand
n.- 1.. . . ..
'" w mo vuauiaiHing circuits 7 I " uo ciieauou, u would come
- (from the farmer to the railroad.
-Pia King, no ciown. shall rule this
town: that day has cone forever'1! The arrant nf tu nr.,i,.i
I w. u - a WliH
w- mh'ui n"i. ui'i-i " wuauus iubu q cioinmg wniio ac
grams. Now, it will Boon bo Umo for companying her husband on miwfons
mo iww.P ui jnew ioric io maue goon mrough the industrial center of an
i i
I llllnola town nnvmH. Illr
. i . j n uD ul
mk... - , . i """o "6"mi i ne parton
" 'i acao ui a uiiuion noi. i
miu ui uorrowea money, costing us I m.,. . ,
... . '' uo I The next few niimhKi nt au r...
nnr rant lnl.t , t 1. " "3 uv
' fT - " u V. UBKU 1 .. I .... ..
handed over tn th h.v- .t o "u,,Be a'"ing inside in
. .r ' - v i rormation on tho itnt tn u-
cent for them to reloan to us at from
6 U 8 per cent interest. That is
Water board finance for you.
dances, which may havo the Kood f.
feet, at least, of diverting attention
from the tango.
People Talked About
Thomas H. McLalzi of Rnrklnnrt nr.
has a collection of diaries ln which an
tntry Is made for everv rlnv nr...
22, 1RJ1, The dlarlea cooUln many valu-
nuiu aiaiiswcs. ana have been used at
trials for the substantiation of facts.
John B. Traeircr.
-i vMarMWV Ul
Chicago, received recently a check for
fa.lB, me cuy-a share la the gross
rtcelpta of the Chlnam r.i.nhnn.
Pany for the six months endln June 8D.
The city gets 3 pr cent of these receipts.
Rev. Dr. Henry Preserve RmiiK
- iivn
w. onoe a Presbyterian minUt ..a
theologian. In later years a Unitarian and
professor In the Meadvllle (Pa.) Divinity
School, has been annnlnln iik...i.
Union Theological seminary, New York
Brisbane (AustrallAi knar. t-
' v HI a I. aJUIlU
Henry Warner. American mineralogist,
a., ueru Kiueu ana eaten by Papuan
cannibals. Ho went Into an unexplored
part of New Guinea, searching for
radium. Ilia two native companions es
caped. ,
A cute little mode) -li ari,iit. .. .v.
meeting of the American Prison assocla
non i inaianapous caught tho fancy of
the townspeople and la tn tkA Iniwinuta.a
In Plans for apartment houses, Progres-
ivq ouiwers in the Hooiler capital oould
not let a good thing get away.
When convalescing from tha. Kaall..
wound, threa years ago, Mayor Qsynor
",vil er io nis sister, in which he
expressed hts Idea of death In these
words: "I was not a bit afraid o die
If that was Ood's will of me. I &td to
myself. Just as well now as a few years
from now. No one who contemplates th
Immensity ot Almighty Ood and of His
universe and His works, and realities
what an atom he la In It all, can fear to
dte In this flesh, yea, even though It
were true that he were to be dissolved
for ever Into the Infinity ot matter and
mind from which he came."
name except as a "uisgusiea Mem-I " "u- ncmany acep, ame teaching
ber." He calls me a "Cheap Faker" and I ot the word ot Ood. Nor do I mean a
. .a a ... . . I rnmmnri.lf.1 1. . . .1 .i 1 1 . ..
- jiviicioiic, fiuu cuutn inai i am i aauuuaaiiK lojfciner ot masses
ii.Imh .... I.I 1 1 . . a... I ATirl on . . .
uD.aiB iuiiiiiicivibi jiuu iur nijunciaii i .aanoinK oi mo great number
.nri. n-. .... 1 rnrmllof? fn. tu.i i ..
...iua wuavi uuuer tui nuveruse- I " uiu umDses, or connrma
mcnt. for which I am In no wiv m. tlon classes, or Dnrnrn rlnnaaoa i...a n
sponsible, he calls me a Uar and then centralizing on tne word of aod j .
pruLccus io uiacKen nis own ciub with "Buwceni aepm ana on thn nnu in
dctestablo insinuations. I their infinite need of salvation.
Mr. "Disgusted" chooses to forget that IIow much a man with this plea may
tin... . ...... . .. . I aawlrv. ...I... .a .
. (.aarcn iwtiiijr years, ine oesti-""" ."a.a.i me current ror the Umo
ycara oi my ine, io tne nre-sapping taaK msiory proves the Incomparable
of arctic exploration, all without nnvaluo of earnest. iWn chri.ti.- in..,..
dollar of pay all for 'the benefit nf fn.ltlon. The church's most nnnnrfi.i
lure man. l ao not now aalc for a re- WEro "ie teachlnc periods. Th rimr.h'.
ward. I want a fair hearing and a fair "Wdlng great pastors were the teaching!
understanding to dispel Just such abuso Pastors, whatever other qualifications
nn Mr. "riliiarii.a.1'i v. . . v.-. M. Ithev hnA th. nAnn.An.a .
along. He has not read my book. He Ptuatlve spiritual influence were the well
Vi M . nn . . . - .1 .1 . . ... ..... I a . 1 1 r-V. . .1 . . .
"iu aiijr uciense. mo caooses io I tuius. a am convinced that
convict me without a hearing. It would Omaha'a chief spiritual need Is a revival
IS. In.. ...,1mm . . . . ... .. . In r-l..l..l a . -
auiiac.iiut iu uuid ma source oi in iiiiButvii nisiruciiou. Mara, not merely
fnrmntlnn Xfv til.. i . IthA nnn1la.MauH .
., ..v.. onwia i uui n i m muuern pedagogical ana
matter of doubt, except to Just such Psychological and historical methods to
main a.. .J a . I Ik. nU.ll . i
"u ...a.aan3,, iur Auiairai Hcniey, i -iaijovau,u leacning, good as that is,
General Greeley, Captain flverdrup, Prof, but centralization on the word of God
iycne, capiam uniawln nna flftv nth.fiana on the rfrtcomi .mil. n
arctlo explorers have now endorsed my ADOLF HUIaT,
aiiainment or the Pole. Who are my J ataor of Immanuel Lutheran Church,
accusers? Surely not my peers, but "rlln. I
gustedp," who do not know the differ- I NebrnnUn'a Great Need.
ence between tho North Pole and the I OMAIIA". Sept. 13. To the Editor of The
Darbcr pole. xiee: The great need of Nebraska Is
In justice to the Commercial cluh It mmt I cheaper power and cheaper fuel. T.vln
be said that 450 members attended tho adjoining on the west is tho great state
meeting. They gavo a fair, respectful and 01 Wyoming, with Its boundless wealth
Anthustnntlri ti.Arlntr n h.1 .a I Of rnn 1 nnil nil . I . f . . . .
.... ..v...i.B, naav. iiu IUCIII I wu, m am uimuug Teet,
selves gentlemen. I regret to note that I wltti a gradual fall of seven feet to
.t.... a. . . . i . . I.i . 1 1 . . .. ..
vaav.o ja una inciuucr ot me vominerciai I aiong tne Platte to tho Mis
club who Iny-hot a gentleman, and ho, ourl river. This district, sixty miles
with characteristic cowardice atarna iiim.lwlde and 300
sell "A Diauruated Club Mmp' nn of the bant miniitv nf nM.,iB u j.
v I -a ua. w uuc Ulla X 113 UIO
a real man do thnt. w)in .((. ItnnoA ffAm tkA a . . .
... t hv oviavna i uiu coot cim ul ieorasKa to
olhor man's honor? Whpp nm th t I thin nil riutH
- -' . s aa UAIillfAkViy WJ IlllieSt
wnat U your .name, Mr. AccuierT Come -A. pipe line two feet ln diameter, .with
again, uniy cats XlKht ln the dark. a llffht orMmiro w
- uillia IU L1IU um
FREDERICK A. COOK. Pie of this state 10,000,000 gallons of oil
every twenty-four hnurn. Ton mininn i
Ava-ira t o 2 .. ,vw,vw people live gai-
AVOCA. Ia.. BeDt. 11 TO th Rrlltnf n I Inn. onr-V. nn . j... .....
- -. v . u . " . . ui ti j uufiivQ ganons to
The Bee: Wonderful are the discussions each and every Inhabitant ot this state
.m,e.nP !u'n your box. Some for heating and all power purposes. W
are amusing, others confusing, atlll othera could havo our own kerosene gasoline
DreUvLT nntrU m,Sbty and Wl" '"eating, motor spirits an crude ,
ar. ln.r .n MY008ter.,,U,a cInto8h The state of Nebraska should be the
-M the hrM TJ0"' 004 n,y Wner' A the would be
----- TSZT.
educational institutions and everybody C". "BWh l" tho cas8 "n the J
is Invited to be there and brlnir the ftople 8houId organize a stock company'
children. Let us consider the "jDleler" . eacn county to hold shares according
and his wares. He is only with ua for a pro rata weanthe stock to re
day. He paya his license and la morally n the ProPty of the counties until
responsible for nothing. The Junk sold Btato 8halt chango Its constitution
Is of the cheapest type. You can take a na take it over-thus Becoming the
shot, a ring, or ball toss, and even If owner of the property forever.
Vnll .1. ...... . . .. . .. I Thn . f n t n v.t.M.t I .. .
' jwu must corneas mat tne man I ciuiiui wuuia wen ai-
was wise In hla day and generation that I 'ora ta-engage in such a venture. The
said a "fool and hla nionev art. nnnn United States census gives Nebraska 12 M
parted." J wealth per capita the highest of any
At another place we find badges sold I state. With this cheap fuel every' farmer
f-.Briln ar OK...U "ir a . .. I ... ...ti. .
. a, 4 uaauu.u nurry anu ijosa jhjt vumu iiuiu Bumcieni water to insure a
fthitnA "rK v.. xrt iit.i . .. I ui.
.i w.. . aviu, uriien 1 m inn I ut tauji every year, f actories would
Take Ma Homa" "Hn Tt.a-. n.n. m.t. in r .... j . . ..
- -a -' " ii vuianib UVJio I .a, iui c.vljr lliuusiry. in laCl It
for Me. and other "mottoes" too numer- would be an enormous step forward and
w. w ..,uuuu worn, as a ruie. only Dy would do, more than any other thing
IMA Vntlfn ffvian 1(1 a n VI . . . .f r I ... ... ...
- - - "w.vnau a,aao XUIIIICI U.'UUIIUIIIX ajr miS
to av thta im Hl.i..tln I. I. .a I T .... . ..
. mo Brcai staie aiong an lines,
thought of one. T .nttu h ni,n
Among the concession... .i.i.,, .".T. " . .r. " " a u,-
nmnain.n. i. .u - . .1. I . " . 77 . tuosion oi mis greai project. I shall
riwuiiiiviiai as liih aciiL ueairinir inn maMn. I . . .. . .
tlon in rnt ,...; .. n,:. A..VTJ ",vo more lo EB " "ture in re
Ited 'trT Bpener-V'rount, th." n . " Ji L. fc . ODDAUD.
form in r . " iiw ""'0 atreet.
... ... ..wua. ... an to or iour specimens
of the feminine race "(U.-ifimMiiv
dressed appear. H addresses tha crowd
ln monotone voice with "gather a little
closer boys:" "luat
ordinary." "contortion!, nf-
see nowhere else;" "boya under 16 years
not admitted;" "2s centa please."
Editorial Snapshots
j...imucipnia ivedgor: The way In
which the Japanese mobs cry for war
un me BiiKniest Dretenxn loan. n .1
.1.. . . . . iu .,,e 1.11 .
elusion that war Is Just about what they
Washington Post: Military authorities
having proved to their nilrn ...i.f..i
that the United States never was ready
for war, It nearly scares us to death to
think how lucky we've been .
Chicago News: Not to be outdone by
Maine s trlceratnns.
up tho bones nf n mu-i t t .
Vermont may claim tho latter relics as
. remains or its grand old pachyderm.
Loulsvillo Courier-Journal: Thn im.
proper construction of a shack in Hot
Springs caused a J6.000.000 fire. Well,
that might occur today ln any American
city. And yet we storm about flm in.
suranco rates.
Indianapolis Mown! Remain.. tri t,i
Robinson says of her Colorado sisters:
Most or us are glad and proud to vote,
and It takes Just twenty mlnnt- a ...on. a
A good many men feel that way about it,
too. And that's the reason thn winn
results are sometimes so awful.
Baltimore American: A Pnnivioni.
woman startled the natives nf h. tn-n
with a "glow-worm" gown, which had
been treated with nhosDhonm. a Tra n rVi
actress coming to this side wears a ring
In her nose. The extravagances to which
these freak ideas in costume are going
In the mad Chasn fair nntnrl.t..
- iiiuii,ii(;
that a foolkiller wnulii hn n riwMnj
- w.UVU OUU1-
tlon just now to society at large.
New York Sun: It tum nut that c.nn-
de Zaraacorra, former Moxlmn Amha.BD.
dor to tho United States, Is comlns to
una country on private business and not
In a diplomatic capacity. Kn nnnth.n
story that' President Huertp. ahn... a-
capitulate to the Washington admlnlirtTa
tlon has to be sent to the limbo of fable.
It would not be fair, however, to hold
the State department rAatnnnailhl- n.
much that Is written about Mexico nowadays.
onJiSi mian Can. servc two masters." ob
tTp1n!t1eent1aTy,.PUrS0,, who Wa8 v""'"
"I know It." replied convict im. "vm
qnulrcrr higaniy."-ctncinnatl Un-
VIfe According to this paper, hoi
water will prevent wrinkles,
n" itW believe It! Look how wrin
kled Peck Is. and his wife keeps him Ir
Script. r ,h0 ,lmo--Boston Tron-
W,hSi.Wion'f f,a,luro to have a lowci
least" P 10 ,ier proves one faot' at
IVhat Is thatT"
f.1.7 ? 011 a rulIroai. train, If nowhere
u-nifaffm0rCArceahe ma-n h'8h"
!!5la ,Y0Xl Ver meet a tob'bylst?"
iii"8' . TePl1' Senator Sorghum.
Did he offer you money?"
P.O. I U'n. nl.nn.l.. .... I I . ..
Li,- ;" ...a.-uujr .uiiviiiecu oi me
S.irraion' 1,6 borrowc1
E. A. Guest I fl Drfrnlt Proa Tl.-
U d Shia.8"1 .n ago that I was
The Icy steps that lead below at 1 a. nr.
barefoot, to tread, m.,
J!nltlterLn.l0"nl, the kitchen stove,
fnrn. n UP ana down my
As 1Hinltllere.and wn'ted for her bot-
Tu.n """' iu eel warm
Then sampled It to see that it was nol
-rt. .,0? J10.01" not too cool,
.h2tB1 1 se.em a year ago, and now!
... a v. uubiui. on io scnooi.
It doesn't seem a month ago that I wad
teaching her to walk,
nd .to'olng out my arms to her. An
t . waa fore he learned to talk,
i Btood her up against tho wall, eagetv
yet watchful lest sho fall;
Then suddenly she came to me-tho first
Had, unassisted, over model Those feet
' hope to guldo and rule;
mat docsn t seem a month ago and now
sho s trudging off to school.
Oh, Father Time, llnq deep my brow, and
tlngo my thinning hair with gray,
Deal harshly with my battered form as
Von go speeding on your way;
Print on my face your marks of years,
and stamp me with your yesterdays.
But, oh. tread softly now, I pray, tho
ground whereon ipy baby plays,
Pass over her with gcntlo touch; to keep
her young break every rule.
But yesterday she was a babe and now!
she's trudging off to school.
Bryan's Diversions
TOrnntrlvn Va.l.i T . ...
.-milieu, -j cents piease." i .t,ao. ienoijuper neaaunes
Young men who attend uoh nior.. i. five this synopsis of a one-nlcht ntnm.
your slater there? You with the grayatfalr la Pennsylvania: "Bryan Day
neaa, is your daughter thnrn? Pnin m.n. xieias vjw. .Draws Well Tlndnr Tnt
ngement. have von henrii nf n Crowds Cheer Yodelera." it ho. hn
crusade! Havo you thorouchlv inv. stated that when tho box office
tlient-Jl - . .- . I -. A . m-A .a 1
Mbaicuy .iih eaucaimnni miia nf vAn. hkk'dkuib fcxju tno mnnv fa tn K vA.a
y va. UU I w "W UWIUCU
ahowT Wir.T. T. trt.t. over to the star performer. . .hot it ....
v. k?!!,".a CMe ot ca8h not . hut before
...... . viiiuimii inairnciiona I ueuvery.
viwaun. uriii. . -a n inn rcrtltrar nf rrh. I Wiah n.nn da . ... . . ..
BlSB' filrranarn I. ., . i I """( u'" -HO Secret Ot tnO
nee. Btrango, Is It noL that m iuivm. nt i..i... . ..a. ......
aunriaelatn thn. .h. .u 'u.! 7 " . "IIT..." is wax use
tnalnv i. nh-i.Ti. J . r . i. " . neea veop" "Ke var?ty. Mr. Bryan, If a man-
.V. 7 ......-.a .uoiiuuiioi.7 wneii tne Bger instead or a performer, would havn
lire and activity bealn tn 1 n
AIIK tllnn I f fl Aatai n. hl. a.a. -til l . . .
constituents ot the church iv .-T ' up nls. pro-
r.J.hw.-i.ii:.:::. na aingers. sKetch
mercn;; v "1", ""."'i- W.M? ttn.. ologl.t, Instrumentalists
fntn mnnttaLi . 7. . orco na na Preauaigitatora. If he gave only ae.
foul-mouthed. Invective lannism h rlnaa. hi v.. ,j . "
mat... . ... . . . ...aaasa lie MTUUia IiaVO an CmPtV
ESi!?! T.0".1?18 h'.nas' . the manors
.. " 7 " '"a rceiaonsioie ui ine -circuii" are lollowlng the same
bovS "1 ,lk lllUe 8ch0I ru,e- AB the"- racUoS howevwTe!
I hava onl, w!7 "-" ri0U8 they are or however ieriouly they
aann. II. . n . . I '"SlllKl C, UlUSl meet tUO lllini
umns that Omalia'a paatnra r nmh.. I.,nnn !... ., ...
oronap v,nii... .T. T .Va- 7. ,u" lno PUD"o wilt have
IndleatB ik, MJ .VVu i . . ,u una "Pon wnicn the caterers to
indicate the need ot Christian Itwtruc- the public taste will hire th,m. s
us wor :zrrjT :r z -
,,.,, ; - wi. uiasesi crowas auring his dash
own innV W,'at f th church'8 throufJh the Third Maine district Mr. Pat-
own inner need of renewal! Must not tangall had by no means the larxest
mat, too, come throurh th VAiaa T a1 .
the word? Mn.. "T rap,jr went "see
In my own avnn f .h. T ...w Z".. i..." .away. 01 the same
Church-T rlt. it IT"., "vawieiau w.uiu.i nicy neia wnen they set out to
...i. . a . . . i"" uuuis ' "jiuii in AicKlnley a lsn.ii wn.
?0TotZTl T Maine's plully- r Xft.?.SSa
word of God. And I dare say that those Still Bryan 1 an object of ourioltv knS
ffit"? ZT!h J?. e." whereto heir
aired. No aklll nf " ! rr.-. i..'.er. .am,881on ,n any PJcea
nf rhllrtliv. ..V...7r . ".. mssiwr i w coumry.
. .. .inuuun o xne spiritual
needs of children.
in the pastor's own personal preparation
.r worn, are too much, that this ln-
.niaciaon or tne children may attain,
under God. the beat oojuihi. .m...
on ...ii .
ven..wnen o-t Possible John McQuIgg of Grant r..v xt -
extended on external oreanlzatinn th! Wr . M ?ut ther "V
knlcknack. of wr.rTS2! "T" V. WM wU Wrapped up
ods. shrewd tnanlpuIaUon of m.n Id ftnd W Prftly good. In no way m-
means. But what ?ack o? spTr- ,U" br lnK "ty ,n tno WeU-
Itual power la everywhere apparent: the Jllnr "harp pain In his hand when
vuwer wnicn always comes through the aimosi tnunnea ny a flash, of
word of Ood. Nine-tenths machinery, one- 1,ehtninl" W. Trudell of Pullmtit Mich.,
tenth power, that were a conservative dUcoverea that tho flash had melted a
estimate ot the situation. fold ring which be had on ht finger
Temporary evangelisations, even If Bond a slight burn, he himself waa
they dealt a stunning blow to laslneas. "tnj-rd.
never make up for want of Christian in- A telephone gtrl In Berlin has won her
atructlon. Glittering pulpit oratory and a case against the hardhearted company
riot of sociability, cunning- buslneu meth- that dismissed her because she p raited
oas and dlplomatlo management never in wearing her hair over her eara. The
rhri .i' reh Wnlch U weak M to couru decided that a giri has the right
im in"lcUon aplritually forceful, to wear her hair aa she please., the
Whe",UnrTnUlWe- be,n con,po8"1 !
to CalvanT' n.'u hto faTBWeU talk perlenced In the ways of human nature.
L h. .T.,if , ChUroh Bom montha and knowing full well that no court de
Omh! , , l dU,1nK hl" mtntO' In ciaion on earth could make a woman give
Omaha In eight year, he had seen SO up a style of dreaalng which she "refers
Here and There
. Fall Styles
Now Ready
Mat L-
- ,
Cuts that print
w?r? lB,onoa th difference in the world between
fhf nhat Bh0WB Vp w.eU ,n engraver'a proof oio
nrBhUp w? whett t is printed. Outa madTfoa
newspaper have to be mado so that they will rivo soe-d
reaulto under the most adverae condltioSa. For that a
a nowspapor engraving plant produces outa Uat toe
ordinary printer can uae and get good result.
It you have some engraving to be done aenri . h
Be Engraving Department
Bee luUdlHf, Omaha
in TTTT A .1 1,. nnnfl...n.n f iL. Ta . . . .
i nj?ln I Li itr ?t ww xraacr ana ecnaco iti vers in Central
J British Columbia, 450 miles north-east of Vancouver, B.C., and 467 miles cast
u. iavo iviaan,!., .,, ui frinco xiuDert ana Edmonton, Alta..
on tho main line of tho Grand Trunk Pacific ltailway.
Q By reason of its central location, Prince Georgowill be the natural distribut
ing point tor the extensive territ ry comprised in tho Pacific Province of the
Dominion, and it has therefore, long been the expectation of the general publio
that uppn the completion of tho Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, Princo Georce
will early become a largo and important centre.
q naving purchased what was known as tho Fort George Indian Reserve No. 1
fnr thn raimstaM sat Inii.tiiii n , r.... . T a n I. . 1 . ri . ... . .
-f.i . a. vu . uoiiu .iiiuivuii, mo urana i rung racitio Uovcloo
ment Company Limrtad has caused tho some to bo surveyed and platted and will
offer lots m this towbsite for salo by pdblic auction at Vancouver, British
Columbia, Wednesday September 17th, 1913, and at Edmonton, Alberta, Wednes
day, September 24th, 1913. '
qThe terms of this salo will be one-quarter cash and the balance payable In
one. two and three vfiaiu wit h air luar ..nt ini..i .. . r ,
wtn. uu. amiivov. i ui lurmur narucuiars ana
plans apply to;
Land Commlsslooer. Grand Trunk p.clBc Railway Company, Wlnnlpcfi, Manitoba
n tot
Drs. Mach & Mach
The largest and best equipped dental
office ln Omaha, Experts tn charge ot
o'k. moderate prices. Porcelain
nilings Just like the tooth. AU lastru
menu etarllixed after using.
aa noor Xaxtoa Slock, Oiu-t, STta.
Ask for
r.wA mi b u rut m Ts&ifx u 1 1 1 lib.
as - - as w iv,aiuw 1 rrT -
The Food DrinV f.r J1 AesOlliers are Irnitatiooj