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    fllE BEE: OMAHA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1913.
Daily Fashion Hint
o OX
1 '
Wednesday, August 6, 1913.
HE country clubs will bo deserted this evening and society will at-
Ttend the circus.
The old-time excuse, "taking the children to boo the parade
and tho elephants," was worn threadbare this morning by the
society matrons. Sightly windows along tho route of the parade wero
filled, not only with tho bright faces of the youngsters, but Interested
mothers' faces could be seen sb well.
Ono mother confessed this morning before hert departure for the pa
rade that the children would attend tho circus this afternoon with tho
nurso maid, but sho would have to go this evening to take her husband.
Ml. .1. I I f - f . . . A, I I ..... - .
Sensational Annual Offer
xnero win do several mr(;u cirtus iiaruea, uui uuiuo ui iiiubo wiiq ,
have taken motor trips to tho northern lakes will seek the country clubs
Instead, having Been the circus onco this summer, and somo of them twlco.
At Carter Lake Country Club.
There will be an old-fashioned dance
at the Carter Lake Country club this
evening following the dinner for the real
dents at the cafe. In place of dancing
the new dances, In which society la bo
Interested, thew will be a revival of the
Virginia Keel, the lancers and many of
the dances which have not been In vogue
for several years.
Dr. J. 8. Deapecher will entertain at
dinner this evening, when ho will have
covers laid for twelve gueats.
Among others who will have gueats at
dinner are L. M. Semtanla, who will have
thirteen gueats; D. C. Dodds. three; V.
K. Van Cott. three; C. IJcber, three; V.
1 Keller, three; A. Jeagtr, three; W.
Oorflv. three: O. Tiemey. four; Taul
coast, spending aome time In tho Cana
dian Hockles, Lake Louise and Portland,
returning via California and tho grand
canyon of Arizona.
Mrs. John W. Towle and daughters,
M ts Mnr nn find M . . m. . o
been spending several weeks In Colorado,
are expected home this evening.
Miss l'hylls llartmann, daughter of
Major and Mrs. Carl I. llnrtmann, left j
ounaay tor ukodoji, wnere sue is me
guest of Mrs. C. 3. Bmythe at The Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. llaleman and sou
leave for Lake Mlnnetonka this after
noon to spend several weeks at their
summer cottage. Mrs. W. E. Uurroughn
will bo their guest for the next few
Mr. and Mrs. J. n. Conlngham have
gono to I.ake OkoboJI for several weeks.
Meyer, two; Charles Dundy, three. i cn s(nger w mtarlHn this
Those who had guests at the dinner Jn h(jnor q
dance Tuesday evening were Mrs. I . M. MU(cg Go)(1o ftnd JJlanche aorcllcU of
Tuttle, who had ten gueats; H. Keating, ChCftK0
ten; C. P. Snow, two; II. E. Ilogers. m(mj Atwood of LncoIn
lhru T.T 11.9 IlllKaiX. eiKIll. UIIU ai. ... '
Deans, two.
At the Field Club.
Mr. It B. Morrill
spending several days In the city, called I
here by the Illness of her fiance, Dr.
Kll'ott Cobb, who Is at the Methodist
will entertain at ' Dr. Alfred O. Peterson has reteurned
luncheon at the Field club, on Thursday from an outing In the Black Hills of
for her guests, Mrs. Helen Sturdovant South Dakota. Mrs. A. O. Peterson and
of Bridgeport, Conn., and Mrs. Plalster children and Mrs. E. L. Potter and chlld-
and Mlts Dorothy Plalster of Dubuque, ren will remain at Spruce Lodgo until
la. Twenty-five guests win ue present, mo latter part or August.
n, nnrt Mrs. A. It. Knode will hive
four guests at dinner this evening.
Test-Bixby Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Josephine Dlxby,
daugl.ter of Vr. n1 Ml rrnnk mfbK'
to Lieutenant Frederick C. Test, took
place Monday afternoon at the home of
the bride's parents, 1GB Emmet street
Rev Marcus McClure of Council Bluffs
performed the coremony.
The bride wore her go-away gown of
white linen, trimmed with Irish lace and
a white Panama hat There wero no
Lieutenant and Mrs. Teat loft for Con
cord, N. II., where Lieutenant Teat U
stationed as instructor of the national
Birthday Anniversary.
Mr. John Itchanl was at home Sunday
afternoon from 1 to C at her country
Jiome, Btversldo, In honor of her daughter,
Miss Marget the occasion being the
nineteenth birthday. About XOJ. KUesta
called during the afternoon. The rooms
were decorated with ferns, palma and
garden Zlowors, while the tables had cen
ter pieces of carnations and roses.
Simple and young afternoon dress com
posed of a small and smart orange taffeta
Miss Mildred Hose ana Miss Buo 'caaaaue widely crossed in front Cut In
Haworth left Saturday to be gone three ( the kimono shape with the low armhole,
iney wm vian ai urana iaiana, i tne half length sleeves are fastened be-
Hot Springs and Sylvan Lake, 8. D. On
their return they will visit at Kimble and
Scott's Bluff, Neb.
At Seymour lake Country Club.
Mrs. L. M, Lord entertained at a bridge
luncheon at the Seymour Lake Country
club house today for her house guests,
Mrs. C. W. Hayes and Mrs. 12. M. Syfert
Those preacnt were;
T. L. Combs,
Edward Plislan,
L. J. Healey,
C. B. Coons,
C. II. Marley,
Coburn of St Louis,
N, 1L Nelson,
M. A. King,
John Urton,
. C Lambert,
A. V. Shotwell.
Eunice Ensor,
L. M. Lord.
For Hiss Burnham.
The Misses Vera Peery andAlflt Ahl
strom entertained at a towel showet
Monday evening at the home of the
latter In honor of Miss Alice Burnham,
whose wedding takes place In the earl
fall. The evening ' was spent In garnet
and music. The decorations were carried
cut In Japanese errect. Those present
low the shoulder under a French fold.
and finished by a high turn-up cuff,
fastened with two taffeta, buttons and
loops and edged all round by a French
fold of taffeta. Deeply opened In front
It Is edged ropnd the neck up to the
waist with a tiny piping of taffeta. A
flat round collar trims the shoulder and
back. A white chiffon fichu crossed on
the front and edged by a full of Maltne
lace trims the neck. The front crossing
part of the coat is trimmed with two
motives of taffeta and buttons of the
BHtnu material. The fullness la tightened
at the waist in njUln black stlk ribbon
fastened on "front and finished In two
cash ends edged with long black silk
Butter Prices to
Keep On Climbing
Towa,rd tho Sky
CHICAGO, Aug. C-Although Chicago
housewives hare ocen paying midwinter
prices for butter and a. further advance
Is expected, there are more than C5,0u0,000
pounds of the product In cold storage,
according to the reDort today of the
warehousemtn'M association. This Is bet- mnse. a write rose gives tne gown a
ter than 10,000,000 pounds more than wan delicate touch of color,
reserved a year ago, A short barque, slightly gathered, fin-
A half cent Increase yesterday mado the ' ,shes thl casaque, the plain short skirt
price SOtt cents to Jobbers and another ' striped in orange and write taffeta.
advance of 1 cent was predicted for today, gathered at the walet fastens in front
Prices to consumers rnnir fmm m under a scalloped aide trimmed with fancy
to at cents, according to location. (glass buttons. At the bottom tho skirt
Jobbers attribute the high prices and j " llt P to now tha f0t
enormous cold storage stocks to tho war- I
fare between the CHIcrim
butter boards. Butter Jobbers have been , tenJed Dr- B c- Henry, who happened
In the habit of contractile- In advnnc. tnr ' t ba P"lns at the- time. She was then
butter to be delivered during the season eonveyed to her home in a taxlcab, where
of greatest production on a baali of Klein I WM " a stupor at u o'ciock
Hllden Wlckstrom,
Kuthcrlne Hopkins,
Vera Peery,
Llnca Ahlatrom,
i-eari uann.
Mirirarit kullftv.
Alice Burnham,
KUen Johnson,
Margaret Itoyer,
Margaret Devaney,
Vera Almqulrt,
Alfla Ahlatrom,
Emma Jenson,
31en La Chapelle,
Gertrude Joos.
oenruae uenramer, uurnnam,
Mabel Curtis, Ahlatrom,
Ellen Seitier. K. Deastr.
i Lillian Seitxer, Howe.
Dinner for tfr. Larimer.
Mr, and Mrs. C. Y. Smith will enter
tain at" dinner this evening at their
l:ome In honor of Mr. Larimer, who u
the guest of Mr. Ben Warren. Covers
will be laid for eight guests.
At the Country Club,
Major and Mrs. Carl F. llartmann will
entertain at dinner this evening at the
Country club, when they will have covers
laid for eight guests.
'Afternoon Bridge.
Mrs. E. A. Hlgglns will entertain at
nn afternoon bridge Friday at her home.
In and Out of the-Bee Hfve.
Mr. Raymond E. Davis. 0f Oklahoma
City la the guest of Miss Nan Cunning.
- ham at her home.
: Mr. and Mrs. George W. Johnson and
..small daughter have left for Nantucket
iu ue Bono a inontn.
Mr. and itrs. O.- T.' Uaatroan and fam.
Ily returned Sunday from Mackinac
where they sDent
Mrs. II. O, Rockefeller and Miss Pearl
Rockefeller are spending th month of
August With friend nn M, .. ,
Mra. B. Oerstal, Mra 11. Reuben and
wss iora wvy or Chicago are the
guests of Mra. Samuel Weiss for two
wee ks.
Dr. a,ld Mrs. P. C. Mnrlartv i.r ts,..
day evening for the east. when. ih..
spend several weeks lit the mountains of
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wllhelm and Miss
Esther Wllhelm, who have spent tho
uroroer at their cottage at Lake Okoholl,
are expected home Monday.
Mrs. C. W. Welch and Mra D. W
Tuttle of Chicago, who have been the
gueats of Mrs. J. J. Hannan, left Sunday
evening for their home.
Mr. and Mrs. John QuIJd and daughter
MUs Margery Guild. leave the latter part
ct tho week for Denver to visit Mr and
Mrs. Thomas D. Uraden. Mrs. Braden Is
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. amid.
Miss Zoo Vlau and Miss Myrtle Drahoa
left Tuesday rilgbt for Minneapolis, where
they ere Joined later In the week by
MUs Corinne Polatunt and Mrs. Mary
iluUt fr a six weeks trip to the Paclfc
prices. This year Elgin quotations have
been relatively higher than prices at any
of the leading markets of the nation.
Jobbers have been paying more for but
ter than they could sell at and have been
forced to Place their purchases In stor
age, awaiting a higher market
There has been an unusually heavy pro
duction of butter and so much of It has
gone In storage that Jobbers anticipate
a crash If there- Is a mild winter.
Mrs. J. F. C. Ilumohr, 713 South Seven
teenth avenue, was painfully Injured this
morning at Fifteenth and Harney streets,
whera she was struck by an automobile
as she was alighting from a north bound
street car. The auto was driven by Its
owner, Henry Ranking, Tarklo, Mo., and
Is said to havo been going slowly at the
time of the accident
Ranking was driving west on Harney
street and saw Mrs. Rumohr. He slowed
up, but says Mrs. Rumohr did not see him
and stepped In front of his machine. She
was unconscious when picked up and af
ter being carried to a drug store was at-
In an automobile with Rankin was
Harry Luchardt and throe girls, all from
Tarklo, from where they had driven up
for an outing.
Nadine Face Powder
( In Ortm Jmu Onty )
Makes The Complexion Beautiful
Soft and
Monty Back If Not
Cntlrtly Pltised
The aoft, velvety
appearance re
mains until pow
der Is washed off.
Purified by a new
process. Prevents
sunburn and return of discoloration
Tha Increasing popularity is wonderful.
Witrrr, Flesh, Pink. Brunette. By
toilet counters or mail. Price 50 cents.
Sold by Brandels Drug Dep't, Beaton
Drug Co.. and others.
A man can have no , better
epitaph than to have
his family say,
"He provided well." '
provides the beat foodthe beat
bread procurable at no greater
cost than common bread. Provide
it for your family, "ikey re. worltilr
No western store ever assembled so many high class,
well made and dependable ahoea to sell for one dollar a
pair. Our shoe buyers searched the markets of this coun
try and bought entire stocks on hand at leess than half the
actual value. We have never know a sale of shoes in Omaha
to hold so many unusual values as this. Various styles
of these shoes are exactly pictured In these Illustrations.
SHOES for HEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN, worth $2, $2.50, $3, $3.50, at UI10 UOIIdl
Women's High
Dress Shoes....
Patent leather with dull leather
tops, In button style, extension
edge soles, medium short vamps,
wide toe last worth S3 and. $350 a
Balr nlses 3 to 7 and widths C,
i and E.
Wemen'g White
Canvas Shoes
Durable quality canvas with white
buttons, Cuban heels shoes In
perfect condition In all sizes 3
to 7 and widths C, D1 and K
Wtsici's Blucher
Lace Oxfords at
Light extension edge welt sewed
soles, Cuban heels, perfect fit
ting worth S3 a pair sizes 3 to
8 and widths C. D .and EL
Men's S3 M3.80
Low Shoes, Pair
Patent, gun metal and tan calf
skin, button and Blucher lace
practically all sizes. Not a pair
worth less than $3 some worth
Women's Strap House Slippers, 3 to 8, E to EE
Women's $3 Tan Russia Calf Shoes, sizes 2 to 7
Women's $3 Fancy Dress Oxfords, suedo
Women's. $2.50 Tan Russia Oalf Oxfords
School Girls' Shoes, dull calf, 12 to 2, E only
Women's Prince Albert Slippers, 3 to 8, E, EE
Girls' 2-strap velvet Pumps, 114 to 5, E width
Women's Tan Button Oxfords, 3 to 7, E width
Women's Tan-Dress Oxfords, 3 to 8, 0 D & E
Misses' and Children's 2-strap white canvas
Pumps, sizes 8l2 to 2, TS width only.
fWomen's 2-strap Tan Pumps, size3 2l2 to 7
Women's House Slippers, sizes 3 to 8, E & EE
Boys' blucher lace school Shoes, up to 5 size
Women's Juliet house Slippers, rubber heels,
sizes 3 to 8 and widths E and EE
Girls' dress Shoes, sizes Zy2 to 2, E width only
Women's tan Russia calf Pumps, 3-7, C, D, E
Women's ribbon tie $2.50 Oxfords, Cuban heels
Women's $3 Raddiffe tan Oxfords, 2VS-7, C, E
1,000 pairs' women's sample Oxfords and
Pumps, in almost every style; 3 to 4y2 size;
A to 0 width; $3.50 to $5.00 values.
Tan kldBkin leather with
hand turned soles, solid
counters and insoles, neat
styles all sizes, C S
4 to 8 and E ftllp
width only. pr. . .uvb
Genuine chrome tanned gray
muleskln In blucher lace stylo,
dependable leather soles, give
excellent service, sites 6-10.
Barefoot Sandals for Boys
Gonulne tan calfskin in
protected toe style with
genuine elKsKin soles,
at, a pair
Men's and Boys' TENNIS OXFORDS
Black or tan
strong canvas up
pered with first
quality rubber
soles in all
at, pair
Notable Offer of Women's and Misses'
Wash Dresses made to sell to $3.50, at
We bought at an unusual concession several hundred drcases for women and
misses mado of fine lawns, ginghams, linens, cotton voiles and chambrays in
stripes, checka and fancy figured designs and plain colors an unusually wide
variety of styles, made to"sell regularly at 2.00. 2.B0, 3.00 and 13.50, In one
lot at 1AS, on second floor Thursday.
Women's and Misses' $4 and $5 Wash Dresses at $1.98
Dresses made of fine lu-as, voiles, linens and ginghams, in plain colors as well
as funoy striped and figured designs one-piece dresses, also the rfff f
Bnlkan and Blazer waist effects every wanted shade in un- I Isfff
limited range of styles. Worth up to $5.00, Thursday at K '
Women's and Misses $6.50 and $7.50 Wash Dresses, $2.98
Women's and misses Wash Dresses, cleverly made of fine lawns, rft 4
lingerie, voiles, ginghams and ratines, iu plain tailored or fancy UQ
trimmed models white and colors, second floor, at pmmt f w
Women's Pretty lawn, Lingerie and Voile Waists worth to $2.50, at
Scores of plain tucked or fine lace and embroidery trimmed styles. . .
Worth up to $1, at 69c
Women's fino Muslin Gowns, Com
binnlion Suits and Petticoats, in lace
and embroidery trimmed styles; worth
up to $1, Thursday in our
iindermuslin section, on
second floor, at , .
Worth up to 75c, at 45o
Women's fino Muslin Gowns, Com
bination Suits nud Potticoats, plain or
trimmed made of unusually good
fabrics and carefully sized;
worth up to 75c, special
Worth up to $2.00, at $1
Dainty Crepe and Lingerie Gowns,
Combinations, Petticoats mid Princess
Slips, embroidery and lace trimmed
worth up to $2.00, extra
special values, on our second l
floor, at , 5L