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Cleveland Take Victory from Ath
letics, Five to Nothing.
NnW llnrd HlttlnK In Enrly I'rnmrg,
ninnillnn'x Pine ltnrllnfr nnd
Chnpmnn'a Stnr Fielding
Win Gnme.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Aug. 6. Cleve
land's hard hitting- In the early Inning,
lllandlng's excellent pitching, especially
with men on bases, and Chapman's sen
sational fielding gave the visitors the vic
tory over Philadelphia today, 6 to 0.
Plunk lasted only one Inning, 'Cleveland
tcorlng three runs off him on a fumble
by Barry of Chapman's grounder, singles
by Olson and Turner, Lajole's double
and a sacrifice fly by Jackson, of which
Oidrlng made a wonderful leaping catch
which robbed Joe of a home run.
Houck pitched the second Inning. He
was token out to permit D. Murphy to
bat for him with the bases filled, but
Danny failed to produce a hit Pennock
opened the third session until Brown
warmed up. Ho gave Olson a pars and
fanned Jackson. Brown then wen to tho
rubber. After he was hit for a home
run by Lajole, Brown settled down and
1'itchcd first-class ball. The homo team
had twelve runnners left on the bases,
a wonderful one-hand jumping catch by
Chapman of Mclnnls' line drive stopping
a rally in. the fifth Inning. Chapman also
made a great one-hand stop of Orr's
grouudcr back of second In the sixth
on which he forced out a runner at sec
oii'd", and he again came, to .Blandlng'
rescue In tho seventh by being ihe prln
dal actor In a double pl&y. Score:
All. II. O. A. K.
14. Cf.. 5.
0 3 0'tvhr. rtS
t o
h&wnan. at 4 0 Z 1 OBtrunk, of. . E
1 4
1 1
Olapn, lb.... 3 1(0 OCoUlna. Zt..
Jackaon. rt.. S
o n o uikct', d... i
1 1
jv1M, 2b... 4
Turnar, lb.. a
orator. Id. a
O'NolM, s... 4
I i 1
OMclnait, lb. J 1 11
OOldrlnc. It.. 4 1 3
S 3 S
0 3 0
10 0
C Uarry. as.... 1
Orr. sa 3
0 Idpp, c 3
-Flank, p. ... fl
0 Ilouuk. p.... 0
IMimock, p.. 0
Urunn, p.... 3
D. V.urrhr. 1
Uulejr 1
0 2
0 3
TpUla 14 7 H
0 0
0 0
Total 31 I IJ It 1
Batted for Houck In second.
Batted for Brown In ninth.
Cleveland 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 V-5
Philadelphia 00000000M
Two-base hit-: LJoio. Home run:
Iajolo. Hits! Off Plank. 3 In ono In
ning: off Houck, 3 in one Inning; off
Pennock, In one-third Inning: off Brown,
S ! six anJ two-thirds Innings. Sacrifice
fly: Jackson. Stolen bane: Jackson.
Double play: Chapman to Olson. Left
on banes: Cleveland. 5; Philadelphia, 12.
Based on balls: Off Blanding, S; off
Pennock, 1. Base on error: Cleveland, 1.
Hit by pitched ball: By Brown, Olson.
Struck out: By Blanding. 3: by Plank,
l; by Houck, 1; by Pennock, 1: by
Brown, 2. Time: 2:15. Umpires: Ferguson
and Conno ly.
ChlcaeoM Defeat Senators.
VASH1MuX'OJs, Aug. u. .iiiCuao made
It two straight agulnst Washington here
today, winning, 4 to 2, in the tenth In
ning after Benz, who had been pitching
shutout ball, weakened In the ninth and
paved the way for two Washington runs
and a tie In the score. Boehllng had the
visitors puzzled, errors being responsible
for the two runs scored against him be
fore he was taken out In the ninth to
make way for a pinch hitter.
Two successive singles and a base on
balls sent Benz from the game, with
' three Washington men on bases, and
Scott, who went to the rescue, forced In
the tying runs while ho was getting two
out. With the bases still full Russell
took up the task and stopped the scoring.
In the tenth inning, Groom", who had
succeeded-Boehllng, allowed two hits and
a base on balls which, with Gandll'e er
ror, netted Chicago the winning runs;
Manager Callahan of the Chicago team
denied today the rumor that he was to
be relieved from the managerial reins of
the White Sox at the end of the season
by President Comlskey because of the
latter's alleged dissatisfaction over the
way the club has been playing. Score:
Chapptlle. If 5
Banter, lb... 6
Lord, 3b..., 3
Chase, lb... 3
Colllna, cf.. 4
Fournler, rf 3
Schalk. o.... 4
Weaver, as.. 3
Beui, p 3
Scott, p..... 0
Itusaell, p.. 0
1 4 0 0 Mother. If.. 4 0 10
2 0 1 OPoater. Sb... 4 2 13 1
2 0 1 0 Milan, cf.... 4 110 6
0 14 0 OOandll, lb... 5 1 13 0 1
110 0 Morgan, 3b.. 4 13 2 0
12 1 SCnahldn. cf.. 4
17 0 oLaporte, rf.. 1
2 S 0 McDrlde. at. 3
0 S OAlnamlth, e. 3
0 Boehllng:. p, 3
0 0
6 0 Groom, p.... 0
Wllllama .. 1
Acoata .... 0
Totals 38 SO 19 4
Batted for Boehllng In ninth.
Ilan for Cashlon In ninth.
Chicago 1 0 s 0 ! ! ! i 0 W
Washington ....0 00000002 03
Two-base hits: Lord, McBrlde, Gandll.
Thrce-baso hit: Alnsmlth. Hits: Off
Benz, 7 In eight Innings; off Scott, none
la two-thirds Inning; off Russell, 1 in
one and one-third Innings; oft Boehllng,
In nine Innings; off Groom, 2 In one
Inning. Sacrifice hits: Lord, Russell.
Sacrifice fly: Chase. Stolen bases:
Lord, Moeller. Double plays: Weaver to
Chase, Fournler to Weaver, Morgan to
McBrldo to Gandll, Foster to Morgan to
Gandll. Left on bases: Chicago, 4:
Washington, 10. Bases on balls: Oft
Benz, 4; off Scott, 2; off Boehllng. 1; off
Groom, 1. FlrBt base on errors: Chicago,
4. Struck out: By Benz, 6; by Boehllng,
6. Time: 2:10. Umpires: Hlldebrand
and Evans,
Tlnrern Trounce Ynnka,
NEW YORK Aug. 5.- Detroit over
whelmingly defeated New York In the
second game of the series by a score of
10 to 5. The locals played bad oall in
tle field behind medlcore pitching. De
troit hammered the hall hard. Keating
started, for New Yotk, and the visitors
cored four runs In the first Inning on
four hits, ti ptBs, n Tior'and a steal.
After Keating walked Bush In the second.-
Pchu'.z oplattd him and Buunrjr,
the first batter to face liiin, hit a home
Caldwell finished the name and was
o sllitht Improvement. Dubuc, the Detroit
pitcher, was effective early In the game,
hut eased up In the closing Innings.
Morlartv made a clean steal of home In
the fifth 'lining. Score:
All. ll.O. A. i;. AB.H.O.A.E.
lluah, t.... 4 3 1 0 0 Danlela. rf.. I 13 0 0
lluuraan, 2b. 4
CraKfoM, rf 4
Cobti. cf 3
Veach. If.... 4
i o 2 o woiter, cf... t
0 2
2 3
3 0
0 liartiell, 2b. 4
0 Peckinpa, a 4
1 Knlcbt lb.. 4
0 0
r.ainqr. lb . 4 I 14
BlRnaia. c. 4 1
0 Cree. If 2
2 1
Oilldkllf. 3b, 1
OOweane-y, e,. 3
0 Keatlnz. p.. 0
.Morlartr. Jb 4 0 1
Dubuc. p.
: i
Scbula. p.... 0
13 n H 1 uaiuwell. p. 3
Totala 33 3 27 14 I
Detroit 423 0 1000 1-10
Nety York 0300012005
,'Basfs on errors! Detroit 3. Three-base
hits: " Cobb (2), Midklff, Pecklnpaugh.
Home run: Dubuc. Sacrifice hit:
Morlaitr- Sacrifice fly: Caldwell. Stolen
banes; Crawford, St&nnge, Veach
Mot tarty. Left on bases; New York, 7;
Detroit, 10. Doublo plays: Morlarty to
Gainer to Morlarty; Cree to Hartzell to
Midklff Bases on balls; Oft Keating, 2;
off Caldwell, 5; off Dubuc. 6. Struck out;
By Keating, 1; by Caldwell. 5; by Dubuc,
4. Wild pitch: Keating. Balk Dubuc
Hits: Oft Keating; 4 In one inning (none
out In second); off Schulz, 1 In one In
ning; off Caldwell. 8 in seven Innings.
Time. 2.40. Umpires: O'LougbUn and
Divide Uouble-llrndcr.
BOSTON, Aug. 5. St. Louis and Boston
divided a double-header today, Boston
winning the first game, 3 to 0, and the
vlfitora tnklng the second, 4 to 2. Leon
ard held the St. Louis team to two h'ts
In the first contest and not a visiting
p'ayer "reached first base Until the sev
enth Inning. Lewis batted In Boston's
thiee runs. His slnglo In the first scored
Kpcaker, who had walked and stolen
eecond, and In the eighth Lewis's two
laso hit scored Hooper and Speaker, both
ot whorn had singled.
Collins was butted hard In the second
game apd in th eslxth Inning three-bug-I
tru by rl'att, A-ustln and Brief and a
llors their wlnn'n-. runs. Wellman was
ffectlve when Boston had men on Wtss
Score, first, came:
All. II. O A K. AU II. O A lt
Fhottm, rf.. 4 110 OJintrln. as.. 3 0 3 2
stoaii, ib.. 4 0 11 o Hooper, rf.. 4 1
Pratt, 2b.. . 3 0 3 I OBtwafcer. cf.. 3 1
Wllllama. rf 3 1 3 0 OLavla. If.... 4 3
Auatln, 3b... 3 0 0 2 OUardnar, 3b. 3 0
Batentl, If.. 3 0 2 0 O'Knale. lb... 2 0
Alstender, C 3 0 7 3-0 Ctrrlgah, c. 3 1
McAlester. 0 0 0 0 0 0 lonard, p.. 3 0
La-rap, at... 3 0 1 3 OYerkea, 2b.. 4 3
ijeTerenx. p. 10 10 3
Ilrl.t l a o 0 0 Totata t 27 2 0
Klanagaji .. 0 0 0 0 0
Johnaton ..00(00
Totala 27 2 21 13 3
Batted for Alexander In eighth.
Batted for Lavan In eighth.
Batted for Leverenc in ninth.
lain for Flanagan In ninth.
St. Louis 00000000
Boston 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Two-base hit: Lewis. Sacrifice
" ;
(2)' 1
Gardner. Stolen bases: Speaker
Double play: Lavan to Pratt to atovali. j York, & to 1. Adams, for the Pirates,
Left on bases: Bt. lxnils, 2: Boston, i. ! .crir, n tinn iruinp itllowlnir onlv six
Bases on balls: Off Levercnz. 4; 0ff i lcncd. n r,ne ame- allowing onij six
Leonard, 2. Base on error: Boston, I. : nlts- He was given good support. All of
Struck out: By Leonard, Si by Loverenz ! Pittsburgh's runs were scored at the ex
ISgan1'"61 l!S5" tm:'lrM! L"'leen Hlld Pcnse of Mortiuard, Frommo, who suc
8T. LOUIS. BOSTON. I cecded hint, being able to hold the pirates
AB.H.O.A.E. All. II. O. A. n, :
Shotten. cf.. 4 3 3 0 VJanrrln an.. 4 0 4
naltnll. If.. 3 2 2 0 0 Hooper, rf.. 0 0 0 I
Pratt. Ib.... 4 2 3 1 0 Speaker, cf.. 4 2 3 10
Wllllama. rf 3 1 4 0 OLewla, It.... 4 10 0 0
Auatln, 3b... 4 3 3 3 0 Oardner, lb. t 1 1 3 0
Brief, lb.... 4 14 1 0 Kngle, lb.... 3 1 V 0 1
McAleater, c 4 2 7 1 OYerkea. 2b.. 3 12 10
Laran, aa... 4 0 2 4 1 Carrlgan, c. 4 0 4 0
Wellman, p. 2 0 0 2 oMoaeiejr, p.. 0 0 0 0 0
Snell 110 0 0
Total 33 13 27 11 3
Totala 34 2 27 11 2
Batted for Moseley In ninth.
St Louis 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0-4
Boston 10001O00 0-2
Two-base hit: McAHester. Three-base
hits: Pratt. Austin. Brief. Hits: Off
Collins, 11 In eight Innings, oft Moseley,
1 In one Inning. Sacrifice hits: Uaientl.
Yerkes. Sacrifice fl. Williams. Left
on bases: St. Louis, 4; Bostone-lO. Bases
on balls: Off Wellman. 4. Base on!.. T, .,,, .,. .,.
errors: St. Louis, lj Boston, 1. Passed ! the Dutchman of old, accepting tin
bail: McAHester. turucK out: uy
uouins, o; uy cumuli, o, u aiudvic, it
Double plays: Gatdner to Engle; Speaker
to Englc; Lavan to Pratt to Brlof. Tlma;
1:1$. Umpires: ISgan and Dlnceu.
e's Cutler
Wins the Handicap ; I
Pfwp? 7b1 nf Wlirht Alio- 4 .-Kims i
l-imL&. isle or AVIght. Aug.
Britannia, at the Cowcs regatta today
won tho Satanita cup, a handicap for
cutters, yawls and ketches, presented by
Sir Maurice Fitzgerald.
The Brltunnta, which hadnot raced at
Cowes for nearly--fifteen years, was the
scratch boat The othor competitors were j Milns. In the ninth Inning Alexander
the yawl Wendur and tho ketches Jul- .Issued his first pass, '-nt ho retired tho
nnr nml farlaii 8,do In order, one tanning and the other
nor anu canaa. tw(j ,ocaB poppnB to iu8kert. Jiunagcr
The royal cutter was first away on the uugglna returned today from Cincinnati
thlrty-nlne-mtle course and soon estab- ' where he spent- two clays trying to cr
ushed a strong lead. It won easily. range a trade with Joe Tinker. ""SKlns
rrua u,l " , . 'Sttld ,1'Hl I. llM -1 II CUC, IlUt thill
The yachting week opened In fine something probably would develop In a
weamer una wun a oeucr entry oi Doais
than thero has been for years. Besides I
r, jt w-.
jvutg ucurKO uuu ueeu Diary mo uune
and duchess of Connaught nnd Prlnco
Henry of Prussia, brother of tho German
emperor, were present. i
nnmuvwnnn xt k .. . o ,
GREENWOOD, Neb., Aue. 4.-(Speclsl.)
-The Shamrocks played a tie with tho
Greenwood team at Greenwood, Sunday,
the rami belnir called after thu tunth In.
tne game Deing caned after the tenth In-
nlng to allow the Shamrocks to tatch
a train.
Cass started to pitch the game for !
Greenwood, but was forced to retire In
favor of Brian In tho sixth, after the
Shamrocks had got him for six i'ts i
two Innings.
The'feature of the game was the bat
ting ot Ryan and Fletcher for the Sham-1
rocks Ryan getting four hits In flvo
times up, one of them a two-bagger, and
Fletcher getting one single and two
two-baggers In four times up. Score:
Fletcher out. hit by batted ball.
Mtrfleld. 3b 4
10 4 OStokea. lb.. .3 3 7
Clark, rf....S
Colllna, BI...6
Ken'r, lb2b i
Yoat, c S
Sullivan, cf.4
Ryan, 2b-p..S
Flet'r. p-lb 4
Swift, If.... 3
13 0 ODutfln, 3b. ..4 1 1
12 0 lcaas, p-2b,..4 0 2
2 0 3 OArmat'ng. aa S 0 3
0(1 0 Brian, 2b-p..4 2 2
2 2 0 lWeldm'n, If S 1 2
4 4 1 lllanaen, C...4 2 10
3 3 3 OKImberlr. cf 4 0 2
0 10 1 Keller, rf...2 0 -0
Total 38 II 30 12 4 ToUla
37 '829 13 3
It. 1 I.E.
Shamrocks 0,0 0 0 3 1 0 2 0 00
Greenwood 0A0 0 0 2 0 4 0 0 06
Home runs: Brian (2). Two-base hits
Stokes, Hansen, Ryan, Fletcher (2),
Stolen base: Collins. Earned runs:
Shamrocks, 4; Greenwood, 3. Left on
bases: Shamrocks, S; Greenwood, 7.
Struck out: By Ryan, 3 In three and two
thirds innings; by Cass, 6 In five and
one-third innings; by Brian 4 in four and
two-thirds innings. Bases on balls: Off
ityan. 3: oft Cass. z. Hit by pitched ball:
By -Ryan, 1; by Cnss 2.
Luxon Trims St. Pnnl.
ST. PAUL. Neb.. Aug. 6. (Special Tele
gram,) The Luxus team defeated the
home team here today by the score of
9 to 5 by heavy hitting. Each Luxus man
got one or more extra base hits. Fox
was on the mound for the Luxus and
pitched fine ball The feature of the
game was tho hitting ot Feltman. Score:
Luxus 3 0120002 1-9 17 4"
St. Paul 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 0 0-5 10 7
Batteries: Fox and Gillespie: Alexan
der and Rogers. Umpires: Hlckley and
iirug. ,
Ipji m
have the famous Linocord Unbreakable Buttonholes (in no
other make) that don't stretch, tireak nor pull out.
They prevent spreading apart at the top retain shape of
Ty me ouver collars.
Try Ido collars.
508-510 SO. 16 th-
Pirates Break His String of Nine
I Straight in Three Frames.
Admit Pitches n Klnr (iuinr, Allow
Iiik Onlj- Six nil, ntwl Itr
eeltcn Conil .Support by
PITTSBURGH, Aug. B.-Plttsburgh
broke Hubo Marquard's string of nine
consecutive victories this afternoon
hammering him out of tho box In tho
third Inning and winning from Now
Carey's doublo and a wild pitch, fol
lowed by Vlox'a fly, gave the Pirates a
run In the first Gibson led oft In the
third with r single. Adams bunted and
Marquaid let It go through his hands
for a hit. Byrne walked, filling the
bases. Carey's single "scored Gibson.
Vlox's single scored Adams and Byrne.
Marquard went to the clubhouse when
Wagner went to bat and Fromnie took
up tho pitching.
Wagner sacrificed. Miller's fiy scored
Carey with the fourth run and Wilson
filed out Wagnor played at great field
inc. Kame at short. For a day hu was
cnauccs ana engineering soitiq rumurtuiuio
plays. Shafer's trlplu and Fletcher's out
gave the Giants their only run In tho
ninth. Score:
Cnrila Held Huulei.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 5. Alexander was at
his best this ufternoou uud neld St. Louis
rtinle's while Phlhulelphlu bunched hits
in one inning lor lliu um run or mo
game. But two Iocti iihiv-rd rouclu'tl
! first baso after thu first Inning, bailee
was steady In the pinches a.ier the nee
ona llnll)tf, i whch Philadelphia scored
Its run
In this round Cr.tvaih j'tt a triple
when his Hue emus'i lo rllit field tnughl
In tho screen around thu pavilion, It
looked like a home run, but Cut her
leaped up and extricated the ball, hold
ing the hard hitting visitor at the tar
corner. Cravath crossed tho plate when
i T.llritruit tmllnnjiri n lnrtr nff HtltthfA
lew unys. .score:
Huulna. 2b. 3 1 2
( 0 raaltert, cf.. 3
0 OKnabe, 2b... 3
0 OLobert, 3b.. 4
Oakea, cf.... 4 0 3
T- Mure, It 3 0 0
K'netohr, lb I 1 11
Whltted, fa. 3 0 J
2 0 8. Marw, If 4
2 Ocrarath, rf., 4
2 Obuderua, lb. 4
0 0 Poolnn, .. 4
2 OKIIIIfer, o, 4
-Alexander. d3
I Mowrey, 3b. 3 1 0
; Wlngo, c.,.. 3 0 4
j Sallee. p.... 3 0 2
'ioiaia 30 g
1 Total 33 7 27 0
. I'hlladelDhla 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ol
' Bt- Louis...... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
, Two.baso nlu. tobert, Konctchy, S.
Magee. Three-base hits: Cravath.
Lobert. Double play: HugRins to
i Konetchy. Left on buses: St. LoUls, 4;
phladeiphla, 7. Bases on balls: Oft
! Sallee, 1; off Alexander, 1. Hit by pitched
jball: By Sallee, Knabe. Struck out: By
T, ??n?k ' xllne: l:a-
Cull SIuuKliter Superbns.
CHICAGO. Aug. C The Chicago teum
under the leadership of Acting Manager
Leach, defeated Brooklyn, 13 to 2, In
a batting bee today. Ruckcr started the
game lor the visitors and was forced
to retire under a fusillade of hits. Cur-
tls, who succeeded Ilucker, also was hit
In bunches, but finished the contest
when the locals eased un. Cv Will ama.
the Notre Dame recruit, was the Chicago
star at the bat. He drove in two runners
with a single in the first Inning and
made a. homer In tho second Inning with
the bones full.
1 . in nis lour nines ui uai lie maue as
o , many mis. unuweu aiso uaueu
3 in four tlmec up, getting two bases on
o , balls and making two hits. With tho
o ' bases full In tho fourth, Needham doubled
i and scored all three runners. Brooklyn's
? ! scores were made when Brldwell fumbled
Cutshaw's grounder and Wheat followed
with a homer. '
Manager Evers was out of the city with
the president of the Chicago club. Ed
Reulbach and Ed Stack, the two pitchers
who figured In the Brooklyn-Chicago
trade today, appeared with Brooklyn and
Chicago uniforms, respectively. Score:
An. ll.O. A. K. AB.H.O.A.E.
Scbeer. rf... 4 1
0 i 0tach, cf.... 4 2 3 0 0
7 3 OPhalan, 2b... 5 12 3 1
5 0 ORchulte, rf.. 3 2 2 0 0
2 0 OZImrman. 3b 6 3 2 1 1
7 0 0 Baler, lb,... 3 1 t 1 0
0 2 0 Wllllama, If 4 4 t 0 0
1 6 0 nrldwell. sa. 2 2 0 4 1
0 0 0 Needham, c. 4 1 4 1 0
2 1 Ol'lerce, p.... 4 0 110
0 10 Totala SJ It 27 11 3
Cutahaw, 2b 4 0
Stengel, cf.. 3 a
1taem, If.... 4 1
Dtubert, lb. 4
Hmlth, 3b... 4
FIllK-r, aa.,. 4
Hecklnirer, c 0
Miller, c... 4
Rucker, p... 0
Curtla, p.... 3
Total 31 24 13 0
Brooklyn 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 02
Chicago 4 6 0 3 0 0 .0 0 -13
Two-base hits: Leach, Miller, Needham,
Zimmerman. Three-base hit: Phelan.
Home rups: Williams, Wheat. Hits:
Oft Rucker, 8 In one and one-third In
nings; off Curtis. 8 In six and two-thirds
Innings. Stolen bases: Schulte, Zimmer
man. Double plays: Fisher to Cutshaw
to Daubert (2); Zimmerman to Phelan
to Saler, Left on bases: Brooklyn, 7;
Chicago, 4. Bases on balls: Off Rucker,
You can absolutely depend on
finding the latest correct thing
in collars here at all times.
Just now the Maiden here
shown and the Berkeley, same
shape as Maiden, but made of
white satin striped madras, hold
the center of the stage.
But we've lots of other shapes
all correct, good fitting and becoming.
Ide Silver
Thos. Kilpatrjck
1507 Douglas Street
1, off Curtis, 4. off Pierce, 2. Struck out'
By IMerce. 3, by Curtis, 1 Wild pitch!
Pierce. Time. 1.45, empires: Brcnnan
and Kaaon.
Ilreln Win Third Strnlitht.
CINCINNATI, O.. Aug. R.-Clnclnnntl
by bunching hits won the third straight
game from Boston. S to 1. Boston could
dp nothing with Brown, who pitched in
old-time form, not allowing more than
iiue consecutive mt in any one Inning.
Perdue, who started the game for Bos
ton, wa stotiched up for a slnglo and
two three-baggers In the first Inning,
which scored two riinn ll .-.. Ml tnr
a three-base hit In the fourth that even
tually scored, nnd in the seventh was
relloved to allow McDonald to bat for
him. Strang, who relieved Perdue, was
not only hit hard, but was wild.
I'mnlre Meier calleil ltnrldn nut In
tho tourth Inning, while the latter was
1 1 tl ! 1 1 li i nlnlil.,w , t. n t 1. l,,i..f....j .,..
"..ini ..,( i, ft lit; iM.iri igi Ivvl mill
Clark's throw to catch Mann at second '
ttusc. .Manager Tinker In tho eighth In
ning niter reaching second baso stole
third and then home, scoring the final
tun of tho unine. Score;
A II. 1 1. 0. 'A. B. AD.II.O.A K.
Maranvll, aa 4 1 4 S 1 ntactier If.. 4 3 3 0 0
llfmer. It.. 4 0 I 0 Dthmn of t a a i
Smith. lh...J 0 S t ORjan. lb... 4 1 2 t 0
j"". " - l a u I llotilltltl. lb 4 S II 0 0
fctrnr. 2b. 4 0 4 I OTInkfr, Jb. .. 4 1 J 1 0
Mjrri, Ib... 4 1 7 0 OSheeVard, rf 4 J 1 0 0
Mann, cf.... 4 110 0 llrahamr. a 0 1 4 1
Harl.Vn, c. . 1 0 2 0 0 Clara, c I 1 I 1 o
rrlue, p.... i o o 1 Oltrotn, p.... 4 0 0 1 0
ciiimia, p. ,,.v It Q 1 0
1 0 0 0 0 Totala II ; It 1
1 0 0 0 0
Totala U HI It 1
Rarldcn out for Interfering with
Hatted for Perdue In seventh.
Batted for JMr-viJ In
Boston 01000000 0-1
Cincinnati 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6
Two-base hits: Mann, Sheckard. Three
baJo hits: Hoblltzel, Tinker. Sheckard.
Hits. Off Perdue, 6 In six innings; off
Strand, 4 In two Innings, hftcrlfec fly:
Ilcrghnmmer. Stolen Bescher,
Tinker (2), Berghamtner, Doublo play.
Mumnvllle to Sweeney. Left on bases!
Host on, R; Cincinnati. 7. Bases on balls:
Off Perdue. 1, off Strand, 2: off Brown,
3f Struck out: By Perdue, 4: by Brown,
1. Time: 1:60. Umpires: U.rfler and
St. ICilwnrriH TrlniN I.lniliny.
ST. EDWARD, Neb.. Aug. S.-8peclan
St. Edward defeated IJn'lKay 6 to ?.
Two home runs by Bono, one home run
by Sweeney and the one-handed f'y
Catch by Vlslier featured. Score: R.1I.K.
St. Edwnrd.O 1 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 -6 10 0
Lindsay ....0 20000000 1-4 54
Batteries: St. Edward, Canine and
Bon".; Lindsay, Ballon and Horny. Um
pire, Hnsselbald.
, . , ,
Aylrnnndrln l)rfrnt llelyldpr".
DAVKIN. Nob.. Aug. .'..-(Special.)
Alexandria defeated Untvldere In the
flmtl game of the tournament by n score
of S to 4.
Key to the Situation ru Advertising.
r$rv-Ynirr Rnfoan Tho Automol)u0 Editor f Th Omnhn Bee will glndly furnish you dotail infor
llliOl IilclLlOri DUrcdU mntion regarding nny of tho automobiles, trucks, dolivery wagons, tires or acces
f- Traynor Automobile Company,
Nebraska Buick
Lee Huff Mgr.
1 Cadillac Company of Omaha,
G. F. Reim. Pres.
Doty & Hathaway,
1 I The T. G. Northwall Company,
Guy L.
Guy L.
I ' Interstate Automobile Co,,
Opp. Court House.
327 West
Doty &
I Drummond Motor Company,
Marion Auto
W. McDonald.
Marion Auto
0. W. McDonald.
United Motor Omaha Company,
J. M. Opper, Dist. Mgr. 1122 Farnam Street.
Freeland Auto
J. A. Freeland.
Traynor Automobile. Co.
Van Brunt Automobile Company, .
2010 farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St., Council Bluffs.
Guy L.
Van Brunt Automobile Company,
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22 4th St., Council Bluffs.
The T. G. Northwall Company,
912-14 Jones Street.
Pulls Down Hundred Forty-Nine
Birds Loses Only One.
nrrnk Korfj-Klnht Ont nf n Poanlltle
Fifty Mnnr Other Kxcellrnt
Scored Are Mnilr Dnrlnir
the I)r.
W. II. llcrr, Cluthrte, Okl., and Lester
tlermnn. Aberdeen, ttirnrtl In the hlghost
score yestertlay In the Western handicap
shoot held nt the Onmha Otin club
grounds, across tho river. Horr broke
149 tnrgcts out of l.M hoht at and Clernutn i
broke 4S out of M shot nt In the doubles.
Both men are professionals. J. C. Norrls
made tho best amateur record, with 14$
breaks out ot 1M shots. S, A. Huntley
made tho best amateur score In the
doubles, with 4il breaks.
Everything ran off smoothly yesterday
morning and all the shooters were making
excellent scores, but In the afternoon a
high wlrid from the east arose and per
sistently lifted the turgels In the Air.
This' made It difficult for tho shooters,
especially those who fire quickly from
force of habit, to get their birds. The
scores In tho doubles, which were held
Into In tho afternoon, were accordingly
Tho scores In the Individual events
wcro better than nverago, atlhotiRh sev
eral ot the- professionals, woh wero ex
pected to turn In close to perfect scores,
fell down miserably nnd made much
lower scores than the majority of the
Score Wtjj tinnd,
Horr, who made tho top score. Is a left
handed shooter and probably the most
consistent shooter on the grounds. He
made 149 In the single shot events and
made 47 In tho doubles, which totnls IN
breaks out of SOO shots. Gorman, the old
baso ball player, was closo behind, with
a total ot 1W breaks, and Ooorge Max
well, the one-armed wonder from Hust
ings, pulled up with a total ot 192 breaks.
K W, Varner, u newspaper man from
Adams, Neb., and an amateur, mado a
flying start yesterday morning, a straight
break of 7& birds, but missed four birds
In the afternoon, which pulled his score
down to 14S. Klllam, a professional, made
sories represented
2512-14 Far nam Street.
Auto Company,
1912-14-16 Farnam Street.
2054-6-8' Farnam Street.
2027 Farnam Street.
912-14 Jones Street.
2205-7 Farnam Street.
2205-7 Farnam Street.
310 South' Eighteenth Street.
P. Madsen,
Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
2027-29 Farnam Street.
26th and Farnam Streets.
2101 Farnam Street.
2101 Farnam Street.
1113 Farnam Street.
2512-14 Farnam Street.
Orr Motor Sales Company,
24th and Farnam Streets.
2205-7 Farnam Street.
a perfect T5 In the morning, but lost three
birds In the afternoon, lowering his total
to It". Varner did not enter the doubles,
but Kltlam did and only, broke forty
targets, which lowered his total' average
'The following ore the scores of those
who made more than 135 out of ISO shots:
Ultchle o Meet Welsh.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 6. Willie Rit
chie, tho Ught weight champion, tele
graphed to Vancouver, B. C, today that
his next match would be a twenty-round
bout there with Freddie Welsh, the Bri
tish light weight champion, September 1.
And the little Ford shall lead
them. It's first in sales first
in economy and ftrst in the
esteem of those who loVe
safety, surety and comfort
because of its wonderful sim
plicity, strength and light
ness. It leads in sales ser
vice satisfaction.
Think what theso prices monn for the car
that hits stood tho testa; Runabout $600;
Touring Cnr ?550; Town Car $750 f. o.
b. Detroit, with, nil equipment. Got catalog
arid all particulars from Ford Motor Co.
1916 Harney St., Omaha.
m tins directory. Write today.
R. N.Howes.
E. R. Wilson
I Drummond Motor Company,
International Harvester
Freeland Auto Company,
J. A. Freeland. 1113 Farnam Street.
Van Brunt Automobile Company,
2010 Farnam St., Omaha. 18-20-22.4th St Council Bluffs.
C. W. McDonald.
Dnunmond Motor 'Company,
' 26th and Farnam Streets.
LL MAKES (Seconds)
Giant Tire
Arthur Storz
1 T Goodyear
Henry Nygaard,
2201 Farnam Street
Omaha Rubber Company,
1608 Harney Street
Automobile Supplies,
2020 Farnam Street
Automobile Supplies.
1920 Farnam Street
Cambridge First in
, Base Ball Tourney
BTOCKVILLE. Neb., Aug. 4.-(Bpeclan
The Stockvllle base ball tournament ot
three days closed Saturday evening, the
teams winning In the following order:
Cambridge, first; Stockvllle, second;
Curtis, third; Eustls, fourth.
A large number of fans were In attend
ance from each of tho villages represented
by the teams. The Cambridge band fur
nished the music
Doty & Hathaway,
" . 2027-29 Farnam Street.
Fred 0. Hill.
2102-4 Farnam Street.
Auto Company,
2429 Farnam Street.
26th and Farnam Streets.
Company of America,
801 Capitol Avenue.
Auto Co.,
2101 Farnam Street
L. P. MadBon,
327 Wes$ Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
1205 Farnam Street.
Auto Supply Co.,
2020 Farnam Street.
Tire & Rubber Co., .
2220 Farnam Street
Tire & Rubber Co.
2212 Farnam Street