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July Offers Apparel at
Money Saving Price
Our Outgo of Summer
Ready-to-Wear is effected
by decided price reduc
tions. on desirable, reliable
garments. Have you had
your share?
Suits, Dresses, Coats, Reduced.
Republicans Win Fight for Discus
sion of Caminctti Case.
Telrsrrnm fthoira Hint Attorney dm-
rrnl Ordered the Cnae Held Up
Ilefore Scrtnrr "Wilson
Mftde flerineiit.
by the lluerta government Charga Al-1
gars, of the embassy here to informed j
Secretary Bryan today. It waa Bold Mr.
Bryan expressed gratification at the
prompt aotlon the lluerta government
had given to American representations
In the case as well as that of Dixon, the
Immigration Inspector, shot at Juares.
McDonald Is an Englishman. Blssell's
chauffeur, an American, has also been
ordered released. The three men were
captured by - General Orozco while at
tempting to take American refugees out
of Parral.
K. C. nrynn u Wax to Chllinnttun.
Eli PASO, Tex., July ,-JMwin C.
Bryan, a secret agent of the United
Btatts government, left El I'nso today
tot, Chihuahua City, Mex., bearing codo
messages for United State Consul Ma
rlon Letcher at Chihuahua, lie also
carried some private mall for Mr. ttcher
and corns communications from Consul
T. D. Edwards In Juarez. The trip by
automobile la expected to require two
days. The codo messages for 'Consul
Letcher are supposed to refer to Blssell
am. McDonald, Americans hold In prison
by the Mexican fedora! In Chihuahua.
Move Torrnrd Jnnrea Not Confirmed.
Fort Bliss officials had received up
to noon no confirmation of the report
that Francisco Villa has broken camp
at Ascencton and begun to movo his
rebel army In closer to Juoret. This
report reached here last night
Ooneral Francisco Castro, command-
Ins; the Juarez garrison, received, an of
ficial report from Chihuahua this morn
lng that Paacuat Oroxco, with federal
Irregular troops, had been started west
from Chihuahua repairing the Mexican
Northwestern railroad to Madera so that
the Americans In the lumber town can
be taken to the state capital.
Brandeis Stores Annual Event Be
gins Thursday.
Yankton License Case In Court.
YANKTON, a D., July .-8pecll.-i
The case of Bobert J. Gordon, for the
dry element, against the city of Yank
ton, defendant In a saloon election con
test, waa before Judge It. B. Tripp on
Monday for argument and la now under
advisement, with an opinion expected In
a day or two that will either make the
town dry or permit six saloons, now
running, to continue In business.
There are hundreds of Omaha men who
await this annual event and lay In a
year's supply at these remarkabte prices.
It Is the shirt sale that appeals to well
dressed men and men who want full
value for their money. No matter how
hard you may be to satisfy, you cannot
resist buying these shirts It you see them
at the prices we mark them for Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday.
Manhattan shirts are known as the
best shirts that aro made for men, The
richest fabrics and the highest class
workmanship characterise each shirt.
The patterns and colorings aro newor
and more attractive than the designs
you find In ordinary shirts.
beginning Thursday, the prices are all
All the 11.00 Manhattan shirts will go
at ii. is.
All the ISt.OO Manhattan shirts will iro
All the 12.60 and 3.00 Manhattan shirts
Will go at I1.U.
All the 3.t0 and tJ.75 Manhattan shirts
win go at 12,65.
All the M.00 and tS.00 Manhattan shirts
will go at j.W,
Watoh Wednesday evening's papers for
pariicuiara or the rare value-giving event.
John W. Myern.
SHENANDOAH, la., July 2.-Bpeclal.)
-John W. Myers, one of the earliest set.
tiers in this community, died suddenly
this evening, while conversing with
friends on the main business street. Mr.
Myers lived In Mantl long before the
birth of Shenandoah, and after the now
town waa founded In the fall of mi,
moved his house here.
Joseph . Preston.
CBDAIt RAPIDS, la., July 39,-Josepli
U. Preston, a prominent Iowa democrat,
died today, aged 75 years. lie, was on the
district bench for a number of years.
IfAUM BflAC'TQ M'DEVNfll HQ fnllltU(Je " the ttement that Dlggs,
Anfl itUAollJ III IlMllULlJO Camlnlttl and the Western Fuel com
pany directors, being rloh or polltleally
WASHINGTON, July 20.-The republi
can filibuster, after paralyzing business
In the house more than a week, accom
plished Its purpose today when the demo
crats decided to allow five hours' dis
cussion of the Dlggs-Camlnettl-McNab-Mclleynolds
Tho democrats brought In a report from
the Judiciary committee on resolutions by
Representative Kahn of California call
ing for a telegram from the attorney
general May 16, directing McNab to take
no affirmative action In the Dlggs
Camlnettl white slave cases until attor
receiving further advices from tho aU
tornoy general.
The committee report set forth that
the attorney general had supplied a
telegram which read as follows:
MoNab. United States District Attor
ney, San Francisco, Cali Please wrlto
me fully concerning charees aaalnst
Camlnettl and Dlggs and take no affirm
ative action In response of same until
you receive advices from me. Answer.
(Signed) McnETNOLiDS,
Attorney General.
Accompanying the telegram waa a
memorandum showing It was sent by the
attorney general personally on tho even
lng of May 16.
Fire Honrs Delinte.
Presenting the papers the Judiciary
committee recommended that tho Kahn
resolution be tabled since its purpose
had been accomplished. On that re
port Chairman Clayton arranged for five
hours' debate to allow Representative
Kahn and other tlmo to discuss all cir
cumstances of tho Camlnettl case.
Representative Kahn pointed out that
a telegram holding up the trials was sent
more than a month before Secretary Wil
son asked tho attorney general for delay.
"Why was this telegram sent from hi
hotel?" ho demanded. "Did someone
powerful coukl secure delay and thus
possibly defeat Justice."
Representative McKellar of Tennessee,
one of the democrats who steadfastly
opposed dlsousslon of the case, char
acterized Representative Kahn'a speech
as a "political harangue" and declared
that "every member Is disappointed by
the failure of the gentleman from Cali
fornia to produce that exposure which
we all expected." The house was wast
ing time spending five hours discussing
so "Inconsequential a matter .of petty
politics," he declared.
Representative Dies of Texas called
Representative Kahn to account for en
gaging In a "small, Infinitesimal piece of
"It Is bad enough." said he, "when we
open our committee rooms to a cheap
skate like Mulhall, but now the gentle
man from California wants to turn over
the halls of congress and the columns
of the daily press to a little scandal way
out In California."
Progressive Leader Murdock, assailed
the condnuct of Attorney General Mo
Reynolds In the Western Fuel company
case, as did Representative Kelly of Penn
Denlnl br Molleynnlds,
Attorney General McReynolda today Is
sued a denial of published reports that
he has construed the Mann white slave
act In such manner that the Dlggs-Cam-
Inettl cases might not be brought to
trial or' that he Tiad Instructed United
States attorney to confine the enforce
ment of tho law to cases of commercial
ized vice.
"These statements are wholly Incor
rect." said the attorney general. He had.
...... ' .
ne said, placed no construction on tho
law which would Interfere with prosecu
tion of the Dlgga-CamlnltU cose get for
trial August E.
VIII. Our Home Ride CharterSinking Fund
What is in it what is not in it what it means.
One of tho weak spots In Omaha's city government up to this tlmo has
been tho lack of a sinking fund, tho fund going by that name being really
an Interest fund, and novor In recent years, at least, adequate to current
Interest demands sure to bo made upon it.
The now charter not only provides an Interest fund equal to require
ments, but also creates a now and separate sinking fund to be devoted to tho
redemption of maturing bonded debt. Omaha In the past has occasionally
redeemed and cancelled bonded obligations, but no systematic accumula
tions havo been made to take up our bonds, and the consequence has been
serious Impairment of tho city's credit In the money markets, and loss of
thousands upon thousands of dollars In the lower prices received for our
bonds, and the higher Interest rates paid upon them.
The now sinking fund Is to be made up of a tax levy, starting with not
to exceed $50,000 a year, Into which is also to be covered all tho premiums
and accrued Interest received on bonds sold, interest on sinking fund, In
vestments and on current city deposits, unexpended balances in other
funds and all the back tax collections and miscellaneous receipts, except
the portion whose use Is permitted to make up the shortage of current year
tax collections. The fund may be used only for redeeming or buying In
terest bearing municipal obligations.
It would be rnBh to venture a prediction as to what amount of bonds
would bo accumulated In tho sinking fund within any period of time, but
it is safe to say that the fund could not fall soon to become of substantial
dimensions and prove to bo an asset of tremendous value to tho city.
Bryan's Carriage is
Nearly Run Down by
street Car and Bus
Publicly commended by well known Omaha
business and professional men,
athletes, orators and singers.
In very section or tho country and every walk
of life, smokers are praising Tuxedo aa tho most
wonderful tobacco over produced.
It la mads of tho Tory highest grade of choice
mellow sweet Kentucky Hurley loaf treated by tho
original "Tuxedo Process, -which removes tho
ting so that It csuiaot Uto your lanzua eraua-
latod so that It smokes Iroelj and tmlionuly
pack tl 40 jtlpofals to tha 10c tin.
Nebraska men havo boon quick to discover tho,.
ww&wi i, wiu iMwuiuq ju wuuaius -UXOUO Villi II mi-
dreds havo beerllly endorsed It, including many at
your neighbors Jb Omaha.
Mr. Frod Brodegaard, Omaha's well
known jeweler, member of tho Commercial
Clubhand one of the city's best known busi
ness men, shares very strongly tho prevail
ing opinion in Omaha that Tuxedo is by
far the most satisfactory pipo tobacco
made. The carefully considered endorse
ment Mr. Brodegaard gives Tuxedo will carry conviction throughout Nebraska.
Mr. Brodegaard says:
"I find Tuxedo and a pipe a distinct aid to thought. There isn't any after
effect in tho shape of tongue-bite and its mild, pleasant fragrance is beyond ques
tion a soothing influence. I regard Tuxedo as part of the office equipment and
indispensable in moments of relaxation."
WASHINGTON, July r Secretary
Bryan today faced a problem even more
TVBtch the attorney genoral at his hotel I oomplleextsMl and subtle than the Japan
and try to exert Insldlmi nnlltlenl mill Rnd Mexican questions when he dls
In having tho cases postponed?" covered tne quarry sought by accident in-
. . nurnnco solicitors as me result or. two
niuicnain, I .,,. t ji . - . ....
.i wub uviuenwy necessary to wnlte- I nrivina- tn ih. n.,,,.-,.-. n.
..... .V. II .1 . l - ... . " " " w ".u.o
'7' "i. aw orney genera!, - BtcreUTy.a carrlage WM nftrrowIy mlMei
L ? dtacu"'W eld?nt WHaon's by a ,treot car and a moment later a
action In tho cose. "Why the president ,.. .itH, 'vs... ,.. .
" onuuro iacrtHD SJia at ine miner It nmM.Mn In hnth ....... ,.
una ume aaopi nis poucy or proceeding I cap8 waa narrow.
yromiw wan mo cases passes all com- The carrisire . m-nin intn P.nni.
prehension. If McNab did right in in- .. v,. .v. ..i .
elstlng on the early trial of theso cases- nrn.r. .tnr.,i fun .n.-n ,.,,
and both the president and tho attorney Ung poUceman saw the danger' of a col-
acuviui iiuvr uuujji xi is views arm itiBiBl I Htan
..... . .num Da ,r ea prompuy ,.Hey( you ho caed (b motorman.
u..u mi cuny uuie wny snouia aiciiau "stop that car, quick."
ri n "n'T ' " l"lu'OU8 The motorman clapped on the air brakes,
- .PM,w ucce"fur ufd t0 halting tho car within a few Inches of
VL " ' v. .,: nlnd whMl th vehicle. Mr.
postponement of the coses, why should I n..r,' ... ,ui. .. .
ll'lTZZ1 haV8 fa"en t- t -'rectiy Tn thT Z
iters of the attorney generalT" ,i.,i .k. ku -i a.
"Instead vt having Ofen blamed and denly that the nossenitera were tossed
conaemnea, imcimod snouia nave neon about.
commenaea oy tne president of the Thrnuvhont h .m... ,
uni ea Biates. it me preiiaent nao esjiea tary's well known smile did not fall him
on mm to witnaraw his resignation and His placidity was In striking contrast to
prucrm. w,w, me irmi 01 mese cases, ne ,he agitation of the driver and the ner
would have made himself infinitely Vous prostration from which the police.
""""O"' euuiiirjrmon. man. motormnn nd hiia 5rlp m.rt
ii ims ions; oven Deueveu ay me masses 1 1 t.
mat tnsre on. mm of law for the rich The MCretary now brtn-BiK hU d,
f:1 thp!St.lfl,C.!J,r",fful '? tht coun" p,omocy n1 ubtIey t0 be
I TV. nnn nit n li n 1 nf law fn tYm nAnn ... .
. i w . . Z, tln mauranco solicitors,
and weak, The action of the department
House Refuses to
Look Into Charge
Made by McAdoo
WA8IIINQTON, July M.-Investtgatlon
of Secretary McAdoo'a charges that New
York bankers have organized a campaign
to depress the price of government 2 per
cent bonds, waa demanded in a state
ment issued today by Itepresentatlve
Henry, aide to the so-called Insurgent
democrats on the house banking com
Chairman Glass, however, declared the
committee had Its hands full considering
the administration currency bill and did
not propose to be diverted. Ho and
other members of the committee, how
ever, made It plain that they shared the
secretary's opinion as to the reason for
the depression.
"The secretary of the treasury should
be summoned before the committee on
banking and currency and reveal the
facta to the American people as their,
agent." said Henry's statement, "and the
head of cervy great bank in New York
should be sent for at the earliest possible
moment, placed on the stand before the
committee and grilled most thoroughly in
order that the American people may know
the exact facts about this controversy.
The secretary can and doubtless will
demonstrate exactly how these gentlemen
manipulate the market, put up and down
prices of Unlttd States bonds and control
the financial destinies of the American
in the Dlggs-Camlnettl cases and the
Western Fuel company cases would soem
to stamp these charges as true."
MoNnli IJopn Ilrnl Service.
"McNab did the country a signal ser
vice when he refused to be a party to a
program that would have given verlsl
Prominent Jeweler and Member of tho
Oonnnrrcinl Club, of
ei ail K'r.iffb'Rvmnrnrnrax' ma hivm hi
ill KSSll
art about
The Perfect Tobacco
for Pipe and Cigarette
Famous green
tin, with gold f f
Ulterior, curved I tC
to fit pocket w
Convenient pouch
inntr-lintd I"
with moittur OC
proof paper
Glass Humidors, 50c and 90c
BgL Z tor xjc j
M Sizes
R Fronts In.
Tha ftasiax is tie newest sua. ss vet.'
CBunitated wUa sweeping frost effort the
Siring asa Bazamar season's ooUsx-aat.
. (Continued from Page One.)
whole cloth not a word of truth In It,"
declared Mr. Underwood. "There never
waa a question but Wilson's' selection as
head of that committee solely because of
his capacity and qualifications. It Is clear
to me this man was down here writing
these things to his people, trying to make
out that ho was doing great things. He
never had any conference with me. That
statement in his letter can bo disproved
by every member of the house ways and
means committee. I ' am sure I never
met this man. He has a face I could not
"There Is nothing here that reflects on
tne," continued Ir. UnJerwbod', "but I
want it set right before the country."
Mnlhnll Stands rat.
Mulhall reiterated he had talked with
Underwood briefly In the corridor and
had written to his employers "about con
ditions Just as I found them in Wash
ington at that tlmo."
'I have no desire to contradict Mr. Un
derwood," he said, "but I am convinced
thnt after he has heard my other wit
ness and this examination has been ended,
he will take back part of what he has
"The statements you made In your let
ters were not true and can be proved not
true by other members' of the ways and
means committee," retorted Mr. Under
wood, "therefore. It was .very evident I
did not mako them to you."
"I will stand as clean before the coun
try as you will," returned Mulhall heat
edly. "Oh, I have no question about how we
will stand relatively before the public,"
replied Underwood 'with a laugh and left
the committee room.
Tho Incident created a flurry that had
not wholly subsided when the committee
settled down to the further ldentlflcalon
of letters.
rtond Association Meets.
ATLANTIC. Ia., July 29.-SpecIal.)
The newly organised orth Btar Rond
association will meet in 'this city on
Wednesday for'the purpose of electing a
president of tho association to take the
place of tho late J. A. MoWald, who3e
recent death left the office vacant. They
will also attend to eojmo other matters
In connection with the association, chief
of which will be renaming the highway,
which Is to run from the Missouri river
to the north Iowa lakes.
GRINNEtXt la., July .-Special Tele-
gram.)i-A man. known here as Dlckerson.
alleged to be one of the gang of horse
tholyea arrested at Victor this morning
and brought here. He put up a stiff fight
ard waa somewhat bruised before he waa
subduea. Three hundred dollars wes
sewed into his clothing.
Blown Suit Ore Action) Office.
IOWA CITY, la.. July .-(8pocJol.l-
What will probably prove a basis for
the twelfth suit over the directorship
of school district No. 4, West Lucas
township, Johnson county, took place
yesterday morning when Louis Huppen-
camp forced his way into the school-
house and started a term of school. Nine
pupils were in attendance, n. F. Cheney,
rival claimant of the office of sub-di-
reotor, has the keys and says he will
prosecute Ruppencamp for breaking and
entering. A neighborhood feud has ex.
tsted for years, and the strife over the
office of sub-director of the school hits
already caused eleven sulfa One of
these Is now pending in the district
court here.
Ilaltr 'rtihcil to Death.
rOLLOCK, & D July .-(Spec!al.)-
When a buggy In which Mrs. Willis
Cranston of Pollock and her infant child
were seated turned a sharp corner, it
was overturned, throwing Mra Cranston
and the baby to the ground. The child's
head struck a sharp rock, crushing Us
skull and causing Instant death.
"Died of Pneumonia"
is never written of those who cure
coughs and colds with Dr. King's New
Discovery. Guaranteed. UK and (1. Fur
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Revised downward a u to
mobile tariffsby the econom
ical Ford. Many members of
Congress own Ford cars
purchased, not so much be
cause of its surprisingly low
first cost, as because of its
wonderfully low cost of main
tenance and its simplicity.
Here's the teat: 300,000 Fords now in ser
vice. Runabout $525; Touring Car $600;
Town Car 800 f. o. b. Detroit, with all
equipment. Got cataloguo and all particu
lars from Ford Motor Company, 1910 Har
ney Street, Omaha.
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lor Bale By
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1G07 Douglas St.
Lake Manawa
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Every Afternoon and Evening
Until August ath at 2:30, ;
4:30, 8:15 and 10 P. M.
Remember the Concerts Ara
Free. I
New Bath House and Fine '
Boating Roller Skating,
Dancing, Roller Coaster
And Many Other Attractions.
Reduced-rate round-trip tick"
ets from Omaha for sale at
down-town drug stores and
cigar stores; adults 25o, chil
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Seat "Week ''Onr "WItss."
July 80, 81 and August 1. '
Friday, Aug. 1st, Ladles' Day.
Cars Irf-ave 16th and Fnrnam 2:46.
Guinea Called 3 P. M.
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Growd Awaiting Opening of Doors at Orkin Bros. Store Monday Morning'
Result of Two Page Announcement Published in The Bee Sunday