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Board of Ecvicw Goes After the 1
Corporations in Town.
Protests Arc Filed and Dates for
fllrnrlnc ArEiimrnla rTro nnil
Con AreiSetfor the
South Omaha's running1 expenses are
Increasing and the Board of Itovlew Is
busily enraged in seeing that the big
corporations contribute their share of tho
As a rule the taxes have, been boostod
on the big corporations, notwithstanding
the pleadings and protests of those who
appeared In the Interests of the com
panies. As a last resort the corporations
cited have aslied for wore lime. to. mako
ft showing as to why they should not
.have tholr taxes Increased.
The express and the telegraph com
panies were under fire yesterday.' They
Pleaded that they should, only be taxed
on the business dono In South Omaha,
which was listed at a few- hundred dol
lars. The city attorney's offlco however,
pointed out that the United States su
premo court had held tlmo and again
that express, telegraph and other cor
porations doing an Interstate business
could be taxed, not only on the tangible
property of the company within the tax
ing district, but upon the property that
Is not tangible and represented In the
earnings of the company as well. This
suggestion of the city attorney's offlco
brought (V Pea for time In order that
counsel for the corporations might appear
before tho board. The express companies
"Bill have a , hearing next Tuesday, as
will also the telephone' company
Assistant city Attorney TVtnters, re
ferring to. the .wprk'of the Board of Re
view, said yesterday:
"It ii within the provjnee of the tax
commissioner and, the board to assess tho
property without regard to th listln?
submitted by the companies assessed, The
burden of showing that tho assessment
Is too- high should be upon 'the (corpora
tions and. the cftr should fiot (av to
prove first that -tho assessment Is not too
htgfi.' 1 ' ,
The Omaha ElacCrto Ugh( and Power
company had Its valuation rained from
1275,'COO to fcaj.OOO, Tho, Valuo set -by the
board was drlglnally. t3JQ,000, but P. A.
Nash, president of tho company, suc
ceeded In having the amount reduced
tt,W0. Tho Postal Telegraph company'
tnluatlon was Talsed from J30T to 7,W0,
the Omaha Hobo and Tannery company
from 850 to 15,000. and the Store Brewing
company from t2.m to K0O0.
Mayor nnd Conitoll Cnn't Afrrec
War oyer tho appointment of Street
Commissioner John Fonnell Is on between
the mayor and a majority of the city
council. Ponnell failed of eonflrmatldn
at the last mtlng of the city council,
but llootor nays ho will b confirmed at
tho next Members of the city counctl
say he will not be confirmed.
Councllmen Hartnett. Lavelle, TUH an
XUchea are the four who hivve told the
mayor exactly where he get off. Kmry
effort has been made to break tba com
bination, Councilman: XUchea la tho point
at attack Xt is uaderstooc that ersry of.
fort has been- made to get Itlche Into
the mayor's llhe, Th big countHmaa
says Utile, but so far be has stood with
Hartnett, Xttha and Lavelle far tho la-
Dependence of the council as against the
dictates of Iloctor.
It Is understood that deteetlvM, poll
captains and others have bn sent to
lee niches with a view to persuading
blm Into voting for tho co&flrtuatlon of
Fennel!, the mayor's cbclc.
niches runs a .saloon on Twsnty-fourtfe
street. Mayor Iloctw la chairman at
the pollco and fire board. Members
the Insurgent quartet says IUehe cannot
be forced into line.
Followers of the mayor say IT on noli will
be confirmed. At present tho four Ins ur
gent councllmen hold tho Upper band.
They can maintain their. Supremacy If
Ihey stick tolsother, It Is conceded.
Jerry llovrnril DrrVnrVa Himself.
Jeremiah Howard, deputy state stock
Inspector at tho union stock yards, has
announced ms intention pr becoming a
candidate for tho South Omaha post'
mastership should tho office be' sepa
rated from that of Omaha. Mr. Howard
said yesterday that he believed Post
maater General Burleeon was wise 'In not
giving any consideration to the local pie
biters who would break down civil serv
ice rules and everything else that would
teparate them from tho pto counter. "But
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tml, Mly K. WtMT k It res sr at 4e
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Ur yraUetlT (WUw' wtih tnrr BptttUr.
S jva detltr lam4ittl. As tusplr btost
via ihdw ra Bt)r ss ear It atn' trt
OVLaSKA. tTSBBB OOsOTAXT, loa SCarasy Street.
WSSTXKK AUTO l BDXPI.Tr OOXrAXY. 120 Faraau Btroet.
Atxvu BTOxai AXTXo frrvx.Y ooiopakt. Boso raraam strest.
rowsu bwvlt coscvAarr, am ram am street.
XOXV ADTO BUVTZiT OOsCTAHT, H137 Xaraey strest.
xrasatASXA oyoxjs cowaxt, isut and aur&oy.
I understand there has been some ool
loguelng going on In back offices," ha
"I understood them la to be a meet
lng of these worthies some place tonight
nnd 1 mean to be present I want to let
thorn know that I am a candidate with
the claims of a soldier who fought dur
ing the lata campaign and who did some
thing more than ride In the sutler's van.'
Chief IlrlRffa to InvratlKMtr.
ITpldlng that the possession of a gov
ernment liquor license by others than
druggists and saloonmen Is first-class
evidence of bootleglgng. Chief of Police
John Brlggs will hereafter visit the office
of the revenue collector each month for
the purpose of finding out such persons as
have taken out licenses for the sale of
liquor. The cMef will then arrest those
who have rjch licenses on a charge of
bootlegging and it will bo up to thoso
arrested to make Pollco Judgo Callanan
see that the government liquor license
wos not obtained for the purpose of sell
ing liquor.
Sunday Church Services. ,
First Christian church. Twentv-thlrd
nnd I streets, Itev. W. J. Has tie, pastor.
communion ana sermon at u o'ciock.
Bible school at 10 a, m. Union serviced
at the high school lawn at 7 p. m.
First Bandit church. Twenty-fifth and
H streets, llcv. W. It Hill, pastor. Sun
day school at 9:48 a. m. Public worship
at 11, sermon by the pastor.
Brown Park Sunday school at 9:45 a.
m. and at Hillsdale Baptist church at
2:30 p, m. Preaching at S o'clock.
First Methodist church. Worship nt
Odd Fellows' hall. Twenty-fourth and M
streets. Bible study at MS a, n. Bev.
Mr. John of Omaha will preach at 11.
Union vesper service nt 7 p. m, high
school .campus. Bev. It It. Wneo'er will
preach and Bev. J. W. Hastlo will pre
side. Mutlo by the First Presbyterian
church choir.
The, United Presbyterian church, Twen-ty-thlrd
and H streets, William A. Pol
lock, pastor. Bible school at f:5 a. m.
Pubflo worship at 11 a. m. Subject 'The
Church Compared to the Moon." Young
People's Christian union at p. m.
Mntflo city oosmp,
Mrs. II. C. Dross and daushter. Mil
dred, aro visiting at Chicago and New
Mrs. Andrew Peterson has returned
from n visit to Denver and Colorado
Miss Ethel Funsher of Ixmk Beach.
Cat. Is vlsltlna at the home of Fannie
Davison Sage.
Miss AtDha Anderson has returned to
her home In North Platto, Neb., after
visiting tho Misses draco and Bose
Tho 8undav fichool of th PI rut Mntho.
diet church' will hold a picnic at Elm
woJ park this afternoon. Cars will
lenVO Twenty-fourth and N Htrenta nt 3
William F. Qlnscrt, foreman of elec
tricians at Cudahy's packing plant, has
applied for the ooaltfoh of cltv electri
cian in Bouth Omaha when that position
is created jjy Mayor iloctor and the
council. Glnsert has filed a written ap
plication With City Clerk Wheeler. It Is
thought that Htroat Cnmmliilnnnr JTntin
Fennel! may be appointed to the proposed
iiauo in case ne snouia not succeed in
being appointed street Commissioner.
Gulls From the Wire
True bills charitasr comnllcltv in in.
cendlary tires were voted jestorUay by a
Clilcatfo fftaud jury against Joseph Flsli,
head of Joseph Fish & Co., puMlo flro
Insurance adjusters, and nine other, two
of whom are reported to bo women.
nosr&ftcntatlve Clark of Flrtriitu intm.
duoed a concurrent resolution yesterday
iDtutiniiuiH his juonroe aooinnc. it was
referred to Uio foreign affairs committee
and waa directed against "people with
vmontheCaucaslan cannot and Will not
Imt to tallow dcslgued to vreveat the em-
OlOyfriAnL of clmilrtm unrtur 14 vn k
.age In mines and factories and to pre-
vui uh iuiioiueni oc women in manu
faoturing establishtnenU for more than
clgttt hours a day was considered, yester
day by til house labor coratnlltoe.
Bade from Europe, wnero It has ia
vwuaUd asrioultural conditions, tho
Ameiloaa commission on agricultural ca
E nation announced at New York last
ht ttAt it has obtained a wealth of
trmatian whicb it believes will enable
it Ut urecara ltk rcnort and aubmii th
I document bafar tba end of the. present
4 W
Sbaoklod by a revubllcaa filibuster
against all business organized to for 09
the reopening of tho dehato on the Cam!
nettl -case the bouse dragged along yes
terday through four hours of unneces
sary roll calls and finally adjourned until
today because enough members to make
up a quorum had gone ts tba base ball
News haa reached Denver of the recant
finding of the body of J. D. Sargent, the
solitary occupant of tho famous imuo)
Swiss cottage built by Uobert Bay Ham I
ton. a wealthy New York man. In the
remoto Jackson Hole In northwestern
Wyoming.. Sargent was found in the
house and evidently died front selt-ln-flloted
gunshot wounds.
Two masked highwaymen, armed with
revolvers and rifles, halted tho .Btalrsden.
Clold XAke .and Green Camp ktago j'es
tertlay near U61d IxiKe. Cat, a summer
resort A second stage that had been
following the first came upon the soens
while the robbers were relieving passen
gers of valuables and the two beat a re
treat under a flro of bullets.
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H oarMxm
EllaFlagg Young
Will Reconsider
CHICAaO, July Si-Mrs. Blla FloRg
Young, who yesterday resigned as super
intendent of Chicago's public school be
cause of friction with members of the
school board, announced today that she
would take under consideration for three
days the question of withdrawing her
Mayor Harrison, President Helnberg of
the nchool board, and many women's
clubs and civic organizations have ap
pealed to Mrs. Young to remain In her
position. She Is CS years old.
House Committee Demos Become
"Discourteous" Discussing It.
Wilson Will Hare Talk with One of
"Jnsarirents" CancnM May Hay
to Settle Matter In the End
an It Looks Now,
WASHINGTON, July 38. In another
stormy session today tho democratic
members of the house banking and cur
rency committee found themselves un
able even to agree to disagree on tho
administration currency bllL They ad
journed until Monday when, after Presi
dent Wilson haa had a talk with Repre
sentative Itagsdale of South Carolina,
who presented to the committee the so
called Insurgent amendments to the bill
yesterday, the struggle to reach some
sort of an agreement will be resumed.
While the committee marked time to
day during a session of the house that
demanded the presence of its members
cn the floor, President Wilson had con
ferences with Representative Wlngo, who
has opposed several parts of the admin
istration bill ana with Representative
Qlass, the chairman of the committee,
following which It was planned that the
bill be taken out of the hands of the
democratla members of the committee
nnd bo sent to a house caucus it a 'rote
demonstrated they were unable to agree.
Confusion Prevails.
Accordingly when tho conference met
after tho house adjourned, Representa
tive Wlngo offered a motion that the
bill be submitted to a democratic caucus
to be called a week from Monday and
that the commlttoo members In the mean
time thresh out as many of their differ
ences as possible. Representative Rags-
dale offered a motion to send tho bill
to tho caucus Immediately without any
recommendation and with all amend
ments pending. Other motions followed
In quick succession and confusion ensued.
Tho discussion become rather acrimoni
ous, Representative Ragsdalo calling
Chairman Glass to order for a published
statement that tho chairman believed the
committee unabto to agree. Chairman
Glass repudiated the statement
Representative Korbly interrupted Rep
resentative Bulkeley'a discussion of the
pending motion to ask a question and
continued his interruption to moke a
statement Representative Bulkeloy arose
to ask "why tho members of this com
mltteo wero so discourteous to each
other.' Representative Korbly dis
claimed any intention to bo discourteous,
Representative WUsoa of Florida
wanted to know If tho oharga of dis
courtesy applied to him, and Representa
tive Bulkeley retorted that his statement
Maid ba lalirymHii fer each arMmber
the committee to suit himself. In the
confusion the various motions to' send
tho bill to conference were laid on tho
table and tho committee ndjoursed unt'l
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with the
bill still suspended In midair.
Iowa News Noteo.
IIAMDUnO A fire of unknown orlitln
destroyed the dotiot and freight bouse
here Thursday. This is the second time
within a year that a tire has destroyed
this same property.
ONAWA Tho Chautauqua opened here
Thursday afternoon with a concert by
the Spanish Ladles' orchestra. in the
evening Judgo A. Z. Blair told how he
disfranchised 1,600 voters In Adams
county, umo. The attendance was large.
IIAHtxAN Tho death of Joseph Boesbe,
a rormer resiaent or tnis city, was an'
nounced Monday from his home at Car
ter, S. D. Deceased was a member of
the Masonic order. He was K years of
age and leaves a wife and several gTown
HAnLAN-r-The ninth annuAI chnu
tauqua will begin here next Monday aft
ernoon, juiy at. tho program announced
for this year will Includo Father Patrick
.viouorry, victor Murdock. Uovernor Roo
ert 8. Glenn, Judge A. Z. Blair and
maviu's band.
IXK1AN According to reports from
other .counties on unusual number of pa
.tents have been sent to Clarlnda and
jther sUte hospitals, but in Harrison
ounty. A. W. Blackburn, clerk of the
llstrlct court, reports none sent from
uere in tne last hair year.
CEDAIl PALLB-Prlday morning the
Iowa State Teachers' colleen closed, tta
sixteenth summer session with Its en
rollment of over 1.6C0 students. The third
section or tne class or 1013 was graduated
mil otchty-flve students received their
Uplomas, certificates or degrees from
hi hands of President Becrley.
CnE8TON A number of Creston people
it tended the laying of the cornerstone of
he new federal building at Red Oak
estcrday. Among the names of promt-
nni speaaera wno appeared on the pro
gram were those of Judge Walter I.
'mlth of Council Bluffs, and Judge Smith
tcPherson, also supreme Court Justtet
I E. Deemer,
HARLAN A trust deed of all his real
estate and city property for the benefit
or ms creaitors was (lied by W. w.
Wheeler, a former hardware merchant
and fine stock breeder of this city, last
Thursday. J I. W. Hyers, former attorney
general of Iowa, la named as trustee.
Hlnca leaving Harlan Mr. Wheeler had
become Interested In a colonisation
scheme In Chicago.
UARAN-Webb McConntU of tbe
McConnell Seed company of this city has
finished his harvest of blue grass for
this season. He has thousands of bush
els being cured now. He haa orders for
this seed from aermany, France, Austria,
m the old world and from a great many
states In this country, including the fa
mous blue grass state, Kentucky.
HARLAN Tho Shelby County Normal
Institute will open here next Monday and
U..K. DCted that about ISO teachers
will be In attendance. Tho county super
Intendent, Rose M. Parker, will have
special instructors In home economics,
manual training, agriculture and play
ground work. She has secured for theso
positions. Claude F Brown. Iowa Falls,
la.; County Superintendent eOorge Mast
ors, aienwood, Ja.i M. C. Qalpln, Harlan.
Ia. ; E)la M. Probst. Minneapolis, Mlnn.t
Idaho Sutherland, Ames, It.; and Mary
Jane Vyland, Harlan.
LOQAN Complimentary to Prof, and
Mrs. C. 8. Cobb. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mllll
man entertained Tuesday at a 6 o'clock
dinner, Tuesday evening the Logan High
school orchestra gave a musical at the
home of Mr. and Mrs, C. B. Cobb.
Wednesday the Order of the Eastern
Star held a plcnlo in the city park at
which time Dr. C a Kennedy, In behalf
of the order presented Mr. and Mrs, Cobb
souvenirs. Thursday afternoon tho Pres
byterian Aid society tntertalned In honor
of Mrs. Cobb, and Friday afternoon Mrs.
A II Helm entertained the officers of
the Order of the Eastern Star, at which
time Mrs. C. S. Cobb waa the complU
mented guest Prof. C. a Cobb has been
elected superintendent of the Lanark. Ill
schools and expects to leav tm next
W ednesaay.
Officials of Various Comities Write
to -Commission.
General Desire Appears to Do to Sap.
plant Present Bystrm of Valua
tion with More Ran I table
(From a taff Correspondent-)
LINCOLN, Neb., July 28. SoeclaU-
Tax officials of tho state are airing their
minds to tho newly created tax commis
sion. Letters being received by the com
mission have to do with the varying lot
of problems that have been presented to
county nfflptAlii. nrnnt-i.,,., .t.n
. V. J Ul. T1
want tho prevailing laws changed Throne
or more ways. From all tho dcBlre Is to
supplant the present ineffective, hit-and-miss
method by business like, offlclent
mothods that will make taxation more
universal and more equitable.
A few quotations from among the let
ters received by tho tax commlnslon dur.
ing the last day or so are as followsi
County Assessor Owens of Sherman
county: "More time shbuld be had f r.r '
tho county assessor to do hla work. Un
der tho present system the work comes
all at once, Inexperienced help must bo
employed and errors creep in that nro
never discovered and that are carried to
the end."
County Treasurer fJUHlan of Nemnha
county: "Change' the trme of assessment
from April to October so money may be
available for all funds on January J.
Also do away with all poll taxes. Find
some set method for real estate assess
ment." County Assessor Bryan of Cass oountyf
"Publish tho tax schedules as fast as
they como In. Let the world know how
much the people have. Let the county
assessors appoint the precinct assessors.
Provido ways whereby they can have n
Uniform method for accomplishing their
Mlohael Snell, Greeley county assessor.
says: "Make county and state boards In
spect divisions personally before they
alter assessments In their work as equal
ization bodies. Adjustment of complaints
under the present law Is a nuisance
nothing more."
II. H. Olson, who Is Polk county as
sessor, says: "Make some law that will
compel bankers to submit the names ot
their depositors nnd tho amounts ot
money they have in the banks."
County Assessor Bartlott ,of "Valley
county says: "Give assessors access to
bank ledgers it would bo hard on tho
bankers, but farmers, too, havo their
hardships to undergo about assessment
time. Results achieved will likely come
nearer exemplifying the canons ot unl
versallty and equality of taxation."
"Why assess anything but tanslblo
proportyT" asks County Treasurer Dar
lington of Madison county. "This can
be seen and cannot well be concealed,
therefore the chances of getting It on
tho tax lists are good. Why should per
jury of half a dosen taxpayers of a pro
cinct make a hundred small but .truthful
taxpayers Buffer when the county board
raises that precinct's valuation!"
McReynoldstoLet .
Eate Board Settle
Wire Trust. Question
W'ASHJKGTON, July 25. Attorney
Ocneral McReynoids' action in testing the
applicability of the Sherman anti-trust
law to the "telephono trust" In tho civil
suit filed at Portland,- Ore., against tho
alleged monopojy on the Pacific coast
revived today discussion of the probable
nltimato policy of the Wilson adminis
tration toward the general telephone sit
uation. Tho selection ot one of three
suggested courses, enforced competition
under the Sherman law, tho toleration
and encouragement of monopoly under
federal regulation, as In tho case of the
railroads, government ownership or
operation of the telephone and the malls.
While Attorney General McRoynold
has not reachod a hard and fast conclu
sion, It Is understood that hla present dis
position Is to leave tho general telephono
trust problem to the Interstate Commerce
commission for the time being and not
attack the situation as a whole under tho
Sherman law until at least a reasonable
tlmo haa elapsed to show the results .of
tho commisslon'a Investigation now under
way. A governmental policy Is expected
to bo evolved out of that Inquiry.
MADISON. Wis.. July SS.-The Wiscon
sin legislature passed a bill today re
quiring a certificate ot health from both
parties to a nuptial agreement as a prei
llminary to the granting of a marriage
license. Examinations by physicians ore
required. Both houses also passed a bill
fqr the sterilisation of the feeble minded,
epileptic and criminal Insane in state and
county institutions.
Coming of
The. Sunbeam
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Which so Many Mothers Havo Suffered.
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anr strain opoo tht UrtmeaU snd enables
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susea. morning sielmtss or say of tne diead4
gnoptomi sa tamlllir to man? mothers.
Tner Is no toe Ilia diet te harass tat mind.
Tua tnooxBU do not dwell opoa sala and ant
fertns, for all roca are a rolled. Taonasads ot
women a looker res!a t&eaueirM to 11
tboosnt last sickness and distress are nahuaL
The knew better, tor tn Uetner Friend taey
feat toond a wooderntl. Msetrattnc remedy to
banish all those dnaded experiences.
It is a soMeet erery woman should be fami
liar with, and area tiwurb ah may cot require
such a remedy, she wilt now and then meet
some pitxpeetlT mother to whom a word la
time about Mother's Krlmd will come aa a won.
Oerrol blesslnc. This famotu remedy la sold
JT all dninista. and la oolr $1.00 a bottle.
It la for erul as oatr. and la realtr worth
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Qa.. fur a meat Taluable book.
Great Crowds
A II sw
' "9" 'V
ault fully
Kven If the
prlco is only
Michigan Executive Intends to Keep
Militia in Copper Country.
Authorltle Think Storm Center "Will
nemaln in ana Abont Calamet
Guard Atrnlnst "IMantlnic"
of Explnslres.
CALUMET, Mich.. July 2C Reports,
that Governor W. N. Ferris would come
to Houghton tonight to help arrange a
settlement of the strike of 15,000 cop"per
mine employes In the northern peninsula
brought out an unofficial statement to
night from tho mlno managers that they
would welcome the governor's presence.
Any plans, for arbitration undor the
direction of the governor were soon dis
pelled, however, by the announcement
that Mr. Forrls had no present Intentions
of coming to the copper country or of
withdrawing the militia which Is pro
tecting the mines against any further
outbreak of the strikers.
Aakii Governor to Come.
The following tolegratn was sent to the
governor's office in ltns!ng this after
noon by C. E. Mahonay, vice president ot
the Western Federation of Miners:
"We respectfully request that you coma
hore and Investigate the Industrial dis
pute In tho copper mining district and
use your good offices to effoct a settle
ment and to direct that tho troops bo
used, to preserve peace Instead - of to
operate the mines as seems to be tho
present Intent." , ,
The company managers stated un
officially that they, too, would welcome
the goycrnor. but would give no Inti
mation that proposals to arbitrate the
strike would be accepted by them. They
said this would be construed by the
strlkors as a tacit , recognition of th?
Disorders Oconr Spasmodically.
Disorders occurred spasmodically In
tbe outlying districts ot tho mining coun
try today, but in no cose did the strikers
manifest the spirit which appeared la
the attack upon Calumet and Uecla
properties yesterday.
A call toT troops como from the south
range when union sympathizers drove
away tho Bherlffts deputies at the Baltic,
Trl-Mountaln and other mines, but an
Investigation by nillltla commanders con
vinced them that the situation was not
serious enough to require the presence of
state soldiers.
It was the consensus of opinion among
the officers of the three companies al
ready hero that the storm center would
remain In and about Calumet. Accord
ingly company electricians strung wires
all about tho Calumet and Hecla shaftJ
and shops with sixty-handle power lamps
dopcndlng therefrom every six feet. The
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militia commanders were convinced that
the Illumination would prevent any pos
sibility of "planting" explosives about
tho buildings at night.
Austria Serves Notice on Greek and
Servian Governments.
Will Act in Concert trlth It nun I a to
See Ho Attack: Made on Sofia,
it is Declared in
LONDON, July 26. The Important de
velopment today In tho Balkan situation
waa a demand presented by the Austrian
representatives at Athens and Belgrade
for an Immediate cessation of hostilities,
together with a warning that Austria
would not allow Bulgaria to be too
greatly humiliated.
It waa declared In Vienna tonight that
should Greece and Servla still oppose an
armistice a Rumanian army, acting In be
half of Austria and Russia, will prevent
any attack on Sofia, and that Austria
will take even more energetic steps, if
necessary, to stop the war. Should It be
true that Austria and Russia thus have
agreed to co-operate tho pressure exer
cised doubtless will be effective.
In the military sphere the principal
news is that the Servians have Invested
the ancient fortress at Vidln, Bulgaria,
130 miles south of Belgrade. The fall of
the fortress cannot long be delayed, In
fact a Belgrade dispatch reports that
General Kutuntcheff'a troops already aro
beginning to surrender. Vldln, which haa
a population of 15,000, will be Servla'a big
gest capture In the war.
HASTINGS, July 2fl. (Special.) Wortf
was started today on the building of the
tanning Memorial hospital, which is to
bo erected by W. H. Lannlng In memory
of his daughter, Mary Lannlng. Tho
structure will cost about J100.000.
Although delayed by the delinquency In
the shipment of the structural steel, Con
tractor Hempel announces that Hastings'
now $200,000 hotel will bo ready for occu
pancy by January 1 next The contractor
Is under penalty of $200 a day after Oc
tober 1.
Hammer Desrrees Given.
IOWA CITT, la., Jul) 25.-(BpedaU-Forty-flve
degrees were granted by the
State University of Iowa at the fifty
sixth convocation, which marked the
close of the summer session hero today.
Twonty-soven were first and eighteen
advanced degrees. Rev. Joseph Fort
Newton of Cedar Rapids delivered tho
convocation address.
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Get Together Conference Takes
Place at Sioux Falls.
Resolution to Endorse GoTCrnor
' Ilyrae and Nntlonhl Delegation
Not Entertained Second
Meeting; Called.
BIOUX FALLS, S, D July 2G. (Special
Telegram.) Tho get-together mass meet
ing of South Dakota republicans con
cluded .last night after two harmonious
sessions. About the only fight developed
over tho offering of on amendment to
the report of the resolutions committee
providing for the endorsement ot the ad
ministration of Governor Byrne and tho
South Dakota delegation In congress.
This proposed amendment was voted
down almost unanimously, the gathering
adhering strictly to the declared purpose
of the gathering which was to unite the
republican faotlons and not endorse-any
candidate for offlco or otliors who may
come beforo the voters for ro-electlon.
Strong resolutions were adopted, theso
being of a character which can bo sup
ported by all republicans, stalwarts as
it ell as progressives. Among other things
tbe resolutions declared tor a strong na
tional primary law.
The gathering fulfilled tho expectations
of those who called tho meeting- and tho
action taken indicated that they had no
ulterior motives, but honestly sought to
unite the republican factions in South
Dakota and prepare them for next year's
fight' against the common eriejmyg tha
democratic party. '
Tho resolutions as adopted provide for
the holding of another 'meeting of South
Dakota republicans at Huron on Septem
ber 10 when reports will be made on tho
enrollment of voters -under the new state
primary law and such additional business
as' may be necessary Will be transacted.
Moose May Probe .
Death of Initiates
CINCINNATI, O.. July J&c-Tho deaths
of Donald Kenney and Christopher
Gusttn, during, an Initiation Into the
Loyal Order of Moose In Birmingham,
Ala., last night, probably will, result In
formal action being taken against the
lodge at tho meeting of the .supremo
council in Cincinnati next week. The two
men, candidates for membership In the
order, wero being initiated. Fart of the
Initiation consisted, according to the re
port, of eglvlng the men an electrlo
shock. In some manner the men wero
given too severe a shock and they be
came unconscious and died shortly- afterwards.