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For Tomorrow, SATURDAY
89c A PAIR
Jnst 250 pnirs of -these long, white, Silk Gloves left.
It will be yout Inst clianoo - to purchase this Qxcollcnt
quality of white silk glove with Paris point embroidery;
worth $1.25, for 89o a pair.
Women's Gauze Vests, low neck, sleeveless 12o
Women's Gauze Lisle Vests, plain or fancy top; . 3Bo
Women's Gnuzo Union Suits, low neok, knee length,
a nice garmont , S5o
Children's Fine Bibbed Gauze Union Suits, all
aizes 000
Hoitilltisi Agsintt Bulgaria Will
Be Proclaimed at Uikup,
Official Re-eH from Hath Si
Tell t SrM( Yhsterle T-
Men KlKert an
LONJoVi July 1-War l ts fee e
claret r by Servla acalnet afciWarW t
tfrtutS fCHp wWfhrC r-
change Telegraph company, xna premier
Will state that r'vU na beth 'Ptf
voked h' Bulgaria to declare war.
Accounts of the fighting; between the
former Balkan alile In Macedonia corn
ing from the vartou capital of the ma
tiena concerned are confllctlnjr. The 8er
vtans and dreeka are issu'lny' reports of
the defeat of the Bulgarian troops, white
the latter t&te juat a emphatically that
they are Kdranclns toward Balohtkl,
which !e in possession of tho Qreeka nd
st the same time asatnst the Servian
along the whol line.
Hn!art"na TtTtc Defrated.
BEIX3RADE, Bnrta. July 8, 8rvtn
reports of the fluhttn on Tuwday be
twrtn the Duifurldn and Servian armlts
etate that the Bulgarians abandoned
ceverat entire b(ittc'ris of te& guns,
many rtflts and much ammunition.
One thousand Bulgarian prisoners are
Kl to have been taken by the (Servians,
ho declare that tho Bulgarian iot MS
dead and wounded.
VIetmry ter the Greeks.
tAIX)NIKT, July i-Th battle between
the Greek and Bulgarian troops, which
hegmn on AVednnsd'ay, resulted In a com
t'ttta victory for the Greeks, eccordtnr
itti otfictal reports. The Oretk artillery
V . 1 . J . I
Bucnvvt um -ouisanan (una una inb
Greek infantry then pierced the Bui
arian lines at PftUdll. The Dulrarlan
troops were eventually driven away from
the plain of Kllklth,
Thaasaada Killed and Woanded.
"GENEVA, Swltxtrland, July 8.-.Tho
casualties during the fighting in Mace, between the Servians and n
gtrtans and the Greeks and Bulgarians
have been much heavier than the pup.
lUhed figures would, indicate, according
U the Bervlan Red Cross society. Th6
society telegraphed today to the Sw4
Bed Cross soelety Akng . It to 1ejl
doctors to the scene of fighting. Tlia
Message stated -that 3,000 wounded had
been already brought from the front and
that fighting continued.
Uuljrnra OlAfnt Vtotory,
SOFIA. Bulgaria, July J.-The authori
ties here absolutely denied all statements
received In 'Belgrade as to the success of
Servian troop. An official statement
sent out today r the Betgart&n troops
repulsed the Bervtans and captured
numbe? ot villages pn the, banks of tbe
Zlatnevirtta riyer In Macedonia. ' After
ward Ardera were given to the Bulgariwis
to fti fire and they returned to tnelr
formtr olt!ons. The Servians are said
to have suffered heavy iossta,
HUIMW. S. D.,- Jul l-Spcial.)-Al.
torney Jame hymts ,and Ml ilary O.
Mumine. both of this elty, wr united
in rriare this morning by Father Dee.
od of St Martin's Catholic church.
Mr, Br men U a., member of the law firm
of C A. Kelley ie James Byrne, and
Js been engaged in practice here for
oe year. Miss MuraJne was county
superintendent of -aehoele at the time ot
her jnarrijtjge. They will make their
two here.
Vew Xarr K. Croaae.
FpftT tXHXW, Jr.. JhV i-ppetal
1lttm.h-M. Mr . Cmm, a rwt
Meai f Iowa fat(Mvt re, ts deaa
mt her liewe )t CMm 8he leaves her
biMbana aad k eMMren. Mrs. a Crouse
wabora or a Hum wur Wlw4r m
w am.
Children's Rompers
Children's Rompers, white and
colors, 2 to 6 years, 50c, 60c, 85c,
51.00 and $1.50.
Children's Colored Dresses with
Bloomers; tan or blue, low 'nock,
short sleoves, $1.25.
On lot of light percale Dresses
with Bloomers, 2 to. 6 years; ?egi
Inr $1.50 quality, 98b.
Third Floor.
Roosevelt Speaks
for Industrial and
Social Jjuatiqe
NEWPORT, TV X., July l-r-Tha demand
made in. the first national platform of
the progreeeive party for regulation of
corporations and combination's to "insure
their doing justico to their rivals, to their
customers And to their employee" has
been emphasised. Theodore rtooieVplt de
flared yesterday Afternoon at the clsm. whjch opened the national confer
ence of the progressive party, by what
has iHourre .aUc. election lrt..tho ffin(
-Vlfgitila bltumirto- coal fieidB. -t
velt pointed to the progressive platform
upon which he ran for the Dresldency latr
fall as a document which upholders ef
eooiai ana industrial justice In the lutura
will recognize an pne of .the' erwit flpcu
tnents of American political history.
Front it he cited two demands the first
that the national government undertake
on a glguntlo scale the work ot harness
Intr the flood waefa of the Ohio and
Mltslsiitpp! rlvcrs.'uslng for that purpose
tho outfit that has been used in the con.
eiructlon of the Panama canal. The sec
ond demand, already . referred to, Colonel
noosevelt dwelt upon at comlderable
lengths He cu'ottd trohi court decisions
and declared that he wished he oould
make ,th mn of. property understand
that in fignting tuch dedsiona and such
conditions as in West Virginia he was.
lighting ajrath aharcljy n favor ot law!
and order and for property.
"The utter futility ofIn plan of actlpn,
or rather non-action, advocated in l)ot!i
the republican and democratlo platforms
last year, and christened by president
fWlleon with magniloquent -vaguenM
Tfid New Freedom,' has been strikingly
shown by what has thUs'occUl-red (n West
Virginia," Colonel Roosevalt declared.
The. New .Freedom' Is nothing what
ever but the right ct the strong to prey
on the weak, ot the big men. to crush
the little men and to shield their Ipiqulty
beneath the cry that they are exercising
"There Is but one way to interfere with
freedom to inflict slavery on others, and
that Is by invoking the supervisory, tho
regulatory, the controlling and directing
pofer cf the government pfftjeisely as the
progressive last year demanded in their
platform and as X and others Ufce. tae de
manded In our speeches."
Denison Banker Gets
Black Hand Letter
DBNI80N. IsS. JuTv !LflnclnU
George Neave, vice president of the
Crawford County state bank, ta (n re
ceipt of two letters demanding that he
leave the sum Of 13S6 under a tree tiwft
tnlles. east of this city, He communicated
tne nemana to the local authorities ami
the postoffice detectives. He visited- tho
place, leaving a nackaare of
and the sheriff and others made a close
watch, but to no avail. Mr. Neave wiw
o much wrought up over the matter tht
he had officers ceretd at his home,
fearing nn attack. A postal Inspector
wsa here yesterday and believes he naa
information which will catch the lettor
VAMJEZ, Alaska, July t-parta ot a
human skeleton, found four da
Valdes glacier within eight mile of this
the body ot Dr. txgan, a vhyslclan who
was lost in a storm on- th uUcler In the
winter ot 1eM-'9, A watch, letters and
a diary found with the bone Indicate
that they are those of the lost physician.
When scurvy attacked the prospectors
In the Upper Copper river, early in 143,
Dr Loan went over the snow trail into
the Interior to administer to the suffer,
era asd while assisting them .to come
out to the coast, perished In a great
stsrm, which swept the glacier, over
which the party was erosMng.
twU!enV lAdyertHJng Is the Road to
IH4 Jtnturjja
' Daintv, Cool
Summer Dresses
Dresses whose evorj'
trimming and line suggest
coolness and comfort.
$4175 $5.50 $6.75 $9.50
All our high grade
will be sold Saturday.
$35c, 3 for $1
A complete range of
Even ?olice Offloeri May Not Carry
Weapons Today.
Oremtk WttI tint trmm Friday Ntht
Until HatarWir Mvralnsr Ne-rf
IskVaafmeNi. OemBnr Act
Aiea yjffeetiTe.
,,(rfe a Waif Correspondent)
DK3 MOINES, la,, July .-&pec!al
Telegram.)Even the police officers and 'iMl.bfl'UftwbioM-etally
'tit cljm'rmvnfrmi ki. ill
provide e..j?lank.fp.r;, ga joj. Tho
new IdwrortMrlt carrylrlg concealed
iveani;ex'W!t by. persons having; per
rlt from' sherlir or chief of polios. , .
A no- blanks have yet' been- provided
for the permits, none has bean Issued
and anyone found with a wtwtlvr .
morrow, oven a peace officer, will be
suDject to prosecution. Neither may any
store sell any weapon fdr the same
reason- .
One of the most important new lawa
la that providing for daylight saloons.
Under this- law the tlwta fflntlAt Mian
until 7 o'clock in the morning and must
ciose at o ciocit in. tne evening. Saloons'
may not open on holidays, hence' there
will be a. drouth' from 10 n'rWW (nnivkt
iintll 7 a. m. Saturday,
The most Important laws which en intA
effect this week provide:
ror daylight saloons.
For mlllsge, tax -yielding t,ee0,) fpr
extension and Improvement of capltol
For pensions' for widowed mothers with
children under 14 years ot age.
Far regulation ot investment com
panics, -
For the sanitation of grocery stored
and all places whert foods Vre made o?
For workmen's compensation and fix
ing employer' llsblllty.
For the arbitration of disputes between
capital Rnd labor.
For the working of certain prisoners on
the highways and public works In the
For executive council m&klng investl.
gatlon ot properties to determine value
tor assessment purposes.
For. state examination of county
For nonpartisan Judiciary,
ceietratotf by primary lection, I
CrosjilnKi whera neceusry. I
Vim. halt v a. A .
vi anil ius iiTv j ?.: or
I rvt fi r-ri irv ant a 9 inaltintUMa Ik.
board of heftltU,
ror reort5&nis&t!on of tht bord of
opathy at the state unlvsrslty.
j-uj- uwiu in Hwry or siaie oinciais.
For establishing rules ot the road tor
uuwinuuua immu 01 mo
FOIIT DODQE. Is... Julv Riulnl -
Although the safA In the Cpnway gro
rery. wa lert uniocKea last night, bur
Slurs were unable to procure any ot th
money deposited there because' they
locked It when trying to open It. The
proprietor of the store remembered after
he Went to bed that ha hurt fnrffnn ir.
lock the sate. The Incident gave him
mucn worry au night, and he hurries to
the (tore in the moraine to see it all was
discovered a window screen aiyl glass
nan neen broken and entrance ys the
store had been nulned in this viv. 11
found the till of the cash drawer which
he had emptied, open. Hurrying to the
wuo nc no una u locxea wnen ne opened
it the money was intact. Th htirrinm
had begun to fool with the lock, thinking
Is. . a a a i 1
k n 100HC0, ana ipereoy oiCKea it,
They were then unuccesful in finding
tho combination.
mt Celebration tn Malvern,
MALVERN. Ja,, July l.-Speclal.)-Eugene
Hetle will make two or more
flights tomorrow n a Beachy 'military;
biplane at the Independence day celebra
tion at Mills county fair grounds, .Af
rangementa have alio been made for two
ball game, several motorcycle race and
a large number of other free atimntioMa.
A. band concert and free moving "pic
tures at nignt win top oft on. ot th
most extensive celebrations ever held In
the state.
I FINISH FRANfiHISR RRCTION.nsw assistant at the -com
Charter Workers Through with One
Portion of Their, Labors.
ChnrRea Provided for Are Belotr the
Minimum Jtorr Exacted br Vnter
Donrd and the Lighting
What the Charter Writer
Franehlc rh.m.r Knni.i
adopted. ' v .".
otion jo reconsider section calling spe
elal election .to till yacanctee. whlcn at-
city comptroller, tailed by vote of to 7.
rictty fixed At 26 cents perl.COO gallon.
fi j'or.j.wv cuDig anu u coma per
hlownf, reapcctivtly.
AWenflment adopted to franchise sec
won Rivlngr tna.1 carrier, poJccman,
hJttlH tiffin Art Art A nrrt.M lVt m cMt
v v wii jtfi.tcv wai ntma uu uui
Convention adjourned to Monday after
noon at 'i o'clock.
With at least twenty amendments ofi
fored and rejected, and'wlth ideas as to
details widely diverging, tho home rub
charter writers wotfnd up a three-hour
session yesterday afternoon by adopting
the franchise section of the Charter iprac
tlcally as it came from the general com
mlttee ot five.
Fourteen amendments ot the twenty
originally proposed by the Economic
league met with a persistent volley of
'noes" and were alt defeated. Secretary
Dan Horrigan, steady under the aucces-
Ive defeats, read on until the last amend
ment was finished. Some of the ideas
advanced by the Economic league had
been embodied in the charter.
This franchise chapter of. the charter
prpvldes fpr a teny-oRe-year franchise,
ten.year contracts' with resrara to rates
arid fixes maximum rates. below tho ex
isting mlnlmumhargei.,Giu!, electricity
find water chargea ehall not under this
chapter exceed the following: .
water. SS cents car 1.000 eallons! jra. tl
per 1,600 cubic fcot; electrlcljy, li cent
per kllowat. ,
An amendment offered by Chairman
Victor Bosewater providing that the street
car company carry policemen, firemen,
mall carriers and health officers free to
and- from their homes, while on duty, met
with the unanimous approval of the con
vention. -
(senator uonn iieagan Biartea tne
mtetlhB with a motion, to reconsider the
Section which calls a special election to
flU vacancies within sixty days after the
Adoption ot the charter. Health Com-
rntssloner R. V. Connvll and City Camp
trailer C. B. McDonald are affected. The
Motion lost
Lobbying; oY No Aval).
Prior to the convention Considerable
.lobbying wa done by tho E. Holovtclilner
and. ft.' W. Connelt factions and the lat
ter declared thur motion to Teconoidor
would carry with a tfote, '10 to B. ' ti
was lost by a vote Ot 8 to 7. Chairman
It os a water, Fairfield, Bennett. Horrigan,
McCaffrey, Reagan and Shamp voted in
the minority. ..
Connelt wee fighting, through his sup
porters; to continue-his term ot office
i n tj 1 it closes, two years hence. Hole--vtchlner'a
friends sought to oust Con
r4H at the earlltfit date.
The tuf gestldns 'oh amending the fran
chiee chapter Itattedtwtth Fairfield; who
Bejved to striker ottt- 'the reference to
axImiJW rMWantf .substitute' 'reaon-
abla ratse"' tbercf or.'--The defeatiof. .tho"
'same wa nearly unnnlmou.
. Jlarry -Hockett movadi ta amend-thi;
same Bubatltutins-.S5 -cents for
ti ijas. This -Was voted -down.- Ha moved
to substitute 7 cents tor It cents in the
electricity rate. This, too. went down.
Undeterred, Haehett rose for. his hard
est battle, He asked that the maximum
water rate be reduced to 12 cents per 1.003
gallon and made uniform. Shamp stood
with hihi in this fight.
Wnnt'Htm AoVrcr ilateir. ;
"Why should there not be-a universal
ratot" Inquired HocKett. "It has b6en
demonstrated that 'the Water board can
furnish water at a profltlo big consumers
at 12 cents ami they ought to be com
pelled to supply the little fellow- with th9
same service at the name price. The
present rate I outrageous. Their mini
mum Charge ia outrageous." "
"It ceuainl yls," eald Shamp, "and
wVen the people wak"up to the fact that
If? the "Water board's fautt they Will1
elect a different set at mon. We are
charging ourselves more for water' than
the old water company would " Tmve
charged "
Even W. J. Klerstead stood with Hack.
tt and strongly urged tti universal uni
form rate. The amendment,' -however,
waa lost. '
Reagan declared the general committee'
had "just guessed' at the maximum rates'
ana Jotted' them down.
Chairman Itoiiewater took exception to
the' statement .and said' Je' for Jnno'
made a -thorouRh Investigation and some
-other member brVfc'e general committee
had ,done-ltke,we . -Metcalte-
'6t?4' .ra.siit thrnifgh ' for
Hackett'a 7!ent .electricity and Jp-Cn
gas, but bis "pmgreslvu" ,ltne o.f talk
stopped when Hackett urged .the unl-
wers'at water rate, . and, back-pedalling,
he voted against If- .
UralnK 7-snt electricity. Hackett said
he was certain the electric light company
could at n profit, at that rate. .
"Yes, at 6 cents," Rhouted Shamp.
"We are not denying that." said Chair
man Ilosewater. "It may bo true, but
what we want is to fix a rate we can get
and one that will reduce the nost of gas,
electricity and water. We know U cents
la not confiscatory and that a maximum
rate of U cents will stand. The council
will etlll have power, to contract 'for
lower rates."
Pcrstatent Advertising Ttoad to
nig lUturn. ,
Swift's Profits
Fifteen Per Cent
Upon Its Capital
BOSTON. July 8. (Special Telegrams
Swift & company are showing some gain
la gross sates over last , year when thfc
aggregate topped the. J300,aw,COO mark for
the first time in the company's history.
For the first three-quarters ot the year
ended yesterday, net profits have been
running at the rate of 14 per cent oh its
T75,000,o stock, or from It 000.05) to
M.GG0,OQ larger than during the twelve,
months to September 30. )ll
.Qaln in gross sales so far this year baa
been due largely to enlarged sales of by.
products, specialties and to higher price.
In actual pounds of beef, pork end other
food products, it is probable that this
year will tall 15 to 10 per cent behind
last year. Beef sales will certainly show
a decrease ot fully that amount The
poultry department, however, ts ahead
IsaaaBWaaBKrHpBI 'LaK
aaaaaaaaaaam. ' f;itk
He Succeeds Ward Qlfford as Assistant
to Commissioner Guild.
Seven Faotories Seized by Cincinnati
Board-of Health. .
fllea Ordered Back by Union otflclale
Vnder nn Affre'ment with the
Mayor Compnnr Scelta
ice plants aelced yesterday- by order q
-.or onry x. Hunt were being oper
ated today by the Bpard of Health in an
effort o relieve the suffering caused by
the atrlkn nt .itiHn.... i .
and helpers.
The plants are' in chars- of striking
englneera and firemen who were Ordered
w mum 10 worx ny union officials
under nn agreement ,mnde with the
mayor. 'No-ice was mnii" k...
it is Expected that a limited quantity will
,v uui iuni(iiii op tomorrow and
that It will be sold to the public. It Is
no the Intontlon t6 deliver Ice, but any
one can oDiain t ny applying at the plat
forms of the Ice companies or at the fire
The Cincinnati Ice comnnnv fr.i .n
plied to Judge Spiegel In common plea
court for nh Injunction1 to retin th
city "from trespassing further on the
property 01. the company,"
Continued frbm Page One.)
low n fireworks to be exploded which
can-Jnjjany way injure of destroy prop
erty. 2
For the Older nersnnx. 4hn hnv ru,A
the daV' of, firecrackers, capa, canes and,
nigger cnasers." tnero will he plenty of
amusement and entertainment.
At tttol various theaters In Omaha
mil w4x-fKt-!i.-.ViVt;:i. ill 'L.i
as also has the Hipp, Empress and other
jnvuun 1'iciure nurses. ,
; The parka -arc all In splendid, condition
fqr picnics. Concerts wit be given at
Krug and Manawfi "barks. - Danelnir ami
all other features such as abound In
amusement parks wilt be taxed to the
limit At HdnbCom tfark, Oeorge Green
Will Jtlve a-condert In th nftimnnn
Fnr'th. 1nl..r n
ball manaEement hh t-ranc-.i ,wn ,.tr
games, both with Josh Clarke's fcloux City
inaians. Tne first game will be played in
the mornintf at IOjSO o'clock 'and the pec
ond at S In the afternoon. Folhvwlnc- th.
afternoon game th drill team ot the
wonyer kiks, stopping over- en route to
ino nauqnai rounion at Rochester, wjll
give an exhibition. The
thrown open to. the 'ptfblic to witness the
drill. - - -
At the Carter Lake clUb, Seymour
s-vuiivu uiuug mowing association
ana xoung Men's Christian association
park will be given aquatic prorrams. The
city tennis tournamant turn y.i .u-
Omaha Field club at 10; o'clock in the
A Jaok.rabblt shoot will be held all day
long at the Omaha Qun club's grounds.
Just east ot the Douglas street bridge,
r, u ""iT for Chliarea.
Ferhapsthe biggest celebration of the
day will be at the Prairie park associa
tion. The program will burin t irt nvii.
with a parade for the children. Following
wju come a cniidren's fancy drees
drill and then the tennis championship
.bivuvo. m men r e uigies and doubles.
At 1 o'clock a. band concert will begin
In the pavilion. From 1: until 4:M will
b races, tennis matcher and general
celebrating of alt kinds.
. The grand historic parade will begin
at o'clock with Major A, A. Wcdemeyer
marshal of the day. The line ot march
will be Twenty-sixth And Meredith ave.
nue to Ames avenue, east to Twentieth,
north to Grand avenue, west to Twenty
four,, south to Ames avenue, west to
Twenty-seventh, north to Fowler avenue,
east to -Twenty-sixth, where it will dis
band. At 7:30 o'clock In the evening a pa
trlotlc address will be made by Joseph
O, Cannon (some J. O. Cannon), one hour
later a fireworks display will hold forth
nt TWenty-flfth avenue between Fowler
and Meredith avenues. The rest of the
evening will be spent In dancing.
FORT DODGE:. Ia.. Jm iq-..
cal.)-BecaUse the Fort Dodga' Tele
phone company, the only telephone
service company in thj city, has in
nounecd a large raise in rates effective
July 1, the city council haa notified the
company that it has violate rvi-itM,..
2 passed July , 1893 which says "the
price of telephone rental ahalr not ex.
ceed tH a year for business and tU a
year for residence telephones. The new
schedule makes business service tlx.
IXTS and W.S, according ta .service, and
residence telephone J1.2S. LTS and
according tn service, with M wr fu.n
discounts if bills ate paid before the
fifteenth ot the month The announce
ment of the company has created greet
agitation and litigation promises to be
the outcome. The city already warns
it w(li get a restraining order.
The Peralstent en-i judicious Use of
Newspaper Advertising It the oad to
Business Success '
Reduction in Insurance Rates Waits
on New Main, .
On Its Ileport Will Depend Larsrely
the Insurance Itate to ue
Charged -la- Omaha In
"Until the new water main I accepted
by the city and that wrangle Is .stopped,
It is not likely that there wilt be a re
duction in the fire Insurance rates in
Omaha." eal'd' A, O. Beesoh, manager ot
the-"Nebraska rate Inspection bureau,
when asked about the possible reduction
in fire Insurance rates In the City. -
A committee ot five from the National
Board of Underwriters has worked some
two mbntha in Omaha making investiga
tion of the fire protection facilities, the
water pressure and many other phases
of the make up ot Omaha in general with
a view to ascertaining tilt general has
ards here and the risk assumed by in
surnnce companies in insuring property
here. This cdmmlttee has completed Its
work In the city and has gone, but IU
report has not yet reached Omaha. They
make their reports'' to headquarters In
the east, after which the report Is seni
to the bureau of rates In Omaha. They
make no Recommendation with regard ta
changes in rates, but the rate bureau
bases any changes on the-tact Contained
in tho report concerning haxards, etc,
consulting at the same- time, the rules ot
the national board as to when and Under
just whdt 'specific circumstances' the
rales may be changed.
This Investigation and the report that
wl come from it will be the first made
here since 1907.
Many insurance men are Jookjpg. for a
reduction in rates to be the result ot the
recent thorough Ihapectlnn of the city by
the committee, while of course there' la
always the possibility that a city may
be eVen "penalised," in the language ot
the insurance -men, that is, have tho
rutea even raised after an Investigation
of this kind. This only Occurs, however,
where water pressure Is poor, water fa
cilities bad, fire department inadequate,
building ton congested, or other cohdl-.
tlohs that Increase tho hazard.
, (Continued from Fagje One.)
Bride of this city w&a treasurer and Her
man Schultels, alao of Washington, was
counsel. At one time the "league" de-
pended on Attorney General Monett ot
Ohio for legal advice, he sold.
Martin declined to give names ot the
league's" members because they would
autfer 'the anger of tho great trus.U;
who would ruin, blacklist them and se
cure their discharge from employment"
Martin also declined to disclose the ex
psndlture ot about 150,000 by the "league"
on the same grounds, Martin gavo the
members of the legislative committee ot
'the ' "league" as himself. Ijockwood,
Sehultels, Monett. Bride a,nd "W", B, Flem
ing of Kentucky, C. J. Van Vorhls ot
ia jfcjjfette rvffSSSaZJ'Day, .ot
.New York JUid WL.Cwiot.Nebraska.
" He cTaTmed Ifiaf Tie nadbresente3 td"
tha secretary of the navy evidence of
frauds in armor plate contracts arid that'
he had given Information to other goverrt-
msnt officials regarding violations of law
by the "railroad trust, "coal, trust, ste.rt
trust, harvester" trust and elevator trust'
at a cost of more than $1P,0M. He claimed
to have drawn many bills for tntroduo
lion in congress, had helped to prepare
for an investigation of the "armor trust"
and wa "very active" in the preparation
of resolutions for the- money and steel.
trust investigations,
Snrn Lovctt In Lobbyist.
The committee wanted to know, what
Martin knew about lobbies In Washing.
He declared that when Chairman t,ovett
of the Union Pacific board and Paxil O.
uravAtn or counsel had been to the De
partment of Justice to dlsouta the Union
Paclfio dissolution with Attorney GentrM
McReynolds they had "lobbied" the de
partment. A. C. Dinkey of the Carnegie
Stoel company, Vice Preeldent Johnson
of the Bethlehem Steel company and Vice
President Feme of the Mtdvale Steel
company had beep In Washington in
March lobbying for armor plate con
tracts, Martin declared.
"An active part ot that lobby Is the
Navy league," he added.
J, V. Morgan, Jr., and Herbert Satterlea
ot Morgan & Co. ho named a interested
in the Navy league,
Their lobbying- haa resulted in the
United States paying hundreds of mil-,
lions, for obsolete ships and useless ar
mor," said Martin,
At the close of Martin's testimony the
committee took a recess until 4:30 a m..
When O.- Harold Powell ot 'the California
Fruit Growers' association will be ex
atnlned. Senator kejnyon's opinion
Mnlaall Confirms Wfaat
FORT DODGE. Ia.. Julv S. fln.H.f
Tlegram.)-8nator W. B. fcenyon de
clared today that Muihall' confession
simply confirm What people have believed,
of which they have had n& nrnof. tta'
retrained from comment on th West
Virginia strike case because the commit-,
tee ts sitting In a quasi Judicial way.
He saldi "The insidious lobby 1 a part
ot invisible, government. The Inveatlga
tlon is the best thing in years and wilt
enable people to know what lntiunp
have been at work for the jest ten year
10 paca committee ana slide leglsla
Japanese Note is.
' Delivered to Bryan
WASIUNOTON, July J.-The latest
Japanese note supplementary to the re
joinder of' Juna t on the California alien
land law protest was delivered today to
Secretary Bryan by Ambaasador Chinda,
Th not ts simply an elaboration of
some of the points contained Jp the re
CHICAG-O. Juiyi-.TWttve hour after
finding the bodyot a" well dressed, un
identified woman with her throat cut.
the police admitted tonight that they had
been unable to Identify her Or gnd any
clue to a murderer.
Twice during the day It wa announced
that the body had been identified, only
to be contradicted later.
Tne body was found in hi) alley at 701
West Madison street The -woman had
beeh"stabbtd in the neck with a knife,
severing tho Jugular vein. Several
pieces of Jewelry were found on the body,
Indicating that robbery had not lnscired
the murder.
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