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Commission Men from South Omaha
at Alliance.
Itntn Mockmrn'n Association Dt
cSAeu to Meet Nrxt Vcnr.nt Alli
ance Object to Tlnlne of
ALLIANCE. S'eb., June 26. (pedal Tel
egramsTwo Pullmans hilled with South
Omaha commission men arrived here this
morning and are' proving good mlx..ers
among stock men at the state association.
In the party are George Emlgh of L. E.
Ooberts & Co.; W. F. King of Bowles
Live Stock Commission company; W. It.
Tagg and W. J. Orchard of Tagg I3ros.,
James Burns of Rosenbaum Bros., Walter
V3. Wood. Fred Huber and F. 8. Crone
of Wood Bros., J. M. Cook of Great West
ern Commission company, J. L. Bush of
Clay Robinson company, Theodore Tlllot
son of National Live Stock Commission
company, Allen II. Dudley of Allen Dud
ley & Co., A. E. Rogers of Omaha Live
Stock Commission company, Larry Melady
of Melady Commission company, Charles
F. Cox of Interstate Commission com
pany, C. L. Talbot. Nebraska brand In
spector; J. R. Walters, superintendent;
W. E. Schelberg, traffic manager of
Union Stock Yards; G. W. Hervey of
Twentieth Century Farmer, : Clarence K.
Patton, assistant secretary of South
Omaha Live Stock .exchange
Leaving here Friday evening the com
mission, .men will return to Omaha via
the North Platte .valley.
Old Officer Re-elected.
Nebraska Stockmen's association at to
day's session re-elected the old "officers
for the ensuing year, as follows: Presi
dents R. M. Hampton, Alliance; vice
piesldent, A. L. Metzgcr, Rolfe, Neb.;
secretary andi treasurer, C. C. Jamison!
Ellsworth, 'Neb.; executive committee of
fifteen also largely re-elected.
The next meeting will be held In
Alliance In 1914, the executive committee.
thanking the Chambers of Commerce of
Crawford for Its offer to entertain In
1914, but deciding to meet here (or the
thirteenth consecutive time.
Among resolutions passed wag, one of
protest against the raise In commission
tales, at HoJth Omaha, Kansas City and
T. W, Tomllnson of Denver, secretary
of the National Live Stock association
,addicseil the convention this morning.
We announced that the United States su
preme court has just upheld the consti
tutionality' of the Gould law compelling
stock trains to maintain ' a speed' of at
least eighteen miles per hour.
ftfewly Weds Greeted
With Novel Chariot
l CRAWFORD, Neb., June 26. (Special.)
'Henry Lloya Wilson of thfti" city and
5lls Lena Fafek of Salt Lake City, were
married In Alliance yesterday. The young
couple had arranged .'tQ metj la Alliance
and be quletl) Aareledr-then- slip in to
Crawford andJ-BurprlBtftheitvMIends. How
ever,t their plans became known and they
Vero' met at tho depot on their arrival
with a novel conveyance consisting of
one very large white horse and a small
burro hitched to a trap which was gaily
bedecked with 'flags, bunting and an
abundance of printed .signs bearing cheer
ing advice to the newly-weds. Tiioy were
escorted up town and. around the princi
pal .streets, thence to the home of the
groom's parents, where a reception was
given them.
The groom Is city attorney of Crawford.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, June 16. (Speclal.)-Deputy
Auditor '.W. L. Minor has addressed a
ltttcr to the attorney general calling at
tention to 247 parcels of land comprising
Sf.Wo acres which have been proven up
on and have never been certified to the
various counties for taxation. He wants
to know If lands become subject to taxa
tion the year after they are proven up,
and If not would they become taxable
the year following the passage of the
liurkett law, June 23, 1910, which was the
.earliest date a transfer was possible.
Tho follolwlnsr counties show the acreage
'ifor the years 1910 and 1911.:
' 1910. 1911. Total.
Acres. Acres. Acres.
Morrill 787 3,075 3,933
Sctt'B Bluff S.3S4 12,008 17,452
'Bloux 2,510 4.030 &S60
Tota'.s 8.772 19.223 27,09f
According to Mr. Minor these lands are
.taxable for this year, but he wants to
tknow how far badk they can be listed.
Fa I rb cry Tierr Note.
i FAIRBURV, Neb.. June 26. (Special.)
There' is considerable rejoicing over th?
splendid rain that fell Monday night
among the farmers here. Nearly three
Inches of rain fell. Crops were badly In
need of rain.
The wrecking train at this place was
ordered to Lincoln at an early hour
Tuesday morning on. account of several
cars feeing derailed on .'the main line.
The Rocky Mountain Limited did not
reach Falrbury until 7 a. m.
Judge L. M. Pemberton of Beatrice Is
holding an adourned session of district
court here. Judge Pemberton granted a
divorce to Mrs. Myrtle Ashpaugh from
;her husband, Hanford Ashpaugh, on the
ground of nonsupport. She was given the
custody of the Jlttle daughter.
. A perpetual Injunction was given against
"Frlti Humfelt. a retired farmer of this
city. Humfelt tried, to close up & public
fclghway west of Falrbury a couple of
l.veaYtt ago.- - -
Sage Wheat Crop
Damaged by Smut
LINCOLN, Neb., June IS. Farm
Demonstrator Llcbers of the University
of Nebraska reports the discovery of
considerable smut In the oat crop of
Gage county, Nebraska. He estimates
the damage from 5 to IS per cent on thi
crop In that section of the country, which
Is only a small part of the state's produc
The Bewsher Company Files Articles
with Secretary of State.
Floyd Flpcnren rtereal an Increase In
Vnlnntlnn of Hundred Thonnnnd,
While Honprr'n Rnlne In Four
teen Thousand,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., June 26.-(Speclal Tel-
egram.) The Bowsher company Is the
name of a new corporation doing business
In Omaha which files Its articles of In.
corporation with the secretary of state.
The capital stock Is placed at 130,000 and
the Incorporators are A. H. Bewsher, B.
J. Cllzbe and. E. M. Martin. The com
pany will do a general business In buying
and selling grain.
The Interstate Live Stock Fair asso
ciation with a capital stock of $5,009 and
headquarters at Cambridge has filed artl
cles of Incorporation with the secretary
of state.
The Covlna Land and Improvement
company of Omaha has notified the sec
rctary of state that the corporation has
dissolved. The C. F. Steele Furnlturo
company of Falrbury has also notified
the office of Its dissolution.
IMansbursr Mnken Argument,
The Board of Assessment held a short
session this morning and listened to an
appeal by Attorney C. C. Flansburg ask
ing for a reassessment of the Omaha, Lin
coln& Beatrice Interurban railway.
Counties Slake Returns.
Two more counties sent In their assess
ment reports to the secretary of the State
Board of Assessment today. These
counties raise the list to ten reporting so
far. Boyd county shows an Increase of
3100,000 In Its assessment and Gosper 314,
000. Of the ten counties reporting, all of
them show an Increase, making over
3456,000 Increase so far as reported over
last year.
Clarke Gnen to Chlcafro.
Railway Commissioner Henry T. Clarke
went to Chicago this evening to attend
a special meeting of the executive com
mittee of the national organization of
railway commissioners, which will meet
tomorrow to consult on matters In con
nection with a meeting of the Interstate
Commerce commission.
Father and Son Both
Drown in the Blue
BEATRICE, Neb.', Jiine 2-(8peclal Tel-,
egram.) By the capsizing of a small row
boat Just north pf the' mill dam In the
Blue river, Alfred Jones and his eon, Har
old, 11 years old, were drowned' this even
ing. A stranger named Rose, who says
his home is at Omaha, was In the party,
but managed to escape. He had been
A short time before the accident oc
curred persons on the river bank said
they saw Jones trying to walk along the
edge' of .the boat. -
The boy's body was .recovered tonight,
but searchers have been unable to re
cover Jones' body. Mrs. Jones cannot be
found, and ,lt is feared that she went to
the river to search for her husband and
son and met a like fate. Jones was 65
years of age and leaves a large family.
CALLAWAY, Neb., June 26. (Special.)
The funeral of William Warren, who
'died at Phoenix, Ariz.,, after having
Been there a year In quest of health, on
June 16, was held In the Masonic Temple
at this place, the funeral being In charge
of Alpha Morgan, grand master of the
Masonic order of Nebraska, deceased
being a member of Parian Lodge, No.
207, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
of Callaway, Visiting brethern from
Broken Bow, Merna, Arnold, Hoagland
and Candy being present. Members of
the Odd Fellows In regalia, Modren
-Woodmen and Ancient Order of United
Workmen lodges, of which he was a
memoer, were present as well as a
large number of friends and relatives-
Mr. Warren was the republican candi
date for representative from this dis
trict four years ago and was defeated
at the general election. He was two
years ago defeated In the primary for
the nomination for Uie same position.
Note front North Dend.
NORTH BEND. Neb.. June 26.-(Spe-oJal.l-Contractor
Murdock of Omaha has
submitted plans to Father Morlarlty ff
this city for the new church building
which the St. Charles Catholic church r.f
North B.end proposes to build.
Heavy rains and severe wind and elec
trical storrrts have prevailed here this
week. Reports from a cloud burst three
ipllea east of town Tuesday' afternoon
tate that, the water lay two feet deep
on -the level, embracing sorpe wheat
f ilds which were thereby entirely dta
fioyed. Work on ihe dyke across the north
I art of the Platte river at this Is
cw In progress. This dyke When com
Hit t t'd will conneot the new steel bridge.
i state structure, with the North Bend
wagon road and will open communica
tion again between this city and Satin
Scis county.
FREMONT, Neb., June 26.-(Speclal
Telegram.) George D. Reynolds, a resl-
dent, of Fremont since U72, and a well
known Insurance man, died at hli home
lq this city this morning at the age of
72 years. He was born and educated. In
New -York state and came to Papllllon
In 1370, later moving to Fremont, where
he went Into partnership with L. D.
Richards In the Insurapce business. Since
1SS0 he had been In that business by
himself. Mr. Reynolds was very active
In different lined of business, a man of
extended acquaintance, a leading demo
crat and church worker. For eight years
he' waa president of' the Young Men's
Christian ' association, and an officer In
the Baptist church for thirty-three
years. He leaves a widow and three
Supreme Court Reverses Itself in
Kearney Case.
Verdict tit Six Thoniiand Dollarn
Aftalnut Ovrnera of Ilojril Theater
, Held to Tie Good In lllnh
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
t LINCOLN, June 27. (Special.) The su
pro me court of Nebraska, has changed
Its mind, In the Buffalo county case
which Involved the right of Charles
Rollcy to hold aa police Judge of the
city of Kearney. Tho court holds that
the district court had no right to oust
Rollcy from the office and sent W. L.
Hand, elected at the regular fall elec
tion. Judge 8edgewick wrote the opinion
and says that the constitution fixe the
term of office of a police magistrate,
and that the legislature cannot change
the length of term nor remove the In
etimbent by legislation. Judge Fawcett
in a dlssontlng oplnoln Is rather In
clined to ridicule the later action of
the court when In a former action It
had unanimously decided otherwise.
Theater Damapie Stnnds.
An oplon handed down this momlrur
sustains the district court of Douglass
county In the Boyd theater elevator
case wherein Chaa. H. Grunnell, aa ad
ministrator of tho estato of Resale
Chambers, recovered a verdict for $6,141
from Anna H. Boyd, James K. Boyd
Jr., and Eleanor B. Blerbour, owners
.of tho Boyd theater In Omah, wife son
and daughter of ex-Govcrnor Boyd, for
damages sustained by Miss Bessie Cham
bers, March IS, ISiIO, who fell down the
elevator shaft at the building, sustaining
injuries from which she died.
Mint Resentence Strhr.
In the Henry Stehr case from Madison
county, wherein an appeal had been made
to the supreme court for a new trial for
Stehr, who had been given an inde
terminate sentence for being responsible
for the death of his stepson, whom he
caused to stay all night In a coal shed,
from which exposure he died, the court
finds that the district Judge had no right
to sentence Stehr under the Indeterminate
sentence law before the law had gone
Into effect. The case Is sent back to the
lower' court with Instructions to pro
nounce sentence under the law In effect
at that time. Tho supreme court recom
mends that the very lowest sentence be
given, considering the time already served
and that Stehr should be discharged from
Follmcr Losea Again.
The Follmcr case which has been In
the courts for several years was again
decided against Follmer. This case Is one
In which Follmer as state land com
missioner had gone Into court to compel
certain settlers who had squatted on
lands which should have been granted
the state as school lands to get off of
the lands or that the state bo compelled
to assign an equal number of acres from
other lands to the school lands of the
state. The then attorney general, F. .N.
Prout, ' did not coincide with Follmer's
vlws In the rnatter and so Follroer4 em
ployed' Captain E. J, Murfln of Lincoln
to. represent the state In the matter.
Murfln put in for a fee of $1,K for acting
In the case. One legislature refused to
allow the claim. Another legislature voted
the appropriation and Governor Mickey
vetoed it. Then the legislature was ap
pealed to give Murfln the right to sue
the state and the right was granted him.
He then assigned the claim to Mr. Foll
mer. The court refused to grant another
hearing In the bank taxation case, hold
ing that their former ruling that capital
stock of a bank was not subject to be.
listed for taxation purposes would stand.
mi lav x
'M. i ' r -V V V III
B V . X I ' III
I rtl SBfPSJu W "Nv V Mill II II II 1 1I1WM SU
Loss' Almost Total in Small Area Near
Grand Island.
Electric Lights for Ohlorra.
OHIOWA. Neb.. June 2& rRnll i
Notice was given yesterday that Fred
Lapcnesxa naa secured a xranctllse to
operate 'an electric light system. Mr.
Lapcheska will Install his outfit as soon
as ordered, and add to It as often as
business permits. For some Jlme he has
nnerated a system lance enouah to Ileht
one block, and this led to the plans for
the larger plant.
A Fierce Attack
of malaria,, liver derangement and Kid
ney trouble. Is easily cured by Elettrla
Bitters, the guaranteed remedy. CO ct.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement.
Key to the Situation- Xtee Advertising.
Notes From Beatrice
and Gage County
BEATRICE. Neb.. June 26.-(Speclal.)
Harold Gould and Cecil Rhodes, the
two boys who were caught In M. L
Kor's grocery store Tuesday night,
wore arraigned yesterday morning before
Judge Ellis on the charge of burglary.
They entered a plea of guilty and were
bound over to the district court, They
were released on bond of $000 each, which
waa furnished by their fathers.
A terrific rain, wind and electrical
storm struck the De Witt vicinity Tues
day night, doing considerable damage
to corn and wheat. The barns of F.
Krackc, William Cox and John Bentor
were struck by lightning and burned to
the ground, '
Thomas J. Dotson and . Miss Etta
Pelser, both of Falrbury, were mar
ried here yesterday by Rev. V. G. Brown.
Mr. Dotson Is employed as a fireman on
the Rock Island at that point
Robert Ralston sustained a broken
collar bone and severe bruises about the
body last evening when his motorcycle
collided with one driven by Roy Hermle
at the driving park. Ralston was thrown
headlong a distance of twelve feet from
his machine when the collision occurred.
Hermle escaped being injured. Ralston's
machine was badly smashed.
J. H. Penncr of this city has disposed
or his home and the Union State Bank
block to C. A. Elmen & Co., of
Houston, Tex. Mr. Penner has taken
In part payment a large ranch In Texas,
which he expects tb colonize after he
harvests his crops next fall.
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to Go to COLORADO, Let
Us Tell You How to Get There!
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vacation. Let us match your days of luxury with a trip of
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There are several routes that can take you to -Colorado, but
Union Pacific
it still the only route. For it costs no more 'than any of the ordinary w&yu
Now, let us sec what it gives you in return : ,
The Union Pacific is double-tracked all the way to Colorado, and it is
the only line having this distinction.
Its entire line is guarded with Automatic Electric Block 'Safety Signals,
and this important feature is exclusive to the Union Pacific
Its roadbed it second to none in the world. It it heavily ballasted with
dustiest Sherman gravel insuring freedom from dust This means cool
cars, like open carnages, both night and day. Open windows and the
observation end can be enjoyed without the annoyance of dirt and grime.
It is the smoothest road to Colorado. It is laid with ninety pound steel
rails and its powerful engines glide along like purring dynamos.
It will actually put you in Colorado in one night a trip that took your
fathers months to make before this railroad came.
It is both pioneer and leader of the Western railroad world. To travel
on this road of luxury costs you no more than the ordinary way.
$17.50 from Omaha and Return
The Union Pacific Standard Road of the West is the new and
direct route to Yellowstone National Park.
Atk. fa oar hanitetatiy IlluttrattJ lllmtur.
L. DE1NDORFF, C. P. & T. A.
L 1324 Farnom S treat, Omaha, Neb, j
v , Phono Doug. 334
Hailstones Snld to De n I,nrirn am
Small llrnn' Zkk ISxtennlve
Damnure Done 1 Wind
Nenr nlnden.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Juno 26.
(Special Telegram.) Reports from tho
country districts this mornlnK show
more serious damage to crops by last
night's severe hall storm than was first
supposed. Ono strip several miles Ions
and about four miles wide has badly
pounded wheat and oats and the loss
Is almost total. The hailstones were an
large as small hen's eggs and were driven
by a severe wind. Sixty windows In tho
soldier's home, nearly every one on the
storm side of the Grand Island college.
and twenty In the new high school, all
In the northern part of the city, were
Small Tornado Nenr Keneanw,.
LINCOLN, Neb., June 26. A tornado,
accompanied by a terrific hall and rain
storm, swept over central Nobraska last
night, damaging crops and tearing Its
way through the little village of Kene
saw, 100 miles west of here, where several
farm buildings were demolished, but no
lives lost.
The hall accompanying the storm
pounded the crops Into the ground In
many places. Telephone and telegraph
lines are down at Kenesaw and meagre
reporta reaching here estimate the dam
age at $100,000. The storm was followed
by gejieral rains over southern Nebraska,
these benefiting the crops where no hull
Damage Near linden.
BLADEN, Neb., June 26,-(Speclal.)
This vicinity has been suffering from
a drought for tho last ten days, but It
was broken with a vengeance this week.
On Tuesday evening the first Installment
of rain arrived, to tho amount of two
Inches a mile north of town, and vary
ing from an Inch and a half to three-
eighths of an Inch In slightly varied loca
tions. Wednesday evening came a dashing
rain accompanied by heavy wind und
hall. An Inch of rain fell. Three miles
west of here the wind took on tho
characteristics of a tornado, and, though
no lives wero lost, there wos much dam
age to crops and property. Many out
buildings were destroyed or damaged
and the hall wrought havoc with tho
wheat, which was just ready to out.
At the homo of Lon Mead, living three
miles straight west of Bladen, tho storm
was tho most severe, lie had a fine field
of wheat ready to cut that would have
yielded twenty to twenty-five bushels to
tho acre. This morning It was not worth
cutting with tho mower. His outbuild
ings were destroyed, and his automobile
and machinery moved from tho sheds
and scattered over the place.
On tho farm owne'd by John Otto, a
mile, west of Mr. Mead, the house was
badly damaged and the chicken house
carried away and placed in a neighbor's
wheat field.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., June 26.-(8peclal.)
Rtock men of Kansas, Colorado and Ne
braska met here June 21, and perfected
the organization of an association styled
"The Inter-State Fine Stoek Fair." The
article of incorporation calls for !5,0fl0
cash capital. The object Is to hold an
Inter-state thoroughbred stock fair at
Cambridge annually.
R. II. Palmer of Akron, Colo., has
bought the Electric theater formerly
operated here by Cast & Scott.
nev. W. P. Kelts of tho First Congre
gational church of this city, was honored
on Saturday evening with the novel event
of tho season, a "bachelor shower," as a
forerunner of a more eventful occasion.
Mr. Kelts was the recipient of many
valuable articles.
Mr. C. H. Becker,, officiated.
Ueckert and Charlie Frost, the students
of the Lutheran college whp. did . such
wholesale, robbery here, are now pa
roled to Sheriff Olllan, awaiting the
action of Judge U. K. Good.
A hailstorm last night west of Howard
did considerable damago.
tn the
kOver 400 Ships
JVctts Notes of SeTTnrd,
REWARD, Neb, Juno 26.-(Special.)-Last
night at the St John's Lutheran
church, Louise, daughter of Rev. and
Mrs. C. H. Becker, was united In mar
riage to Hev. Mr. Albert of Bloomfleld,
Neb. Three bridesmaids and groomsmen
attended tho bride and groom. Rev.
Codoner's Jury
Exonerates Veteran
SEWARD. Neb., June 26. (Special
Telegram.) The Jury In the case of Geo.
Leonard charged with having caused the
death of James Aroell, an old soldier
at the Mllford home on April 13. 1913,
brought In a verdict of not guilty after
having been out forty minutes.
Leonard was a Spanish-American
soldier who was a teamster at the Mll
ford soldier home. '
NORTH BEND. Neb., June 26. (Spe
cial.) The Omaha Presbytery, which con
vened here this week closed last even
ing with a lecture by J. C. Cleland of
Philadelphia, Pa. Four conventions
were held with three daily sessions,
namely The Presbytery, the Woman's
Missionary soolety, the Young Woman's
Missionary society and the Sabbath
School. About fifty delegates and sev
tial ministers were In attendance
Among these were Rev J C Uctlas
Rev II B Bperr and Rev. W A Pol
lock, all of Ou.aiia.
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Vrstorla. , , July la, 1 p. m.
pres. Qrant, July ie, P. a. m.
llmpsrator. . . July 1. 10 a. m,
A.mert..v.July 83. a.m.
Pras. Iilnooln. July 34, 13 m.
itrsunsylTanla July 31, S p.m.
Kals'n Aug- Tlo. Aug. a. 9 a.m.
llmparator, August B, 11 a.m.
tiPatrtcla. August 0, 12 noon
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a, a, aioltkt) (12.600 tons)
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m m If.nlinM. All. 10 Sum.
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S033 Cumin ar Kt
Tel. Sod 73.
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