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Tuesday, May 20,. 1913.
A PROMINENT young society matron, residing In the West Farnam
neighborhood, who has been suffering moro or less from nervous
ncss since the Easter tornado, Is proving that she Is Bomewhat
Ingenious. Every time "any old cloud" appoars the young matron
rushes for the basement and Insists on the rest of the family accompany
ing her. If there are guests in the house thoy, too, must rush for the
basement. Until recently tho underground floor has been used only as a
laundry, furnace room and store room; now, however, one corner has been
arranged with all of the luxuries arid necessities for a cyclone aprtmcnt.
"There are sofa pillows to protect your hoad," sho explained to mo." "You
noticed that everyone got plaster and mud In his or her hair." Another
comfort is the porch furniture which has beon placed In the "protectod
corner," as she calls it.
Among the necessities are axes and hatchets, "so we can how our own
way out," sho confided to mo. "I have spent so many evenings in my
new comer during tho last few weoks that I am going to have a reading
lamp Installed down there and all the comforts that I can think of," sho
said la absolute earnestness.
At the Country Club.
A B. Warren was hont at a dinner
Tarty at the Country club Monday even
ing In honor of Miss Mabel Balcombe
and P W. Leonhardt, whoee wedding will
take place Wednesday evening. Thofeo
present were:
Katherine Morse,
1). II. Wheeler, Jr.
Dr. Ienoy C rummer
A. R Warren.
Mabel Balcombe,
Elisabeth Wlldman,
P. W. Leonhardt,
Randall Brown.
Mr. ana Mrs. George I'rlnx.
Mrs. Casper E. Yost and Mr. Charles
Offutt entertained delightfully at- lunch
eon at the Country club In honor of two
nieces of Mrs. Yost Miss Donna Mathews
and her 'sister, Mrs. McMath of Spring
field, Mass., who Is visiting here. '(Those
Violet Joslyn,
Bertha Dickey,
Dorothy Morgan,
Mildred Itogers,
Gladys Peters,
Daphne Feters.
Bernard Capen,
Charles Offutt
present were:
Donna Mathews,
Katherine arable,
Nannie Page,
Lucy Updike,
Helen Smith.
Mabel Hicks.
McMath of Spring
field, Mass.;
Myles Standlsh,
Flower Mission Luncheon.
Mrs. George A. Hoagland entertained
at a beautifully appointed luncheon today
at her home, when her guests were the
young women who are active In the
Kmma Flower mission, and who distri
bute flowers each Thursday to the hos
pitals. Those present were:
Hazel Kvens,
Rose Coffman,
Carol Howard,
Helen Bllsh.
Gretchen Williamson,
Gertrude Brandt,
Florence Power,
Grace Clarke,
Edith ThomiB.
Crosby Wyman,
W. W. Hoagland.
Ethel Tukey,
Maria McHhane.
Hazel Howard,
Marie Hodge,
Ruth Gould,
Helen Chesney,
Gertrude Schermer-
Marjorle, Benson,
Jennie Vetera.
J. E. Bummers,
raul Hoagland,
George A. iioagiano,
Concert at Brandcis Theater,
A fund of over 600 was raised last
evening at the concert given by Max
Landow, assisted by Martin Bush, for
the benoflt of the Sacred Ifeart academy.
A large number attended In eplte of the
storm and were repaid. Vy an cnJoyaV.
evening of music.
One of tho larger box parties wis given
by "Mr. and Mrs. C. Will Hamilton, who
had as theirs guests: Miss Stella Hamil
ton, Miss Mae Louise Hamilton, Mrs.
John Bourke, Miss Pauline Bourke, Mr.
and Mr. Frank Hamilton, Earl Gannett.
Luther Drake and Charles Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Gothwood of Philadelphia
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
In one of the lines parties were Miss
Beatrice Coad. Miss Irene Coad, Miss
Marsuerite Stowltts. Ralph Ralney, Joe
Rlngwolt and Roger MoKentle.
Another party included Mrs. Georgo
Keellne, Miss Etla Mae Brown, Mr. and
Mr. Arthur Keellne and Dr. and Mrs.
Frederick Lake.
Afternoon iridge for Guest.
Mr. T. (Jordan Sander entertained a,t
bridge Monday afternoon for Mrs. Now.
ton" V, Bandera of Denver. Tho gueata
: were;
Meadames S Mesdames
iJiWXOn OWIU6IS. A. Iimivii w
Paul W. Balrd. Lewis Bradley.
-Frank Prinslow. Richard Schnoum&n.
Ernest Treuke. Frank Creeaen.
Katherino Stewart. Walter Johnson.
Miss Froncea Bandera.
lor Wyoming Quest
Mr. N, H. Nelson entertained at
bridgo-luncheon Monday for Mrs. C. II
Film of Harms, Wyo. 'Covers were laid
Mesdamec Mesdames
0. 11. Film. It. V. Cole.
O. W, Hayes. R. E. McKelvy,
E. ;M. Syfert. John O. Yelser.
C, H. Marley, N. H. Nelson.
At the Field Club.
Tho Omaha dentists entertained at a
dinner dance at the Field club Monday
evening for the Nebraska State Dental
society. About 1(0 guests wero present.
At Fort Omaha.
Major and Mrs. Cnrl F. Hartmann wens
at home to their friends this afternoon
from 4 to 6 o'clock at their quarters at
Fort Omaha.
Miss Grare Baxter was hostess' at'-a
luncheon and shower this nfternrfon at
her home In Fort Omaha In honor of
Miss Knld Valentine, who will b'q a ,June
bride. Twolvo guests wore present.
Personal Gossip.
A daughter was born yesterday to Mr.
and Mrs. Abe Stromberg of Elk Creek,
Neb. Mrs. Strombcrg was formurly Miss
Lena Newman.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. and Mrs C. E. Yost have as their-
guest their niece. Mrs. McMath. of
Springfield, Mass.
Mrs. Thomas Philip Jones and Mrs.
W. H. Mornn of Cedar Rapids, la., are
visiting their mother, Mrs. Ella Encell.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Perry of Marshall-
town, la., have arrived to visit Mrs,
Porry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Mm. W. L. Sucha of Orleans, Neb., Is
tho guest of her" parents, Mr, and Mrs,
Muldoon, and will make a visit of two
Mn, and Mrs. Morris Levy will leave
Wednesday evening for the cast and will
'aall shortly' for 'Europe for a stay of
several weexs. .
Mrs, Nancy' J. Moore and sons, spent
the.' .week end In Lincoln as the guests
of -Dr. and' Mrs. a. K. Condra and Mr.
and .Mrs. n, Newman and returned
thjs m,ornlng.
Enrollment is the Largest in History
of the Association.
If Cnstom Is Fotlorreil of Resrnlnr
Sncceftnlon Ttro Omnhn Men
Will Follow Ench Other
In Office.
The enrollment of Nebraska dentists
for the thirty-seventh annual convention
of the state society continued yester
day, until by noon 34." f had registered.
Although this wos tho enrollment at
noon of the second day of tho session, It
far exceeded the enrollment of tha. entlro
session of last year, which was but 312.
The dentists arc greatly pleased with
the Increased attendance, and especially
with the fact that so large a number of
thoso attending aro new members.
Although the election of officers Is
scheduled to take place Wednesday aft
ernoon at 1:30, the dentists arc not to talk
politics yet, at least not openly. "Wo
havo no politics," they say. "We never
slate a ticket. The president usually
works MP through the secretaryshlp"and
through the vice presidency, and then
makes the Jump to the chief office of the
society." In that case Dr. J. H. Wallace
of Omaha Is In line for tho presidency
for tho' coming year; that Is, If tho regu
lar line of succession Is followed, for he
Is now vice president and has been sec
retary In former years. This wodld glvo
Omaha the presidency two successive
years, but the dentists from out In the
state do not seem to caro about this so
long as the customary succession of the
society Is observed In tho choice of officers.
The dentists spent the forenoon at the
Crelghton Dental college In clinical
work and In viewing the large exhibit of
dental apparatus that Is shown there by
vatloUs manufacturers of dental supplies.
The afternoon sessions were held at
the Hotel Rome, In tho convention hall.
The reading and discussion of technical
papers took up the afternoon session.
The reports of committees were heard
last evonlng. after which four papers
were read and dldscusped.
A gentleman by the name of Marble
Eye, posrrsscil -of .a stony stare and othor
equally damaging, attributes, was sen
tensed to sixty days' confinement In the
unty Jail. Mr. Eye and II. Harris
Could not agree on some vital subject.
probably the Income tax, with the result
that Eyo armed himself with a butcher
knife and chased Harris into the rest
dence of W. E. Curtis, 109 North Ninth
street. Mr, Curtis, aroused rudely from
his slumbers, snatched a revolver from
beneath his pillow and with the Mutt of
the weapon poceeded to quietly waft the
Eyo person to tha land of dreams. Harris
and Curtis both appeared against him in
Rev. 8. JohnBon, aged 77 years, who has
been missing from his home for the lost
three days, was heard of yesterday at
Mead, Neb., where he Is reported safe
and sound. Mr. Johnson has mude his
home for the last year with his son, J. E.
Johnson, 4103 Grand avenue, and several
times has expressed his Intention of going
to California,
Jup, Pluv. Plays a
Sieve-Like Trick
at Police Station
Jupiter Pluvlus, In substantiation of
The Bee's successful campaign for lower
water rates. Is flooding the market with
aqua pura, which leaves no loophole for
the opposition to cUlm the scarcity of
water, for holding Ifor the exorbitant
tax. But be this as It may, he Is also
flooding that beautiful, modern and
highly classic structure, the Omaha police
station, to such an extent that the menials
who are forced to enact their dally
semblance of toll within Its four walls are
busily engaged In "dnlng" the tide.
Tom O'Connor, court clerk;' encased In
rubber boots and slicker, sat at his desk
yeetorday, and turned out complaints,
Interspersed with numerous highly
punctured ejaculations and dew, whtlo
the bald spot which tops his head waa
undergoing that excruciating Chinese
torture of "dripping the drip," which con
sists of the persistent maneuvers of, drops
of water successively striking tho
same spot. It Is feftrcd by Judge Cooley
that Tom will never look the same after
his harrowing experience. Judge Al
stadt's administration of Ironclad Justice
was noticeably softened by the tearful
persistence of the slcve-Uke celling, and
In most of the hearings his rulings were
emitted In liquid tones which comprised,
'Go home, bo goodt." Steve Moloney's
gold encrusted badge has lost all Its gold-
sh luster through the gentle leaklngs
and now resembles an emblem of the
town marshal. It. Is rumored that a com
mittee Is to be sent from the station to
the city council to plead for a new bulld-
ng. The victims are confident their re
quest will be granted In the near future
say probably In the spring .of 2013.
Woman's Auxiliary
of Episcopal Church
is Now in Session
The twenty-seventh annual meeting of
the Nebraska branch of tho woman s
auxiliaries of the Episcopal church was
called to order shortly after 10 o'clock
Tuesday morning at Jacobs. haU by Mrs,
A. K. Gault, president of the society.
The annual reports wero read. It was
stated that the Rrowncll Hall Junior
auxiliary had maintained a scholarship
at St Mary's school at Shan Hat, China,
and the young women of Urownell Hall
were deserving of much credit. Notwlth
standing the rainy Weather tho hall was
tilled with delegates and visitors to the
number of about 200. The response to
the roll call was answered as follows:
Delegates from Ashland, three! All
Saints', Omaha, twenty-seven ; Rlalr,
three; Auburn, one; Central City, two
Columbus, one; Fremont, four; Falls
City, ono', Florence, one', Lincoln, six;
Nebraska City, six; Trinity cathedral
Omaha, twenty-eight; St.'' .Barnabas,
Omaha, twelve; Good Shepard, Omaha,
seven; St. Philips tho Deacon, three; St,
Andrew's, Omaha, nine; St. Paul's,
Omaha, nine; 8t -Martin's, South Omaha,
seven; Plattsmouth, ten; Schyler, two
Wymore, two; St. Mark's, South Omaha,
three. There wero three visitors from
Council Bluffs In attendance. Following
the morning meeting luncheon waa served
In the gymnasium of the hall to the
guests. Tho business of the afternoon
session Includes the election of officers
and changing the constitution so It may
head that the officers be elected for
term of two years. It Is rumored that
Mrs. Philip Potter will be the next presl
dent, as Mrs.. Grant has refused to stand
for re-election.
A Shooting Scriipe
with both parties wounded, demands
Bucklen'a Arnica Salvo. Heals wounds,
sores, hums, bolls, cuts or piles. Only
25c. For sale by Beaton Drug Co. Ad
Dtmdee Luncheon Club Meets.
The members of the Dundee Luncheon
club wero entertained by Mrs. Frank
Carmlchael Monday. Mrs. W. C. Good
now of Minneapolis, Mrs. W. J. Miller,
Mr X D. Upland and Mrs. Edward
Feekenpaugh were guesta of the club.
South Side Progressive Club.
The South Bide Progressive club will
give a card party and social at Ita hall,
Fourteenth and Catsellar streets, Wednes
day evening at 8:30 o'clock. The host
eases are Miss May Hast and Meadames
II Humbert, a. Harding. E. Hoffman. M,
Hannahan and L. Hugg.
1613 Birthday Club.
The 1S11 Birthday club was entertained
by Mrs, W. Johnston Monday afternoon
Mrs. C. a lUtekln will be the next
hostess. At the last meeting high five
was played and prizes awarded to Meg
dames. U J. Pinttl. Frank Snyder, I. C.
HynsUr. C. Breen, C. a lUtekln and
J. Novak.
Kay Breakfast.
At tha May beaakfast given by the
,' women of St Mary's Avenue Congrega-
tlonal church a musical program wilt be
given by Miss Alice Kennard and Mrs.
Harvey Mllllken. The affair Is In oharge
or Mrs, w. It Wood. Mr. E. P. Boyer
Mrs. Charles Richards, Mrs. Harvey Mil
iaen ana Miss Ida Smith. Asilstlng
uosteaes win be;
Meadamea- Mesdames-
frentlss Lord. W. C. Dean.
Harry O. Kelly. Fred Loomls,
S!?S0S2 H.aywan3- " Freeman.
JUlpta Vst j. w. Griffith.
harjw Dundey. Ed. P. Smith.
Pleasures Past.
The Triangle club gave a danet Monady
, (evening at Chambers. Fifty couples wtre
Watct the Folks Rush
Tonight's Spaghetti Night
You never served a dish more
welcome more appetizing
more nutritious than Faust
Spaghetti. There's practically
no end to the ways Faust
Spaghetti can be served all
savory, relishable and satisfy
ing. Far cheaper than meat
much more strengthening; and
easier digested, xou should
give the children a whole
lunch of
at least twice a week it's a mus
cle, bone and flesh builder. Ask
your doctor. Faust Spaghetti
is made from Durum wheat,
which is extremely rich in gluten
the food content that makes
for strength and growth. Write
for free recipe book and learn
how many dishes you can make
of Faust Spaghetti.
At all grocers
5c and 10c
St. Louis, Mo.
During the twenty-three years the Ohio
society has been In existence In Omaha
tho members havo gathered annually at a
local hotel and feasted at a sumptuous
banquet nnd refreshed their memories
with stories about their native state.
This year the club will not hold a ban
quet, but wilt picnic at ono of the parka.
to bo decided by a committee of five, In
whose charge tho arrangements of the
social affair have been left.
The committed Is composed of A. L.
Havens, chairman; H. W, Morrow, G, W.
tmrr, Mrs. O. W. Tracy nnd another
woman member of the society to bo
chosen by Mrs. Tracy. The picnic will
bo held some time during the next
Iltirniiintlsm flnlckty Cared.
"My sister's husband had an attack of
rhcumutism In his arm," writes a well
known resident of Newton, la. "I gave
him a bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment.
which he applied to his arm, and on the
next morning tho rheumatism was gone,
rur curomc muscular rneumatlsm you
win una nothing better than Chamber
lain's Liniment. For sale by all dealers,
A tochnlcal medical friend said. 'You
don t euro diabetics; you make them
think they are better' and prolong their
Uves.fgr a while."
Suppose that Is true and suppose Mra.
KHno of San Francisco, a nleco of the
late U. S. Supreme Justice Stephen J.
Field, was not cured when sho had gan
grenous nails and was given but alx
months to live when she went on Fulton's
Diabetic Compound sixteen years agoT
Suppose that a test would still show
some sugar and that sho has even now to
takti the compound occasionally to koep
And suppose that a professor In one of
the Universities of Virginia who was
f riven up with Diabetes In 1S89 was still
Ivlng at lost advices In 1912 and had.
been performing his duties these twenty
years and over as the result of this treat
ment? Aro there not thousands of dia
betics In the United States who would be
delighted to have the samo experience'
and It they can havo It don't they owe It
to their families?
If you have Diabetes and are middle
aged or over you owe It to yourself and
family to try Fulton's Diabetic Com
pound before giving up. It can be had
at Sherman & McConnell Drug Co., Cor.
16th and Dodge. Cor. lth and Harney,
Cor. 24th and Farnam and 207-9 No, 16th
street. -
Ask for parnphlet or write John J. Ful
ton Company, San Francisco.
Yes! That
44 Sunshiny"
Weather Is
going to stay
The rainy weather wo
have been having left a lot
of wrinkles in your clothes
didn't it?
And you would feol bet
tor nil around if your toga
wero clenned up nicely,
wouldn't yout
Step to tho phono, call
Tyler 345 and say you
want some of that clean
ing work we are bragging
2211-2213 Farnam
Stop Using a Truss
tnurt Kami mis
in dutareat tram Ut truM,
E4n B4lctn spUctor
powlr to hU UM put M- f
cunir la pUc. M S
kMUaa rtae-cuuM w
tup, m uami uu
prats azalam tfe paua
eanfiiUi tiuaUd IStnutlTta
OWm4 Fi-U!a tt komt wUboqt hladrenc
Ty mjj" (ram work, in 4 couqutK
ino moat veiuuii wn.
. M mm haal mmmv t SMlTMtaalv. AWtTdd
Oold Utdal tad uraad rtix. rroeaaetrtcoTryUnlu-
Writ utiaa oa Coupon tn4 iced TTOOAV. A7MCE
Plipso Uboraloriai, Block. 379 St. Louis, Mo.
Bakes Bread to Perfection
Oil Cook-stove
Cleaner than coal or wood. Cheaper than gas.
Perfection Oil gives
the best results
Standard Oil, Company
(Hoitib FurniturG Co. omaill
20 Below Omaha Price
Wot One Day But Every Pay
Special Sale of Hugs
We have made a great purchase of high grade rugs and offer
them at bargain jnices.,
See our large line of Body Brussels, and Wilton Rugs
much below Omaha prices.
36x76 Axminster $3.00
6x9 Seamless Brussels, $5.50
9x12 Seamless Velvet $15.50
9x12 Axminster 17.50
27x 54 Velvet Rugs 95c
27x54 Axminster S1.45
36x72 Velvet .$1.75
the Prin
Art J rata..
Rature UaJl wOl crtnf Tn Txtil TUgt.. ................
Good grade, 2 yards
wide 38c
Extra heavy grade, 2 yds.
wide ..48c
Extra heavy grade, 4 yds.
wide 58c
RAPIDS Refrigerator
20 Styles
$5.75 to $35.00
Pull carload of then Just recelnxl
ti ono siitfflo
paid, printing
big enough, to
semont in a newspaper
couldn't be made
out the papers
One advertisement in itself is only
a step up the stairway of success. Ad
vertising does it work by repeating
what you want known until everybody
knows it, wheth
er they want to
or not. Upward
progress in busi
ness can only bo
made by a con
tinued climb.
the Omaha Bee
noes ftTery dy to prac
ucUr every one of your
possible customer.
People like to buy from firms they
know. They have confidence in firms
that make themselves known. They
become ifamiliar with stocky and store
policies of stores into which they havo
sever stepped.
The day comes when they want
your goods and you have a customer.
It was the continued advertising of
months, or perhaps years that brougkt
them in.
That's why a list like that
reached by The Bee is so very valu
able. Our subsoriDers read The Bee
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' pie they neVer saw.
You can't do that with any kind
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have them" as customers.
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