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9 A
KORK i i.KNTRS Thk f.HAflftR new manager op the creigh
w mmmmm A " Fl Will UIUIJ
Hospital Manager Says He Was 8ick
and Not Workihc.v
Sara thut Hoapltal Una Not Aaked or
Expected tha Belief Comiulttoe
to Pur Any D11U at
Tornado Batterer.
Charlea F. Robel, manager of the
Oniaha, General hoiplui, haa written Th
Be In reference to the matter of ohnrgr
made to patients rrho were rlctlms of ttia
tornado. Following Is the letter
The DUbllcatlon In The Bee of the IKth
lnit., tinder tha hoadlns, "Hoapltal Wants
Full Pay," I, unjuat In the implication
and Inferences which are Intended to be
drawn rrom thai article. The ract if,
Mr. CoweU wrote to the hospltnl on April
80. BtAtinir that ho had been handed a
bill for W from the hoipltal relatlnc to
charge mad to one of the patients for
room rent and operating fee, and xnln
on May 7 he wrote-a similar letter asking
for Information relating to that charge
r.wjts quite bUitf at the date of the re
ceipt of the nrsl mentioned letter nnd
oil May 5 waa taken atcX and unable to
give attention to the business of the hoar
pltal until the 15th of this month, whlcn
accounts for the fact that the letter of
Mr. CoweU were not answered, The- Infer
snots' which he drew from the failure to
answer uosrieitcra aa indicated by tbo
statements' of the artlclo referred to are
unJUtt In the extreme.
The Omaha' General hospital admUTSd
m an uunr-ognt lornaco. sufferers antr
iaero are i wo 01 uie patients auil In
me nospuai. Tne valuator the services
rendered to -MaVHT wnsl.Hfr.o. Th A,.
nattoiis received to annlv riri th nhnv
amounted "In-all t6 tSOlZS. Jn addlUon there1
oiur Been paid on tne above account about
wti Alter creamnsr an payments nnd
those who have promised to pay, there
wll be on unpaid balance remaining, of
oyer jaw, wmcn wiu ue tne hospital's
The-hoapltal has ont presented any bills
me. rouer committee, nut, on the con
at the request of the husband of
; ithe patlont, the. bill was sent to his offlc
on the date When she left the hospital.
It has been the policy of this hospital
at all times to accept payment from tboso
wno were who ana willing, to pay, nnd
the manatnment In this case regards the
unpaid. -.iiince for tha services rendered
a. jioerai contnmition, considering the
financial ability of the hospital. It has
not And does not expect to aslc from the
relief committee any pay for the services
The statement In the article referred
to, to the, effect that this hospital has
received irom , loo pudiio contributions
amounting to H0.W0, Is without foundation
of fact. On the contrary, this hospltAl has
never solicited or received contributions
from the public. , .During the time 1hts
hospital has been in operation It has been
constantly called upon to do charitable
Work and has furnished aervlces and' ac
commodations without compensation ag
gregating many thousands of dollars.
The hospital was not organized as a
money-making institution and tha then
who founded It have' never received one
dollar of dividends and never expect to.
In Justice to this Institution, which- is
and has been at all times a charitable
Institution'! I request that this statement
of the facts be given to the public for the
fiurpose of Correcting as far aa can: be
he erroneous impressions of the article
to which reference, haa been previously
Omaha's indomitable spirit In rebuild
ing has been spread from ocean, to ocean,
by the publicity bureau of lite Com
mercial club, with outs, that it has sent
out of localities showing the wreckage
after the tornado and the rehabilitation
a few .weeks later,. ,
Ing ljwik from 'the 'v-mous' -newspapers
mausea .mem , prove- mfn-yumana pua
been .given widespread' 'advertising.
Many papers refer to Omaha In the saMe"
light -of' courage- that Son, Fr&ncsco..dl-.
played after the earthquake.
element Martin, snnhomnrn nt h
Creighton medical college, has been
elected manager of the Crclchton unl
versity glee club for the ensuing year.
ana-win assume his new duties at once,
xin succeeds Charles Hamilton, a senlot
ax me arts college, who mnmmwi th
club during the last year. Mr. Hamilton
will leavo for a year's tour of the world
Mr. Martin Is an Omaha boy. resldlne
wun his parents at 2311 Caldwell Streets,
and Is a brother to Paul Martin, dean of
tne Creighton law college. Ho irradu.
ated at the! art college with the degree of
u. A in 1811, and entered the medical do
partment of cretuhton last vnr. tr ha.
always bein known as a diligent student
and a booster for the Interests of Crolgh-
Dtl?lhg- Mb ttay at the arts colleeo he
7" , y , ioiiuo,-uroicni associa
tion; his clasfe'and-the.drainatic club. it
.was ptedasi' Jeba,terW more than
jDraiaara Mtyiityi. and was graduated with
swclArhoi'prs in &jtlish.t, . , ,
. $itif levlfyr jthu. of ta ,cdlege ho" spent
one year t;ij his- father fn the real es
tate business before entering medical col
lege.' (Curing tha lost year he tins'. ncttid
as advertising mannger of the Creighton
Chronicle, the official monthly publica
tlon of the university, and has carried
hlrh marks In his classes.
ChailtB Hnrnlltun, tho retiring manager.
crortd a hit by ill vnlque presentation
of the ur.niul concert at tho Boyd theater winter, nnil vim lnRtrnntnnfnl in
maldng the season successful.
i;Jans frr tli annual doncert ot next
year, are .now being mode, A. number of
requests fiom ortlstr In. this-country and
abroad. t4vu bvor made lor places on
the program. ,-H:ch:.rd T, - Kersey will
npain act is lortUor.
Creighton Changes
Jb acuity m Dental
and Law. Colleges1
Uecaune of the rapidly Increasing nn
rollment of the Creighton Dental and
Law colleges, a number of changes will
be made In the faculty. Several of tho
old instniclors will resign and a larger
number of new men will Join the staffs.
Tho Dental college enrollment for the
last year was larger than nt nny tlmo
In the previous history ot the school,
and the advance enrollment for next year
promises to break the record for this
Dr Onto W. Hamilton, one of the
popular Instructors nt the Dental college,
who has been superintendent of the In
firmary for the last two years, has re
signed. Part of the duties Involved In the dl
rectlon of the infirmary will devolve
upon Dr. E. H. Druenlg, who has been
with the school for several years, Dr.
Druenlg will contjnue his regular duties
on the staff in addition to his new duties
In the infirmary,
Dr F. J. Dcspechcr and Dr. V. II.
Sherrnden aro new nddltlons to tho Btoff.
The former will teaoh dental medicine
and therapeutics.
Several changes will be made In the
faculty ot the Law college. J. A. C.
Kennedy, Instructor, In corporations, has
resigned and will devote all his time to
his prvate practice Corporations will
bo taught by it. a. Voupg, already a
member of the staff.
Anson H. Blgelow has been added to
the staff. He Is a graduate. ot the Uni
versity of Nebrntka and he Creighton
Law tollege, nn& will teach real and
personal property.
. i r-
D cap crate Shooting
pains in the chest require quick treat
ment. Take Dn King's Now Discovery
for safe and sure relief. COo and tl. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement
1 j
Dorothy Grbvenor, , 6-vear?-old daughter
of Mr.' and Mrs. "V. 3. G'rovcnor of FJoil-J
ence,-- met witn a painruPaccldent iFridar
afternoon, when -she- rarr Into'a patsBlhljJ
automoDiie anu ner. left leg. Just! above
the 'ankle, tt -broken? Sho had' been
rJayl5g.tb,(a,litto.nelghboT Bt4 Lucy
tVabs'ter, and was so absorbed In a gatno
' that ghtrdia- riofseiS- thV passing Ynkchlne,
belonglpg to Frank. Parker, She- was not
run -over by tho 'car and her Injury 1b
'due to-' contact with the running board'.
Dr. W- H. , Horton dmliilsteied medical
aid and set 'the injured member.
Key tot the Situation Bee Advertising.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
' 10 Overside f
Ask Mr Brown
Ask liny; of your many neighbors who
now.uiet&ese new-type Goodyear tires.
Users are " everywhere hundreds of
thousands. You are surrounded by evi
dence of No-Rim-Cut economies.
Please ask for it Find out why these
tires now outsell all the Vest i
An Example
Two can were standing at a
curb. Ooo bad old-stylo clincher
tires, one No-Rlm-Cut trcs.
Tb cllnchef user was naked
why ho duns to those "tires.
"Why," he replied, "because ol
the mileage. X get so many miles
per tire."
"Let's see what the next man
gets." And they asked the No-Rim-Cut
user. His average mile
age waa nearly twico as great.
Why It Is So
RIm-cuMbg ruins 23 per cent of
by. actual cutis
tics. It sever
' occurs with No
Rim -Cut tires.
Clincher tires
are mads just
-t4 o'
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With or Without
Non-Skid Treads
Rim-Cut tlrea are 10 per cent over-tlzo-have
10 per cent more air.
And each 10 per cent one adds
to the 8xe adds, on the average, 25
per cent to the mileage,
No-RIm-Cut tires now cost no
more than standard clincher tires.
They do save money save so
much that they lead the world in
Men are coming to these tires so
fast that Goodyear sales last year
exceeded our previous 12 years
put together.
Come see them. The features
we claim are apparent. And they
are bound to win you to Goodyear
tires when you
find them out.
tha Goodyear
yer oditica. It
tells all known
ways to econo
mize oa tires.
rated ske. No-
i "ydu iui no eonnadlan whatever with any otbear
Omaita Branch, 2212 Farnam Street
Phone Douglas 4120
Personal Gossip,
About Omaha People
Mr. and Mrs. W. 1U McKeen ar In
Mr. and Mrs. James Hodge have gone
for a.shbrt visit with friends.
Miss Mildred. Jtogers returned Thursday
from Chicago and Milwaukee.
Mr. nnd Mrs. R, U Huntley leave Mon
day for a week's trip to Denver.
Mlqs-Katherlne KruR rocs to St, Louis
today for a week's Visit with relative.
'Mr. Jack harp haa returned from Hot
Sprinps, Ark., where he spent ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. lohn T. Yates leave next
weejt f,or the south to be Bone somo time.
Judge and- Mrs. Joseph Oberf elder of
S(dn6y, Nob., spent part of last week In
Mrs. Frank Hair returned Thursday
from a trip to Idaho with some Mlnne
apolta friends. '
Mrsi J, C. White of Cleveland, O., who
has .been the puest of her sister, Mrs.
Robert CoweU. since Easter, left Wednesday.
Mrs. Ji E. Elder lea,ves next Wednesday
for Derry, La., to -spend . a month with
her husband, who Is engaged In business
In the south. v
Mr. and Mrs. - Arthur A. Betscha of
Cleveland, O., are visiting at tho home of
Mrs. Betsche's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.
R. Duncan, 617 North Central boulevard.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O, Gilbert, formerly
of this city, but now of Washington. D,
C, have been at the Loyal sln last
Saturday. Mr. Gilbert Is here on busl-
Miss Anna Bonoff of New Tork Cltjr. 1
who Is the guest of her cousin. Miss entertainments had been planned In her
I.uello Bonoff, will return east Monday honor and much dlwpolntment Is felt
Many entertainments have been ftven In among htr friends.
Mii.0liu.. n n i . MrB- p w Clarke has none east to
graduation of her dausflter.
nvdLr ?Z W' M!' MUl Wwhlnmon. after whloh they, with Mr.
I HV."" "U.:M,M, Clarke, will sail for Kurope the first
,,o.,v wioa unuui inel inn.
Miss Olabelle.Herver, Miss Dorjs Wood
and Mrs. Clifford Cawklns left Friday
evening foV Ltnccln. where they will at
tend the annual Kappa Kappa damma
banquet to be held nt the Mi.cotn hotel
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Ella Squires, accompanied by her
daughter, Mrs-. Itoxle Clarke, returned
Tuesday rrom five weeks at Excelsior
Springs. Mrs. Clarke remnlns until to
morrow, when she goes to Rt. Louis be
fore returning east.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Uoger Throop Vaushnn
and little daughter, Martha Louise
Vaughn, of Chicago, have arrived to be
the guests of Mrs. Vaughn's parents, Dr,
nnd Mrs. J. I Lord. Dr. Vnughan will
return to Chicago' Sunday evening and
Mrs. Vnughan nnd llttlo daughter will
remain for several weeks.
Mrs. W, L. Karnes of Kansas City was
expected Monday,, to be tho guest ot Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Brogan for ti week, but
her arrival is now uncertain, as she haa
been detained and later Is going1 cast to
attend the commencement exercises at
tho Ogonti school, near Philadelphia,
where she was n student. A number of
week in June, to be g6ne six months.
Mr. Clarke will only remain kbroad two
months. Mr. Fred Clarke, who Is at
Yale, plans to motor out from New
Haven with Mr. Farwell Winston ot
Lak Forest. III., after the close of col
li ge. He will' villi Mr. Winston for a
time at Lake Forest and then bring htm
to Omaha for the rest of tho summer.
when they will live at the Country club
Mrs. W. W, Johnston, who has been
critically III nt hrr home In Dundee, Is
considerably better.
Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Porclval or it
Paul, Neb., are In the city, visiting thtlr
parents Mr. and Mrs; W. D. Perclvalt
Mr. James A. Morton and family have
moved Into their new home at tlU Iuird
street. Their former home was destroyed
by the tornado.
Mr. Lyman O, Perley was called to
Douglas, Wyo., last week by the death
of her father, Mr, K. M, CStbson, who
until about a year ago was a resident of
Omaha, his home at Falracrei being the
one now owned by Mr. John L Knnnedy
Mr. Gibson was burled Wednesday. Mr.
C. 8. Hayward also nttendrd the funeral.
"On Guard"
If you have good health,
guard it carefully, for it
nienns everything to you.
Watoh tho appetite the di
gestionthe bowols. A coat
ed tongue and severo hoad
ache indicates liver troubles.
Always keep a bottle of
in tho house and take it at
the first sign of distress or
weakness. It is a splendid
"safeguard to health" and
Poor Appetite
Sick Headache
and Malaria
three Hundred Hours
An official non-stop run, 300 hours long,
Friday morning by a standard Packard
"38" motor. It was announced by the Automo
bile Club of America, New York, as a 200 hour
test. At the end of that period, the motor was
running so smoothly that it was continued in ope
ration for 100 hours more. This more than
dpubles .the best previous, record ,pf 132vhour$
'.made four years ago in England. ; t -y. s s
The motor maintained a speed of 1200 revolu
tions per minute. Measured in road performance,
it pulled the "38" car with a full load at a speed
:of 37,46 miles per hour, over roads heavy enough
to demand a wide open throttle. In 300 hours it
rpliec up-11,238 miles. . . .
-,' .
The accumulated strain of much more than the
average season's mileage was compressed within
a period of thirteen days. This is but another
demonstration of maximum service, an asset built
into every Packard car.
... Ask the man who owns oyie
A. J.'l.... . --Ml f , ' '. . . ".V . .
f ' i
t '
Orr Motor Sales Company
24th and Farnam Streets, Omaha, Nebraska.
I 1 V
Tomorrow will be unoUicf grcnt plAl ImrjtAln daf. RoHablo
WncUrtJr?0 l K hxctHnn r on. U.o the phono!
fof k
50c Honvy
Our reliable, ball Ucarlnc. IiIrIi
whel, rour knlfo mowers at thwo
cut prlcea: .
U-lnrh Hustler, ft nn
Imtl berliiR $4iOU
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ball bearlnR . , , OOi I U
16-Inch New Amerlcu, QO Cfl
5 knife, ball tirarliiB OUiOU
Haw (lie C(vlfibnlcl Preatlawn Mower.
TEc trrasn .
shears ....
80c Krana
Weedor . . . . . ....
Anothar r li 1 p
went of llrotrn
Daisy nuatlnaa
Mop, with Ions
handle, regular
75c special, Mon
iY' 49o
Dtiatlcnn Dual
Cloth, tea, 2Cc.
On aalo Mon
& !5o
AKfltitR for the celebrated McCrar
UefrlKoratom, New aanltarv Im
proveinenta, cold olr circulation,
heavy Insulation. No odor. No taint.
We haw JUat the aire you need at
vnrv moderate nrlcea.
The 3?t1b White enamel lined.
rnxuiar z, ,;on
iay nt , . .
13 u y reliable
hone from a
reliable firm.
For Monday
apecljl we put
on o'r remilar
(ply hoae. At per foot loo
We are eelllnff more ga rungas
every year, bocaune we have the
beat. The A. D. New Idea and
Jewel are unequnled. Hold on pay
Z,V7!":.UP $9.50
A Real
Here are some things which cars
must have to be really up-to-date
These are the things you'll miss
most if you fail to get'therrl.
i r
Reo Fifth combines them all and combines
them in an honest car.
Electric Lights ' Oversize Tires.
, Set-in Dash Lights. '15 Holler Bearings.
Left-side, Drive. .' 50 Oyer Otyoaty. ..
Simple Center Control. No Levers In -the Way.
Dn't Buy a Car Already Out-of-Dat
Equipped with mohair top, side curtains and Blip
cover, windshield, gas tank for headlights, speedometer,
self-starter, extra rim and brackets, $1,195 F. O. B. fac
tory. Gray & Davis Electric Lighting and Starting
system at an' extra price if wanted.
Phone Douglas 8554. 2027-29 Farnam St,, Omaha.
Mouth Hygiene
Hits been given tremendous impetus during tht pfiat tew years.
Mouth Hygleno meetings hnvo boon held throughout tho country,
Tho National Mouth Hygleno association has been permanently or
ganised, the objoct ot which is to secure data, establish an educa
tional system and secure improved, methods for the perfect mouth
hygiene. 1
Or. Todd's sanitary, porcelain whole tooth bridge Work is the
best contribution to mouth hygleno now known to the dental world.
The National Mouth Hygiene association Bpeaklng of the purpose of
its organization says: "Second To securo legislation which wilt
make it possible to protect tho public from that class of dental
practice which is a menace to not only tbo individual but to the
health of the community." Dr. Todd's sanitary dentistry make
possible the perfect sanitation of tho mouth.
403. Brandols
A little Bee want ad does the busiiess,
Everybody reads Bee wast ads