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HowManWill Look wR
A Charming
ette Leader
the (Suffragette Ideal, Alwaysin White, Short'
Haired, Beardless, Refined and Perambulator
Pushing, Ballot-Made Man of 1940
ful girl surf ragctto, who Joined Goneral
noBalle Jones i In her advance upon
Washington, who has organized tho Inwood
Olub Nursery, which provides for tho enro of
feabes while tbolr mothers aro away from homo
working for suffrago, and who has wrltton
many brochures on tho femlnino movement
which have beotme campaign classics, has a
vision of tho now man.
Sho has told this newspapor of tho now man
as she seos him. Sho pictures tho man of 1940
as sho believes bo will bo, and as loadors of
tho feminist movement hope ho will be and
expect him to become.
Miss Aldrlch Is tho great granddaughter -of
Avis Keene, tho great Quaker suffragette, and
friend of John Groonleaf Whlttlor and William
Lloyd Garrison. Some of her associates In tho
suffrage movement bollovo that tho gifted
granddaughter Inherited from tho goniUB groat
grandmother that powor with which cortaln
members of tho quaint sect of Friends bollovo
thomsolvos ondowed, the powor of prophecy.
At any rnto MIbb Aldrlch's vision of, man
cs sho oxpocts him to bo when moulded by the
forces that will accompany recognized equality
of tho sexes is interesting, especially when re
garded as oxprossing tho expectations of
By Elizabeth Aldrich
SEE? a now man.
Tho forces which hvo changed tho
traditional life of womon are also chang
ing the traditional Ufo of man. While thoso
forces aro dovoloping In her self reliance and
independence of thought and action, they aro
making him a kinder, moro tondor, moro
imaginative croaturo.
The man from which ho is omorglng was
nagging, selfish, ugly, domlnoorlng, cruel, ruth
less, Imperious. Tho now man will stop fault
finding. Ho will bo considerate, deserving for
the first time in history tho title "gentleman."
He will be bettor to look at.
He will ceaso being a creature of prey I
Tho man of 1040, hold up in tho schools as
the model man will be handsomor bocauso ho
villi bo moro harmoniously dovolopod. His
mind, corresponding to bis body, will be moro
symmetrical. Tho physical idoals of that tlmo
will bs those of tho ojd GrookB, tho Olympic
games, not thoso of the prize ring.
I see tho mac of 1940 and of succeeding
generations always in white. No man will
then wear a dark suit either Winter or Sum
Hssr, because he will know, and, knowing will
realize, that dar.k clothes aro unhygienic and
uabecomlnc They aro unhygienic bocauso
they do not show tho dirt Soiled spots could,
remain indefinitely In thorn, breeding gorms.
Now a man may look clean without bolng so.
Then ho will bo only as '-)eaa as he looks and
be will take pains to look and bo clean.
Wo need not fear that tho era will be ono
of tho long haired man. Instead he will wear his
faair closely cropped for tho samo reason that
fee will wear white clothes, for cleanliness. He
will -keep his face smooth shaven, for tho eamo
Womon, I do not think, will over woar short
hair, bocauso it Is not becoming.
Tho modol suffragetto man will not be a
creature whoao muscles bulgo. Tho ideal will
not bo to mako a pair of biceps too enormous
and neglect tho muscles of tho legs, or to do'
velop both at tho exponso of thebrain. Sym
metry will bo the aim of all men and all men
will bo gracoful as Adonises. No man
will then go Into training to fight Jack John
eon, even if ho desired to, because it would
mako him ugly. This man will sharo in tho
caro of tho chlldron. It will bo a vory common
sight then to see a man pushing a porambu
lator. With fathor in sorvlco thero will bo
fower flirtations botweon pollcomen and
nursery maids while tho baby nearly chokes
himself to death on tho carriage Btrap.
Ho will havo dropped many of his horrid
habits. Ho will swear less than ho does now
and ho won't chow tobacco. Ho will not alt
with his foot abovo his hoad.
Tho man of 1940 will come homo from the
office earlier and ho won't como homo with a
"grouch." Portuno malting will bo secondary
to character dovolopment with him and ho will
think as much or bow to help humanity as
how to grow rich. The man of that time won't
make corners In anything. Ho Willi not in
dulge olthor in pugilism or fraud. I '
I cannot boo tho man of that tlmo killing for
sport A man won't go to South Africa and rush
back again with a roputatlon as a hero bocauso
ho killed animals in thoir junglo homos.
Tho man of 1940 will not oven toaoe a cat
Ho will not pull a dog's oars, and the boy who
pins a tin can to a dog's tall will bo sovorely
dealt with as ho deserves, for tho now man
will abhor suffering and will nover cause it It
ho can holp It
I cannot sco the man of my vision eating
meat, for his charactor will bo gontle and wo
become llko what wo eat Because ho will
bo gentlo-hoartod and active-minded, I can
soe him oatlng only frulta and nuts and
Tho charactor of a man's Jokos will change.
Tho Jokos will bo clean and they will assail no
class. Thero will bo no mother-in-law
Joke, no old-maid Joke. Women
will, in fact ceaso to bo the butt of
all man's Jokes. I hope that laws
will bo enacted to enforco this new
Ills speech will be moderate when
he speaks of women. He will per
mlt us to drop our wings. Hereto
fore we havo been in his spooch
winged creatures. Wo havo been
"angels" to him at ono end of tho
scale and "birds" or "chickens,"
'squabs," "geese," "wronB or "hens,"
according to his humor. All thoso
wings, thank heaven, he will allow
us to shod forever.
He will, without comment allow a
woman tho privilege of being old and
homely If she wishes. He will not
by his silly attitude of loving only
the freshness of youth drive as to lie
about our ages. Tho worst thing ho
can say about us then, according to
his own ideas, will not bo "old hen."
He will not use tho name of any
bird in describing us, and he will not
montlon ago.
For tho first time In all tho cen
turies he will approve of women.
We have been called naggers ever
since wo can romombor, but it Isn't
true. Men havo been, the naggers.
Down through tho ages they havo
found fault with womon. They have
held up tho ideal of tho old-fashioned
.woman and then found fault
with her because sho was old-fashioned.
They told her she had no
senso. They Informed her that Bho
was- "puttyhoadod," that she didn't
know anything. Then when sho
pushed Into the shop and office, and
oven on tho police force, they began
to nag about that They said sho
was, bold and womanly, and poor
woman cried out "Well, what do you
want?" Men didn't answer because
thoy didn't know. They didn't want
what thoy had. Never has man ap
proved of woman since tho time
Adam slunk behind Eve and placed
tho blamo of the fruit incident upon
her. Tho now man will coaaa this
cavilling. Ho will bo satisfied with
woman as she will then bo.
The man of tho fu
ture as I soe him
will havo a compen
sation for foregoing
the last delights of
the prize ring. He
will revive the lost
art dt writing love
letters. Instead of
sending her a tele
gram or of telephon
ing her ho will writo
hor a lovo-lottor. You
see, there will be so
complete an under
standing at that tlmo
between men and
women that they will
not fear breach of
promise cases.
There will bo more
marriage than evor
boforo. Almost ev
eryone will marry.
Thero will be vory
few exceptions, mere
ly a fow persons
who greatly prefer
living alone, thoso
by nature "soli
tary," bocauso men
and women will
have outlived their
dislike for each other
that antagonism,
springing from a
sense of Inequality,
that caused women
to hate and fear
men and men to de
spise women. Hand
in hand, as true
partners in life, they
will walk tho path
of mutual under
standing. Men will
no longer putslo
women nor women
baffle men, for with
recognised equality
will come unden
standing, and with
understanding can
dor. Custom will no
longer place a pre
mium upon Ilea be
tween men and wbnv
11 HbAfl
Tie Hew Mm WU1 So lUndaoiuer. Ha Will Bs
Cleaeer. Hit Hair Will Be Clote Cropped. Hi Clothe
WiH fte BeautsfuL Ha WW Drop Hit Hideous WhUkera. ,
Tbla Cssapoiita Show oa Oaa Side the Old Man and
a (U O&wr Sid Use New,
Miss Elizabeth Aldrich, the Girl Suffragette, and Granddaughter
of the Quaker Prophetess, Avis Keene, Who Describes on
This Page Her Vision of "The New Man,"
en, because they
will no longer hate
and fear each other.
There will be a
change of proverbs
about men. Tho old
"The way to a man's
heart Is through the
etomach" will be for
.gotteii. We will say,
"The way to a man's
heart is through his
There will be a now chivalry, but it will not
be based on exploitation of sex. The knight
who rode forth with his lady's glove on his
shield was not tho brave, unselfish person he
Boomed. Ho expected a reward. Tho reward
was" tho lady, Tho new chivalry will be fine
and Impersonal, based upon respect for
the opinion of woman. Whan a woman's
opinion is backed by the ballot the humor of
tho opinion vanishes.
There will to Bex harmony. Heretofore thero
has been sex discord. The two Boxes will take
counsel together Instead of striving for
dominion, ono by force, the -other Ty subtle
ties and deceit
Hitherto we have had much of tho mother
Ideal. Thero will be more of tho father ideal
in the home, I have seen that mothers and
sons are the greater friends in the family and
fathers and daughters are In closer friendship
than mother and daughter and father and son.
Many girls make serious mistakes because they
have not had the benefit of the man's point of
view. Fathor will be more than the household
caBh register. r
Whatever the standard of morals It will be
the same for man and woman. The double
standard of morals will go into the scrap heap
where it belongs. The man of 1940 will cease
to believe that ho can buy love. Women will
not simulate love in order to secure a home
and alimony.
Thoro will bo few divorces because men
will not find women so deceitful and women
will not have to complain that a man neglects
her for money making. Men will not mako
groat fortunes then because they will not want
to mako them. Thoy will havo less cunning
and more usefulness as mombors of society.
The real reason for the antagonism of the
sexes, for there has been indeed a duel of tho
sexes throughout tho world's history, was that
the traditional manner of life caused each to
be oversexed. The man was too masculine.
The woman was too feminine. But in the new
leavening movement woman is developing
qualltlos that have been considered masculina
and men are developing their feminine sides.
Tho result will be a perfect sex balance and
a complete understanding.
The new man, at his best that model which
will be upheld in tho schools and in literature,
and of whom we will see specimens in life,
will have the Justice of .a Lincoln, the balance
of an Emorson, the philosophy of a' Marcus
Aurellus, the frankness of a Brioux, the deU
cacy of a Maeterlinck and the imagination oS
a William Blake.
Heaven speed the day of his arrival!
Exactly How You Musi Wear Your Corsets
The Six-Hour Baby Watch
' of the Ballot-Made
Paul Swan, Whom Suf
fragette Think the
Most Beautiful Man in
New York. He Danced
in This Costume at the
Suffragette Production
of the Greek Play
A BOUT corsets, the unexpected has bap-
AA pened twice. First medical opinion
on the subject has quite generally re
versed Itself in the last, dozen years. Since
corsets have ceased to be Instruments of tor
ture the doctors have discovered that most
women are bettor off with than without them.
And now the whole matter has been made
the subject of a public scientific investiga
tion, resulting in a set of rules prescribing
what kind of corsets to wear and how to
wear them. This Is tho work of a commit
tee of scientists appointed by the London
Council of the Incorporated Institute of Hy
geine, whose president is Sir WUHam Ben
nett, K. C. V. O., F. R. C. S. Following are
the principal points of the committee's report
(4) That owing to tho spread ot know.
ledge regarding the Importance of freedom
or movement and the need of physical exer
cise in strengthening the miucle of the
back and abdomen, the objectlonal rigid cor
sets of the past are becoming much less
worn and are gradually being replaced by
lighter and more flexible corsets, constructed
on hygienic lines.
la regard to the construction ot corsets, the
Instructions Bay;
(1) The corset should be sufficiently flexi
ble to allow of free movement of the body
In every direction.
(2) The. corset should be constructed so
aa to exert pressure, only, on the lower part
ot the abdomen the direction of the pres
sure being upwards and backwards.
(8) The corset should be quite loose above,
so that no pressure la exerted on the lower
ribs and upper part of the atdomen. as any
pressure in this region tends to Interfere
with the freedom of respiration and also to
? reduce- Injurious compression,
t Is equally important, continues the re
port to have ,tho corsot properly adjusted, as
to obtain tho right corset to begin with, In
order to ensure proper and healthful support
The wrong adjustment of the right corset may
be followed by injurious effects, both in re
gard to health and symmetry of figure. Worn
on aro thereforo urged to pay particular at
tention to the following instructions:
.j,1 Before puttlnff the corset on. s6 that "
tne back lacings re open widely (not less
inan 6 in. to sin. with two- conveniently
purposesT1 tbe waiBt 1,no for adjustment
(S) Stand erect before a mirror (so that
you can see what you are doing, and so as
to be able to adjust the corset without hav
ing to bend down), brace back the shoulders,
draw In the abd6men and support the weight
of the bpdy upon the front part of the soles
of the feet.
(3) Put the corset round the body and:
fasten the busks In front from below un
wards. (4) Bend down and fasten the suspenders
to -the stockings well Inside the knee, and
-having once more assumed the erect atti
tude, pull the corset aa low down on the '
body as it will comfortably settle. (This Is
best done by a diagonal pull on each side,
first holding the right upper edge with the
right hand, and pulling down the left low
er edge with the lert hand, and then re
versing the process with the left hand above
and the right below).
The report concludes with some general
remarks, among which is a warning that care
ful measurements should always bo taken be
fore a corset Is mado or purchased.