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Conyright lilt, br the star Comoany. Great Britain nights neserved.
the famous "Lucile" of
y London, and foremost
creator of fashion in the world,
writes each week the fashion
article for this newspaper, present
ing all that is newest and best in
styles for well-dressed women.
Lady Duff-Gordon's new Paris
establishment brings her into close
touch with that centre of fashion.
Lady Duff-Gordon's American
establishment is at.Nos. 37 and
39 West Fifty-seventh street, New
York City.
I AM Indeed glad that at last a
change baa come over bridal
- fashions, that 'the modern
eplrit has permeated even that last
stronghold of conventionalized fash
Ion. For generations the bride's
costume was never anything but
white satin and point lace. In fact,
this costume had become so thor
oughly a habit that no bride seemed
to think that sho was legally mar
fled unless she woro it
. But to-day the picturesque fash
Ions of the world have touched the
bride, too, and I am showing you,
this week, a costume that I think
has all the charming charactertis
tics of the present era.
. And another thing, the century-old
poBOheld by the bride's attendants
is also changing. Tho maid of hon
or at a most chic wedding In Lon
don, where both the bride and groom
belonged to tho highest ranks of the
nobility, carried a long shepherdess
,!'HH excursion train for Blackpool
was very full and very late. Pas
Angers were growing exasperated.
" Presently, however, u shrill whistle
.was blown, and it Boomed really as
1 the 'train was about to move, when
'iuji(lenly a middle-aged couple camo
hurrying: down the platform and tried
fS fight their way into one of the al
ready overcrowded compartments of
ffin Jraln.
"Only room for one!" shouted tho
OcqtTpants. ,s if with one voice.
..aYI rjKht," replied the husband of
the invading couple, at he thrust his
A wife Into the carriage. Then, In a
confidential whisper: "Sir," he asked
one tof the passengers, "might I
i Jtouble you to keep an eye on this
.VjRdyT She Is subject to violent
.'spasms and fits."
.The man gave no answer. For a
moment he hesitated. Then, with a
scared expression pn" his face, he
leaped out on to the platform Just
at the train was moving. And the
nutbatid got Ini
The Modern Bride in Her Sumptuous Robe of White Mat
alasee and Pearl Tulle Attended by Her Shepherdess
Maid of Honor Garbed in Robe of Quaint Simplicity.
crook and held the bride's graceful
"fish tall" train In her left hand.
The gown I am showing you this
week Is elaborate In design and
treatment Formerly, elaboration
was not for the bride; sho was sup
posed to walk her flowery way to
the altar garbed as simply as a
schoolgirl, hor whlto satin made as
plainly, as i -vrnvent uniform, high
necked, long-sleoved bpdlco and Jaco
Tell arranged -under orange blos
soms. This gown Is created In oxqulsite
white Matalasso, combined with
white tulle embroldorod with seed
pearls. It is the design rather than
the fabric that is daring for a brido.
There Is an underskirt of soft
white crepe, edged at the. bottom
with white silk fringe. This skirt
Is only glimpsed in the front where
the robe la slit. This robe, as you
can see in tho picture, has tho front
cut up several InchoB. Tho train is
very long and narrow.
There Is, of course, some slight
drapery, and equally, of course, this
drapery Is In the back.
The bodice, cut low, Is entirely
of the pearl tulle. The sleeves are
a modification of tho old angel
sleevo and are very graceful, There
Is a high girdle of the Matalasso,
thus making one color lino from
shoulder to slipper.
From under this girdle hangs a
wide panol pf the pearl tulle, which
Is exceedingly decorative and ef
fective. And then tho veil. In New York
t realize that tho lace yell, draped
cap fashion updor orange blossoms,
still holds, but. in England and on
tho Continont, tho veil of tulle, vol
uminous and graceful, Is do rigour.
There must always bo a short voll
over tho bride's face as she, walks
to tho altar; this is thrown back as
sho walks back with her husband.
Your brldOB of Southern birth and
brooding, I bollqvo, still cling to this
faco veil. It Is a charming 'custom,
f think.
But of what real usq is a lace yell
afterwards? It is kept, in many In
stances, for futuro brides; grand
daughters in New York frequently
wear veils worn by their grand
mothers. There can bo Just as much
sentiment about a tulle voll as about
an ornato lace ono, and there 1b
much more art in the former, to say
nothing of tho better taste.
And now to toll you of the brides
maid, her quaint costume and her
change of pobo.
To do a quaint action ono must
wear quaint clothes. Is not this
costumo shown horo the epitome of
qualntness? It is Just a simple lit
tle robo of pale pink chiffon, worn
over a petticoat of whlto silk mull
and valenccnnes laco. The scal
loped edges are bound with pale
blue, and the flowers In each scal
lop are developed In pale bluo and
' pink. There are clusters of tucks
to break tho sovorlty of tho skirt.
The bodies is as quaintly slmplo
as the skirt. Dy the way, there is
a difference between simple and
quaint Somo very elaborate gowns
can have tho quality of qualntness.
In this caso, however, quatntnoss
and simplicity go hand in hand.
There is no embroldory, no decora
tion of any kind on the bodice;
Just the scalloped bertha of tho
chiffon edged with the blue, to match
the skirt. I particularly llko the
Ellzabothan sleeves, with their
shoulder puff and long "cuffs." The
dainty finish around tho hand is ono
of the littlo touches that only an
artist could have developed.
Tho Juliet cap of chiffon and laco
is piquant and becoming. It baa
tiny bluo and pink rosebuds on tho
left side, to match those on tho
"Watteau wand. Tho soft, crushed
girdle Is of bluo and pink satin.
The Most fmovs
Living Beauty
No. 227 The New Care
of the Teeth.
THE tooth aro tho
workers whoso
beauty s in
dally peril. Whllotho
other elomonts of bod
ily charm, such rb tho
eyes and tho mouth,
'nay czorolso their functions almost
with Impunity, tho tooth, whoso offlco
is so laborious, sometimes BUffor
from tho temporaturo of foods and
from their resistance and composi
tion. For this reason ospoclally It is
necessary in making tho tollot of
tho tooth, ovory day, to uso prod
ucts In which thoro Is not a harm
ful lngrodlont Moroovor, elixirs,
dentifrice powdors and pastos must
cot only bo favorable for tho tooth,
but also for tho mucous membranes.
For this reason tho examination of
tho saliva ought to procodo tun
cholco of a dentifrice.
In ordor that tho teoth bo beau
tiful they should develop on a regu
lar doublo curve, tho lino of Ui
gums forming a well ordered guldn
for tho tooth.
Thb lower tooth should fit precise
ly to tho uppor tooth, without any
gaps, for tho lower jaw alono moves,
.while tho uppor Jaw Is a part of tho
bony structuro of tho faco.
When our tooth are all In they
an: thirty-two in number; Blxtoon
for each jaw four Incisors, two ca
nines and ton molars.
The "wisdom tooth" aro tho laqt
molars on oach Jaw. They need as
poclal caro and attention bocauso
usually thoy aro not so strong as
our othor tooth. Thny aro, in fact,
vanishing with ovolution, llko our
little.' toes. As tho raco dovolops
Hb J&wb grow smallor, and so thoro
aro many mouths which really have
not room for tho wisdom tooth. A
perfectly reliable dentist, if you can
find ono, will toll you whothor such
tooth should bo removed from your
child or whothor his Jaws aro suf
ficiently largo to permit them to
Thb tooth In Us bard portion is
made up of comont, Ivory and
onamol. Tho onamol forms tho su
porflclal layer and gives tho tooth
brilliancy. It is mora or loss frag
ile, according to tho Individual.
The acids attack tho enamel;
henco It follows that some dontlfrlcoa
ore quito dangerous and that somo
fruits and acid drinks attack tho
tooth. Persons addicted to drink
ing cider always have wretched
The dally trdatmont of tho tooth
consists of washing and brushing.
The tooth brush Is a very important
Instrument, which should bo steril
ized both before and after using.
As soon as tho bristles woar or be
gin to drop out It Is time for a new
brush. You roally need a now brush
onco a month. In selecting your
tooth brush remember that It Is not
simply to rub or polish tho enamel
or remove tho food from betweon
tho teeth, but It is also intonded to
stimulate tho gums. Thereforo, It
should not be too stiff.
In addition to tho brushing of tho
tooth ovory morning, they should
bo brushed after oach meal, so as
to remove all particles of food from
between the teoth. In this way all
fermentations and deposits which
are tho Constant causo of decay aro
avoided. ' .
If the chlldron aro habituated,
from the earliest age to taka tho
best posslblo caro of their teoth,
tooth troublo will bo postponed or
prevented, Warm boiled wator
should be used for children to wash
their teeth; adults may put into tho
water they uso a few drops of this
antiseptic solution:
Thymic acid. , . ,25 centigrammes
Benzolo acid 3 grammes
Tincture of Eucalyptus,
100 grammes
Oil of peppermint..,. 'i grammo
It Is not enough to take dally caro
of tho teoth. Caro must be taken in
their use. Novor break anything
with your teeth and novor bite on
metal with them. Do not eat food
that is either too hot or too cold.
Ices are as harmful to the teeth as
very hot brows. Do not for In
Btanco, after drinking very hot soup,
swallow ice water.
There are all kinds of preparations
for tho teeth, but, unfortunately,
many of these contain harmful ele
ments. Be sure as to what Is In
any dentifrice before using it, and
see to it that It is adapted to your
You can tell easily whether your
saliva is acid, alkallno or neutral, by
putting your tongue on a piece of
turnsole (thymus) paper, or bluo
litmus paper, You know that acids
turn this bluo paper reddish. There
fore, If this paper turns red when
put to your tongue, your saliva is
acid and you should correct this by
an alkaline tooth wash. If, on the
contrary, your saliva turns this paper
blue after It has been turned red br
add treatment, your saliva Is toq
alkallno and an acid dentifrice
should be used. This is, however,
Terr rare, and the entire organism
should rccolvo spoclal troatmont
when such a condition Is found. Qa
to a good, rollablo doctor.
No saliva Is absolutely noutral.
but thoso dontifrlcos which havo no
special action upon tho mucous
mombranes aro tormod noutral.
Mme. Lina Cavalier!.
Their effect la only refreshing on3
ploasant. Horo Is a noutral denti
trice: 00 per cent alcohol. 100 grammes
Tlncturo of orris... 75 grammes '4
Spirit of roses 75 gramme
Among tho alkallno dentifrices 1
may rocommend tho following:
Distilled water, 1 quart
Carbonate of magnesia,
20 gramme
Bicarbonate of soda. 20 grammes
Add a few drops of oil of pop
permlnt. Tho add dentifrices aro at the
same tmo antiseptic Horo Is on
mado with phenlo acid:
Distilled water s quart
Phenlo acid 40 grammes
Add oil of peppermint to flavor.
Astringent dentifrices are excel'
lont for stimulating tho gums.
Alcohol 1 quart
Peruvian bk lOOgrammea
flatany root tlnct.. 100 grammes
Tincture tolu 2 grammes
Tincture benzoin .. 2 grammes
Oil peppermint .... 2 grammes
Oil cinnamon 2 grammes
Oil anise 1 gramma
Macerato tho Poruvlan bark and
ratany root in. the alcohol for eight
days. Filter and add the tinctures
and oils, Let Jt stand for four days
and filter again.
Result: Dead Heat.
It was a fateful duy for Pottltby,
the corn-plaster king, when, having
made hla pile, he docidoJ to settle
down and buy a real estate in Bonnie
Scotland with his money.
But no one warned him, and he in
time becamo one of tho real old
fashioned lairds, and Immensely Doa".
ular. So popular, Indeed, that he was
InvlteJ to act as Judge, of the ptpera
at the local sports gathering.
So ha sat away in a small tent,
while tho plpurs strutted and nuffid
at their windy Instruments to and
fro In front. Every reel and horn,
pipe In Scotland tuid squealed and
droned Us way to life, and now there
was the silence of tho. grave.
But no sign from the juJge.
One of the officials hurried off t
get the verdict " lo
"Wha'i wont" came In a chorus of
hoarse whispers, us he reappeared.
"I dlnna kon wha's won." be an
swred; "but ana o' yea kilt th' pulr
laird I"
A Gentle Hint.
A little girl made a call at the house
of a neighbor. She saw some apple
parings on a plate and said, "I smell
yes." the lady replied, "I guess you
smell those, apple, parings on the
"No, no." said the little miss, smack
lng her lips, "t ain't them I smell. I
smell whole apples."