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ridtUtr Stows;, fc Tan O a. Doup. 1518
Ht Root Print It Now Beacon
Oood FltunDlnf Co, trill do it right
and aave jrou money. Thona D. 191S.
Xdtfhtlnjr rtxturss repaired and rofln-
Highlanders Banc. Haxt WmJc The
ttoyal Highlanders will give n. dance at
Eagles' hall Wednesday, May 14.
Tor 93 Per Tear A prtTate saf. In
our vault perfect safety for valuables.
Omaha Safe Deposit Do.. 1 513 Farnam St
Poet Stops tot Visit Edmund Vance
Cooke, the poot, visited with Buporln
tendent E. U. Graff of the publlo achools
on his way to tho Wayne Normal school,
where he lectures.
Will Olve Benefit Concert Max Lan
dow will give a concert at the Brandels
theater. May 19. for the benefit of the
Bacrcd Heart academy, which was dam
aged in the tornado.
She State Ban or Oman pays
cent on time deposits. 3 per cent on ear.
InK accounts. The only bank In Omaha
whose depositor aro protected by the
depositors' guarantee fund of the state
of Nebraska. 17ta and Harney streets.
Held tor Theft of Hlokel Leo F. Wad
dick of Grand Island has the prospect of
serving quite a time In Jail for the theft
of a nickel. Waddlck opened a letter ad
dressed to Joseph Vltek. Nove Hady, Bo
hemia, and extracted the coin. Ho wae
brought to Omaha under bonds of E0O lo
await a trial.
Taken with Weapon Charles Snear.
ex-convlct. was arrested early Tuesday
evening by Officers Murphy and Murphy
f .v.nteMith and Harney for carrying
concealed weapons and not being able to
nmner account of hlmseu. wncn
searched at the station a loaded revolver
. v. tmn hnr were louna on m
Timd for Prowlinff J. Green, colored.
was arrested after prowling in the rear
f , rn.hmnn residence. 2S15 Douglas
fret. for several hours. Mrs. C ashman's
attention waa attracted several times to
the man and thinking he was hanging
r,,nrt for no eood she dispatcnea nei
. n hold him until sho could
officer. Securing a revolve':
, hovn sTonned the negro until the polite
came. Green waa fined K and cosU In
Dollce court.
Parker lecture at Worth Side Ohnron
William Parker, former secretary of
thn Omaha Young Men' Christian asso
ciation, and noted hiker, will lecture at
the North Side Christian church imaay
.vonlnir. In addition to his lecture Mr.
Parker will Bhow 160 pictures on the
screen illustrating the "Wonders of the
Paelfio Coast." Mr. Parker walked from
Tla Juana, Mex., to Vancouver, B. C
making pictures of all Interesting sfghts.
Taken Oyer the Slrer James Hudson,
alias "Jimmy Ryan," was arrested on
North Sixteenth street by Detectives King
,n a Vim Dusen. who after securing two
phonographs, three horns and a case of
records, which Hudson is said to have
taken from homes in East Omana,
i iv man to the station and
,vh him as a suspicious character.
officer John 0Nell of the Council
Bluffs department took the man across
the river. S
a a nrnb Moet. at Sight Day meet
inn been abandoned for the tlmo
being by the Omaha Ad club and the first
. . .ot-i.. nrr nlsht mcetinmi wm o
tj ea w w w -
nvidav nlchL A din-
ner- -will D servea o.iu u
inff which the members will Indulge In a
tAble discussion of "writing letters
hat null." There aro other entertainment
..r.t on tho bill, which the "pro
moters" are keeping quiet with the an
tlclpatlon of curiosity onnBins
tt. i a.n Indian Carl Kline,
Bt thn shooting gallery, 020
Douglas street, proceeded to Indulge too
in rtrawater Tuesday, with the
img . ... -w
result that ho Imagined that ho was
vtnhiA rd man and after securing
hatchet climbed to tho roof of the gallery
and proceeded to threaten the scalplocks
nf nil nedestrians passing ay.
era! people had reported an Insane person
running amuok at Tenm
ff!nr waa dispatched and took Hla-
watha to the long house Just as he was
about to burst forth in nis aea.i
KUne Is being held at the station untl
he.becomea accustomed to the normal
ways of the paleface.
Charged with Kobbery-Tesao W. Sev
erance, who was held up tho other even
ing by George Floth and Marvin DoLor,
has filed a charge of highway robbery
against tho pair. The hearing baa been
set for May 86, on Dolor is at present '
oonflned at Bt Joseph's hospital with a
bullet -wound In the right log. Floth was
removed to the county Jail. I
Put Restoration Desks Back Tho tor-
nado relief station at SIS South Fifteenth
street Is undergoing some change. Par
tition originally established are being
torn out and some of the desks are to
be changed. The restoration committee
desks ar to be placed back to tne east
wall instead of to the front, where every
one who enters encounter them first.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. May 7. (Spe
cial.) At the annual meeting of the Com
mercial club last evening F. W. Ashton
was elected president, I. M. Talmaxe.
vice president; A. M. Conners, secretary;
Emll Wolbach, treasurer, and M, L.
Dolan. J. Donald. J. D. Whltmore. C. C.
Hansen. Richard Goehrtng, A. F. Buech
ler, C H. Tully, Emll Wolbach, Henry
Schuff, E. Williams, C. E. Fuehrer, Phil
narsr Velt. James Rourke and
Leo Cleary, director. Mr. Conners was
. re-elected secretary by acclamation and
it was decided to raise iar me u
.niK vMrn activities.
' t, . AeAeA to hold a fall festival
to be financed and managed by the club
in co-operation with tne aieiaij Mer
chants' association and the local organi
sation of the state federation. Partly or
wholly through the efforts of the club
there have been secured during tho last
year the Grand Island Mattress company,
th Grand Island Brewing company, the
Grand island Culvert company, a.Toung
Men's Christian association building, the
Hansen Brick company and the Guaran
tee Roofing company atlde from the in
stalling of internal Improvements such as
paving, electrolier system, etc
KANSAS CITY. Mar 7. William J,
Bryan, secretary of state, spent twenty
Yilnutea In Kansas City tonight. He
California climate, but on the Japanese
)uesuou no rrauuniu vicnu in laci, no
cautioned a goup of newspaper friends
wno Kawerca iu srcci miu uuu vam
lpanese question was taboo.
Man Who Found Bodies Says Ex
haustion Caused Death.
Llcntcnnnt Rrnn Telln nf Discover
ing Tent SheltcrlnK Dcmt In
tho Suorry AVnntee of
the Antarctic.
WINNEPEG, Man., May 7. Exhaustion
and not starvation was the cause of the
death of Captain Scott and the men who
died with him On his way back from the
South Pole, according to Lieutenant
Gran, a member of tho supporting: party
which found the bodies of the party in
the frozen Antarctic. Lieutenant Gran
stopped off In this city for a few hours
on his way to London.
"The end of the party was teaceful,"
declared Gran. "When we came to the
tent In which the bodies were nil was
silent. The snow had drifted about the
tent and something seemed to tell that
the end for them had come. All about
us were desolate wastes of snow and Ice
and a chill came over our hearts.
'Lieutenant Wright of Toronto, a
Canadian, who commanded our little
party, approached the tent first and
lifted the flap. We followed, expecting;
the worst, and formed a llttla group
about tho mouth of the tent. Captain
Scott lay on his back as It asleep, but
outside of his sleeping bag. The bodies
of Dr. Wilson and Lieutenant Bowers
were In their sleeping bags, nnd It was
apparent that they had been carefully
wrapped up by Captain Scott, who evi
dently was tho last to die.
"While they did not dlo of starvation,
still all their food had given out, and,
worst of all, their fuel."
Probably Murdered.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 7.-A search of
all the bay cities was begun early today
tor Mrs. Robert Saxe, IS years old, a
bride of two weeks. Robert Saxe, tho
young woman's husband, nnd her father,
George Bauter, chief Inspector In the
quartermaster's department here of the
United States army, reported the disap
pearance of the girl to the police.
Mrs. Saxe left her homo yesterday
morning to go shopping. She took with
her 12.W0 worth of diamonds to be cleaned
by a Jeweler.
According to neighbors,' she left her
apartment In tho best of spirits. She was
said to bo very much attached to her
husband. Tho couple recently returned
from their honeymoon trip.
The police are working on a theory of
foul play.
Chicago Becomes
Virtuous, Banning
the Naughty Song
CHICAGO, May 7. Pursuant to a "blue
laws" campaign by the city council, In
decent songs were put under official ban
tonight. Suggestive songs took their
place with undraped figures In pictures,
the "turkey trot" and some other dances,
all of which have been made unlawful
In Chicago,
Thnp3rdlnance was adopted by a large
Alderman "Bath House" John Cough-
Ian announced that he would offer an
ordinance prohibiting transparent stock
lngs, low necks, and flimsy waists worn
by women. "Some of the dresses I see
on tho street shock my moral sense," ha
said. "They should be forbidden by law.'
Mr. Coughlan's bill probably will be
considered tomorrow.
Juror Calls Deputy
Accused Prisoner
Joe Wright, deputy sheriff, played tho
role- of a prisoner at the bar accused of
breaking and entering, for a time In Judge
Sutton's court and emerged from his part
with a red face.
Joe Canuska was being examined as to
his qualifications for a Juror In tho trial
of Gus Kinney.
"Do you know the prisoner?" he was
"Yes, I have known him for several
years," was the reply.
"Would that acquaintanceship be such
as would disqualify you from giving an
Impartial verdict?"
"Yes. I think I would bo prejudiced."
Canuska was excused. But here Deputy
County Attorney Neblo Interrupted the
proceedings. "Is this the prisoner?" he
asked Canuska pointing to Kinney.
"No, there he Is over there," said
Canuska Indicating tho deputy sheriff
The court gave the spectators permis
sion to laugh by Indulging in a smile
after which Canuska was reinstated In
the Jurors' box.
Essaad to Be Good
and Leave Albania
VIENNA, Slny 7.Senit.offtclal news
papers declare upon tho authority of the
foreign consuls at TIrano that Essaad
Pasha has not proclaimed himself king
of Albania. On the contrary, they say,
ho Is ready to obey the rorto's Instruc
tions to withdraw his army to Turkey.
It was suggested, therefore, that Aus-
trla and Italy promoto an alliance be.
tween Essaad Pasha and the provisional
Albanian government, whereby Essnnd
I'HBha's army might be utilized to main
tain order In Albania. This, It was con
tended, would render nn Austro-Itallan
expedition for that purpose needless.
The meeting of the Mississippi Valley
Historical association will bring to
Omaha some well known lecturers on his
torical subjects. One of these Is Dr.
Reuben Gold Thwaltes of tho Wisconsin
Historical society. Dr. Thwaltes Is tho
author of several histories nnd Is editor
of the Jesuit Relations, which consti
tutes the travels and' explorations of the
Jesuit missionaries In new France from
1610 to 1791. This work Is lit seventy
three volumes. The address which Dr.
Thwaltes will give In Omaha Is entitled
"At the Meeting of tho Trails: The Ro
mance of a Parish Register."
Othor "writers who will appear hero are
Prof. James A. James of Northwestern
university, Dr. Frederick L. Paxson and
Prof. Frank M. Anderson. The speaker
and writer best known to Omaha people
who .will attend this meeting is Dr. Fred
Morrow Fling, who gave a course of lec
tures In Omaha during tne winter on
modern Europenn history.
The works of theso writer are to be
found In the publlo library.
Leslie Rlley, SS30 Harney street, book-
kppnor at the Wolf Manufacturing com
pany, and Lloyd Jenson, an autompbile
man living at 2212 Farnam street, were
seriously injured early last night when
an auto truck collided with the motor
cycle upon which the two men wore ria
The accident occurred near Thirty-third
and Dodge streets. According to wit
nesses the Jtuck drivers were to blarne.
After knocking the men from the ma
chine, they sped away.
Rlley received a compound fracture of
the left leg beside painful lacerations and
Internal Injuries. Jenson's face was
badly cut and one of his fingers was
Rlley was unconscious and was taken
to his home by Jenson, who was un
mindful of his own Injuries until he saw
that his friend was cared for. Both are
at their homes.
B'n 1 i Or
Women's Suits Women's Coats
TIvcbo two now proupa of womon'B apparol offorod Thursday at tho most attractive
barKiuiiB of the entire season.
Your choice of about 300 womon's
very smart, now tnilorod suits. Tho
styles show tho pretty Bnlknn
blouBOB, new cutaway offoctp, tho
severely tailored, and tho novolty
suits that aro now so strikingly pop
ular. Colore and inatorials aro those
in greatest demand this season.
Those Suits wore
mado to soil for
$15.00, $18.00 and
$20.00, each $10
May Waist Sale
Ch'armvg neto hi ot htr rummer
ieaitts brought forward every day for
this sale. 1wu sands o Omaha women
nn taking advantage of the rare May
lot 1 Voile and Lingerie Waists, 69c
Lot 2 Dainty Summer Waists, $1
Lot3 Lingerie Voile Waists, $1.45
Lot 4 Exquisite New Waists, $1.95
Your ohoioo of 250 Ultra Smart
Now Coats of tho raoBt popular
charaoter. All tho now lengths, all
tho now matorialB and all tho smart
est now shades. Horo aro tho olovor
now throo-quartor coats in Bilk,
serge, novelty cloths and worstoda.
Many samplo garmonts.
Thcso coats wore
mado to soli for $15,
$18.00 and $20.00,
each at
Mr s.George Hope
Suing for Divorce
in New York Court
NEW YORK, May 7. (Special Tele
gram.) aeorgo N. Hopo, one of the
young mon whom tho late 13. H. Horrl
man recruited from tho ranks and plaood
In rosponslblo positions, was sued today
by his wife. Gartha Miller Hope, for a
separation. Until Hope and his wife
parted In July, 1912, they lived at S37
Adolphl street, Brooklyn.
Hope Is the controller ot the Uarrlman
lines at 1C5 Broadway. He was wedded
to Miss Milter In Omaha, May 12, VJ06,
nfter a short and ardent courtship nnd
has lived In various cities where his
dutlca as statistician for Mr. Ilnrrnnan
called him. Mrs. Hope alleges the rail
road man's temper reached such un
governable heights as frequently to
endanger her life.
The complaint waa submitted to (Su
preme Court Justice Page In a motion
made by Mrs. Hope for alimony i.nd
counsel foes pending nor suit Hspu
dented his wife's necuiiatlnns nnd set un
as a defense a separation agreement
onterrd Into shortly aftor the cojplo
parted last July. Justlco Tagi retimed
Mrs. Hope alimony, Mrs. Hope Is re
ceiving $12 a week from her husband
under their agreement.
Mrs. Hope before her marriage to Hope
was well known In society of Omaha, her
homo town.
A Life Sentence
of suffering with throat and lung troublo
Is quickly commuted by Dr. King's New
Discovery. 60c and $1.00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement.
After Police Surgeons Clarence Folts
nnd Lloyd Fochtmnn had performed a
dcllcato operation upon a vagrant ca
nine to relievo it from an unsightly
goltor, a negro janttrtr found the animal
still under tho lnfluenco of tho nnes-
thetto and thinking It dead, picked It up
by a leg and threw It Into tho alloy Tho
dog subsequently died.
Tho operation was performod with all
the caro usually glvon a human being,
and according to tho doctors. It was Just
as much trouble. Because ot the Interest
aroused In the caso of "Boob," tho vag
rant dog, police officers gave It a decent
burial yosterdny In tho Jail yard.
Figure If Out
How can you expect to possess good health If you
aro careless with your Stomach, Llvor and Dowels.
Those organs aro the "controlling )owor" and
must bo guarded against weakness. To this end
you really should try a bottlo of
Qfomaoh Biffers
Technical Terms Tabooed
Great "Western trainmen don't snap out
"Board's against, usl" or "Blooked outl"
whon you ( inquiro about a slight delay.
They reply to you courteously in language
you can understand that a train has to bo
mot at that point if such is tho case. Tech
nical terms nro reserved for technical mon
and courtosy provails always.
Uso tho Great Western to Bt Paul and
Minneapolis night train loaves Omaha
8:10 p. ni. and lands you in the Twin
. Cltloa whon tho now day boglna St. Paul
7:30 a. m.; Minneapolis 8:05 a, m.
Day train loaves Omaha 7:45 a. m,,
arrives Bt. Paul 7:20 p. m., Minneapolis
7:50 p. ni. Fastest day Borvlco.
p. p. noNonDEN, o. v. & t. a.,
1022 Farnam St, Omaha. Fhono Doug. 200
Read the Want Ads. Do it Now
where there S SL Victrola
The foUowlng Omaha nnd Council Bluffs dealors carry com
plete linen of VICTOlt VICTKOhAB, and all of the Into Victor
Records as fast as issued. You nro cordially invited to inspect
tho Stocks at any of theso establishments:
Schmoller Mueller
1311-1315 Farnam St. Omalia, Neb.
Victor Department on Main Floor
Branch at
Council Bluffs
Car. lth and r f
Harney, Omaha VVCIB v(h
Geo. E. Nickel, Mgr.
Brandeis Stores
Talking Machine Department
in the Pompeian Room
And every home can
have a Victrola $15
to $200. See and hear
the different styles at
any Victor dealer's.
Victor Talking Machine Company
Camden, N. J.
A. Hospe Co.
1513-15 Douglas St., Omaha, and
47 West Broadway, .... Council Bluffs
Orkin Bros.
Victor Department
Third Floor
Cor 16th and Harney Sts,
Victor-Victrola X
Mahogany or oak
With Victor record albums, $85
Without albums, $75