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Detroit Defeated by New York by
Score of Six to Nothing.
Krntin, Ilrcrnlt Who Won Only
Victories Ten m Cnpttirrri This
Season, Holds Tigers to
, Two Hits.
DETROIT. May 7.-Frank Chance began
his first western trlD as an Amonmn
league manager wtlh a victory today.
Inbw lork defeated Detroit, i to 0. eKat
Ing. the rocruit, who won the only two
other games New York hac cauturmi hl
season, allowed but two hits. On several
occasions his support wobbled, but sharp
fielding came to his assistance when It
was needed most. Mullen was hit hard
In the first and sixth, Detroit's error
helping New York to several of their
tallies. Zamloch. who renlaced the vol
eran In the eighth, began his major league
career by fanning Sweeney and held the
visitors scoreless.
Cobb, who declared a severe headachn
affected his eyesight, struck out twice
and then retired from the game. In tho
last half of the third Mullen collided
with Mldklff at third base, knocking the
latter senseless, but Mldklff returned to
his post after being revived. Score:
Daniels, rf .". 1 1 0 0 Bush, ss. . . . 4 ' 1 ' l' 1
uucr, ci..e 2 a u u V1U, ZD.,-.. 4 0 2 1 0
llartwll. 2b. I 0 H OCrawfrd. lb t 0 18 0 0
tree. It 4 0- 2 0 OCobb, rf.... 2 0 0 0 0
That. 1 h . . . 1 1 in A i r...K.. , m n .
' - . muuv, ...... . v V V I
SwecMT. o.. 4 15 1 OLoudtn, rf.. 0 0 0 0 0
...tUK.ii. -u. 4. l . V v"icn, II.,.? USUI
Derrick, n.l I 1 I 1 Jllgh, cf....4 o i 0 0
Keating, p.. 3 1 0 3 1 Dell. 3b 1 1 2 2 1
TotiU M 2 27 12 3 Gibson, 'c... 1 0110
Aiuiun. p... z o o 1 0
Zamloch, p.. 1 0 0 1 1
. . Totals 21 2 27 II S
New York 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 0-
Detroit , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
i-wo-oase nit: wolter. Hits: Ofr Mul
Hn, 8 In seven Innings. Sacrifice hits:
jveaung, uanieis. stolen bases: Daniels,
Hartzell, Bush. Double playu Derrick
to iiortzcn to Uhance: Hartzell to Dcr
rick to Chance. Left on baies: New
lork, 7; Detroit, 6. Bases on balls: Off
iuuinn, 3: on Keating, 4; off Zamloch, 1.
ailt by pitched ball: By Zamloch, Han
sen, strucx out: uy xviuiun, 4; ny Keat
Ing, 5; by Zamloch, 2. Time: 2:02. Urn
plres: Dlneen and Hart
St. Beaten, Three to Tiro.
ST. LOUIS, May 7. Philadelphia beat
St. Louis hero today In a fast game,
3 to 2. In the first inning. Brown walked
three St. Lolus batsmen, but Lapp threw
out the runner, who tried to steal, pull
ing him out of a bad hole. Philadelphia
scored In tho fourth Inning, when Murphy
walked and went to third on a wild nlteh
and scored on 01drlngs single. Collins
aiso waiKea ana scored on Mcllnnls'
single. Baker scored In the fourth, whpn
ho hit a home run Into the right field
bleachers. St. Louis scored two runs In
the fourth, when Austin duplicated
cancrii nome run alter Uriel hod singled,
Fielding on both sides was fast. Score:
AB.II.O.A.B. An.H.n.A.Ts
E.Mrphy, rf 3 1 2 0 0 Shorten, ef.. 3 1 4 1 a
Oldrlni. cf.. 4 1 3 0 0 Johnston. 11.1 0 111
Collin. 2b.. 112 1 OWllllami. rf 4 1 0 0 0
Baker, 3b... 4 ISO 0 Pratt, lb... 3 0 4 7 0
Mclnnls. lb. 4 3 10 0 0 Brief, lb.... 4 1 13 1 0
waisn, it... i u 2 u OAuatln, lb... 112 3 0
Barry, ss.... 3 0 1 2 0 Wallace, n. 3 0 1 2 0
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LPP. e... .3013 OAteisnder, el 1 1 1 0
Oron, p.. . 3 0 0 3 OMItchell, p. 3 0 1
. Coniptoo ..1 0 0 0 0
Total 4 IT I 0
... . . . ., Totala 10 I 3T 14 0
atted for Wallace In the ninth.
Philadelphia 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-S
St. Louis .....0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 02
Three-base hit; Williams. Home runs:
Baker, Austin. Stolen base: Shotton.
Double plays: Wallace to Pratt to Brier;
Pratt to Mitchell to Brief. Left on bases:
St. Louis. 6; Philadelphia, 2. Bases on
balls: Off Mitchell, 3; off Brown. 4.
Struck out: By Mitchell. 1; by Brown.
1. Wild pitch; Mitchell. Time: 1:30.
Umpires: O'Loughlln and Ferguson.
Clilcnreo Loach Flrnt.
CHICAGO. May 7 Washington beat
Chicago. 3 to 2. today In the opening
game of the series. This was the first
game played by one of tho eastern teams
on the local grounds this season. Chi
cago took the lead In the first Inning,
when a single and two errors gaVo'thcm
one run. Washington passed the locals
In the second, when n fielder's choice, an
error, and a triple by MeBrlde, netted
two runs. Washington clinched the
game In the third on a pass, a stolen
base nnd a single.
Chicago's final tally came In the fourth
on a wnlk. a hit, a sacrifice and Aln
smith's wild throw to catch a runtver
off second. Hughes wns In fine form.
Cocotte retired In the fourth to allow
Easterly to bat for him. and Langley
who replaced him, held Washington
scoreless the remainder of the game.
Moeller. rf . 6 12 0 1 Rath. lb,... 4 112 0
Milan, cf...4 0 2 0 OLord, 3b.... 4 2 3 2 0
Alntratth, e. 4 0 t 4 1 Collins, rf.. 4 1 1 0 0
Williams, lb 4 t T 1 Onorton, lb... I 0 12 0 0
Laporte. lb. 4 3 1 1 OMattlck, cf. 3 0 1 0 0
Morgan. 2b, 2 1 3 3 0 Bchaller, If. I 1 10 0
Shanks, It... 3 0 2 0 OWmtn, as.. 3 0 0 2 1
MeBrlde, n.l I 1 1 1 Pchalk, c... I 1 I 0 0
Muthet, p., 4 10 1 OCfrotte, p... 1 0 0 S 0
'Easterly ., 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 3S 8 27 12 3 Lange. p.... 1 0 0 0 0
zemer o o o o o
Totals 30 I 21 11 1
Batted for Clcotte in fourth.
Ilan for Schalk In ninth.
Washington 02100000 0-8
Chlcngo 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-2
Two-baso hits: Laporte. MeBrlde. Hits:
Oft Clcotte 6 in four Innings; off Lange,
3 In five Innings. Saurlflce hltt Weaver.
Stolen bases: Milan. Moeller. Schaller.
Zclder. Double play: Weaver to Rath
to Borton. Left on bases: Chicago, 7:
Washington, 8. Bases on balls: Off
Clcotte, 1; off Lange, 2; off Hughes, 5.
Struck out: By Clcotte, 3: by Hughes. 8:
by Lange, 6. Wild pitches: Lange, Hughes.
Time: z:0i. Umpires: Hlldebrand and
Clerelnnil Detent Uoaton.
CLEVELAND. O.. May 7. Boston, the
first of the eastern clubs to nlav on
the local grounds this season, was de
feated by Cleveland today, 4 to 1. Falk
enbnrg, the lanky right-hander, who
came back" from the minor league th Is
year, won his fifth consecutive game.
Five of the Boston regulars were kept
out of the game by Injuries.
uoston s only score came in the fourth
on double's by Engle and Janvrin. The
second with men on second and third,
Falkenberg struck out the next three
batters, purposely passing Carrlgan.
uieveiand's scoring started In the sec
ond, when Graney hit for two' bases,
scoring Jackson and Birmingham. Score:
Johnston, lb 4 0 12 0 0 Hooper, rf.. J 12 10
Chapman, aa 3 1 3 3 UBall, lb 4 0 1 4 0
Olaon, 8b.... S 0 0 0 OSpeaker, cf.. 4 0 1 0 0
Jackaon, rf. 4 3 0 0 0 Hnrlcksn, If 4 1 1 0 0
Lajole, 2b... 4 12 3 Odardner, 3b. 4 2 0 3 0
D'm'ham, ill I 2 0 OEnjle. lb... 4 1 10 1 0
Oraney, If... 4 2 2 0 OJanvrtn, .. 4 12 10
Cartich, c... 2 0 3 1 0 Carrlgan, o.. 2 0 6 0 0
Falknbrg, p. 3 0 0 4 0 Leonard, p.. 2 01 1 0
rosier, p... o o l o o
Totals 30 I 27 11 0Lewls 1 0 0 0 0
Totala 32 34 11 0
Batted for Leonard In eighth.
Cleveland 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 -4
Boston i 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Two-base hits: Graney, Gardner.
Janvrin, Hooper, Engle. Three-base hit:
Jackson. Sacrifice hit: Olsen. Stolen
bases: Brlmlngham, Chapman. Double
play: Chapman to Lajole. Hits: Off
Leonard, 7 in seven Innings; off Foster, 2
in one Inning. Bases on balls: Off
Falkenberg, 2; off Leonard, 2; off Foster,
1. Struck out: By Falkenberg, 7; by
Leonard, 2; by Foster, 2. Passed ball:
Ctimgan. Wild pitch: Foster. Left on
bases: Cleveland. 6: uoston. e. Time
2:02. Umpires: Connolly and McCrecvy.
Creighton High School Tennis Cap
f tain Loses Position.
Vncaney Will Have to Be Pilled,
Since Winner of the Game Does
Not Get Office Alans;
Tflth Other Honors
Leo Beverldge, but a few days ago
elected, captain of the Creighton High
school tennis team, lost his" position on
the team Tuesday afternoon by suffering
defeat at tho hands of Frank Walker,
challenger, by the scores of 7-5, 6-3. 0-8,
6-0. Beverldge put up a stiff battlo dur
ing the first set, forotng Walker to seven
games. In the second set he showed
strength, but lost, 6-3. n the third clash
Beverldge took a mighty brace and won
a love set. The exertion was too much,
however, and Walker won the final one
In easy fashion.
To Elect Another Captain,
Beverldge's defeat makes It necessary
to elect another captain, since Walker
does not win the captaincy with the place
on the team. Walker had suffered defeat
at the hands of P. Duffy In the regular
tournament, and Duffy Is another mem
ber of tho team. This Is the first Change
made In the high school team because of
Another member, Bchall. also waa
bumped off the regular lineup Tuesday
evening. Schall was beaten by Riley,
C-8, 7-5, ft-4 and 6-2. Schall put up a good
battlo and died fighting hard. In the
regular tournament he had beaten Riley.
6-4, 6-7, 7-5. Riley Is now a member of
the team.
Gnmr vrlth Council ninffa.
Tho high school team plays Council
Bluffs high on the Grelshton courts next
Saturday afternoon. According to the
rule requiring the issuing of a challenge
five days before a scheduled match, no
moro changes are possible In tho lineup
of the high school team.
Some changes are expected In the col
lege tennis team lineup. Schleh. one of
the team, has been overrun with chal
lenges, and Haun Is having a hard time
convincing his student friends that he Is
tho logical man for a varsity player.
Schleh will play MoCauley, challenger,
at noon, while Haun 'will play Hartnett,
challenger. McCaffrey, who has also
challenged Haun, will play tho winner
of this .latter match.
No one has as yet ventured to chal
lenge Bushman or Gleason. The Creigh
ton varsity tennis team plays Nebraska
at Lincoln Saturday.
eague. It numbers In Its ranks Kane,
Coady and McGuIre of the varsity.
The score by Innings: R.H.E.
Third High A . ...0 O 0 0 0 0 0-0 3 S
Fourth High 2 0 1 3 3 1 0-S 10 2
Batteries: Third High. Glasgow and
Cahlll and O'ConnellJ Fourth High, Bron
nan and Kane.
DETROIT. May 7. When the New Tork
American league team reached Detroit
this afternoon Manager Frank Chance
was asked If there was a possibility that
First Baseman Hal Chase might bo traded
to the Detroit team.
"I am willing to trade Chase to De
troit providing I get a fair exchange,"
replied Chanoe.
"What do you consider a fair ex
change," was asked.
"I can't tell. I know of but two men
on the Detroit team Crawford and Cobb."
"Would you trade Chase for ' Craw
ford T"
Chance shook his head.
"Would you trade him for CobbT"
"Well, for whom would you trade
There are two men .n the Detroit
team who would comprise a fair ex
SleJWta! I WxAt. L. HOLZMAN, Troas.
Johnny Gonding
Runs with Firemen
Johnny Gonding. erstwhile Omaha ball
star Is now a member of the Columous,
Neb., fire department, besides belnt tho
boss of the Columbus ball team. Gondtrg
runs with the hand fire apparatus every
time there la a fire and he says It Is
almost as much fun aa stealing home.
In leisure moments, he expects to play
In the Columbus brass band and also bo.
coino a member of the town dramatic
"Wild Bill" Brennan pitched masterly
ball against Third High A Tuesday after
noon In the Interclass league at Creigh
ton and Fourth High walked away with
a victory of 8 to 0. Brennan only al
lowed three tilts, all of them singles.
while Fourth High clubbed Glasgow
In spite of their defeat by the ttenlors
In thelr last clash, Fourth HKh Is looked
upon as the fastest aggregation In the
The candidates for the class track
teams at the Omaha High school wero
given a final tryout Tuesday. Each class
team will compete In nine events. The
class .team captains are: Seniors, Karl
Engstrom; Juniors. Wilbur Douglass;
sophomores, Edwin Goiild; freshmen, Wil
bur Fullaway. Arthur Rouner, who waa
expected to mako some new records, has
been eliminated because of failure In
studies. Since most of the material Is
new, Mr. Reed does not expect any new
records to be made.
GENEVA, Bwltxerland. May 7. The
prltes won at the Olympic games at
Stockholm by James Thorpe, the Carlisle
Indian athlete, will be awarded to Iho
men who finished second In the events.
The International committee of the
Olympic games so decided toy on the
motion of the American delegates.
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AMES. la.. May 7.-(Spce!al Telegram.)
With the score tied, i and In the ninth
and the bleachers begging for his home
run. Billy Brennan projected the' pill
Into the bushes and "stepped on the home
plate as Qrlnnell outfield overtook "the
ball on the state field this afternoon.
The game was a pitching controversy
between Levsen and Anderson. Score:
Ames 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-3 f S
Qrlnnell 0 0101000 0-2 , S 2
Batteries: Levsen and Kenncallyi
Anderson and Brlnton. Umpire:. Bush
of Drake.
Clsrar Factories Burned.
KEY WEST. Fla.. May T.-Flame
which threatened the lower business sec
tion of tho city today destroyod four
cigar factories and several smaller build
lngs, causing a loss of 1100.000. Tho first
started In tho factory of the Key West
Cigar company. It spread rapidly.
Wesleyan Wins Dual
Track Meet from
Doane, 78 to 44
(Speclal.) Wesleyan won the dual track
meet from Doane hero yesterday by the
score of 78 to 44. The meet was fast
throughout, several intercollegiate state
records being broken. Following Is the
xiign nuraies: jticvjanaiess.. wcsibyu.ii,
first; Peck, Wesleyan, second; Piatt,
n aD rrl f.l PAf
Milo run: Mlckle, Doane, first; G11U
Ion WailAVAn. nAoond'! Ttrunlncr. Waa
Uunti hisr1 INmo A i94
Candless, Wesleyan, third. Time, 0:10.
440-yard dash: Uhamoeriain, wesieyan.
iirai; in u iz man, uoiuie, ucuuuu, mquiw
Doane, third. Time, 0:64.
nammer mrow; urgnsun, jurjio, uroi,
Farrell, Wesleyan, second; Goble, Doane,
mini u ib unite, n icct i hwto.
flrsi; Wishart, Doane, second; Wright,
cole f mi, .miu. a ....v. w.w.
Tnln vault Wtlsnn nnil MrTA. Whim
ley an, tlea ror nrsi; waiiaue, uosne,
third. Height, 10 feet.
Knot put: jonnson, wesieyan, nrsi
Goble, Doane, second; Wishart, Doane
High Jump: Wilson, Wesleyan, first;
aicwanajess, wesieyan, bcluiiu, x-ibii,
uoane, uura. ueigiu. o icci a uiviico.
f.i, t,iitla. HfrnnHl.K WlMileVAn.
first; Krebs, Doane, second; Piatt,
Doane. third. Time. 0:23.
oane, third. Time. 2:08.
, w
litters Wllann WnilAVan. flrat
Medlar. Doane, second; Wterner, Wes-
syan, inira.
Goble, Doane, second; Chamberlain, Wes-
iyan, tnira. uisiance, ii i-ei.
Iteferee and starter: Hutchinson.
After the track meet the base ball
teams representing the two schools
nlaved a fast nlne-lnnlrur game. In which
Wesleyan was victorious by a score of H
1. Batteries: Doane. Kretslnger and
Bronson; Wesleyan, Sweet and Gorey.
Umpire: McAJevy.
Jury is Secured to
Try Jack Johnson
CHICAGO, May 7. A Jury to try Jack
Johnson, the negro prize fighter, charged
with violation of the white slave act In
transporting Belle Schrelber from Pitts
burgh to Chicago In 1910, was completed
In Federal Judge Carpenter's court to
day. "Yank" Kenny, formerly one of
tho defendant's trainers. Is regarded as
one of the principal witnesses for the
Assistant District Attorney Larkln, In
addressing the Jury, declared that he
would introduce evidence to show the
character of Johnson. He said he would
bring out facts detrimental to the de
fendant which occurred previous to his
fight at Xteno in 1900, and would prove
that white playing a vaudeville engage
ment he was living with three white girls
In the same city, and that he took them
about the country with him. These wo
men, he declared, were Belle Schrelber,
a girl named "Hattle" and Etta Duryea,
whom. Johnson later married and who
subsequently killed herself while despond
ent over the Ignominy of her life with
the negro. The attorney asserted also
that he would show by witnesses that
Johnson had -beaten certain white girls
nun wnom he had associated and been
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Hot Springs, 8. D., notod for Its plunge baths and snnltar-
lums . ,
Dcadwood and Leatl
Sheridau and Ranchester, Vyo In the beautiful Big Hora.
Alouiitains gateways to Absaraka Park, Eaton's Ranch,
Paradise Ranch, Piney inn, Tepee Lodge, Mountain Home
Ranch, and many others
Thermopolls Hot Springs, Owl Creek Mountains ; ,
Cody, Wyo., east? entrance to Yellowstone Park; depot for ft
liar Ranch,, W-Plamond Ranch, Morris Ranch, Pabaska Inn,
Holm Lodge, etc
Homeseekers' Excursions First and Third Tuesdays.
Booilsts frss "Oallfornln Excursions," tjarnma
Tonrs of raolflo Coast," ,rYsllowstoBa Fark," "Cod
Xoad Into Tsllowstons," "Oolorado-YsUowstons Tonrs'
JTorthwsat Tonrs," "Oolorado-Vtah Handbook" Ist
Sark.y "Hltr Xorn Xssorts," "Summsr Tours WssU
bonua," Th Blaok Hills."
1502 Fornam Street. Phone D. 1238,
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