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Mow Dancing Develops
a Beautifumftire .
, " , ' t WAr ft,.
w Third of an In
structive Series
of Articles by
the WelUKjiown
Ruth St. Denis
THIS newspaper presents to-day the third
of a aerlea of artlolea by tho most grace
fuT woman In America. Mica Ruth 8t.
Denla la the foremost danoer In the United
Statea. Her fame, not limited to her own coun
try, la worldwide.
MIob 8t. Denla has literally danced before
kings, having been received and admired In the
courts of Europe. She la a mistress of the art
of expression without words, pantomime, and
Is deeply learned In the grace and beauty lore
of the Orient. She advises her countrywomen
upon a subject In which every woman la Inter
ested, how to Improve her figure, and tells them
In clear, forceful manner and careful detail how
thla can be done. She does not hesitate to
point to the faults In the figures and carriage
of her countrywomen, but while she tells of the
evil she alio describe! tho remedy.
' ' jmn imp wmmmm
"Dance with the upper part of the body, swaying with the
awai ami v1r
No. 3 The Waist and Hips
Ruth St. Denis
In all your household duties do
this. If you aro making a bed or
laundering your own handkerchiefs
or lifting the baby that 'has stum
bled and hurt Its toe do bo In an
easy, untrammel-
ed way,-and grad
ually, after a few
weeks or months,
you will bo re
warded for the
temporary sacrl
ifloo to your van
ity by going un
o o r a eted. Tho
treed muscles,
awkward a f t o r
their long Impris
onment, that at
first went roam
ing about your
Serson In a way
lat seemed to
IT WILL surprise you, I fancy,
that I assert at tho beginning;
of a talk on how to make tho
hips and waist aymmetrloal, that
you must free them from stays and
In imagination I bear the chorus
of "Oh, nosl" that goes up from the
dismayed throats of my women
readers. Tet I repeat It, and with
ten fold emphasis.
There can be no symmetry with
out freedom of movement Grace
Is freedom and movement, and grace
brings about symmetry. So cast off
thoBO stays. Remove those ab
dominal and waist bands. 'Permit
yourself absolute freedom of move
ment. When you bend to pick up
something do not do so with
groans and with creaking Joints.
When you stoop to pick up some
thing lot your
whole body col
lapse. Utterly let
It go. Pick up the
object, be it a pin
or a rug, eaBlly
and naturally, and
when you rise let
the muscles glide
naturally back to
their first post
CW'. fr fit- QMHaaHMsarlaK Aa'
mi m
Photo om
When to Get Married to be Happy
"Describe as nearly as possible a circle, as a wind sways slightly in a light
breeze and nearly wrenches itself from the roots in a high wind."
"I learned to
danco with na
ture's aid. No
one has ever
taught me a
dance step."
you appalling, will
gradually settle
hack into their
proper place, and,
growing firm, re
main where they
belong and adjust
themselves to the
harmony of tho
The Venus ds Mllo had
generous hips. Also she
had a stomach, and wasn't
ashamed of It If you re
flect that the woman who
has not a curving stomach
!B a monstrosity you will
bo ashamed of a flat
one instead of desiring it
Hips and a waist that
are In right proportion to
the rest of your figure are,
then, what you want Ask
your -tailor to tell you, and
use the tape measure to cor
roborate his statements, for
tailors may not always be
frank, whether your shoul
ders aro exactly as wide as
word, they balance them. Ask
your hips, whether, In a
him also to give you the
measurement of your bust and
waist If your bust Is ten
inches larger than your waist
the curve from one to the
other is correct It there bo
more than ten Inches differ
ence, the waist is relatively
too small or tho bust relative
ly too large.
That is the correct stand
ard, and the body Inclines
naturally to it The body that
has been by imprisonment in
stays twisted out of and away
from the standard will slowly read
Just Itself to it if you rolease It from
Its imprisonment and give it free
dom. For symmetry follows free
dom inevitably as the shadow the
sunshine, though I admit not quite
so quickly, because It takes consid
erable time to readjust one's self aft
er a tortured condition.
The symmetrical body will have
hips and waist neither too largo nor
too small, but to use a hearty phrase
that Is thoroughly and typically
American, "Just right" How to at
tain theaet Of methods I suggest
First think of straight lines. The
straight line suggests thinness, Yqu
never saw a plump straight line.
But, what Is far more important
dwelling in thought upon the
straight line accustoms you to bal
ance, which Is perfect adjustment
of all parts of the body. Keep in
mind that a straight line represents
the centre of gravity and that If such
line were dropped from the very
apex of the crown of your bead, ft
would reach the earth at a point
equidistant between your feet
It is a well known truth, undis
puted by even the most material, in
fact the most material persons give
the best examples of It that we be
come like that about which we think
a great deal.
Stooping often and letting the
body collapse when you stoop, to
which I have already referred, will
bring the hips into place, solidify
them and give the waiBt its right
proportion to the body. Dut make a
practise of stooping. Don't sink to
your knees when you pick up any
thing. Bend from the waist, and do
so qulokly with the free, swooping
motion of a bird. Do tills whon you
turn on your bath and the dozen
other things your daily habits re
quire Don't make fnstenlng your
shoes a labor. Regard it as a means of
establishing the right proportions of
your body and swoop down upon
your task. Indeed, I should like to
change the word from "stooping" to
"swooping." And, of course, we have
understood that you must dance.
You will dance. I have before told
you that to dance is to live. Dancing
is life. It you dance much your
body will assume Its proper propor
tions, and waist and hips will take
care of themselves.
Don't dance with feet alone. Dance
with the free, unimpeded limbs.
Danco from the thigh, In long rhyth
mical movements. You have only to
watch some persons dance to see
that they are dancing with their feet,
or at moat with the lower half of tho
leg, for their poor knees bob up and
down absurdly as we see the knees
of an inexpert and ungraceful walker
rise and fall. The movement In walk
ing should be forward and from the
hips. And dancing is only walking
made a little more complex.
Dance also with the upper halt of
the body. Sway with the arms and
trunk from one side to the other,
and as nearly describe a circle as
a tree sways in a light breeze and
nearly wrenches it from Its roots in
a hard wind. Settle tho hips into their
right place and Nature will "place
them," so to speak. The right plac
ing of muscles Is as Important aa
the right placing of a- voice.
Teach yourself to dance. No ono
ever tauxht me a dance stan.
By Professor William H. Maccabee.
rHB "June Bride" whose marriage turns out un
happily probalbly wonders why tho tenderest
love on both stdos, physical and mental fitness
for each other, worldly prosperity and social equality, all
failed to save her from matrimonial shlpwreok.
But tho unhappy wife who was a June bride is not
the only ono who wonders why all these favorable
au&plcoB are belled by unfortunate consequences. She
hares her misfortunes with brides of every month In
tho year. And tho reason 1b that, although each of
them made no mistake in the selection of a mate, each,
through Ignorance of tho principles governing the in
fluences of the planots upon human beings, cboso the
wrong time for tho nuptial ceremony.
In selecting the proper tlmo to marry it 1b not neces
sary to havo a knowledge of tho science of planetary
Influence. The main feature to be considered, (simple
enough In Itself) is to be suro and havo the benevolent
planet Jupiter in tho seventh house at the hour the
marriage takes placo. Tho year, the month or the day
do not signify.
Tho old established custom of having tho wedding
take placo at noon is favorable undor certain condi
tions, but not always so, as after events have often
Tho month of June has always toeen regarded as
a fortunate month to marry In, while to "marry In
May you'll ruo the day," has also had an equal regard,
but In the opposite respect If the planet Jupltor bo
in either the zodiacal sign Virgo or Capricorn, it Is
best to deter marriage during bis transit Because,
while in either of those signs Jupiter's power for good
Is somewhat lessened. But, in the sign Cancer, how
ever, Jupiter is at his best and his fortunate influences
are remarkably powerful. Hence,
the best time to choose for
marrying would be whon Jup
iter 1b In transit through the
sign Cancer. But Jupiter Is in this
position but onco in every twelve
years (nearly), henco thlB time Is
not always available.
For Instance, Jupiter 1b now in
the sign Capricorn. It those who
are contemplating marriago wish to
have the date of their wedding tako
place under bis best Influence for
happiness, they will have to wait
until the year 1910, six years' nonce
which, to Bay the least, Is rathor too
remoto a period for the anxious to
'linger In courtship, though probably
not too long for some lovers to wait How
Rebecca waited at the well seven
Next in order of fortunate influences tor matrlmoai
aro Venus and the Sun;f and when these are with JupJ
tor, all throe transiting tho same sign together, i
matters not what that sign may be, it it is on tho cusr
of the seventh housq; and, regardless of the year, thi
month or the day, you may depend on it, the marriod
life of those wedded at such a time will be decldedl)
happy. Venus alone in this house brings fortune and
much happiness, but not the felicity that Jupltor brings.
The Sun also assures success.
Aa Jupltor Is now In transit through the sign Capri
corn, rt marriage taking place any tlmo during the re
mainder of the present year vould not prove entirely
successful or promising of happiness, unless the wed
ding were to be celebrated when tho Bun and Vonus
aro again in Capricorn, with Jupiter, which will not
occur until Docember 20 next But, in order to avoid
an unhappy marriage, never set the wedding date for
an hour that will placo either Saturn or MarB in the
seventh house, or on the descendant in the western angle
of the hoavens.
It is also detrimental, if not fatal, to happiness to
have Neptuno or Uranus In the seventh house. These
planets afflicting the bouse of marriage, assert their
evil Influence as follows: Saturn, cold, unfeeling, lack
ing In sentiment; deceit and eventually disgrace and
scandal. Mars, extravagant husband or wife; illicit
connections; final divorce or separation, and sometimes
crime and disaster.
Neptune makes the marriage partner an undesirable
one, causes events inimical to matrimonial felicity to
occur unexpectedly, and creates an inordinate fondness
for drink in husband or wife, or In both.
Uranus causes eccentricity In actions and disposi
tion, and a greater degree of platonlo rather than sin
cere love.
In all the divorce cases, marital difficulties, separa
tions, scandals, disgrace, etc., which have come under
my observation during the past dec
ade, i have always round that either
the husband or wife, or both, had
tho house of marriage In their natal
map afflicted by one of the evil plan
ets; or Neptune, Uranus. Saturn or
Mars on the seventh house at the
time of marriage.
Hence, never, never have an evil
planet in the seventh house during
your wedding hour if you wish for
happiness thereafter. Better post
pone the wedding date a hundred
times than risk the consequences.
Set the date so that Jupiter will be
in the seventh house, thus insuring
a happy married life.
Any ordinary yearly almanac will
show you how to locate and place
Jupiter and give you the propea
tho Stars Should Bo On Your
MarrUio Day to Mali it .