Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 27, 1913, PART FIVE MAGAZINE SECTION, Page 17, Image 53

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"In One Hour !
I Learned to
Play the Piano
at Home"
Without Lessons or Knowledge
of Music You Can Play the
Piano or Organ in One Hour
Wonderful New Sytem That Even a
Child Can Use
He "You surprised me! You told me yesterday
you couldn't play n note!"
She "I couldn't; 1 learned to play in one hour
by the wonderful 'Easy Method Muiicl"'
lllll(lii!)ll' .Will sil.V - 1,1't UN HHI It ;it our
I'XIM'iisi Vi will ti'a.'h .ni l pliu tin piano
ur urtrun ami will not aik om nl until .win
etui ila. .
A musical ircnlus fiom Clilianin lini Inventi'il
u wunili'tfnl sAsti'iu wherein auyom-i-an learn
to iilay tin' l'lauo or Oman in out' hour. With
till-, new method you don't have to Know one
noto from another, yet In an hour of iniu'tlee
you can lie lilajlm: the iioimlar music: with all
the, thnrers of lK)th hanils ami lilavlnu' It well.
1 Ho Invention Is so slmim- that own a
child can now master music without costly In
struction. Anyone can Have tills new method
on n flee trial merely by uskltiir. Simply write
salinir. "Send me the Kasy Form Music Method
as announced u the Skmi-Montiii.v M uiaxim:
The complete system together with 111! pieces
of music will then lc sent to jihi Tree, all
charges prepaid and alisolutely not one cent
lo pay. You keep It seven days to thoroimhly
prove II Is all that Is claimed for it. then If
you are salisllcd. send us Sl.Wi anil one dollar
a mouth until Sd.Mi in all is paid lf.ou are
not delighted with II. send it hark in seven
days and you will hate risked nollilui; and will
lie under no ill lira! inn In us
He sure to state nuuilier of white kcs on
your piano or nrvmi also iis oMIce and expn-ss
olllce. ddiess Kas. Mi thoil Music Coiiipaii.v .
Iiil t'larkson Hull. lint Chirac.. III
Color your Last
gear's Straw Hat with
i iitp i aai htm
Splendid forflxineup
Ladics'2cChlldrcns hats.
Dries in. 30 Minutes.
'Made in M Yaierproui anauuraoie.
Jet Black Dull Black Cardinal Red- Navy Blue
Cadet Blue Sags Green Burnt Straw Brown Violet
Avoid off su&sttucs-nsJst on genuine QtoKilE
or send 2Siit stamps (
A Course of Lessons in
Drugless Healing
ssa", scs.ismsu- lie I OJiy t
PDPP s,ot om c'nl ,(
fVv 'W 1 rl 1 1 iuy Pit lie r tuM nr
later nooungntion, jut jour
mi pic requeit brine )m thi
TnIuab!onurtienf Gil Iiton b
rerm n mnil Without Cot.
S2.50OTO S6.000 A YEAR -
itiliahii orif. t.-diin that la ramarLaltlw nrnAlatila
t tffii for ih irmnMir rnrxi what brus-iaa fUalinir hat
IofT-rVOf Krmmbr ThiaOTer U lJmitd' Writ NOW fnr
HiFK Court of ts:.m ;tth.U-1 Send postal or l!tr KKiliT
Dept 798 M W IUn...npliBt Chicago 111
I i f pnn winl
house, except for the whispering of the
wntrr, find he ncnt hack M?r slow.
",Ies had stm k :i piece ot wiitinr,
utiilcr ii tc.-ii up on the tulile. hi n he
first pit home, I link usis so worknl up
he'il misseil serine; it. All she siiul win
that she was puny; away ftueuT and it
would n 't do any good for him to look for
her, liecause she would never rume liaek;
and she was n wickiul woman, but, as
Hod was her judge, slip M tried to get
used to the loneliness and wire for him
proper and make him a good wife
but why did he go to drinking, and why
hail n 't he kissed tier goodbye when he
went to ('apitnn? That's about all.
Tlicte was more, but it didn't mean any
more than that. 1)1' Dink just held the
paper low down in front of him and kept
a looking and n-Iooking. After ti while
he noticed there was something else be
side the teaeup and picked it up. It was
the nickel he'd given to Floss. Diuk
turned it oer in his lingers like lie'd
never seen it befote, and stood there
quiet for most ten minutes."
rll) he ever get her baekf" asked the
agent, shivering its the night breeze
oil' the plains struck in through the door.
"I'm n-coming to that. From what
you've heard, a feller might think (io
ber'd make a beeline to the bottle and
forget it till; but Dink didn't do mith
ing of the sort. An hour after he'd
found the note he emptied on the ground
three bottles he'd hid out, taking his
tune and unite calm. Then he rode the
burro over to Wapliael Salaznr'8 wood j
camp and hired a eottple ot Mexicans to
look after his sheep.
"'I'm going to sell out,' lie says.
'Tend 'em for eight days.'
"And he done just that. Sold all
those sheep to a fat party ftom San An
gelo. Dink did; and then lie just failed
out of sight. Never went back there
from that day to this. Dink didn't even
take so much as a picture front the house.
"He d got a tiitr price lor the baa
I basts, but lie figured lie'd need it. Do
'you know what that blamed fool planned
fo dot lie was going to get her back.
Yes, sir. Dink was just that mule
"'He'll thtow her oft" when he gets
tired of her anil leave her go to the
dogs,' he says to me.
"It's amazing what a man will do for
a woman, ain't it ? If he'd had a lick ot
sense, like you or inc. he'd have let her
go. Never run afler a woman or a trol
ley ear, I say, for there'll be another
along in thiee minutes. I -tut (iobcr
another tuition, too, back in his head
He'd got it in st long for Floss. II.
swoie he'd got a match.' he mm.i'i
he'd shoot Campbell dead the first turn
he set eyes on him, no matter wheie and
no matter when."
"TV" he gee, but that wind's cold
did he ever catch up with 'em Let "
have that door shut," said the agent.
"lie hunted and he hunted. Some i
tunes he thought he had 'em; but they'd
changed their mimes, of course, and it "
easy for a couple to drop out in u whop
ping big country like this. So fur ns I
Dink was concerned, it was just as if
they'd died. And it wasn't long before;
he'd spent all his money and hail to take
jobs to earn more, lie'd scrimp and
he'd save, turning his hand to most any
thing. Now he'd prod cattle in a ship
ping pen. Then he'd get a job as a
waiter. And onco he drove a deliven
wagon for a grocery company all up and
down some canons in a copper town in
Arizona. And every place lie went, he
packed a gun around with him. That
was for Floss. Hut ho never found linn;
no, sir.
"For five years Dink moved up and
down and across the southwest, asking
people if they'd saw a man and a
woman. Then he met a widow lady in
Childress. It wns in a church where
Dink had gone because he could n 't
think of anywhere else to go. She was
one of these comfortable kind, and she
sort of took a shine to Dink right off.
Perhaps because he didn't lay himself
out to be overnice fo her, though she had
a right fine piece of property, and a lot
ot Inalers were trying to marry her.
"He done saw quite a bit of the vvu)
ovv while he was working there, and then,
one fine day, he moved on. Just packed
I '
M . ,i
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I 0
'I 1913 MAY 1913 I VsS Jl
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4 3 6 7 IO W
II 12 13 14 15 IO 17
I 19 20 21 22 23 24
23 20 27 211 2i 30 3 11 I
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Goes B. V. D.
Oi l- jroestijrlit fitting,
leni'tli. knit innliTW c.ii
cramps dim luulv .iih
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11. V. 1). that cools ami com
forts j our skin!
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i :iou; . ii mi. (i.mi. t;m. xi mul
K.UU Uin mm.
The B. V. D. Company,
New 'ork Sinun turmu,'
i a f
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EAKL HOPKINS, Wnahlnuton, D. C.