Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 26, 1913, Page 16, Image 16

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Ducks, Geese and Turkeys Not on
the Omaha Market.
nlr of Ornpr Kmlt Incrrnar Won
dcrfnllr Drnsr Store Lours
Montr on Chicken
Snnd wlrhrs.
Chickens have bfen discovered to cost
the consumer 6 cent" nn ounce A drug;
ptore at Seventeenth and Fnrnnm streets
Which serves sandwiches at Its soda foun
tain recently bouttht two hens, wclnh
Inc nine pounds, for Jl.Stt. The hens were
boiled and nil the meat taken from them.
Vhen put In the scales this meat foal
nncc. at twenty-seven ounces, which
brought the actual cost to figure 6 cents
an ounce. The drug store had been sell
ing cnicKcn sanawK'ucn ni j icum .-ih.m,j
The price Immediately wail raised to 20
cents, the proprietors having figured
that money was lost, not only on the
chicken, but the bread, butter, olive and
!lck1e were being given away.
Chickens nro scarcer In Omaha than
they have been for many months. There
Is practically none on the local market.
What can be had are bought at IS cents
A pound, wholesale, and at most places
nre sold at 20 and 22 cents, retail. There
nre no ducks, geoso or turkeys. Other
meats are selling at about the same high
figures as a week ago. None has de
clined In price, and some kinds hava ad
vanced a half cent or more for the re
tall dealer.
Butter still sells at 36 cents a pound
rnd eggs at 20 cents a dozen, l'rults
find vegetables arc plentiful. Home
irrown vegetables have begun to como into
the local market Itadlshes sell three
bunches for a nickel. .Spinach Is six
pounds for 6 cents. Asparagus Is "Vi
rents a bunch. Rhubarb retails at two
bunches for a nickel.
Fresh peas have arrived from Texas
Itnd are selling at 10 cents a quart.
Pineapples are unusually plentiful.
They sell at 15, 12M and 10 cents apiece,
a reduction of 6 and 10 cents from the
Jirlce of a year ago.
The sales of grape fruit have trebled
In the last two weeks, says Albert King,
manager of Hoyden llros.' grocery de
partment. Incidentally, they have ad
vanced a dollar a box, and retail at 7H,
HVS and 10 cents each. There has been no
demand for oranges this spring. Con
sumer are afraid of them slnco the frosts
truck the crops In the west. Prices are
higher, fruit which sold at 20, 25 and 30
cents a dosen a year ago, now selling at
90, 35 and 40 cents a dozen.
Medical Colleges
Get More Corpses
Undertakers of Omaha are not Just
ture of the effects of the new. law passed
by the Nebraska legislature, regulating
the disposition of unclaimed bodies. The
hew law prohibits friends of a deceased
person from claiming the body, making
Its disposition rest on the direction of
relatives only.
According to some undertakers the new
law Is Intended to keep persona posing
n friends of the dead whoso body has
Dot been claimed from directing that It
be turned over to a medical college. One
undertaker said that the state superin
tendent of publlo Instruction formerly
bad authority to direct the disposition
of unclaimed bodies, and that he sent
tnost of them to Omaha when the medi
cal colleges here were In need of ma
terial: that the medical colleges fore
nulled such action by having a man
pose as a friend of the deceased and or
jderlng the body turned over to them.
The new law, they say, Is Intended to
Jielp the medical colleges.
There are some who believe the law
will Interfere with those who actually
ere friends of a dead person In disposing
of the body. In cases where such a per
son has no relative, but haa friends who
want to bury the body, they say anyone
who wlshod to stand strictly to the letter
of the law could oppose them. In such
cases the body would go to a medical
Many to Be Active
on Cleanup Day
Street Commissioner Kugel has refuted
to move ashes cleanup day and will in
struct the tKentyalx teamsters employed
by his department to gather up nothtnu
tut the rubbish that la raked together on
Cleanup day.
"About 600 locations of rubbish heaps
have been telephoned to this office." said
Xugel, "and also to my home. Tlio tele
phone, at home haa Jangled Incessantly
nnd Industrious cltisens have designated
the plaoes where they will rake the rub
Wsh If there are any who have not
telephoned I wish they would call up the
office and not the house."
Kugel's teams will be on the Job bright
mm ranjr , mo morning. A certain dis
trict has been assigned n inh i
and before the day Is over he will be
expecieo. to nave that district perfectly
clear of all rubbish.
Ralston Relief Fund
Reaches $15,749,40
'Yesterday s receipts for the nalston er
Jief rund amounted to 1198, The list of
additional contributions follow:
Previously acknowledged $15,551 .40
Sfayorll. B. McKlllop. Saratoga.
Wyo., additional donation 6.00
Cash No. 2i. ......... sm
William lialrd 500
Kent & Burke company.... too
Pi" FwF- 8fybBr, Council muffs sioo
John FVanek. South Omaha 10.OO
Citltens of Kayettevllle. Oa., H.
M. Still, city clerk in M
CItliens of Smlthwick. 8. D..
through Farmers and Mer
chants Dank jg 00
Yankton Commercial association.
Yankton. S, D 60 no
Wry. M. J. Wilson. Drookllne,
Mass 550
Midland Olasa and Paint company 26.00
C. U Rossen jooo
Judge P. J. Cosgrove, state captain of
the First Nebraska volunteer Infantry,
will act aa toastmaater at the banquet
to be, held at the Woodmen Cafeteria
Saturday night Major C. F. Hartman
will talk to the veterans abo'it the regu.
lar army and Rev. W. H. Underwood,
chaplain of the Third Nebraska vniim.
Iter Infantry, will deliver a ahort address
on "The American Volunteer" Governor
Morehead will be a principal speaker of
tho evening.
Muslo will be furnished by the Avaion
Dinner Menu
and Tested Recipes
Cereal with Apricots.
Bacon Curls.
Topovcrs. Coffee.
Bortehock Consomme.
Roast Leg of Lamb. Currant Mint Sauce.
Frahconta Potatoes.
Hplnnoh a la Ilechamel.
Prune Ice Cream.
Toasted Crackers. Roquefort.
Cafe Nolr.
arlllcd Bsrdlnes.
' Parker House Rolls.
Lord Baltimore Cake.
Fruit Punch.
Vcnl flnrprlse.
Take two white calf's feet and bono
them as far ns the first joint; put them
In warm water and saok for two hours.
Then put two slices o' bacon, two ounces
of butter, one tablespoonful of lemon
Juice, salt and pepper to taste, a small
onion, a bunch of savory herbs, four
cloves and a blade of mace Into a stew
pan and )ay In the feet; add sufficient
water Just to cover the whole; simmer
for three hours; then take up the feet
and place on a heated dish, cover with
parsley butter and serve hot Tho liquor
In which the feet are cooked should be
strained and saved, na It makes very
good stock for white sauce or gravies.
Old KnRllah Cnntlle Cnp.
Into two quarts of water throw a small
cupful of oatmeal and a saltspoonful of
salt and boll. Add the Juice of two
lemons, halt a grated nutmeg, a tea
spoonful of ground cinnamon, three tart
apples cut In quarters and one-halt pound
of raisins.
Cook until the oatmeal Is very soft and
add a little boiling Water, When ready
to serve, heat to boiling point, sweeten
to. taste and add two well beaten eggs,
stirring over the fire Just a moment after
the eggs are added. Pour Into a well
heated punch bowl and drop In a few
Crfntn of I'ennnt flonp.
One cupful of peanut butter, one bay
leaf, one blade of mace, a little chopped
colery, or seasoning of celery salt while
pepper to taste, one teuspoonful of onion
Ji'lce, five cupfuls of milk and one heap
ing tablespoonful of cornstarch.
Put tho peanut butter, milk, seasonings
onion Juice, bay leaf and mace Into o.
double boiler; stir and cook for twenty
minutes. Moisten tho cornstarch In f
little cold milk and add It to the hot
milk; stir until smooth and thick, the.i
strain through a sieve, fiorve at once.
Npniilsh Omelet.
Cut rour ounces of bacon In very thin
slices and then' Into one-halMnclv squares.
Fry gently until crisp, then dd one am? I
onion, a medium-sized tomato and five
mushrooms, all chopped rather fine, ltub
a freshly cut clove of garllo upon ihi
spoon used for stirring while cooking fif
teen minutes. Meanwhile break six ok'Ks
Into a bowl, season with a saltspoonful of
salt, one-fourth saltspoonful of white pep
per. Give them a dozen good strokes id
turn Into a perfectly smooth frying pan,
In which a teaspoontul of butter has been
melted and well spread. Do not stir, but
make continually until the omelet ,
nearly set. Spread the bacon and vsg,
etables quickly over the omelet, fold oy
and set It In the oven for about one mm.
ute. Then slip It upon a hot platter and
serve at once.
Apple, Celery and Itnlslo Salad,
Two cups diced tart apple, one cup
diced celery, one-half cup, raisins, dash
salt, one-quarter cup olive oil, two table
spoons lemon Juice, one teaspoontul pow
dered sugar, celery tips or lettuce, leaves,
Btew the raisins In a little water. Mix
together tho oil, salt, lemon Juice, sugar
and a tablespoonful of the raisin Juice,
beating well. Marinate the apple, celery
and raisins separately In It for thirty
minutes; then toss together and serve
ogarnlshed with the green.
Pot Roust of Ham.
Select a ahoulder of ham, and have It
boned and rolled. Soak twenty-four hours
In cold water. Melt three tablespoons of
fat In the Iron pot, add a cupful of (diced
onlona and a cupful of diced celery,
cooking until softened. Turn In the iam
and brown It thoroughly, Uarely ceve'r
with boiling water and simmer gently
for about four hours; remove meat nnd
add the desired number of pared potatoes.
Skin the ham, dust thickly with crumbs
and brown la a hot oven. Surround with
the ( potatoes, garnish with celery, .ind
make a thickened sauce to accompany it
of equal parts of ham stock and strained
tomato. Thicken with crumbs.
lllnok-Kyed (tuaan Anlail.
Separate oranges Into sections, allow
ing half fit a Inrgo fruit to a person.
Cut figs Into dice, mix with an equal
quantity of chopped celery, and moisten
lightly with French dressing made 'vlth
lemon Juice. Marinate the orange carpels
with dressing, then pqt them on Individ
ual plates, arranging them Ilka black-eyed
Susan petals. Form the centers of the
fig mixture, and garnish, the salad with
tins of celery.
nnch Pnlotn Italia,
Prepare a quart of fluffy mashed po
tatoes (this necessitates the use of abou:
ten potatoes). Heat In an egg, then
form Into balls; while still hot roll tightly
In an egg beaten with one-half cup of
water, and set on a buttered sheet In a
hot oven till browned. Remove with a
pancake turner.
Codfish Chowder.
One and a halt pounds codfish, on
pint sliced potatoes, one-quarter oup
allrcd onions, four tablespoons flour, four
slices salt pork, one pint milk, boiling
water, salt and Pepper.
Try out the salt pork, add onlona and
cook slowly til they are yellowed. Then
add a quart of boiling water and the
fish cut in small pieces. Cook until the
latter Is nearly done, then turn In the
potatoes. When they are tender, add
the milk and the flour dlstolved In
little cold water. Season to taste and
serve garnished with thick water crack
era moistened with hot milk.
Earns Italian Style.
Heat half a nlnt of rlrh mliir t .
double bolr. and when It Is scalding hot
melt in It a neaping tablespoonful of but
ter. then stir In alx well beaten eggs and
cook until they begin to form a custard,
then add a dozen small fresh tnuih-
! rooms skinned and broken Into pieces or
an equal quantity of canned mushrooms
sliced. Vhen these hava had time to
icook lor a minute or so stir In half a
cupful of boiled spaghetti, macarolnl or
I cupful at boiled SDSKhettl. nr
luaed, cut It into Inch bits. Season to
taste with salt, pepper and onion Juice
It liked, and svrv steaming hot with .
fried hominy or mush as an accompani
ment. nntlrreil Kkr nni Oysters.
Three eggs, twelve oysters, one table
spoonful cream, one heaping tablespoon
ful butter and seasoning of salt and pep
per will be needed. Rent up the eggs
until frothy, then add the cream and
seasoning. Melt the butter In a small
pan, pour In the egg mixture and stir
over a slow fire. When Just beginning
to thicken put In the oysters and cook to
a soft creamy mans,
Mpltiiirli nml Karats.
Line Individual ramekins with cold
boiled spinach which has been seasoned
and chopped fine, and Into the center of
each break an egg. Put a dot of butter
and a sprinkle of alt and pepper over
each andi cook In the oven until the
egg Is set.
A check on a local bank, made out In
favor of Marie Woodard, daughter of
Assistant Postmaster James I Woodard,
which was blown away during the tor
nado and which at that time was of a
green color, was returned to Miss Wood
ard Thursday afternoon white. The
check was found at Jolly, la., a distance
of 180 miles from Omaha. The rains,
winds and sun had bleached tho check,
although the writing on It was still
legible when returned. Tho amount
was J 2.
Key to the Situation nee Advertising.
"Just Say"
It Msans
Original and tiRuInt
Thi Feit -drink ftr All Hps.
More healthful than Tea or Coffee
Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich milk, malted grain, powder form.
A aaick lanck prepared ia a initiate.
Take bo stibititHte. Ask for HORLICK'S. !
Others are imitations.
You Are
To attend a publlo demonstration
of the famous ZiUcal 'Wardrobe
Trunk at our store by Mrs. Cur
tlss, starting- Monday and to con
tinue the entire wsslt,
"We want yott to tasks a com
parison of this ftmfins Wardrobe
Trunk and the ordinary trunk.
Ton. who hare trareled know the
mussed "up ' condition of yonr
olothss after a trip, using an ordi
nary trunk.
The Iilkely Wardrobs will ao
commodate from 14 to 18 suits or
dresses, whloU are hung; on hang,
era' on one side in such a way as
will keep your clothes in perfect
condition, no matter how your
trunk Is handled. On the other
side are drawers which will ao
commodate a complete outfit of
other articles.
This trunk is well mads and
will last a lifetime.
CaU and see the famous trunk
Freling &
Bag-gar Makers and Oood
leather Ooods
1 1 .
3 I The Best Bread I
Dj'B U. P. Steam Baking Co. I
We Must Dispose of Half
Our Stock
To let the contractor? work on remodeling the store
and the ono adjoining us, which will give us double the
space. We have cut the price on all spring goods in
order to move quickly.
$10.00 Men's Suits $6.95
$12.50 Men's Suits $7.90
$15.00 Men's Suits $9.75
$20 Men's SuitB . .$14.25
$7.50 Youths' Suits $3.95
$5 Knicker Suits ..$2.95
$3 Knicker Suits ..$1.95
75c Knicker Suits . . . .42c
$2.00 Hats now !.95c
Don't miss it This big
about 12 days If you miss
314 North 16th St.
2 FOR 25 CTS
Stoor Pot Host. 10 and &J
Stoor Steaks 13
Veal Roast 12H
Lamb Logs 1294 ti
We are headquarters for freab dreeaod chickens. On sale Sat
urday, a carload of milk calves. Qovornment Inspection.
Apple Trees, each i )
Apple Trees, largest slk'e, each 20
Cherry Trees, each ".
Karly Richmond Cherry Trees, largest size, each 20 1:
Peach Trees, large size, each 17i
Pear Trees, six klndB, largest slzo each 20t
Curront Bushes, two yeahi old, each rrji
Strawberry Plants, each4 V
Grapevines black, white and rod each ."i ftS
Blackberry and Raspberry Plants, per dozen Jn
Asparagus Plants, per dozen oKi
Rorob,, in variety, cut back ready tor planting, 6ach in
Carolina -Poplar Trees, 6 to8-ft., each IKS
Carolina Poplar Trees, 6-ft., each .... . . ' " ' 5
Hales Room 1510 Howard Sts.; Sales Ground 17th and Jackson Sts
Telephone Douglas 0272.
I While They Last
at 5c Each
75c Lilac Bushes 25o each 35c Honeysuckle 15c each
35c Clematis for 15c each 25c Peonies for 10c each
119 North 16th Street.
E. 1 1
$y.00 Hats now ...$1.45
$3.50 Shoes and Oxfords,
at $1.90
$1 Union Suits 65c
75c Mesh Union Suits 45 C
75c Shirts 38c
15c Men's Hose 8c
Rubberized Bain Coats
Va Off
sacrifice sale will only last
it you are the loser.
(Near Chicago St.)
Sold from
Green Boxes
per lb. . . 10c
Mutton Roast
Lamb Stew, 5.4 lbs. for 25
Small Hams 109
Sugar Cured Bacon ....13
No. 1 Lean Hams .... 1594,
Seed Store
Opposite Postoffice
Mid-Season Sale of
Hihe.a Clothes $
Men who valua a saving of $3.00 to $8.00 on thalr
new spring salt shonld oome here tomorrow.
Men's and young men's high class suits, newest
of spring patterns and1 fashions, tailored by such
makers as K. Samber te Co., "Onaranteed
Clothes;" and Oransrt ft Rothschild, Ohio"
clothes, every garment a high type of tailoring art
and made to sell ' for 918.00 and $30.00 SPE
Attention, Mr. Custom Tailored Man!
Wc ask tho opportunity of MiowIiir yon sulfa which wo sell for
. $15, $1800,
Trouser Specials
$2.50 to $4.C0 Trousers
A nild-scason opportunity to save
on your trousers purchase. Hun
dreds of new spriug trousers
cnsslmercs, hluo serges and
worsted fabrics, conservative, peg
top and outing styles.
Specially Priced at $3.80
Here is a timely offering typical of the tallies
givsn at the Quality Store.
The Persistent and Judicious
is the Road to Business Success.
For the boy full of
ginger we recommend
these famous little
shoes. We guarantee
them to outwear two
pairs of ordinary boys'
shoes. Boys' sizes, 1 to
5, $2.50. Little Gents'
sizes, 10 to 13V2, $2.00.
1419 Farnam
ICUum tad txuililWt Uu his
IProatout a luuiiut froth.
tftrar niu 10 BMwra unyi
PrtTMita hair fill I nr.
toe, nnni w ii i'i ul iita
Loo kino
Ithe om!hS!b1Q
, Price of Drawing like this 1? 50 I
I Cost ot Zlfc Etching 60 CenU
$18 and $20 Suits
Extra Values
Men's Imported Silk Hose, with
doublo heel and toe, jtl
nt. aSiOC
Shirts With military collars and
detached collars to ylQ
match, regular 75c shirts TrO C
Nobby, Glassy Silk Ties, ftf"
50c quality aliOC
White Nubuck 13 or 15 button height,
lias high too last, stage vamp, military
heel, perforated too cap. ( Stylishly de
signed. Made especially for us. Priced at'
Use of Newspaper Advertising
New Process
Gas Stoves
Johnson Lamp Go.
1619 South 16th Street.
Tel. Doug. 1760,
'Ojg; j, y jV DailT Mat., 16-25-000
rirst Visit Kara This ssaaon ot
c'S&k'b M dnight Maidens
Elmer Tinier j DuckNoa Vtn Oiten; Reded
a Hilton ; Duqueme llirmonjr 4; "One-Round
O'Orlen" & Chickadee Detutr Cnnrui.
Indies' ptme Matlnse Todajr.
'Worth Climbing; ths Hill."
Dally Mat., lOo
EVA'S., 10-30O
Tabloid Mnslcsl Coxoedy
DAILY AT 3130; 7:30 AKD 9lO0 V. IX.
Beats reserved at both performances
very evening.
Dong. 404
NOTE Early Curtain Saturday
Night 8:15 Sharp.
Victor Moore Mid Emma Littlefleld
Next Week.
Ban., Toes., Wad. and Thnrs
Matins Dally.
Paul J. Balney's Afrloan Hnnt Flo
tursa May 3 and 3.
Seats on sal Monday.
ftT.T.s. JTAJCTMOVA In "Bella Donna."
Today Matinee 2:15
Tonight (laist Time), 8:15
In Ilelnsco's Great Play
Krug Theater
aCatln Today, 3i30 Nlg-ht. 8l30
and th
XAdlea' Dally Dime Matin
i vasjaeviii iiaHs i
Atwate Cnmttt There'e a Beeeea