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Oh, It's Great to Be Married!
Copyright, ton, International
News Fervlce.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
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Are You a Good
If So, You
Never Fawn,
Flatter, Envy
or Are Jeal
ous. : : : : :
Copyright, 1913,
by Aerican-Journal-Examtner.
Are you a good neighbor?
Whath Is a good neighbor?
Perhaps you are a royal good chum
with the popular people ot your town, niid
show them all
sorts of courtesies,
and you rejoice In
their success, and
you defend .them
against envy and
That Is a part of
a good neighbor's
But how do you
conduct yourself If
they get In trouble?.
Are you ready to
stand by them In
poverty and sor
row aa faithfully
as In prosperity
and popularity?
Wilt you be the
last to censure, even If compelled to' be
lieve, when .you hear they have made
grievous mistakes? It Is not a good
neighbor's or a good Christian's place to
deny facts or condone crime.
If yoii know that your neighbor has
outraged the morals and broken tlio
commandments, you arc not to make
yourself ridiculous by saying ho Is an
Innocent or Injured Individual.
But If you are a good neighbor you
will think of his family, and you will
not be' afraid to ahow your friendship;
you (wlll hot be afraid to say to the of
fendeY: "I "a sorry for you',' begin over,
and start life anew.' And you will be
bravo enough to help him to do It.
Again, are you a good neighbor, only
In time of trouble?
There are many such people to be
found In country places. They are filled
with envy of another's success. They
show It by keeping aloof and assuming a
.cold and Indifferent manner.
They try to find some flaw to pick In
the! popular or successful neighbor,
they begrudge him all his pleasures "nd
his triumphs; but let him fall sick or lose
his money and they will fly to his rescue.
. They will show him sympathy in his
misery where they begrudged his con
gratulations In his happiness.
This is admirable In a way. yet not
an altogether commendable quality
If you are this typo of a good neighbor
do not take pride In it.
It Indicates that you are filled with
envy of another's success, and that you
like to bestow favors In a superior posi
tion, rather than from a spirit of pure
brotherly love.
If the latter spirit dominates you, you
would bo the really good neighbor, who
rejoices In his brother's hour of pleasure
and sorrows In his days of adversity.
It is a curious fact that hundreds of
people flock to a man when sickness
and death enter his home, and offer, him
every kind of attention and give the
greatest proofs of unselfish regard for
him, who' have previously, In his times of
prosperity and pleasure, been thorns In
his flesh.
It Is, of course, more admirable to treat
a man kindly who Is down than one who
is up, of you have not nobility enough
In your nature to treat him kindly at all
times; but when you wait to Bhow your
good nclghborllncss until disease or death
knocks at his door, you are In a certain
measure, placing yourself with the birds
of, prgywho follow after death o,od di
sease, and not with the song birds that
sing him awa:;e In the sunlit mornings
of the summer.
A good neighbor Is never Jealous; he
never fawns; he never flatters; he never
envies another's success; he congratulates
him sincerely when happiness and pros
perity come; ho sympathizes sincerely
when trouble and sorrow are at his door,
and he encournges him to live 'down error
and start life anew when ha has made
lie makes his -neighbor realize that he
Is at his command when needed, but
he does not obtrude himself either In his
Joys or sorrows.
Aro you a good neighbor?
"Lady in Blue" Cubit's Mother
Daily Fashions
Wow Is the Time to Oct 314 of rhese
XJglj Spots.
There's no longer the ailgntest need ol
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as the
prescription othlne double strength Is
guaranteed to remove these 1'omeL spots
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strength from Beaton Dru.j Co.,
also any of Sherman & McDonnell
Drug Co.'s stores, and apply a ill lo
of It at night and morning and you
should soon sen that e.m the worst
freckles have begun to disappear, while
the lighter ones have vanished entl'elv 1
Itls seldom that more than an ounce Isi
needed to completely clear the skn and
gain a reautirui clear complexion.
Be sure to a-k for the doub!c strength
othlne as this Is sold under guarantee of
money .back If It fal!a to remove freckles
1 1
lias brought Increased business
to many firms. Von have f I
lowed the tlfrn of Hucccfas wher
ever you have prospered. Why
not follow the successful lead
of the advertisers on this page?
A very fresh and spring-like effect Is
attained by the lawn frills with which
this costume Is trimmed. The material
Is tomato-rod cashmere, the coat having
a long basque, and the sleeves continu
ing to the wrists where they are edged
frllla Thn I , ...
...... oa.iui iimur anu cutis
jare made of satin.
f j i
World's Wonder
Panama Canal Stands
Out as Man's Greatest
Achievement, in the
Way of Overcoming
Natural Obstacles. . .
a particular kind of
This picture Is of a "Lady In Blue." We know It,
because the artist told ub bo. Otherwise wo would
have said the lady was "In Dutch," or was trying to
make a noise like a scrambled egg. This picture is
said to be the first effort of the futurists to launch
on an unsuspecting world a picturo-peep into tho
visions of a hop fiend or the vagaries of a brain
storm. The "Lady In Blue" can therefore be called
tho mother of the cubists. She can also bo called
other things, and probabb will. Tail has undtmvored
to put an appropriate frame around the "lady," In
which Hunk appears to excellent advantage us a
"curvlBt." Tho "Lady In Blue" first ndorned tho
walls at the Salon do Artonnre, In Paris. If you want
to he up-to-date you are supposed to gaze at It with
an enraptured expression on your face and ejacu
late, "Ah, how wonderful, how expuislte!" If you
aro not Inclined to he that way, you look at it and
say well, never mind.
In untlqtilty It was said that tliero were
seven wonders of Urn world, headed by
lh grtRt Pyramids of Hgypt.
In tho middle ages the list of world's
w iinilori was
changed through
out, und then It
Marled with thn
Coliseum of Home.
Toduy, If wo
should revise the
list mice more,
there can be no
doubt as to what
I would stand at tho
neau it wouiu Da
the Panama canal.
In order to bo
accepted as a
"wonder" any work
of man must make
appeal to tho Imagination. That It ex
cites admiration Is not enough! It must
also awaken the feeling that In crentlng
It man has taken u step forward, beyond
tho line of his previous achievements.
Regarded In this way the Panama
ralial Is without rival, as the Intense In
terest shown by the entire world In Us
approaching completion proves.
For the first time In his history man
has directly Joined two oceans, the great
est on tho globe. For the first time ho
has cut two continents asunder. Thus
ho has made himself, In effect, a geolo
gical agent. I it their appeal to tho Imagl-
nation all his former works sinks Into
lelatlvo Insignificance.
If some new Herodotus were to go wan
dirlng through our modern world In
search of marvels he would, on arriving
at Panama, find no words strong enough
to express his amazement. Ho would ex
claim that tho Americans had defied
the gods by changing their arrangement
of tho face of the earth!
In ordor to understand what the Panama
canal means as an example of human in
terference with geography we must .look
at what nature had clone on the same
spot. For this purpose take a map show
ing Ihe Central American and Went In
dian region, with indications of the depth
of water on both sides, and a raised
chart, like Mr. Ciray's, exhibiting a bird's;
eye view ot the line of the canal across
the Isthmus.
Thus you will perceive that, In some
John Fryer's Oafit
Korty.elght years ago, 'April Jd. 1S5, a
dastardly murder. -as:.eommItt(d In west
ern Georgia, the sequel of wh1ctlwill be
found In the follo.wlng little story:
Along the western Uprder of Georgia
and the eastern bor-
d-e. r of Alabama
there were, In ISwJ-CS,
some 'of the meanest
white men on earth.
too cowaidly to fight
In- eltner army, but
but mean mouth to
do anything vile.
On the atlv tflven
about eight of thete
cutthroats tailed at
the hum) of Hard-.
Prcr (a most f
.llmablA man) an)
Iunpr voked. shut
him to doatl'i In the presence of hla aged
While this dastardly deed was being
done, a llttlo band of cx-confederate sol
diers, on their way home from the sur
render at Appomattox, were resting from
their long tramp only a few miles away.
Among tliaip waa John Pryor, son of the
munlmed man.
John, agltuted by some sort of ugly
si.splclon about the "old folks." cut his
rest short and started for home, mul
jpon his arrival Ihere found his father
Idead and his mother distracted with
grief iletweon her sobs his mother re
lated the circumstances of the murder
nid gave him the murderers' names.
The next day grand old Harden Pryor
, was laid to rest. and. kneeling on his
grave. John Pryor, with uplifted faco
and hands, took an oath to himself that
h- would not rest, or engage in any kind
cf business. o long an there was a one
or ins rather s murderers alive,
Reglnnlng the hunt that very day, John
succeeded In killing ono or two of th'-m
tefors the gang became alarmed, and
tho rest ot them, panic-stricken, fled the
country, hiding, no one knew where.
Utit John Pryor, with the eyo of the
lynx and the scent of the foxhound, kept
after them. The days grew Into weeks,
tliu weeks Into months, the months Into
years, 'but the young man kept on their
tiail. remorseless as Nemesis, One was
finally located In east Tennessee, another
li, Ixiulslana, another In far-away Ore
gon, and as fait as they were found they
were sent to their final account.
Soven years rolled by, and there was
but one of the gang that John had not
got even with, tlut where was that one?
Humor had It that he was In Texas, but
Trxiis Is a big place bigger than the
whole tiermau Kmplre, and "Never
mind," said John, "I'll find him." And
ha did. "I know what you've come for
John," said the man as Pryor approached
him, "but let me go to the houso and say
good-bye to my wife and children." The
request was grantedand a few minutes
later the ciack of a pistol told that John
Pryor's oath was made good. The last
one of the eight scoundrels who had
rnurdered his dear old father was dead.
Hcturnlng home, Pryor went to work,
prospered on every hand and Is today
one of the leading men la the county
wherein he resides.
Two Boys and a Cigarette.
Copyright, 1913. by
Two bright little boys named Harry and
Were just of the same size und the sanie
age, until
One day In their travels It chanced that
they met
A queer little creature, surnamed Cigar
ette. Thlk iiueer little creature made friends
with the boys,
And told them a story of masculine Joys
Ho held for their sharing, "1 tell you,"
quoth he,
"The way to he manly and big la through
Will listened and yielded, but Harry held
"I think your assertions are open to
He said. "And, besides, I'm afraid I'd
be sick."
"Afraid!" echoed Will, "Oh, ypu cow
ardly stick!
"Well, I'm not afraid; look here!" as he
He blew out a halo of cigarette smoke
Five years from that meeting 1 saw them
The time had arrived when they both
should be men.
Hut strangely enough, although Harry
boy stood
As tall and as strong, as a tree In the
Poor Will seemed a dwarf; sunken eye,
hollow cheek,
Htooped shoulders proclaimed him un
manly and weak,
With thumb and forefinger he listlessly
A cigarette, smoothing each wrinkle and
I And the smoke that he puffed from his
lips, x uci-mir,
Took the form of a demon and grinned
from the air
And It said, "Sec that wreck of a man
that I made
Of a boastful young fellow that wasn't
long past period, broad, though very Ir
regular, necks of land probably con-
ni ctcd the two Americas, Joining 'many ol
the Islands to tho mainland, both nbrth
and south. The Clulf of Mexico was onco
nearly Isolated, like a grcnt lake, and
theru were other large lakes where tho
Caribbean sea now rolls Its wntors.
Afterward tliero was a sinking, sepa
rating the Islands from the continental
shore, and leaving only the harrow Isth
mus to connect North and South America,
For ages thin condition hna Demisted.
'and It Is doubtful If the" two continents
have over been' completely cut apart,
at least since the cretaceous age. .More
likely tho rocky spine of tho Isthmus has
itlways connected them, whatever other
changes may have occurred.
If this bo so, It Is evident that', In
making the Panama canal, wc have In
terfered with an original arrangement ol
nature. We have taken two oceans which
alio had separated and united them by a
waterway. That waterway, to bo sur, is
a mcro thread and we havo had to clc
vato much of 11 abovo sea lovel (which
nature could not have done), but It
servos our purpose and does It without
upsetting any of naturo's broader de
signs. If tho wholo IsthmiiH were swept
away the Clulf stream would probably
be diverted and a climatic catastreidio
I might fall Upon northwestern Kurope, If
not upon North America Itself.
It will bo Just tio yenra next Scpttin
bcr since llulbou, standing silent upon
his "peuk In Darlen," saw the glitter of
tho Pacific nnd thus knew that there
uaa unother great ocean west of Amer
ica, Ho and others after htm looked for a
nutural waterway between thoso oceans,
but the possibility of making such a
way could not havo occurred to him und
Im certainly had no foresight ot thu
mighty nutlou that- was to arise In the
north, coihposed of a'dlffeient race ft-om
his, and destined in so short a time to
link the ocean behind him with that
which ho eaw far uhead.
Tho ugu of discovery of new habilu'ilc
lands, capable of becoming tho scats ut
new empires, Is past. We now know tho
wholo earth, as nature made It, having
seen even Its poles, through tho cyci of
brave explorers, it only remains for Ui to
complete Its conquest by making It fitter
for our habitation.
Tho Panama canal Is the first glgmtlc
stride taken In this new conquest. Amer
ican genius und enterprise have achieved
It unaided. Wu havo paid Its. cost In
fves arid lreasuro; . leti him beware who
would deprive us of the fruit of our toll
and sacrifice!
Teday's Beauty Recipes
ily Mme, D'AIIlle.
"With the approach ot worm weather
face powder Is found unsatisfactory At
best It does not Improve the complexion.
A genuine beuutltler Is easily made lt
dissolving an ortglnnf packagu of mnya
tone In a half pint of witch naiel. Apply
In the morning and It will not rub oft jvo
show, but will keep the skin smooth,
clear and satiny.
"Don't get discouraged If your hair
comes out when combing. Vour hair is
coming out because of parasite that pre,
upon It and cause It to become dull and
brittle, These parasites arc removed b
Mother's Bnampoo. This can be purchased
In any neighborhood. It makes the tial
rich, fine and fluffy.
"Observing women appreciate, the fa t
that regular eyebrows and long lashes
aro aids to beauty. Thin, straggly., col
orless and uneven eyebrows and lashes
will grow long, lovely, evenly and darke
In color If the roots are massaged dal
with plain pyroxln.
"Hair removers should be ualnleis,
quick In artlon and bafe, Delatone an
swers these three requirements. Make a
little paste with powdered, delatone and
water, cover the hair or fuxx to be re
moved for two mlnutea, wipe off wash
the skin and the hairs will be gone,
"Pimples, skin, eruntions and certain
Winds of ecsema are speedily banished bv
Mother's Salve. This old-time house
hold remedy oulcklv heals sor
and burns without leaving a scar It is
cooling, soothing and antiseptic
, a nome-mane tissue builder for round
ing out the bust that seldom falls ran be
Prepared by making a syrup with 1H cup
ruin sugar and a pint of water, to which
Is added one ounce of rallol This
of the best of the famous Vaur-airn treat
ments. Tho dose Is two- Vaspoontul be
fore meals," Advertisement.