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    TTfK BKK: OMAHA, WEDNESDAY, APiilL 1fi, 1.113.
In Every Treatment of
Since the Offices Have Been
Opened in the National Fi
delity and Casualty Bldg.,
Cor. 12th and Farnam
Sts., There Has Been
a Passing Throng.
Stacfc-raleonsr Co., Undertakers.
Bailey, the Dentist, City Nafl. D. 1(66.
ridslity Btorags It Van Oo. Doug. 1S1.
Have Boot frink tt Nn llncon
! Press.
lighting rixtarss repaired and rrt
. , Ished. Burgess-Uranden Co. Douglas esl.
Oood Plumbing company will do It
di. tt- mi. t-i i x right, and save you moiioy. Phone us.
Both. Have Their Equivalent. , Duugia wis.
Th Stats Bank of omana pays 4 par
cent on time deposits, I per cent on v
Inc accounts. The only bnk In Omhi
whose depositors ar protected by the
depositors' guarantee fund of the state
of Nebraska. 17th and Harney streets.
.Tornado Special To help those who
are repalrlne or rebuilding, we will sup
ply during April and May. ready mixed
paints and varnlshoa at a discount of
20 per cent from regular wholesale price.
E. K. Bruce 4 Co.
Repair Plant Opsna Monday The city
asphalt repair plant. In charge of Dean
Noyca of the department of street clean
ing and maintenance, will begin work
Monday, confining tho repairing work at
III st to the downtown streets.
Hew Safety Vault Entrance The base
ment of the Omaha National bank build
Ins Is undergoing alteration In the way of
a. new entrance for the patrons of the
Omaha Safety Deposit company. The
entrance will be at 1618 Karnam street
In tho room formerly occupied by huclcn
Makes Substantial Profit An ex
ample of profits realized In Nebraska
farm land Investments comes to light
In tho case of Sherman Churberg of
Florence, who recently sold n tract of
SO acres near Craig, Neb., at an advance
of $S0 per acre, after holding tho property
for fifteen years.
Boads in Plood District Cleared The
Pennsylvania, the Big Four and all tho
other eastern roads caught In the Indiana
and Ohio flood districts have notified
the officials of the local roads that their
lines aro cleared and restored, and that
they arc again handling both freight and
passenger business.
Told Kim to Pack Kla Trunk That his
wife one day cleaned out his trunk and
told him to pack It and go, Is alleged
by Charles V. Jaegers, who Is suing for
a divorce. They were married on Christ
mas day, 1906. Jaegers also says she re
fused to cook for him and finally left
home September 20, 1913. He Is a railroad
Manawa Being- Rebuilt By May 24
most of the damage done to the build
Ings at Manawa will bo repaired and the
park will bo opened then for tho season.
While a number of the trees wero toadly
torn asunder, their loss will hardly be
noticeable. The heaviest damage sub
talncd was around the new band stand
In Shady Grove.
1 was very gratified yesterday to ' see
the vast number of callers on our open
ing day, said the President of tho Electro
Oxygen Co. In his private office this
Whllo I was gratified I cannot say that
I was eurprlsed for in every city where
we maintain an Institution people flock
to us by the hundreds, all anxious to
take this twentieth century treatment
People have recognized the great bent
fits to be derived from Electricity and
Oxygen In almost every manner of dis
ease and are not slow to tuke advantago
of the opportunity which has been pre
sented to them in this city.
Electro Oxygen is the quintessence of
sunshine,' sea breezes, mountain air, ab
solute rest' and careful diet all In one
Its action on the nerves Is Just like
that of a gentle ralnshower on a droop
ing and parched plant.
Thin marvelous new discovery 'r rec
ognized by physicians everywhere nnd
strango to, say has Its best effect ypon
those old chronic cases of diseases which
has resisted all other method of treat
ment. One hundred cases will bo received
again tdmorrow and treated free of
charge to demonstrate the remarkible
and quick relief which Is accomplished
In every treatment; tho hours are '"roru
8-12, 2-4, 7-8. Sundays 11 to 12 only
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising,
Special 2 Until 5 P. M.
4 at 40c
Today's Beauty Recipes
By Mme. D'Mllle.
' Wednesday's Menu
Chicken Broth
Crab Flakes au Gratln
Combination Salad
Tuttl Fruttl Ice Cream Cake
Cup Chocolate
Cabaret Entertainers
All Afternoon
i ,r
)c Hair
o Vigor
Just a Utile care and small expense,
that s all. isn't a neaa o: ncn,
heavy hair worth while?
Ask Your Doctor.
'The electric needle for the removal of
I superfluous hair Is both painful and ex
, pensive. A quick, safe and sure way to
remove wild hairs Is to apply a little
tpowacrea delatone mixed with water. Just
cover the hairs with this paste for a mln
ute or two, wipe .off, wash the skin and
the hairs will be gone.
"Spring colds aro often more stubborn
than colds hroUKht on bv winter exnna.
u're. Mother's Salve will Break up an or
dinary cold In head or chest over night
It Is easy to use. quick to act, and re-
, lleves catarrh, croup, sore throat.
"Tho Vaucalre home treatment la so
-successful In developing the bust because
It accelerates the blood circulation, and
builds up the Underlying tissue. Make a
syrup with 1V4 cupfuls of sugar and a
pint of hot water. Dissolve an ounce of
gallol In this syrup and take two tea-
i spoonfuls before meals.
"To keep the skin fair, fresh nnd
smooth, apply In the morning a lotion
made by dissolving an original package
of mayatono in a half pint of witch
hazel. It will not rub off or show like
powder and prevents the growth of hair.
Mayatono quickly corrects dark, sallow
and blotchy complexions.
"You can recommend Mother's Sham
poo to your husband and he will thank
you for It. Many men who shave them
selves do not shampoo frequently enough
Dandruff, falling hair and baldnew are
caused by a parasite, and Mother's Sham
poo removes these parasites. It restore
dry. brittle and faded hair to a glossy
fluffy condition, and keeps the scalp
healthy. ,
"To darken eyebrows and make them
grow longer and more evenly, apply plain
pyroxln with the finger tips. Pyroxln
applied to the lash roots makes them
grow long ond lovely. It does not coars
en but makes them eoft and Bllky. -Ad-vortlsemcnt.
Jerry Howard Will Give Feast to
His Friends Today,
City Council of Maitlc City A'ntcs
to Dispense with Voting; Ma
chines and to Use Itallot
at Klectlon.
Hfttel Kupper
Eleventh and McGee Sts.
Kansas City, Mo.
A hotel ot quality and refinement
at reasonable prices. European plan
$1 to M por day. Take elevated
car at depot marked 27th St.. di
rect to hotel.
Co??? On Street Without Veil.
I Philadelphia, Dec. 6, 19U.-"ln Decem
ber, 1908, my face became sore. I tried
( everything that was recommended, and
I my face got worse Instead of better. I
spent over 100 and got no benefit. Thr
face and nose were very red and the erup
tion nad the appearance of small bolls,
which Itched me terribly. I cannot tell
you how terrible my face looked all I
can say Is, It was dreadful, and I suffer
ed beyond description.
"I have not gone on the street any
time since 1908 without a veil, until now.
Just four months ago a friend persuaded
me to give Heslnol a trial. I have used
three cakes of Reslnol Boap and less
than a Jar of Iteslnol Ointment, and my
face Is perfectly free from any erup
tion, and my skin Is as clear and clean
as any child's. It Is about four weeks
slnco the last pimple disappeared."
(Signed) Mrs. M. J. Bateman. 4256 Viola
Nothing wo can say of Reslnol equals
what others, such as Mrs. Pateman. say
of Jt. If you are suffering from Itching,
burning skin troubles, pimples, black
heads, dandruff, ulcers, bolls, stubborn
sores, or piles, it will cost you nothlnr
to try Iteslnol Ointment and Iteslnol Soap.
Just send to Dept. 17-T. Iteslnol, Balti
more, Md,, for a frco Bample of each.
Every druggist sella Iteslnol. Advertisement.
Oubwaf Entrance
At the focal point of the terminal zone, on the
crest of Murray Hill, cooled by Southern breezes from
the sea, artificially fed by chilled air, 600 sunlit rooms.
Mmapixf XXnecoar
Single room .
Double rooms ...
Double bedrooms, boudoir
dressing-room and bath
Suites Parloir, bedroom and bath
Each room with bath
per dsy-U, U. 5. tt
1 , M. 7. tS
$8. !0. $12
' 110, II J, 111
Special rates for Summer
Jerry Howard. Douglas county's best
known statesman, Intends to teach the
professional politicians another lesson
on getting "next" when he gives his
unique "Bread and Butter Banquet" at
the Young Men's Christian association
hall at Twenty-third and M streets to
night. Howard and a committee on
arrangements have Issued a public Invi
tation to all lovers of the "sublime and
the beautiful regardless of their political
Tho menu will consist of a copious
supply of bread and butter with butter
milk galore. The viands will be served
by a bevy of charming women, and
the Intellectual treat wltl bo dispensed
by such speakers as Ilarlej O. More
head and C. J. Smyth together with u
few "casual remarks" by Howard him
self. Judge J. J. Urccn wltl b toast-
In discussing the banquet Howard
said: "It Is designed as n tribute of
esteem to the tried and true men who
supported me at the primaries. There
will t plenty of bread and butter and
all tho buttermilk that anyone can drink.
It la not of political bias and all my
frieivls democratic or republican ore In
vited to attend."
The following is tho program:
Introduction by tho toastmaster, J. J. !
Address. "The laborer Is "Worthy of
His Hire," Hurley Moorhcad.
Lecture, "Industrial Unrest, High Cost
of Living and Low Wages," c. J. Smyth.
"Casual Hemarks," Jerry Howard.
"The Star Spangled Banner." by the
The following is tho committee of ar
rangements: Stephen Vail, Wlloy Beck
ett, John Cavanaugh, John dribble, Bob
Donahue, Daniel Hurley, George Ster
ritt, Michael Barrott, John Lnrkln, B. B.
Spauldlng, Thomas Costcllo, Ben 11
Scull, William Sheohan, J. J. O'Donnell,
John Chapman, M. D. O'Brien. Charles
Curtis, Donlel Hannon, Frank Mullen,
Jake Davis, Charles Kalhorn, C. J
Southard, W. B. Dalley and Dr. A. A.
No More Voting Mnrblne.
The city council has unanimously voted
to dispense with the voting machines and
use the ballot at elections. All favored
tho ballot and were on their feet in a
short time to second the motion.
Joe Simon was awarded S137.C0 damages
to his property in Sullivan's addition due
to grading by tho city. Votclav Petrtelka
was awaidcd H62.CO on the same count.
A petition was Introduced by Steve Car
roll for J350 damages for Injuries sus
tained by falling on B street between
Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets
some weeks ago. The matter was re
ferred to the city attorney for consid
eration. Upon rccommendntlon of City Attorney
Murphy, It was agreed by the council to
award heirs of Bernard Hughes J8D0 dam
ages for the destruction of a hedge fence
on the east side of Thirty-sixth iltoo: be
tween Y and Mason streets, l'ho nelis
started suit for J1.000 damages. Their law
yer consented to settle the claim tut "f
Tax Commissioner Jerry Fltsgjoild wns
given permission to appoint an assistant.
The meeting was adjourned thlriy min
utes after being called to order by tho
Demo KlRhttngr Glllln.
The democrats of South umana nre
working together with knives. They aro
working upon the political carcasses of
the Hoctor-QIllln-O'SullIvan combine.
Among those who wve slaughtered pri
mary day were half a doren who claim
thnt they were led to believe that they
were on the so-called Clllln slate. Two
men nre said to have paid S0 to get on
the slato and then got tho knife. Olll'n's
lieutenant says that Sam Winters vns
sacrificed at the Instance of Mayor Hrc
tor. Tho denial does not take, n vli-w
of the fact that O'SullIvan was tho Ull'.m
Of all the fights now on In the demo-
cratlc ranks, that upon Qlllln Is the most
dellghtfuly enthusiastic. The old demo
crats will have none of him because of
the slaughter of Ham Winters. The
young men resent the Glllln attitude
toward Lester Murphy and Fred Schmidt
and toward the young democrats of the
west end, whom Glllln Ignored when he
gave out positions In his office.
During the time he has served a num
ber of men In his office have been from
other towns nnd counties, while the
young men and old men who supported
mm were left to their own devices. The
young democrats claim that there are
many In the west end of the city who
were and are still competent to hold
places In the office of the treasurer
Among those who are competent and
who are counted good democrats are:
John Luten, Automatic Spring company
Walter Collins, Western Weighing as
sociation. Frank Corcoran, Insurance clerk. i
James Murphy, clerk.
John Blunt, department foreman, Or
kin Bros.
James Foley. J. J. Harrlgan Plumbing
Joe Wagman, clerk railroad office.
Joe Byrne, clerk.
Patrick Kennely, Morris Packing com
pany. Ben Mundt, Frailer-Johnson Commis
sion company.
Thomas Shea, Murphy Bros. Commis
sion company.
George Peterson, clerk.
Club Hold Smoker.
The Centurion club gave a smoker last
night at the club rooms, 1305 North Twenty-fourth
street, for the members and
friends. P.ev. Father Balleu made a
short talk in which he extolled the club
members for their loyalty to the organiza
tion and stated the prospects were bright
for making the club one of the strongest
In the city.
In some manner a number of the .poli
ticians heard of the proposed entertain
ment and they delivered a dozen boxes of
cigars and light refreshments to the club
rooms post haste.
A special meeting will be held at the
club next Thursday evening to talk over
athletics. The club Intends to put a fast
amateur base ball team In the field this
Maglo City Goaaip.
Itobcrt Anderson of Fremont visited
friends in the city Monday.
Miss Klla Cita has returned home after
a visit with Mrs. is. Miunchard. ;
; Miss Mury Gibson of Tacoma, Wash.,
Is the guest of Miss Mary McCullough. ,
Patrolman Edward Ktoeger Is able to ,
resume his duties on the force after a
short Illness. ,
Mrs. J. Russell will enteitalu this aft-1
ernoon at a kitchen shower In honor of ,
MUs Grace Peterson.
Famuel Sullivan died Sunday In an '
Omaha hospital. Funeral arrangements 1
have not been made 1
Dr C M I'av. fcr a n'tnber of years
In the employ ot the United States bu j
Big Undermuslin Sale Thursday
Tho result of a spofinl purchase from an overstocked manufacturer, and the values
will be simply extraordinary. See Wednesday night papers for full information.
w 0 ll nosday
V t Vi IV 10 every pa-
tron who vls-
Itn our paint Boctton we
give a 10 cent bottle of
liquid venoer frco.
Tho Hoart of Omaha, Sixteenth and Harney
Roller Skates, $1.25
Hall bearing
roller Skates
for nit sizes
very spe
rial Wl.
nesday, at
per pair
Sale of House Cleaning; IMeecls
T 1TTLE helps which everv housewife, needs offered in a special sale Wed
J t in large quantities naturally brings about the lowest cost and we give y
SI Curtain Stretchers.49c
Curtain stretchers with brass
pins, full length, will fold into
small space. Regular $1 valuo
Mc Steplnilders, 40c
Stepladders, 6 ft. size,
best quality Norway
pine with shelf for
pall, well Tln
luhed. 85c
value for . . . .
Crpot Swccpera 9 1. ,10
National Swocpor Com
pany's Winner Cnrpot
Swoopor, Ruarantood,
special enlo
price, Wed
nesday . . . .
HKOOM8, beat 4-tle, good, hoavj
cane, regular 35c valuo, Wednes
day, (no phono orders), 8 to 1 only, eft.
Regina Vacuum Cleaner
On Trial In Your Homo for
Tuo WcckH Without ClinrRO.
nesday at big saving advantages. Buying
on the benefit of every transaction.
75c Floor Mops. 25c
Floor Mops, medicated, large
size, will lake up all dust and
can be washed, 75e valuo for
aro so certain of tho merits
j( tho KokIiiu Vacuum Cleanor
that wo tnako this very liberal
offer. If at the ond ot two woeks
It has not proven satisfactory return
It and you aro under no
obligations to us what
ever If you do find tt
satisfactory, pay us
That's fair enough, Isn't lt7
Electric Cleaner from 9.1R to $50.
IU1 J I Ullll II
ain't U t
$2,no Wringers, ftt.Hft
Clothes Wringers
Horseshoe brand, ful
ly guarnnteod, $2.50
values, Wed
nesday, at,
too Hruslics, Be
Scrubbing Hrushefl, tho
large size, won made,
regular price 10 cents,
salo prlco
Chair Seats, leatherette, any size,
brown, green or black 4' shnpos,
at, onch
.23 Black Peau de Soie at 89c
Yesl Here is iudeed a
special that will ap
peal to scores of thrifty shoppers. It's
a big lot of Peau do Soie Silk 36 inches
wido and guaranteed to wear. I'uro dye, rich
hiBtrous black, worth every cent of $125,
Wednesday very special at yard
25c to 50c Wash Goods at 14c
3PFfTAI JDi(I yoU got your
kJA Ld Virile share of these won
derful AVaBh Goods bargains Monday
or today? f you did not, come in
Wednesday whllo tho selection Is still good.
All tho Benson's host wonvca In cholco now
patterns and colorings. 25c to 50c values yd.
19c EMBROIDERIES. Wednesday, 19c
SPLENDID lot of new embroideries, edges
and insertions, widths up to 17 inches,
good, desirable designs, values to 19c,
Wednesday special, at, yard
T, lUn. CrnoArr Featuring Special Prices
J. 11 1115 uiuifeijr
on Goods in Dozen Quantities
SUGAR, granu
lated, special. 22
pounds for 91.00
OLIVES, small
Qucrii, quart 360
solid pack 2 Ih.
can. doscn $1.00
cr's. dozen 0.a5
toasted, coupon
In each pk?., the
dozen 70o
oil or mustnrd,
dozen for . . .40o
cial, at dozen 73o
13 BAN'S. In toma
to sauce, doz. 83o
PEARS, Capitol
brand, doz. 91.40
CORN, Capitol
brand, doz. 9 So
whole, lb Bo
with rrocsry
ordsr, excepting
sufsr, a bars
for 35o
MILK, Carna-'
tlon, brand, 3
cans for . . .S5o
TEAS, assorted,
C8c quality, the
found BSo
IOM1NY, spe
cial, lb 3o
best 40c quaJlty,
pound Tor . . 9So
purn lunch
irallon for 91.30
1 lb. cann, the
dozen .... fl.70
host hand picked,
per pound ... .Bo
EGGS, strictly
fresh, dozen 800
Women's $4,00 Spring Pumps
and Oxfords, Wediesriay, $2,95
FORTUNE favored us In this Instance and wo plckod up sovoral
hundred pair of women's now sprlns Pumps and Oxfords at a
groat sacrifice. Tho newest effects In heol
and toe aro included. Gun metal calf, patent,
kid skins, canvas and buckskin, with light or
heavy nolc; also tho much wanted English
low heel modols, all sixes and wldtliB, regu
lar $4.00 values, pair
Wemen's $3.50 Pumps and Oxfords for $2.48
MoBt all leathers with wolt or hand
turned solos. Perfect fitting models, all sizes
and widths. Regular $3.50 kind, Wodnosday,
per pair
Haw iooatlon, South Wall, Near Xlevator,
reau of animal Industry at South Omaha,
hus resigned to become head ot the
IUnkers Realty company ut South
Division No. 3, Ancjent Order or Hi
bernians, will give a ball Thursday even
ing at the Workmen temple.
Tho Garfield circle will meet this aft
ernoon nt the homo of Mrs Urydson,
Twenty-seventh ind D streets.
Mrs. W. R. Routt has none to Lincoln
in ntvnd h wrck with her husband, who
Is engaged In business there temporarily.
Next Thursday ovenlnir the Ladles' Aid
society of tho Klrst Presbyterian church
win Bcrvn their nineteenth annum mapie
syrup dinner at the church.
Judge James Callanan ncrt Sunday for
n two weeks' visit at Kxeelslor Springs,
Mo. Justice George Collins will act as
police magistrate during his absence.
John Zezulak, the young South Omaha
man who was In tho Ralston tornado. Is
able to be nbout again. Ills arm was
hioken and he sustained other Injuries.
Elizabeth, the B-week-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Connor, died ves
terdav at their residence. Thirty-third
and R streets. Funeral sen-Ices will be
held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the I
residence. Hurlal will be In St Mnry's '
The Juniors of tho South Omaha High 1
school will givo their annual class play I
ut the high school auditorium Kriday I
evening. They will present "The Two '
Dicks, a two-act rarco comedy, ana
"Spreading tht News." a one-act play
The high school orchestra will furnish
the music.
nhrnmntlKtn Quickly Cured.
"My sister's husband had nn attack ot
rheumatism In his arm," wrttes a well
resident nf Newton, la. "I gave him a
bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment which
he applied to his arm and on the next
morning the rheumatism was gone." For
chronic muscular rheumatism you will
find nothing better than Chamberlain's
Liniment. For sale by all druggists, -Advertisement.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
Dig Returns.
Skin Soothed and
Healed by D. D. D.
Itching skin, ugly erupUons, scaly . theroby relieving that awful itch Imme
scalp, Ivczema nnd Its filled diseases all ' dlately A 50o bottlo will prove this
yield Instantly to the soothing Influence, much to you.
of the mild, simple wash, tho X. D. D.l v are so confident that I). D. I), can
PrysoripUon for rozsma. reach all cases, that wo offer you thfl
From our experience with skin suffer. . first full-size bottle frss If It does not
ers, wo arn convinced that skin disease do us wu say. You. ulone, to Judge.
Is caused by germs beneath the outer I D. D. D. Sonn aids In keeping tho skin
A Four-Day Tour
For $22.00
By Automobile, 4-Horse Stage, Launch and Horseback
Break your journey to or from the Pacific Coast by
a atop-over at Glacier National Park. It will be a new
and wxnJtrful experience. A few days In this scenic
wonderland will provide material for a lijt-hmi of vivid, pleas
ant recollections and at a comparatively trilling cost.
For Instance. $22 covers the total expense of a four-ilsy tour to I
exaulsltel.ake St. Mary In the very heart of the ncenlc reefon of tho1
Park, by automobile, launch and stage, including a visit to the
unique and cozy Chalets at Many-Glacirand Golng-to-the-Sun
Camps the paradise of the mountain trout fisherman. An almost
unlimited number of other tours, covering one to twelve days or on
entire season, may be arranged at a correspondingly low cost, .V v
Low Fares Every Day &y u
skin that spread and multiply until ttmy
a mass or gnawing animals.
D. D. D . a penetrutlng liquid, destroys
these germs and washes them away.
pure. Ask us. Hhermun & McConnell
Drug Co., Kith and Dodge. 16th and Har
ney, 2tth and Farnam, No. 16th St
to Glul.r NsUonsl Tark and Padfte Coast. Tha aceommo'Jitiona throozbeat
pa, a maonfnrtnt r
. It U bolltof hui
at and haatad. awl
!rytaUIa tba spirt
ermoniaia or tha Ulacktwt Indiana ontof tha roost Intamtlng and
fnciuroKjuvei bji uib sumTing- (noes, oiepoa aiuiacisri'araBtaugn,
ths I'ark cannot ba eiealisd. In addition to tha famous chain of 8lss Chi
An siralUntopportanlrr Is afford 1 to obsarv tha tribal da neaa ami
- P fir-, d jS
Write for Aeroplane Map and
Special Booklets
Varr eomplata daserlptlva lltaratora in!a!nttis aTsry fearer and
bfladlnf t Uri, A,rwkM m taa MiUra in folan. will ba imJM
Five-Passonger Touring Oar, $1,950.
Dreadnought Moline
OUR RECORD, of ten successful years has demonstrated
the mechanical perfection of the Dreadnought Moline
ATTENTION TO DETAILS has gained for us a car with
many features of proven merit.
THE DREADNOUGHT MOLINE is a striking car in ap
pearance and is a combination of simplicity, comfort,
luxury and convenience.
Write for full particulars.
Moline Automobile Co.
2421 Farnam St.
W. M. ROMDNE, Dist. Pass. Agt.,
U1R Seventh St., Des Moinen, Iowa.
9 '
id. In .Uidltion tn th fimoui chain ett flarUa fKa.U
Cmp, a maffnlftrvnt tw bote) b Juit txn completed, ofTertnrr vrrr modern luxury and eonrtnl
rnov. ii f cui n, vi nuiiiugi in ivriTt ntrmonr wiui ua natural tiimff. uvery room IS ciCCUtcailj
iifutou anu nsjaivu wimminf tf now- viuu in iMTnivni. r.normoUI open nrvpiaetS IjpU
jtftrjrtiUlilbm$pititottZiitMitljttigavoamtcuai that U trident from the mom rot ox
Pauama'FutiJU JnUrxattontl
Exposition, San FranoUeo, fj.
Tho Persistent and Judicious Use of Newspaper Advertising
is the Road to Business Success.
Omaha, Neb.
I have a certain cure for rupture with
out resorting to a painful and uncertain
BUKlcal operation. I am the only imp
utable physU'lun In this line ot work
who will take eucli case for treatment
upon a guarantee to cure, or make no
charge. You may tlepoutt tho money In
a bank, in your own name, anil when
you are satisfied a cure has been made
you then Instruct the bank to pay the
money to me. Uy doing this you are
aboutey certain of a euro, or It will
cost you nothlnu. If I was not perfectly
sure of my work I could not do busi
ne& In this way very lonir, but Instead,
have been doing buslneos so fur SO years,
nnd adopted this plan because ro many
have been swindled b quacks and fak
ers. Not one of them will permit a pa
tient to deposit his money until a clire
has been made.
When taking my treatment, patients '
must come to my office once each week
fn. fnur weeks, and If they live nearby
can return home and work during the Interval, X do not use ths Farafln Wax
treatment, as It Is dangsrous. Call or write for literature.
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