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    The Omaha Sunday Bee WorTs
Now is the Time for All Good Men to Join in a Welcome to the Home Team
Omaha Will Meet Sioux City in First
Game of Season in Annual
Championship Race.
Retailers, of Omaha Will Suspend
Business and Attend Game.
Usual Automobile Parade Will Be
Followed by Stunts at Park.
Will Hold Practice Turmlny After
noon nml Wprinrstlny, and llest
Vp Thursday for Opening
Game on Frldiiy.
An agitation was started Inst week by
the Retailor of Omaha, Knights of Ak-Snr-Ben
and the Commercial club, to
close every business house In Omnha on
the afternoon of the opening day of the
Western base ball league. The season
will open Friday. April 18. with Omaha
playing Sioux City In Omaha. The mayor
has Issued a proclamation declaring Frl
day afternoon a half holiday.
Every business house In Omaha will be
visited by n member of the executive
committee of the Commercial club, and
requested to close during the afternoon.
Edicts, and proclamations of every
description poured In on Dick- Grotto last
week and these he was requested to
make public. Samson and his knights
nro excited over the opening and the
prospects of the Western league season
and they are working with all the other
organizations of the city. An attempt
will be" made to break all former opening
day crowds and efforts are being bent
to bring 10,000 fans out to Itourke park
Friday afternoon.
Sanmon laanri Edict.
The lord high chamberlain of King
Ak-Sar-Ben's knights Issued the follow
Ing edict to the subjects:
Whereas. It pleases our royal heart at
all times that these, our beloved sub
jects within our aclent demesne, should
be a happy and contented people, and
should have divertlsements and pastimes
to lighten their every day task ana toll,
and these three, being timely and well placed.
Whereas, It haB seemed well thatiTlle score.
wo should lend our royal countenance to ,',, ,
the Innocent pleasures of our feudal city. p,TTSD1unn.a.Io v clKCl1inMn i v
so It Is our will that our court be called ., A?-" 2 AE;n.w ., W
together at diverse times, where our
peop,loare assembled for - games and
' pleasures."
And Blnce there nre banded together
each succeeding year a company of gaI -
lant champions, who hear our standard i
In honorable contest airainst our sister !
cities and iinhnld the name of Omaha 1
against all who challenge, so should wo
lend our presence and plaudits at Itourke
park on Friday. April 18. at the opening
of the festive base ball season.
Thus will we make known that King
Ak-Sar-Ben and his gallant knights stand
nlways for what exalts the glories of
fair Omaha.
To Support Team.
That the Omaha ball club will have
the support of the Commercial club Is
shown In the following letter to Pa
Hourke. from George II. Kelly, president
or tho club:
An nrp sldent of this organization. I
have directed that notice be given all
members th.M the club will recognize the
official opening of the. 1913 base ba.l sea-
mn. Thev are belm; urged to attend the.
opening game at Kourko park next Frl
day. April IS.
u-lih th, Dninha team a most SUC'
ccssful year and Intend to bo on hand
next Friday to give you an eninusiasuu
smdoff. ,
An Interesting program Is being pre
pared by tho various organizations which
will. take part In the opening day festivi
ties. The usual parade Is a fixture, but
several stunts which are being kept quiet
will bo pulled off at the park beforo the
game starts. The Sioux City ball players
will arrive In Omaha the morning or tne
day of the game and will be met at ttv) i Is firmly convinced that Abe Attell, ex
Uepot by a committee from tho Commer- j featherweight champion, lacks none of
clal club, which will escort the players to the qualities and ability he possessed be
the Millard hotel, where they will mako foro he was relieved of his title by Johnny
. i. i ,......,. ..hlU In rimaha l.'MVmnn Tnn t, I . 1. . , 1 1 , .
wieir neuu.iuuiitrio m.wo ...
The Omaha team will play Its last ex-
hibltlon game this afternoon at Oklahoma '
City when they meet the Denver Gnzill'es. j pound boys. Not only that, but Rivers
Tomororw morning they will leavo for j offers to bet 2,K0 that Attell can- defeat
Omaha arriving here at 11 o'clock Tues- every mail hU weight In the world, In
day morning. Tuesday afternoon and all ' eluding Kllbane.
day Wednesday the boys will practice I Rivers should know whereof he speaks.
and on Thursday will have an on day ana j
be given a chance to rest up for the first
tame of the season the next afternoon.
Hetnllcrs to Front.
The Retailers of Omaha are taking un
usual Interest In the opening game this
year and plan to turn out to the game
In a body. Tho association will ask all
Its members to close their business
houses during the afternoon and Induce
their employes to occupy seats In a sec
tion which Is to be reserved for them.
James Metcalfe, secretary of the Retail
ers of Omaha. Issued the following edict
Believing that the national game of base
ball Is one of the most healthful and
beneficial of sports and,
Believing that the men whose money Is
Invested, and whose time Is being devoted
to furnishing Omaha with a first-class
hniA hall tram, are elvlnc to Omaha the
best possible kind of publicity; there-.
fore, the Retailers or umana recomincnu
to the retail stores that they should show
their appreciation by assisting In every
way possible to make the coming opening
day of the base ball season on Friday.
April U. In the way of attendance, the
greatest In Omaha's hUvory.
Following Is the lineup of the two
teams on the opejilng day:
Kane First , Lindsay
Schlpko Second Smith
3rubb Third James
Juattce Short Cooney
Coyie Left.. Marshall
Thomason Center.... Davidson
"oncalton Right Breen
Johnson Catch
; chh vAn
ii 1'ltcn loung
1 1 'rs:
I ' Ilteh BroH,fW n me imere or in i-snama ex-
PUeh hit position. The band In Omaha
, . 7? , an hour between trains Sunday evenlnj.
J.hnu t. Cnu- Ilaaik. made ui of nineteen
aclc Holland got rid of Chief Jo:injor.. . mad up or nineteen
vir.T -.vas "rafted by the White Sox Tnd boy' Vr and twenty-ne ho" under
,, ,!; ,hu ,.ne ii, w.. VZ, ' ar ot ae unJ'r the leader-
rctu r.ed this spr'ng lit uas sent at . w p,eixrtto and Is
dice to i '"wii, but U wUl con. Lais, " 11 ol MaJor eianrj riem uo ana is
- - j.travelin in two special c '
Victors Opening Game Jump Into
Lead in First.
.Major Mnken Presentation Speech
Chill)', Dump AVt-uthcr Keep
Crowd from the Hull
CH1UAGO. April 12.-Tlie belated open-1
Ing of the National league base ball sen i
son took place today when Chicago lost
to M. IxmiIs, 5 to 3. !jt. 1.ouIr Jtlmped
Into tho lead when a base on balls, a
sacrifice, a double and single netted two
runrv Two more runs were scored In tins
fifth when the visitors bunched hits.
The final run resulted from a misrf, u
stolen base and a single. Tho locals
pluyed nn uphill game, but could not
overtake the visitors.
A chest of silverware and several floral
pieces were presented to Manager Evers. '
the gifts of his admorers. The prcscnta-
tlon speech was made by the mayor.
A chilly, damp air blew across the field I
and caure the small opening ' crowd to.
shiver through tho gamp. Score: I
AD. H O. A. K All. II. O A K
Ilugflna, :b. 3 0 3 1 iClymer, ct.. 1 : 0 0
Mac, ll-rf. 3 1 1 0 (Schulte, rf.. t 0000
Moure, 3b. t f 0 0 -Mitchell. It. 5 0 3 1 0
K'netchr. lb 3 1 6 1 OZIm'man, 3b 4 1 2 3 0
I!an. rf.... 2 I0 CArcher, lb.. 4 2 10 1 0
BhacVard. It. 2 1 1 0 PKjera. 2b.... 3 2 3 2 0
Oakf, cf....5 1 4 0 .f.TdoU, ii. ! I I ! 0
O'Leary, aa.. 4 0 0 6 iBreanahan, cJ 0 6 2 0
Wlnso. (....4 2 11 1 lljirender, p. 2 0 0 3 0
Orlner, p.... 4 1 0 2 (,Ooo4 1 0 0 0 0
Smith p 0 0 0 I 0
Totala 31 10 27 11 3Mlller ....0 0 0 0 0
Cheney, p.... 0 0 0 0 0
.33 7 27 IS 0
Adams Safe All the Way Ucdn Try
Out Two YotiiiKntrr.
CINCINNATI. O., April It With
Adams in mldscason form and the Pitts
burgh team batting three Cincinnati
pitchers hard, the visitors won from the
locals hero today. 9 to 2. A cold raw
day held down tho attendance for the
opening of the season.
Pittsburgh took the lead In the open
ing Inning and practically had things
their own wuy. thereafter getting hts
when they counted for runs, while Adams
was most Invincible In tho pinches. Cin
cinnati tried out two youngsters, Mc
Manus, formerly of Ottawa, and Smith,
a local product, after Fromme had been
hnmmered hard during the first five In
nings. McManus wns wild, but Smith did
fairly well. The hitting of Wilson, But
ler and Vlox was good, all of the ntno
safeties that were distributed among
Hofman, ct.. 3
Byrne,- 3b.,V. s
Vlox, as 4
Miller, lb... 4
0 0 0 mates, cf,... 4 0 3 0
2 12 0TInUr,-i... 4 12 2
2 13 Oltoblltiel, lb 4 2 11 1
1 10 0 OMaraana, rf. 4 1 4 1
3 4 0 OEgan. 2b.... 4 0 12
3 3 3 OOrant, 3b.... 4 10-1
1 0 OCIarlte. c... 3 0 t 2
10 2 OFromme, p.. 0 0 0 0
wilaon, rf... J
Butler. 2b... 3
Olbaon, c 3
Adama, p S
McManua, p. 0 0 0 1
..36 15 !7 10 IRmlth, p.... 0 0 0 0
McIonal(l .10 0 0
Uecker .... 1 0 0 0
Batted for Fromme In the fifth.
Batted for McManus In the seventh.
Pittsburgh 2 0 0 1 1 0 4 1 0-9
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1-2
Two-base hits: Vloux (2), Butler. Three
base hits: Miller, Wilson. Left on bases:
Pittsburgh, 10; Cincinnati, 6. Double
plays: Byrne to Butler to Miller. Sacri
fice hits: Hoffman, Gibson, Vlox. Stolen
base: Butler: Struck out: By Fromme,
2; by McManus. 1; by Smith, 2; by Adams,
4. Passed ball: Clarke. Bases on balls:
Off Fromme. 2: off McManus. 4: off
Smith. 1: off Adams. 2. Wild pitch: !
Froinmp. Hits: Off Framme. 9 In flvn
Innlnirn- ntt MMpm,. a i i,,ninno.
off Smith, 3 In two Innings. Time:
umpires: Urennan nnd Kason.
Rivers Says Abe
Attell Has All of
His Old-Time Vim
; NEW YORK, April 1!. There Is at
least one prominent pugilistic person who
v..n;. -uv iv.cib, me ..icaiuiiii nKiu-, , pht limtntrH Stolen bases 8ueaker.
weight, vows Attell today Is Just as good'c' strunk !. SacHflce f UesT Mclnnes
as lie was when he was king of the 122- i
for no Is sparring with Attell dally. Yes-
terday the two went through three three
minute rounds together. The bout was
certainly a hummer. Neither spared the
other, for they punched with all the
power they could put behind their blows.
The set-to was an acid test for the
featherweight, who had to box In hi old
time form to save hlmelf from the ag
gressive Mexican.
While Rivers was being rubbed down
by hts trainer after the liout he said:
"You can't tell me that Attell can't
come back. I saw htm fight on tt coast
when he was champion, and I feel no
hesitancy In saying that he Is every hit
as good now as he was then. I think'
he can lick all the featherweights. Poor
physical condition cost him the loss of
his title. Kllbane Is a good man, but he
was fortunate when he fought Attell.
Abe held him too cheap and did not train
as he should have for that bout.
"It Attell will huxkli. dnu-n tn hard
work, go to bed early of nights, cut out
rich food and all the other things that
,a . u .u- i.
t. ,...iCr uu ' i
physical condition, 1 tiiltiK he ooum re-
gain the championship. I feel so certain
of It that I'd bet 12.500 on It. providing.
of course, that Attell trains as he should.
Abe can 'oome back' because he hasn't
gone back. With proper training he will
be as good as he ever was."
Band .Goes Aronnd the World The
Colombian Park Boys', band Is enroute
! from Fan Francisco on a twir of the
Davenport Basket
fS9sBHBBBHaBP3Pv' $&lIPk ' iPHr iDaHHlBSHBl
1 bKSKKKKKKBr ' "1k. sBSUuBkL HHfiRKi9
i ! jlSh
Basket ball critics of the Iowa State university nccord Davenport High school the honor of being the fastest high
school quintet that over exhibited on the Iowa gymnasium floor. Davenport defeated all comers for the state clininpnoshlp
In the annual tournament held thctc. Khodes, star forward, has been re-eltctud captain for tho coming year. He .vas
easily the classiest player In the tournament. Davenport's record for tho year shows the following: 3D, West Llbetty 11;
35, Alumni IS; C2, West liberty 26; 50, Hock Island 10; 40, Clinton 20; 14, Cedar Hapldii 13; 30, Muscatine 8; 40, Cllnto 1 39;
35, Hock Island 19; 31, Mollne 12; 29. Columbus Junction 10; 2T, Muscatine 32; ,V., C edar Ilaplds, S: M, Mollne 17; tournament
30, Jefferson II: 41, Ottumwa 31; Sioux Cllty IS. Reading from left to right In the picture: Top row. King, Ynggy, Snnfold,
Bomheldt (coach), Kauffman, Fabrlctis; middle row Hanssen, Allen, Tomson; lower row, Rhodes (captain).
Philadelphia Takes Five-Four Game
from Boston Americans.
Collins'. Mingle, n Stolen Iluac mid
Two Out at First Put Across
Winning Hun for the
BOSTON, April 12.-Phlladelphla de
feated Boston by a score of 6 to 4 this
afternoon In a game that, barring the
first Inning, proved Interesting. In tho
first, poor pitching by Bedlent and some
timely batting by tho visitors enabled
them to score four runs. Then Coombs
and Pcnnock In the box permitted the
champions to tie the score In their half.
Philadelphia secured what proved to be
the winning run In the third Inning on
Collins' single, his steal of second base
and two outs at first. Leonard pitched
an excellent game. The playing field
was muddy and rain fell at times. Score:
All.H.O.A.R. An.H.O.A.K.
E.M'rphy, rf 6 1 1 0 ollooper, rf.. 3 u 0 0 0
Oldring. It.. 4 0 11 oTerkea, 2b.. 4 1
OYerkea, 2b. . 4 1 ; 2 0
Cfclllna, 2b.. 4
OSpeaker, cf.. 3 2 2
Uaker, 3b 4
OIwls, It.... 2 0 3
Mclnnla, lb. 2 0 0 tOardner, lb. 4 1 0
gtrunk, cf... 4 1 t 0 OJanrrln, lb.. 3 2 9
Barry, a. ... 3 2 2 2 CW'agner, . 3 0 1
Lpp, e 1 0 0 0 iCarrlcan, c. 3 1 10
Thomaa, c... 3 16 2 Olledleot. p... 0 0 0
Cooraba, p..O 0 0 0 Olennard, p.. 2 1 0
I'ennock, p.. 0 0 0 0 0'Engl 1 0 0
Plank, p 4 0 1 1 03taht 1 0 0
Ball 1 0 0
Tolata 34 8 27 9 0
Totals 30 t 27 9 1
Batted for Bedlent In first.
Batted for Leonard In ninth.
Batted for Hooper in ninth.
Score by Innings:
Philadelphia 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-5
Boston 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Two-base hits: Strunk, Barry (2).
Three-base lilts, Collins. 'Hits: Off
Coombs, 2 in five-ninths inning; off Pen
nock, none In two-ninths Inning; off
Plank. 6 In eicht and two-ninth innings;
off Bedlent. 3ln one inning; off Ionard,
Lewis. Sacrifice hits, Oldring. Lewis.
Left on baser-: Philadelphia. 8; Boston, 8.
Bases on balls: Off Coombs, 1; off Pen
nock, 2; off Bedlent, 1:. off Leonard, 3.
First base on errors: Philadelphia. lilt
by pitcher; By Coombs (Speaker). Struck
out: By leodard, 7; by Plank, 4. Wild
pitch: Leonard. Time: 2:20. Umpires:
Hart and Dlneen.
Hawed on nine men batting In one In
Home Pitchers Wild nnd White Sox
Score it Ke,
CLKVKLAND, O.. April 12. Cleveland
pitchers were wild and Ineffective today
and Chicago scored almost at will, win
ning, 13 to 3. Steen, who replaced Mit
chell In the fifth with the bases full, al
lowed hits which resulted In five runs.
while Glavenlch, a California recruit who
I finished the game, gave Chicago a chance
to score five more. Seven Chicago piay
ers wero given first on bases on ball. The
game was called In the seventh Inning
to enable Chicago to catch a train for
fit. Louts.- The score: ,
AU.1I.O A K AD. 11.0. A. K.
Jnfcmton. lb 4 2 t 1 (Hath, 2b. . 3 1 ( 2 0
' Chasraan. aa 4 1 4 t tlxiM. 3b..
b a a a
J I ! rffi'"." S 1 5 0
L)ie. . . I l t I onorten. lb.. 4 l 4 o
B'm'him. tfl 2 1 1 fMatllfk. If.. 3 1 1 0
oraner. U .3000 'Weaer. aa. . 3 1 1 3
ina, .. t l T 3 Drirr. aa..
0 0 0 1
Mltrhell. p o o o i osthiik. c ... I t 4
o,"T"'nl)1ph ' p o. t I I lllH.Urly" ' 1 1
p 0. 8 o o I'caaunr . l i u
Totala... .33 II 21 10 1
Totala. .t 9 21 II 3
Ratted for Weaver In the fifth.
Batted for Steen In the sixth.
Called by agreement.
Cleveland 0 0 0 2 1 0 0-3
! Chicago
I 0 2 0 a 0 6 13
. v Cteilfl MW. Mitchell. Schalk. Stolen
iliniM W'Mvpr f.nmorlv Schalk. Mat-
; tlck- ,. off Mitchell. 8 In four and
; two-thin'- lurmgs; off Steen. In one
' anl ne-thlrd Inning, off Glavenlch. Tin
' one Innings. Bases on balls: Off Jllt-
fh , f of aiavelch J; off Btnf j.
Struck out By Mitchell, 4; by Steen. 1;
by Glavenlch. 1. by Bern. 5. Passed ball:
' Hchalk Wild pitches. Mitchell. 2. First
t.Contlnued on Pas Two.)
Ball Team Iowa High
Will Play South Dakota and Not
University of Nebraska.
Cnrnhusker Schedule la Full nnd
the Local Mnnnirement Ilua
Given Up Hope of Se- h
' cnrlnic a Gnuie. ' "'
South Dakota atato university will bo
on tho Crelghton varsity base ball sched
ule for tho coming season and tho Uni
versity of Nebraska will not. Such havn
been tho developments of tho last week.
While the weather has been too wet for
practice, Mnnager Dalley has been busy
fixing up his schedule, with the above
South Dakota university will play
Crelghton In Omaha on Mny 15, and pre
parations are already tinder way to beat
them. Crelghton supporters are after re
venge for thej bitter doses handed to the
Crelghton foot ball teams by the Da
kotans for the last two years. And to
make matters worse tho Vermllllonalres
scored a victory over tho Crelghton de
bating' team In the annual debate between
the two teams at Vermillion recently.
It was Intended that two games should
be played between tho two Institutions,
one In Omaha and the other, at Vermil
lion, but tho latter will not be played.
Will .Not Mert ('ornhnnkrrii.
It has been definitely ascertained thnt
Crelghton will not meet Nebraska state
university. The Crelghton management
has been In communication with the state
university authorities for some time.
Letters have been written to both the
manager of the base ball team and to
Coach Jumbo Stlehm, and a reply has
Just been received, stating that the Ne
braska schedule Is full. Crelghton sup
porters no longer hold any hope ot a
game between the two institutions.
The bad weather of tho last week made
It Impossible for the Crelghton players
to don their uniforms for even one night's
practice. The game scheduled for yes
terday with Omaha High was called off
because of wet grounds, and the two
teams will meet on Crelghton field April
Tho Inactivity of the last week has
gotten on tho nerves of the players and
they are anxious to again get Into the
harness. The new suits will arrive this
week, A catcher's outfit has already
been purchased.
Lafrence Bushman Is another acquisi
tion to the pitching staff of the varsity.
lushman Is a tennis shark, and was
twlrler for the Junior class team of last
year. A distinct loss well be felt, how
ever, when Bill Madden, counted on for
his regular turn In the box, leaves for
Fremont of the state league. Madden
pitched for tho arts department last year,
and Is looming up strong this year.
No definite lineup can as yet be picked,
Omaha university will be playod on
Crelghton field next Saturday afternoon.
Base Ball Bulletins
CHICAGO, April U-Manager Evcrs of
Phlncro Nationals was nraamed with a
j crust of silverware by fans. Mayor Harri
son was spokesman,
CINCINNATI. April 12.-Wagner Ii
playing shortstop for Pittsburgh.
NEBRASKA CITT, April l2.-(SpecIal.)
A meeting of the Mink league base
ball directors has been called to meet
Monday afternoon at Falls City. An ef
fort will lie made to keep the league alive.
Atchlnsun, Kan., has agreed to purchase
the Hiawatha franchise, and there may
be other towns offer to take the place
of any of tho towrjsthat may drpp out
Sclio ol Champions
Demonstration Led by Governor,
Mayor and Other Dignitaries.
Ony Wlii-ii rrrrl- Lentlrr I.eiiila
Ills lllKlilniiilrm Into Chlcniro
HU Old I'rleuda, All hut
Murphy, Will Turn Out.
Chicago people are arranging a big
demonstration on Muy 17 for a 'ormer
citizen now residing In nnother city, who
will bu them on u business engagement.
The demonstration Is so big that a com
mittee consisting of 1M prominent nan,
Including tho governor ot tho stute, the
mayor of the city, chief of police, Judges
ot tho courts, other public officials, lead
ing business and professional men, has
boon appointed to direct It.
The day Is to be somewhat of a holi
day In token of the event. There will bo
a street parade led by mounted nollcu
and a military escort, In which l.OOO
automobiles filled with people will have u
part Bands will play, orutors will speak,
tho governor and mayor leading them.
And thu festivities will culminate with a
great banquet In one ot the leading hotels
In the evening.
Anil Wlin In the) llrrof
And who is the hero? A mercltunt king
come back unions his people? No, nut
that A beloved publlu spirited leader of
clvlo life? No. A philanthropist, whose
benefactions have endeared him to tUou-
sunds? No. A patriot, who has iiTVfcd
' the stuta so well as- to bind all the
I people to htm by a debt ot obllKallou.
Oh, no. Has there ever been such a man
In Illinois?
No, this hero Is only a ball player,
Frank Chance by name, who was tin own
'Into the discard last winter by thu Hon.
Charles Webb Murphy, the ilebonnalr
owner of the Chicago Cubs. It Is the
crippled old manager ot that ince
famous Cub 'machine, who, ufter leading
hi nm to four league pennantJ and
two world's championships, was of bo
: little value to tho game that Mr. Mur
phy sold him to Cincinnati for the mean
! little waiver price of 11,500.
"1 want young, energetic men, ani a
manager who can play and win games,"
i said Mr. Murphy, and ao he rilppea
Frank Chance overboard as u worthless
. bit of flotsam and Jetsam.
Honor to nn Old Spnv.
j This Is he. This is the old spa v. to
'whom the governor of the state, mayor
of the city, Judges, other officials, busl
I ness and professional men all true sports
land good fans, are now preparing to do
home on Saturday, -May ii, -rrunn.
Chance Day."
To them he Is still the "Perlea
Leoder." though he leads another team In
! another league In another city. But for
I fifteen years he was a Chicago Cub, for
seven of those years Its leader and he
led as no other Chicago leader ever did
1 and the Chicago fans have not forgotten.
1 Mr. Murphy has, but they have not.
I Mr. Murphy may be able to refresh his
memory, though, If he will take the day
. off on May 17 from his West Side purk
and perch himself on a conspicuous place
somewhere along the line of travel be
tween Grant park on the lake front, say
at Michigan avenue and Randolph street
and the Comlskey White Sox park on the
South Side. The rest ot Chicago will be
there and Mr. Murphy may. Just as a
means of refreshing hU momory.
What n flrent Onmr,
But what a great game base ball is
after all to occasion and make possible
such an event. Who else beneath the
station of the president of the nation
could arouse Chicago like that?
The committee on arrangements has
Issued posters topped with the screaming
head. "Base nail's Biggest Day ' an-
' nounrlng the event There stands Chanre.
now manager of the New York Amerl-
Continued oa Page Iwo.)
Rourkcs Meet Denver at pkltihoma
City in Final Exhibition.
Itourke I'rnlinbly Will t?se Nlimtntt
nn llilxtOt In lr First (iniiin, ,
Hrehr on l-'lrluav I.lnr.
OKLAHOMA (MTV, Okl., April 12.
(Special.) One more" crack nt the cham
pion OrUsltcH today nnd thin tho Hourkes
will bleak camp for their return to
Omaha to prepare for tho' opening of the
WfMern league season ,ncxt Friday.
Oklahoma City Is loath to give up the
athletic Hourkn tribe, which has been
hern for the last month, and envies
Omaha Its good fortune In having such
n superior aggregation of base ball- play
ers to rcprcini 11 on the diamond this
Muting their stay here, tho Omahas
nun their way to the hearts or tho fans,
as much by their deportment as by their
victories on the field. A morn gentle
manly and el mi n looking baso ball club
never played ball In Oklahoma City,
rowdyism has been tabooed on the field
and off, they havo proven their caliber
by taking with good grace what small
portions of defeat has fallen to their lot,
nnd they have beon gracious victors,
Winning or losing, they havo been true
Tho stay of tho HourknH,has beon one
of varying fortunes. Some days havo
been Idenl for conditioning antl others
havo kept them In their hotel, but their
lot In this respect has been better than
any other club tn the circuit.
A I'limny Auvri-untlon.
The class of tho organization Pa
Itourke hns gathered together for tho
pennant 'ruco Is shown In the exhibition
guinea of tho month. No club lias won
a series over the Omnha. No club, save
tho Whlto Sox and -Lincoln, hns secured
an even break, and In the 3 to I victory
of Omaha over tho Chicago Americans,
the Ilnurkes demonstrated their real abil
ity. Sioux City won one game out of
four with Omaha, Lincoln won two out
of four, Topeka was beaten the only
time It went against tho Itourkcs, and
Omahn shows much stronger than the
Grizzlies. In fact, from present Indica
tions, It the race lies between tho clubs
Which wero fighting for the lend nt tho
close of last year, Omaha wilt have a
walkover, for, unless Denver strengthens
Its pitching stuff and Improves Its lilt
ting department, the Coloradoans will no
ho In It, nnd Ilourko does not fear .St.
Joe. '
In splto of the disagreeable, cold
weather of the las. few days, tho
Omahas will return bomb In good condi
tion and without a tore arm. The thor
oughness with which their muscles have
been hardened this spring Is .evidenced
by the fact that thcro haij-'not ''Keen
a single "charlcy," and the only man
kept out of tho gamo on account ot an
accident was Schlpkc, who was struck
on thn leg by n batted ball during the
warming up practice last Wednesday.
This put the llttlo second baseman on
the rhelf for a couplo of games, but he
Ihv its good as ever again. Iteed and
Beebe', vlio were complaining of sore
urms otio week ago, have eliminated
their trouble. This accounts for all ail
ments. Illekn Mny Open Hrnaon.
Tho line-up for tho Sioux City game has
been decided upon with tho possible ex
ception of the battery. Itourke, however,
probably will Insist that his wonderful
young catcher, Shestak, be Introduced In
thn Initial game, and the Indications sro
that either Hicks, the little routhpaw,
who led tho league last season, or Beebe,
will be chosen for mound duty. A cold
day or a cloudy, dark sky, will mean
that Beebe will be up, All tho pitchers
will be ready and willing,
On account of thn failure to have more
time tn try out a new batting order, with
Grubb, the new third baseman, at tho
top, Manager Abrogaet did not favor
changing the present arrangement unless
an experiment In the yannlgnn games
next week will warrant It Then the
only change would be In placing Grubb
In the sacrificing position, for he - has
not yet developed enough speed 'on tho
banes to give him the call over Hddle
Justlco as lead man. But to place him
second, thereby saving Coyle for a hit
ter, may prove a good scheme. -According
to present plans, Justlco will play
short and lead off; Coyle, left field, will
be second; Thomason, center field, third;
Congulton, right field, fourth; Kane, first
base, fifth; Grubb, third base, sixth;
Shestak or Johnson, catcher; seventh,
Schtpke, second base, eighth, and tho
pitcher ninth.
Ducky Holmes has announced that If ho
Is ready, Cy Young will be the opposing
pitcher. Young has been an opening
pitcher for years. The only tlmo he
failed to open was the lust year ho was
with Oklahoma City In the Texas leugue,
and Oklahoma City lost the game. He
never has been beaten In an opening
Cincinnati Playing
Ground Still Soft
CINCINNATI, April 12.-CIoudy weather
early In the day did not hold out much
promise for the playing of the opening
game of the National league season be-
I tween Cincinnati and Pittsburgh here
J today. The playing ground was very
' soft as. the result ot the recent flood
j and rain, and more rain would put the
' field In such a condition that It would be
I unfit to play on.
Both the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh
teams were eager for the fray. Manager
Clarke of Pittsburgh said he was not
sure Wagner, his great shortstop, would
bo able to play. Wagner was Injured In
a practice game at Kansas City and was
said to be In poor shape. In case Wagner
could not play, Vlex was slated to cover
Manager Tinker announced that
Fromme was his choice for plteher and
Clark as catcher. Manager Clarke said
his oholee probably woutd be Adams and
The Perilateat and Judicious Use of
Newiparer Advertising Is the Road to
Puslneas BucceaV
Rangers in Fine Form and Grizzlies
Prove Unable Second Time
to Make Good.
Proves Himself Heady Pitcher, Ever
on the Watch.
Hit Safely Five Times, but Make
Them Good.
Two Men Mlutillv tTiinrraril lr Snc-
i'r ii r Omnliii Ten in nnd Mnke
Mlntiikr- h tit I.rtn In
thr -8ort.
(Special Telegram.) Playing with all tho
nap and spirit of a championship game
Omaha and Denver battled flvo Innings
without either making the circuit, and
then In the sixth, Omaha registered twice
and followed with two more In tho sev
enth, nil the scoring done.
The four to nothing victory of tho
Hourkes, was tho result of their getting
hits off Barney at tho time when they
wero needed, and Closnian's Invincibility
In tho pinches, for Omaha hit only five
times and Denver four.
Closmah had plenty of opportunity to
ptovo his ability to Work himself out
of holes, fast work on tho bases by tho
Grtrzltes after they had been atnrtcd on
the Hiths by freo tickets, or through
errors,' On mora than one occasion Im
periling Ms' record.
Cloxsmnii MIiimvh Mettle.
Tho first chance came tn tTie very first
Inning. Mnney drew a lynlk, was sacri
ficed o second by Casstdy, but died thcro
when Channel was thrown out at first by
Schlpko and Butcher whiffed1. In the
second, Keller, the first man up. also
walked. Fisher hit Into a double play,
Kiino and Justlco and back to ICano at
first, nnd again Closman funned the last
It was In thq fourth anil sixth Innings
that ha proved how well lie had tho situ
ation In hand.CassIdy opened the fourth
by rolling a single Into center,- and went
to second. Closman was throwing out
Channel nt first. Butcher made up fur
his strikeout by hitting through short,
but not hard enough to put Cusstdy ovsr.
Keller was given the hit .and run signal.
He met the ball all right, but hit directly
to Closman who Melded, .it cleanly to
Johnyi, doubling Cassldy at 'tho plate.
Closman then retired Flshor on strikes.
.Score Nently Wnved.
Maney opened tho sixth with a Ut to
left All hands were safe when flhlpke
dropped Justlco'a throw to second In an
attempted double play. Channel fanned
tor tho first out. Butcher was retired at
first by Shlpko while tho other runners
moved up n station and Closman filled
tho bnses by walking Keller.
Fisher came up then to redeem himself
for his failure In the fourth, while tho
attention ot all was at tho plate where
Fisher waen swinging hard, Closman
slipped ono"to first beforo Keller could
realize what had huppened, and the cort
was saved,
Clossman trotted home with the first
tally of the game In the sixth. Itamey,
who hnd succeeded King In the previous
Inning, was wild ht first, passing Clos
man. Ho fanned Justice, and would havo
retired Coyle at first had not Fisher
dropped the ball. This seemed to get on
Barney's nerve, fpr he mado tho mlstako
of governing a fast one ort Thomusou
who planted a single to center, scoring
Congalton next connected for a long hit
between center and rlgfit registering
Ooyle. Congalton was forced at second
ty Kane who was caught an Instant later
In an attempt to purloin second.
A walk was the starting of Omaha's
scoring In the seventh. Grubb drew the
pass, advanced on Johnson's sacrifice and
crossed' th Plate on u single by Schlpke,
who also romped home when Justice hit
Tho BCore;
AB. It.
Maney, 2b 3 0
Cassldy. rf 2 0
Channel!, If 0
Butcher. 3b 4 0
Keller cf 2 0
Fisher, lb 0
Mathews, ss 3 0
Blook, c 3 0
King, p 2 0
Harney, p 1 0
O. A. E.
12 0
.0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
1 0 0
12 4 0
5 6 0
6 2 0
0 0 1
0 3 0
24 17 1
O. A. E
2 2 0
0 0 0
10 0
0 0 0
12 1 0
13 0
9 2 0
2 3 1
0 7 0
27 IS "l
Totals 2S 0 4
AB. It. II.
Justice, ss 4 0 1
Coyle. rf 3 1 1
Thomason, cf 3 0 1
Congalton, rf 4 0 1
K'nne. lb 2 0 1
Grubb, 3b 110
Johnson, c 2 0 0
Schlpke. 2b 3 11
Closman, p 3 10
Totals 24
4 6
Omaha 0
0 0 0
2 0 I
IDenver 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Innings pitched: By King, 4; by Uamev.
4. Buns; Off Harney, 4. Hits' Off
Itamey, E. Struok out: By King. I; by
Itamey, I; by Closman, 8. Bases on ball
Oft King. 2; off Barney, 3; oft Cloumon,
i. Batters hit: By King, 1; by Cloi
man, I. Wild pitches: By Ramey, 1; by
Closman. 1. Sacrifice hits: Cassldy,
Grubb, Johnson. Stolen base: Closman
Double plays: Kane to Justlco to Kane,
Justice to Kane, Mathews to Maney to
Fisher, Mathews to Fisher. Left j'I
bases: Denver, ; Omaha, 3. Time; 1:4".
Umpire; Robinson.
Iowa University
Has Strong Ball Team
The meeting of local canoeist that was
scheduled for Monday evening at the
Young Men's Christian 'association, has
been postponed until Wednesday evening,
April A. special exhibition of canos
sailing equipment will then ba on exhi
bition and plans for the coming year wtL
bs discussed by followers of tho lsort.