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Drainage Congress Discusses Rela
lation of Swamps to Disease.
fhrrlnn Jar Hstlnctlon of Man
qnltn "Will Atlil Ten nnllnr lo
VIhp of KTfrj- Acre of
Sonllicrn I.nnil.
ST UJLMS. April 11. -The delegates to
the National DralnaKP congress bcBnn
today the work of onranlilnir the vari
ous local dralnupe boards ami committees
Into a national dralnaso federation. A
malarial conference at which the rela
tion of swamp land and floods to dl.
e. aho, was held today and the re
port was submitted to the ceneral conv
mlttc of the conRress.
Whjle the coiiBreaa wail waltlnB for
tlrtft rVport. It heard an address hy Frank
n.. Knight of Clilcauo on "The Business
Mans Intercut In flood i;roteotlon."
Colonel W. E. Piper of Chicago, chair
man of the executive committee of the
National Fraternal congress, spoke today
jon the Interest of fraternal Insurance or
ders In drainage, as It affects actuaries'
tables of longevity.
The. executive commltteo was, not
ready to report Its plan for the credtlnn
of a national department of public works
ursler tho supervision of a cabinet mom-,
bcr. ,
Tim commltteo lias not yet reached an
agreement as to wjint brunches of the
Rovernment service should bo placed 'un
der the :(ew department.
Ir Joseph Hyde Pratt, stale geologist
ot North Carolina, spoke this afternoon
on 'The Reclamation of North tarollna
Pwartip Kinds.''
tr. Kvans of t'hlcago said malaria
could be annihilated In tho south by
fighting mosquitoes, draining swamps,
educating the iieople to sleep behind
svrrens and distributing quinine to those
who could not buy IL He said that tho
extinction of the mosquito would add 110
to the value of every acre of land In the
south, and under Antimalarial condition
the total corn crop would be doubled.
Dr. Kvans said that In Illinois malaria
had practically been killed, particularly
In Chicago, lie said that negroes brought
from the smith to work on the Chicago
dralnaRe canal Infertcd mosquitoes with
malaria and then It was necessary to
take measures to stamp out the disease.
"Thirty years ago," he continued,
"Chicago, New Tork and Brooklyn each
had more malaria than any southern
stale has today. The fight against mal
aria la nothing new. India and China
have had to handle the problem." .
Five Hundred Are
Browned in Ohio
COL.UMHUR O., April H.-Itcv(sd sta
tlstlcs "compiled by ftclrt agents of the
lied Cross reporting to the headquarters
In this city-TVcre Riven out today showing
than 6G0 or more persons were drowned
In Ohio. In tho floods of March 2b. The
last previous estimate of the same au
thorities had made, tho list 416.
PIlOVIDBNCn, It. U April ll.-The
three Uhodo Island physicians who have
been selected by Dr. F. F. Krledtnann to
share some of "the secrets of his treat
ment for tuberculosis wero given their
first Instruction at St. Joseph's hospital
today. Dr. Friedmann will go to "Wash
ington 'on tho midnight train tonight to
attend the dinner of the Gridiron club
and to appear before the Washington
Academy of Science tomorrow night.
From Our Near Neighbors
Wrcplnar Wnter.
A son was born to Mr. and Jlrji. Carl
Kuglcr. April 9.
Mrs. William Peters visited1 relatives In
Plattsmouth this week.
Mrs. Charles Hansen Is visiting her
parents ut Wausa. Neb.
Mrs. William KlUtnnii and children
Visited relatives In Omahu this week.
Mrs. Oeorgp. Htpner If visiting her
daughter. Airs, lidward Kcnn6rty, In
Omaha. ' . . ' ' . i .
Kxlenslve -repairs1 on tho-Congregatlonal
church are underway und It will tako
two or three months to complete It.
The marrlago of Harry U. Heed of
tluldt Hock, and, MIm Clara, Ppmlugo of
Wertng "Walerj took. place In Lincoln oh
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ulrd returned to
their home In Stockton, Kan., Wednes
day, after an extended .visit with relatives
hero and ln,tt) vicinity., ,
J C Hltchmnn'and wlto of Omaha, vls
Jted here a few days with his parents.
Mr. Hltchman 'departed Wednesday for
Mexico and will operate a large sugar
MredAmcs.Ingwerscii nnd-'Dodson. re
turned to their horn In Bprlngvlew. Nrb..
list Wednesday.', having visited." their
mother, Mrs, "William Ihgworscn, here -for
several days.
V. J. Davis of this place, has sold his
ranch near Durwell. Neb., for Jffl.000, tho
prlco did not Include alt the stock, and
a number ot horses will bo placed on his
Cass county .farms.
. T. Wl'Uson, for many years day
, operator hero for tho Missouri Patelfie.
has no!d,h) residence to JohrtTloulnsoli.
t Mr. ahd Mrs. Wilson Will soon go to
IjouIsvMc. Neb., where ho will bo agent
for 'tho samo company.
Mrs. Ntfyes Is. visiting with her son,
Isaac, for. a few: weeks.
Mildred Turk of Omaha la standing her
acat(on with her aunt, Mrs. Holdsworth.
Mrs. Alex Hmlth and children of Ben
son ore visiting Mrs. Hronson this week.
Mrs. Margaret Holdsworth spent
Wednesday In Qmahu visiting her slstar,
Mrs, J. Turk.
Mtsa Amy Kennedy enmo up from Un
coin Friday for a visit with her brother,
Y. C. and J. A. Kennedy.
I). A. Fya cwne homo from Omaha
Tuesday attortioon til and haa been con
fined to tho house all week.
Ths Valley Woman's Christian Tern
Iterance union give a social at the home
of Mra. II. P. Ferreo Thunday afurnooo.
The Junior Christian Endeavor society
of the Presbyterian church gave a very
enjoyable social at tho home of Mrs. II.
P. Ferree Friday evening.
Tho regular monthly meeting of tho
"Busy Hen' was held In the Hubbard
hall Wednesday Bfternoon. Over lfiO
were served, Mrs, M. Nlsh. Mrs. Mona
han, Mr. Klanhammcr and Mrs. Wall
Mroem served. ' r
The Board of Education of the Valley
echools elected the. following teachers
Monday evening: Frank F. Adams, su
perintendent i Mrs. Frank F. Adams,
high school; Mrs. Cecil Moore, grammar;
Mls Hilda Parsons, Intermediate; Miss
Eva Harrier, third and fourth; Miss
Kdna Weekly, primary. Tho other Va
cancies will be filled very soon.
The annual congregational meeting of
tho Presbyterian church was held In the
church Saturday evening. The following
am the nffloem for the coming year.
Charles Miller, elder; Irving Preshn and
I'ercy Ferree. trustees; a. j. mciiuihiu,
treasurer; Mrs. A. Uurdlner, collector;
Miss May Nichols, argantet and cliorts
ter. Tho Kunduy school officers are:
Mrs. lnmm. suDorlntendent: Mrs. Fer-
w. assistant; Marie WalUtroem. secre
tary. Mra. Earl darner, treasurer; Ruth
Hubbard, organist; Freda llelmbach,
Itbrartan. , .
Mrs. John Tcager died at her home
Wednesday night. Mra. Itusa Ycager
was CO years of age and haa been suffer
ing from Brlghl'a disease for sevrral
years. She had spent the twenty-ftvo
years of her married lire in vuuey, was
. . 1. 1,..,t.n.. l,..l.v.. I
church and Is survtved by a son, rtoy
Hmlth. and a daughter, Mrs. Pearl Tay
lor of Kimball. Neb., besides her hus
band and axed mother, who lives with
them. The funeral services will be held
Saturday, probably.
ling and children recently returned, from
Colorado, where they have lived tho last
six years, visited at the Nolto homo ono
day this
' Pn'iillllon. .
Miss Edna Wilson, who teaches In
Omaha, Is homo for tha spring vacation.
W. N. Jamlcson, Tormor county attor
ney, was out from Bouth Omaha on lost
uiiH. ito x:hivj ui uiiiuuu viquru. ins
Tirirthhr, James 'T. Hegjey, several days'
Mm. John Hamilton of Waterloo, at
tended Ihn honrtnv ft,, tlin ltlnlAv .ulll I
Ounty court Monday..
, William ;tobe)'tsop, an attdrnfy fr6m"
PJattsmouth, was transacting business at
the court hotiso Tuesday.
Superintendent H. A. Collins conducted
tho eighth grado examinations at the
court house on Thursday and Friday.
The- Woman's club Is planning for' an
entertainment for the benefit of tho tor
nado victims. Tho food sale given for the
same purpose last Baturday netted J&O.W.
t im"- AV v- Kmle'i assisted by Misses
Lillian Kfflnw ami t-ini... ti. i "
talned at dinner at thelnr hbme Friday
evening fdr Miss Ethel Empkey. Those
Prese-nt Wary Misses Nettle MAnn-Ynd
Delpsch of South Omaha. Effle McClure,
Mae Linger. Ilertha Linger, Charlotte Im-
ucin iti, ni liooloy. Nora
. LeyF;""'ln .r'ffl''. Fannie Alsworth!
Lllxa Wilson and Mrs. Tom Doolcy.
J. M. BIwclI Is ha home,
on u'visiv " Ireny HnddauKet:Ariher.o
lnMTekma;. "a'M ' vUHIng a few day.
toC5farp?' ci'ty!,08n SVed hU tMmli
afVeS'tens. Tnr"0 l0
Wl Ham Wltmus, ar., Is very 111 at the
home of Charles krani&ek. "
hereHGndaV vlsltTn hraher!0'' W8
AntSr.0y CJ?,mft0 accnr.anled her brother
Albert to his homestead In Cherry county.
vi.i iJk fH.i. .a,1a JSVegeno Tlrlcknoll
Msltea friends at Dunbar over Sunday.
tni .V "um lu illr"' tresion lor
os per aero.
John Nottleman has the contract to
n f- JTfldcn,c fr N. J. Christiansen
near Ashton, 8. D.
.M&.J?nY? Mr"i.W',.l.f- I,3nl" nav moved
to Paplilion. Mr. Kills Is to be epgineer
at the cream condenser.
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon ZoeDan return.!
home last Sunday after a winter's visit
In California,
,.T",Doard r IWucatlon haa electel
Miss Newman principal and Miss Matl
son. now In the University of Nebraska,
assistant for next year. The superin
tendent's plaoe s yet vacant.
WM. L. HOLZMAN, Trcas.
A Revelation in
Fine Tailoring..
Spring Suits
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Mla Maly Now vlslted.ln OmahaiTuen
day. J A. Gibbons was ,a, Uenoii; visitor
MUs Anna Uroadfleld of Omaha visited
here Monday.
Mrs. George Todd of Waterloo called
un relatives Jira.atur.ay. ,
Mrs.' Henry Johfinon " entertained the
ladles' kenslngton Saturday.
Mrs. J. P. Hanger and sinter, Mrs. K.
IiaD, visited here last Baturday.
Miss Wandell of Kcrlbner. Neb., visited
at the A- Mookelmann home this week.
Mrs. J. M. Uruuner visited Tuesday at
W aterioo with the Dr. Hlehardson family.
Mrs. Charles Haas came from Omaha
Wednesday to have her Injured hand
Miss Hilda Meyer of Springfield visited
Kunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Meyer.
John Mangold and family came Satur
day for a visit with relatives, also to at
.end the benefit ball.
Q rand ma "VVlcht, who hus been 111 with
asthma. Is some Improved. Grandma Uay
is slowly Improving also.
Miss Tina Hofeldt of Omaha spent
aturday and Sunday with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Hofeldt
Jrn?s Calvert of Clearwater. Neb..
tlted Tuesday and Wednesday with
lit mother. Mrs. Ii. K. Calvert.
Mra J. a. Beetus entertained the t. C.
club Thursday. MIm Bmma Nolle won
flirt prize und Mrs. J. M. Hrunner sec
ond. Mrs. C. V. Hulling, who with Mr. Hol-
Guy Hood went to Omaha Wednesday.
John noush waa In Bouth Omaha with
a load of stock Wednesday.
Mrs. Wolph an Mrs. West were shop
ping In Nebraska City Wednesday.
Miss Hesch of Nebraska Ctty Is a guest
at the homo of Mrs. Bhoemaker this
Miss Maud Nichols of Port Myers. Fla...
la a guest at tho -Klrkpat rick home this
J. n, Ileckncr and wife of Wausa, have
boon visiting their daughter, Mrs. Han
sen, this week.
Mrs. Peter Opp and son, John, have
been visiting with Mrs. Opp's dnughter,
Mm. Chapman, at Ashland this week.
Miss Ktylra Ilsker of Weeping Water,
who has been a guest at the West home
the last week, returned homo Wednes
day. I J. I. Kong was In Grand Island this
week attending a meeting of the head
camp of tho Woodmen of the World.
V.Pnnln.aaMnidi. 1 If . . .
Clilcago this week attending a meeting
niu .iimoiiiu uonieuerauon or Farm
Finance H0 represents the fruit irrnw.
orB of southeast Nebraska.
. A
D. G. Hopper returned the first of the
wren jrom oiorauo.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mohatt and ilttlo
un wtni jo umana saiuraay noon to visit
relatives.. j
Uawrence Uoblnsort .and Itobert. Evan
were at Columbus over Saturday nlsht
and Sunday. '
Reed Cm Ms of Omaha was here the
jiibi ot win ween visiting at tno u. Ji
King home.
Mr. and Mrs. John I.vnoh nf nmiiu
and, children were here, Bundar to visit
at the J. J. Mohatt home.
Walter Pike was at Newman Grove Miu
iasi ween visuing iioyu Herrington, and
ctuiiifru i iicsuay aiiernoon
C. W. Hamilton, father of John. re.
turned baturday last from Colorado,
where he has spent the winter.
Mrs. Dave Cobb and children are here
from Btuart visiting at the home of her
parents, Mr. nnd Mrs, George Crook.
Mrs. John Illder and daughter JensU
" " ? nuni ana cousin of Mrs.
. j. .iibck, were nero over Sunday vis
Itlng relatives.
Mra Purchase, dauahtar of r mri
Mra, A. B. Gates, who was visiting at
her home, left Sunday evening for her
home at Bchuyler.
Mrs. Mowery or Cass county, dauihter
of Mrs. II. It Waldron. and i(r Arh
Mendenhall of Fremont were visitors over
un"""? v mo . ij. wa-iuron nome.
Daphne Rohwer returned Friday cven
I inir from a vlirit riiirtnv v. u,AaL .uiit.
I Omaha relatives. Mumirit. Xlllu nam'..
I with her to spend the holiday week at
Mrs. Cora H Merdllh. ilii.. nf r ir
Itlggs. was visiting the latter and faintly
several days last week. Mra Mere-Jith
was In Omaha a week previous with her
i wo uuusiuers. misscm Hutu and Mabri,
and returned there Saturday afternoon.
leaving Thursday of this Week for her I
home at O'NolU. ,
The annual election of the Elknrn
Valley, drainage district Tuesday reamt'?'
In 'the election of Kd O. Noycs as dlrsctiVr
to succeea J. u. jujumouii,
expired this spring, and who has been dl-
recior since unwuiuii """vvr:
four years ago. The election waa held
at mo luwii nan in .w.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Nelson visited In
Omatia Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hole visited Bun
day at ,the James Johnson home.
Miss Nellie Laur of Omaha Is spending
the week at tho 8. 11. urewsier noino.
Mr. and Mrs. Jenson of Florence nnd
Mrs. Thompson ana lamuy were visitors
at tho A. C. Dean homo Hunuay.
Dewltt Babbitt of Omaha visited his
sister, Mrs. B. u. Brewster, riunaay.
Annie and Barnle Sundall are on the
nick list this week.
The box social at school No. SB was
wll attended and a fine program en
joyed by the audience. Receipts amounted
to KO. which will go for chairs and other
necessities for the school.
nev. Mr. Banbern and wife of Lincoln
are spending the week visiting friends in
and arouna irvington. ,
About flftv were nresent nt tho Iadles
Aid meetlnir Wedensday. Tho afternoon
was spent In making quilts and garments
for the relief fund In Omaha.
Mr. Peterson wass taken to tho hospital
In Omaha Thursday to nave an opera
tion performed.
MUT7. hock iircrcn.
Guaranteed to t the only genuine
BOCK BJ2BR brewed In Omaha.
On draught and In bottle on and attar
April 11th.
Order a case ot this delicious beer sent
to your home.
Wm. J., uoekhoff. retail dealer. Thone
DoUglas 119.
Trains to
Sloan's Liniment is a great rem
edy for backache. It penetrates
and relieves the pain instantly.
is also good for sciatica.
Mr. TtTCna Norman, of Whlttlsr,
Oallf., writes! ' I had ray back hurt In
the Doer war. I tried all kinds of dope
I .V. . n. . r .
uuuu. mwm. iwj wr.ii ago a got a
botlls of Sloan's Ltnlnt to try. The
first application eauted IniUnt relief."
MtsjrtBdMlan. triMlli, lla. a Q1.0S.
Dr. Eari S. Sloan - Borton. Mats.
Sugircoatcd and all vegetable. Dote,
only one pill at bedtime. For consti
pation, bilious headache. Indigestion.
Ayes Pills. Sold for 60 years.
A Your Doctor. kSvATL
Par KliH '8
niKi sa4 tnolllci Uiatuls
t'.T.r t ntor Ory
uur to Ita YmUifl Colon.
rrTtsu liilr fuliDtr.
Lv. Omaha 8:00 a. m.
Ar. San Francisco 9:30 a. m.
Compartment Observation Car.
Drawing Room and Compartment Sleeping Cars,
Club Car.
Dining Car.
Special Feature: Barber and bathe, ladles' maid, valet,
stenographer, vacuum cleaning, electrically ventilated,
telephone, telegraphic neB bulletins, stock and market
reports', electric lights lit every berth, electric cooking and
warming devices.
Maximum extra comforts for minimum extra fare &
to(San Francisco, intermediate points in proportion.
Lv. Omaha 3:50 p. m.
Ar. San Francisco 1:30 p. m.
Ar. Los Angeles (S. P.) 7:05 a. m.
Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping Cars.
Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars. '
Day Coaches.
Dining Car Sorvice.
Daily lib)! 1
Lv. Omaha 12:30 a.m.
Ar. San Francisco 8:50 a.m.
Ar. Los Angeles (S.P.,L.A.&S.L.) 10:00 a.m.
Observation Pullman Standard Sleeping Car.
Pullman Drawing Room and Compartment Sleep
ing Cars.
Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars.
Dining Car Service.
Lv. Omaha ...11:55 a.m.
Ar. Los Angeles (S.P..L.A. & S.L.) 4:30 p. m.
Composite Observation Car
Pullman Drawing Room and Compartment Sleep
ing Cars.
Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping Car.
. Pullman Tourist Sleeping Car (Smoking Room).
Dining Car Service.
In addition to the four trains mentioned, there are
Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars to San Francisco, leav
ing Omaha on the Oregon-Washington Limited at 9:46 a.
m... arming Ban Francisco 8:30 p. m., second day.
The above trainB operate out ot Omaha dally, leaving the Union StaUon and travel over the smooth and dustless road
bed ot the
Protected by .Automatic Electric Block Safety Signals
For further information, call on. telephone or address
Ij. BEINDOUKF. C. P. & T. A.,
1024 Farnam St, Omaha, Neb. Phono Douglas 884.