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The Heart of Omaha Sixteenth and Harney.
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;0rkin Brothers Your Homo Stores
Monday, March 31, 1913.
Many Ask for Gash -Donations to Re
build Their Homes.
Kcmttle Do Not Always Jnstlfy n
Additional Lonn and tho O Trn
erB Are Perplexed Jnat
What to Do. -
A misunderstanding has crept Into tho
minds of many who suffered In the
utorm with regard to .tho work the lm
mediate restoration committed la doing
The result In that -Sunday and especially
Monday tho restoration committee
dfcik In the council chamber lias been
visited by a string .of persons who ex
pected the cointnltteo to hand out cash
on their demand. This la Impossible and
the committee la experiencing; some dif
ficulty In explaining to some, of thoso
sufferers. thwT tlh cannot be done pro
mlscudualy. Many come to the desk and
announce that their loss In tho storni
amounted to, $70 or 11.000 and oak whether
or not they can have this made up to
them lp cash at onct. A little later on
the committee expects to ntako cash do
nations to sufferers where It Is abso
lutely necessary, nut tho general plan
at this time is to. first take caro of all
the urgent nceda, after which there wilt
be a fund created and It will then como
within the scope of the commltta to
help out with cash. For tho tlmo being,
however. Its work centers about advis
ing unfortunates In the rehabilitation of
homes, such advlco as sccurlnK loans
whoro tho equity Justifies such a 'course.
Mimy Prohlems.
Manifold and complicated are the
problems that present themselves to tho
committee along these lines. There,
comes a man, for example, who has
bought a home for 12,000 op the Install
ment1 plan Thus far ho has paid but
$175 or ?3 on tho pmco. It Is damaged to
aha sura of $700 6r JSOO. He consults with
the company he has bought of which
agrees to' stand '3C0 or $400 of tho damugo
If tho buyer, will stand tho rest.
'What shall I do?" la the cry of the
man lit this perplexity, "smui I lose
the' $200 and let tho property go, or shall
I start the up-hill work of making up tho
extra 00 of tho loss?'
Tho cqmmltteo wll have any number
of such cases to deal with.
Every case la an Individual one and
must bo handled accordingly. Up to thla
time the committee, la at a disadvantage
In Its work as the real estate committee
under D. V. Sholea lias not yet completed
Its report of tho conditions of the various
homes. This list Is to bo tho basis of
the final advice hha work of tho restora
tion committee.
Missing Man Was on
Militia Guard Duty
While Detective James McDonald and
tho rest of his family sought Arthur Mc
Donald, who has been missing since tho
tornado struck, the latter has been
guarding ruined homes with
bera of tho atato mllltla. McDonald Is
In the commission business, and when ho
Joined tho state troops, he rqado no
iiiuimuii ui mo inci io nis mends.
Ills relatives worried over his nhni
and although several of thorn passed
directly by him In tho course of their
search, not ono recognlxed him In tho
kahkl uniform.
"Sparka" Dixon, electrician at tho
Drandels theater, saw him last night and
notified police headquarters, and tho Mc
Donald family then learned for tho first
time where their missing relative has
been for tho last week. It was then
learned that McDonald knew he had
been missed and thought It a good Joke
to remain qulot.
WHEN tho lights went out last evening, many funny things
transpired In consequence, bUt tho best of all that have como
to my notice was the experience of a man out on West Harney
street, who, still mindful of the tornado, thought at once of his
daughter, who had gone to a church servlco down town.
When he stepped out on tire porch and found that part of the city in
dnrknfcss, he Immediately got his coat and hat and started afoot for his
daughter. On Farnam street, near Thirtieth, he heard tho voice of a
woman asking him If she might walk with htm, as she was afraid In the
Hla gallantry naturally affirmed itself, and he was only too glad, to be
of assistance to a woman In such distress. All went well, nd the pair
wore near Twenty-fourth street, when a sudden flash of tho lights lit up
their surroundings and, low and behold, the roan made steps to get away
extra quick. Hot blushes of disappointment spread over his faco and tho
dark-complected lady turned pink.
Another amusing Incident was In the First Methodist church. Pastor
Williams asked tho congregation to keop seated while the cause was bolng
ascertained. Then to relieve tho monotony of the quietude tho choir vVs
naked to sing some familiar hymn. It is well known which Is the favorite
hymn of Mr. Kelly, the choirmaster, and In precise harmony with "Lead,
Kindly Light," one of tho UBherB came out of the basement doorway with
u candle, the only speck of illumination In the whole church.
At the Henshaw cafe, which was crowded with people for Sunday
night supper, tho guests began to get nervous when tho lights went out.
Mayor Dahlman startod the popular song, "My Wild Irish Rose," and soon
the orchestra began playing It and all of tho guests in the cafe Joined In
singing. In a short time candles wero placed in Impromptu candlesticks,
buch as cream pitchers and the supper then went merrily on.
A DellfktfHlIy Refreshing,
Thorovgitiy Cleansing
ItWaafffrira One that heals and
muum tonea up tender, reced
ing gums whltena, polishes and cleanses
plaeolored teeth removes acid conditions
In the mouth makes dally core of the teeth
A pcslttvo plessure.
kn UVorwIorT pr P ration -hli hljr udorwd k prom.
Intnl dtaUati ut4 phjlelin by csod drucgltu
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jbs OJeinl U7 n.
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Motl tfrorrlito hva It, or wa'll Mud It post frt.
Hirect froot or UbortUrit to jnt door for I to.
"?! Cora of tha Tecta"
u tmoorUat pubilctUon by famous AenUI sarroon,
tuikdfrMat roar raqiMst. To toad It nay proanl
t&aay a dwital atjrnaa
' Bearer, Celorad
Toucan prove by trying tbem, that
Anll-Kmmnla Tabltti quickly and
aalelr yanqulih headache from any
came lirfiscttlon,
TtlEla, colds, grippe. prrModulgcnca
alio rheumatic ana all other pains
and theee wonderful pain rellertra
art noilAor ( fmafanrt.tfaprojianff
nor habit formtrt.
fia&s. Ask Your Druxa-lst For
11 Quciltj or lee tud 25c tutitu
3 .
A OarUJaBalUf lor Fir erlahn eas.
;BatlplloD, llonclo-he:
"laawli Troubf-a, Teotblua;
Senator Sheppard
in Favor of Missouri
River Improvement
Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas,
Sovereign banker of the Woodmen of tho
World, has been in Omaha tho last few
days looking after tho bonking Interests
of the ogragnlsatlon. highly commended
ino reuei committee ana mo poopio oi
Omaha for the way they have taken cro
of the victims of the tornado and the
order maintained by the police, aoldtcru
und militia.
Senator Sheppard and Sovericn Ad
viser Fraaier wore in tho dalvcston
flood, which played havoo with that town
noma years ago. lie said the destruction
cauaed by the tornado was almost be
yond human .conception.
Tho Woodmen of tha World has seven
depositories here. (Senator Sheppard ald
everything was In excellent shape.
He has, 'been appointed as a member of
the river and. harbors committee of the
senate. Any time tho people of Omaha
start a movement to secure aaalatunco
from the government to build up tho
Missouri river he could bo counted on to
do all In his power to promoto the bill in
tho senate, he said, and thought It would
be an advisable and beneficial move to
Improve tho river.
A complete list of contributions to the
rtalston relief fund has been prepared 1
by Treaaurer Howard of the general re-1
lief fund todate.
Douglaa county commUalonerx.... 2,000.00
Kurllnston railroad 1.000. 00
Itev. UuBShaw. vlee president of
South Omaha relief committee... SW.W
Mrs. Ma:k 6.00
Charles Wlntera J0.0O
Heretver through Jtfv. Cornish 7-S6
Willing Workera aoolety of Irving
ton. Neb 18.00
.Homestead whool l.K
rash . M
Miss Uennett 1.00
South Bend reboot through Mra.
Alexander t.34
Herman' Wolf , l $J
MIsh S. K. Hill...-. R
B V. l.ouls, committee.. S.M
Krom Omaha relief through Omaha
Commercial dlub 1,000.00
Ueorge Caning 6,w
O. D. Barr of Walbach, Neb., has sent
Tho Bco a check for $50 to be added to
the relief fund. Tho amount Is his
month's wages and represents a spirit
of generosity seldom found. Mr. Barr Is
an elevator man for the T. B. Hord Grain
Where They Are.
Dr. and Mrs. C. U. impey nave tauen a
house at 10 North Thlrty-thlrd street.
Mrs. John Ltonberger Is at the home of
her sister, Mrs. John Moore, In Dundee.
Mr. and Mrs. n. U Huntley will leavo
this evening for a weex's stay In Chi
cago. Edward A. Cudahy of Chicago, who
spent the week with his daughter, Mrs.
Frank Wllhelm, and Mr. Wllhelm, re
turned home last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Pickens of Hast
inn tuhn hiiVB been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Hynes, have returned to Hast
Miss Maymo Hynes, who has been 111
at the home of her brother. W, J. Hynes,
Is now much Improved.
Mrs. George N. I'eck or sioune, m., is
spending a week In Omaha at the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. George, having
arrived Sunday.
Mrs. Herman Cohn and brother, Arthur
D. Brandels. (returned Wednesday, tho
former from Atlantic City, and the latter
from Panama, to find their home badly
wrecked. They are at tho Hotel X-oyat.
Miss Margaret Baum returns today
from Sioux City, where she went Tuesday
to visit relatives.
Mrs. Howard Baldrige left Saturday to
spend- ten days at Excelsior Springs.
Alpha Phi Formal at Lincoln.
Mrs. John' Haarmann of Omaha was
one of tho chaperbrtes af tho Alpha Phi
formal at Lincoln Saturday evening.
Among tho Omaha guests at the party
was Mias Edna Sweeley.
Bryans in Washington.
RAcretarv and Mrs. William Jennings
Bryan of Lincoln have taken the former
home of General John A. -Logan in
Washington, D, C.
Benefit Social.
Tho Columbian circle. A, ,0. F. and
Lyceum club of Sacred Heart parish
will give a aoclal and musical program
Wednesday evening. April S, at their hall.
Twenty-second and Locust streets, for
the benefit of tornado sufferers. A cor
dial Invitation Is extended to all.
Amateur Club Postponed.
The meeting of the Amateur Muslcalo
club planned for Tuesday at tho home
of Mrs. S. S. Caldwell has been post
Tuesday Club Postponed.
The meeting of the Tuesday Morning
Mustcale club at the home of Mrs. T. J.
Mahoney this week has been postponed
Merrymakers' Meet Postponed.
The meeting of the Merrymakers
planned for Thursday evening at the
home of Mrs. Nels Hansen has been
postponed for two weeks.
Shower for Bride.
Miss Jessie Lee entertained at hor home,
144$ South street, Lincoln, Tuesday even
ing at a kitchen shower In honor of Miss
Ethel Sandusky of Tecumseh, whose mar-rl-Ka
took place to Charles Francis Stur
devant of Omaha March 29. A messenger
left ono of the gifts at the door with a
message to the bride-elect, telling hor to
go on a hunt with the girls, and they
found many useful utensils hidden in the
rooms. Tho brlde-etect was then seated
In the center of the 'room and untied the
gifts whtlo blindfolded.
D. A. R. Postponed.
The meeting of the Omaha chapter of
tho Daughters of the Amerlcon Revolu
tion planned for Tuesday afternoon, April
8, at the home of Mrs. Frank Crawford
has been postponed.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. A. L. Reed, who underwant an
operation the first of the month, Is con
valescing and will leave soon for California.
Mrs. Benjamin Wood, who Is staying at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. v.. Sle
since the tornado, will leave this evening
to visit her daughter, Mrs. Cramer, In
uenver. uenjamln and Robert Wood
will be at the Sanford hotel.
Lewis Reed of Paria. France, formerly
of Omaha, and hla aon, Lewis Reed, Jr.,
are guesta at tho home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Chadwick. Mr. Reed Is here on a
m,u mi, oiiuriiy return to
Paris, where Mrs. Reed is staying.
H. R. IbbotBon of Montreal, Canadn,
was not able to get any telesrrams from
Omaha laat week regarding the safety
or ma aaugnter, Mrs. Joseph Barker,
second, so ho arrived here Friday and
spent tho day, returning to Canada Satur
Lights Shut Off to
Save Linemen in the
Stricken District
Interrupter, of electric light servlco
for more than an hour early Sunday
night was due to an accident during re
pair work Jn the tornado district, accord
ing to President Nash of the electric light
A polo fell across a number of wires
whllo a gang of workmen was attempting
to restore service In jlho stricken area
and It was necessary to shut off tho cur
rent to avoid danger. Several of the
workmen wero Injured and to save these
the plant was shut down.
Troops Are Being
Relieved by Fresh
Militia Companies
Almost tho onUre personnel of the state
mllltla troops on guard In the wrecked
district of Omaha was changed yester
day. Several companies have been
relieved from duty and have gone to
their homes, while other troops have ar
rived to tako their places. Companies O
and I of the Second regiment and L of
the First, nil of Omaha, were relieved
Sunday night. Colonel Everly was also
relieved from tho command. Lieutenant
Colonel Bachr. Major Fraler and Major
Holllngsworth were replaced by Colonel
II. J. Paul, Lieutenant Colonel Cam
mons. Majors lverB. Johnson and C. It
Johnson and Major E. E. Sterrlcker. Col
onel Paul will be In command of the
regiment. Major C. H. Johnson will be
assigned to tho First battalion and Majot
I. 8. Johnson to the Second and Major
E. E. Sterrlcker to the Third.
Tho following state troops wore relieved
Monday; Company A. York;vC, Beatrice.
I of Auburn, K of Wymoro. E of Hold,
rege, A signal corps of Fremont. All de
parted for their homes at noon today
These were replaced by Company B of
the First regiment of Stanton, D of the
First of Norfolk. rfd an Independent
company of Fairfield. These aro asslgnel
to the Second battalion. Tho companies
that arrived this afternoon are C of the
Second regiment of Nebraska City, H of
the First of Osceola and K of the Second
of Schuyler, which were assigned to tho
First battalion. Company M of the Sec
ond of Albion was assigned to the Third
This leaves practically no state troops
here that arrived early last week.
Clean your sinks
No place in tho home
gathers grease as quickly as
the kitchen sink. Gold Dust
washing powder, however, has
the peculiar quality of dissolv
ing and cutting grease and if,
after each dishwashing, a suds
is made in the dishpan with
warm water and Gold Dust,
and the sink thoroughly rinsed
with these suds, the last par
ticle of dirt and grease will be
The sink pipe will nevei
become clogged with grease if
Gold Dust and plenty of hoi
water are used for washing
the sink morning and evening.
The Plattdoutcher Vereln was the first
to respond to tHe call of tho German
American alliance In this state for assist
ance from tho German organizations for
the Omaha tornado sufferers. This organ
ization appropriated $501 Immediately on
receiving tha call from the alliance and
Treasurer Val J. Peter has turned the
money over to Treasurer Cowell of the
general relief committee.
Persistent Advertising Is tho Road to
Big Returns.
Gold Dust is
sold in BC alxe
and largo pack
ages. The large
package means
greater economy;
"Lmt tha COLD DUST TWINS do your work"
Bircheknolle Sanitarium
sail St. Mary's Ave., (S. W. Oor.)
lSqulpped for the treatment of Conval
escents, tho mildly nervous and thoso
requiring a rest cure. A place where ex
pert caro can be received outside of a
hospital and home care away from home.
Graduate Nurse. Superintendent.
Gnlde for Poultry Rntaera.
Ask for
The Food Drink for all Ages Others are Imitations
J, Av. Lower of tho general offices of
the Illinois Central In Chicago has been
appointed traveling freight and passenger
agent ai oau lakc uuy ana is in town,
on his way to his new post of duty.
It'a n nnrnliiK Slinme
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